The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on May 9, 1951 · Page 8
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 8

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 9, 1951
Page 8
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S 11 i' -' - c ' . ... ', i i - I .: AX from local schools, went onto McMsster University snd Kni College, Toronto. church halL The newly ordained minister was presented with a -X-t 1 tSqdn. Ldr. N. Grsot. r - FOR A NEW HINIBtr.R. A VOID FtOM TME WML. Rev. Walter Allum, centre. ncwly-ordainfd minuter of the Presbyterian Church, feu a word of advice from.twd of his fellow minister after Uit night. Induction serviceThe Ottawa product, son ol Erakine Presbyterian Church, will have a minion In Brantord, Ont., at hit ftnt charge. Hia counsellors, pictured here at the reception, era Rev. Dr. Robert Good, left, and Fry Ornrge Sparks, moderator ot the Presbytery. (Jour- WU'aH. WM8-.-arJ i -- -.---"g-- ErskineiCeiemony Marks Ordination Walter Allum WaHer Allum, ton of William AlIum,V70J Somerset . street, west, IssY night was ordained into tht Presbyterian ministry at a solemn ceremony at Era, ins Church presided over by Rev. Ceorgs Sparks, Moderator of the rresbytery.. -.' Tot the coafrrfetion of Er. during the year. The three squsdrOns are: (1st (Ottawa Optimist) .under TO R. B. Stapledon and. PO C. R. Norris; 141 (Ottawa Dollard) under TO A. Corrigsn and PO Mifkiai. b.u iC B-k i ' A rvanayes and zu (Ottawa l.uo!..Zn,,t!,,l'd, numbers .00, a?trata iXn of wl" llru thlm-Ui f!i! 1? wfJ0 ?;.i!P Kuare at Rockcliffe SU- "' wsw. wi iiuwr.tiii irJCadet-Sqiiadfons To Give Display Thursday-Evening ; Thursday night Ottawa's three Air Cadet squadrons will demonstrate all the- things they have learned In their training program tion Thursday night at eight o'clock. Group Capt. W. 1. Clements, AFC, Chief Staff Officer. Air church Wmbera met Mr. andl r? Coinmand will carry Mrs. Allum at a reception in thel""t , , ' " I 'Many squadron awards will be purse of money -collected by thelDr"'"M '" snibition session, the Ladies" Aid. the 111 bi'ven by the Slat and Sunday School Teachers Aaso-l'4'" Kdfon elation and the Young Adult j Club. M or Mrsi Alium inert was bouquet. Rev. Aubrey Hancock, of Hawkesbury. preached the ordination sermon. The charge to the new minister was given by Rev. S. Buchanan Carey, clerk pronounced, the Benediction. All the clergymen present associated lnxthe Presbyterian Church's ordination reremony of the laying on J the hands. Mr. Allum's first charge wil be a Preshyteriai of ths Presbytery. Dr. Good Brantford. Ont i anmissioo at 15t Stephen's Men Britannia Hold Turkey Dinner . A largely attended: dinner. el the Mens Association of St Stephen's Anglican C hurt Britannia, was held Ust night la Ye Old Forge", with president Albert Bell In the chair. The members and guests welcomed by the president Included the former rector, -Rev. W. B. Morgan, who spoke a few words to the gathering, and W. t stoufMerh-Kerioltcttor lot The parish, who made the announcement that the transfer had been completed and the deed received for the new. church property recently acquired for the site of the new St Stephen's Church, situated on the southwest corner of Main street and Cameron avenue in Britannia, one block soutlror the rati ay tracks, re Mr. Ha ugh ton con gra tula ted the Men'a Association, for the results, -IMPORTED ENGIISHUBISCUIT8 - t." Xzr kV -a4 ' Vz Off Fashion Salon Suits 7,? r THE OTTAWA JOURNAL ' WEDNESDAY. MAY 9, 1951 tjiattK'-- Sri attendance and snade many eyggestiorls regsrding the future of the church in Britannia. .Rev. K. R, Cowan, rector of the parish, thanked Mr. Heugh-toa for his generous assistance an(l keen Interest In St Stephen's and also solicited the continued support of the men of the parish in working towards the building up of a church of which they would be proud. esPesker. Dee a Clark of Chriat Church Cathedral, waa Introduced by G. Orval Skua. Hia subject was "People'. ' The speak ar was thanked by the president, wke also 'pro. posed a. vote of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. William Wlnthrop for the ut of "Ye cicw rorge", and to. the ladies of St Stephen's Guild who provided the dinner, under the eonvenership of Mrs. G. O. Skuce and Mrs. R. West-well. Mrs. G. H. Foy. the president, responded for the ladles, and Mr. Winthrop assured the men they were welcome. A sing se-ng- was conducted jwttHWtlilam Frost stThepUno. Journal Want Ads bring quick TkryN teats traatl' Kaapa dthoaua kiis. trmp filliags. Airtight peeksges aaawe rtuhniw atwaya. J "" e-tc . if Si aasa fnm ! m tli.l tln MSMKMM wfro ii n iiaiinis ai ai iimin Store Honrs: 930 im. to 6.00 p.m. Daily Phone 2-6464 A. I. f RtlUAII IIUITII 3:fJ0TElV0RTI)Y FASIIIOn SAL0n CLEAt7ANCES l Two-piece tailored dress-maker styles,-in all woof imported fabrici . . 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E3.S3 z chesses . . ...... ;reg:; C5.C3 -1 ' CuESS i Yi 1 1 1 1 1 1 it 1 1 REG. ' C3i3 2 CHESSES . . . . a. .V. . . .V. REG.75.C3 i I CHESS .... . . a4. ;. . . . . REG. C3.C3 16.67 MY H CFF 18.97 K0Y CFF v 23.34 K3Y H CFF 23.C4 K3YI CFF; K3.7 K CFF 3m K3V7 WCrT 33.67 K3V7 H CFF- 3197: K3Y H CFF 43.34 KOiV CFF 43.C4 K3Y7 CFF UC3 K3Y CFF E3.97 Priced ZTrabulous creationr from TreimanV own dbslgners offer Wonderful opportunitiea in thia eloaranco" T - of evening gowris! ALL,,ONE-OF-A-KIND MODELS! " Sizes 12 to 18 in tha group. racsruLLV i I0.C3 is z&sa ... 7 . .v. .v . mi .wati nix FreimanY Faaliin 8alm - fteeotid Floor.' sv,.wro as j SwJi as-was . sjkw a DelMeaU d m - aV a 1 . 0m fits PINEAPPLE Orchard Ktaf Cbesee Qaallty Oetdea KORiT GAliQXG&-?tommBtg". Assorted Chocolates, 1 Lb. Box . GANONG'S "EvaitEeline" ;. .1 XVrBox - BLACK MAGIC, Assorted 1 Lb: Box BOBERTSON'SAasortctl ILK 0i FeerfareJ at Steinberg'a at a S peri ai htm Price t taMfloaw, sweet eeiitg Berries, kratiii . wilfc . fTareairfiat gaailaiaaa. ' Chunk. . M ea. Tin Cream I " 7U Style - Tina Praaer Vsle Fresea Preak FANCY PEAS "24c Mother's Day May 13th - CHOCOLATES WINDSOR, Assorted f . 1 Lb. Box . 'OVC $j.10 80. BETTER THAN EVER! : CREAM- 'I- Grind H te Tear Cedes Makers' Reqalremeal ROLLED MAPLE LEAP 1 v : mm .CELERY V'.'.li-!S 11c CALIFORNIA TT.NDI 43c ASPARAGUS Del Meaite BawalUa Fsacy Qaslltr j PINEAPPLE -.JsnSc. 35c Garden Fresh Lew Price : i. Dosea - 4 Larger Head IN THE BASKET Whole Chicken. Ready Cut Up. Reedy te Coek-A1I in One Pkf. .. VB. X: A i t- FLORID A'J ' ' Thia Skkiaod 'teas Waste ' ' Citra ialr Oranges liek hi VOaaaia "C? -lAaci 1)0 Kit, DOZIN 49 Slhrawberriiei5---4t5 Itrawberr 8herteake Iverjbedr's Faveerito Sponge Shortcake BIO CfTT IT8T DAT FBC8H - . EACH ZdK, . Best Valut (or Your Food Dollar at Steinbtrz't 1 . BVNTS CALIFORNIA PEACHES Kick. la Sag ar Syrup Halves, Cholc Quality, . 28 oz. Tin ' CALIFORNIA LONG WtfOT NEW POTATOES 5 u 35e KEAOT TO 8ESVK ' Washed SPINACH 19c New. Green Cabbage Lu.7c i i . , CUSP COOL - CUCUMBERS ;VLc CaUSf CKEIN 14c . CALIFORNIA ICNKIST , LEMONS 30 SUe 49 ProdM Prices Subject to DaU Market Chaaffes, Vp or Down ' Steinbergs Guaranteed Meat Values W CHICKEN 69 Serve Fish for Food Value - ; Stnoked.WHITEFISH u; 39 COFFEE . f rreshly Boasted l4Lb. Pkf. . A EAT 96 Table Ready Meats ;! , c Prime Rabs of Beef . ... i: 95c Boneless PICNICS ... 73e T ITpNE er WINQ $1-25 PORTERHOUSE SSEt 95e HALIBUT STEAKS .'. 49c PRESS CAUGHT HADDOCK FILLETS 45c rRMDTWlTAT acarohiand Cheese d 33?f LOAF ; i : S37a Pressed Pork Loaf 37c i "DELICIA" .a........... L Lb. Pkl 39c, HERSHErs CHOCOLATE -.BARS- Plain Milk Chooalatti " " &f V" or With Almonds- -jfe.-:. I ot.-Rsrs la a Pkg. STORE HOURS: . . : li.' . V.-l I I I - . iJJLUM l.t( A.M. te I P.M. - '.. Meedar Thriiegk iatardap DELIVERY'' At a Nemlaal Charge SERVICE: ; hi Greater, OMawa p

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