The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Writer Testifies For Alger Hiss Defense Attorneys Seeking to Discredit Chambers' Statements NEW YORK, Dee. 20—(#)—A witness in the Atecr Hiss perjury trial yesterday testified Wliiltaker Chambers told him in 1910 that Fanrcis B. Sayre, now U. S. representative on the United Nation's Trusteeship Council, was head of a pre-war Communist apparatus in the State Department. The witness was Malcolm Cowley, newspaper and magazine writer. Chambers, the government's chief witness against Hiss, has testified that Hiss gave him a secret State Department papers in 1936 and 1337 for transmission to a Soviet spy ring. Sayer formerly was an assistant secretary of state and was Hiss' boss. lie testified fn the present trial that Hiss was his right-hand man and dirt an outstanding job. When Informed of Cow-ley's testimony, Saver told a reporter today It was "preposterous." lie recalled Cowley had made a similar statement- at the first Hiss trial last summer and that chambers had denied he ever talked to Cowlny about Sayer. Cow-ley's statement, Sayer said, "is just as ridiculous now as il wjis then." Sayer is a son-in-law of Woodrow Wilson. Cowlcy told the jury of eiRlit women and four men that Chambers mentioned Sayer at a meeting in the New Weston Hotel here on Dec. 13, 1940. Says Two \ T ames "Familiar" Referring to notes which he said he made that same day, Cow-lei said Chambers told him there were two Communist underground organizations working in the government in the ]9M's. "each not knowing of the other's existence." Chambers, Cowlcy said, mentioned only two men that were familiar to him—Sayer and Nathan Witt, former secretary of the National Labor Relations Board. Witt has refused to comment on charges by the House UnAmerican Activities Committee that he had Communist affiliations. In calling; Cowiey os a witness, over government objections, Defense Counsel Claude B. Cross »:ade it plain that he did not believe the statements about Sayer. Ife said his purpose was (o impeach Chambers' testimony and throw light on his "mental condition." The defense contends that Chambers' whole story of a long close association with Hiss Is a tissue of lies. Hiss Is being tried for the second time, on charges- of lying when lie denied to a'federal grand jury that he ever gave state secrets to Chambers. The first trial ended In a. Jury disagreement. An eight-unit coaxial cable, designed primarily for television, can handle as many as 1800 long-dts- tance telephone conversations at the time. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS '•""" Former Dell Girl, Now in Holland Tells of Dutch Christmas Customs By Harry A. Ha In PS Courier News Staff \Vriter Two Christmas days instead of one? It's done in Holland, .so a former Mississippi County resident writes the Courier News. She Is Mrs. n. I,. Phillips, t.Jie former Bonnie Brooks Brlnn, and daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. J. H. Briim of Dell. Mrs. Phillips taught school at [Dell for about fke years and :hought children of this area would je interested in the strange ChrLst- nas celebration of Holland where Santa Clans comes to town in a boat nstead of the traditional sleigh. Mrs. Phillips and her husband 'lave lived in Haarlem, Holland for :he past 16 months and are missionaries of the Churdi of Christ. Here is Mrs. Phillips' account of I7hristma.s in Holland: Christmas and no Santa IWhat an unhappy thought. Yet the boys and jirls of Holland have no jolly Saint v'ick who makes his annual trip rom the North Ptile in a sleigh oaded with toys and good things to eat. 'I ['Its of Customs In [liillanil But before you start feeling sorry Tor the little Dutch foil:.s, you must earn how they and [heir parents "elebrute Chii5fnm.s. They're pcr- ectly happy over the situation. It's just that different hunts have dif- IcrcuL customs uml each is happy with its own way of doing ihings, Here in Holland the children do have a Santa Clans— Simerklaas, they call him — but he dor-sn't come from the North Pole and he's not big and fat. He doe.sii't come down the chimney and he doesn't fill up stockings or put »ift.s undor a Clui-tmas tree. Siiiterklaa.s comes tiown the river each year from Spain on a large steamer. Sinterkluas gets a big reception with band, waving [lags and hundreds of children mid others on hand for his arrival. With Sinterklaas is a helper. Zwarte Piet (pronounced S\s't,rta Pete), a little Negro boy. When tlie boat docks, SinterkJaas is transferred to a big white horse which he rides In a parade through town. Zwarte Piet walks along be.iulc the horse, smiling, bowing and wav- NAIIVi: IN IIOU,AN'T> Mrs. B. L. Phillips, the former Hrooks Brinn of Dell, Is pictured above with her huslni-cT in letter 'to the '<•'«.! «i int ^^™»^n™ Mother Goose Rhymes Get New Dress To Eliminate Ail Mayhem and Murder Dj Hal Cooper LONDON, Dec. 20. (H') — A new version of Mother Goose, with the meanness missing, hit the British book market today with a blaze of sweetness and light. The three blind mice can see as well as you can. Maybe better. Little Miss Muffet greets the spider like a long lost buddy. Humpty ntunpty'5 together again Old Mother titibbard finds a bone for her dog. Jack and Jill get away without a skull fracture, and all thLs for sixpence /seven cents). The book, (.'ailed "Old Rhymes for New." Ls the brain child of a Manchester business man, Geoffrey Hall When lie was little they used to scare him blue with some of those rough old rhymes. For instance: "The maid was In the garden, hanging out her clothes, when down came a blackbird and pecked off her nose." When he grew up, Hall decided to change all tills with a complete rewrite of Nfothcr Goose. With a friend, Arthur Thompson, he has sunk 5.000 pounds (SH.OOO) in the project. The meeting between the farmer's wife and (he three blind mice u.serj to be pure murder, The sightless little beasts tried to make friends with her and what happened? The fiendish female turned on them with a butcher knife and hacked off their tails. Now It goes like this: "Three kind mice. "See how they run. "They all ran after the farmer's wife, "She cut them some cheese with a carving knife, "Did you ever see such a thing In your life "As three kind mice?" In the bad old version Mother Hubbard couldn't give her dog a bone because the clipboard was bare. Things have' changed: "Old/Mother Hubbard "Went to the cupboard "To give her wee dog a bone; "When she got there "She found plenty la 'spare, 1 "And so the dear dog had one." The new Mother Goose is like that all the way through. Life is good. No mayhem, no murder, no noses pecked off and no little kids having nightmares. TUESDAY, DECEMBElt 20, 1949 State Department to Try %LnVr k T «*»^w to Tell Histor of America WASHINGTON, De c j The State Department 'has to the comic book tenlque tell ™ Officials said yesterday 'that ,» experimental order for 260,OM I copies of a picture story series of great £K! .tSJr&t^'S' dilation information ,bout the m s ~- tory and background of th» iinii.rf States will be spread " de"y n S5 '&. *""» / ROYAL ROBES . . . Luxurious and smooth to make his Christmas one to remember. A beautiful assortment of handsome patterns to select from. Give him the No. I gift . . . a robe by ROYAL. ing to the crowd, while Sinterklaas, traditional Dutch costume even to wooden shoes In a a tall, slender, elderly mail— a one- roiirirr n, m ; \ir = mm-, . •> ' time bishop and saiu't-rirtw In sol- ""' M "' Pllllllps tclls of In Holland. cmn dignity. He wears a long robe Children who have been bad can. celebration Dec •>•> -mrl ->r. and a crown and carries a long according to tradition, look forward ' In WARNING Olll>I-:i{ IP Chancery Court, Chirkn- District, .Mississippi County, \rtiitiisas. Joseph A. Rimback. PILf. Tasualina Ritnback, DIt. No. 11,136 The defendant Tasualina Rim- , ,„,,, back is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Joseph A. Rimback. Dated this 28 day of Novcmlwr, Hurvey Morris, Clerl: By Betty Bunii, !.).(' H. G. Partlo'.i 1 . aUolney fur plaintiff. 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