Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 23, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1896
Page 6
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FOR WOMEN THAN MEDICINE. v ' V •'- '- --' •' .. ' . " But Those who are Sick Must not Ride-A Delicate Subject, but why Should the Truth not be Told? A Plain Talk, Backed up by Facts, Showing a Sensible way out of the Difficulty which every Afflicted Woman Should Read. KNOW THYSELF. From the Kra. Jlrai!/ofd, fa. Too few people are ncquiiintcJ 'with the japid ndvnucc of mcilicnl suicnce, null too :iia:iy doctors urc still plodding the old pnlhs. Once viewed her for publication, nnd her story, wliieh wiJI interest all troiiion, is us follon's: "I was boru in IFartford, Cortlund County, New York, forty-two years ago. I Imvc been married twenty-one years and uni the mother of night children. About two yeuvs ago I was 3t coracs to pass that people know 1 ihat all physicians are abreast of the world's knowledge, much ofoar sulllTingwill come to an end. Mcdicul scientists lire notclclving into 1 Ihe depths of knowledge for the mere benefit j much good n:iJ ouly'rcliovcd me 1'or a little 'sfbrother physicians but fortliebciiefitof the time, ai'icr which my rendition becnmu worse irorld. ThcrplBW in the J,,,::^ ofll.o irell tl,,, 0 w-forc I Trasconfiml to n,y k,l for throe iitiintlis mid was ;ibso.utc]j- uanLlG to attend to .wan a means of keeping wi-11, m tno hiinds of ]lMK(:l , M lllllics . i CQlM h:lri1 j y f( , c u my- ufilioied with troubles incidental to my so.\ and suiTrrt'Jiigoni^ia^pnin. Tht 1 IroublL-cciitiniicd to grow worse,initil l;ist winter J was compelled to lake lo my bed. I called in a rnguhir nhysi- , but his treatment did not teem to do me Ihe sick a rac.ins of recovery. To the parent ihcy give the power of saving the child. ' Science is working for you—will you accept Jhe proffered help ? Mrs. George llowcr.d, nn estimable lady who resides ct No. 27CEiL-it Jlain Street, Bradford, Pa., lias cause to feel grateful towards the science of medicine. One day recently a reporter, learning that Mrs. Kowcnd had been greatly benefited by the nsoof anew medicine, interviewed bcr. She stated that she bad been suffering with n fcmaJe !', so wouk had I become. .1 had to be waited upon tiny and night nnd was u physical wreck, There wus very Rrn vi: doubts about my ultimate recovery. Tlie best hope the doctor could hold out to me wus iiiat I might be nble to get around again and ntttnd to iny household duties after reTn:iimn£ in bed n fi-w months longer. l!ul in.-iti'iid 'of .Dotting belter I ftrew sleiii'ily worse. One day 1 hsippi'ned In rrad in I IK- paper about I»r. ^Villiams' Pink Tills for Pule 1'L'uplfi and ilt-fideil lo give them n trial. y after taking :lu>in nnd before I hud ' ' used luilf a 'box 1 saw n 'marked cliange fur the beticrin my condition. All this time, however, 1 was confined to my hcJ. I continued takiiia the mcdidne until j hud nscif four boxes, nr.3 bv that time I vas able to bcaboutund around Iroublo for tunny years. Shelmd been doctorcdj ng;iia. The improvement hus been steady ever , . ,. . , Isiiice. Intnstilla little wciik, but :im grow- ler.tho ailment for a long tune— in fact, nearly | j[|f , s ., onRPI . ns fj lst 1U tuture, aidt-d by Dr. •11 her life-antl had never received oiiyihing Williunis' Pinli: Pills, willlct me. Hiavegreat more than tcmpornr}' relief. During the last three years her condition grew worse and was aggravated by un a3ectioa of the heart. Her health was so poor that she found it almost impossible to perform her household duties. "I never believed In proprietary medicines," «aidMrs.Eowend, "but one day last full I rend tn article in a newspaper which told of the fuilli in these pills und shall use them hereafter. My husband, who felt rcul miserable all the spring, took tliiun anj they made a new man of him. I have ulso used them for my daughter aged nineteen years who has found them very beneficiiil for troubles incidental to her sei. So f:ir ns I am myself concerned, I consider it has lived in North Maine for many yrnrs and is highly respected. Any itulemenl she makes is cheerfully acquiesced in tures effected by Pr. WillinmsTink Pills, and I by her friends and aequamtanccs. I decided to try the medicine. Before I had ' rhe JorcsoiiiB is but two or man 4ak.cn the contents of cue box I began to feel better. The depressing weakness which had iolhercd me for so many years began to disap. pear, and the action of the heart at once became pj u j- pjj] s f or p u ] e people. Diseases which iiercfofore have been cupposcd to be incurable, such as locomotor ataxiaund paralysis succumb to this wonderful medicine, as readily as tha most trilling ailments. In many cases the re- _ ^^ _^ ^ itrongerand more regular. I ported cures hsve been investigated by the "I took nine bo.icsof the pills and I am now lending newspapers and verified in every pos- eling better than I have forsevcralyear,, and ^.^^^"0?^ ^ d^v^ThS _ 1 have unbounded faith in the medicine." Mrs. Eowcnd will now be able to ride her Mcycle, if she wishes, without danger to her health, a thing which was impossible before her use of Pink PiUs. ' a STORY OF PECULIAR tSTKREST TO WOMEN. We have heard so much talk throughout the •ounty of late concerning Mrs. Martha Gates, ef Maine, Broome County, N.Y., that yesterday fiirne lias spread lothe fur ends of civilization mid there is hardly a drug storein this country or nbrond where tney cunnot be found. Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills contain, in a condensed form, all the elements necessary to pi vo E«W life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They are an unfailing specific for such diseases as locoraotor ataxia, partial paralysis, St. Vitus 1 dance, sciatica, ncurulpm, rheumatism, nervous headache, the after ell'ect of la grippe, palpitation of the heart, pule and sallow complexions, all forms of weakness either in male or female. Pink Pills are sold by all. dealers, or will be sent post paid on receipt of price, 50 cents a box, or six boxes for $2.50, by addressing Dr. Wil- lianis' Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y. THIS LOOKS AS IF Hs READ LIFE — Tun LEADING ASO MOST REFINE:* HUMOROUS PAPER OUT ,•• The Cyclist's Necessity. POND'S WILL TORE CUTS, BURNS, BRUISES, WOUNDS, SPRAINS, SUNBURN, C HA. FIN OS, INSECT BITES, ALL PAIN, -AN!) INFLAMMATIONS. USED INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY. EXTRACT GENUINE IN OUR BOTTLES ONLY, BCFF WRAPPERS. SEE OUR NAME, POND'S EXTRACT CO., NEW YORK, 76 FIFTH ATDNTJE. USE POND'S EXTRACT OINTMENT .FOR PILES. Sent l>y mail on receipt of GO cts, "A TRAINING IN CLEANLINESS IS A FORTUNE." COMPLETE YOUR EDUCATION WITH POLIO HEE GALA DAY. Cleveland Celebrates the Centennial Anniversary of Her Founding. Day Ushered In by Booming of Cannon—John D. Rockefeller Presents City with $1,000,000. Cleveland, 0.,' July £3.—TJi'e culcbra- ti-on of the founding of Cleveland 100 years ago wits'commenced tit midnight by a centennial salute of 100 guns reinforced by the screeching: of stear, whistles, the ringing of bells and tin explosion of lire works. The mitiona salute was tired at 3:10 and the citizen; of Cleveland as well as thi! 40,000 straiv .{fers within the gates gave up a.l thought of slumber and turned out to celebrate. The spec-.ch-rnaK-ing programme vi elaborate. The exercises are taking plaee in the groat armory where the recent Methodist conference was Iinld ilayor MVKisson delivered an addresi oT. welcome. Then there were soim: ro marks by Jnmi's If. Hoyt, who is called the ]>t!p<"«- of MIC wtwt. Uratliui of Keiwtor Ilnwlvy. Si-uat.oi- ,l(.vso])li J!. IliiwU'.v «:is then introduced. J-li- delivered the oratio of thi! (lay. The address wnsi rich i historical i!:itii and the orator gave ir comprehensive sketch of tlie rise of tin- we.xli-rn reserve and its i-ehit.ions ,.ncl Uiosi' of iu popple with i!u-govcrn- mont-s a.nd people of Coiiurci-icnt and other Xuw ICiisland state.-, lie noted tin: f.-if.t thai. "i()U yoars :,ii.o Cleveland coninienm! its oaiver with a ponul.i- t.ioji of 1'onr persons and descvibtu its •is<j and rhat of the country in a ^j-raphii: inanniM-. Turning 10 flic crisis of l ho honr iinfl i he duty of g-ood citiA-ns, Si'iiatoi- ihnvlry was gn-oLoii wil.li ti'i'inendous applause when IKguicT: •-IL is- iiPCP.-waiT 'hat rvi-ry in an should voto always, tlni'- ''.'• should t.'iko nn intfr- Dst In nciniinations ID IJP madi 1 , ami Unit he should be ready.with his voice nnd his- iLrKtirm-nls to ilot'er.'rl his opinions. Tlie most illscoiii-LKliiK <J( 'ill Amnrlcfi.!i!i Is the man, who, with ar. air siornptlmusf of su- iierlor virtue, dci-larea: '' take no J meres: in politics. I Holdom. if i-ver. vote.'" KmjIa'OlIiM-'s iUllFTIiitlceuC <jlft. Cleveland. 0.. July 22. — .lohn J). .Rockefeller has jli.st given the city of Cli'Vela.ncl'S.l.Oi.'O.OOO as a centennial gift. TO GOVERNMENT'S AID. Bunker* or New York A|>i»niita Cmnmlt- to<t to S*'« to Protection of tit>l<l KeKcrvu, New York. July 21!.—President Tap- iien, o£ the Cullat.in national bank, who Is in chiir-fi! of the bankers' movement looking- to tin: protection of the \-rmta- ury gold i-csewe, sa.id there wei-e r.o new developments Wednesday morning. The movement to check the exports of polrl is assuming- tangible: shape, a.nd a conference of foreign bankers is being held at the office of J. P. M orpin. While notliing official is known, there is a jreneral belief that, the conference will result in checking 1 gold exports. It is understood that an ngreemi'iit for concerted action in supplying the demands for exchange until the crop movement begins has lx>en reached. The following statement was given out by Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan just before three o'clock-, conet-.rning the conference of bankers held At his office in the afternoon. "An Informal meeting ivus held to-day at th« olllccs of Messrs J. P. Morgan .& Co., of foreign bankers who met to consider what could be done to prevent gold export.f.orany way with In I heir power to assist the maintenance of the gold reserve, supplemental to the action of the banks In putting their sold at the disposal. of the • treASury. The following committee was appointed to whom tfie whole subject was referred, to formulate a plan: J. Pierpont Morgan, chairman: John Crouby 'Brown, of Brown Bros. & Co.; A. Luttfiron. of August Belmont & Co.; Jacob Schnlff, of Kuhn, Loob & Co.: Wlliiam Solomon, of Speyer & Co.; A. Maler, of Lazard Freres, and H. Ickelhelmer, of Heldellach, Ickel- holmer & Co." Cut In Two by llln Triun. Quiucy, 111., July 22.—WilliamShca, one of the oldest cQnductors or, the Hannibal & St. Joseph railway, v--as cut in two by his train at Palmyra, Mo., Wednesday. His home was at Brookfield, Mo. THE MARKETS. uruln, Frovlnlonn, Etc. Chicago, July 22. . FLOUR — Quiet and steady. Prices ranged: Winter — Patents, |3.4t®3.60; BtralRhts, $2.60@3.20; clears, S2.50fii2.GO:.sec- onds, 11.90(212.00; low erodes, $L75®2.00. SprlnK-Patents, f2.35@3.73; straights, KM ©320; bakei-s', ?2.10ig)2.25; low grades. J1.50; <Sfl'.7S; Red Dog, {1.20@1.40; Eye,.J2.00@2.20. WHEAT—Moderately active and unsettled. July, 55Vi,@55%c; September, 56%© 5G"6c: December, OS%©59c. COKN—Steady. No, 2, :5%©26o; No. 2; Yellow, 20Vk(gi2eyic; July, 25%@25%c; Sop-, tcmber, 26H«i>26%c; December, .2G%@20%c; May, 2S%@-'3c. OATS—Fair tradlnK and atcady. No. 2 cash, 17Va<g>lSc; September, 17H@17%o; May, 2(jfi>20Vic. Samples' steadier. No. 8,. 16®' 17V4C- No. 3 White, 17@19c; No. 2,16%@17c;. No. 2 White, 18M20c; BARLEY—Offerings are umall. Prices about as 'thoy have been. Thin, lS@20c;> lair weight, but • off color, 22®23c; good color,' fair to good weight. 24(B>28c; choice to fancy, 290320. MESS PORK—Market fairly active and prices easier. Quotations ranped at $6.05 @C10 for cash: $C.10<jj:G.25 for September; $6.00©i):l7Vi for October, and J8.35@7.05 for January. : LARD—Market moderately active and prlcCR easier. Quotations ranged at J3.20 ©325 for cash; J3.3003.35 for September;. J3 3"y>3>3.40 for October;' $3,50@3.52!<| for De- ce'mUer. and J3.CC®3.72% for January. BUTTER—The market IB ruling quiet, with quotations at 10@Hc for creameries, and 9®J2c for dairies, • - • * LIVE POULTRY — Only moderate demand. Turkeys. $@10c; Chickens, 8i4@9c; Spring Ducks, 8®0%='pet- pound; Geefe, per dozen, t3.00®4.00. • Live Stock. Chicago, July 22. ^ CATTLE—Market slow, generally We lower, many cases ISc lower. Fair to best Be»ve's. $3.20(5)4.40; stackers..and feeders, $2.50®3.70; mixed Cows 1 and Bulls, $1,150 3.DO; Texas, J2.50@3.30. '. • -, HOGS—Market DSlOc lower. Llght; : >3.25 ©3.60; rough packing, ^2.70@2.SS; mixed and butchers', }3.0E(5>3.45; heavy packing., and r, {2.9003.00;'Pigs, J2.'75®3,00,'; ' . •.• SIMPLIFIES THINGS. of United Suites Revenue Cntt»r Service Iformulutni* » N*w System. A special from Washington says: Capt. .Shoemaker, the chief of the revenue cutter service, has formulated a system of doing 1 work a,ml making purchases vi'hicli .simplifies tin. 1 business transactions of the treasury department ill that particular branch. Not until Capt. Sh.oonia.ker's advent was it possible to devise and maintain a mclli- od which -was at once expeditious and economical. It is directed that hereafter all repairs of work of any description involving- expense shall be performed oil board the cutters, only after authority for such operations has been (,'iven irom War.hjngton. Provision, of course, is made for emergency work, but greater care is to be exorcised in recommending alterations and repairs. Close scrutiny will be given to all reports. Hereafter only such articles of ship chandlery, outfits and engineer's stores an, may be required for actual use during tlie ensuing month, shall be placed upon a requisition, and all exchanging or trading of articles named on requisitions, or others not named, is prohibited. Bills for fuel must be submitted monthly, and bills for articles purchased must be submitted to the collector of the port within 48 hours :i.rter the receipt on board of the stores. The collector will (it once advise the treasury department of the amount of tlie bills, so that there may be a prompt settlement. Officers of the revenue- cutter service are warned to follow thereqnircmcnts of the uftw order and are cautioned not to permit any negligence on the part of officers under their command. RAVAGES OF ARMY WORMS.. Arc So Dostrnctlvo In M:«K»nclin*fltt» That st-uto Hoard Will Act. Millions of army worms OIK! oal\-lenf pruners have descended upon Slassa- chnsettss ivnd from all sections, and especially those south and east of Boston, the reports of devastation wrought arc oJ arming. The .army worms have hecn in the state for some 1 years, but co.use.il no great dam.-igc until this summer, \v.hen the wua.tlnvr conditions seem to ha.vc boon especially favorable to their propagation.* The oak-leaf primers, wh.kh attack all the foliage- of a.11 tre-es, arc new this season. So great has been the damage wrought that the. stat* board of iigricuHiire ha-s talfcn steps t*> exterminate the. ijests. In. the town of Coha.sset a farm of CO acres iH-as eaten over in one wnek by the worms, which wnre followed froir. field to field by cMi--viiids of blackbirds, which have no ect npun the pcai-s. lit TJi.uglin.m t.h« worms nte over a large mini bar of. truck famjs, baring tlie groimd: Ileiulbig, Canton, Amhcrst a.nd other towns near Springfield, in the southern central part of the state, arc suffering- similar ravages. A SINGULAR RULING. Ve«- WTiat Ocean Pii««Bn)for» on En «cl» Can Now Kxpect. A special cable dispatch to the Sun from London says: A point of great interest to every traveler upon a British vessel was decided the other clay by the admiralty court. The steamship Mariposn, of the Ocean Transport com- panj-. went, asiiore.a few months ago on the coa.stof 3-ibrador. The passengers were landed at a little fishing vil- lag-e. Tlie Allan line steamships Sardinian and Austrian xvent to their rescue, provided for their waut.s and took them to theJr destination. The Ocean Transport company re- fnsed to pay the bill, pleading tha.tth'3 perils of the sens put an end to their contract for the carriage of passengers, «nd they 1 were under no oblig-ation to do anything for the passrcng-ers after the accident. The British admiralty lias upheld the defendant's plea. Pns- BC-ngcrw on English lines will know what to expect hereafter in case of accidents. HEADED UP IN A BARREL. Frlnco Pflddlor Flmln III* Boy and HM » Klvftl Arreitod. San Francisco, July 21>. — Thomas Walker missed his seven-year-old boy Tuesday. Wednesday he found tin- child bound and g-ngged and headed up securely in a barrel which lay in the yard of his neighbor, William \Vatts. iValker has hnd Watts arrested, chorg:- ng him with the attempted murder of jis child. The two men, who ore pcd- lleru, quarreled, and Walker charges •.hat Watts intended to kill his son in •evenge. • liryitn Mukoa m Specoh. Omaha, Neb., July 22. — About 11 o'clock Wednesday morning n commi ( t- ice from the convention of the Commer:il Iinw league, now in session in this ;ity, called at the Paxton house and es- Jorted Mr. Bryan to the league's head- •juartcrs, where he was introduced to ;he members of that body and made a ihort address, Clock) and Dour Gl»»»e». Clocks were introduced into this coun- ;ry from Great Britaia in 1720 and soon- :ame into common use.. Before that ume hourglasses were generally exa- >loyed, and in the chiarchfts an hour- rlass on the pulpit wa* deemed almost !s indispensable an article of furniture is a Bible, The sermon was measured. by glasses, and it was frequently known int. the preacher "turned the glass" TCP times in the course of his ser- rion. .: HOOSIER HAPPENING* News by Telegraph from Various Towns In Indiana. 'Mow Is Your Ltver?< I TAKEAPILL. I Dr. HobU LKtta LKrer Pft Don't Gript.j rjr infciJ, «nu mro ,/ vegetable. Put up in iorewKJup«•«. . ' eiehoontaininE CO plllfl. Purfect dlgmtlon * | fallen thibM. Tfi.yiibMli.t.liroiir.S''*- I 7r*o<faoh», and ara rncommendetl b> phir. ilcluonddrugglHU. Vrloe, ONLY 10 CENTS A VIAL. For Salo in LOGANSPORT, IND;,.by . Ben- Fisher,.311 Fourth! St. and-Jobn F. Coulsoo, 304 Market Si, , . ..'..- Still a Mystery. jAfarion, Intl., Ju)j- 22.— A g-ood duyi o£ njystery surrounds tlie death of John Scott, wlio.su body was foiuid in a vacant house throe miles \vr>sl of Upland. L:ust 1'ebruary Scott, while driving a milk w!i<jon tit llnrtford City, was struck by a Piinhanclle train and received injuries from which he never recovered, and since then ho has boon the victim ot violent fits of anger. He had n quarrel with his sister on Sunday afternoon, and left the house saying 1 : "You needn't look for mo until you see mo." Whon /ound (lie body was discolored with bruises, and the position indicated that 'there might have been a strug-g-le. _ Kept the Secret H Lone Time. Indianapolis, Intl., .Inly ~2. — Last January while visiting in this city Miss Fannie Kcicl, one of the most popular and prominent belles in Puna, 111., was clandestinely married \o Frank Kenyon, .1 prominent Indianapolis bu?i- ness man. Mr. and Mrs. Kenyon did not communicate the fact ot' their mm-ria^e to anyone, and thonph Mrs. Kenyon visited her parents in Pana several times since her mnrri;>.a-e, she went tinder her maiden name and did not announce her oiarriatfe until Tuesday, when "Mr. Kenyon went lo I'.-ina 1o make known (heir marriage and accompany his wife home. A New Snake. Waterloo, Ind., July 22.— Excitement Js running- hiffh over the discovery of .1 Jmvjv snake of an unknown sjx'cioa or, a farm near this city. I.I attacked Allen Lutx, a farmer who was driving- a mower, and he had it nnrrov escape. Intx describes the snake as 14 feet Ions, lint others wjio saw it clr.im it is much Jong-cr. l-'or two flays 30 hunters from this city with £"r>s and traps have been senrehinsf the swamps and fields lor tht snake, and finally it was located in a swamp and its capture is expected soon. Opera House Burned. Terre Haute, I:id., J"!y 22.— XayJor's opera house, built at a cost of $300,000 ;:bout 30 years ag'O, was completely destroyed by (ire Tuesday rig-lit, and with it almost.' the entire block. The opera Louse was occupied by Espenheim & Aibrcchfs dry goods bouse. The building- is completely destroyed, and the Cincinnati house, recently built at n cost of $30,000, and two buildings adjoining- the opera house are also destroyed. The loss will reach $.100,000, Fine lake Mtuemltlf- La Tortc, Ind.. July 22.— The ten days' session of the Pine Lake Christian culture assembly opened Tuesday evening with music by a chorus led by Petei Eilhom, of Chicag-o, followed with an address by Irn M- Pi-ice, ot the University of Chicago. Dr. W. T. Scott, of Tranklin, delivered an address, of welcome, which was responded to by John B. Chapman, of Chicago. A Farmer Robbed. Union City, Jnd., July 22.— AlKiul dusk a toll, well-dressed stranger called nt the home of David Householder, an old fanner, aged about SO, and Jiving alone eight miles northeast of this citv, knocked the fawner down ancl then proceeded to. ransack the house. and succeeded in see>i]-ing-$300 in money nnd some valuable papers and made his escape. New OlllcorB. Elwoodjnd., July 22.'— The American Tinplnte company elected officers and directors as follows, the officers being also directors: W n, Leeds. Richmond, president: John F Hazcn, Cincinnati, vice president ; D. G. Reid, Richmond, treasurer; I... H. Landon Elwood, secretary: XV. B. Leeds. Richmond. J. M. Overshln.ir. Elwood, resident directors; W. P. Banfield, superintendent Indone Bryan. Indianapolis, Ind., July 22.— The democratic state central committee met here and August 15 was fixed for meetings iu every county of tlie state. A resolution indorsing: without reservation or qualification Bryan and Sewall and the platform upon which they stand was unanimously adopted. Crunnrtn Afralixt Muncie, Ind., July £2.— The Women's club, composed of Muncie's swell set, has passed resolutions comderoning merchants who disiig"re fences and telephone poles with advertisements and will take steps to stop it, together with the posting of immoral pictures ol women in show billboards. Sli to Ten. Hammond, Ind., July 22.— After a bitter contest lasting- nearly eight weeks the common council has elected Fred W. Newell and Cassius C. Griffin to represent the newly-created Fifth ward in the council. This gives the'remiblicimh- six of the ten oldermen. A DrucBliit Falls. Fort Wayne, Ind., July £2,— A. J. Kellar, a retail druggist, assigned to John Jlorris, Jr., as trustee for loeal creditors to the extent of $5,000. He has some outside indebtedness unprefcrred. The assets are estimated at$C,000. KllliMl by thn Cars. Ora, Iiid., July 22.— Joseph Schci- bald, of this place, was killed by a Chicago & .Erie train about two miles east of North JiuUon. It is supposed that he hod been intoxicated and sat 'down on the track. Kcpnullcnim Confer. Indianapolis, Ind., July 22.— The republican state central committee had a conference here and decided to begin at once a schoolhouse campaign preliminary to the general opening September 1. ' '. _ Kiccltlnr Wprkx Burned. Indianapolis, Ind,, July 22.— The plant of -the. . Indianapolis excelsior works, owned, by J.. D. Johnson, was burned*, -the loss bt-'ing.$S,COO; insurance, JH.500; ..'..'. .. ' . , . . What Zoa Phora won't do for WOMANKIND no medicine will, For wUe bjr 9. F.*K«*«llng and B« HEV. S. P. KLOTZ. PASTOR O. B. CHURCH. >-vacenoo, ind., Sept. S, 1836. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sir:—T have beon afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia-or sour stomach. I have tried different remedies without much benefit. Finally I bought a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pepsin and" found that it beaefitted me. 1 am convinced tbat it will do what It Is recommended when taken according to directions. T have taken nearly one bottle and feel Hie a different person. S. P. KLOTZ. For sale by B. F. Keesling. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC TAKE THE -+-<-— rr*/"\ MACKINAC 111 DETROIT 111 PETOSKEY JL V-T CHICAQO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers The Omrtcnt Perfection yet ctuliwd In Boat ConitructJon—Luxurious Equipment, Arttatlc FvrnUhlng. Decoration mat efficient Service. injuring tie higbcit degree of ._.- COriFORT, SPEED AND SAFETV. FOUR TRIM ft* Wax Btrwecn Toledo, Detroit ^Alackinac PETOSKCY, : 'THE 8OO," MARQUETTE, AMD OULUTH. LOW RATES to Plcture*qu* Nfockhuc not Return. Idcludlne n«U «nd Berth*. From Clevel^d. HSifranTolede. *I S i from Detroit. >i3,go. . EVER/ EVENINO Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting at Cleveland with R»riiest Trmini for all points East, South and Southwest and >t Detroit for t U points North and Northwest. Sundlr TrlptJunt, July. Augad and SepttmlM fefe. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay j Toledo Send for Elurtrated Pamphlet Addre«a A. A. aCHANTZ. •. T. ... OITIIOIT. MIOH. THe Detroit and maud Steam nv. Go. ONE-HALF SIZE OF BOX POZZONI COMPLEXION WlthCTorv nlflcviit BOX in given tree of AT DRUGGISTS *OT> FAJTCY STOEES. i£ $ LOOP POISON Jllnry liLOOD 1'UISON perm»ncntl» lcurcd)nlitoSSd*7i.Toac«nbetroi>tc(lu IbOttioforBaoioprlco under oamc(?naran» )tv. If youprofTtocoroebcre we will contract to pay railroad faround hotel bllls,and aochanre, It we full to euro. 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