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The Ottawa Journal from , · Page 33

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Thursday, July 14, 1949
Page 33
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i THURSDAY. JULY 14. 1943.' 32 Business Opportunities Connr j-M Trr PTc-.r$ Co.imA ) ROOMINO HT"F :-jtl extrrr ni -?( H . . , S r. er:ookir. rve: --:r-p y fumi5hed. oil hearer T :t i r -irrj i fchroorii on 2 ".op t'or-.M. g irag s urrirraer rr i'.ocr wi fc-e vica'wj o ? r p ? 3 : revenw i ZH $.-. can or trr. pp.? R.deau St SERVICE Tr.QN an-I carage t-il.r ej 'j-i p p-' ! :i fr f: larx- .;.;-r.a- :rar.C!if for r-fr-aj-ra ;s jr.i an txcn .er.', op-por'ii; ' ir - ex pans: or.. $-M .-: H ' re .'.rpd, ba ar."f c iv !." ' " , rjr, e? E C "":-rar- -.--ft v and Ir.ur- -..- n.- : 7 3 : od ?"Of'T : :up.i-n ic Soft Drink Botllinf PUnt. , - , '-.- f'j4.?r: 'A'.T.l .- V f. -t its 'A':., -i-i .-y. z Pr.ce W ICO 33 Pet Stock. ASK TO 5EZ vr tti -J-.t BaiT.are s. 13 . Ridea-. 5-7341 Boasd:n';. rr.S.'m kenrieis. i'r-.t p- '-n-.--.A strer.tion. . ., , .-.nvllir.rf rrsns- pnrvi v.-tr.. "'l?n rsrubi'nm r.f: - icur-pj Ric:rte Krn-Of Ref.. Metcae Uig'ay, J-.l-f.i4 DACH5HVNT5S trr ,--3 ,-irjn pe-j m-t r . : j -r : -r rr p i - .c r.J 4 T'eel-nv.:r 1-3-.' ir:sh tfsrikr .- -i i vtn o : r-i '.-rt : .- : ig . - : -s j ITSilAV KTTiSS H:e -f 34 - 3- - ' SPtMEl. ?""P?:. vadk ard reds. 1- . - .e--c e-r.1- I C l.-.:c 2- 4nJ WVNTID Uir.M for r-aflr; "f?y :.-?!.-) e 3-23 34 Poultry and Supplies. PO :. T R. Y BEST FF.ICES paid I 4-31" ?i ca .i j 35 Livestock. CATTLE, ard hr:rwrs '.wanted for - fss-re. re-.r fc .n:r, or year pr-j--4 ranr.irg iur: 3-3 Ii'GHT HO?--; .- e t ' SHETLAND MrS ji rr ;; . i K e 3ox : ' S. -.".' Q -r " WiVTD-M reap -orws W I : fr-M R 2. :r' i 36 Autos' For Sale. :- MOSXIS SEDAN, s.-v.a : -.le- :": DO3E. i-d Mr.l'.:jr. I'A Y.c. Apt 303 sefaeea i-J IS'' N'VSH La:i-.--e 'e--!j- -. ;e c-r.-d.'-oa. i-:-." :.- 5-r-. a.- q ' :4 V 7 1 K.- -''- - Hiir?c.:8 3 5f! tr.ei 0ii.ri DODOS a' t' se-ia.-i.i g xro 7 r.d.:. . r. ?f. ae. or.ed. ?t.-r.e i-: -no a"cr 5 :tr OLDSMOSILE sedar. an-d:::cr. Z.f.r Fr- S--S 3-i8J. 14-H CHtVHOLrr COACH : isl r- r. -l ar.d 0'? ft-'.J J. 'iir -C.-TT'J 1346 3' iwo ?ly:c -ealer r.---iia-i.ei $: 3XD N radio. :e'o-i.? c. er- :J3 PC NTT A" :i -.--..rj coa-d;t-or. Tr.ep-?r.e 3-" :43 G M C e tc- !'l 133 Bayv.e H ;a - :4'. crr fo?.d . ec x-s xzr. p. Tier cn- -.:.-., teas3- !' 1342 DODGE tr.r.t. --ie ton,! ne .-i-o--- " c;nd-ticB. j $50 1-453':- ::o PLV-IO'-TH li-. ree-i-lv o'.'r-j.t: 4-5-H A.'-;r 5 ? 35. T. -...- J a;- :3.T 5T.-DE3AKrR C-J.-rpion coach. pa..-.' Ml.. -e.'e.- J7 or t.i: L--ti j.ji or S.'-.'l-l (.V."'.;c.- DODr; Sji: lelj-te ur ..or . j. p.-,, mh aJ" e --.'.; - e : '.-ir? ? .-- :nr paca?.d tr. er g vs c,-,j--..- J'hor.e 4-38:R :m PLYVO'T'! ' t .r.ier sedan, fa. .r f-is -ar Xfl Ca'.m-. T- vpn ever.lrgs :"; H"DC. '.' -Jrr.e-i -X - - r.. --- pa 4 t-' 7'ti arrs.-trt a ' ;.' H"-..-s --:- iv-- s. 5 ' ; t : 1 -re-! "'ea.-er- .- - P- j i, 1 1:.:. exce.- USED . CARS-TRUCKS B-'" 27 3' Dei : ?r:-s ?';. - c Z4 z " r '. - r. 7 " ' r. 13'? S;.:: Sp-c.-l SeJar Cabei'du Motors ; C ." irrv &-i 1: t. 5 r TRUCKS '.Vi t. : 4;4 can '. V -ee ' "-(! D ? axle " . p. :e - .5, rtea'er carr :lre . a: srap-: DcS'r. . ;r a . -ctse. . '1 ' " . r. . ' r. da. :a: it e icnect i .ci :.res i.-.- - .-'..:-. itra T-..-it..". W:d i ; -z perie-'t se.-r.g prlea IK' Al -ent Dc--a 141 UZ3 -1 l-. p Jii:t reT - ear at S70O,CO : ; r. -teesl t spee w. '.:: se.. fcr -1- - R;pr.r Morro? Salf:! Autos for Sale. Continued From Preceding Column.) 1937 pUcKARD six coach, perfect. $900 1941 radio, neater. oattery. tire. 4-0311. INTERNATIONAL dual-wheel. stake! Good condition. $450. CutU Sales. 1242 Bank. 4-9974. Jrtotoi l3 AHAM nw paint, tires like nw No motor rood, mutt sell today aVasonablc offer refused. 139 n St 1933 CHEVROLET Coach, in food condition generally, seal beams. Slip froven. $2TK 77 McKay St.. -52:6 laVt Ot-DSMOBILK Sedan. $050: 1936 Chevrolet 400 MM I Chevrolet pickvip 4J0 ,V)0 Rldeau, 3-0537 130 FCRD roadster, excellent running condition New tires. $200. 77 Mc-KayJ 6-3218 1P3S (jMEVROLET coach. 273 very g'x hpe Call to 9 1 H.1 Broad. fl.t 2 194 1 fORD COACH, super de luxe; rdi hea'er excellent condition. 7J 153 Sunn) side 6-4877. 1948 STANDARD. 7.000 mile, like new reasonable 3-0074 (Sgt. Cfes 1940 itERCL"RY. heater, good tires. Onnal owner Bargain. Reverend ... 8-2627W. isos Chevrolet, sedan, good con- a::if. price reasonable for quick 8-3091 f OS' ARCH sport sedan, like new. pn.-A H 'KHj milea Not a scratch on it $2 4",) Box B-640. Journal. 1M0 DODGt. deluxe sedan, radio, header, excellent motor, privately driven by professional man. $975 casi Box B-180. Journal. 1J38 tHEVROLET coach. 673 841 : ;Banit. at rear in yard, after 6 pm. 1135 C1CK. roadster good condl-Itio.Tj Se.l or trade for smaller car i I 38 j Gloucester, after 3 30 1134 OUDSMOBILE sedan Good shine. I Mutt sell Tuesday or Thursday a?t 8 pm. 143', York St Apt. 2. ORD. convertible opera coupe. Hk new. terms. 1283 Wellington. 1937 frord , TON truck. Bell tye ; bodv New rubber. Good shape. : 6-6283 after . 1947 ITORZj COACH deluxe, excellent eorilition 4-3604 evenmts. dav- t:ne Shell Service Station. Sussex St Used Car and Truck Specials 1939 Chevrolet Coach j $695 1333 Chevrolet Coach $250 $685 1339 Nash Sedan 1933 Graham Sedan $250 1940 Chev. 2 1 2-ton Stake $495 1942 Ford '.-ton Panel $530 li40 Ford l:--ton Stake $335 1$46 Chevrolet '.-ton Pick-up $1045., TOP CONDITION .ere are a few Used Cars ia: will tane the place of r.ew car for you, they are such good condition. All easor.ably priced, lower tha" e'vwhern in the citv. )47 Chevrolet Coach, radio, heater. )40 Plymouth Sedan, heater. 1194 1 Dodge Sedan, heater. 947 Oldsmobile "6" Sedan, radio, heater. 943 Oldsmobile -6" Se- j dan. heater. 942 Chevrolet Coach, heater. 947 Chevrolet Sedan. heater. ' 941 Buick Super Sedan, ; heater, radio. Myers Motors j Ltd. i Corner Bank St. at Carling SALE! SALE! 6 Specials Ar.i We Mean It. Prices That Cannot Be Duplicated Ar.ywhere &948 OLDS MOBIL E Sedanette, underseat heater, like n e w. 0nI $2,195 n - r-tirtri -t 1 a-- 1 LntvnuLti coacn. heater. A-l condition. Special .... 1,535 1946 CHEVROLET Style- master Sedan, beautiful condition. A real buy S1495 1942 CHRYSLER Windsor Sedan, only 35.000 miles. See it. Spe- cial $1,285 1942 PLYMOUTH Club Coupe, very good s condition, 38,500 $1,125 1941 CHEVROLET Coach, a real smart car. heater. Spe- 36 cial $1,095 cial . s . TERMS TO Sl'TT YOl'R POCKET OPEN EVENINGS Mac's Car Market 832 Bank St Cnt.r.j-d on Next Column The 237 QUEEN ST. 36 Autos For Sale. (Continued From Preceding Column.) 1929 HUPMOBII.E. good condition. 130 See at 184 Murray. 1833 CHEVROLET sedan. running nice. $173. Fagan Motors. Billings Bridge. 1934 HUPMOBILE sedan. 200. Trade. 143 Marler Road. Eastview. 1947 PLYMOUTH SEDAN. radio, heater. Prestone. new tires. 2U000 miles, extra good. 4-9269 evenings. 1933 PONTIAC coach, good condition, reasonable. 684 Roosevelt. West-boro 1921) tllllCK. like nrw. neat offer 1 JO Montclalr t . Hull 1938 DODGE sedan, good condition, new paint. $700. 3-9780. 1947 CHEVROLET coach. perfect condition. Trade or terms. 1283 Wellington. 1939 LINCOLN Zephyr, good condition. $850 or best offer. 3-6347. 1942 DODGE, reconditioned, motor, radio, heater. 177 Powell. 4-4183. 1939 INTERNATIONAL truck, three ton. Telephone 8-4092. 1937 PONTIAC sedan. Apply 60 Beech St no dealers. 1932 FORD COACH, reasonable offer. Phone 8-0008 W. 1941 CHEVROLET Deluxe, good condition, very reasonable Apply Building 109. Apt. 5. RockcluTe Emergency Shelter 1940 PACKARD sedan, six cylinder, black, good condition. $1,050. 8-2029 J after 5 30 p in 1938 CHEVROLET. Good condition. $675 00 5-9432 daytime. 8-1847M evenings 1932 OLDSMOBILE. good motor-$230. phone 5-3937, 384 O'Connor St. 1941 PONTIAC, good motor and tires Sacrifice lor quick sale. 596 King Edward. 5-8618. 1938 TERRA PLANE aedan. food shape, trad. 145 Marler Rd, East-view. 1947 STUDEB A KER Commander, radio, air conditioning, 16.000 miles. 1941 Chevrolet Sedan. 1938 Chrysler Opera Coupe. 1929 Chevrolet Sedan. Sold on consignment at Drew'a Service Station. Phone 8-7761. 1949 MONARCH sedan, fully equipped. 5-2870. BARGAINS! USED TRUCKS CARS. 1948 REO 3-ton. very good condition. '49 licence . . . J 1941 FORD 2-ton, chassis MCA' and cab. '49 licence POUV 1947 MERCURY 2-ton, COTR very good condition DO I O 1947 MERCURY 3-ton, chassis and cab. '49 licence . . 20 1938 FORD 2-ton 9i(7 chassis and cab .... Dw O 1946 FORD C79!l 3-ton Stake . . W ' "J 1939 FARGO l'i-ton Cfi9 stake bodv. '49 licence 5UiiO 1941 DODGE Panel '49 licence ' O 1938 PLYMOUTH 7-pass. with ambulance conversion. t77tC '49 Ucence . 5 1 I J Blondin Motors 198 Montcalm St.. HulL Tel. 3-6297 Genuine Price Reductions SEE BUDGET MOTOR SALES OFFERING QUALITY USED CARS AT LOWEST PRICES ON EASY. TERMS At Our West End Lot Cor. Warren and Wellington WE OFFER 1949 CHEVROLET Coach, radio, heater, rich maroon color ibrand newi. 1949 PONTIAC Sedan ibrand newt, radio, air-conditioning, beautiful powder blue. 1946 1940 1939 1933 193$ 1938 1932 CHEVROLET Coach, spot- less and in per- CQr feet condition . wltOUO PONTIAC Coach, excellent all-around condl- JQQ tion J577) PONTIAC Coupe, original owner Very tfiQ'-l clean SDOVO DODGE Custom Sedan, radio, heater A good- (PCQ?? looking car at pOt7i) DODGE Sedan Very clean S695 PLYMOUTH Sedan CQ!r A good buy at SDVD CHEVROLET Sedan New battery, very 400Q clean o TRADE-EASY TERMS 4-3108 At Our Central Lot 78 Metcalfe St 5-6895 1949 OLDSMOBILE Sedan Brand new. fully equipped, guaranteed 149 METEOR Sedan. Brand new. fully equipped, guaranteed. 1949 DESOTO Sedan. Brand new, fully equipped, guaranteed. 1947 PLYMOUTH Sedan. Lovely condition. 1946 OLDS. Sedan. Excellent mechanical condition. 1947 HUDSON Sedan. Completely checked over. 1946 PONTIAC Torpedo SMsn. See this beautiful car. Radio. heater. At only 1938 DODGE Cabriolet . . $1,950 $575 BUDGET Motor Sales A Good Place To Buy A Better Used Car (Continued on Next Column l MYRTLE RIGHT AROUND HOME. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL. 33 Journal PHONE 36 Autos For Sale. (Continued From Preceding Column ) AUTOMOBILE touch-up paint, all colors, all shades Young's Supply Co. 302 Laurier W. 3-43U1 AUTOMOBILE UPHOLSTERING, painting, body fender work. W. Biggs, 480 Gladstone. AUTOMOBILE SPRINGS stocked, repaired Whelan Spring Works. 274 Nepean : 2-U278. AUTO finance and insurance. Romeo Pigeon. 127 George St. 2-1221. AUTOMOBILE. BUS. TRUCK, body repairs. painting Beattie Body Equipment, 297 Booth. 8-0319. BUICK SEDAN. In good condition See owner. 122 lx-wl. (evenings! BUICK SPECIAL club coupe. 5 passenger. This automobile in excellent condition, upholstering, general running and appearance. Terms. Open evenings. McLeod's, 231 Catherine. BULLDOZER. A Ills Chalmers. Model K. 67 horsepower, for sale, com- Eletely equipped with Baker hydrau-c blade. Completely overhauled one month ago. Very reasonable price. Apply John Parahick. Renfrew. Phone 210. COOLING SYSTEMS cleaned quickly and thoroughly by machine Musty s Garage, 92 George. 133 Bes-aerer. CHEVROLET Town Sedan. 1948. excellent condition. 13.000 miles, equipped with accessories, privately owned. 8-724B-J. WHY PAY MORE. NEW cars financed. 6 per annum, older models at equally low rates. Geo E Cochrane Agencies. 18 19M CHEVROLET SEDAN delivery, excellent condition. Trade or terms. Phone 4-3395 BUDGET MOTOR SALES. A Good Place To Bay A Better Used Car. OFFER 5 NEW beautiful cars. 1949 CHEVROLET COACH (brand new), radio, heater, guaranteed. 1949 METEOR SEDAN (brand new), fully equipped and guaranteed. 1949 PONTIAC SEDAN (brand new). radio, air conditioning, guaranteed. 1949 DE SOTO SEDAN (brand new) fully equipped, guaranteed. 1949 OLDSMOBILE SEDAN, ibrand newi, fully equipped, guaranteed. 4-3108, 78 METCALFE. 5-6895. NEW 1949 STUDEBAKER PICK-UPTRUCKS NOW ON DISPLAY AT LEWIS MOTORS Ltd. STUDEBAKER DISTRIBUTORS for Ottawa and Vicinity. 512 Bank St. Tel. 5-7207 Looking for a Dependble Automobile? WE HAVE THEM , from 1931 to 1949 Included in These Are: Chevrolets Buicks Plymouth Dodges Oldsmobiles Fords and many others WE WILL FIT THE PRICE OF THE CAR TO YOUR POCKETBOOK Before you "buy" come In and - look them over COMPARE THEM with any you have seen. If it's a used car you are looking for WE HAVE IT. REMEMBER All new cars are good but a used car is only as good as the firm you buy it from. PERCY CARRIERE Automobiles Morris and Willys Distributor Cor. Rideau and Charlotte Sts. Tel. 3-8609 (Continued on Next Column) I I , Want 2-5321 234 36 Autos For Sale. (Continued From Preceding Column ) ERNIE'S USUI) CAR bargains! SomtTsct U)T nargalns. I Kent i-1 Ul)3. ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY by having your car completely checked by Mike O Connor. Corner Bank and McLeod (Imperial Oil Station). 3-0611. ELECTKIC LIGHTING four-cylinder complete grnerating powrr plant. Remote control. r2 amps. 3.000 watts, almost new. $875 4-6630. FORD DE LUXE convertible, privately owned, newly painted, new top, new tires, push-button radio, heater, like new. 212 Holland. TOR QUICK SAI.K. am lenvlng country. I!M6 Mt-rnirv Sedan. A -1 throughout. SI, 3 A. B-OSS'l-W. fl to 8 FORD. 1932 Sedan, good condition. 4 new tire, new paint job. 113'j Leduc. Hull. FACTORY RECONDITIONED, guaranteed Ford V-H engine. Sunoco Station. Bank-Carling. FORD. 1941 five-passenger convertible coupe, one owner, driven only 38,000 miles, automatic top, new tires, original paint A real buy at $!!i3. Payments arranged. 6-2363. GIVE UN A rtREAKI We ran weld anything and guarantee our work Cracked motors are our specially. Pennock's Garage. 5 Nelson. HOUSE TRAILERS. new. Inglis-Schulte McLeod Brothers, terms.- Open evenings. HERE AFtE A FEW SPECIALS that are worth seeing: lf39 Chcvrolrt Coach. $i!!5; 1P33 Chevrolet Coach. $250; 193! XSish Sedan. $.; 1MB , Graham Sedan. S250 Myers Motors 1 Limited, corner Bank street at j Carling JEEP ' STATIOK WAGON like new. $1,693. Telephone 4-2101. KAISER DELtjixE SEDAN, purchased new, June. : 1948. equipped with special springs and shock absorbers, air cushion tires, air conditioning, mileage 9.000 This automobile like new. Will sell or exchange. 6-2365 LATE 1948 P0NTIAC sedan. 8 500 miles. New car condition. Private. Will sell reasonable or trade for cheaper car. 5-9964. MODEL "A" FORD, newlv overhauled, good tires 70 Booth St MY PRICE IS DOWN on that late 1940 Buick: . super with radio, heater, licenice. 5-3707. PACKARD SEDAN. 193B. for sale. One owner.- Excellent condftion. Apply Mills : Garage. North Gower, Ontario Phone 42J PLYMOUTH SF.DAN. 1936. $385; 1929 Ford. $185: lord dump. 1941. $385. Good running order. 225 Preston. SKF PILLOW BLOCKS Timken bearings .General Bearing Service. 29, Murray. 4-7778. Rideau. 2-1731. SPECIALS! SPECIALS! 1948 Chevrolet Coach, fully equipped; 1947 Willys Station Wagon; 1947 Chevrolet S-pass. Club Coupe, Short s. 500 Cooper.: TRUCK. Brantford body and hoist, Jeb. 46-3519, Model L-3. steel body, reinforced 36" end gate Corner Hill and Elm. Billings Bridge. WASHING. SIMONIZING. Art Elliott's Texaco Station, Carling-Fisher. 8-4973. $475. INTERNATIONAL stake truck. D 30. Excellent condition. 1112 Somerset West. COX'S CAR ALES, 852 Bank.; Cities Service Stn. 1 Used Car Bargains. 1941 PONTIAC Coach. 2-tone. heater. defroster. S!)33. 1932 BUICK Special Sedan. Like new. 1937 PLYMOUTH HOUSE TRAILER, fully equipped, $375 cash. ' MANY MORE to choose from. CANE'S USED CARS. 390 McLeod. 5-5310 Open Evenines 1949 STUDEBAKER Champion sedan, air conditioner and defroster. 1947 CHRYSLER Saratoga sedan, fully equipped. 19.000 miles 1947 BUICK-super sedan, fully equipped, metallic maroon paint, real bargain. 1947 HUDSON super six sedan. 27.000 miles -' 1948 CHEVROLET Stylemaster sedan. 1941 CHEVROLET Master sedan. 1939 OLDSMOBILE aedan. fully equipped. TODAY'S SPECIAL 1939 PLYMOUTH convertible coupe, automatic' push-button radio, heater and defroster. A real bargain, $693 VARIOUS OTHER make and models to choosa from. ALL CARS RECONDITIONED and Guaranteed REUBEN'S AUTO SALES 452 Rideau Open Evenings Caah Trade Easy Terms 104!l MODELS. 1 week delivery, any rnnkc 194 CHEVROLET Fleetllne. four door sedan Fully equipped with guarantee Immediate delivery 1947 PONTIAC 4-Ooor Sedan, big . air-condifionrd and slip covers, two- tone green JuM like from the showroom Bargnin. 1945 DODfiF. 4-l)oor Sedun. radio. heater, spotlight, new tires Guar- anteed owner 1940 FORD Coach, In the best of shape I93!( CHEVROLET Sedan, jurt like new 1931) CHEVROLET Coach motor. body, paint in A-l condition No reasonable otf.-r refused 1934 FORD Coach. radio. heater. motor like new Verv cheap 1934 TERKAPLANE Sedan, very very chap MANY MORE to choose from 37 Autos Wanted. AUTOMOBILES bought for cash. ; Must be sound Up to 11141). Fagan Motors. Billings Bridge. 4-7195. AUTOMOBILES BOUGHT, sold. cash, terms, trade Wright s Used Cars. 423 Richmond Road. Westboro. AUTOMOBILE WANTED. , 1338 model or later Something in Dodge, Plymouth. Chevrolet. Ford Mr Lome. 2-6951 AUTOMOBILES bought cash. 1937 to 1948 models Must be good condition Laughlin. 1346 Wellington. 8-7330. : CARS WANTED Will pay cash. 1305 Bank. 4-6166. CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD. Hughes Motors.: Smiths Falls. 211. (Continued on Next Columni i TAKE i ' I i j ! j i I Snow us wnei?e 1 j ' f SEE A i I I Hff WENT, AND . uFQR Wff ' 1! I '- ! -vwe'LL CANO UP ) d COMES J . , IM CLAD VOU VON Hl IS '.71 ACAlM .' SZO T DOG FOLLOWED j- A? ' ' ' V ( j ' . -'' ,sSSSSSSSMSSSS. Y ' m mmmKU m m GOOD LOOK SO VOU'LL CECOCMIZe vOuP Own next Time rr FOU-OwS Ads SPARKS ST. 37 Autos Wanted. (Continued From Preceding Column 1 CARS BOUGHT, sold and traded. W. Biggs. 4X0 Gladstone 3 (1729 PRIVATE PARTY requires low mileage 1942-47 model from original owner. Cash. No dealers. 4-9601. PAY CASH for good used car. Texaco Station. Bank and McLeod. 1 USED CARS WANTED Any make or model Pay top cash prices, Percy C'arrlere Automobiles, cor Rldeau and Charlotte 3-8609 WILL PAY all cash from '33 to '49 See Jack. Pennock s Garage, 5 Nelson. WF. HAVE cash buvers for late mo-j dtl cars Hrule M.Hors. 3611 Gladstone. Ottawa 4-18H3 WANTED, late model car. trade 1933 Oldsmobile. perfect. Balance cash. 11.30 a m. 12 30 p.m 4-9591. WANTED IMMEDIATELY. 1932-1939 car in perfect condition. Pay cash. 8-5003M. CASH FOR YOUR CAR. WAVERLEY MOTORS. 180-190 Driveway at Pretoria Ave. circle. Telephone 2-2755. Wanted Immediately FOR CASH COACHES - SEDANS 1940 1948 Models in- Excellent Condition LEWIS MOTORS LTD. USED CAR DEPT. 500 Bank St. 3-4437 38 Accessories and Repairs AUTOMOBILE radiators repaired. Work guaranteed. Capital Radiator, 240 Catherine. 3-8359. AUTOMOBILE radiators cleaned and repaired. 199 Albert. 3-2237. AUSTIN SALES - SERVICE Elgin Motors. 28 Elgin St . 2-0259. 398 Richmond Road. 8-7136. CANADA MOTOR SALES. wheei balancing. Increases gasoline-tire mileage. 2-7334. CYLINDER HEADS and cylinder blocks welded. Guaranteed Portable welders. Ernest W. Perkins. 369 Slater St. 2-5489. CLEANING, repairing, flushing of automobile radiators, gas tanks. Citv Radiator Service. 348 Lisgar. 5-8337. EVANS BROTHERS, 8-4820 Bean wheel alignment, repairs. 253 Richmond Road. GUEST MOTORS. 72 Leduc. Hull, au-thorized Chevrolet Sales and Service. PARTS FORD SERVICE FOR ALL MODELS SEE US FOR A COMPLETE LINE OF GENUINE PARTS FOR ALL FORD LRODUCTS Ford Monarch Dealers FOR 28 YEARS Campbell Motors OTTAWA LIMITED 180 Slater St. 2-9443 BODY AND FENDER REPAIRS (ALL FORD PRODUCTSl Garland Ritchie0 Ltd. MERCURY LINCOLN vlB.TF.OK UtALERS DUKE and QUEEN WEST 5-4321 CYCLEB0ND CUSTOM BRAKE LINING ON SALE AT OTTAWA MOTOR SALES Dodge De Soto Dodge Trucks 860 BANK ST. 5-1881 EXPERT BODY and FENDER REPAIRS DUCO and DULUX PAINTING DESROCHES MOTOR SALES Ltd. 274-290 Rideau SL TeL 5-1465 At King Edward! (Continued on Next Columni By DUDLEY FISHER. A tail vOu HOME 1 . 38 Accessories and Repairs (Continued From Preceding Column.) GIVE US A CAL' Free estimates! body and fenders Expert me-ji chanlcs. Untied Garage. 225 Pres-S ton St. ij MAGNETO SERVICE and supplies Avoid delays, have that magneto check-up now. Also Brtggs an Mratton engine, parts and servic J N Berney and Sons. 406 Wei lington. SLONE'S AUTO PARTS 2-6036 Cars bought for wrecking Duke it. WELDING We weld anything M tor blocks especially Pennockfe Garage, 5 Nelson. u 8. & S. AUTO PARTS. "f NEW AND USED auto and truck parts Cars and trucks bought' tor wrecking Radiator repairs Giaiss installed 814 Wellington St 8-031 , Bud's Bear Alitnment Servicei, AXLE alignment. Wheel balancing;; s Stops shimmying, hard steering-307 Hronson. 8-5384R Ij" AUTOMOTIVE & KLrXTRlO.fjJ TOWING. GAS. OIL Paris and AJ ' cessories. Open day and nighii'j . 2-0892 - 5-1303. S' BAKER BROS. CO.. LTD. jlj USED CARS AND TRUCKS bougbt; lor wrecking New and used auto; parts, batteries, tyres. nccessoritC etc. zwo stores. t i GLASS INSTALLED. I j FOR ALL MODELS of cars aiidi trucks. Reasonable prices. j SERVICE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH! FARGO TRUCKS PATTERSON j: MOTORS LTD. AUTHORIZED MERCURY LINCOLN METEOR DEALER Parts Service S; BLONDIN MOTORS 200 Montcalm St., Hull i ; ; Tel. 3-6297 ' 39 Carages. G An age to let. Appiy ion vsgeoo 3-9126. Ui GARAGE WANTED, vicinity Florence and Kent, evenings. Telephone il 3-3007 GARAGE WANTED year ruund vicinity Bank and Laurier PhpiK mornings only. 4-0551. '! GARAGES for sale. $150 each. 3-28TO WANTED GARAGE for srr.all car. vicinity B a nk and Patterson 6-5939. Ij 39A Motorcycles. I: ATTENTIONl V. F. CLOST Indian and James distributors for Ottawa Valley and district, also conty of Gatineau. 392 Richmond Road. 8-17U. CRAWFORD MOTORCYCLE REPAIR We specialize on English motorcycle tuneups and repairs, corner racinc ana winona. -jio4s- ;i MOTORCYCLE. Francis Barnett.i 25rj;: cc. 1940. economical, comfortiiblei;": perfect running condition. ; $2ri0," Apply 131 Somerset W. Apt.; 4. fc- 8 p.m. t i. ;J PIXIE BIKE MOTORS. $119 75iByle Co.. 305 Bank 2-8672 7 1947 TRIUMPH, speed twin, j f.00; . miles, first class condition. ; 575.: i 26 Woodlawn. after 6. 1938 TRIUMPH Speed Twin. 325;r . 4-9669 after 6. ' ff i 1942 INDIAN 45. perfect conditions ' Call 176 Bronson. evenings, i f i t 41 Money to Loan. ;, ,ij CITY PROPERTY 4i, and SI AulV Kinney Co, Realtors 2-1761.J' PHONE FOR A LOAiN at Industrial Loan Phone 3-1149 48 Rideau St- LOANS ;1. TO PAY BILLS 'I "0 to tl.O'Xi ' I FOR ANY GOOD Pl'RPOSal CONVENIENT TERMS i.. SENSIBLE REPAYMENTS5 Phone. Call or Write -; PERSONAL FINANCE! CO OF CANADA i 1st Floor 140 Wellington St Tel 2-94t9 , f B G WALKER. Mangft;J NEW BRANCH OFFlCiti 111 Sparks St.. Room 100 Tel lj.1189 HAROLD SHALGHNESSY f$T Closed Saturday 42 Pcofessional CardsJ FOOT SPECIALISTS CHIROPODIST Ravenscroft, 03 Sparks St Telephone 2-61B1 J !m MAILHOT. DSC Foot ail ments, corns, callouses .roWn nails 54 Rideau St J-0WJ,, calfe 5-6904 MacMAHON Corns callouSek and ingrown nails. 196 Sparks St. 2-1882. ;) -i W S KNAPP All foot trouhiiul 163 Sparks St.. Room 103 2-:Hft MEDICAL. DR. LABELLE Surgerj'. obsjtetr'Xs. X-ray 4 Montclair. Huil 3-8236. DR SABETTA Skin, blood genitourinary 188 Cooper 2-iJ7 DR DeHAITRE Surgerv. isaomer.. urinarv organs, biood. 161 tawart. j 4-1244' f i PATENT ATTORNEYS. RAMSAY COMPANY. Registered Pat. ent Attorneys. 273 Banx 3; $-1341, Ottawa. g : TOWN OF BUCKIKGliwi ! TENDERS FOR EXTENSION j OF WAJERWORllS SEALED TENDERS marks ;"!n-!i i ders for waterworks . Jwtr. i be5. received by the underigr.e. t hj I office, at the Town Ha'.i of --Be Twii j of Buckingham, until 5 pm. fItr.ia .' July 18. 1949. for the Jjoi'ovh-s workjt e? i 1 , lai Beauchampvilie EMava'isrt i laying and back filling of Tappi-oxi-:j mately 8 500 feet 6 ' water nj&in Ci5tn iron pipe, and approximately! 60 $on- ' lumen service lines, placinj E 231-hydrants and 39 valves n ; j, (bi Piul St. Excavation! " and back hiung ot approxirr.teiy r v feet 6" water main cast irori ar.J- of approximately 20 consumers erbift lines, placing 2 Are hydrants land 5, valves. 1 F All material to be supphedii twn i Tenders to be given separately J for -w lit7: eacn projrvi 5 1 i H Plans, specification, forms .f Sen- j ders to be obtained iron, t.tsj arer-, signed upon $10 00 deposit! ft FSans and specifications will not txj tf-.a.lrd 1 Lowest or any tender not ecetar-l!y accepted : t' GEORGE THOMAS I --E-.g . ! j m I J i i 1 ' i j - Town .taj.seer i I Mere's What i Advertisers Say About j Journal Want Ads a : ; "Rented Through Journal. I i Excellent Results." 6: POioMS and sunroom comfort- : able house lor Summer montna. 't Garage. Reasonable. . i jjented Through Journal. S j Hrt Hay." THUEK-ROOSI apartment lHing :.f roori bed tm-,j?'. kitrlx-n. also si.i(e i m I'j "atented Throuch Journal. ( ; First Inx-i tion." Vj'OTTAGK to rent C ntance Bav. 1 ltnfnrdiat,' ciran Sfflwn S.'iOO i . . . Sold Through Journal, ;i To-is f Calls." JOHNSON oeai.orse. i- 7. excellent :!: condition : 1 -Sold Through Join nil. Il - I'lrasrd Wilh RrulU. ' lr4$-' Ioirr Sedan, spocial de;uxa. gqod condition i . ;! Suited Through Journal. i Terrific ltesults." SMALL, self-contamed. by business ; coiiple. i!; "Suited Through Journal, : Good Results." GRADUATE nure assistant super-? lnlendent cl small institution. Ofawa '! Sulted Through Journal, i Srtrral t alia." ? 'WANTED ood outrxard motor. i Rsasonaliie ! . , ijented Through Journal. A Great Many Call.v Very Pleaded." fj-NEt' srart-rfr.! :i'.ric room bed-;:" rop'ri. K!'cnn r tr.r tove and FJ-igidairr Avaiiab.e July 1 WS. . jj i; 'Rented Throujh Journal, ;t Very Good Results." COflFORTABLr bedroom snth hrard r". i Rented Through Juurnal. ) Excellent Result." i AVAILABLE irr.mediatelv. larre unfurnished bedroom, also kitchenette. Central. 'Rented Throufh Journal. Satisfied Will Journal. ResuIU." ROOM w:tn breakfast. $30. beme Brsntwood Beach New f'Rented Through Journal. Excellent Revjlt." LAPGE cottapr lor rent for month f Ju' 1 b.ock Irom itret car. lA'oodrofte ;j"Rented Through Journal. .1 Tirsl Ldition." S-JtOOM b ir.BilTvi Cr- tal Bav Insulated. wiring Sold Through Journal. First Call." Ii40 Ford Convtrr.hle Cahrioiet. ccxd condition tan aie on.y. ' Found Through Journal. Several Calls." KETS lost !earirK 1C--17 licence tag. "Sold Through Journal. First ( Cail." BABY'S Crib f.r panel, medium 'size, good condition. $5. . "Suited Through Journal." THREE unfurnished raoms no chil-s dren. j ... 1 "Suited Throurh Journal, Excellent Results." GIRL to to to cuiti.Be ior Summer. 5 heip to mind chiiU "Sold Through Journal, j Wonderful Ee.ult ! w ontirrmi uesuus. ATEKFRO-VT rotate. 23 miles j I' These are just a lev of the tnany results achieved through Journal classified advertising every day. For sll your reeds advertise The Journal Want way and get sure results. CITY OF OTTAWA ENGINEERING i DEPARTMENT REFUSE COLLECTION SUMMER SCHEDULE The. 'twice wefk.v, refu eo'lectiori r.ow in opera'.on Refuse frrrrer:y coiie-tea frt' Mor.dav w:'l hf col.cclci on and Thu-iay fur-ada An oe cci.eced on a-.d Trsdr.. Wedntts w .- be on Tiipi-Gi-' a-.i Fr.-y Ir.-r5i:. w::. be co'.: cted cr. Tuta-iia' a-1 Friday fridav vi. 1 be eolbtrted on Wednesday s-.d Sa'-rd Sat irda-. w.:. m collected on C a r. d S y ; u t a a It is rfue't-d tr:, s.l r-f-iie fsr-bi.r'-. f'-r C'j-.fct.o-. I pared u t rr car1, isi.e at.d aic,...t. to ci' ''on J-' " ,r w r''' 'n,er yard w r.ere (T'O r.-r.'.j ,oor CECi:. D WIGHT C'.rr ..ii.irit: of Worss. Ottawa J- r - - 'Notice of Kexlstration of Ri-I.iw Number 35 of the VIHare of Richmond. Law g By-La. Nurr.l-; "i'i v. at paw! s t'-. Ci f,'.; c; ,-. Co-porat.or. . . (i on t-i v of Jj-.t AD :&49, f'trv.ft ;r.r for rf iuf of dr rer. rr th s.T.or. f T i Tr.' T.m H - r.irr1 D : ''. -v ro bt .- "ja . i- T . ' . a, f ruifrriSa. Stng fire Ari rr.'.'if-- to f,r f-t as.dt ttnr Si d I." - ; - ti'y part thereof. t t.- ree rr- or.hs ..:-at. r o! tr.ia r.-'yt.-r hrA. r r.r. :. t," r: bit t.ere-after n'.td a: K.cri.on; tr-i .r. dav of ia.. AD 1NJ GRF.NFELL DILWORTH. V.. lace C.erk. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THF MATTER OF THE ESTATE OT CORNF.LM'S FRANCIS SAN-PHY .ae cf .. C.7" r ! O'Uwa in t.-.e C6j-t C&r.e'.or.. C.v.. Ser- iar' ti ci a.-e i ALL persor.s T.avirr r i..r agamit the ett of CORNELIUS FRANCIS SANFHV V c tz a- Vf-.e Cl rtt O'tl'Ai on Apr.l 2' :49 are notified to e.d to MaCreer at Beaher. Trjst. Bu.ldir.g O'tawa. On-tar.o or r'.-.Tf .- '"h day of A-Ji". ll-'T.- t-.. par'-.c j .an of their clam-s Af'er n. sa.d cate the Ad-rr..n.strat3r v.... ti-3t'e tr.e assets of the va.d deceased havir.r regard ory to tr.o-e r.a.rr.s of he shall then r.sve ro' "' DATED a- 0".3a t.-.. 4-h day of Ju. . : :-i MacCRAKEN FLE:NG & EEAHEN, TrsU z.r.f O'.imi Ontario. Solictors fir'r. INVESTIGATE NEW SHOW. NEW YORK. July 14 So many people car.': get tickets for the Ir.Ir.g Be.-:.-, - Robe.-. E. Sne.-v. ooi musics" show ' M:s$ Liberty" the ts.-r is be.nj ir.-'.f : . t r. t-f. rt- .t optr.i li-i.?.''.. C."y Ir.;:-jr.- Co.T.rr..ii.cner Jor.r. M Mur-ta?h furjpocr.aed i'e oox ofj.ce trea urtrr. W. G..a7.ii7 :-j a hearirg r.ex. M :i?' Mu.-tapn ( said h - tt-l tr.e '.irite: di-tr:bu.:or yvr. c; .0. '.". a-.d l.Tipro'. et

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