The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on January 20, 1947 · Page 24
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 24

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1947
Page 24
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r i Brisk Wind Sweeps Flames Through Eastview Lumber Plant, Nearby Homes in Danger Cat Gives Life To Save Kittens FATALITIES '-4 " f- "' w 3 " ' w v Br Tht Canadlaa FtM. Fatal accidents in Eastern Canada during the week end included: I Nine-year-old Donald Garrod, who died in a Windsor, Ont, hospital Saturday from injuries re Spectators at Saturday's $70,-000 Eastview fire saw mother-love scorn flaming death. They saw a black cat brave the holocaust at the mUTs front door to get to her kittensSn the drying ceived when he was struck by a i kiln. They saw ner race -? around the corner of the nuild jcar the previous day. , - lng, pause for a moment, th Rollince Dalrymple. three- plunge into the mass of flame -old Shubenacadie, NS. caiid roaring from . the door. They did not see her .come out. whbwas killed Sunday when - he fell under the wheels of a skid ( . . ding truck. Woman Hit by Car Bruises Knees, Head Herbert H. Garland. 30. who wasTsurned'to death Sunday when flames destroyed the home of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Owens, in Hawks Junction. Ont If, T .. j f - 1 -v I 1 1 i ; "4 TV ?r- - I FANNED BY A BRISK BREEZE. fire which started from an exhaust fan motor roared through the one-itorey plant of the Capital Lumber Company at 255 Montreal Road, Eastview, Saturday afternoon, causing loss estimated at $75,000. Only the wind direction and the efforts of Eastview, and Ottawa firemen kept the flames from spreading to adjoining frame houses. (Photos by T. V. Little.) Eastview Lumber Plant Gutted In Spectacular $75,000 Fire Fire which could be seen for miles, and' attracted hundreds of "-spectators, Saturday gutted the , Capital Lumber Company plant . at 255 Montreal road, Eastview, shortly before noon, with an estimated loss of $75,000. The loss is covered by insurance. Caused by wood' dust In an overheated electric motor, the blaze originated near the ex- haust fan at the north end of the sprawling wood milt and roared through the one-storey building. The plant was situated on the north side of the Montreal road, between Gsanville Jand Alfred streets. It was-owned by Marius -Vachon, of Britannia Bay, iwno said he planned to rebuild as soon as ! possible. 1 He placed loss at $50,000 for building and ma'chin-j ery. and $25,000 for finished stock.' The fire started In a motor attached to an exhaust fan near a drying kiln at the north end of the building. It 'was first noticedJ by one of the 25 employes in the plant) and firemen were summoned by phorie from the office at the front,: or southern end of the building. Fanned by Wind. Fanned by a brisk north wind. the flames raced through the en - tire building and by the time J Eastview Fire Chief Adelard Lenoue 'arrived with his department's one- hose motor, nothing could be done to save the mill itself. buildings near, the mill and a pumper from the Ottawa Fire Department was called. No. 3-Station sent the pump, and Chief Burnett accompanied it to ' the Eastview fire. ! Chief Lenoue realised .it would he touch-and-go to save other Considerably hampered by the dense smoke and Intense heat emanating from the wood-fuel inferno, firemen were ' . forced to confine their ' efforts almost exclusively to tfrevent-tnc spread of the blase. The building had ' a frontage ,f'75 feet and a depth fc of 125 i feet. The walls of the structure were covered with asbestos shingles, - which are fireproof. They proved a menace, 'though, . as they exploded from the ter. ritie heat and kept a continual rain of shrapnel-like fragments showering for some distance, on all. sides of the building. ' So rapid was the spread- of the fire throuch the lumber mill, and so strong the wind fanning the blize, that flames . were Jumping completely across the Montreal road wMhin min-ntea of the first alarm. That stretch of the Montreal road , fronting the lumber plant was impassable to traffic for nearly four hours and buses and cars were re-routed -'north one block to circle the fire swept area. ' Telephone Cable Burned. A lead sheathed, multi-cored telephone cable on the north side of the road was burned through for, a length of 40 feet. Linemen were busy on the poles even while the fire still burned. Fire riepartment officials told The Journal it was fortunate the wind was blowing from the. north across the road.' The wooden plant buildings were surrounded , on' three, sides by frame houses, i At the .. real of the plant, racks of valuable lumber separated from the main buildings by a yard, were not touched. ' Firemen played continuous streams of water on, the two adjoining houses which , were scorched But otherwise undamaged. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Arm'and Racette. on the west side of the plant, at 249 Montreal road. 21 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL, had to be vacated but was not damaged inside. ' On the east side, a four-family homeiat 259 Montreal road, was likewise vacated but it too was saved from damage. ,' . ., Mr. and Mrs. Toussalnt Bour-dcau, Mr. and Mrs. Gastoh Hure-ault, Mr. and Mrs. Phllibert Ouel-lette and Mr. and Mrs. Laurent ' ViUeneuve were all residents of the bouse. Ia addition to the stacked lum- her saved from the flames, sev' eral trailers loaded with cut wood were wheeled out of . the yard to safety. Firemen were hampere'd at' one stage when a hose line burst 1 Fugitive Car Thief Surrenders ' TILLSONBURG, Ont., Jan. 19. (CP) Cold and hungry, Bruce Saunders, convicted car-thief, walked out of his bushland hideout hear : here tonight to be taken at gunpoint by police. ; The fugitive, wfio was armed wlur two pistols, walked into a police trap a mile east of Cultus, t is mlW from here and sur- j . 1 1CUUCICU. Sentenced for Car Theft. Saunders, who escaped from the custody of Tillsonburg Police Chief Roy Corbet while on his way to serve a term for car-theft Friday night, .was nabbed by Provincial ; Constable Bill Well-heiser and1 Tillsonburg Constable Ray Nunn. v i -. "Okay boys" was the fugitive's only comment when the officers' ordered him to raise his hands. ' Saunders was cap- tured within two hours after a posse, one -of the many search- , Ing the I countryside around Woodstock, ' had tracked him to a hideout In a deserted house on the Eltln-Norfolk county line and i had 1 missed catching him there by only, a few minutes. Saunders,' handcuffed, was returned to Tillsonburg and here was searched and booked before being taken under heavy guard to the Woodstock county Jail. Earlier at Woodstock the yoang man's father said: M hope Bruce gives himself up. He isn't a bad boy at heart." ! Saunders had no cash on him when he broke away from Police Chief Corbett and fled in the chiefs motorcar. I ' i ' Saunders said he had 'suffered most from the cold during, his brief period of freedom. He was clad in a brown suit and had neither hat nor coat. Recover Police Gun. Police claim to have recovered from the prisoner a .32 "calibre pistol belonging to Chief Corbett and a revolver, and that both guns were loaded, with extra ammunition for the revolver. The posse that had scoured the Lake Erie shore throughout the day rushed to the King Lake region this evening on a tip from bv RHEUMATIC PAINS . .. ond STIFFNESS MONDAY, JANUARY 20, 1947. I j ' - km a fi ! MANY SPECTATORS LINED THE STREETS In the vicinity of the Capital Lumber Company Saturday1 afternoon to watch the fourrhour battle staged by firemen to stop the spread of flames from the lumber plant's fire. i 1 . f Clarence Hahn, farmer who said be saw smoke coming from a deserted house. ' When three carloads of. police got there they found the man-had fled minutes earlier into the-bush. . Boy, Five, Hurt Sliding Info Truck i Richard Leduc, aged five years, iof 520 King Edward avenue, nafl-fovly escaped serious Injury when the sleigh on which he was coasting down a snow-covered slope in front of his home carried him into the path of a Mahoney and Rich truck, shortly after four o'clock Saturday afternoon. The Leduc child's sleigh struck the left front tire of the truck, which was travelling south on King Edward in charge of Ernest Giraux, 275 King Edward avenue. The boy, thrown forward by the impact, struck the left side of his body against the L frame of the truck and bruised his hip.. .. . . K-' i He was taken tor the office of Dr. H. T. C. Whitley, 495 King hEdward avenue, by the driver; 'and was treated for the bruise. Constable Ken Chapman investigated. '.; i i.'f ;'.' K -i Sbs is lovely and, for her loveliness, she' deairea afae finest ist naodern designing and workmanehip. One of ow exquisitely created diamond . engagement rings wiH Meisfy all her aejuweiMfsrts , - f The ring ahastrcted is novated m 14kt. and 18kt. natural and white goiV . '' Price meo 1 .-'..,' . Tax extra .;...'''.' DIRKS JEWELLERS Stora Hours: B a.m. to 8.30 Stor cIoms at How To Get Greater Comfort And Security From Your Dental Plates Just think how wonderful it would be to talk and laugh naturally, without fear of plates slipping; . . . to enjoy eating- steak, apples and all other foods! That's exactly what you can expect when you put STAZE on your uppers and lowers each morning 1 For this remarkable 1 4 Falls Under Car, Boy Slightly Hurt - . , Otto Harchoriack, 12, of 438 Preston street, Ottawa, had a narrow escape from serious injury when , he fell in the' path of a car on Preston street, near George street, shortly after 6.30 Saturday evening, i, . Constables Rutherford and MacLeod, who investigated, 'reported J. E. Laderoute, of '691 Kirk wood avenue, was driving north on Preston street . Mr. Laderoute. told the constables he saw "something . lying , in the roadway", but could not avoid the object. . Mr.' Laderoute stopped his car and found that none of the wheels of the vehicle had touched the boy. He suffered some injuries when struck by the underside of the car, but examination at Ottawa Civic Hospital by Dr. Harry Dover proved them not serious. ' The boy haf been on his way to deliver a parcel of meat when he had slipped on the Icy roadway and fallen into the path of Laderoute 'a car. Oil paints peel if applied to wet surfaces; 1 p.m. except Wednesday, 1 o'clock. dentists' discovery mutt hold your false teeth comfortably secure not for just a few hours--but all day and every:day; or your J x .it V aruggui win give you flTTf back. Get 40 . bums u& liirwawiifc, coajr-w f use STAZE today. . L . A FOUNTAIN OF WATER rises from a broken- hose which hampered firemen for some time In their fight with flames at the Eastview lumber plant fire Saturday afternoon. Two Motor Cars, Tram Involved in Crash . Two automobiles and a tram were involved . In a' collision on Bank street, near Lisgar' street about 10.30 Sunday night Both automobiles were pushed on to the sidewalk. Damage was -estimated at $325 by Constable Dan David, who investigated. Archie Bailey of Winchester Springs, told police he had been parked on the east side of Bank street,-near Lisgar, and opened his left front door "to see if anything was coming". He told police the street was clear. j 1 "I pulled out and my car was struck on the left side by a tram", Mr. Bailey said. The Bailey car . was pushed into an unoccupied parked' car owned by Kenneth R. Haystead, of 325 McLeod street, the police report said. . , .. William . Maxwell, operator ' of the tram, said he bad been proceeding north on Bank street and saw the Bailey car pull out from the curb. I ' . "I rang my bell and threw on the emergency brake, but-it was too late' to avoid the collision," Mr. Maxwell is reported, to have told police. Damage to the Bailey car was estimated at $250, and to the Haystead car, $75 i f Man; 75, Killed by Bus Near New Liskeard ?EW LISKEARD, Ont., Jan. 19. OCR Alfred Patrick McCoy, 75, was killed yesterday when struck Arriving Daily VICTOR : 1 MERCURY DECCA , COLUMBIA RECORDS 307. BANK ST. 5-153S1 MEN'S 3-Picce SUITS LADIES' 2-Piece SUITS -. Sanitone Cleaned If accompanied (.ly a similar carment .at ou recular .price. Insulation Supplies GAVARD LIMITED ' BUILDING MATERIAL 1 ISABELLA . TEL. 5-7550 duo rm m 6-0202 EITCHfrSON aiaTTJiiaaemA. 493 PAR.KTMLt.Mn IIS Somtnet St. West . Ph. 1-1I4S KlltDEtKJflR PACKAGED KINDLING. UWTA 14 NO PAPER I: & e nnt a. a s a Skv aa aaw rf ' mil I l DISTKXBCTOR ' Fi W. ARGUE Ltd. - 234 , Bank, at Lisgar. t-5777 I .- ' : - by a bus on a road skirting the town proper. ' Bus Driver Ezra' Kronz told police he was approaching a bus stop when he saw McCoy and another man were walking down the centre of the road. He sounded his horn and McCoy jumped Into the path of the bus, he said. Coroner Dr. W. C. Arnold said an Inquest would be held. No charges1 were laid by police. . Store Hours r 9 fs "Perfect", you II exclaim Meg. finances to worry you they're all bargains. Gracefully fashioned forj smart comfort, hugs you close and helps you to make the nfost of youri, clothes. Front clasp girdles in figured batiste and side inserts of ; elastic. Tuesday Special, (each I Suede Kid Calf Hilda Halsby. 127 Chapel street, i received bruises on the knees and head when she was hit by a car at Rideau and Chapel streets at six o'clock Saturday evening. She was taken to Ottawa General Hospital, where - she was treated by Dr. J. C.' Rossignol. She was detained at hospital. :- Dr. C. E. Shapiro, 335 Cooper street, told Constable Ellwood PnlW he was drivinB east on Rideau street when he saw Miss Halsby standing in the middle of the street. -He applied his brakes, but . was unable to avoid the woman.. She fell to the' pavement. : Miss Halsby told the constable she had just alighted from a tram and was attempting to reach the curb-when the accident occurred. a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Daily; Wednesdays, 9 a.m. to 1. p.m. OTTAWA'S OLDEST DEPARTMENT STORE EsUblUhed 1870 3 ReS. 1.50 Girdles Note the ' savings for . ' ' Tuesday in foundations. Side closing girdles in striped coutil. slightly boned, side inserts of elastic. New figure at little expense, special each r. :. 2oS5 (Bin-dlles '-But what about the price?" ues to $7.50 Shoes you admired at their former price can be yours at a great saving. They are new and popular styles .- i. . but due to the demand, sizes are not complete in every line. There are shoes for business, dress and sportswear. Black' and brown in cuban and high heels. Brown Struck by Car, Hurts Shoulder1 - Mrs. Sonja Hirsch. 374 Gloucester street, ' Ottawa, 1-2 re- ceived a bruised right shoulder when she was hit by an' automobile at Kent and .Somerset street west at 1 1 o'clock Saturday night. I The car was driven by C. E, Mere- .iain jV stable Marcel Fortier. Constable Fortier taid Mrs. Hirsch and her 1 husband were crossing Kent street from west to east. I Mrs. Hirsch was treated for the shoulder injury by Df. Tj F. De Ianey, 551 Somerset street west. - Lustrous Satin dnflEdlO ' - J . !' .75 .; Never has your foundation been so important than this season. Fashion emphasizes it most definitely! Step-in girdle of satin with side inserts of mesh "Las-tcx". no uncomfortable bones and an average length, to smartly; sleekly control those unruly curves into new lines of smartness. "-,.,! 98c No high 1 95 (31ack f

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