The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 22, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE snt BLYTHFVrLLE (ATUC.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, SEPT. 2t, 1952 Tiil BLTTHKVILLB COURIER HEWS TUB COURIBR HEW* CO. K W. HAINM. PubUlhtr HARRY A. HAIXBB. AMutant FubUlbw A. A. IfREDRICKSON. Bdrtor PAUL U HUMAN. Adm'tlilnc Manager •ol* N«tlonil AdYtrtlsins RcprtKnUlhet: W»l!tc« Witmer Co.. Hew York. Chte«Bo, Detroit, AtlinU. Memphis. Kntorcd as second clasi mitltr «l Ihe po«l- o(IU« at Bljrtherille, ,Arkaiu»s. under act of Coii- ireu. October 1, 1911 Mtmber of Tlie Astociafcd Prm SUBSCRIPTION RATK«: By carrier In tho clt; of BIjthfTllle or »nj iuburbi.n loirn whi>r« carrkr Krrlct U maintained. 25c per week. By mall, within n radius ol 5« mil«, »5.00 per jear. 12 50 for six months I) 2S Tor thr« month*: bj mall outside 5fl mil* zone »125» per r«r payablt In advance. Meditations llath oppressed thr poor and needy, hath singled by vlolrnre, lialh nut rc*slorri! (he [i ledge, and hath lifted u|i his eyes, to the Idols, Imth cojnmillcd ahaimn.-UEiin. — E/.rklcl 18:12. * * * A* sure a* Got] is good, so surely there is no such thing as necessary evil. — Soul hey. Barbs The best light oti wlint keeps you down tn the dumps con be found by a little reflection. * * • An Illinois doctor nfiV-rerl medical .service for the return of his lost Angora cat. Nke ante for one kitty. * * * Strange fellows, the golfers] Work hard out In the sun just to get into a hole. * * * One of the big on jour birthday morn hi opening a package and discovering It Isn't what jou knew 31 Mould be. » m 9 It in usually a bundle of nerve* that te all wrapped up In worry, McClurkih Has Logical Idea for School Name Those living In Blylheville School District must have found Dr. \V. D. McClurkin's remarks concerning the new high school building comforting for the mist part. Dr. jMcClmkin, former .Blytheville superintendent now devoting most of his time to helping people plan school buildings — entire school systems in fact- — found what we have to be good. He mentioned need of a new gymnasium and high school lunchroom, but he said (.he new building meets the highest in professional standards. He also made a suggestion which rings of logic: naming the new high school J'or Rosa Hardy, longtime high school principal and now supervisor, iliss Hardy served as principal when Dr. JlcClurkin was superintendent. Dr. McChirkin pointed out in a private conversation that Miss Hardy had been offered the supennlendency in years past, but that she refused, maintaining that she felt she belonged with her high • school students. "Others of us, JlcClurkin included," he went on, "left Blytheville for greener pastures, but Miss Hardy has remained true to her first love . . . Blytheville High School." We'd like to second Dr. Mcl.'lurkin's motion. Britain Should Not Stymie Plans for United Europe The new vole of the Schnni;in oojil- sttcl pact nations to draft ;i charter for the political federation of Western Kuvope ranks as a truly nitinoriible event. The Si-human plan itself, and (lie signed but not yet ratified pact for a unified Fix-country Kuropcan defense force, were milestones on the path to unity which the world noted well. No one expected ureal speed ii\ the movement for a broader integration. So resent ot-eui'roiKcs class :;s. .". chrerimr surprise. The defense treaty carries a clause which states Uiat the first legislative assembly of the projected defense community should within six months draft a constitution for a permanent Knro- pean assembly with wide powers. But since that pact is not yet r:ili- 1'ieil. t h i s effort to frame a charter could have been months or even years away. Forward-looking- Kuropcan statesmen, sensing the favorable mood of the continent for action now, decided this was loo far away ami tou indefinite. They determined to act promptly. So now,' on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers of the Schu- mnn plan nations, the legislative as- KCinbly of the Schuman plan organization — the European Coal and Steel Community — has voted overwhelmingly to start coiiKtitulion-framinx talks without delay. (July Ihe German .Socialists, always reluctant, refused to join the effort. 'Iliis demonstration of statesmanship, ted Ijy a Bcnse of urgency, is one of the most heartening things to emerge from the European .scene in the whole postwar period. It reflects courage and daring and an acute notion of timing. The K rone h and Italians are taking the initiative. The British, represented neither in the Sdunnan plan nor the defense pact, may not like Ihe move, hut their objections .seem hardly likely to prevail. To he sure, the move toward federation might have come from the older European assembly which meets at Strasbourg and does include the British. Hut that body has made itself largely a debating .society", and as members the British have done little to promote a significant European federation. The British may have good reasons for not wishing to take part in a fed- crulimi Kurope, or even for trying to block its achievement. We .may feel compelled to respect Britain's other commitments and responsibilities around the globe, lint we can hardly commend any British effort to impede fulfillment of so obviously desirable a goal for the continental nations themselves. At this stage, all this may sound a bit dull or dry to the average American. But we arc talking here about nothing less than n United Slates of Kurope. And that is a project which ia neither dull nor dry but full of excitement and promise for all free men. Views of Others Citizenship Laboratories Atlanta schools take another long step forward with the Institution of a required course in working democracy. Too oltcn in Ihe past civic courses have IKCII entirely theoretical, while the schools' practical training \vns olfcrci! only In such fields as science and Iho vocations, A.S a con5Craiente, studcnl.s huie been graduated with a working knowledge of chemistry or cooking or typing, ljut with only a ha/.y idea of what mnkcs the city, state and nation tick. -- j_ Now ench high- school .senior will be required to take a field work-discussion course in Problems ol Democracy and Social Problems. He will study such tilings as income tax, voting and banking. He will visit courts. City Council meetings, health centers and banks. Discussion problems will include such topics as how to build a successful marriage and how to solve the crime problem. This curriculum revision ts part of a broadening education program to fit students lor citizenship, a program which last year brought addition of "Our World Today" to the public school curriculum. t This series, offered by The Journal in conjunction wiih school officials, provides an up-m- the-mlnute forum to actiuainl students with current events. Written by faculty members ol the University of Georgia'and publisher! In Tlie Journal, it COIIMMS weekly ol an article of current significance, u series of questions, and. later, the answers. It will be continued this year. Both the -Our WoiJd Today" program and Ihe nea- citi/enship course are forward strides in educating children to the re.=por.s:b;!ltic.s that accompany the privileges of lite In a democracy. They help to as-ure us more responsible cilizens for the future. —Atlanta Journal i SO THEY SAY cipal medium ol it;. in Billy Ko-.r Tfs a bow tune the wonirn did some real ser- io;i:- politicking. The men liuvc sure made a HIC.-.S or EhiiiKv _ Muvit Actor David Brian. iiiK Hollywood as the prin- .S entertainment. - Show- It 3- u:> difficult lo read the minds of UH- Ku.-:-;,.ii;v — TJ. S. High CommisMonrr m C.cniKUiy Jonr. J, McCloy. * * ::< I n.tliy ci--iai behove (Sugar R.\y^ Robinson ^;tiit c - a u'urn bout. I think he is merely looking lor sympathy, — Jack Krarns, manager ot Ii&ht- weight champ Joe Mnxim. * * * Wr .^lioiiUi lc-1 the ChiiKv-e Nationalists do own M'rappiLig after \ve equip and tvam thriii. — ciaiie Lee ChonauK, leader ol tbe When a s:i! has caught a guy, U's bo?t to pw the no-isc aioiniri hi.-; neck pronto. — Movie acUf:,--s NVmnrin Fleming. * * * Any liuy «.ith normal ryes can .see more on the bf-nch than he can during my net. — Strip- leaner Maiion CiAwfcrd, Add Spice and Let Boil Erskine Joknson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD —<NEA>— Television's opposition lo film i* niell- Jng fast. The big "channel" swim (his fall will have 48 sponsored shows on film—compared to 25 telefilms on the home screens last yenr. Latest big-star names Joining the celluloid gold rush: Loretln Youiiff, Jimmy Durante and Donald O'Connor. The Ronald Colinans, who aakl they wouldn't do TV a few months back, have changed their minds. They just had a hush-hush huddle with' Dick Whorf, who directs the "My Ffricnd Irma" sho\v. on the subject of getting into video. Ida Lupino and Howard Duff vetoed the script that was lo serve as their telefilm debut. It was for Columbia's "Screen Gem" series. Pcfer fdson's Washington Column^U. S. Offer of Free Grant to Iran Is Campaign Weapon for GOP WASHINGTON —<NEA>— If the degh to make Republicans want some specific the British, was foreign policy issue to beat the Iran is cliyiblc to receive a share democrats over the head with, of the $400 million Mutual Security settlement with restored hi April. they shouldn't have to look much farther than the Iranian oil crisis. For the last U. S. government, offer of an outright grant of $10 million to Iran, just lo -start negotiating with the British over the Anglo- Iranian oi] claims, is prov- K pretty hard to justify, Iran is in no .sense nn American political issue. But American government Intervention in the Iranian case has practically made it so. military assistance allocated Middle Eastern countries. to U. S. A Soft Touch The only promise Mossadegh would make in return for this help itself if attached. Nothing was promised about helping the rest of the free work! in case of attack, though these are the usual terms on which aid is given. -sent Its claims against the British to the World Court for settlement. May lie Kevcrscd There \vns apparently no suggestion mat (lie Anglo-Iranian oil Peter Ed son company give the $10 million to Mossadegh as an advance on account, in exchange for oil. Nor was (here any thought of having the U. S. lend the money to the British to advance to the Iranians in exchange for oil. It was a straight-out. Uncle Sam-pays-t h e tip deal. Granted that $10 million might TT _ . ,bc a cheap price to pay for getting the U. S, government having [ ti] - Iranian oil mess settled in this : troubled and Ccmmunisl-ihreaU [ciieci world, it still wasn't a good deal. Ii should have been proved iiseif a soft touch in these earlier rticki-i.-., it may not he loo much of a surprise that Mossa- degh has turned down Hie latest • ometnin <, of a re , ief to Amer ican offer of a S10 million American j taxpayers lnat Mossadegh turned grant to Iran. This offer was not for xpayers that Mossadegr j down the offer cold. It would have 1 sealed nothing finally. ! His parliament may reverse him ; 1 a (or. Mossadcgli might even re- loan. Three American ambassadors—j The United Stales was to get noth- Hcnry Grady, Averell Hnrrlman | ing in return for the S10 million— and Loy Henderson, the present j not even oil. This is what sticks . vrrse himself later, if he thought U. S. top diplomat in Teheran—j in the craw of many hard-headed '. he could get his parliament to go have failed to find n solution. The | American critics. : ' World Bank tried its hand, without This is foreign policy operation success. The World Court refused under the old Rooseveltian principle that $10 million or so. thrown as a stop into any troublesome sit- Press release: "Television stations in Hollywood arc asking Einrs to appear in conjunction with the shoving of their old films on TV." Graveyard snalchers! Diana Lynn nixed a tvdce-a-\veek TV stint called "Lynn at the Piano." Diana, who fully proved her versatility as an actress this year, doesn't want to be typed as a keyboard cutie. . .George Bums your partner will guess Tight. In the case of today's hand, if East belongs to that school of thought he should not double six spades. West will then open a red suit, and the slam will be defeated. It's true that East greatly prefers a heart lead, but he cannot have everything. If he uses the slam double 10 call for a particular lead he muse expect to run into a hanc! now and then that would work better with a different convention on NORTH 4 J 109 VJ654 1 * KQ653 V 109 8 7 3 • 1098 4Q75S KAST A 5432 V None * A J74 *K9862 SOUTH (D) * A KQ7« V AKQ 4 AJ 104 North'-South vul. West Pass Pass Pass Pass North 3 * Sovth 24 4 * 6 + Pass Opening lead—V 10 64 Pass Eut Pas* Pass Double opening leads. Certain other fine players usi to lake the case because of an alleged lack of jurisdiction. Grant Ecjiiiil to Hrilics American offers of loans, gifts aloiiir on this last offer. First Offer Paid Army What his motives were for turn- in i: iluwn Ihe offer, nobody seems to know for sure. There is some uation, will cause the problem 'to . suspicion that he may have thought disappear. Time and again it has j he coulit s-'Ct n bigger offer later, and grants that have been [he been proved that this doesn't work. | since he got the first $10-millfon equivalent of bribes in-everything but the name have all been rejected bj£ (he irascible old Iranian Prime Mlministet Mossadegh — or Mossadcq, as (he State Department simplifies Ihe spelling now. A $23-million Point Four program of American aid to his poverty-stricken country was arranged early this year in a one-sided deal. Tlie U. S. got not even u promise of good behavior in return. U. S. arms aid. suspended last year money disappears, all right, j but the trouble usually remains. Though the Iranian government j ins army is as tn bankruptcy on a cashier, for offer so easily. Th i;; .su m w a :> In t ended to pay and government employ- the slam double not to indicate a particular suit but to forbid thi "expected" opening lead miA to re quest a thoughtful choice. For ex ample, if there Is only one unbk suit and that is Hie ''expected lead, the slam double forbids tha lead. If East and West are using tha sort of general slam double, Wes should .surely lead a heart. He ex peels his partner to ruff, and h leads his longest suit in the hop of finding the ruff. Note that West would not ex pec h£s par?ntr to be short in club basis as any country could be. it 1.s ; been without pay. But it will take month. 'Ihey have long North's delayed club bid Is almos .. ____„ still considered n bankable risk. ] Iwi'.rcr than Iran has plenty of unsold oil above round in storage and a lot mor below iy round. It security for am loan. good enough a month to get his flnaiis -ic-tUed in World Court, even if lie agrees to take them there. surely a cue-bid rather than a rea suit. Hence North and South shout not have nine clubs between then The question of whether Eas an effort to force Mossn- ' tile Iranian And ihc question would naturally should double in this hand, ire as to who would meet the [what opening lead the double All Ine United States asks from ! n-am;-n irovcrnment payroll as the j quests, is therefore a matter Mossadegh in return for it.s prof- 'negotiation* dragged on in the j partnership understanding. Eithe re red Sid million is as^n, aru-i.' that ; srrrmd. the third and even later convention works well will pro- | mo ir anemia as well as the Doctor Says — By i;m\L\ I'. JOItDAN. M. I). Written for NKA Service that your partner one you're using. provide knows whic id Gracie Allen are clapping the! and.s over the first batch of th Inied TV shows. Gracie look ounger on celluloid than In th ! ays when she and George wpi ! araniount stars. ,*•* Mickey Kooney Hutches "AVERY HATCH" is the till r the NBC telefilm series tha 'ill bounce Mickey Rooney Int le channels as a once-a-week stai ut there's more than the .similar y of the A. H. initials to Mickey'i ig-scrcen "Atidy Hardy" film; aye Holden, who played Mickey' lolher in his MOM youth conW ies, will repeat the Mint for ih 1 V cmaeias. } With film studios putting th: ibosh on lampoons of fihns o] 'V, the video producers are ask ig out loud and angrily why Jac^ lenny has been allowed to gc 1 way with it on radio all ihes ; ears. At least two producers ar' aylng they'll defy the studios o^ "IG grounds that travesties v. 1ms and stage plays have been : art of the entertainment pictur or many years. Doris Day's next after "By Th ight oi the Silvery Moon" a •Varners will be "Calamity Jane. But first the studio has to obtai learances from scores of pe-'i^ vho claim lo be Jane's desc pl Scf^ nts. j Barbara Stanwyck's romanc« .'ith MGM's Ralph Meeker—fai - nd warmer. Marilyn Monroe's name is top ing those of Ginger Rogers, Pau : : Douglas and Fred Allen on thente '. marquees for "We're Not Mat ried." Ouch!. . .Jon Hall's wai \ bling with Frances Langford 01 heir current G. I. our in Korea could mean a warm up for a ftlmusical co-starring th pair. Debra Pnget, uho didn't like i vhen Gene Ticrney was announca is the star of Fox's "Evangeline, 1 "irst slated for Debra, likes it ever!I iess now. Marissa Pa van, Pier Ar.' 1 } geli's twin sister, is being rumor PI i or the role Debra wants so much;! 75 Years Ago In B/yf/tev///e Elections at a meeting of B& Scout Troop 38 were announced l- day. Results follow: *l Melvin Halsell, assistant Scout I" master; Harold Dozicr. junior as v sistant scoutmaster; William Gucr ] in, senior patrol leader; Bill Morse jl bugler; Russell Farr, scribe. |l City Council has voted to wod )| with State Health Department i-[ enforcing the city's milk ordinanct^l fi Aunt Sally Peters didn't mu the news that Eisenhower matf a speech before a letter-carrier convention in New York. She .. didn't get any comfort out of it, ;| though, lor her agitation for return of (he penny post card. She's about, willing to compromise for a bigger two-cent card .| so she can write more on it Some salesmen apparently stop , tasircl by several persons, who at nothing to sell their wares. If i aj-rrceci tha! they thought that the the firms for which they work are i water from llu- stainless sin?] piin really responsible, they should was Ihe moie bitter, probably betake steps to slop such practices. Q—A stainless steel .sulrsmun ~ec cully conducted a lest in our lome with nn aluminum pun mid explain about en- en; that is, one which es htrf-rer than normal. removed successfully? Fipo one of his own products. He placed teaspoonful of bakim; soda in each pan. filled with approximate- are a considerable diseases in which the >pli'en Ijt-t: nines ci'.iat'ged. In soine of them, removal of the spleen brings £ooti results. This organ j can be successfully removed and the body appears to be able to i:et alom; well without it. © JACOBY ON BRIDGE from this pan and hart resulted in a giorUm coiHenivauon of the baking soda, Q - What is the purpose of electric treatments ami of what aid are they in trrrttnift <\ pri ?on who ly one cup of water. The solution ; is emotionaHy unstable and SCPIHA \\ as (lion allowed to come to a \ lo be .suffering from an extreme :ull boil for five minuter j Mate of anxiety?—S. If. T. At the end of that period, we j A—I presume this question re- tn?tcd the solution from each pan j feis lo electric shock therapy. The and found the solution from the j aim of this form of treatment is • 51am Double Stirs aluminum pan to be- very biltcr, j to improve the mental processes i .^. while the other solution hn»l a I in tbnso suffering from various; Vigorous Debate sweet trvslc. j kinds of menial In many, The salesman claims Uiat using i but not all. cases tho results have aluminum can cause cancov. avth- i been favorable. ritis and pcplic uJcois, nnd that j ninny phy^ic^'^ ^ftcr diagnosing Q—My girl is 1<3 ynir.s old. and such cases recommend cliatifring has alopecia arcata. What can we from aluminum to stainless stern do to stop her hair from falling pans. What do you think about: and restore new hair? —Mrs. G. C. Ihjs?—Mi', and Mrs. N. S. j A —Alopecia arcatn. or baldness A—I think the man who called ; in spots, is a condition in wliich Foreign Travel Answer to Previous Puzzle ou you was tryins? to make a sale, j the hair over the scalp fall.> out ' rr 1Tf i He does not know what ho is lalk- j coniplrtr-ly. usually in round spot*; [ ing aboul when he says aluminum i from the size of a dune- to that ; | Is the cause of cancer, arthritis '• of a 50-ccn! piece. Occasionally and peptic utcer. I an llic hnir falls out. n.v OSUAI.O .TACOBY \\rittrn for XEA Service* "Pirate duscuss the opening lead m the accompanying hand," re- qur -t-s a Memphis readt-r. "Does Ta.-t's doubln call for a club lead or merely for some tbov.ulitful lead? "With a club lead. South ran make thr slain. If West '.cans eith- ^ Thc possibility of aiuininvjm ^ utensils imparting injuiiou.s agents ? ditinn i^ to the foods c<ioked in them hixs been extenstvrlv uiveMiiB.iied and tlie persl.-ic:;i i u:::c-" tr, ;!H- rH«:>_i ; lhat cooking in aluminum p,*irs in i ha rm fill ha s no fou ncJ a t ion in \ .scientific evklriu-e. 11:« salesman's rxt'CT.iii'-nl \,f. been repeated \K. iih one \v:\*it>nn\i- ful of baking soda plus on^ ( D;J of water In each pan. hi m:v:hl IN n boil and bnilrd tor liv<* inlrift^^, The solution (torn tj'uii r.arii -*-A^ ( u: ; t; nf iln.s prculinr con- noi V;nowti. and tlicrn is. im thnroimhly sprnho '. U'-urill:, 1 , hnwpvcr. tho ,v^ l.jK-k filler a few suit, however. South is &ct. i actually led tbe ten and Kasl ruflcd. A trump now led to a ^et of two return IllClis. "As you can pee the double lurnnl out well, bi,t Ihe argument nv, r fh<' hand still rages. Many of o\ir !*':-! players say that the lioiiblc CLills fi>r a cluh opening lead 'uuliinit any ifs amis or bills. Is the proper this ccmcii?" :ise cniised M;tny tlrst-class players follow «i>l MI ram th~ principle lhat a slam double or b\" ex- tails for ;m nptnin^ lead in the. i ;uhr,;,i t iv-i lii >i SKI- .sv;i; bid by ihc dummy. If you w.iut some other side suit li'.'lv nf led. von lust, don't double: and i.; c;in i>i <j-, ;i ; cn.-'s at iia.-: r.u uvcii chance that HORIZONTAL I South American republic 5 Former name of Thailand 0 Isle of - in tbe Irish Sea 12 New name oJ Persia 13 Atop 14 Wine cup 15 Norwegian cope VERTICAL 1 Heap 2 Old name of Eire 3 Rave 4 Australia is "Down " 5 Distress signal 6 Native 7 Solar disc 24 Pacific island -13 Fool 17 Indian weight & Pleasure in 18 Come in suffering 19 Spring wild flower 21 Crude means 8 Biblical Ieader25 Poker stake oi Jews 26 Braces through 28 Drivel foreign lands 30 Essential being 31 Male deer 10 Prayer ending 33 Diadem 1 1 Nostril 35 Prince 16 Rubber Island in of water travel 23 Pouch 24 Chatter (coll.) 27 Prosecuted 29 Females 32 Joins 34 Oppose 36 Dress 37 Russian seaport 38 Plateau 39 Barge 41 One of the "Little Women" 42 Three (prefix) 41 Wing shaped 46 Wider 49 Grades 53 Fabulous bird 54 Emit rays " 56 Inquire 57 Individuals 58 Trigonometric function 59 Affirmative 60 Tissxw 61 Dash 20 Billiard stroke Canada 45 Elevate 4GCry of a donkey 47 Flower 48 Sea eagle 50 Caudal ^ appendage fll 51 Volcano in Sicily 52 Observed 22 Melts together 40 Library area 55 Man's name 1 ' z 5 IS H JZ * * H " 54 " Z. /i t' J ^ U % ij b r> % 13 11 H K> i 3 0 Xt W W; * <> "* ^ '?& HO ^ i % to iH j; w. bi i %. * « zo t % «s M) u — tl so to 30 V Vt .„, n " f

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