Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 11, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1891
Page 5
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59 CENTS BUYS A FINE THE SITUATION. Hanging Lamp. Just the, thing to sew or read by. " This Lamp is retailed for $1.25. Don't wait until they are .all gone, but come at once to the GRAND BAZAAR, 3O7 Fourth Street. FREE READING ROOM, Open Daily and. Evening, 321 Pearl Street. Welcome to All. MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes Bought In any sum over f25 at lowest rates. Large amounts 6 per cant GEO.B.FORGY. MONEY TO LOAN, B any mm lit me LOWEST rates. Private ttmOi only. Money always hi band. No r« 1 t»p» or dally. Interest and principal payable In LogniiB. port. Special arrangamom* ta to payment of principal and Interest, mad« to salt tie wishesol borrower. 7or farther partlcnlarp epply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 roortti street, opposite Court House. DR. W. D. SNOW, OFFICE and Residence 102 Pawnee St. LOGANSPORT, .'...'. IND. Special Attention Given to-Acnte and Chronic Diseases and Diseases or Women and CMldren. Consultation Free. Night Bell Promptly Responded to. DR. E. M. HATCH, Physician and Surgeon. Office, McCaffrey Block Broadway Cor. Slxtb St. Residence, 1122 High Street, logansport, Ind. aprld&wim M.ON.E Y, Sinerol Izunmse* sod Lotus. All k:a<l» <?( in- f oranD* pltood Ic flnt elans oompanleo.- Endow meat policies pttrobMed, Bonrtp of Burekyei. written lor parties holding poBltlen« of trum •hvre A bond is required. 819 PEARL, ST. S. M. C loss or? C M Q I I C U » O OPERA HOUSE, C.lYV3l_lon O iNDUiiwout. SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT OF THE WOBLD'S GREATEST ACTRESS, BERNHARDT! IN V1CTOREAM SARDOU'S TWO GREATEST 'PLAYS, APRIL 14, "FEDORA" APRIL 15, "tATOSCA" TO 53K, Piunittd wltk tti* MITM Srwt Compuny in(l th» uini Etobortt* £c«n«ry, Coitumtt liid Proptrtiu M w«f» *mptoy»d In N«w York. Pmcn OF RESERVED SEATS: AUL«w«rr>or,S3. All 2d Floor, S2. r AD 3d Roor, $1. Sill Of Seats BegloTuONDAY, APRIL Eti SPECIAL NOTICE*- PirtlM •( ton w m«r« «u HUM Applj to.Lect) Ajtnt Daily Journal. SATUKDAY MOBNDS T G, APEIL.;' 11'. Make your ice contracts "with John Baker. mch24dtf' Radishes, onions and lettuce, at Kothermel's, corner 12th and Spear streets. ' 'Isn't she beautiful?" •,' 'Certainly. She uses Flora A. Jones' famous "Blush of Roses" for the complexion. 1— Daniel Prosch,. the Twelfth ..street shoerrnak'er,. who has been sick for the' past few weeks, has so far recove'red, his health to be able to be-on the streets again. Monticello flour §2.40 per hundred, at Foley's. . .. . Foloy has the finest stand of olives you ever saw. ;' Mrs. J. E. Suttonis confined to her home by the grip. Don't forget Foley with that vegetable order to-day, he has everything green. Miss Sadie Cornelius of Indianapolis, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Q. A. Myers. Rolla Cooper .of Kokpmo, , is visiting in the city _the guest of his sister, Mrs. Dr. J. B. Shultz. .-.Mrs. Bridget McGrath went to Detroit yesterday to attend the funeral : of her mother who died Thursday. Just received, another large shipment of those California oranges which we offer at 12 J cents per dozen.-Foley. Bert Ward of Monticello, a young artist of high attainments, has been in the city for the 'past week on art business. Our jackets and capes are not only the choicest, but also by all. odds the cheapest in the city.—Wiler & Wise, Bee Hive. T.'TV. Nichols has .been selected as, the . representative of. the Elks, to attend the Grand Lodge at Louisville, and G. W. Fender alternate- Charles McCaffrey has returned from a prospecting trip up into Michigan. The firm of McCaffrey & Co., are talking of locating a branch store in Michigan. Mrs. C. A. Berlt has returned to her home in Indianapolis, after an extended visit in. the city, the guest of the family of Mr. E. T. Stevens, on the West Side. ' . . The funeral of Joshua Layton, son of Henry Layton, will be held at one o'clock from the Earner church in Tipton township. Funeral party will leave the house ot 9 o'clock. Mrs. Isabella Smith and Edgar Murray desire those to publicly thank the friends who so' kindly rendered aid during the illness'arid .after the death of the beioved wife bf_Mr.. Murray. A number of the railroad, men including Sup'tBe'nnett.Messrs. Tousley, Green, Prescott, Purcell, Reynolds and others went to Chicago yesterday morning to attend the funeral of the lamented James Gormerly. The infant f child of W. C. Gibson, of Jefferson township, died Thursday »nd-was .buried yesaerday at the Eastern cemetery. Mr. Gibson's bereavement is doubly sad,' as he buried his 1 wife only' the day before his infant died; " ; • ' . ': Mary Sullivan,- wife of Michael Sullivan, of the South' Side, died at 12! o'clock yesterday, aged 50 years. The funeral will'be held Sunday -next' at 2 p.m. from St. Vincent dePaul church. Interment at St. "Tincent,. de Paul 1 cemetery. Mr. 0. P. Smith has received an invitation "tojattend the:marriage of Miss Rosetta/ Gompers, the. accomplished daughter., of Mr. .and Mrs. Samuel Gompiers; to.:.Mr. Samuel Mitchell, Sunday afternoon, May-9, at.3 o'clock, at Mt. Morris Academy, New York city.;.,''. ',;.'.. '....'. ; Peru ^Republican: Wallace Rule Indication* u«,to the Action of the .Democratic City Convention, The Democratic city convention tonight promises to be one of the hottest ever hold. The delegations selected last evening as far as the head of, the ticket is concerned means the nomination of Palmer or Cullen if a final union of forces is effected. That such a union will be made however, is doubtful. The supporters of the various candidates mean business and intend to stick to their men to the last if indications are to be relied upon. It was suggested to a delegate last evening that the usual motion to drop the lowest candidate would be made and carried and the contest thus narrowed down to two. The reply was that that was unfa»r and wouldn't work; that no motion could prevent delegates voting for candidates properly, nominated and that as far as he was concerned he would vote for his man until that man himself withdrew his name. If this program is followed a dark horse may win. At the present time.it looks as if Cullen 'would lead on the first ballot, followed in order by Reed, Palmer and Thomas. For the other offices some surprises -were sprung last evening, O'Connell for Treasurer and Montfort for Clerk captured ;the 22 votes of the 5th ward from Mulcahey and Fansler and the situation is badly mixed. It is difficult to see where some of the candidates will get any votes at all,. and one or two at least will have difficulty in getting a nomination except ' by • request." So'me^combinations will be formed to-day which will give a candidate for Clerk and Treasurer a considerable vote, but what those combinations may be will depend upon the sagucity of the candidates. It is impossible under the exciting contests and declarations of staying until there is a freeze over to predict the result. Window dressing has attained a degree of importance in modern merchandising probably second to no single feature of the trade and a well dressed window is now looked upon as possessing a value to the store equal •to that of an accomplished salesman;/ Logansport merchants, particularly in the dry goods line, realize this fact and some maryelously .pretty windows are occasionally seen. The artist who does the window dressing is considered an important factor in any well conducted establishment now days, and considerable rivalry exists between the drapers of the various stores. Of all the handsomely decorated windows which have been displayed here for sometime the "old oaken bucket" window at the Golden Rule opened last evening has attracted more attention than any of them. The design is unique and the execution faultless. The work is that of Fred Bessleman and reflects great credit on his artistic taste. In harmony of coloring and neatness of execution the design is very acsurate and surely attractive. Merit * Wins. We desire to say to our citizens, that' for years we hava been selling Dry King's New Discovery for Consump-. tion, Dr. King's New Life Pills, Buck : len's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters and have never handled remedies th'at sell as well, or that have given such universal' satisfaction. We do. not hesitate in. guarantee them every time, and we stand ready to refund the pur chase price, if satisfactory results do 'not not follow their use. These- remedies have won their great popu-, larity purely on their merits.. B. F. Keesling Druggist. i Sav! you fellows that think you most go to the Tailor to get a fit: Otto offers special prices to introduce his Long and Slim, Short and Thick, and Extra Fat Suits. EXTRA SIZE SUITS. '.•• EXTRA SIZE PANTS. Long and Slim Suits, Long and Slim Pants. snort and Stout Suits. " snort and Stout Pants. Child's 3 Piece Suits. ChildV ' Suits, "1". OTTO A. KRAUS. A Story of Irons Cltfl". Rochester Tribune: A very pitifnl story is related to us regarding Mrs. Jacob Mathias who died last Saturday at Long Cliff Asylum, at Logansport. She had been insane for three or four years. They had several children, but during her insanity she did not seem to recognize them. A few days ago she became Very''sick with lung complaint and miracle like, her reason returned to her aod she requested to see her husband. He was sent for immediately. Upon arriving at the asylum, he entered her room. A smile of recognition came over her' face. She received him with an embrace. They talked for a little while, but she was too weak to endure the excitement and expired soon after. The incident is a most pathetic 'and and touching one: The O. E. S. atKokoiuo. Fifty .members of .Fidelity Chapter Order Eastern Star went to Kokomo yesterday afternoon and were entertained in a royal manner by the 0. E S. of that city', last night, returning home this morning at S:30. The Eastern Stars are noted for the enjoyment they manage to get out of these social visits to neighboring lodges and. tbe visit last night was. one of the pleasantest they ever made. It was a merry-crowd which went and a tired and sleepy, but delighted crowd that returned. A Pharos local of last evening contains the substance of a conversation with one of the inmates of long Cliff in which the opinion is expressed that the Republican party will eventually favor free trade. While this is calculated to deceive no one it may be stated that the Republican party will favor protection, as protection is the best thing for American laboring men. The free trade tendency is all on the other side. OF COURSE. Can Fit and S uit any man. The opera ' 'Pinafore" to have been given at the opera house soon under the auspices of the free reading room, is declared off. The Chimes of JSor- mandy having proved unprofitable,the lady managers of the reading room deemed it better not to attempt the second opera. This declaration is received with considerable regret, as the opera was getting well under way and an excellent performance was antici- •pated: • ' •Yesterday the case of Mrs. Caroline M. Barahart vs. August Gleitz and the city of Logansport, being a suit to enjoin the city against widening Eel River avenue at the expense of the plaintiff's property, was compromised to the satisfaction of all parties on the basis of a fifty-five foot street. The work of improving the avenue will be probably begun at' once and pushed to completion. .. Neft-Flynn. . Dr.. J. N. Neff, the well-known Walton-physician, and Mrs. LavinaFlynn, widow of the late P. 0. Fly'nn, were guietly married at...the home of the bride in Walton. Tuesday evening. The- Journal extends well wishes.. . - T R Y BEEF, WINE and IRON, As a. Tonic. . Sold by H. C. PUR CELL, Druggist, 418 Market Street, Near Pearl. SAMPLES OF COURAGE. MR. BARNUM BURIED. , Citizens Ticket at Royal Ceiiter. Royal Center April 10. ED. JOUKNAL: The Citizens' Convention was held this evening and largely attended, and below is their list of candidates to whose belts will 'swing the scalps of the candidates nominated by the saloon element after the fourth of next month: * Trustee First Ward—J.H. Burton. Town Clerk—B. M. Anderson. Town Treasurer—E. B. Thomas. Town Marshal—J.'H. Clark. ' and Frank Waite, two Peary township boys, went to LbganBport to enter Sail's Business College - Monday.... !diss Mamie Ream attended the Lo- jansport club dance at LoganspO r t .ast week and visited .with friends until Saturday. Kokomo Dispatch: Miss Mollie Gray .eft yesterday .for .Log-ansport. .to meet. ier father, the Hon. Joe Gray, of Gal- vestoivand accompany him to La- 'ayette to attend the funeral of his sister, Mrs. Earl, who;.is a sister-in- «w of; P< A. ;Sassamaa and Mrs. Mary 'ierson, of this city. While in New York., lately, Mr. S. Vise got bold of several extensive ines of ladies and gents handkerchiefs n the hands of importers who were aite anxious to sell.. The entire line will be on sale this moraing at won- erouely low prices, starting the line with two for five cents and^nding with. 1,50 handkerchief for 60 ;cents, at the Bee Hive. O'Ncil Acquitted. Yesterday William O'Neil,- wlio was arrested here -a week ago by a secret service detective.. on the. charge of manufacturing counterfeit money, was given a hearing" before.!!. S. Commissioner Munson and was acquitted, the evidence submitted against him not >eing deemed sufficient to hold Mm to the United:States Court.. Commendable. ' \ All-claims not consistent with, the Jiigh character of .Syrup-,of Figs are purposely '. avoided' by the Califor'nia 1 Fig Syrup Company.;.' Ifr;acts' gently on the kidneys, liver and bowels," cleansing the system effectually, but it is not a cure-all and makes no pretensions" that every bottle* will -not substantiate, A Lady In Texan Wrlt«»: My case is long standing; has baffled many physicians^ have tried every remedy I could hear of, but Bradfield's Female Regulator is all that' relieved me. Write the Bradfleld Reg.- Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. to!2 Extraordinary handkerchief sale at the busy Bee Hive: to-day. A..Laree Crowd Follows''the Great Sliow- man's'Kcmaiiis to the Grave. BRIBGEPOIJT, Conn., April 10.—Business here was almost- entirely suspended out of respect to the memory of Bridgeport's great benefactor, the late. P. T. Barnum. Mourning emblems •were to be- seen on all sides, «,nd the day was one of gloom and sorrow. At an 1 early 'hour the -streets were filled with people, not only of this city, but from the surrounding towns and cities. The funeral services were begun by a short prayer at the residence at 10:30, only the members of the family being • present. The body was then conveyed to the Congregational' church, where I)r. Collyer, of New York, delivered a touching oration. The singing was especially beautiful and. the floral tributes many arifl appropriate. .The churcb was crowded. A great throng followed the body to the grave. KccoRni/Bcl the Colored Race. WASHING TO jf, April 10.—The president has at last listened .to the voice: of Afro-America, and . a colored man is ^>w on the world's .fair, commission. There being a vacancy in the commissioners at .large Mr: : Harrison has appointed R. W. : Furnas, of Nebraska,- an alternate, to-fill the vacancy, and.Hale, G. Parker, of Missouri (colored),.to fill the alternate's .vacancy caused by. the promotion.of Eurnas, Pianos Ablaze. " TOKOSTO, Ont., April 10.—A fire oc- : curred Thursday nigiiL in Heintzman's piano warerboms:- '/There were : 100 pianos in the storerooms.' The dama'ge is$4t>,.OUO. - ..-•:.; -- Not Only Those Who Face Sbc-Shootei Possess It. What is true courage? People don half know. Two men facing each'other with sb shooters, calmly and steadily awaitin c the signal to fire*. Is that courage Some think it is: ; but I do not . I woulc not do it An orator standing alone before a surg-ing multitude, fearlessly ut^erin words which may goad them to. fufy- such words as "pants," for instance .This is courage; but how many think it But fighting men and orators in the matter of courage are not the peers o: gentle woman. Harry :Earnlittle,Tjras engaged to, mar ry a sweet girl-whoUoved-.iim for him. self' alone. She,, had one ,j>ecnliaritj among others, -and .that was a horrible superstition regarding the number thirteen. She would never sit down to a table where covers were laid for thirteen. She would never sit down to a multiplication table that had' '.'thirteen times" in it She. was just as' superstitions as that .She was twenty-five years old, and for years had refused to be twenty-six; , because twenty-six . is twice thirteen. One day Harry, who well knew -of this peculiarity in .his betrothed, caine to her with dismay and hope struggling in'his.countenance, . .;.. ,' "Oh Gertrude!. Gertie! 0 my Trudy!". he exclaimed. Is your^ horror of the number 'thirteen as strong- as ever? Speak, darling! Is it?' "-Is it?-' , '. •"What has happened, Harry? Tell' ine!" she cried,: her .iace blanching slightly, as something within warned her not to answer the. question. '"My uncle has,just died," said Harry,, "and—andllef.t, me., thirteen : million.dol- lars, and"—here hope' struggled with dismay again— "and! didn't know but: perhaps you .would, want to break off. the engagement." . ,. ,... . •' (she smiled like a Jnne morning. •'• . "Harry,"..she said; ."my. .own Harry. When your happiness is-at stake .I..can- notfalter;"."and,as.she. took :him inher'- arms hope ceased .to struggle with dismay forever more..: . ..... That is'where self-abnegating courage showed up strongly.in,a lady. But the quality even exists in children. A IVor <!'» Camp Meeting, , LAKE BLUFF, 111., April 10.—Jt is proposed to hold a world's camp meeting here during the Columbian exposition, meeting to continue four" -•week's and be divided into four parts, as follows: First week, the Rock River conference camp; second week, the national camp, at which the T>ishops of the Methodist Episcopal -church, will be' asked to be present; third week, the Methodist Episcopal church south wiU ,be expected to hold a camp, the fourth ' week will be'missionary-'camp week ' — ^ j i l>e;tth of a Michigan Legislator. ; LANSING, Mich., April.10.—Represen- ,. tative Willard Hawley, the Sepublicaa member from Ionia county, died suddenly Thursday'morning of erysipelas, which had .followed an attack of the grip. " : ••.'"• Rubber Dealers Embarrassed. .) .BOSTON, April 10.-^.-AI. Phimer & Co., dealers in rubber goods, are financially embarrassed and ask for an extension. The .-liabilities, are stated to be between 360,000 and;$70,000.' ,They:Want. 'Raclproctty. LONDON, April -10. —The inhabitant^ pf the island of Jamaica, a dependency > of Great Britain, .are calling on the government to giv^them'reciproclty with ' ;he United States. "' v * • ; - '• —A man' in Hannibal, Mo., commits' suicide after the model of the modern French duel. He fires his pistol' in the air", falls down, lies.motionless .until, his' std'cidal intent ebbs away, then gets up and goes about-his'business: . ; —Maid—"Oh,- madam, your husband has fallen in a fit on-the parlor floor," Madam—"JDear.me! Did-.'he'break any of the brii-a-bray?".—Bnrlington.RapubV lican. "Willie!" said I.to.nay little boy. .,'.'If you .tear : that, book Ishall;wliip.'you." The little fellow gazed, at me with, a quiet smile, opened the book and,tore out pages five to ten, inclusive.. And Willie is but three years old.. Courage! The yellow dog possesses it. The unthinker might say that the appearance of the yellow dog does not denote courage; but it does. It takes genuine courage for the yellow dog to make his appearance; Courage among the-lowliest of the lowly! Even the worm will turn, will -he not, some time? I do not know that t ever has yet < Courage! It exists even in inanimate lobjeets. The gentle flowers will shoot if told to go to "pot; and there is plenty ,of grit in common brown sugar.—Morris Waite, in Puck. CASTt.T:,"Ind, April 11. —A young man named William Hampden was arrested here Thursday for the •forgery of a check for S10. The check bore the name of Col. Albin. Hampden ; is a'farm hand and hails^from the eastern part of the county. Both tiie method, and results -whet SyrSp of Figi is taken ; 'it is ple and refreshing to tl»e taste, and acti- E jnty^yet ;promptly> ;on-. the > Kidneys, , iver and ;Bow«la,r -cleanses the sys- ^ tern 'effectually, .dispels •:- colds, head- < aches and fevers ^and cures habituial ', constipation. Syrup of Figs is 'thfc'' only remedy of its kind' ever pr» M ' duced, pleasing to the taste and' ac-- • ceptable to the stomach, -prompt in* ' its action and .truly^ beneficial in its; i , effects, prepared only from'' the most, ? , healthy and agreeable substances, its, many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy, known. Syrup of Figs is for ^le In 50o ' aad 31 hottles by all leading drug- , gists. Any reliable druggist -who may not have it on hand will pro- >' cure it promptly for any one who* > wishes to try it. Do- not accept- any ;ubstitute. - " ' CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO SAN FRANCISCO; CAJ, ">t/l<!V/U.£,,KY. HEW YORK. tl.t brB.F. Keesllngand all Druggists. "" '

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