The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1949
Page 15
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 19, 19-19 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS I1OLV SMOKE/ THAT CURLYS A WlZARD.'^viTH A CHRISTMAS TEEb HE GETS A TUJJKEy GREAT CAE6AR.'? WHKTj( DIDM'7 THEV W"TWI3 IS GOlSlG TO IhlFfpAlAL A1DCKERV IS YJ PRODUce TtV\Ti6RISMT£M OP Ti<E TVUS? Tl-tW t>RATT€D/ SAI^PLE HMOS-JICHRISTMAS FE6T- TACTORV A-1ADB AW -®) IK1S OM TUB -*1 IVAt ALL RIGHT STOCklMS-MUFFLERS p/ MftWEL? IU3VJ COULD THeV EVCR COME upwiTW "<SOCW A \NJILD THROW PER HIM--, .^^ EQPED IM THICKER BRUSH TH AM THAT HALF HIS LIFE.' WHY, AFTER K6TCHIM ' STEER HE'S :KGD MORE BRUSH OFF HISSELF T1HAM THAT. — ITLL BE AS JOLLY AS AN) AFTERlJOOM READIES IMFERMO lk!frt& SIMS —- __FOUR INCHES INSTEAD OP FOUR F6ET/ X • AM ROIMED VlONDER- FLSL IDEA — AM DA LVTTLe MISTAKE = By Virginia Teale Our Boarding House with Ma|. Hooplo TAXI iCourteous iSRFE [Drivers /\sk for cilhcr white or colored driver. Nine c.-ilis at your service. 2100 CAB CO. RENT A CAR Urire Anywhere You Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 Protect Your Family's Health with Expert w Service WOODS DRUG 221 West Main XXXI REDDY roused his ^' sleeping pnssenger, Tom O'Neill, whose white head en me dp with: "\Vherc are we? t)h, homo. Home, sweet home. Home is where the henrt is. Home is the pifieon. Clay pigeon. .Thai's me, clay pigeon. Come in, Charlie. Nightcaps all around." Retltiy followed him out of the par. O'Neill fumbled for his key. found II and inserted it without too much difficulty in the lock of the blue door. He stood aside: "Knler. my tricnd. It's been a long time since a guest has crossed this threshold- I've been a lonely man, Charlie. A sad, lonely man." Rcrtdy walked in and remembered to take the door to the left (hat entered the O'Neill living quarters. The one lo the right, he recalled, led to the potter's studio. There was a small lamp burning in the living room. Tom moved around lighting the others and the place look on a, warm, cheerful look. Red-fly glanced, around—everything was in order, but there was a heavy layer of dust on the table tops. Tom backed toward the kitchen. waving Rcddy to a chair: "I'll fix up the nightcap, won't take a minute. Scotch for you, isn't it? Little soda?" He caught Roddy's nod. Reddy shifted around in his chair, trying to overcome a sensation of uneasiness that seemed to be constricting his stomach muscles. 'He realized that, although : hoRjng his newest theory was correct, he actually was, at the same time, banking on the fncl that it was not. Because, if he had hit on Die right answer, there was something he should be doing at this very moment—something other than sitting here waiting for O'Neill. O'Neill brought the Scotch and soda, for himself, he had concocted a tall, clear drink in which a squeezed lime floated. They raised: their glasses in salute and sipped. "Being anything tn the pottery line lately. Tom?" O'Neill shook his bead. "Cnn'1 put my mind on art. So many other things, lots of other things to Ihink about. Think All the time Thinking's a curse. Yon Cassius. that's me. thinks too much." * * * r POM was staring into his glass •*• Reddy gave him a searching look, then up-ended his plaps and drained the Scotch and soda. I to ratiled the ice suggestively and Tom glanced up: "Another before you go?" Roddy's tone was brightly enthusiastic: "Fine idea! One more/' Tom look bis class nnd disappeared into the kitchen. Reddy .sprang silently to his feet ,ind padded across to the French doors lending to the patio. Stealthily, he turned the key in the lock. tried the knob to make certain the door was open and then darted back lo his chair where he settled himself in a comfortable atHttrdt? just before Tom re-entered the room. Roddy drank his second drink slou-Iy, and made several studiedly dull remarks in a tnonotrmous voice. He was rewarded when Tom foil into a dozo. "I'll be going no\\\ Tom." he said at Last. Torn looked up sleepily, "Find your way out, can you? Lock the door behind you, will you?" Reddy reassured him, walked lo the tloor quietly, and snapped the lock decisively as he closet! the front door. He stood for a moment outside, getting his plans into careful order. When he started bis car, he raced the motor noisilv several times and roared oft down the street. Several blocks away from the O'Neill place, he turned a coiner and slid Ihc car to a slop in front of the post oflice. He glanced al his wa t c h. switched on the radio, and settled in wait out the half-hour he'd ntlnftPd himself before returning to Tom's house. Flo closed his eyes and rested his hear? Against the unholslerv. He supposed ho flmiiM go bark to Ihc hospital and lei] tbe Chief what he had in niiTiri. but he derided ngainsl that —it WBF <oo no^iblc he was clias- iin ( a wil.d Roose. "It is wrifton." ho muttered wrvly. " he who chore* the wild con=e paves himself a berk of 7i lot of embarrassment by going it alone." • * * PlIARMR RK.DDY'S head forked up as he came out of his dn:%. HP ninpcd the licbt switch on the daclibnnrd nnrj consultrd his wnlch —it was time to go hack to O'Neill's, the old boy was sure lo bo Hounding his car by now. ITc sot out nf the car, locked it and Marled oft in the direction nf Tmn *s st 11 ri i o. his rubber- s ol t*d phnop making no pound on the sidewalk. T-le grinned sKchtly as he impersonally took bis own cnanshnt: Gnnishno Roddy, the Spndc of Doloropa. gliding throunh tlm shadows, ho! on the trail of murder. Cloak and dagj-'cr stuff! Ho turned inlo the alloy that out through behind the main slfcr-t. the road was graveled and be frowned as his steps set up a steady crunching sound. He passed backyard fence?, gnrages and garbage cans and finally paused at a frame shed which he knew was part of Tom's workshop. Us stared at Ibe hou?e it was reassunnglv dark. Keeping close to the shadowed side of the shed, lie made his woy around to the door and tried the iron latch jjrnlly. II was locked. Rut he had expected that. The studio-workshop bar! two doors, this one and the one that entered from the house. Reddy crouched. down and picked his way through a thicket of bu.shcs to (ho low wall surrounding the patio, lie peered over it. Everything was silent. A fragment of moonlight picked out UiG gleam of water in the big goldfish pool and throw an eerie highlight on the giant pottery frog squatting on the center pedestal. (To Re Continued) You'll be PROUD to OWN this CORNER CHINA. ; CASE-: 5 " With all the charm of Early New Entfafod » A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOUR HOME usmlt'.^'' d ' R ""y of ihij un- Sp=i BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. \V. H. "Hill" (Vase .1. 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HA ' THEN THIS GUY y THE CIIAHCES LAMPS ME. HE GETS \ARE1IIE COPS Wll FIND HIM, . AHVWAY, THE 6UY DOH'T FIGURE TO ADD UP WE DOC AMD HICK'S DEATH M IOOK5 LIKE 1WRE '=( THE OtlLY WITNESS TElLUSEvfeYTHINC YOU REMEMBER A BOUT THE YOW46 FELLOW WHO KICKED THE//; DOS. CAPTAUN' EASY HY LESLIE TURNER KEU, BOYS. WE BEST TALENT Itl THE A CHIEF. WE KNOW --&CKHK} GAME HAS SPEWrFOUKlMOeE ABOUT VH WO j.3.000 GETTIWOS&T I IHSTMLWlOWS HISJJOBl LET'S HWE AKEPOET,./ AMD COUTIkJE S-rllt f~*\" T^k \ THUM W.OSTOF . , ... . ..„ ,1"E OFFICIAL k\ EA.CI) THURSDAY AT 3 t.M....&Y ARMORED TRUCK. WE'LL BLAST TH' VAULT OU TKftT NIGH1 AMD I ott THe 25 8UEGLAC ALARMS HUGS liUNNY Old Curlv ICiirs I'LL, FILCH A BIT O' PETUNIA'S SUPER HAIR OIL WHILST / AIN'T HEY.' WHAT'S HAPPENIN'? \ QV'-IPE/ WRONG BOTTLE. Drop in (he Huckcl BY V. 1. HAMJ.tN OOP, I WANT TO CONGRATULATE you- A5 A LECTURED YOU SUCE WOWED 'EM' L/ PHETTY Vv^tL SPEAKING Or PAPEC. HEIJE'S TH' FIFTY EY PAID US' OH. SCOD...WE COULD USE TWENTY THAT...BUT EVERY UTTLE BiTViELPS.' Hg\WE y«j GUYS ( CF COURSE THE ptl. TH'l SUP'S 5TILL IN VENUS ROCKET ?X,ThE PAPER ^•fcr^, '/^y ryn K HSfca^^' nmvrs AND HICK HY BUGAK MARTIN ,,,~T~ ! \uv^> i ^k\t o\o v J ^tlftscv\^oM ! P^t I ivyy Mi f!WCVtV« OVOS ov «-„ ^y^v^^'.voo CMJ

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