The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1949 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1949
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D*Uy r*u an* rot , Me Ui D I mum cfi&rc* i tin* pw line j*v I time* per Une per day ,,.,.,,, 12c « iimw pet line j>« d*y Ifc • time* p« une per day ic 12 time* per line per daj ...... ftc Uonia p« line UOe Count me aierage words to the line Ad ordered for tnre« or all time* ano •toprttxi Deiore expiration *tli b« dbarg- •d ro> tbe numbej oi Umea tne af tppe&rea and adjustment oi bill made All claimed Advertising «ipy sub- mucea oy person* reaidiaar outside of the city EQUBI tye accompanied by casn ftatcfi may e&slly tie computed from Ihe • bOT« t»ble. AQTftrtisloE ordei for jrrtsuiai LnRftr. tlon* tafres ttie 000 tltct table. No responaibilHy wll) oe tuken foi more lban one iDOQireci insenion oi aoy class!!ted iQ. AU ads fire restricted bo their propei el&ssificatiOD ttyJe aod type The Courier Mews reserves tn» rlgbi to edli or reject any ad Apartment for Rent 3-room apt. 701 Jamison. 32,10 12.26 2-room unfLirnlshfd apt. Settled couplt only. JOO E. noie mil after 4:30. 12,14 pk 12-21 Newly furnished, or unfurnished apt. Close In. Call 6218. 12il4 ck 12;28 3-room apt. for rent, furniture for sale. 407 billy St. Intiuire 517 S. Ijikc. 12,16 pk 12|20 4-room apt. upstarts. I'll rate bath. VIS West Ash St. Phone 25fl6. J2p6 pk 12120 2 room furnished apartment with bath. Call 4:136. 12jlfi pk 20 Modern cabins & aporimcnts Cafe Bernce. Pb. 951. 1211 ~ Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services OHAFMAN SKRVrOB 6TAT1ON llaln ac Division Pbone 2i5i i>on'« endangei youi laiuliy wltb faulty llres-BTJY LgE TIRE3, Insurance For FARM BUREAU rNSQKANCK service, call or contact H, B. Sheppaiil, phone 2157, early morning, noon or "Ighfc. _ J2|10 pk i|io DunkerqiiR, freely translntcd. means "church among the • -nes." About 81 per cent of the soft coal mined in the U.S. U moved by railroad- Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Pianncd Protection BLYTHEVrU,B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS HI W A>b Ul dLENOOE HOTEL BUt Typewriter TYPEWRITERS l. timitb Cornne and " DON EDWARDS Ttie rj-pwrtiM i'«n rt Second 81 Phone 33fQ Services AUTO AND FURNJTUKB Prompt t'crsniiaj dcrvice Uenerai Contract Purchnxt- Corp 106 Soutb 6tb Phonr 803 i! an Mnlalimg 24 hour* eervtce KEN'K STUDIO »|22 c* IT .'asOins maccinef rt-paired A i makes Blytaovtllu Muc&lae fjliop PI] 113 ck t! iperi IAIJ cleaning oi celliuga, waJlp. TJOOrs, caiiietb windowx and uprintfit- cry FIIJ-'S OORA-Ol^AN pn Sfillfi 10:12 cx t! ttr «spert oil etore cleaning aim repairing call Harry JUyers UMS Also •iave a ( ew 350 Ration water purnpr installed i-jsoo 11122 pk 1^23 PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call '1159 or H323 Blythcvillc or '107 Osccola 10-G ck 1 -G OIL S'J'OVB KKRVICK3 OH control salves ck-itned uud art- -isifd. Cardan removed toy new method while fcot I'D 36M 11|28 pfe 12['£> Audits mndc. l)OOkcf[>lnft systems rteviseri Htnte and fVticin] Jtcp»rt.<; led, Income tax rruirus prepare*]. itt hooves kept oti part Umi: Ijjihlt, Jail WM or write Oliver W, Keener, ,crou ma nt, Soiilli Division St., Uly- For Sate, Misc. TURKEYS Home grown, fat. Live or dressed, delivered o your- home. B. H. HESSE Phone GC62 12-16 pk 23 ASK THE MAN WHO BOUGHT ONE ROY HALSELL 1613 Hearn Street Klythcville ROY HALSELL SAYS: "I was in the market for n new car. Then I found that I could gel new car performance in a "new-used" car at nil almost unbelievable saving at Lnngslon-JIcWiitcvs. I am well pleased wilh the Mfl I>o,,lj;ic I Ijon^lK there because I know 1 saved some money." Buy Your Used Car From a Recommended Dealer! 1949 PONTIAC A "new-used" -(-door Sedan. 2,000 actual miles, h;is new car guarantee. Itndio, l le ;iler, <Ief rosier, hack-up I i K li ( s. windshield washers, «• h i I c Iires. SAVE $300 $2245 ' VI>assc "fi er ('""PC, radio and heater 1917 Ford 2-door Sedan, radio and lnviler. . .$1015. 1917 Chevrolet Coupe . . . SIOI.x mi Kuick l-donr Spwinl. . . fi,, c condition... 1!)3!) Huick l-door... cxccllcnl shape: . .$:>(5. Langston-Mc Waters BUICK COMPANY Walnut at (iroadway 555 (or THOUSANDS OF INVISIBLE FINGERS IN A OIL FILTER CARTRIDGE CONSTANTLY "COMB" DIRT AND SLUDGE FROM YOUR ENGINE OIL TO ... 1 MAINTAIN HIGHEST LUBRICATING EFFICIENCY OF OIL V MAKE OIL LAST LONGER if 1 PREVENT EXCESSIVE WEAR OF ENGINE PARTS . . . RESULTING IN BETTER PERFORMANCE AND LONGER ENGINE LIFE it's the same as original equipment ... the best oi! filter for Ford car and truck engines ' 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 For Sale, Misc. OIL HEATER This is a large size Duo- Tlierin circulator. Cost ?IG5, good as new. A bargain at £00. Koason for selling-, put in gas floor furnaces. See or Call JOHNNY MARR North Highway 01 Phone 25Dl> :••;-•'." 12-13 ck tf Mo(;ho£[\ny Veencr ([liinlni; roo[n suit. Good couUHLoii. Ph ^BG' o.'iceoln. I2;19 pk 12;2li t/iitdiron iroticr. Kxtellent cnudltlon suiiinons studio divan Box [43 DMI riioue 2701. 23 >k "; KesLstercd blotul cockers. Pil 2iOfi I2]10 |,lt 1| PIANOS FOIt SAIJI: \VK HAVE SKV- EllAL NEW fAOTOnV GUARANTEED SPINET PIANOS FOR SALE AT DIG DISCOUNTS WHILE T11EV LAST iiHOOKS MUSIC STOIiB 107 EAST MAIN ST.. HP. an. ' i2j|5 c |t tr Used Tractors A very Tractor Atiti Equipment. 2 Allis Clinlmrrs Model we. «'itli Kfinlpment. Massey-Mnrri.i Model 2fl & Ecniiiuncni. Mnsftcy-llnrrls Model '22 AT K(!\il|>incul. slfj;Ully used Nice suburban grocery. Building for rent reasonably. $1.,OUO will handle. H. C. CAMTUKLL Ph. -J440 or 2980 12-19 ck 22 for mile or will trade for Kllta, re^lsiered O.I-C. boars, clgln niontlxs o!tl, weight about 250 Ibs. Call »ly- tnavjlLc Willys Snips 554, I2J17 ck 21 Corner Jot *lx loom lioitse H |>y 30 li, Store buli<iin» t-tOfVc & fixtures S4BOU. Terr/is will tii'U separately. Call •llioy. )2,17 pk 12-31 'or Sule Ijy owner. j>ool room and aomino parlor, awe)] location tloln% good (nisliirss. Only 2 pool rooms nil lo'.vn ol 4,(WW population, DusSness increases with had wenthr. Owner hn» older Interests, Con tact F. T. KWer. 215 West Ky. Av«. lllyUicviU-, Arkjinsns, r^n pic 21 40-acn-s lutid for satu. Ura(u;n<JocLo, Mlstiourj. Good loan furnished. Price 5U.OOI) (KJ, i3c« Waltiir Palmer nt the place. I'hoiie day W15. Nile I'hone C049. 12,15 pk I'ij22 CUftvroJri '33 model, one A Model "30, lit; 'Jtj 13o<l^e ^'- -J< JacclbOj], Iliirfrnan, 'eppcr farm. i2!'3 pk 20 Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS U interested ui Huylng or EtUlog »ft* Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil E.-irls !•'. IB Joyner GlcncoeKldif. Ph. 68(58 Loans WANT A FARM LOAN 1 have one of Llie best loans lo be had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rate of interest.- Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. RIALES LAND CO. W. T. IBarnett—Russell Hiales 2202 tiro phones 3322 U-25ck W Money to Loan uo you neea a lo&n to repo&t or r»- model/ Nn Qown payment cm mortgage. no red upft FI1A APPROVED BATES SOi FOR ' Max Logan, Realto ' foooe '2034 Blyinevlllo Ljncli BuliaLnii •JK-ct-il Want to buy a farm? We have it. Farm 40 acres up to largq plantation in Northeast Ark. and Southeast Mo. See us for a farm loan GATES WORTHINGTON CO. REALTORS 115 So. 3rd St. Blytheville. Ark. Uenrge W \VI!!g? or W o Oate^ Ph 2751 10(26 ck II FARMS CITY PROPERTIES LOANS INSURANCE See us for service. St.'e us ;tncl save \V. L. TAMKR REAL INSTATE AGENCY Larry Ingi-am-Herman Mav Cooper Bid.—Ph. 4G27 12-9 ck 1-9 Wanted to'Rent Sultahte House or apartment of 5- rooms. Rr-spotislblo party, pcnuiuiciit resldcul. E. II. Hoaille, M B r. Jim llrown Kiorc. I'hone 5K^. 12J1G c jc 12120 Wanted to Buy Highest prtcc paid Ini cmtfKENS KUUS Streel Grricpry A Market 117 W A«n m C4 ,. -rociin Home on corner lot 50x150 li. Al! Tt'mrftl. Chicken house, gnrage Next to new school sice. Priced to sell 122 Jamison. 12|10 pk 12|24 For Sate, Cars and Trucks For s:tle by owtipr used Chevrolet 2 aoor sedRti goofl mcctianlcal coQtiiilon | Ilacllo, heater A good rubber, come and see K. T. Elder. 215 w. Kentucky. •^ e - I2;n pk 1224 19UU Okts r'ivi: Passenger Counn Gooa tires. As 13 5150,00 Cnn be. seen sn Clark Strecl. 12[14 pk 12121 Personal I'niny mlniue pnnuvttAtle Mmcp UTCKN'ti STUDIO 118-ck-tl Private Rooms Nice nedroin. men only. C1J W Walnut, prunin 24136. 12't5 pk 22 Co;ufor[ahle bedroom. Call 2675. 12|14 pk 1| Stu:ill house keeping room. Ph. 2920. 12J13 ck 12J20 Uedrooui. Phono 2101, 12:13 pk 12,20 Hrd/onm, convenient to hath Steam neat. I'd. 'JJ25. 611 SV Main St. 12(9 pk 1[9 j Hedroom for relit Ph. 2818 12|7 pk Model -UK it Clutlvftto Atas^cy-Harris Alodrl 101 Jr., with cultiv nrt busler.1. 6] Implement Co. No. Hi way 61 Phone 21 'IX 1025 ck 11 Cute nml beer purlnr. Reason for lling. Ill health. See J. t: Little COOUT, Mo, 12 Ifi pk 23 Windmills, corner selves, whntnrit st| elves and uovelttes. A sislu to see -" l " J1 cl " rk - I2;10 pk 20 FOR QUICK SALR. AT BARGAIN. One KcJvinalor, Deluxe electric range. One 2- (loor 15 Cut. ft. Frigidaii-e rc- I fngerator. One 0 cu. ft. Kelvi- nator freezer. Ph. Mrs K B Gee, 2084. i i-ig c k tl For Sale, Real Estate i o main, twy'e lir.-iurt now O uo. Ph. a . w .,. Used Wc-sllnijnoiise electric water lieiuer. firuiare, 5'2 yulloii. In pt'rfcct [•oinJLtlcin. Prlcoit to move tmmc<l];Uc]y CtlJl 2571J. i a .|7 pic 21 •IS-acr^s good level laiul. Electricity, mail route, school bus route. Price ?350U. M. Fnrni!\U Tractor 2-1 b!,\cle disc. '1 IK" breaker flat. bottom plows, cultivator, new plfmtcr. 52,000 Sec Hoover. H. [>elbrUlge 3\ 3 Miles -Sontti Wcs,t of WalcoU. 12;1-J pk CASH FOR YOUR CAR or High Trade in Allowance on a New Plymouth or Chrysler WE NEED 25 Used Cars NOW! A red hot bargain I IMS Chrysler Town S Country Sedan, low mileage, new (ires, r dio & healer. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. " Your Chrysler Dealer 121 East Main Phono 2 ]22 Comfortable bedioom convenient to town .Men only 310 W Walnut 12.2 pk ip Notice Have you tilougnt ol Christmas. 1U64.' 1'robably not, . . . ami nulther iiave we, except thnt If you give her n Hondix Wnshcr now. she'll still be tnam:Lii B you December 25. 195-1 und years after. Come In nrici s«c the Uniclix line nt Hubbard ^ Hohe AJJ- pimiice Company. i2jl4 ck 12.2-J LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free ol charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Ulythe- ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANiMAI DISPOSAL CO. For Sale or For Rent New 4-room house wlti! txuh In Uavld Acies. Far sale by owner' 530 M »!>Ie. 12113 pt 20 for Rent Wtirehouse 30'x40' on railroad sift* ing Midwest Dairy Products Ph 4147 11)16 ck U 1 cameras fot fcl! K t: STUDIO t'OR RENT: Frnion Pnoa locteri UlayuicK'K fllghway 61 phone WJ Salesman Wanted QUIT LOOKING FOR WOHK — Es- tftlutsn yourself In a profitable Raw- I iBlgli Iluslnfss In City of Illythcvllle or Central Mlsstsslpgil County HE your own boss. No e.tnerlence or capita] necessary. Write Immediately ' RnwlclBll's Df|>t. AKL-210-230. Mem- I lints, 'rennesAee. I2I18 pk 12JIS ' Scientists Say U. S. Is , Scientifically Bankrupt j STATE COLLEGE. Pa. I/Pi- The United Stales Ls mntmnlly ricll I but is scientifically trankrtlpt. Tilts' | Is one conclusion reached by 1501 research men in a conference a> Pennsylvania State College The bankruptcy is in basic research" j which seeks truth for its own 5i ih c . I From such knowledge often comes ' great scientific discoveries that can ' uc useful. The atomic bomb could never have been developed without i years o/ research which learned basic facts nbout atoms. j The conference ngrcetl that such basic research thrives best in a quiet academic atmosphere, but thnt universities don't have enough mon- j ey for such research. SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Hroadway rhnne 2851 .^_____ .^^^—^Hmw- ^i^^Hj^Hfl &&E/ t/r^/ G«rj SAVE MONEY ON THESE USED CARS TODAY Tremendous savings on (his 19-19 Nash Demonstrator! MM!) Nash Ambassador -1-door Custom Sedan, li^ht grey color, equipped «-iUi radio, healer, foam cushions, while sidcwail tires, plastic scat covers. . .and bearing a new car guarantee! !!H7 Nash "60(1" Chib Coupe in fnily pciTecl condi- liiin, 2-lone green X- grey, hits radio, healer, and white sidcwail tires. 1!)I7 Croslcy 2-duor. . .has new paint job. W1I.I, S \CH I KICK! 1!'I7 Chevrolet Flcctmnsler 4-door Sedan, glossy black, radio £ healer, law mileage. . .a very nice car. 1!)I8 Nash ::liOl)" Club Coupe, light grey, radio & healer, overdrive. . .this ear will gel 25 miles to the gallon. 1!>I8 Nash "600" Club Coupe, light grey, radio & healer, overdrive. . .this car will gc( 2ft miles to the gallon. SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 MONDAY, DECEMBER 19. WHY PATH? Come in and Look Over These Values 1918 Chevrolet Flectline 4-door Sedan, 2-tone deluxe radio, underseat healer, and defroster and runs like new...51395. 1917 Chevrolet Fleetmasler Town Sedan, black finish deluxe radio and heater, city-driven, one-owner • ' 1917 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, beautiful grev healer.. .special price.. .$1095. 1917 Dodge 5-Passenger Coupe, black, large deluxa radio, healer, and spotlight.. .a real bargain. 1910 Buiuk Sedan, radio & healer. . .only $595. 19 IS Ford V-S i/t-'ton Pickup Truck, deluxe radio healer and calfle rack...a sleal at $995. 19-16 Chevrolet Long Whcclbase Truck, 2-speed axle /5UX20 new front tires, 825x20 rear iires, extra good . . . *>7!);). 19-18 Jeep. . .motor runs like new. . .Iires good. . .$695. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone 578 Don't Miss Our Year-End CLEAN-UP SALE! These Cars Must Be Sold by Dec. 31st IfllG Jeep with 4-\vheel drive. . .$395. 1!) 10 Ford '/.-Ton Pickup. . .bargain ... $295. 1947 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, equipped with both radio & heater. . .§1095. 10-16 Oldsmobilc .|-door Sedan, radio & heater, worth (he money. . .51095. 1917 CMC 3-1-Ton Pickup with rack... a real buy. 1917 Chevrolet Club Coupe with both radio and heater. . .a very clean car. 10'IS Oldsmobile 2-door Sedan, has radio, heater and while sidcwail Iires. . .§1295. 1937 Dodge 2-door Sedan. . .just, make us an offelf Come In And Get A Bargain! Fasy GMAC Terms ' High Trade-in Allowance On A New GMC Pickup • LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile — GMC Trucks , 30G Kast Main Phone 615! 3DAYSPECIAL! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday • 37 Oldsmobile 8 Cylinder 4-Door Sedan - $ 255- • Watch Our Ad Every Day , For Red Hot Used Car Bargains TrUck sUkc body... low lo-i- !! lymoutl < 2-noor Sedan 19.5' I'ord 4-l)oor Sedan IMS Kord I'ickup Truck .1 (, Mercury .i-i) oor wi(n rn( | io am , , lcatcr . ntl 'J^>ln 4-Dour Sedan wilh overdrive, radio ^ , !,?"' 5 -I'i«sscngcr Coupe, radio and heater. ymjslcr l-door Sedan with radio and healer. '•'•'_• I'lymoutl, 2-door Sedan. l.M< .Mercury l-,l ( ,or with radio and heater. STILL and YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phonc 4333

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