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Vermont Phoenix from Brattleboro, Vermont · Page 1

Brattleboro, Vermont
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1915
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4J JVi 4 VOL. LXXXII. BRATTLEBORO, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1915. NO. 52. AFTER CHRISTMAS Bargains aod Closeouts NOW PREVAIL THROUGHOUT OUR ENTIRE STOCK Big Money Saved by Calling on Us at Once EMERSON & SON Everything for Housekeeping ELLIOT STREET When It comes to Investing money, look carefully In to the security that protects your principal. See to It that It Is on a par with security that Is back of the First Mortgages on Improved Oregon. Washington. Idaho and Montana farms to bo secured through this office and you will never spend any sleepless nights worrying over the safety of your Investments or whether you will get your Interest or not. write, call or 'phone us for miormation. FOR SALE. FOR SALE Violin biff value for little money; I have rm use for it. TAYLOR, 10 Spruce St. B2-tf FOR SALE Ha' lsome black mare coming 4 years old; partly broken, kind and gentle. Price rt i.sonablo. I. J. DUT-TOS, Wardsboro, Vt BO-tf FOR SALE Few ,hito leghorn cock-rels from hens impo 'ed from Tom Bar-ion's. Every hen li is a record of 203 r moro eggs. Price f- CORA J. SMITH, I'iimbridgeport, Vt. Tel. Saxtons River 11-31. 50-tf WANTED, WANTED Competent girl for general he use a mi It Mrs. Hmry R. BROWN'. r.2-tf J i r WANTED Wo; ail to list" your Tirop-f ty, no commission unless a sale is ide. Write or c.ilL S. W. BDGKTT & t'O. BO-tf WANTED We ha1-e a customer for a fa.m with 100 to 150 acres, near high sc inol, adapted (or raising fruit and animals A ,11 pa. irom six to nine thou- nu H' l.irs. Mint be a good trade for Hie mi . . W (' HADLTJV & CO.. Bel- ows ! .lis, Vt. 52-1 SELL AND OTHER I PROPERTY i I. We Furnish Buyers on a plan that pirm ui yo.i to operate nccording to your own ideal, unci t no contract no division of commission if you nro now cngaRnil or wish to cngago in tho realestato business it will pay you In send for information. Writo to-day- Realty Service Company. Inc. Dept. X , 32 liroadway, N Y. Now is the Time to buy when you can pet CiHtom-Mado Suits, Overcoats nnd Trousers at Reduced prices. Have your clothes rcmdo for you and get clothe t hut will lit and give satisfactory service. Suits and Overcoats from S20 up Trousers from S5 up Buy your clothes now and save money. WALTER H. HAIGH Custom Tailor Elliot Street EXCLUSIVE UNDERTAKING ponb & gon EmbalmerB Automobile Service Telephone 2G1-W BRATTLE1IORO. VT. Put your surplus monev in our Certificates of Deposit. They are always worth their f ju value. They do not depreciit v. ith market conditions. Safe as governmei i onds. Legal investment for trust funds i lands of trustees and executors. Call, write r 'phone for particulars. ""''"" iiiiiii.iii.iriiiii.nmm,Tnimiiii TEN PAGES WANTS RATES PROTESTED. BRATTLEBORO. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 24, 101G. THE VERMONT PH03NIX PtihllnhPd in Brattleboro every Prid THE ORANGE. Tho recent meetings of the stnto Granges of Vermont mul Now Hnnip- Board of Trade Gets Request from Bliire, tho former in Burlington and-the ' Boston Chamber of Commerce Local latter In Kccno, has called renewed at-1 Intoresta imoivca. tention to tho Patrons of Husbandry, undoubtedly the Inmost and most in- Secretary Carl S. Hopkins of tho 'fluontial farmers' organization in the f"100 ,0aTJ hU?o h?,8 rcc.clvc(1 , s i t, a letter from W. H, Chandler of tho .world. Life in the rural regions lack " ; Bo3ton chamber of commerce, who is j social side, and tho Grange meetings chairman of the executive committee of '.with their literary programs and do- tho New England southeastern freight t rates conicronec nem in the Uliamncr J-ntes, go a long way in providing this CANNIBAL INSECTS. Henri Fabre 'a Studios of tho Simple Way Bugville Handles Its Problems. When much that is happening in Europe now is forgotten, our children's children and their children in turn will bo revelling in the fascinating stories of insect life told by Henri Fabre, the BRITISH WITHDRAW. Givo Up the Dardanelles Campaign After Losing Over 113,000 Men and Somo Warships. Tho great news feature of the European war this week has been the withdrawal of tho British troops from uio ouiva nay ami Anzac zone of the ..,,., ,,,.. mimitcl v ,,: ' ? ? ' Si ", ' X! ' "..' ' lion met with torn, n.val ,.' In. A YEAR importniit fenure. Tho Grange is in- t (or lx jtcrostcd in all of the various phases of stmaoniPTioN price i.6o ti.uu ior eiitnt months: 76 cen; months: SO cents for four month; 40 cents agriculture, its needs nnd its problems, .ii.'uiii. mi suuBrripiions are nay. o".r mnniy m anTance, ana all papers are slopped promptly at their expiration nnless the suliKiriptlons ale renewed. Kates of display adrertlslnx fnrnlshd n application Small elssslfied adrertlseme nts. f iu cents per line first insertion, fire cents per line each subsequent Insertion. (Entered at the Rrattleboro post office as second class mall matter.) observations have been works which are now books on the subject embodied m;i: i .... . , ' works which are now the world's text-' striicl: , 'r.J'Kr which is entrenched at tho tin of tho ommands the en- inelles straits, will r .. ..... tv i v. . v i. tr n ni.r . n onnta ... : . . . ... . T t v.. ai'uiiinsuia, wnern it iium inn uu.m un -oociai jiie in the trnnnn nf fl.n linr.l. lnsnct WnrIll,, wo lonrn fnv,,.. . .... i ;. .. . ' ; -".., niuiii uii'ir position. how the -Mantis, a snecins nf urniHinn. I rm,... determined jums live, exclusively on livh,g pre. I nght' the wal" t th0it,l "It is the tiger of tho peaceful insect shriwn l.v nnlia f,.nn. n.n. T..ui.. . ti . . i wii. VfiUUb JJ l 1 1 41111 illllt 1 i... , J , U1 "i'i"--""B , 'luiy ot 11(1(1,(11111 moro men each. The an attitude of prayer when it is real-1 new draft will bring the total number to is and of men enlisted iu tho British army up iu -t,uuu,uuu men. Tho German, Austrian and Bulgarian forces aro now encamped on the Greek frontier, but have made no attempt to advance on tho Anglo-French forces which nro making their permanent base at Saloniki. Greece has been placed under martial law. t report was sent out to the effect TO RENT. TO RENT lnm (or carace or furni ture storage, r. u. GRANT, 4 Bullock Street EO-tf SPECIAL NOTICES. MRS. J. M RH41A nf Wnst Vnrthflnl.l. Mm. ...Ill l.n n. .... -. rrkM-a. .i.uoo,. .in. ul' ill me ivai luui.., ilium' days to talte orders for all work on fur garments. 51-tf poop in ly socliing whom it may devour. Let n victim come within reach and tho attitude of prayer is promptly abandoned. "Suddenly unfolded," to quote Fabre, "tho three long joints of tho deadly fore limbs shoot out their terminal talons, which strike tho victim and drag it back-wards between tho two saw-blados of tho thighs. Tho vice closes with a movement Mm tlmt nf tho forearm upon the upper arm, and tunt t!?0 Russians had bombarded the nil is over. Crickets, grasshoppers, and P'irian port of Varna and wore even more powerful insects, onco seized 'aiul'ng largo forces there from trans- in this trap with its four rows of teeth. , n.orts but later despatches indicate arc lost irreparably." tnat tins statement is incorrect. Kvi- Sisters eat sisters, brothers oat V,011"' u was founded on tho fact that l.-.ii i . t i ii. Russian ships nttnclcixl n Bulirarlnn eat their lovers and husbands. Fabro :lrnLUh''!.J,nte.ri''s relates how in tho course of two weeks he has seen the same femalo mantis devour seven husbands not a case of jealousy, but simply through depraved taste. The femalo species of tho golden S'-nrabous, a beetle often seen in tho ountry, nro equally murderous towards males. Fabro relates . in the book already mentioned that tho female Hcara-belts between tho middle of .Tune and tho first of August devours nuito a number of males, and that of twenty- fivo of theso hectics placed in a cage, only fivo remained, all of whom were females, all tho males, to the number of twenty, having disappeared. J'orlinps llio most popular ot r aure's works are llioso dealing with the Hfo of tho beo and wasp. Darwin was great ly interested in his account of tho in FUR WORK nf il kinds: renalrlnir a specialty; new skins (or sale. MHS. E. E. IIOLMKS, SO Grem Street, hours 9 to I, Ilrnttleboro. 40-71 CHIROPODY ar.d Fhampoo Parlors-switches, pompadour!, combines made up to order MltS. E. P. BAILEY, 117 Mnin St Phone 19-tf SLATING AND ROOFING of all kinds and chimney cleaning done to order. E. D. TOHItEY, EJ Frost St., Brattlebo-ro. Telephone Vegetables Cheaper Than Potatoes Seventy bushel" table carrots, 80 cents; 100 bushels turnipe yellow stone, CO cents; 150 bushels narsnlps. $1.. Or ders for $3 worth or more delivered free 10 uny aauress in umtlieooro. ucu ta. Tyler, South Vcniun Vt. Telephone 27-3, West Northfleld For Sale-A Few Cords of Dry Hard Wood CUT SHORf FOK STOVE J. Henry Pratt, 11 Oak St , Brattloboro FLOWERS Loose or in DESIGNS can always be had at right prices of HOPKINS, THE FLORIST Main Street, Bratllcboro SCOTT FARM E. C. TENNEY, Mgr. Blue Ribbon Guernsey Butter and Tare-bred Hull Calvei for sale. Vialton alwaya wflcome. Orders taken now for pure Maple Syrup, Nutting Pictures NEW SUBJECTS CLAPP 8c JONES'S BRICK ERM0NT BRICK COMPANY PUTNEY, VT. Manufacturers of high grade Building Brick Moran&Rohde Embalmers ardFuneral Directors Phone 354-W. 57 Jl, St., Brattleboro, Vt. Vt. License lOO-wj, ft. II. License 227. ANNUAL MEETING Tho 13d annual n,rctlns of tho Jamaica and tlio transat tion 0f necessary business, will bo held tit thnr ImnkinK houso In .Tn.lTlnlpn fin thn'nI,ciln.. 1.. T ........ .... , CUHUB.IHJ ,i, in- comber, It being the 2'Jth day at 10 o ciocit a. m. J. S Houi.N'SON. Secretary. Jamaica, Vt., lieo u 101D. The Melrose Hospital Well nnUlnnn.l . - nnrn rtf tviaI cal, Hursical nnd confinement cases, also chronic Invalids, rheumatics, nervous and mild mental cases, grilled nursing, good Dn' E. rt. LYNCH, Supt Helona D. Jlatheits, Matron. Many of our annuitants buy additlimal (immitles and brlnt; In their friends. Thn bows that annuity sordeo is appreiialeil Bend for Information, Riving dBte of l)lrt1' National iiia jiiauiiinco i'o Montpeuer, vt. uiu luaii EARLE ss KINSLEY. Qeneral Agent, Rutland, Vt opcnoil firo,. on" tuoni, 1thout sSrlous loss bcinc inflicted1 on either side. The king and queen of Iielium narrowly escaped death recently while coming out of a church. Bombs dropped by German aviators struck within a lew leet ot them and exploded, but they were not hit by tho flying fragments. THE TARIFF AND OUR BILLS. Thero is a campaign in progress under tho auspices of the unofficial body called the Chamber of Commerce of ,tho United States for the establishment y a permanent tariff commission. The two great objects of tho proposed com-fission nre to take tho tariff out of politics, and to adopt a budget system tor tho United States. As long as a tariff exists it must bo under tho control of congress, and will, therefore bo in politics. The most that nny tariff commission enn do is to mako such a study of facts as tho average member of congress cannot mako for himself, anil to give congress the benefit of that study, and perhaps to take off tho hands of the legislators eome details in the adjustment of schedules. Tho matter of a budget is more important because more practical. Congress makes up the huge appropriation bills without accurate knowledge as to how much money will bo required when tho grand total is footed up, or how much money is in sight to pay tho bills. Tho government of the United States should make up a budget and cut its garments according to its cloth, just as any good business man should do. The litcraturo sent out by tho Cham ber lays down the principle that tho President and his cabinet should prepare the Budget for'' tho guidance 'of congress. Somcono responsible to tho whole people should do so, and it is dit-ficult to suggest anyone more competent than the officers named. ,but its good work does not end in try ing to tench its mombcrs better farming. The Grango stands strongly for better methods of living, for temperance, for improved highways and more efficient public schools, and its position 'is usually right on all matters concern- ling public welfare. Vermont is better nnd stronger and people in the state aro better contented on account of the Grange and its activities. Wo believe tho organization will continue to grow nnd prosper and to find still greater fields for usefulness. BASEBALL WAR AT AN END. Federal League No More Contract Jumpers Reinstated Two Major League Clubs to Change Hands. Probably the most disastrous war that tho baseball pnme has ever experienced came to a close Wednesday at Cincinnati. O.. whim n trnntv nf . , ......... V. stinnta Tvliir-h Wl irasra fn nnrnlvzn PeaCO DOtWeen the 1 Cllernl lentrno .mill their proy beetles and caterpillars , botu parties to the national baseball on which their young feed by stinging i jipreement, bettor known as organized them at tho precise point whore tho nervous system is most concentrated, instead of killing them, thus keeping u sort of live storehouse to provido their young with food that remains fresh, though incapable of any harmful movement. Fabre used to relate how ho was led to certain studies of tho beo by no- . r i .i l c i .. I ig i,,).!,.!,, uuuua.i .3,.u- t t j t, Chic., Nntionnl , pils during an outdoor lesson. Ho ,, fi,,0,0 , .ii0""1 'Fanuo caught numbers of them licking a bit lma run Ball aml hjs nSMcint "X nf strnw. Tho nivntnrv win thnn nr.' j.. , ... .. n L '. :.Ci mi" ..,.1 1.., ui. 7." were connected wmi the St. JiOUis i-muiu,.. ii, , ,,,, I. , Federal league team, gain control of iiiui iiiu BICUI UIUCH. UI.U iiiuuo iiB curiii. th0 st- ,,8 American league club en nest on tho pebbles, and that m from iobert Hedges, Cal McDinmard. these nests there was honey which . John E. Bruco and others, who have could be easily extracted by tho aid of i loner been connected with maior lea"ue baseball, was signed, wherebv the Fed oral icaguo passes out of existence. two major league clubs will chanije hands as the result of tho bringing about of pence and two new faces will bo seen among major league magnates in mo iuture. Charles Ueeghnmn, who has been president of the Chicago Federal league club, will buy tho controling in straw. That was rabro s first ac quaintanco with tho Mason Bee, about which he anerwarils wrote so charm-i"Rl.v. Fabre informs us that the -Mason bee lays her eggs in nests composed of different sized compnrtments. In the largo rolls she puts females and in tho small sho puts mnles. Hence, nccording to Fabre, wo must needs admit that the mother knows tho sex of tho egg sho is going to lay, because that egg is a prov circles. Tho agreement gives immunity to all men who have jumped their contracts from both the major nnd minor leagues of organized baseball as well ns all other Federnl league players. All of them havo been reinstated or made elidible to organized baseball. That thero will bo a wild scramble for some few of tho best Federal leaguo players was clearly indicated by a provision in the treaty that the Fed- placed in a cell of tho proper capacity, ornl leaguo as a league and which, in ir e ' fni- no nctlinl linnftlinll rilnviiin- la hu nun im iiiui, mm uuiuii unit , . ; tho mother niters the succession of tho concerned ceases to exist, will assume sexes at her pleasure, because her lay ings between an old nest and anothor aro broken up into small groups of mnles and femnles, according to tho exigencies of spaco in tho actual nest which sho happens to bo occupying. Tiil Hits Suggestions for Feeding Dairy Cows. 1. Feed ono pound of grain mixturo for each threo or four pounds of milk. 2. Salt regularly, or hotter yet, mix ono-half to three-fourths pound of salt with ovory J00 pounds of grain mixture. 8. Milk is 87 per cent water. Supply plenty of pure water, with chill taken off in winter. 4. Keep daily milk record nnd watch it. If a cow is being crowded a littlo to much, hor record will show it boforo she is off feed. !. Ho regular in milking, feeding, watering, etc. 0. A cow is a live machine which works best when sho is quiot, comfort-ablo and contented. Ho kind and gen-tlo with your animals. 7. Remember tho old saying: "Tho eye of the mastor fattens his stock." all of tho contracts of Federal leaguo players. ELECT REEVES COLONEL. President of Norwich at Head of Ver mont National Ouard. Field officers of the Vermont Nation ul Guard Wednesday elected Capt Irn h. Reeves, L. a. A., retirod, recently chosen president of Norwich univorsity, colonel of tho rogimont in plnco of Cnpt. Herbert T. Johnson of Bradford, resigned. Lieut. Col. Fred H. Thomas wns also a candidate. Capt. Reeves, who was military instructor at tho Univorsity of Vormont until recently, has been connected with tho adjutant general's offlco in an nil-visory enpacity. Ho was with Gon. Shuftor in Cuba nnd was wounded in tho Philippine American railroads employ 1,315,280 porsons, who have an average yearly wage ef moro than .1,000. Freehold sites near the Bank of England in London aro worth $10,250,000 in acre, that i?) f37 a square foot or more than 10 shillings n squaro inch. VERMONT CROPS. Vermont crops aro 4 per cent bettor this year than last, it appears from tho government report, jusl published. In corn, the acrcauo is 47,000 and the production is 2,250,000 bushels against last year 2,115,000. Of oats, S1.000 acres pioduccd 11,48,000 bushels, as compared with last year's 8,1158,000. Potatoes are a much smaller crop o:i about the same acreage. This year 24,000 acres produced 2,502,000 bushels, while last year the figures were 25,000 and 4,200,000. Hay was a better crop than last year, the number of tons being 1,310,000 and 1.188,000. The price of cr.rn has risen from 81 last year to M now, while oats havo fallen from .15 to 53. Potatoes are now quoted at 81, while last year they wore 47 by far the biggest chango in the whole list. Hay is set at $15.50, ninety cents higher tlmn last year. Vormont is the only Xew England stnto that shows as good crops this 'year as last. Maine shows a decrease iu ,produ4iotu$iL -Jfi, -'percent, New Hnmpshiro 10, Massachusetts 20 and Connecticut and Rhode Island 4 each. of Commerce building in Boston, Dec. u, asking for support 111 a protest against discriminating freight rates. With the letter uro copies of a notice of protest sent to the interstate commerce commission protesting against an increase in freight rates from New England to southeastern points on the ground that they discriminate in favor of New York shippers, and a copy of the minutes of the meeting held in protest as well ns a copy of the names of concerns and organizations represented at tho conferenco which united in the protest. The protest to tho commerce commission asks that the proposed new rates, which are to bo come effective .Inn. 1, bo suspended so far ns they make rates from Xew England higher than from New York because tho proposed in-crcaso in rates discriminates against many of tho manufacturing interests of New England by placing them at a disadvantage with similar industries in New York and Pennsylvania. It is claimed that the proposed increase means the raising of freight rates from New England points to southeastern points from 40 cents to $1 a ton instead of leaving them, as in the past, on the same basis as from New York points. The transportation companies concerned are the Merchants and Miners' Savannah line, the Clyde Steamship Co., the Pennsylvania railroad, the Baltimore & Ohio" and tho Philadelphia & Reading railroads. The board of trade here may take somo action as there are manufacturing interests here which will be affected by tho increase in rates. Coal has advanced $1.50 a ton at Philadelphia in tho last week and a half. Plausiblo' reasons for this rise aro given. Labor in tho soft coal regions hns beon cut down through attractive offers for labor to join in the work of making munitions. Miners making from $00 to $125 a month arc leaving in great numbers to work in powder mills at much higher wages. In order to keep tho rest tho coal companies have raised wages, thus increasing tho cost of operation. Then thero is the difficulty of moving freight. The Vermont newspaper which a few years ago sneered' about tho possibility of a. Stanley finding a Nile river or a' Lako Nyanza hidden in tho recesses of Vermont would probably be ashamed to talk along that lino at the' present, time. The development of immense water powers on tho Connecticut bo-low Brattleboro and in the Deerfield valley have opened tho eyes of many people to tho possibilities of harnessing our natural resources. The big power project which is planned in Rutland county is another important stop in this direction. With suitable storago basins Vermont could develop enough electricity to run all our manufacturing plants, to heat and light our homes, factories and streets, and to furnish heat for all cooking purposes, in bakeries and homes. Senator Borah got a round of ap-I lauso when ho nroso to address tho National Republican Icaguo at its banquet at Washington tho other night. And ho got still moro when turning to tho foreign policy, of tho administration, ho said: "Wo must placo our nation in a proper light again with other nations. Today tho United States is tho most hated nation. Wo aro hold in contempt, according to reports, iu tho country which helped us to gain our freedom. Our professed neutrality seems to. bo tinctured with a deslro for gain, in tho opinion of Europo, Already wo aro beginning to reap tho effects of this bitterness abroad. Our vessels nro sunk or soized, our pooplo nro m,urdered, nnd what havo wo gained f Not oven tho respect of tho nations to which wo yield. Tho Republicans should put in their platform a plank which says wo aro prepared to protect American citizens nt homo and abroad." It isn't tho size of the gift that counts, it is tho proportion as compared to means and tho sphit that is bacl of it. Tho widow's mite, which was all sho had, outweighed millions from other sources. Robert Cobb, a colored barber, who died in St. Johnsbury last week, was a poor man, but he deserves to be ranked higher as a public benefactor than many men with great fortunes. It is rather pathetic to read of the way that ho disposed of his savings, as follows: $100 to tho Sunset home for aged women; $100 to the Red Men, to bo used for flowers for funerals of members; $100 to the North Congregational church; $50 to the St. Johnsbury cemetery association. When additional chapters of tho St. Johnsbury history aro written the name of Robert Cobb ought to bo perpetuated in them. More than a third of the total population of Dublin consists of families living in a single room. King George rules 3 1,475,054 square miles of the earth's territory, and some 370,000,000 of its inhabitants. SENTENCED FOR HITTING WIFE. Townshend Man Brought Here for Trial Yesterday Sent to House of Correction. Eugonc Riendcau of Townshond, who had appeared on several occasions before tho courts of this county to answer charges of disturbance of tho peace uid intoxication, wns brought to town yesterday for ' trial by tho Btate on a charge of disturbance of tho penco by striking his wife. Ricndeau was arrested that morning by Deputy Sheriff William K. Sparks of Townshond upon a warrant issued by tho town grand juror on complaint of Mrs. Reindeau. The alleged assault took place Tucsduv. Judge Frank E. Barber heard the case in tho municipal court room. Ricndeau retained C. S. Chase of Chase & Chase as counsel.- Mrs. Riendcau told of her husband, who sho aid was "feeling prettv good," knocking her down against a" sled by a blow from his fist. She had a black eve as mute testimony to the effectiveness of the blow. The respondent insisted upon going on tho stand to tell his version of the story, which was to the effect that tho blow he struck was not what did the damage. . Judge Barber imposed a sentence or not less than threo and one hallf months nor more than four months in the house of correction at Rutland. Riendcau wns taken thero last night by Sheriff C. E. Mann. Sometimes, waiting for a dead man's shoes results in the discovery that they arc worn out. If a chimpanzee is wounded it stops the bleeding by plneing its hand on the wound cr dressing it with leaves and grnss. Russion railways represent a mileage of 40,000, just twice that of tho railways in tho United Kingdom. Cfjrtsitmas! Greeting itej tfjc IBay bring its srtjare of tfje oob tEfjmgS of Htfc anb gapptneste auti lueet Content, gtoobe all, maj tt ht a bap Spent among tfjoSe pu ilobe tlje pesrt, anb toljo Hobe yoxu jlap tfjat toljtdj toa unprofitable anb mx--pleasant buring mnteim ljunbreb anb fifteen bteappeat: tottfj tfje olb pear, anb map goob fjealtfj, goob fortune anb fjaptrine&S be pour companions for nineteen ljunbreb anb sixteen.

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