The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 20, 1952
Page 5
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PAGE EIOHT BI.TTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, SEPT. 20, 1851 U.S. Embassy Takes Up Question of Crackdown On Churches by Italy ROME, Itnly Lfl—Tho U. S. Embassy is taking up tho fiucstioti of recent police crackdowns an several Protestant churches In luly with the Italian government. U. 3, Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker said yesterday emhn.s?y officials had started discussions with tlie government on the clo&Litf of at least 23 churches, 22 of them belonging to the American - led Church of Christ. The police action was based on ,*ttCt CATCH — Whether you A>elieve in mermaids or not, Comely CMr* De Winter would be a ptWMni catch for any fl.«h- $rtnan* The "mermaid" helped Miami, Fte., Fashion Council MOCfa M> annual resort week. a law dating back to Mussolini's Fascist re-Hi*: 1 -'- Ill Italy, which requires a church to have govern- nt recognition. Italy's new republican constitution, however, Hiiarantees religious freedom for nil. About n donen Protestant denominations operate in Italy, although the country is almost completely ttomnn Catholic, Offu-lnls Discuss Situation CHne R. PaUcn of Browriliclct, Tux,, heart of the Church of Christ here, and Dr. Marifredl Konchl, general -secretary of tho JlfipUst ;-hurrh in Italy, discussed the police action last night, shortly after Dr. ftonchi announced that a Bap- Itst church nt Miglianlco had been closed. Ptulen said his churches would hold services as usual next flunriay, cie.splte the police ban. unless the church-goers were physically pre- vrnled from entering. "Trkd Several Yearn'* The Church of Christ head dc- chired his denomination had been trying for several years to obtain thn government recognition required by law. The Baptist denomination here is recognized by the government. It operates 50 churches nnd 45 outside groups visited by pus tors at Intervals, Or. llonchl -said, but hns rim into difficulties m trying to open additional churches. NIXON "JEEP" HELICOPTER MAKES ITS BOW—This is the American Helicopter Company's radically new IIX-26 helicopter, making Its first public appearance at Torrance, Calif. The liny aluminum crnft, weighing less than 300 pounds, is powered by pulse-jet engines at the ends of Us rotor blade. Designed /or one-man military reconnaissance, the collapsible 'copter can carry more than Its own weight at 80 miles per hour. WAR from Page 1) b% Sept. 1-Q-V3 strike against the Reds' Suttio power plant on the Yalu River. K was not confirmed whether H went down In enemy territory, tho Atr Force said, Tho Communist radio had claimed tKreo of tho big four < gine bombers were shot down. Nine 1'fanes Lost The Air Force reported nine other Allied plnties lost during tho week ended Friday, including four Ftfe Sabre Jets — but only one Sabre in aerial combat. One S nbre was lost to Red ground firo and two others to unexplained causes. The Sabres -shot down 18 Communist MTG jets, probably destroyed two and damaged nine during the same period, the Air Force satd. This raised the September MIG toll to 4T 'destroyed, lopping the monthly record of 44 set last August. Olhor U. N. plane losses Included one F84 Thunricrjet and two prop-driven planes to ground fire K2.3 two other F84s to unexplained causes. EISENHOWER (Continued from Page I) itlsm In Wa.shlnRton under the Trimum administration. But it seemingly would bo a little late to inkn .such a course, Li) view of the ijeneraTs twice repealed con fidence in Nixon's integrity. With all of this turmoil boiling around him, Elsenhower delivered before a crowd which overflowed the 10,500-seat Municipal Auditorium In Kansas City last nij;ht the most pointed attack he bus made on Stevenson. "Boss Nmntmilinn" Charged The Republican nominee said that Stevenson bad been ominated by the "big city bosses" ver Sen. Kstes Kcfauver of Tcii- .cssec. "1 .sympathize with the nominee f tlio Democratic party because i[ tho company he Is obliged to :eep," Eisenhower said as the rowd responded with laughter. Eisenhower continued: "Perhaps be may disown that •ompuny altogether. But this is he payoff question: will the bosses disown him:" The Republican nominee anlrt latly that Stevenson is "not one of their own kind" with the josses he said rule Chicago, New fork, Jersey City and Kansas City. They are smart enough to know ,hat if he were one of their own clnd neither they nor their party would have a chance to win," the jenerul said. Trunmii "Disease" Cited Despite the Nixon episode, El- senhower said that "disclosures of jraft, dishonesty and inefficiency" ,iad proved to be u disease with WHISTLE STOPPING WITH HARRY-r-Newsmap above shows the route to be taken by President Truman's special train on a coast-to-coast "whistle stop" lour. The. President will leave Washington Sept. 27 for the 24-stale trip during which he will make a "give 'em hell" campaign urging election of the Democratic national slate. Stevenson Soys Korean War 'Had to Happen Somewhere' "M ODE L" LAUNDRESS- r,.My Ui'iuMici. bcnulifiil model from Cfi'mnbuf, Ohio, will i3e- sert hot glotiiorous profession for the w;n-!iluhs She nnd I.or husband plan to establish a self- service Isiinilrv in Pike County, Ohio, v-'here the nation's ne\v r esl etomic energy plant will soon be undor construction. QUANTICO, Va. M— Gov. Adlnf' Stevenson stiid today that war nil glit conceivably have been avoided In Korea but fighting would have burst out somewhere else "so loiifj ns the Soviet Union pressed its purpose to subjugate the free peonies of liar earth." He came to Quantico to address Marines who are receiving com- misslons at the Marine Corps uasc here. Among them was one of his three sons, Adlai Jr. "It Is not lo make good the errors of the past that you are here but to make good the promise of the future/ 1 the Democratic president in I candidate told the ftcdKlhitf Marine officers hi nn ad- dross prepared for (tellvery. "The fighting: in which we ave now engaged In Korea Is fighting - undertaken hi the • name of the common collective security of the prcat majority of the nations of the world against (he brutal as- of one or more oE them. "It is fighting which might. Obituaries -surely BEiy. "But H Is fiyhting which must inevitably have been [need, .somewhere in the world, .so long as the Soviet Union pressed its purpose lo subjugate the free peoples of the earth, and so long as the United States and the free peoples of the earth retained their purpose to resist." Stevenson said "we and our friends found tho courage to resist two years ago. H is to press that courage home, to affirm and to establish the faith that a peaceful world can in truth be built, that you ami the Uiou^unc^ upon thousands of young men like you have been asked to serve your country with the hope and promise : of your lives." William Mallory Dies; Services Sunday at Hayti Services for Willlum isom Ma lory, of Huvti. former Yarbro res idcnt who died Thursday at Mu ray Hospital iti Murray, Ky.. will t conducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow ; the First Baptist Church in Hay The Rev. Shirley Spar and th Rev. ii. T. Payne will officiate. Bu ml will bo in Number Elsht Cem tery near Cooler, with Valhalla Fu oral Home of Hayti in charge. Mr. Mallory. who was born July] 15. 1880, at Mayfield, Ky., resided at Yarbro In 1917 and 1918. He was a retired farmer and realtor. Survivors include n son, Victor Mallory of BlyMieville; his wife. ?\*a\l (Continued from Page 1> the Tinman administration. He pot conceivably, have been avoided on |yesterday nfternoon that "the dcter- a laugh from the obviously Repub- that particular battlefield had we j uiininj? issue in this campaign will licnii crowd when he said Hint «^cd otherwise Ihnn we ril;I - u n HIO recollection on the pan Mrs, OUie D. Mallory of Hayti, two sons. Don Mallory. and \V. T. Mallory. Jr., both of Mich.: three brothers, t 1 (Continued from Page 1) ve never taken a legal fee al- lOugh I could legally but not hfcally have done so, And I'm ever going to In the future be- ause I think that's a violation of trust which my office has." "Savings" Js Claimed Nixon has demanded to know hy Mitchell did not call for the •signaUon of Sen. John J. Spark- lan of Alabama, Stevenson's vice- residcnlial running mate, because parkman'-s wife Is on the govern- ncnt pay roll, Sparkman, in reply, said Ihfcrc ever was any attempt to keep hat a secret. He said his wife had orked in his office for 10 years nd had given him "excellent scrv^ ce," Practice \ol Uncommon Such a practice Is not tin oinmon. Mitchell, who said Thursday 'ixon should resign from the GOr ckei, declared yesterday Eisen- owcr must cast away either "his rlnciples or his running mate." At a DCS Moines news confer- nce. Mitchell said the press houlcl give the matter thorough overage. He added: "The only thing we have been b!e lo get from Nixon is talk bout somebody else. The people re entitled to know who paid the :mney, how much was paid, wha< s the connection with Dana Smith vho said the money was put up be- ciuse they wanted a 'job done vhen and to whom and for whal lie money was paid." Sen. Taft, was quoted as saying a telephone interview with the Dayton Journal Herald, that he aw no reason why Nixon should lot accept gifts from friends and constituents to help pay even his icrKonal expenses. "The only possible criticism vould arise," Taft said, "if these lonors nskeci for or received legis- ative or other favors. I know that no such motives inspired the ex- jense payments In the case of Dick Nixon." Sen. George D. Aiken of Ver- .nont nnd Sen. Karl Mundt of South Dakota, Republicans, in separate statements, took Nixon's ;iart. "Smear tactics," said Mundt "Filthy and beneath contempt." "No senator." said Aiken, "can maintain a family in Washington and, stay in the Senate on his present salary unless he has some outside financial help." Mundt's statement, distributed by the GOP National Committee, added: "Facts were taken and twisted by the New York Post, a left-wing smear sheet edited by James Wechsler, self-admitted three-year member of the Young Communist League and now a member of the radical ADA (Americans for Democratic Action)." Wechsler, who has said he belonged to the You tig Communist League in the 1930's as an impressionable youth, has disavowed Communism. He issued this reiply: When a pro-Eisenhower news| paper exposes unethical practices in government, the Republicans call it v a public service: when a pro-Stevenson newspaper uncovers similar conduct on the Republican LOOK-ALIKES—Examining a piece of Mexican sculpture. Prince William of Sweden unconsciously takes on the stare-eyed expression of the ancient carving. The sculpture was an exhibit at the Mexican Exhibition in Stockholm. ceives a gift pays no tax on 11 as income; ordinary and n^^essary expenses may be deducted when figuring income taxes, and campaign expenses are not deductible. At Sacramento, Atty. Burl D. Lack of the California Siate Income Tax Board *!\!d a "routine" investigation is being made of the Nixon fund. Spitsbergen sits athwart the east- west air routes across the North Pole.' Negro Child Car Center Opened A day care center for Negro chilli dren from the ntres of 18 months It"! six years has been opened at 62 ; ; South Second under sponsorship o^ Women's Social Art Club. The club explained that the cen' tcr 1ms been opened to aid chttdrer| of working mothers. • Linetta Roberts, 108 West Cleva 1 ; land, is director of the center. • Open 1:00 p.m. Show Starts kt Dusk. 1 S'lairs Every Night SATURDAY ONLY! Double Feature! MIC KAIL . • o'»tt<_^ BELLE LE GBMi: 10 grandchildren grandchildren. sicle, it's called subversion. t "Sen. Nixon has not challenged. of Flint, !ft S j n cri e f act - m the post story, wo sisters, "What facts were 'twisted, 1 Sen. and two great- Slcvcnsnn's efforts; to run on Democratic record wove "like llie story of little \AV.H tryinp lo cross Lhc river on ico." He added: "Sho made it but I cluti'L believe the Democratic candidate will." This tlcparttiro into the realm of the wisecrnck, which he has crit- Ized Stevenson for using in discussing national issues, had been preceded by sin easy going television program patterned after thv question nnd answer format used by Gov. Thomas E, Dcwcy of New York in his successful bid for reelection in 1950. On llu's program, which preceded the auditorium .speech, ELscnhower virtually wrote his own script. This reporlcr thought he WHS more relaxed and thus In better form than when he had to don tiis glasses and rend his prrpavod ?pcecli before the auditorium audience. TV Slum in? ricnses Komo t»f Eiseuhovvei's associates s.iid they were sn pleased by the TV show (hey will schedule more such appearances for him. The Republican presidential nominee came out frr Hie first lime on this snow wiUi some thoughts about, how he wnuld end the Kou-an War if ho is riot ted president. He said that "ihrre .serins no way of winning the wnr decisively and quickly," He did not mention Ihe current truce nerroti.itions. Bui he siicitu'sied. that South Ko- rran troops be urmed and (ruined, moved into tin* front lines nnd trial United Nations troops mostly American be put back into tho reserve areas "so (hat we don't have j to stiuicl nil of the losses." To supplement this, he urged a "terrific propaganda" program be riir"<"'**-'' ?.c,ainst the Chinese Communists though, ns lo that, no Negro Deaths Franfe/e Bo/ton Services for Friinkie Bolton, 74, will be conducted tomorrow afternoon at 12:30 at First Baptist Church on Cleveland Street by Hev.jTcnn,, T. H. Haywood. I The of the people of the conditions of 20 years ntjo. "The br».sjc philo:;o]i]iy of the Republican Party is opposition to change. They want to maintain (he status quo. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, believes in change with changing conditions." Sparkman lo Knoxvtlte Sparktnan .spent lust ni»ht here The snake-killing secretary bird often will ?oar high into the air, cavryim: its prey with it, then drop it on the hard ground, ending the battle. feated him for a third term nomination. The governor said he deplored action of Democratic leaders nnd Democratic organizations of some other Southern stales in refusing Burial will Cumctcry. their support to the party's nn- and this moinim,' flew to Knoxville, ! tional ticket. his campaign tour. | Today's program was to include also hoard a plea • committee reports, election of mem- be In Sundy niclRe [ for party harmony from Gov. Me- j tiers of the State Democratic Com- j Mnlh. who snkl he planned to imittce and presidential electors nnd She died Thursday night at the home of her daughter. Annie May Key. nt rear of 919 W. Ash. Oilier survivors include one .sister, Irene Woodson of ftta Ucna, Miss., and our brotliri, Killis Hah- of Chicago. Home Funeral Home is in charge. support nil Democratic nominees, national n.r.d slain. The latter included Cherry, the who dc- cuff." by Cherry, who said he would speak briefly and "off the RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE i Mundt?" Opinion differed over whether the 516,000 should have been listed oti Nixon's Income tax return. Nixon said he did not "consider it income and left it off. Smith said it was either a gift or expense paymeiu. Mitchell said Nixon "is in some trouble" with income tax regulations if he did not account far the money. The Bureau of Internal Revenue declined comment on the matter, but a bureau official said the general rule is that a person who rc- NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. IMione 58 SATURDAY "WEST OF THE PECOS' Robert Mil chum I'lionc JG2! — Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 — Sat.-Sim. 1:00 Always a Double Feature SATURDAY ONLY! 2 HITS! 'Stage Coach »* river" With Whip Wilson "Stardust & Sweet Music Jnne Krazoll Also Serial £ 2 Cartoons SATURDAY SAT. OWL SHOW "SHEPHERD OF THE OZARKS" Weaver liios. & Klvinv AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION SATlMiDAY, SKl'T. 20 "BAD MAN OF ARIZONA" Muster Crafoht. Raymond Hal ton, Marsha Hunt SATURDAY MIDNIGHT SHOW 'THE SPIDER WOMAN STRIKES BACK" HORRORS GALORE Oregon Trail Serial and Cartoon SUNDAY & MOM DAY HEDY LAMARR GEORGE co. 5 , 0 r™ 9 LOUIS SANDERS-HAYWARD onkjht! Your Last to SUNDAY, MONDAY — SEPTEMBER 21-22 v . i j^t^QL^Ajj- . -. \ ~'*V^V5'^ W > -. SUN - MON - TtlES "Bugles In The Afternoon" liny Millnml llclen:i Carter WARNER BROS' BIG r^rr;- F1LMED-IN-HAWA1I " AOVHiTURE! _ Bssa^ NANCY OLSOi 'ARO LUDAiJ BROS. SATURDAY "THE MAN FROM THUNDER RIVER" Wild Bill Elliott SAT. OWL SHOW "YELLOW CAB MAN" Red Skelton SUN "MAN IN THE SADDLE' Randolph Scott Joan Leslie TUESDAY "GLORY ALLEY' Ralph Meeker the N.E. 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