The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 20, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE SIX HLYTJIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 111! Dill* r»tt per line p« ( Insertloi: Minimum charm M 1 time jier tine * 1! 2 limci ;ier line pfr day 1! 3 limn per line per cl.ijr S € limes per line JUT day 1 1? Uniei pfr lint prr daj : Month per line 9< Count tire arrr.1t* word* to the !fn Ad ordrn-d for 'hrpe or sii llmrs and 3 ! i h p. Ka nicnis of Imr vn tor. NfArly den tractor with Rtlach- row dlFli plow mid culli- I\PW. Ph. 3415, 020 pic 21 SATURDAY, SEPT. 26, 1952 Cocker Rp:trilcl pups land fit 2W Cntl Betty Hol- 0.18 jilt 21 Table top rndlo. ril 6702. 9.17 pk 24 SopU'mhcr Sale Dutch Hoy Paint and ORc-third dlscomn on K. C. Robinson Lbr. To, Stark Bros, roses, shrubs, bx-fore "tiplrAllun will be fmtt H ll(l Sh;uJe U'CCS. t'llOHC S"^'-'5;*"ffi5«m,'.i'r^ Si'l 3837 - So ' IIiw - v - 61, Fnirvicw nizcif. ' Arros. <) ;j pk 10 8 All rlssslfioil aiUfrtlslne copy s" K - ' milled by persons rfsMInn ouisldt ol thf rliy must hr iwompanlfrt by rash flalfi mu he raslty he compiiim f/<>m the abore tahlr, ArtrerUsinfi Dittoed lot irregular In- IP n torn <*K^ the onf Hmc Mhtr No rcspotisiblHlT he taken for mure than one inr<irrert Insertion of any clas^lirrt ad. All atli nrc rntrlrlnl t<> thHr pn-iict tlissHlcaHnn, slvle and typr. Trie Courier News rrsprrej Ihf riithl lo *«lt or reject anr *d. Orwory More, InrLurilni* lot. bi]|Ld- ; in;;. MorrJc, fixtures nnrt living rjnar- | trr.i l!03 -S 21st Bt Doing wood hui>l- new. 8;27 pK 0.2V j Flrc-Ilnr^lar proof cafes Vft'ill doors r»ny sl/c al factory pclcos. Ftrlirlu paid. I rh 4057. S23 pk 3, Notice \Vc wf?ii to rxprc?.5 our liMrlf^n thr.nlis for the mJins' <-™rt di>*-!s nn<l klnclnrfs shown in diirlnc Hie ilrnlh O! our brim-Pi, fallM-r mil '.-r:iml f •' .• er Filonrts rclnllv", Rrv. miclnF.h. ml] Co^prl Chnlr PIspW. pnll lirnwrs. Illtill: class. Trlnltv ItnptlM Church. Trinity IVipUM mcirilvrs. Full Gospel Ml-ni; h^"; nr w^rVmnn. rohbs •rln 'l nrsF hrivo our and 'thank,. Tr,, for Rent 3 room Turn, apt- In I'll W« 020 px man «pt.. elec. kUchpn. IfiR W, Ky 3 rm. unlnrn. npt . Furn, npt, 1504 Henrn, Ph. . 0 15 pk 23 Nicel? furn. apt . 2 ronmr>, pvt. hnth. elcr. kllchen. On main Couplr* or Blngle. Ph. dny 2671—altor 5-on-MM. 0 16 pk 30 Four room nirKlrr-n Ixirn. npt. ccorfitcrt Phono 2452 or 3239. Modern rablns nncl Rpartmrnts Ixist Boy Court. Phono 0051. Couplrs only. S 23 cfc 10 21 Nicely furn. npt., pvt. cntrnncp Nf refrlgorntor. Utllltlrs. 10(1 \V Ky, S7. R;23 pk P;2 npt Ph. 2535 or 21H ck tf Modern 2 rnom fur. +563. Modern upt. 3 rooms and bMh. newly decorated, Rood furniture, pft.i rqnlp- men*. Ph. 3373. r. Simon. 9|2l ck t( / Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Services Try our rtr/Hcatcsspn Bpcclnl-i—Bfirbe- euo Tlha find chickens — plmlcnto cheese — ham stvlnrt — chicken snlnd —Cole elftw — potfito fifllsid. We will cooV: lor your Bpeclal dinner or pi\rty. CaH and nslc UH for prices, Cecil Lowe Grocery Phone 4597 aj!7 Ok 10;I7 Watch and Jewelry Repair l-D(iy nrrrtce on Jcwrlty—3 dnyn on wntchcB unrt cloclcv GuEimntccrt wnrk done by expert rcpMrmcn "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second Plans-Estimates IV>r ne«" cotmmctlan, remodeling or p«!rt .FHA OR O. 1. LOANS NO Om.IOATIOH Phoni ?056 Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. EXPERT REFRIGERATION RKI'AIR SHRVICR For quick, e^pp-t srrTlcc on nlr ron- Hlnnlni? rcrrlfror^tlon i\nj Rpiillrmcc* . . . call 69SS or east. BROFF REFmOEllATION CO USED COMBINES If you need a good used self- propelled combine . . . sco us first. Choose from Msiascy- Ilarris, International Harvester, John Deere and Case. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. .\. Hiway GL I'hone 21 <f2 7;ifl tf Save Money When You liuy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FUKNITUUE CO. 317 W. Ash Ph. y»52 8-2 ok tt TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS I CO. 111 W. WHnnl Plenty of Parking Space RTOHF: rrxTunfis^ ~ I Dcflnnrf Schlrn 1— Meat Cnso 1— Sllcor 1— Grlntlrr 1- -Mm Block 1 — A^ron Kto,-k CJrlllo 1 — ryrfx CoKce i;rn 2— ^lio-.(- Cnsr.s 2— 1'iodMcr Hncks 1— Settle l--?CMi:i Fountntn l~Ciirhonntor Counters Bol) Hnr.lln Dell. Ark. Shelving 0,16 pk 2.1 <uu Acres—All under fc-nr? nnd rrmscu ffuroil. 51 ncrrs cnltivntlon (row crop) l>;i)nncc In [irrmfuiem pns lure with rimnhiB wnirr yrnr nrouml. AH Intxt lcvc-1 ntul clcnr of sttini{, s 4 room Uungnlo Iioiisn, huIlt-Ln cnliinoti tHpU vnllG In kltchfa, clottif.i clnsets Tront nnn nnck porch w R K A po'vrr' Inrgc cntttp bnrn two ypnrs olil." smokc- nonsc. chicken linusp. trnctor slic<l AH inc-Idl scrd housf!, hop house cnr R!UH| nnd fninll tool sh<?u. 5>'. miles ^fliiih- rnst of PlB^fitt. Arh, huj'iiLrp' nl Carrv- ,,ni- Postomce. Prlcod at $10.000 otio- 9 13 pk 10,2 12 E Roso !> a pfc 22 Jmlf down. O. D. Or y Hmiso. tot i\nd T.V Rm St. 1'IANOS JI nrc 5 good used plnnos Gunrnn- tecrt. Tcrni.i. Day ph. 2071. nlRhl 20.-i9. 96 ck ]0,fi WAI,L PAPER & PAINT it wholcnle prices E. C. KOUINSON LBR. CO. 0.15 pk22 Stor^ fixtures j or sell ns Lr. lor olyn f£ 21st. 8 piece rilnlm Phone 3fl78. stork, Win inventory cnsh. Cornor P05 9 15 pk 2^ room suite, walnut £);10 ck 23 Nor^p spucc nrntcr. Cost 512-SOfl now Used tin*- .=,e,'^nn. Will fc}\ lor J5A fKJ wltli Ptrf] two drum rack. See nt 215 ruicirtle Road. ph. 3556. 0 10 pk 23 For Safe Modern 2 bcrtrorn home completely Turn, at n hrirs:n1n. 325 Hollrmri Bt Phone 8015 bcuveen 0 anrl 5. U;i9 ck 23 4 wheel farm wagon on rubber. Phone 2234 or see it at 2305 Kenwood Drive. i>:iO pk 23 Permanent Typt ANTI-FREEZE 10% OFF Now'* (hp lime In s-cl your our for winlor. I'liillips nils III.' prlri' o( |>iTin.mri;l-!, | i- unii-frcci;- 111 «i!l not cvii|inniU- in \v:irm wriilliori ilnrlns lint manlli of SrptFin- lier. l.fl us url your ronllllB .system |irc|«r«l Tor colil ivcalh- or. We'll ihaln Jind Hush the radliUnr, i-hcck all hose con- ni-rllons for lo^ks, cheik Ihn water pump . . . anrl Jnstnll «;HI-free/e. Don't nail. »„ ,'[ no>v w |,| (l . wc t , ;lyc .,| cn , y of time. ' ' 300 Broadway Phone 4453 DON'T DELAY Get Your Mayrath lican Loader NOW! Jack Robinson Implement Cc. Blytheville, Arkansas — Ph»n« 2371 Wanted to Buy He/p Wanted WANTED ' two Tons Tin Can.s—Th« only Tin 100 oth< Compress between Slkeston n^id Mom- : Von n;a """•niv.htvme iron ^ M( , till co. J iSmT^o rm,, ""„'"- B " v '™" tr0111 ' Ption aci62 Mouliric At II H. St. 9 11 tf W» will pay CASH tor your old Ko- rlaki, cntncrAa and lensefi (nt parts O'STIEEH'S STUUJO. 115 West Wain 12, 1 ck 11 Wonted COLUMBIA X-MAS CARDS 50 FOR 41.25 NAME IMPRINTKO Jell (MI from Free Samples. Over motif/-m»kors sell on slrt.l. up 10 loil';, pto/lt. Jilz sell- I -- Btrvlce from . h rrqui-st for Snmple Kit and Di-liiKe AssortniHus on Approvnl. CUI.UMBIA J-101 Rosa. Dc|)t. N. Dallas. iVxaa 9,20 J.k 21 A vacant room to >isr for siorlntr f'jrn. for nine months. 1614 w. Hf-nrn. 9 19 pk 22 Farijj Lonna MUTUAI \APR 1 1N York nnd al • rcTlnnn r<it no Two bedroom home on llol- f arm Loans Wanted ly bli'ui't wan iiuloniiilic: neai,| — liarclwoud lluur.s, gai-age. 1 las I «• laundry room. 'Jin.s is M real!,,, Npw buy and can J>o financed. I lo ins < Three bedroom home on inn Walnut Street, two tile baths, automatic heat, large kitchen, knotty pine den. This is a good location and can he financed Four bedroom home on Cliicltasawlia, located close to high school. This is best buy in town. Call R. R David at DAVID REAL ESTATE & INVESTMENT CO. Ph. 3fiS3 — 2<!SG — 2022 e your old Imns a low rate of lo your prrscnl dii ftpprnlFftl fee. •R I.ivnd Co ti-vllto. Ark ; Plione 3.122 T. Harnetl Ferrate Help Wanted WOMEN mnkp. money nt home spare me. Sew ren<ty-cm HAr-A-ROIJND. ESS;.'. prn.'l'.r.hlc. IIolLy\vood Mfi; Co \ Hollywood -18. Calif. 9 20 pk 21 Car Hops. Knjtle. Apply In person Kr For Sale Cars & Trucks 30 MINUTE PHOTOSTATIO 6EBV- ICE O'CTZTTS STUDIO 115 W MAIN 12 4 ck II OUEiamectl piano pair. Call 2071 tinj. PLANTERS HARDWARE CO. offers expert cleiininp ami repair service on oil stoves and floor furnaces. Get ready for winter now hy (\illiuir 'i-^lo. today. n lo c i n - p '>'i I.lriuor Store "Ith crorrry Rntl nie^t ninrket comhlnen. Pool room. Hc.Mnur- -ir.;. UvuldhiiTs liilluilerl In hushlr^res. Will sell for r\sh or traile ror Inncl TtH-se :tre well ,';r!>bll-'.hed huslnr-.Sfs Ior:T'rd IKVT IUv! hcvlllr In rood hus- li'.r-s to,vti \\'rlie h^x MNO. '; Courier S'w. 5 17 |>k 2J Modern a bedroom house and bath at 905 Pecan Ave Hardwood floors, floor furnace, 50 gat. elec. hot water healer. Extra large lot. This house is in good condition. $1800 cash will handle an assugijition of .loan balance at JSaSvdO per month- Possession July 28, owner leaving town. Modern <t room house and bath at 2225 Hii-ch. Large kitchen w i t h dinette booth, plus lots of extras. Newly decorated inside and out. $1.000 cash — $.12 per month. Will rent to couple only. JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd Phone '1111 Residence Phone 2596 8|2G ck tf THE FHA AGREES: PRICE TS RIOMT Full vnlnr Is r.1vcn In this attrnrtlrr- 5-ronm Fn^lMi style home. lorMect on hriiiitlftjL tot In choice liv-iulon Ha" ~~-ti.r,r ?nfl screened porch. SMOOOfl """"'E. M TERRY Phone 2.151—2131 1016 IntcrnrUtonRl tnicks [os nnd trnllor. price 5750. This tmcX has !10f). Truck oxcpnrnt P cond! l t10n! l ^Estr 1 " ni 1o« tT.Tllor for SlJiO. Trnllor w^«on JIM 6 S, RoLUson, 405 N. HioaOwiiy. PH 3303 9 16 |)k 2S Salesman Wanted Opportunity for full or part time niiFlne5s In part of Blythevllle, s\ plymn conf-umcTs with Rnu-lc-l^h P due ts No rapltnl nceflcd. Also other LocnlLtlpR nvnllnhlc Write Rnu'lciR Cop:. AKT-210-2I6. Memphis Te-:in Private Rooms lnrtnblp bedrooms. Men only. Ph. 3180. osp Ln GEIS 9 20 pk: 24 Laundry In my hr- Expert isc-rr!r ers r^nt! ror->^ ynrs rTp,-rlrr;r Phoii? :rf? Cli Pn r,M7 ? If pk on nil :ypn<: ot] ir, t ^\? (vr" or S Lr\!0\F. For Sale, Real Estate 4 room house, front and liai'k I'nrch. Good storage! I'.nii^o in ro:ir. $2000.00, Com-j tiU'l ("barlos Uod^o, 12825 Os-- triimlor IU1., Maylioc, JFich. j 020 pk 27' Drdroom-c'lnsc In. Ph. dny 3117 ffftrr 8:30 p.m., -i;!9Q. B 21) pk 27 I,nrp<* front riotJroom. Acljolnlnc: bath. Klichrn and llvlnc ronm prlvllcRfs Us« of gnrngc. fiOS Chick. Ph. 4170. 9 36 pk 2:i Large, comfortable front bedroom Conrentecitly located Ph 35M. fl 2 pfc 10;2 Comfortnhln bfdroom with private bath. Ph. 2^33 or 9C71. 0 10 ck tf A nlco hrclrooni, pvt. bnth ami trance. Clo?*> Ln. Fh v 41,12. 0,19 tf Not/ce Watch our u- huve ppnclnl U prtr<»s l IXJWP nr Phone 45? \V. W Lowe Is Rrush <!onLrr 21Ifl H Tllle, Ark. Telephone Mns Wp ivrekend 9 17 ck 30 17 Tour Fuller St.. Klythc- 00 pk 109 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection \V. .(.Pollard Ac-ency Planned Protection <3LENOOE HOTEL Brni^DrNO ii\ w Ash at REAL ESTATE Farms—City Property LOANS INSURANCF. IT InterMtrd In Bviylnf or sclltni; ace Noble Gill Agency Glencoe Rldg. rnorosEii CON-STITUTIOXAI, XO 41 SELL CHRISTMAS CARDS! EARN DIG SPARE-TIMK PROFITS =>""•*• Irlt-uils. ncl'ihtrars famous Ar- llsllc niui oltperrMI solectlcjis. Over 100 rnoney-mnkfrs sell rm flsln. Turn «!>»"• tlrno Into cash. Hi B selllni: season rl«ht now. Direct dcllvcn- from Dallas No waliln". Hush mri'iest for scnintional somple kit „( Frpe Display Foldors. I'll! OrtlficMo. rionus Plan nnil Do- HIT- A'Forimonu on Apitraval. I3AI.- j^Mr. 2t« Live Oak, Dent. N. Dallas. ! _ tLX;|I; - 9 "JO pk 21 Operators Wanted | Kxpevionccd on men's gar-' mcnts, pajamas and shirts. Single or double neorile operators. Apply at Rire Stix Fac- j tory, 21st & Main. I _ fl 17 ck 21 ' t i Judge Takes Advice j Prom Aged Offender \ RANGOON.'Burma Wl _ An old man, with no previous convictions appeared in court on a charae of iHlms a bicycle against traffic re°- ; ulations. Asked (f he had anytlitng to say. he said, "I do not ouile knovv what ' to say. Sir. what would you say if you were in my place " he asked ! pt, ftof.o a lawyer rearhy. I 30 ck u Thc ma!?i!;llil 'e smiled. "Tel! me." hn aiidicssed the old man. "what ! would you say if you were in my I pl " cc " ' ' a sh cnnlc lllc answer: "Old LOOK CAR BUYERS! WHY LOSE MONEY? BUY YOUR CAR FROM SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEV. CO. 1917 KORI) V-8 super deluxe Kordor Sedan. Large radio, heater and defroster. Clean & bargain priced! 1949 I'[,YMOUTH deluxe 2-door Sedan. Very low mile- a )f e — it looks and runs like H new one. See it today. 1919 1NTRKNATIONAL Slake Body. Has $ 700x17 tires — duals on rear. 1953 lie. Very clean 1950 CHEVROLKT y, -Ton Pickup Truck. A $<|7Q nice, clean late model truck priced right ____ 5/151 1912 FORD V-8 1-Ton Panel Kody. A real ? truck for fruit jieddlers. Good moior & tires 1919 FORD V-8 '/;-Ton Pickup Truck. In ex- $ cellcnt condition, this one is now only ...... ' EASY GMAf PAYMENT PLAN Remtmher, y»« can always make a good deal «t SULLIVAN -NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "Th« Si s Us«J e«r Ixit 301 West Walnut Streef Phone 4578 rroposed hy felilion of the People ! man yo " nre dlschargen." And he "'" POPULAR NAME OF AMKS'IIMENT MODERN COiNBUMI^R CREDIT AMF'IDMENT BALLOT TITt.E "A PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL A^^E^ I D^JK^JT TO AMEND AR- Nrzro proffrtv for s^lc 1—3 rrnm tinusc. ^3fm down 1 --- !^ room bnnse ?^."iO down On Tins In SI In Klllntt Arlrtn O R ' ^ollisnn. -105 N Rrcnrhvay. | 9 Ift pk in Ifi j The newly-born knnsaron Is only n bo tit nn inch lout? nnrt is spmi- trausparent as an oartliwomv TICLE XIX, SECTION 13 OP j 1*HE ARKANSAS CONSTITU- j TION OF 1874 11Y EMPOWERING THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY TO ENACT LAWS TO AUTHOR- | !£E, DEFINE. AND LIMIT j CHARGES. IN ADDITION TO I INTEREST. IN CONNECTION I WITH THE LENDING OF MO-I KEY AND COM M F, R C I A IJ TRANSACTIONS." AMENDMENT BE IT ENACTED iiY THE PEOPLE | OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: That the folloxvlnu shall be an Amendment to the Constitution of Arkansas: Section 1. Artu-le XIX. Section 13 of the Arkansas Constitution of 1874 be nnrf fhe same is hereby [ amended to rend as follows: ' "AH contract/; for a preater rate ' of Interest tlmti ten percent per I annum shall be void, as to prin- [ cipal and interest, nncl the General Asfotnbly shall prohibit the Enme by In\v; but \vheii no rate cf i'l-crest Is agreed upon, the rate .shall be six per centmn per annum. Provided, however, that In addition to interest the General Assembly may authorize chnr.203 to be marie and retained by lender for services or expenses in connection with a loan and if such charges so made nnd retained nre within the maximum fixed by the General Assembly such charges shall be considered earned and shall not be considered Interest nor shall the difference between a cash sale price and nn agreed upon time sales price be considered interest." Approved: March 8. 1951. C. G. HALL, Secretary of State tfflUITY SHOC SHOP 'nt vr. MfliN ST. Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set 1 1 DAY SERVICE Free Pickup & Delivery — Service 24 Hours a Day- Day Phone 2642; Night 8858 No Extra Charge For Night Calls FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE HO S. First Blylheville PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores ARTHRITIS If .vou suffer with arthritis write lo me, P. O. Hox 776, South Bend, Indiana. I will gladly fell you how I got ricl of it 3 years ago after suffering over 25 years. — II. M. Harrison, Horner-Wilson offers n °' ir GI y.^nrr ftrul rlvln" For Sale, Misc. Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. Trarte your olil furniture! for new. [ will ;itso buy your | old furniture. K.-inncvs terms! ]/> down, balance in the fall. ! Formerly Arnold & Cr.ines 1 Ph. 6357 •] 17 ck tf I 2 liedronm nindeni homo. H;iv(luo,,i| floors. ?8.")0. clown. ? 11. pev iimnUi. in acres eiifht miles north of town Gi:0. M. TJ-:i::. Ronltor 120 W. Main Phrmo f,<lf)l 0 ISek 25 ^.r hnlh Thr^roiicMv V". P.ircaln for ! 3. "Mi.^mir'l"" ' ! ;.-,5< ? 21 pV 22 j _ For Renf n- fnr 4 m-M, llvln •War,,* fftclltttfP, fn r,"H>ni. ofnco plAfi. . Ph : pk -NOTICE- We wont to loan you a Garber Power Seeder to sow your Fall cover crop seed, if you buy your seed from us at competitive prices. Yes, \Ve Can Handle Your Government Loan Paper. For Kurllier Information Call A. A. HARDY 705 Clear Lake Ave. ,- l"i o IT rk in i: Tirr : N. 5th. 0ifl pv 21 •.i*r with h^lh Ph rk 2.' MrtAntlsi I 3 roam uon'C ^!od^^n l vl> 21-ifl ' alllrt tnrsllrn 1, O Thnr 3 19 ok 2fl P.tnilln. ph 2151. In ip.on c21 N I 27 ck If | model Chevrolet bus. sents 29 passengers. School )ni? tyre. Klylhevillo Coarh Lines. n'. 0 , ck tf ClinnfeUor tr'-;c^t TOT FMr J2 00 nrr hu. \Vht.^*.te Gin Co. 27M EJrll. R29tf 125 Acres on Highway 61 , ' rrom the city Mm" -. r n;vt !-.»• Illr. ant] ro -liw.iy on n-est M.l o lif >il rtlmut onp and onp-qi:flrtpr miles asnuaWc ton. We..! tor nice horr.c sites o Entire farm Is fonrrrt with nrl wire „„„ 01H , vvuh ,,„„, s ,. v( . rnl „„,,,, „,„. ^!^f^ Thr friint forty Up J^oV.t on r nr. r vhl.-h will icavp PS acrrs with n > ou " -n nt to do with It you can't go Serf! barley Ttt. 12 1>U JAii I ill "F3 MurMint. N'nt Tory, .stfcle (11 p MO.. 822 . '! bedroom Riul 2 bath home pl Cninity flnrn land. T.orMccl closn la to BIytlifvl ' 1 ' rff[l lnt - 1 ' 1oal !clt «1>— nothing mote could be < ^rrf doors rr.rl u-lnrloT5 i tt'hlte aad sons, 633 W fur pale. Mnln ph 1,29 ck tt rinp \Yhisonhnnt, Hcallor Phone 3409 I,1B ck FOR n^niiliful hrirk home on llri-lnvay 61 North in Conniry Club Drive Addition, This home has 3 extra large beilrooms, larpe <• Insets in c;ich; Isrpc livin; room with fireplace, dining mom. New tipucva kitchen, one .inrt one-half baths, utility rontn, large screened in front poreh. Srrrant's liousc with gas heat. enrnRc and outdoor s lorn ETC. This home has n,eiT roof nnrf in top rnndilfnn. Can't he dupliealcd for twtre Ihf scllinc priro. Kvlra lari;e lot, cliotrt neighborhood. Priced for quick s^Ie. SEE OR CALL JOHNNY MARR Phone 2596 BODY & FENDER REPAIR SERVICE Kxperl in taking (he dents out of accidents, Homer-Wilson's body & fender repairmen do the job with a precision that assures you of satisfaction. And, of course, you ran pay on easy budget terms. Remember that. If you have the misfiirlar'.c *o get your car smashed up, give us a ring. That'll take one worry off your mind. HORNER-WlLSON Ro«k«t Ph.>n. 2651 Used Cw Lot - Phon. 61H * ON EAST MAIN SI. *

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