The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEN Many Expecting Inflation Ahead Trends Throughout r ~-.N.9t'on Support Newest 1 Prediction NEW YORK, Bee. IS. <AP>—Many observers believe that Wnlr Street, Washington and Pittsburgh—and apparently Main Street too —''ore -betting on Inflation ahead. Brokers report that the public Is coining into the stock market, and that there is a noticeable shift from bonds and preferred.^ to the buving of common stock-both trends'us- ually considered Indicators of imia- around the country. Washington is drafting uexl year's budget—in a financial almosphero niled by deficit financing, which means the pumping of new money into the business stream. Washington also notes that Installment credit is rising and that the authority to apply curbs has lapsed. And low interest rates and P.ISJ- money are still prime policy at the treasury, In spite of federal reserve criticism. All these are listed as inflationary. Pittsburgh sees stee! prices going tip, and figures that the steel companies wouldn't have taken thai step unless Ihey are betting on sustained steel demand in (he months ahead, and on general business speed-up such as accompanies the first phase of a new inflationary spiral. Would Bring New Kikes Steel being an essential raw material for about 40 per cent ol American industry, a price rise there can only mean higher production costs all along the line. Even if j competition forces some absorption' of the hike by steel processors, there seems bound to be some price rise to the consuming public for a multitude of goods in daily use. And In other cases, such as antos. where price declines had ben anticipated in the months just ahead, the increase of sa to $10 in the steel used in making a car, may halt the planned price cuts for cars. Already the appliance makers arc talking of raising their prices to meet the increased stee! charges. More Important, possibly, are the Indications that labor will use the stee! price hike as the springboard for asking pay hikes. The United Auto Workers (CIO) Union says it mil ask General Motors for a wage increase and for better pension and health insurance plans than it got from Ford. Steel workers seem sure to use the steel price hike as an er- cuse for starting the iifth round of •wage-price boosts next year. Until Inflation gets well underway, if It does, the cost of living wiJl show little of Us effects. That is because much of it is based on farm prices, and commodities continue to slide slowly it jerkily down. Rents, however, seem likely to rise. The textile market shows some strength again, so that clothing prices may not decline as much a.s some once hoped. BI.YTIIKVIU.K (ARK.) COURIER NRWS couldn't pay him bsick. Hiick lo (ltd St-ahs Jlr <Jot'S On hi.s -,1,-jiy to uork tin 1 s»U yming nmn iict-idcil he'd ]inu- t" a-^k lor a raise 1 to mo;ip hi* Jinainn'.s. Hut should IK;? He d:i>[)pcd a pnuiy in the ilniK store M-uUv. ami yot bucrk a ctii'ii .saying: "You arc faithful to your employer and Uke prttlc- in doliiK everything: coii.siriejitioii>Jy and to perfection," ReJrcve<f, he hit (lie l»«••-* up ini- rncdisitcly, iiJid the hu,-.s .-aid: "Yon liCftainJy me v-ortfi more money, .son, hut not here, As a matter of IJK-I you arc fnivl. Your uhocfc wUl be in tht 1 innil ihu jith'nioon," Ti cmfoliiv and m^^orablp, the y<*iijm m it n ran foru-k to tlie drug store. Hi? iiteptM'fE on rhc ^ctlc.i. ft-'v- t*i tsiily ,-pjt i ehfd Iji.s jjor/irt.s and found-- one hist pt-imy. He tl/opjicd il in Ihe .slot. Nothing happened. 'J'lio yoini^ man .sliook t)se mn- chinc. Thfii he bn«an 10 .scream and (.o kick ii, Thon -some 1 cnp.s cuinc and Sield him. And clicn uso men hi ivhJic t-sme »nd put him iti a .straiijiitket ajid trundled linn off tu a iJ.sychopatluc ward, .still .screaming, 'Die diu»nisi went O;-<T to (he nnt'hine and rajipfd on it lightly, Om dioppi'cS u card. H sitid: "Yon will .MXHI havt 1 an opportunity to travel. If you do not 140, yon will mixs a thrilling advenmre." Moral: Advice is usually worth fusl whiu it casts. SANTA GETS A TICKET—Part-time Santa Clans Vincent Dombrose of Cleveland, O., ran afoul of a parking meter ami got a ticket for overtime parking. Like any ordinary citizen, Santa is seen paying his fine lo June Kelly, a trolfie 'division clerk HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Penny Oracle Machine Fails to Hefp Confident Youth Solve Life's Issues Hy Hil Koyle NEW YORK. Dec. 19. 'AM;- Once uj>on a time there a young man who ivas a tower of strength. I'.e had the stride of a panther, his cheeks were ruddy with health, his grip was firm. He'nevrr got upset over trifles. When his acquaintances become disturbed by the weiRlr. of their private worlds and sought the balm of the psychiatrist's couch this sent jeered: ~ i "What a of dough. Why | don't you solve your own problems?" Bnt he never told thorn the source of hts own inner .serenity—which was a weight, machine in a driiK store near his office. This macinc- nge oracle told him all he felt he needed to know—for one red cent. Did some small trouble vex him? He stepped on the scales, slipped in a penny—and out dropped a card that gave him his weight and said: "You have an indomitable will power enabling you to overcome in triumph many trying eircumsian- ce.s." That restored his confidence at, once. Did he feel a little jaded and weary? The mechanical diplomat gave him its penny answer: "A proper selection of food will help you physically." ! Whatever the machine told him Appliance Says Has so modi leasure been for to do, he did. He hail ab.-olnle faith in il. And he wa.s as happy as a flea in a dog pound. Alwls r'rclty Girl And then a number or llmrsK happened lo linn in a row. He met a prctly girl <m a Ijlillil date anil won- ilered whether he mnthr. to marry her. He put il up u> the machine. "yon Imvc a .strong intuition which nilen causes you ro iv,im the rif-'br opinion of people at first sight," ii said. So ho popped the question, the girl .s:iid yc-.s, and lie s;avc a $1.5(10 engagement ring. The same day a uiHMle-aeecl man at the rlesk next to him put n proposition to him: "Ix»k. I've yot a cinnce to make a u'iil killing on a one-in-a-lifetime investment. Lend me SI.OOO for a Heck ami I!! double it for you." OIK slipped our buddy and relayed liis problem lo the machine H replied: "Yon will stick to your friends even if the whole world is against! them. A friend has a real pal in j you." i So lie drew out hl= last Sl.OOt) from i the bank ami loaned it to his friend. , The m.v. week his sin ran off with another fellow, taking along ! hi.s $1,500 ring. And the "pal" he had advanced the Sl.COO to confessed he had last it an a horserace and j •zf'Z'itiif'z-s'i'Zf'tifftzfjizint'; ! /s' ' »*, *' 42,795 Vehicles Use New Bridge in 29 Hours •MEMPHIS. Ore. Hi. <..\/>t—.4 local of -12.7!I5 vehicles rros-cd the new Memphis and Arkan.sns Bridge here l)clwccn'll:17 a.m. Saturday and 4 p.m. yestci<i;iy. Tills was the recorded fisure of au'.oiualu- counters. A;;i M'.CoirJ of Little Reck reported. McCord U district .supervisor for thu traffic divi- Month of December, Plus The Name of Simpson, Seems to Mean Romance NKW YORK. Dec. 19. 1,7-1 — The name Simpsrui and the month n f December combine (o spell "romance." On Dec. 11. lo:«i. King Kdward Vlir of Great Britain abdicated his throne to many the former WallLs Warfield £iii)|i'o» of Baltimore Mayor William O'llwyer of Nc« p York last .vpck nnn-junced that he would marry Sloan Simpson fashion in Smart. FJa.. on Tuesday. Like the present Oiic-Iiess of Windsor, (lie mayor's intended bride Is a di'/onee. And in this country to marry Mrs. Romanic Simpson, another cli- voneo, Mime (inio nc x | year is HIP MK,-<,ljr.,s of Miifoni ),„„,„. , TO , m| co.iMn of die »,ike of Windsor •Mrs. Simpson is a native of Hoston. EDSON Continued from Page 8 this h-Piul points to their unluslrv's ~e to* of home-heati,, B 'I'V Kxiirrls Color Colorful Sillier Is i Television experts now believe that when color TV comes the 1 programs may not be continuous ; color, mark and white subjects may be interspersed, where color -ulds nothing to the show, a.s in a dance band program. Also, .showmen point out that mapazine.s nosv carry color < advertising w ii), black and white editorial matter. So why shouldn't television follow this same formula? sion of the Arkansas Highway "DC- partjnent. | The slant four-lane Mi-slssippi River bridge was dedicated Saturday. MONDAY,_ DECEMBER IS, 1949 Good {not sweet) vf e original DRY Beeri',^' 'M sr.oois, >M0 ft -' .' KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. "THE SYSTEM OF THE FUTURE" hanger brings into your home lh« amozing 45 rpm lyilem, the new wonder of tho world of music! Completely automatic changer— world's fastest! Ployi through your present sell • Pl°yi the cmoling 100% di,lortlon-fr« 4i rpm recordt! • Playt up lo 10 record, cl on. louch of a bulton-up lo SO minulei of », od|U,l. « No itorage problemi— oil rttordi or. convenient 7-inch ,i i[ «| (Con ploy ., lono o, ofdinory 12-inch!) • Non-breokobl. record,) Woor up lo len hme, longer. • Virluolly no iurfac« noiiel ... end 45 , fm ,, f ,,i, „. ( olv ,, MJ| , , (J , t clanlcl .nly 95., ading! No poil, or clomp, I, il olh.ri, 65| (plu, , x< r,, Adams Appliance You con gel more them 1000 45 rpm record titles right now.' Others pouring out all the time!.. .featuring "the \tcirs who make Ihe hils..." and "Ihe world's greatest ortish..."! Ge! Iliesyslem of Ihc future NOV/ price — en[oy unmatched listening pleasure! 20B-20.S West Main -1. W. ADAMS, Mcr S •2lJ.?.:i3,U m nlth GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR HOC SHO M PI N ST. i, l.ivcr and Gall Bind- upset. Tongue coaled, Had i breatii. Had taste. You have I licartbiii'ti, gas and dizzy j spells, gas in yum bowls, may i press upon your bladder, cans- i»K backaches. Getting up at ! niKhts, pnius in your !es;s. arms, yuu Icel dizzy, nervous, j irritable. : XU-AIO Contains Iwenly-twd; ; herns that help to jfo right to ' work on the catise. Misorablo people soon [eel different, so j do not go on suffering. Gel XU-AID - Sold a; mvi.'.MS nuuo i Dell. STORK, Blythrvillr NOW Bring the Kiddies! DOLL STROLLER Mndo of lieavy-gauge steel. Styled after A real baby stroller. Fi»_ • ished in pretty pink md cr** m baked enamel. - $XSET HIM UP IN BUSINESS with a A business of his own . . . In bis playroom! Oars can be serviced on the g;is island. Gasoline pomps actually hold water. Elevator hauls c:«rs to second .loor for storage. Auto laundry really holds water. And there's a. lift for lubricating c.irs. Complete with car and tnick. Group Your Toy Purchases on Our Layaway Plan . . 98 IX)okK and acts like a real llv« y-f She drinks from her bottle and wets. Soft rubber. DOLL HOUSE with FURNITURE One of tlrs most fasclniting do!l houses you'vo ever seen! There are sir rooms and an upstairs terrace — all Trith beautifully designed plastic fumlturo — a total of 32 pieces In all. Entire house ia 12% inches high and 23 Inches In diameter. $1.00 Holds it on Lcypway TYPEWRITER [98 It actually types. Has realistic typo anti space bars, roJIor typ* selector, paper roll Self-hiking. 1 Give Him a Reai I Western Style ! COWBOY SUIT ] Just Hko the suits cow-punclicrs ; weir! ImiHios pnir of chaiis : m.-vtchin g vent. bright-plMa cot| ton llanncl shirt, cawboy [ Irat, kerchief, tic-holder g? 95 POOL TABLE Folt-corarett table complete with 15 numbered bails, on« ji In in hall and two __. wood cues with rubber C '5 •k Bell Rings •& Sparks Shoot Marx "CannonbaJI Express" 6-UNIT MECHANICAL FREiGHT Powered by a. long-nmninir. clock-spring motor inotivc, tender, coal car, Unit car, bo! car, cabo track and crossover. j ADDING MACHINf A tftacltor. Ea-J' to operate. Adit nnnHicrs from all four slot?' •! 79 Totals at bottom. /' I ELECTRIC STOVE with Utensils Actually heats . . , *l but can't burn tiny ^^ fingers] Efinippcd wilh frying pan, two saucepans. TORNADO RACER Has air compressor type motor. Speeds .lions; at about 15 Mpn — run* 125 t 0 lr>0 feet. Sonndo like a *T1 Qft real motor. ^J| 4 4» PLAY TABLE, BENCH Lot 'cm btili,i things! AIUte«l table. Wooden mallet, peg,, blocks, tuning boird an! irailj. SHOP AND SAVE AT FIRESTONE! 0. 0. HARDAV/AY "07 W. Main St. BJvtheviMi

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