The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1931
Page 3
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THIUSDAV, JUNK Talkie Version of Dreiser Novel Wins Critic's Praise Offers Cheap Power Rates As Inducement tor clustries at Corclelc, In- BY FOSTHK EATON Uiillfd I'rrxs SlslY .roiTrsiwmlMil COHUE(,LE. an.. June -I.—(UP) — After ten months of continuous op- ei-alton ol the Crisp County liydro- eleetric power plant, management of the project, has launched a campaign to widen its availability to users of electricity. , "We are oimiuing here a demonstrated success." Einmelt S. Kills- brew, designing engineer .of the unique county-owned development, tokl (he United Press in a general discussion' of the project. "We arc grossing $100.000 ammnl income on our outlay of $1,250,000. sulllclL-nt to pay operating expenses, on bonds, and leliic a part of the principal." The new campaign, inaugurated this month, embraces eight weeks of national advertising to induce KLYTHEVJU,R. CAKK.V COURIER NEWS who died shortly before waters of nu;sts of Mrs. Jennie Howe Sattir- fo- GlrnrdMit 11 10 rant river were Uimed Into day. ! will enter Toarhm'Ci the generators. ( Oills Powell left Smnl.ry for St PAOB THRElv rhllli|is Holmes and Irvinjt 1'lehel are shown herr ns tlii'y jiiijK-ar in tlic i-ouilrnnin svelle uf tin- vcrsinn of 'rhi'Odure I)reispi-\ novi-l. "An American Tnifcdy." Brown's widow, carrying on In hit t l.ouls niter *i ho 1 .- : summer sealon. Mi. nnil Mrs, whrre llivy College for the natch und a lendfi 1 In the cont!nu:>.l I prosecution of the "county power" projei't. t-'u'M interest payuu-nts C-M the piiblii' bmcfs flculnl with wni-.-h to roiistriu'l the plum v.;is met bv .. a SUO.OOU iinnii:il comity tax V'l'y. i 'A which L'nxlnc;>r Kllli-ljr <\: said ul- limak-l)' will be discontinued. Max Kfliy o: stead, has become editor of the JJIs. jj,: 1: ,i for tr«tmem. i sioel, were KUPSU ol Mr. n m[ M, FTiiyti Sociely—Personal The flf St(.-- 1!V DAN 'fdilMA.S N1CA Service XWi'.^r HOLLYWOOD.-A i.nv '.seiks ago Mr. Tlieorfovc Dreiser !:eni ui> some „,„ aboul ,.„„, „„ , m . new induxlries lo settle in this movies wel - e do j llg , o I)is , H . t ,„.,.. (o tcrplece. "An American Tingttiy." iie /(ilk in love with one of the l-'lrls In his department. An ailair ensues. Then he falls In love '.vith wealthy society girl. He wants to county tax-free under certain conditions, lo enjoy what Killbrew asserts is "the cheapest power rales In the United Sloes." the campaign also includes an effort to induce greater local use of electiicity, es- l>ecially for healing purposes. "Our present rate of operation is only one tenth of the capacity of our development," Killbre-.v said, "so that we have a brorid basis on which lo build in future. Ulitmale- ly, we believe, we can make an entire elimination of taxation, nay on* the ccst of the plain by its own earnings, and run our county business from Ihe normal income of this undertaking—the only county- owned power plant in America." Compared with the annual >>ro;s income of $100,000 which Killbrew said Ihe plant is now prodncinx. the Georgia Pov.-cr Company, for- ]nol)]ei . { A hp _ . know how to do it. So he lakes her He would go lo jourt m an eflcrt i boating on a lake, the taji tip: to prohibit the pi?luve being MiO'.vn. said Ihe author. Not being an au'hc-r, v.e couldn't u/der.sland just why Mi. Drt'hor was so upset—especially since, he already had received tl30,.:nn for ihe film rights to his novel. .N'ov: Ui;r. we have seen the picture, even more puzzled over The film. "An American Tragedy.' is just, thin—Just the story Hint came from Drelrcr's pen. .No', ail of the novel is in tile picture—il was loo long for that. Dtit, there is nothing in the film that Isn't in In the book. And to our way ol thinking Director Josef von Stcrn- borg did a genuinely gool job of ttansferring Dreiser's stray to the •nman's missionary union cnti'rlaini'd tlie yoiuu 1 . uuclhiK -of the county Ti!«y evening. With the program ihemo "Youth and Chris; Wurhl Prcgriim", Mhs l.oiene Johnson conducted the: devotional. Miss Helen CJaither talked <m 'Hc-.v Tlie AitlM Forisol Four Colors." the Sunbeam band of C.i- t ruthersviile san' 1 , n son^. ftayinoiul | IXutyherly leuttered si>rciul mush-. Hev. Mr. Sndler, of S(oeh>. 1 and a prayer was [!ivf-li by J. W. Ciunilngham. A!lr-r the auxiliary reports. jMIss Unene Canlivl played a ptiiiui ;>lo. Miss Allre Luten read ''I Morning Mail," a .viulln selection was Riven by flaymoiul Dnugherty Miss Curlner yave n solo. Mis Car.uvl spoke on "Educallng Baptist Youths in Missions," a playlet Mis* Janice McD«>rr.)olt Is vUil-] C'arl «! B ler Sunday, •nu relative:; In BlyilievHIe tills: *Mrs. Ii. L. Olllx'rl mi:! d.m^iler "'»i ' i< ~ I ''''Huy who have been visis-iiis jvl-' Mis. I). 0. Sinter and Mis. M»- inlives in St. Loiils for llso paM Vek •ii/n H.ilciwiii luu-e reluriu'd, from j hnve returned home ..mils where they hnve been I Mr. ;)m! Mrs. Umar Tlioni'.i-m vi.sit.iii; I<ir Ihe past w,-ek. I niniorod lo Vorkvlllp, Tcmi, Mou- Mi-i. Juinii- Chnpln and <lanit)i-' day wliery they vlMlod Mr Tho-mi- ti-r Ml<> M.nvaici of Kansas fjltv .'.on'.-i inolhei- 'ind either idmv"s !-.'ll .Sinulay far New Madrid wl:eiv Mr. :i .,| M,.,. ( « v ,| c H( . ll!s 0 |' Si -hey wll! b" Kitesls of Mr. ami Mrs. | I/v-:h Mere elites of their parents I. M. Mnini and Mr. und Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J II Fie],!"' "' Hiii-hai-ils. . jw.'t-k-1'inl. Wi>l! IChourl .mil Mrs. Philip | anna of Ciirntlu'i-svlll. 1 Iransict-. .1 business nl Wardell Tuesday. • (• Misil;unes !•'. K. VoMt, Arnolilj- over and he -swims nway leaviin her lo drown. Of course he n foun:i out, is tried for her murder and Is convicted. Phillips Holmes gives ty Tar the best.' iierformancc of his career iu tht lending role of Clyde Gvif- nrc. wv arc mhs. He has done some good Ihinc? li-sjiiiidngs. [in the past but never anyihlnf like .. ...... thl.i prcdue'insi. The story jives him the break. Every incident centers around him. AndjpV he comes through with flyinj; col- ' ( ors. .Sylvia Sidney, who makes he; 1 second appearance on the srrccn In this production, also deserve' any praise, which may be was given by members of the Hay- li Y. W. A.'s and Ihe Rev. D. K l ; 'nsicr t)rotiounced the beiicdtction At U:o noon hour a picnic dinner was served. Those attending from Huyt were: the Hev. .1. \V. Cunningham Mcsdiuik's Maitte Miriin, Charle Martin anil Misses Flora Unsch Claudia Marshall, .liianila I'rovon Thelmu Alexander, G (ncvlovo ' . Mt ^Donald am Kll upon her. As Roberta Alden, Ihr screen. So do the characters d:j I g ir i ;v hom Holmes loved and de- merly dominant, in this field, had ft gro=s income ol SBl.OOO in 1929. its best year. Today, however, its representatives in : .his county admit ttie privately-owned company's rev- j indicates, enue grosses in'.y S7.COO. There are about 1050 users ol electricity in Crij.|> county taking power from cne pnullcly-owncd plant, "their own plant." Killcbrew Georgia ?o,vei- Company, in their pan by giving hnuest per- ! verted, she does some very convinc- : "5J acling. Nor can we overlook yot;ii£ Fran- formances. A good many film fans will not like "An American Tragedy" he- cc .s Dec. the oilier girl. Alinou".- i cause it is exactly what, the title j her Part lacks the oppDrtumtic' . | given Miss Sidney. Frances plays i 1 veteran trouper instead of p I'iUivc newcomer to th • i^uujL-ii. Tlicre is no doubt but whal I the heights to which MLss Dec car " I climb are unlimited. The story, for the benefit, ol those • living plclii-l, as the dislric' T^'" "1, ^ ' ' ' a l Ami our theater-goers have shov.'n : c a preference for lighter produc- [ tlons - * D ""' c no ' re:Ul k is llat o! 1929, served 1,100 customers h;re. but that list has now shrung lo j young man who goes to work in his lew than 150. ] uncle's factory. Despite Ihe rules Just what (Ices it mean in the ! prohibiting department hearts from "tlofiicy. and Charles B. '-"", as Ihe defense attornc-y, als' do some fine work in the courtroom sequence which is the high- Frontier Books In Buffalo Library DUI-TAr.O. N. V. III!')— pub!!r llliiary Im |]iomaiuh> of dol- hr\ uiirlli ot rare books hidden »«.iv in Us shelves, uccordhif! lo Walter ill-own, head llbrurlan. Muni- ni cii'in nro uiulor lock iiml key. lrrr|ii:» unblr histories of Buffalo mill tin- Nlniiiini frontier uri> included 111 lll(! list. SeiLlpllOOks of :iii?i'(!n!i's of Cliovcr Cleveland, Mil. l.uM l-'illtnore nntl Klberl. Ilub'inrd '.!..- fennel aloinisldi; guide book* on Niagara Falls dated as far back a$; 1836, newspapers with 1811 date', lines, nn'd Buffalo city dlrectorlMvl since .1828. .... ; . . >-'J The books 'arc available for ref-~ 1 crcncc to those making n study of- \ fro nl I or history.' 666 \n MQIIID OR TABLETS IMIrves n llrad.ieh* or In 30 mlnulfs, chrcli* a Cold theV llrM day, und cliff ks Malaria' in Dirt* ilsys. . . - -.; JjliB Salve for Haby's Cold : ;1 "An" Is the ti'.imc of 11 town in | S.S.S. gave me NEW STRENGTH — I NOW FEEL FINE Mi:. 11. A. llnimnn und <lnii«h-I . :•! Christine, motored in Momplih That Invcly, nalu Smooth an Satin .11 urday, ». A. Deweese and daughter; I'nii'.st. •ii'y transaeteil busines 1 : at C.i-' known. .I'.li.-rsullc- Mnndny. Mis. B. I. Allen and son. Ivan, .live returned trmn I.utesvllle, MD , i-lii'ir nicy have been with Mrs. \ilcu's father, who Is 111. Vlrijliilii and Jessamin'.' Sunders and MKs Allle Mac Ci'.in- •iini of nraguiuloelo left Monday Invely, nalmal bluom «r rind it in MKl,l.o-tll.O. smoothest fnee pjwder Now I'reneh piv-'r-ss i miikes It sluy on lunger. Colmln.;. I :ipp:-»vi'd by Unikil states i;overi>- ! uu'i.t. blends perfectly with nny cc'JupU'Nloii. No ll.ifcy or pasty i !mik. No iifjy shine. MH1.I.O- 1 OIiO pri'venl!', III-RV iiiires. never '.rilliites siiln. Klrliy Dm;? Co. —Ailv. 8 "My was Mien Lottie lifll 1'iillinm, K n o x v i 11 e , Tom., writes: appetite poor. I hiid lost weight •—WHS IH'l'VOUH unit conlil not sleep well jil night. In my rundown condition even my II Joints aelieJ. ] tonk seven large sirs , botllea of S.S.S. It greatly 1m-;'« proved my condition. My oppetit»"- J . picked up. My weightw»srestored,;.^ nnil I now feel h'nii—in fact, I fcel;<; like u newperson. S.S.S.isasplen- >* did blood tunic and I recommend it'''.' ; to my friends. My mother «I«o'5 took S.S.S. and it renewed htr.--; strength." Von, too, will want tor> Inkc S.S.S. Select the larger ali« {. an II holds double the quantity and '. roprcsculso price savinjr.CS.SAC*;. very Spring take S. S. S. Tonic way of economy to the individual 'associating with those'una'or them. I Wu of the liC customers, operating on this 'cheap-.I . 1. Power Company Cuts llaf* est rate' busts?" Killebcr was asked, anil replied: "Well, take for example the Circle Theater here. Its manager telb us that before we bsgan operating, his average monthly bill was $125.- His liill with us. for what he says is the same identical amount of service, averages 545 lo S50 a month. "Elder's Service Station, formerly paid S40. now 519. "Harris' Garage, rormerly $50, now $40 to S35; •"for their own money is li"d nn ir county-owned plant, Georgia Power it. it is a dc-,nonslrat»d"success Company cut its rates Leloiv even \ financin and holds the the low rale of the new plant, but ; tialities of'h-ading Crisp county cn- htigation now is pending by which | Urely out of the held of direr!U"tile two rales in this county are tc Uitlon " poten- ity en- be similar. At tl-.e level" of the, rnmniptinn ^- •• eouniy-owned plant which w-is' com P Ic1tl °" °' l " p P'nnt las' consideralily Bstow Ihe ^aiH^ I ^L?™* 1 * t0 a dosc a *° g Georgia Power rate at tnc timn u • « . • i - T tmcr rat;;s n " a i was first applied. , ^ lal c ', a ' '"dependence for Crisp i .,.-. , . ' county first, opened by Charles F ' _0urjicor>1e s.nipyjnustjiatron- . Brovm, late editor of the Cordelf To meet the competition of this izc their ownjUanl^Kilicbrew said, i Dispatch, daily afternoon pane- Ttie Epworth league of Peml suol ami New Madrid counties ha; a meeting nt the Hayll Mcthoilis chinch last Friday nvrnlng, :it tcndsd by repicsentnlives from the leagues in the group. 'I'll principal speaker was Miss L'orne] Wade, of Maiden. Mo., Miss Mar; Catherine Ravemtein rendered [ihino solo, Mlstes Jessie Rineai and Grace Rdwe nang two vocn duets. Harold Hurress, of Chicago, who is visiting his mollier, Mrs. Mabel Burress at llayll, was ths guest ol honor for a picnic at Chute Sixteen Tuesday evening. The out ol town guests were; Robert Uulllng- ] con of St. Louis, and Miss Normu Holt, of Braggadocio. * * • Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Howe and childicn of Cape Girardean were gncots of Mrs. Jennie Howe Simy. Mrs. George Method of nlythe- ville visited her sister, Mrs. 1. D. McOermott Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Alexam'e: of Parma, Mo., nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. Louis Hirsch of si. Louis were A Fashion Round-up for Dude Ranchers Everybody's "dude-ing tliis | rtoublo brown lenthcr fringe finish, yd £pt nway fro'.n the Central Park summer, with train loads of rmt- | Its Dockets are brcnvn leather, too erners headed-fur the great, open and so is thr belt. The wais'.eoM spnees to Irani Die three U's of | worn over any polo shin, is Indian r.inch lifp—riding, roping nnd 1 rest- | bCRdlng rieli and lively In its bright picture by (tanning a gaudily-printed sateen shirt ih colors you can see miles across the desert mid lopp'.ng it with a unlstcoat of cow- htcte nltli the brown and white s ing. Bill you musl dude il with I.-ymbols. The bnols, always ire pride chic, (or there's a complete fashion; of ihe real cowgirl, are hand-sewn I nf Hereford used decoraliveVv/Tni's rounn-t:p for western wear. ; i,, ornamental design. Tli= sp m -s|i 5 the ccslume shown second from Just what the best-dressed dud- arc solid silver. ! n, n right ellss and dudines will wear will de-; If you are a "regular follow." yo -,i j If you want to be so all-drcssed- pend. somewhat- upon their love ot! will wear an outfit as nearly like up-th.-u-you-don'i-know- where' -lo- the piclurc.«qiie. their preference . the cowboys as passible, with kha- i go you can buy one of t lifer skirls or trousers and to just ] ki trousers stuffed into gayly dec- they design just for easterners and what extent they Intend indulging , orated boots, a silk shirt in khaki | at a fancy price too, consisting of n love of the barbaric, of which the color, a silk bandana around your cffele east has always been suspected, If you insist on skirts, let them be coulctte like this trim tan IvffA, thnwn Bt Hie Icfti with It; neck and a 3-gallon hat. Since there is no denying ridln» breeches are pretUer on a girl than trousers, you can wear beigo whip, cnrd hrceclir's. Inn rlrtlnu hoo'* and Jodhpurs, a shirt and standing collar and Hun tip. a while kid waistcoat, richly embroidered in bright blue, .black, yellow and pa!e blue with long, fringed gaimllejs of same. BILIOUSNESS CLEARED UP may show itself by a coa(cd tongue, bad breatli, headache, s['0ts bofnro tlm oyen, ili/7,1- nrotnpt icllt-f may bo pxiK-i-tt"] from taking TiK'.lfor.Vs n::ick-]>r;n;t;ht. "Whcrs I £<->t IjEMoii.s I h:jil :i Uid n.ito In iuy inonlli, ;in-l Hii-rt sf.vrc i'S tliat r»»t me lu IH-I|." wiiu-s Mrs. Armrv ("opoliiint, An^t-nwin. S. (,'. I felt lii-iu-r :iri'-r' tlfklnt,- it. Hl.-ick- Onui^'ht rt-rtalnly Is .1 givnl mnllcln'-." It wniilti isnt hnvu Ix-t-ti tisr-l so ]oiu:. di- by <iij in nny, if It wasn't rv:iHy i;<io.i. fu-i a iiif pncknec ai Uic T K E i> r o K D store. BLACK- TgRAUGHT For CONSTIPATION INDIGKSTION. BILIOUSKtSK Each I Sunday MEMPHIS ANT) RETURN GOING—Leavo niythevillc at 5:-f8 A. ^f. Sunday. RETUnNING-Leave Memphis : late as 11:20 P. :«.. same day. ROUND TRIP PARK From Blythcville Don't Rasp Your Throat With Harsh Irritants "Reach for a LUCKY instead" - Th« great Lord Tenny ton In a beau* tiful poem refers to a woman's Adam's Apple as "The warm white apple of her throat.!' Consider your Adam's Apple.. Touch it—your Adam's Apple—That is your larynx—your voice box—H contains your vocal chords. When you consider your Adam's Apple you are considering your throat—your vocal chords. Protect the delicate tissues within your throat. Be careful in your choice of cigarettes. Don't rasp your throat with harsh irritants» Reach for d LUCKY instead. Here in America LUCKY STRIKE is the only cigarette which brings you the added benefit of the exclusive "TOASTING" Process, which includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays, ft is this exclusive process that expels certain harsh irritants present in all raw tobaccos. These expelled irritants are sold to manufacturers of chemical compounds. They are not present In your LUCKY STRIKE. And so we say "Consider your Adam's Apple." Including the use of Ultra Violet Rays Sunshine Mellows —Heat Purifies Your Throat Protection—against irritation—against cough Dance Orchestra, every TK«day, ThtirtJay cind Saturday evening over N. B. C. net. uvrfo.

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