The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NCTTS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION tmrrUom: Minimum rhatjtf Me j 1 Unit per line IS* 1 t tin** per line |*T d»T «e 3 tSmri per tine vtr daj * c I timcj prr Jin* p?r daj 'c 12 limn prr Mn« per day ,., 5r Mnnlh prr lint- *"f Count fir^ aTrr*j;r word* tn Ih* lln*". Ad flrdfffd tni three or sii time* an*) Kopprd before ci pi radon wit! fc' chitRcrl for I he Kiirnter nf Mmrs the art appfarfd and idjtiitment) of )»*LI MX dr. All cUtsLHrA HdvrrtUtnic copr «nb- jnlttrd h.r persons ffOflinjc out (Mr "' thf rhy must h/- .wronipnnini by rasli Katf* mm br <»llj be compiitrd from the atjore t.ibk. AdTrrtJ5inc nrdrrrd fir trr/ful.sT 1r- f<rtir>rn TaVr Ih* onr tlm^ laVTe. So rr *pomlMt!lr br laK'ti fof more thin r>n* infurf rt In<i*ri1on "' * n * All ads are FMtrlrtrri Tr> ihrlr pmp« tliss Iteration, strlf *nrt Irpe. Thf For 5a/«, Misc. Cocker Spun]?) pups. CftJl Roity Holland »t 29X4 fiifi pk 2t 7'jthl* tap lo. Th «712, P.I" pk 24 j the rttht *dlt Notice Card of Thanks Wf u-lsh in rxjirps: our PL for the nianv bcuulfnl flrv,' 4-pifC* living room Milie A- A-pif^c b*droom £ii Ite, Ex reliant rnnrtltlnn Can be f-ern At 41 A*- Court At«o 8 fl. rrfrlKf'fttor with n 5 ST. Bimrantee. Can be fern nl 32* S. LUIS'- 9 H iik zn So()loml>or Sale Miitih 1105- J'.iinl and E. C. Robinson Lin*, Co. 9 12cfc 10 12 Stark Bros, roses, shrubs, ' fruit nud shadn (coos. Phone 3857. So. Hiwy, fil, Kairview • Aero.-. fl 3 pk 10;3 j Ornrery More, Including lot. b'UM- Inc. Motr*. fixture* and IMng nn&r- Flrr-Bi(ral*r pmor p;M«-s Vault dootn mj- ftee at rflrtorj prices Frrieht patd Ph. <097. B2J i>X 02;! Sff-rt hnrlpy any amount. Not park fd. I? hn Jam PA \V P<-ry. StcHe, Mo . you Mr, Rnd Mn. W. B Slurn. Eivrl r Pkffn & (amlly. w P m- 1 * A- Family. 0 19 * i Whll« out] Sons. 633 W Mum. ]>h 3. 2 2!) rV. It and -'^usED COMBINES! Apartment for Rent , If you need a pood used self- ! _ ^ - ; propelled combine . . . sne us 3 rm, unfiirn. ant , pvt li^th. h"t ,. f ,, •• — - — --,15 first. Choose from MHSSC.V- : supkio_2 Harris. Inlnnmlional llnrvos- . tor, John Dcerc awl Case. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Hiway 61 Phono 2M2 TJndirnlshfd 3 room apt. (M3 H"!\rn. • Ph. 3731. P 17 pk 20 Th. 3!^. 9 17 rk 10 17 n. apt. 1304 Hcarn. Ph 9 IS pX 22 plrc. kttrhrn. On main. Conplo e!nsle. Pb. day 2671—after 3 Of) -,T4.W 9 L« p'K 3 room furn. or unT'irn nnartmrtit- lo-'e In. Ph- 3MS. f) n pX 20 7our room inotlpm film. Apt, Newly rfecoratprf Phnne 2-»32 or 32M. 9 2 tf Modern cahlna nnrt RpartmniiU Ix^st Boy Court. Phone fl951 Cnnpks only 8?3 ck 1023 Nicely furn. upl., pvt rntrRnrr New tefrlgtrdtor. UUIULes. 100 W. Ky, 17. 8 30 pk 0 22 rm. unlurn. »pt. prt. tiaih. Riito- tlc hot water heiu*r. Ph 3:(2is B20 c>: 9 20 Modern 2 room fur, npl Fh. 3.S95 or 4M* 3.M ck If Modern apt. 3 rooms anrt bslh, n^w- V dccorRt«l. good rarnltiire. KA» rqulp- Bifint, Ph. 3373. r, Slrnon, 9,3J ct If Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single, 114 West Ash Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Services Try our deUr.nipRr.rn npf-cLnl*—Barhft- CUP ribs and, chickens — plnil«nio cheese — hum SAlarl — chlcXen fifilnrt —Cole slsw — p pin to enldd. We will cook for vour sporlal rtlnimr or parly, Cal] and a^k XIR for prlrr.v Cecil Low* Orocerj Phnrte «97 9,17 ck 10 17 Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-Day wrTtcft on Jftwftlry— 3 rifty.i on Walchftn anrt rlnck.i Oitarftntccd •fork done bj eip«rt rrpalrjiicn Low«t "PAT O'BRYANT Main i Second Plans-Estimates for new cotutniclton. rpmixlellnE or OH O. 1. LOAM3 O OBUOAT1OK Phon* Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. 5-M-lf EXPKKT REFRIGERATION 7 REPAIR SERVICE Tor quick. O«PIT| rrnke on Mr con- UllonlnR rpfrtgrrAllorv Rnrl Rpp^l»nco^ > . C^Il ftMrt or «084. 6HOFF RF.FHTGKRATIO.N CO 84 <J 30 HIN'IJTT rHOTOSTATKJ SKRV- -C¥ O'STSEN'S STUDIO. Hi \V. XIAIN Guarantor! pl^nn ['mine anrt repair. C&M 3071 dar 2r.. r ,9 iilplils 5 ?rt l( S;ive Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON Jk SON FURNITURE CO. 017 W. Ash Ph. 2552 1-2 rk ir ANTI-FREEZE 10% OFF Nn» J s Ihr timr to jrl your r;ir rnaily for utnlpr. I'hilUlu ruls llio frier of iirrm.inriil-lypr anti-rrcczp HI will „<>< cvaimralp In «arm urallwi ihirln; lh<- iiKinlh of Srplnn- n<T. Lot in sol your ,,,nlin c systrm uri-purr.l for rol.l woath- or. We'll .Iraln an ,l nnsli II, r rarll.llor. rl.prk all limn ron- linrH,,,,, (,, r lea),,, rhprh „„ lvalnr ,„„„„ a|1(] Inst3|] • nli-frpp/r.. Hon'l wait. Do It nr>« v ,hilc «c have plenty ompanu •* 300 Broadway p hone 4453 DON'T DELAY Get Your Mayralh Bean Loader NOW! Jack Robinson Implement Co. ille, Arkanwa — Pltwit M71 .^ A- Mnrlt. Will i or rn^n. Used one flp.Mvoii. TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS ^L^«".*,'>'»" CO. for Sale H. W*lnn< rnont jj«j Plenty of Parking Space Lucian Gaines Ftirnilurr Co. Mnriprn 2 film, ^t a Phonp RniS : homr complfK-ly -US Holland fit' '1 whnel farm \vajjon on rubber. Phone 2284 or .see, it at 230G Kenwood Drive. form Loans Wanted fntni Loans Wanted nm; not r-n:tn-p your [iri--:.f|U (1^i c at pnyincut wu h un Rp|ir,iir;nl |r e . nialc.i l.nnd Co Plvlhpvlllo. Ark. Offirf Phone ,Tf23 \V T. narnr-tt Russell E Rlnlc* n 11 <-x ion LUXURY ITEMS $476,000,000 THEY'RE TOPS IN THE TAX PARADE-ln Ihc foc.,1 1952 w'hich ended June 30. U,,c),. Sam's Treasury colleclo.l a rc« r d- breakmg S64.S70,000.000 i,, laxei b ul .sliil „,„ $.1,000.000 000 deeper m l).n red because or inour.lmg expenses. Ncwscharl above shows n 1 -,r-,?i' aJOri r'"' £OU '' CCS ' W " h ""° r "'" •'° hn Q ' Cili '' Cn '"«l"« «h« psratle. His income and employment taxes in fiscnl I9°i2 were almosl S7.UOO.OOO.OOO higher tlian tl,e $20.500,000,000 collMled the yf.'ir before. for Rent ? rm. hou.ce. Phon-- fillfl 9 iq pk 26 Trade your old "fiirnilure n,"J" tnr , n 1!S 1 S 1I V. n !Sr" ! ' """ !l 10 pk 23 I Tw " "n. heiuw. Pnnly . S. l.Ulv. Pli. 10CI. for-new. I will buy yourj Wlll „„ Iw „,„ „,. ,„,„ old iuniitnre. Farmers lernis Th™ »r« won »titbii>h«i 'h..s(ii^" M ' '/2 down, balniice in (ho fall. '^t^S^^. !^ 0 ^:; Formerly Arnold & Raines. | N I W "- . o II pit 7.1 -IIITck tf model Chevrolet , seats 2!l passengers. School ]„._ ,, .,, .. ... ;. riiiKiwooii uonrs. ^jisiii. t o bus type. Blythevillc C.n.rh f . J0 . pcr lm;llUl . 4,,' ncrM oi _ Ctiancpllnr whc^t for snip, 13 nn"~np"r bu. Whittle Gin Co. 3754 DHL 82!) « location in M anil s, Aulo Parts Store. Walkout proposition. ^.5,000 will handle. If interested call Manila 56 or contact HARI.EV RR-\- DE.V, JfANlI.A. P'fi pk 20 STORE FIXTURES I ncltunre Sculp, l--Mrat Rlnrk 1— Akron Stoclc OrlJIi* 1— Pyrrx Cotrte Tlrn 2— Khow- CBF^S 2—rrcxlnrr. Rnrkj 1 — Sc.Tlc 1— Soil^ Kovintnln 1— Cwrbonnlor Connlora .V Shr Boh Flnrrtln Dell. Ark, 0118 Arrr.<-All lintlcr (r for Sale, Real Estate 2 hnrirnoin modern home. Hardwood floors. $Rf>0. down, . . 9 17 10 IT 13 x 18 foot roM -»(oraep Wlih plen- y nf stare room. Goort Tnr <latn- nr irnriMT and OCK husLnc.-;^. Cf\ll C^Ht ^wf. 1.S97. o , T ^ ?0 S N. Jlh. 0 16 pk •1 rrrnm hnuf tnur nillr^ 0111 on Infer Ronil. Nn tmh. $15 por Pll. fi571 q !3 Insurance Call 4353 For Complete Insurance Proleclion W. J. Pollard Aaency Planned Protection GLBNCTOI; HOTF1, HUILJJlHa n* w A*n a*. Wonted fo Buy REAL ESTATE Farms — City Property LOANS INSURANCE tf Intfrfntrrt In - phis. Blrlh^-r Phone 8962 WANTRD Tons Tin Cans— The e.'iF. brtwrt-n SlkA5ton il? Tin d 'Mem- ON TELEVISION TOMORROW Texas Christian vt, Kansas WMCT — S*(urrfay Afternoon V i> u r General >1ci- lorw dealers, includ- in(( Sullivan-Nelson (Chevrolet Co. of lilyt her i lie, will hrinjr you (he "Television Oame Of The Week" every Radir- day for 11 consecutive weeks. Remember, YOH Can Always Make A Good Deal At' Sullivan-Nelson Cliev. Co. • CHEVROLET • CADILLAC At Wolnut Street and Railroad Iron A- Melal Co Moultiie <fc R R. St. D.ll tr ! ay CASH for jnnr old Ko- ' W* will rtp.ks. r»ineifis .Mill Ipn.irji for part* O'STSSN'3 STUDIO. 115 West Main 12 4 Ck II Wanted miles north of town. GI'X). M. 1,KK, Kealtor J20 W. JUiiu .^~- Plione SOli I !VI8 ck 25 Modern tiedroom housn ninl balh nt DO.} iVtvin Avc Hardwood floors, floor furnace, 50 gal. elec. hot wnlpr hcalpr. Kxtra liirjro lot. This IIOHSC is in pood condition. ,MSOO cash will handto an assumption of loan balance at |52.!iO per month- Possession July 28, owner Ipavinp (own. Modern 'I room house and at 222: i nq [pft In r«nt Cal) room house. Modern con«e-ntencft«. onlet locfttlnn L O. Thompson d21 N " -inklln. ph. 115*. »37 ck tr Female He/p Car Hops. Apply In person Kr^ain K ^^Ue. 9 ;l etc tl rrowM""!';;^: 1 .J'Trrs 'rulnv.tlnn l| ^ fl ^tC(l insMo a.ld Ollt. $ I !- ilirw" n-ll' 1 ' h * lniir r '" T'frmniirnt. pns- 000 CUsll ^^lU poi' lUOlHIl. Al! land irvc! nnrt rlrar of Alimip^ -1 room Bnnpalo housr. hnHt-ln cohlnctK. Help Wanted siiitilcA wanted. Apply at Fnnpht's i In por^nn, « 17 pX 20 Operators Wanted incuts, pajamas and sliirts. kitchen wills dinette hootli. I' ors - ^PP'y at Rice Stix Kac- plns lots of extras. Newly lnl '. v , 21st & .Main. Noble Gill Agency Gleucoe Bklg. Ph. front *.T\ii hirk Inr^f rntilc hnrn IM.ANTKKS !IAI1I)\VAKK r,,,,i'-„., j C,T-t Mf and i mi- r<r CO. offers export repair service on oil stoves and floor furnaces. (>i re;uly for winter now hy rallin^ '!.">]5, today. n ]% ^ jr'j^ s R EA. pn^pr. rais nltl smnkf- Jinn.^. 'tiru-ioi shrd ,\l! ^r. l»,v- house, r.i r --t.f-'l «hrri V. ni||r>i v-is^ri , Ark. T turn! re MI r^irv- Prlr-^f) at tlft.flW ouc- n. Gray 9 1R pk ill 3 \ ill rent to couple only !> IT ck 21 Notice JOHNNY MARR -^-^-.^.•^^-n.v, Ronltor ' v " 1 P.! So. 2ml Phono IM1 Residence Plionr y. r iflfi Marine Borer Control Seen Through 'X-Ray$ r COLUMHUK, O. fypj—Bsitlclle In- ! stitutc r^pons one of inanklticl's' most drstructivp posts is in Enr a • (onph time — thanks to H simple \ dentist's x-ray machine. ! Dr. ClyJr \villi.-iHij: of the Cnluni- I 1>ns insl iml n r.r\yc. mate rffrHive j rontrnl nf doff.-nrtive marine bor- j rr?- and o'.lirr ?vncs of marine darn- | IXKP is in Mcht. "At our North Flnr- I Ida rr.-rarch station, we have fnunri j il piiHsiblr to lakfl pictures of wood | drunace c.iiisrtl by mnriiie hntcrs. j u^-int; n ,siiii]ilp dnnll^t's x-ray nm- j chinr." \\c reported. "This gives us! nn invjihmbln aid for stttdyine wood f pfpprrvatives as they are bcina de- [ vrlrtprrl." A rk.ivrr uncfrrstandlnir of how anii-i DI rn^ivp paints protect 51 fel nnd nthrr mrtnls from .^oa air'and sra wartr is needed, the research Iradrr said. FARM LABOR. Cnn \j« Ervcml fam- Htps for <l\jr labor or fiharerrop nn land In ,rrffpt?.on County itint produces ] ^ balpj! nn nrre without f^rtllLzer; »ny tlmo now to Januftry. Good schonls. Or,firi Iiouwt, eleclrlclty. R*> S ular day work: ^50 per (lay and up. Write Box K-T, r , Co'.tttcr Nfiws. g 16 pt 20 A r a rant room to ii5e for storing turn, foe nine months. ifii4 W. Hparn. 9 13 pk 22 Nylon Armor for Vehicles Considered by Military KUALA LUMPUR, Malaya W) — Military authorities in Malaya arc rmisitli-nng the use of nj'lon armor on vrhirlOK. a spokesman at array hrar](|iiarUrs discla^cd. N'vlnn anno]', reportedly n^ori with effect in Korea, was not strictly bullet-proof, he said. A bullet fired at short- rsinge would go right thrnuKll it. "However." he Mid. "we think It may lie ncvsible lo usefully employ it as a menus of armoring vehicles. RecniiFi: of its greater flcAibiiity it may be possible to use several thlck- nesse.s of it to provide an armor cnnnpy [nr a vehicle." He sniri nylon armor was rtesien- r-fl primarily lo eiv« protection acains.t shell splinters. FOR SALE Concrete eulvprts, 12 Inch t<i 48 inch, plain nr reen.orcert. Also Cnnrrfte Building; Blocks chrap- er lhan lumber for barn*, chick- pn hnii5i*5, pump houses, tenant hniiMs, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for fret estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phcin* 601 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed B«at Prices Kirby Drug Stores Childrws EXPERTLY REPAIRED H-flLTCRS JUflLITY SHOt-SHOP iH w. MS IN ST. :o. Int «nrt T.V Set 712 E ROM ._ 9 a pk 12 ; THF FITA .V I . P TAN'OS i*y pr.. 2071. niRh! 20,S!> : ^," r Dfi Ck 10 f> ,-., 1 o.( P u nn-' vrvir Fullrr T ?nn Hrnt'-v St niythr- | vine, ,\rk TrJcphonf Ri^S <i 9 pk 1(1 9 j The neulv-horn tonparoo is nnlv | nbont nn tnrli Inn*' nnd is <=rmi- ; ti^T.spnirnl as nn rurth'.vornv ( Tn some area? of South Amprlca C-onl was first ininrd from tho ihp prayme mnntis prr>\vs so larce crounrt of Spit,sbprc;cii m' thar il nir;irks nnd eat-S small frogs. 1 ii^wrris ^tiri birds. i)( _ ^ WAT.I. PAPKK it PAINT j^/^'T^^s^Wio^^^nf:) K. C*. knULVSuX I.RR. C(^ AlFAIFA SEED New Crop OKLAHOMA APPROVED RETAIL 46c PER LB. " NO WEED SEED BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 1800 West Moin St. Phone 856 Blythevillc, Ark. E. M TERRY I-^rco frr>n - -?.1KI -21,T1 [ Klfrhrn ^n ? !f ric ?.( i ''^ nf (fnrf*i: Private Rooms v>m. Ariiolnlnr ha'h Mr-rir- 5 ionn In hflm 'f"nrul e f^f(^n in nivth"vi!(r *^V\-IUT trivinc foivi P F Kleor, nn H<---xrn rn -iirt or ^fiOS o ]i , v; 1* For Sole Cnrs & Trucks ! -.,:, A nlrx- bfrt.-wiM), prr tr-^fh ^nr( «-ti- ranrr- riotf i n p}, ^,^J fl jri ir -NOTICE- We want to foan you a Garber Power Seeder to sow your Fail cover crop seed, if you buy your seed from us at competitive prices. \L'.-i, We Can llnmllo Your Government Loan 1'jiiier. For Further Information Call A. A. HARDY 7(15 Clear l.akc Avc. ; l:'+ri IntCi MjtMOn.l! IrnrK= 1r.j n,rt ILI "'^. • - ^'. l^n\ i'*i. MUllh Hm«l, ; !7«Mr,r. pnrc J75.T ThU Jrsirk UA= < (^> , ln,H.,na. I uHl tl;i,||y loll you iSS ^^ikm P cor,riM«!if E.Tr? 111 ^: hl>W ' E<> ' Hil " f " * T "" ««> • r-Mlor fnr u^' 1 Tr^^lor ". *;r>n «t r '.i o i 1 flcr siiffrrinc over -5 vo.irs.— j 55 Rnlllnnn. ^S V. nroarlway Ph .T;I,I H, >1. Unrri^nn : n ift pk 3.1 , AltTlllilTIS If ynvi snlfiT "ilh nrltir SO Acres. ;f liodronin aiwl 2 l>a!)i honi^ t.l Ac-i'.-s 0! MivlMlppI cnunty flne.t luncl. Inralod ,-lm- -n ^ nt n...-,,i;,,i ho,n« vlin ^Ice 'hartcrt Int. Idc«] « f i V :p -nothing moif rnuirt Kemp \Vliisonliniit. Koallor I'lione 3-109 . . . a FOR SALE Rr.iulifnl hrirk home on llishw.iy 61 \iirlti In (""utilrj C'luh llrivr- Arlnilinn. This home .1 rtlr.i larcc hfrtrooms. l.irf« rlDsrls In r.irh: l.irqp livlnc room wllh fireplace, rtininjf ronrn. Nf\i (irnrvn kUclipn. nne anrl one-half hallis, utillly rnnm. larse screened (n fronl poreh. Servant's house wllh H.n and outdoor storage. This h»n-e has new roof and hi lop ennilllinn. Can't he diipliratnl for lwle« lh- sellinj; prirr. Kxlr» Urjc Int. ctwice neichborhond. Prirrd for <|\iirk sale. SEE OR CALL JOHNNY MARR Phone 2596 —-^^~—•^^^^^•"••^••^•••1™ Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE Free Pickup & Delivery — Service 2-1 Hours a Day Day Phone 2642; Nighf 8858 No Extra Charge For IVighf Calls FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE 110 S. First lil.vthcvill* ON EAST MAIN 1950 GMC2-T<m S\VB Truck with airbrakes 900x20 tires. Two-speed K xle 1!H!) GMC l«/,-Tiin I.W1! Truck will, „ new $-|AAr grain bed. A clean frnck wilh gootl lircs Ivi/D 1951 GMC 2-Ton SWKTrk., 2 r. r .;!. nvle. 900 ? x2(l lires, cab lights, wonderful cnnrl-llion lil-18 CMC !i-Ton I'ickup with deluxe cab. ? Healer. A clean, low-mileage truck .... 15112 G.MC lon x whccll.ase 1 ^ - Ton Truck ? Good, ruolor, good lires. A mighl.v good price! 1916 FORT) 11/,-Ton Truck ivilh bed. New * paint job. Ooori fires. A real buy at lOlfi FORT) i/ 2 -Tnn Pickup—for the huy of '$ your life come NOW to Horner-\VJl SO n 1950 OLDSMOBfLE WITH ROCKKT ENT.INK If you've brrn planning lo bn? > Kockcl OlcNniobilc, here is x savings nppnr(un(l>-! This "58" 4-rtnnr SriUn has all (he irrr.tsnriM Inclllrtinf wlllle slrtcwAll tlrt-s. 1,r>w milpaRc. City driven. Two-lone cnlor. CHRYSLER \vinilsor flub Coupe i tev.-ly, «ry tif ]t"sT color. A 1 . ctty-ilrivcn c^r. •Tiff, scat covers. tfrc. Xow priced at HORNER-WlLSON EAST — MAIN Rocket Oltlsmobilc — (IMC Trucks Phone 2fl-)S User! Car Lot — Thou* 6151

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