The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1949
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THl NATION TODAY— Better Information, Education Programs Are Needed in Armed Services/President Informed By James .Marlow WASHINGTON, Dec. Is-w-Fourtwn months ago President Truman appointed a committee on religion nnd welfare In the armed services. Since then this committee—made up of educators, clergymen and civilians—has been studying that field. And this week Die nine-member committee made a 59-iiagc report ta the President on the sen-ices' information and education programs The committee said: +- . : ' "A soldier, seaman, or airman can serve his couriers' uith maximum effectiveness only If ho understands his responsibilities ns a citizen and as an individual member of the armed forces, If he appreciates the importance of his personal contribution to the national security. If he is provided with opportunities for education, nnd if he Is kept informed on the major problems and purposes of hip country." So. the committee says, to have the best kind of service people the should be informed on what's ha| penlng, and why, and should D given a chance to get an eriucatio while in service. Arnir Has Best I'rograrn The three armed services—Arm Navy and Air Force — recogni/. these programs. But says the com mittee: ''In general, the whole informa tion and education program doe not operate as efficiently In th field as should be expected and i desired. The effectiveness of th program varies among the services "The most effective program i being earned out within the Ue partment of the Army." The information program include newspapers, films, maps, radio pro grams, and magazine discussions. The education program mean, schooling and correspondcnc courses. But the committee found tha some commanding officers were no taking enough part In pushing th programs and that some were in different. In the Navy, for instance, the committee found "there appears to have, been comparatively little realization at the higher levels" of trie need for study courses ami discussion groups. And the committee complained about a lack of trained people In r~ this specialized field. U.S. Engineers Reject Flood Control Project ' DALLAS. Tex., Dec. 19. r/T) — A suggested flood control project on Palarni Creek In F'ulaski and Faulkner counties in Arkansas ha.s been turned down by the Southwestern Division of the U.S. Corps of Engineers. Final decision In the matter will be made by the Board ol En? for Rivers and Harbors, an agency of the U.S. Engineers. The proposed project .would have Included .construction -'of earthen levees near the month at Die stream and upstream from U.S. Highway 65 near Conway, Ark., to prevent flooding In the creek basin from backwater of the Arkansas River. Interested persons had asked for construction of the fiond control dams to protect fnrm lands from flooding. The division engineer satd the proposed Palnrm Lake, under construction by the Arkansas Game, and Pish Commission, offers the "BOOKIE" — Joseph Edward Kelson, 17, of Home. Italy, breezed through Hie University of Chicago in .10 hours, passing tests that proved he has the equivalent oj a college education and qualifying him fnr graduate work in mathematics Ihe boy said he wns "a little surprised" at setting a new speed record at Chicnjjo. most practicable of headwater. reservoir control f ate Sentences Holdup Men to 'Living Death' —Life in Wheel Chairs NEW YORK, Dec. 19. MV-Fate carved its own penalty lor two confessed holdup men. During a Brooklyn holdup 1,, November, 1947. George Del Toro 21, was shot in the spine bv a po- Iceman. Pedro Hernandez, 31. was shot in he groin after a holdup of a taxicab driver in September. 1048. Kings County Judge Carmine J vlarasco held temporary court in a hospital prison ward where bnth men are paralyzed from the bullet vouuds. and w m be confined vneel chairs for life. . "Hie judge tola them': "I am convinced that no matter ow severe my sentence might tie could not compare to the pim- liment that is already yours You re facing a living death. My sentence Is the time you have served here, less one day." Santa Considers Making Rounds in Plane This Year SANTA CI,AUS, Ind.. Dec. 18. Iff) —If Santa Glaus makes his rounds Is a jet plane this Christmas, you' can be sure he took a hint from the youngsters. "Almost all the boys want Jet planes tills year." said Santa, looking up from his big stack of letters. They've been coming in at the rate of 2,500 a day al-Santa Claus posloffice. "A surprising number o( girls are asking for toy pianos," he announced. t.ast year Santa and hi* helpers answered .10.000 letters, and Postmaster Elbert Rcinke thinks the number will go higher this year. Helpers are members of the Santa Ciaus committee of the American Legion post here, as well as high school typists. During the year, Santa some- j times calls himself Jim Yellig. But In December lie hasn't much time for his restaurant business in nearby Marlah Hill, "When I put on my outfit I live the part. I AM Santa," he said. Ami sure enough, his beard is as white as snow, and he's so fat he shakes like a bowlful of jelly when he laughs. 'No matter where 1 walk, the little hands go up waving," he saitl. Winner in Poker Game Now Holds Hot Check And Loses Auto in Deal SAN PEDRO, Calif., Dec. 19. (a; Vou never know what a friendly little poker same may lead to. George Waters told police that: He won $1.^00 from one Frunk Billings in an impromptu poker session. Hillings paid him with a {2.400 check, fnr which Waters forked over $100 in cash and a SIOO check. But Billings' chr-ck bounced. Waters went looking for Hillings, found him on a street and asked what he was going to do about the check. Said Billings: "Why. there's nothing wrong with tiiat check. Lcmme borrow vour car ami I'll go to the bank right now and get your monev." Reported Waters" to police: He'd now like to mid his $400. the $100 check, his «„„• *,,,,..—v.i,_ Hillings. BLYTHEVUXK (ARK.) COURIEU NEWS MONDAY, DECEMBER 1» -ONLY 5 DAYS MORE- new Rutomobile—and Share the Showers Invitation Extended °sh mR }? CF " lfass - Dcc - la -W — Slurc the Showers of Harvard wen was the offer addressed to college girls today by the Harvard Crimson undergraduate daily. The editors of the newspaper said it was their contribution to the aid of vialer-short New York .They explained that they sent ires to nine eastern coJIfees for girls pointing out that instead of spending ti, c i r Christmas holidays New Vork, the girls should spend them m Cambridge. "Hundreds or girls." said the editors "could benefit from Harvard's lavish private facilities." The editors said their shower- sharing plan went to Vassal Sl-Jd- raoi-c, Bryi) M;U vr. smith. Barnard Mount, Holyoke. Hunter. Sarah Lawrence aim Ncw jerscv Collcce for Women. " Hawk and Power Line Contacts Start Fire In Kansas Grass Patch GARDEN CITY. Kan., Dec. 10. I,T> —This Is the story of a ijcry hawk who .set off a 40 acre grass fire. The burning bird, some say It "'».? an eagle, swooped down on the Caspar VeuJohn farm 18 miles east of here, nnd touched off a roaring grass fire. Eighteen men iRht the flames before they were brought under control. Where did the lire come Irom? Art Jones who reported the affair said the hawk or enple "set down on a high power line—and wham. K.S renlliers were lila/ing " Bulgarian Reds Say Kostov 'Confessed , . Bulgaria, Dec 19 If, _ he government press claimed Sal- ;.ulay that f Q , m er Deputy Premier I raicho Kostov in the last days bp- ' fl co "' ess <-rt h. s"". The rcpni't appealed to the government for mercy K(,s(6v : and 10 others were cone,) _| a ., t Wednesday as plotter, 'd spies. aln)i,, B to turn Buli. n ri» Santa Claus _—Kor WeilJlnjji. Formiii'," Kir. Tuxedoes F "",u"e7",> S j"" s n Caps anil nnwni j llanners, lUdsrs — -' 1 _ MEMPHIS COSTUME 8. REGALIA CO. "I S. .Main SI. HrnipMi, Tcnn I PUGILISTIC PUPIL—His in. round match with imhcalen l!o- land LaSlarza at Madison Square Garden didn't proven: Cesar Bnon from iiUcnding a t^i a5 \T n ' J P^'' S ' 1 fl nd Citi7cnsliir, i, S5 W ' y« rk Community Cen- jtcr. The 22-year-old AiKcntinc jheavyweiHht is show,, with teacher George Goldinp. Concrete Culvert Tile Sires up (o 36 i,,. Corrugated Metat Culverfs Sires up to 84 in. Automatic flood (i;t|os Concrete Septic Tanks Septic Tanks Sewer Tile KtH Trier, v Wc Deliver A. H. WEBB Highway 61 al Sfatc Line I'linnc * 14 OPEN HOUSE And EGG NOG So Nice For Xmas the f 1 r°" R Cg V' n * , n ' RS u ' fickc " (l - • • it's a treat for vour /h • vollrsclf -. t « 0 - A »'' yo« can make i.'jt.s h «m- spccinl rccii* . . . it's free for tl.c WOODS DRUG STORE Sparkles in Gold or Silver Crack fe PERFUME ATOMIZER $2.50 Hc;tuliru] New Designs COMPACTS $1.00-$10.00 Musii'al POWDER BOX $3.95 36 Envelopes 36 Sheers 50c - $2.00 .cirr Put a on Your Wrist! FOR HIM OR HER* T- Arirn her tree witii gifts by TUSSY -'—TV JfffVfV, ^ i'f,-fl ' ( , fyf . ~?J*«> I • . » ,-. - - r .'"l <;/>,% 4 "-V> '• '• *VftL TERPSICHORE TOILET WATER, gay, lilting jccnt,"gold" mclal i op bolllc, bright red canon, 2 ounces, J2.50 OPTIMISTK LIPSTICK AND Pr.KFtJME VIA I., WK in .!,*,« while etiainrlril figured caie, gold tonccilo'l'-Teiu kit, $2.58 Moket BIO PICTURES In Color onj Blatk i Wkil, IA5Y TO USE. No foa,, ins -no fiminc-nc, Jhuttcc cocluns. Pivic is quick, simple, casy . infinTt ' '" f<K> ' S rr ° m 3 '"' '° TINY TO CARRT. Pivic fits on *,i«. Of, slip uT n ' ", Kk ' n ' 0 1 ' OUI pocl:ct •" P"«c. Hide I me under your coal sleeve or in die palm of your hand! QUICK JHANGE flLM. Easy to bid. N'o film ihreadinj. Film is i n majuzine-no sci.itclies. dim or jpols Sn.,p film rm*.«iiw ;„_„„, in ' n , vS" j 1 , '","'"" " vilch '""n Color CO «&\V and hack again! Sheaffer PEN & PENCIL SETS $12.00-$32.50 Fountain Pens $5.00 ECONOMY FIIM PIAH •SWIilrn oml U bi 9 Wollri.Sii P"»li SI.29. COIOR-IJ ,, *uf* Irafliporenty H'ip i«ed, fo iL'ttn projtci;an H.39 Ccr^ ~" "" ri Travel Alarm Ladies - - - / .95 Men's - - . 8.95 WIND AND WEATHER LOTION, 4 „*., and CREAM DEODORANT, I M ., packaged together in gay gift carton, $1.00 ^^ TUSSY COLOGNES, choice of 3 Hay jccjiu, Flower Marl, Midnight, Xauirdle. In ] lr jgh| rc<( and ^ n striped IJOK. 4 o^ $ | .go all ftrirtj plus lax Sportsman Men's Shaving Scl wi(h cologne, shaving lolion ami lalcnm. 3.50 <;il't Hoxcd Tobacco Tins • Prince Albert • Sir Walter Raleigh • Rum & Maple • Granger ' * ^§y* m&k, •# Icwetiic Military Hi iixlios with ny- li'n liristl«?. 7.00 Handsome Timely WRIST WATCH $9.95 with [oothe r band Schick or Itcminglon ELECTRIC RAZORS Liquor 106 North Broadway Store Phone 2868 e I ^ j;# MS! Si*! Leather Hillfttuls . . . handsomely made. 1.00-5.00 ss I>li,y.. i»K C'.-irtls with handsome ih\sii>n. Ccllntoiie finish. 1 i . 3k ' 1 * 5 i -S i i i i 1 I i i JH 1 i (Jem S h a v i n K Ki( with hnisli nnd ra/or. .; r||| * , V 9 ,\

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