The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1949
Page 7
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER GOOD GCRSH. i CAN'T FIGURE HOW HE GOT UP- TAIRS.' LOOK, 1 T IT PJ-UGGEP UP SO A WEASEL \M3ULD HWE A LOTS OF TROUBLE ' THRU. •VE5, FROM THIS SIDE V NOUVJ5 QUILT US IN?- % ear ON HIS SIDE xxj \ BUILT HIM A i PLUSH ROAD \ LIP-ALMOST \ A ELEVATOR.' J ADAY-DREAM THAT THE WORRY WART „„ . Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople ^Bt^f^T^^* ' " _' ' "Hf '_ ' 24 HOUR SERVICE Ask for either while or colored driver. Nine cabs ut your service. 2100 CAB CO. RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere you Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 Protect Your Family's Health wild Expert PRESCRIPTOP Service WOODS DRUG 221 West Main You'll be" PROUD to OVC/N this CORNER CHINA . — CASE With off the charm of Early New England A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOUR HOME ml" n im ,T IC l " Bnit >' of '••» •"" »?h V ' , C ° rncr Chir " c "' ™* .'" c , l « n «" 'in« will la home owncis of div crim.njung tas , c Appcalinc, <oo, is !hc Utr.c.ivc price which bnngs qullny within (he r«ch "' the mcxlcse new home or re- ?5^ljngb,,J,;«- ln ou« un d. 'ng Morc.for-.he-Moncy Value. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. \V. II. "liili" Pease .1. \Vifsnn Henry Highway 61 South Phone 2131 ft* CAMEO By Virginia Tcalc IWV HEA SUV1CI, INC XXX VV/HEN Charlie Rcddy tried thu big oak door at Bob's place e lie found it locked. Ho hammered on it with his fist. He rallied the iron handle, then pounded once more. ' He heard a key turn in (he lock. When the door swung open, Bob Knox himself stood in the aperture, "Sorry, friend," he began. "Place's closed—" He paused, squinting. "Well, look who's here! Charlie Keddy, no less, sleuth, barrister and, lately, a hermit! Come in, sir!" Reddy walked past the out- flung, welcoming ami and Bob closed the door. His voice was going on in genial fashion: "Law snys nothing alcoholic shall be sold after 2 a. m.. but it'll be a privilege to play private host .to you, Charlie." | Reddy's roving; eyes had paused at one of the booths where a . white-haired head was nodding 1 over the dark gleam of a coppcr ' cup, "Old Tom's a fixture," Bob explained. "1 walk him home almost every night after 1 get things ship-shape," "Pretty far gone, is he?" he asked Bob. "Well, yes arid no. He's hart only five of those mules since about 8 tonight, but since his wife died he seems to be in kind of n stupor that has nothing to do with alcohol. Like he was sleep-walking, kinda." Keddy climbed onto a stool and glanced down at the perpetual fish among the perpetual coral bo- low the surface of the har. Bob poured Scotch into a pony glass: "Thanksgiving's only 10 days off." He passed the whisky across to Reddy, "Water?" Bob leaned his good elbow on the bar: "Out late tonight, aren't you? Case getting you boys down? No solution yet?" Beddy gave him a wry grin. 'The police confess they arc baf- led, but arc investigating new jvidencc m the case." JJEDDY gave him a significant glance, quirked an eyebrow ind made a concealed gesture .oward Tom. Rob came closer Lnd leaned across the bar interestedly. narrowed his eyes, spun a quarter across the bar ami asked casually: "How about some nickels for :he juke box?" Bob handed him changd and watched him walk over to the machine, insert the coins and punch five buttons at random. A bolero arrangement spread a screen o( music between the bar and the booLhs. SVhcn Rcddy sat down again. Bob took an easy stance directly opposite him and went on polishing the slock of tumblers. Rcddy helped himself 'to another pony of Scotch, lie snifled it and spoke to Bob in a low voice: 'You know for certain Dial O'Neill was in your back room sleeping it ofT when Falter was murdered? Between 5 and 7 lhat night?" Dob lifted a glass toward the light, squinted Ihrmigh it and wJped off a speck of lint: "Like 1 told Chief Peters," he murmured, "I saw him go into the back room about 5:30 and come out again a little before 7 o'clock.' "There's a window in that room, isn't there?" "Yeah, but like t told flic Chief, it's stuck—been painted over. And il's high and narrow, more like a transom." "I'd like to have a look at it." Bob glanced significantly at Tom O'Neill, Ilcddy's eyes narrowed, and be drummed his fingers on the glass above the undulating fish. He slid ofl the stool nri walked over to the booth. O'Neill glanced up, eyes lialf- closed, ns Rcdcly placed a hand on his shoulder. "Hi. Tom. I'm going past your place—like me to drop you ofT?" Tom opened his eyes and focused them on the face above: "Generous of you, my friend. Considerate, kind and generous, indeed. I most certainly accept. Shall we have a stirrup cup before taking the trail?" "Bar's closed now. Tom. Maybe we could have a nightcap at your O'Neill slapped tlie lable. 'Splendid idea!" He struggled out of the booth and stood up, adjusting his coat and tucking his stiirt more firmly into his trousers. He marched quite steadily to the bar. "Uob, I shall take my leave. My thanks to you for a fine evening. My friend, Mr. lieddy. is driving me home." "Hasla hiego!" Bob called after the two departing figures. "The door is always open," he added with marked emphasis on tile last two words. • • • r rOM slopped outside to inhale Hie cold, salt-freshened air: "The sea air keeps life man." he declared. "Wonderful place, Dolorosa. Clean." Ho climbed into fleddy's car and settled himself with one elbow out the window. He nodded his white head, "Clean," he repealed, Reddy put the car in gear, made U-turn and headed back toward Tom's studio. "Town 11 I eel a lol cleaner to inc." he commented, "when these murders get cleared up." "Murders?" Tom mumbled. "Oh, yes. murders." He leaned ..... white thalch against the back ol the scat, "What're you doing thcs days, Charlie?" Rcddy--lurned startled eyes toward O'Neill. Now the white head was sagging forward, the chin reeling on the clicst. Keddy returned his attention to the road two deep creases of conccntratioi appearing between his brows. ., ho turned the car onto Dolorosa . main street, his passenger lurched against him and remained thcr< unlil the car came to a stop front of the O'Neill studio. (To Be Continued) "I just told her Hollywood would have to do better than that or she d never got another nickel from us) PAGE SEVEM FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY 4JERRILL BLOSSEH New Purlncr 'ifctl CERTAINLY ARE LUCKY FCEcms ls^f^ UP IM TttAf STUPID BUSlNEiS.JUNE! i KNOW rr-AND 1 Assouireuv SLEEP wmj MITHS.COOK.K.tTtX IHDU4TRIW. DESlOIElk - MAMGTilK , PASSWORD/ PASSWORD; DID YOU CWIcii VOLtR wtf?E AMD SMITHS,COOK WC.LItx iii^TpitLnt'xyJEi £<XVTJC, lOf'CWJlO KKEpblJT/j MRS. COT75 SAVS HER HUSBAND 15 GOING TO ISHING THOUGHT MIGHT AME HIM1 «Y MICHAEL O'MAU.EY Km) RALPH LANE~ PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slocfc Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete culvert* 12 mcb to tn Inch plain 01 recnr<irced Alst. Cnnrrcte Huildins Hlork> cheap ei than lumhei lot (tarns ch:rkct> hi>uses pump homes, tenant houses tool shells H> dflivci Call as for fret estimate Phnne 6!>! OSCEOUA TILE & CULVERT CO THE GRAVES COMRXNY Real Estate - OSCEOIA 521 Phone 3075 -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. AH M'orfc Guaranteed For 12 Alimlhs 531 Norll I'hune (ill!)] $10 LESS EVERY DAY! 1946 Dodge 1-Ton Pickup* Monday's Price • CO UU n Yes, the price will be reduced ?10 every day until the truck's sold. Monday's Pi'icc, $705; Tuesday's price $755, ctri— if it's still here. This truck has good tii'cs, excellent body, and motor has been completely overhauled. Don't miss it! $ 775 OTHER LOW PRICED USED CARS 1948 Sjudebaker Commander 5-Passcnger Coupe 1947 Chevroler 2-door 1946 Plymouth 4-door 1946 Srudebaker Champion 4-door 1941 Chevrolet 2-door 1940 Ponriac 2-door CHAMGLIN SALES CO. _: . Y ° ur friendly Studcbaker Dealer" RA.LROAD & "A°SH PHONE 888 i WAS JUST y I'M AFRAID YOU'VE TRYING TO CAIL I PCOBABLY BLURRED THE COP5, A ANY _... _ 1HERE WERE ON THE MURDER WEAPON, MONTE. YOU SHOWDN'T HERE'5 ONE THAT DIDN'T GET RIPPED CXIT BY THf Qlpcks away, Kid Slick rwtired hit [ '<? IF ONLY THAT LITTIE 6UY UAD#1 TO REPORT A MURDER &\SEEN ME KICK THAT POOCH A-^^^v^ , , ABSOtUTEtY il CAl'TAIN EASY WOT p'VA, KUOWl ROCKVS Kill Slick's ((calmition BY LESLIE TURNER IHVA« A JUWKVS DRES.M,,, CCUtOA BURUEP IT -\ A ANTIQUE SAFE THAT WJSTA SEEM HMJIED IN fW COVERED WOGQN' SOUP AKl'PErE MMO— UUES IK'JOB.., JUST A IIUNCH, HE SIWs' S4,FECRAOCIUG IAOB WAITS WITH INFORMATION THE CHIEL-F THE- BfcMK IJE< DOOC. HUGS IHINNY I'lity Sonic Other Time 6AL.UTATIONS, GUVNOR/ WHY PON'T VA LET GIVE YCR BUGGY MY MOTOR TUNE-UP? iiclt firings McrridritH iiY V. T. HAiMUN OH.M?. OOP, I WAS / PiCi-^c WON;'! SIMPLY FASONftTEDf ^ TELL BY >CU5 ACCOUNT OF THE TH' MASIC BELT.' 6C5H, ID I 00! I'VE i. STILL GOT IT... YOU KNOW Cf IT? SCi-iEVHECE OOP. THAT'S , TKC5E B\BES'LL SENSE KNOW HOW \\ONPEEFUL.' NOTE: ALLEY OOP ACCUSED T;^E BELT IN \ STRUGGLE WITH HERCULES. ROOTS ANn men BY BDGAR MARTIN \.OVJK>TOFT «,t\Sl

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