The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1949
Page 5
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1949 BLYTHEV1U,K (ARK.) COCKIER More Changes Expected In Porkers' Staff- ^ • H. _ A——. PAGE rrvi Douglas Remains Silent on Topic B "f if Seems Certain That He'll Add at Least Two New Men FAYETTEVILLE ,Alk., Doc. 17. W r— Hiring of otis nonplus as hc.-ut coacli u-a.s the major step in efforts to revitalize University of Arkansas lontball. But more changes arc ccr- tain to coma. There arc Ihp mntters of assistant coaches, installation of a new style of play and various natural chatl(f-« I" frcneral policy. In crmlractfns DoiiRlas for Hires years at a. rc|>orted 512,000 per, the university made it By Statistically Speaking Just how bad of a football season dlrl niythcville High School have? The records show a 6-4 year but were the Chicks really as bad as Mr Average Pan would have you believe? During the pasi three weeks ol oil-season mjancrbackin^ question has gotten us into more arguments thamdtd ihe Selective Service Act. So tar we have yet to win a single one of these arguments. The competition was a little keen as we had very few confederates and those thai we did have weren't too happy about the whole thins themselves. 13ut this week we sat down and whittled out our own weapon and armeil with same, we are now ready to take on all comers. including the holiest ol those who, a lew weeks ago, were ready to single out members o[ the Clucks' coaching stall and hang them from the highest goal post. - .. clear that tic Tlle weapon we are speaking of is Ihe statistics computed for the world he given a free liand in run- entire season and after going over these, we were even more convinced in- that the trouble with the Chicks was not something lhat could be cor- »,- reeled through a change of system, coaching stall or school administration. The trouble, in inn- opinion, laid between the well-scl ears of the players themselves. And Dint, the willingness to play a good, hard game at all limes, cannot ue corrected by even (he best coaches It's either there or it isn't. »lns nazorback football that cludes (lie riRht to select the as sistan'.s he wants. f is believed DoiiRlns. 38-venr- oW trainer and strategy advisor for Ine Philadelphia Eagles for several years, will bring in at least one or >«-o assistants, probably including a backfield coach. He may wish to retain some members of t!je staff which has served llnlcr John Barn- mil, \vho recommpnoed the reorKan- teiiion and stepped aside as coach to become fulltime athletic director, Douplns commented at Los Angeles last night: "' won't lie. anything at nil 'about assistants) or have anything "inch to say aiioi't my plans until I go down there and talk to everyone concerned." The Ragles will end the season In Sunday's National Football League championship playoff game against the Los Angeles Rams, and Douglas is expected to come to Tayettcville on his way back east He is duo to lake over'his new job here Jan. 1. J .lobs Jeopardized Barnhill has alerted the eight ns- sistanls on his staff lhat their jobs - are In jeopardy. They are H. B (Deke) Bracket!. Hobard Hnoser George Cole, Bill Barnes. Harold Lahar. Dub McC.ilibony. Clyde Van Sickle and Charles Gray.' Also a member of the present .staff is trainer Ram I.ankibid. Cole, a former Rnxorback star and head coach, is Arkansas' chief scout Brackett doubles in brass as baseball coach and Hooscr as track coach. . The cringe in playing stvlos mav not be too great for the Razubacks to grasp in spring practice and earlv drills next fall. Dot-Rlns has said hi will employ variations of the T formation. Including the spllt-T While the Douglas T Is bound to dilfcr in respects torn the T installed at Arkansas by Rarnhill the past season, the inecl-anics are much the same. Backgrounded in the wide-open pro ranks. Douglas, who plavccl his college football and once coached at \,lIHam and Mary, , v jn trv-in Rive the RaJwrbHcfcs-pott-er-muW-l for Ihc last four years-die knack ff coping with the raz7le-rt:.zvlc Rtfontball of the Southwest Confer - encc. The neiv coach's npprmitinenl yesterday came jr.n five davs less than four years after Barnhill became Arkansas' first coach to draw a five-figure salary. Porfageville Spfit in Brace of Tilts with Gideon PORTAGEVILLE, Dec. 17 _ Portageville split a pair of ca S e encounters at Gideon last night taking the regular game. 31-27' an d dropping the "B" team opener. Segal paced Ponageville scorine "Mi 12 points, portaecville took a 17-13 halftime lead and went on to capitalize on free throws to win. Ganu Figures Don't Lie 117 17-1 101 1.561 129 55 821 6 Glancing over the records, here's the way the- Chicks stacked with the opposition in the 1C games played: Illyllieville Opponci Total Points Scored . Fust Downs '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.. Yards Gained Hushing ; "" Passes Attempted Passes Completed Yards Gained Passing Passes Intercepted by [.. Fumbles _„ ^ Opponents Fumbles Recovered 12 Iu Penalties 74 for 671 yards 33 for 3111 yds. Those figures are from our own wcek-by-wcek files and though not exactly official, they are the closest you can find as similar records arc not, kept by the coaching staff. The Chicks, in nil but two departments, outshone the opposition and in only onc-of these is their record such Ihut they need hang their heads in shame. That's in penalties where 74 rule infractions cost them a total of 071 yards to 318 yards paid by the opposition for 33 infractions. One of the strongest arguments ofTcvctl us was that the should have passed more, that their aerial attack didn't compare with that of the opponents. One argumentive soul even offered to wager that the percentage of Chick completions wouldn't be 50 per cent as good as the opponents'. Blythcvillc threw a total of 80 passes, completed 3« for 603 yards. That's an average <if .404. The opposition threw a total of l'2'J aerials, completed 55 for an average of .426 and 821 yards. A liule liver 200 yards shy but not. bad comparison considering that the Chicks' olfeuse was built around puwer and not around passing. Keiser Win Dyess Meet Ill I.IH.I 11,'S I'WATKS-AltllcmKH they have yol to «!l, a game, the Ulir.lctte Illgl. School Pirates probably are one of the most improved basketball teams ,n the county. They started the season off with u tiB-U r^'l I'V" 1 " c ° mc a "" ie ™ w "' ro "° wmB * iuws mi " Coadl C1 " lric » Si "' s »"»*» «»<• «>«y w"i he .11 ,gh by laic season. Member, „, the « |U a<l are: first row -left to lighO-Harold Kubanks. Terry O 'Nea, Harold Stumbaugh. Junior Perkins and K . I, Thornton. Hack Row- Sam Duncan, Darrell Young Mel- v.n Liosskno, Clinton Daniel and Laclcdc Davis. Sam Young was net present when photo taken ;: ,ucks IGosne// Rally Dooms Lions; Score ;s 36-33 Offensive Records Good While the individual oflensive iccords were not as good as previous years, it is our bet that Blylhcville's will compare favorublv willi anv Donblc-A team in the state. Two of the Chicks' four starling backs finished the season with better than five yard averages and the other two were only a hair's breadth away. Charley Lutes zipped over 797 yards in the lOf times he tarried the ball for a per Hy average of 7.1.S yards Holjcrl Reid, who saw service in oulv nine of the 10 games picket! up 700 yards in 125 cracks at the line for a G.S2 average. Lutes scored 10 touch- ,„,, „.„,,,, „ downs an averase of one a game, and Reid scored seven. The individual do , b c :',",„ • aouu,c-iu',uicr. records looked'like this: riayer Ullcs R. Reid Donner . Lnm '.. Hutchcrsoii . Gentry Anderson . . Gee Vance Tomlinsmi . Gurley . Crincr Mack Koillice ?!' C , S r"\ C - (Vh ° 1ilftc that ''-' rccuvtl i "« 1 MANILA. Dec 17 — Cinsnell Uigli School's Pirates had (a stii|;e a last minute rallv here last night in oilier to win" their ninth consecutive, a ;«i-H3 decision over the Manila IJons. The pirates did the last 3D seconds in fact. The was won on a field goal by Harold \Va:d ami n free throw by Ingrain both of H-nirj] came with lea, than a mir.lilc \a play. The zainc was Ihe feature nf a In the first Kayfri Capers Split Twin Bill With Teams in Arbyrd HAY'I'I, Mo.. Dec. 17 - llayll llijih School's caueis bloke even in a pair nf games with Arbyrd last night with the boys winning 37-3-t iind games . HI .30 . 11 . 2 . B (Jnrt. 71)7 19J 1(14 30 9 10 -',226 7.45 (j'32 3:38 4.55 ll.K) ti.27 a.fid 3.33 ! Manila's whipped the halely Gosuell sirJs 4>-r>- Buck led the Lionesses with 13 points and J. Lucius paced Gosnell with five. In the buys' name Ward led Gosnell with 12 points and Flceman • a- lii'-h fur Manila with II. The lineups: Girls' Cumc 1 1 15 2 will retaliate Ihe girls losing <tl-2G. The were played at Arbyrd. It was the firsl win of the season . . for Die boys' acainst two defeats HICK m the I oilhow s,-,,i,.,| M ,„,;„[, lo 1t ,., ( , Hiytl. and Petty and Masters srorptl nine each for Afbyrd. Arbyrd's mil:, simply Haytl nil Die way. 'I'iii e-irlv lead, binll it up j n n ;'.T-]i biitlhmr margin :uul HIMI ,-'tasli>d h.'ine. Phi-Inn srwrd l:i pninls to lend Hayti and Tecl scored Hi for The lineups: dirts' Game Arhvvd p n ,. J Uuiiliji i JO. r.- Osceola Wins From Trumann By 29-23 Score ^ OSCKOLA, Dec. Hi _ Qsceola's .'TtMAiimte* i?\'encil the score with the Trumann Wildcats last night, nos- liif.' out ll.e I'nlnselt Counliaiis 282:1 in -A game played at the Osceola I Huh Sihool .jyinnas! mi. The victory evened the count for Ihe Sem'noles. They opened their l!)l!)-!>!l season against the Wildcats ,-,! | and were defeated by • . 1 counteract with "How von »uiu« to gel "" ' Manila ! Dawsan iGi Huck d31 Meat-hum .2, Stokley Giuin Substitutions: ( 4). Waddcll i2 ney IG), Bacon <-\\>. I 10) margin on ihn Tiumann court. The i-'ume was the main event o a Junior-senior twin bill. In a pic limlnary ctmtest o.-Tcolii's Ji:niu Jjii-J..- liimnpcd Luxora 31-1: The Semlnoles anrt the Wildcat l> nyed on al'imt even terms durini the first half but the homelinv I!•..•!! i Ij-iuiKli-d ahead ;if!,. r (he IntermK. Watt. | -inn Center and captain I Donald Walson, paced the Bcmin point making with 13 polnl ?! 1^. .... <4'. MiCJcc ^ .... 'H Jones f~. .. iL'i Ciildwcll > .... D Dnnncr i Fletcher -'* Krcnch | Manil:i _ Storey Hr.ti . Klass '01. Whit- ! Giliir. 3>. Houston, Phil- Ols- - I'heloi Hrv.Vf Kill 1 ! followed by Wan en Weinlxjrg with i "i:'.lit. Scmicck. of Truinami. led hi am ivitli 12 iioinu In the pills' name Walson of Os was high with 17 puiins am Vv'alker and Clrjives led Lt:xurn will Portageville Movlan i9) Foster (41 Whitakcr (5) Burgess (12) Hall (9) Substitute: Pos. F. P. C. G. a. Gideon .. (Ill Floyd .. Hid IJavLi (15) Williams ... (1) Smith Libsmeycr Hortaccvillc—Shan- 2. Partner. 1; aidcon A- Lacky. 2. Kitchen. Gimbcling. Portageville Tanner (3) Segal (12) Edwards (5) Zohnor (71 Reaves (5) .Substitutes: Lisle; Gideon Hawkins 5. P3S. F. F. . C. G. G. 10) Gideon Flradshaw ... IJrown (81 Miller ... Smith Williams Porlageville — 'Boss' of Rod China Arrives in Moscow I'em olf?" But it should be remembei : ed""lhai"mo!e"7ootblin wun^UnouKh breaks Hum by sheer know-how. Kansas State Five Trounces Baylor; R.Ece, Aggies ¥/in «> tlic Associah'il ['icss Soutluvest Conleieiicn basketball is blushing out loud, despite three victories in four games last ni a ht. For one of its three co-champions of last season .suffered a 78 30 shellacking in an intcrsectional game That was 3a>lor falling before Kansas State of the Big Seven. And it came just one night after Arkansas, another co-champ, had an unpleasant 73-50 experience at Indiana, defending nig Ten titlisl. The third Southwest co-champ, Rice, came, through Friday nis;ht. but it wns against minor opposition The Owls beat Southwestern Louisiana Institute, CO to 40. Texas upset Arizona 56-5D. with ois Tom Hamilton scoring 25 points. Texas A. X- M. downed Trinity. ame an Gosnell Hart i fll Oaun i9> LONDON. Dec. 17. (.-Ti—Mao TZI-- [Ward, iri\ Ti'iig. military boss of Communist ; F.ench '1 China, has arrived in Moscow. lliclEiueiy Moscow Radio reported last nish' A biicf bulletin jjnnoimcmK lii.s arrival d;d not Rive the purpose nf his visit bin leaders of many Communist nations arc assembling in Moscow for celebrations of I'limc-i Mli'.'.sier Sl.iilu's 70th birthday nc.\( Wedncsdav. lips and Shaslecii. Gosnell — j Lucius 151 .Bcvill. Itaspbeny, p. l.lK-iU". Hhodrs. Robert;;. M. Don- ncr and Robertson. yx C.. ..... • Pos I 1 '. P C G . '11 Manila flornerj '2 1 Vciieh-| ' 6 1 House , in Ki:chnm j - . . . 1 1 1 1 Flceman . Sub.-.tilntions: Go.-nell In dram U >. Manila — Poc c6>. Illittcili and • Isaacs. - wick I (2) Walk! . (D Sexto (I) Howard Heath . . . M. Clark Ix'Wls HubsLH-lions: Ostenln: Spires (2) ami Hartley (U. Luxora—N. Smith fl,i and Graves (2i. Srnlur fliiys Wilson, Luxora Boys, Girls in Tourney Finals LUXORA. Dec. 17 — Boys and Bills teams from Wilson and I.tix- orn will clash here tonight in the finals of I.uxora High School's in- "'llational tournament. They won the right to compete for the tournament championships ay winning their semi-final uanies Vrlilay niglit and Irist night- In last DJRlir.s tuition I.uxnra's boys moved Into the finals by liountiiiB Afmorc! 78 to 0 and Luxora's girls moved into the final round by drubbing Dell 38-35 In a thriller. Wilson'.',- sirls unit Into the final round by defeating Os- :cota 49-43. Wilson's boys defeated Osceola Friday night in a semi-final game !o move into the championship •oiinrt. The I.uxora-Dcll girls' flame was by far the best game of the tournament thus fur. H was a iilp ai*l tuck n tfair with Luxora pulling ahead in the late, minutes of Die final quarter. Luxora trailed 19-1(1 at halftime and at ihe end of tile third quarter the score was lied 28-'."8. First Came — (;irls Luxora Pos. Ocll H Hanna (2:0 T' (121 uixon Cuckicll (11) F. . (i2i Simmons Stcplieiison (4) I-\ .. (0) Walters Sexton G Mali Hrooks O. .. Blaiikctishiii Grimes G .... Workman Substitutions: Luxora n. Hanna, Johnson, Marshall. Polect. Olnrk nnd Richardson. Dell — Allen, Drown. Alexander (21. Yclver- ton, and Moody. .Second name Hoys Luxora I'os Sanford (21) P. Rutherford (14) r Whits (10) .. c Conner (8) .. G. Gniy <8J .... G. Substitution.' J. Conner, p. . . i fit. Annan.'! Jack Kramer Wins Again Poncho Gonzales With the Courts Ruth Chancery: Henry T. Mel-iUR'nlin vs. A. McLaughlln. suit for dlvo Circuit H. H. O'Neal vs. Western Assur- f Kramer to 20 names In (lie ope'ner alicc Company, suit to collect $1.600 i mostly "n his pulvcii/int; serve. for damages to grocery store by [ fire, August 29. CINCINNATI. Her. 17 — (rVi _ Yinmp Pancho Gon/alcs went d'nvii to <lefrat for the Mill time i n 35 piuff-sionnl tCJinis oiltirtt;;. ^vith veteran Jack Kramer last night 11-9. C-2. Th'^ Cahforniaii vent to pieces the second set alter carrying : Os. tola j Hill i:n : Dunn I2j I Watson '13) Spiers 13 > Wcinbem <fl> Tiumann F . . . (5v Mend F Terry C .. C!i O'Neal G 1121. Snirliick G '.'li Mactorhnn Osccola — Stevens. Baylor truly was humiliated. The Hears didn't mate a field goal in the first half, after which thej trailed by a 30-9 count. BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA WRESTLING Parker won on straight set from Pancho Segura, fi-4, (>-4. in the opening match. LOWliST ADMISSION PRICE ANYWHKKB! Uescrvcd Seals or. Sale at ll.e Legion Arena from 6 p.m. Kvcry Monday Monday, December 19 ADULTS SOc - CUM.DinCN 15c New Slartins lime 8:00 ISOX SKATS I5c KXTKA _^^__^^^^^^^^ iTax Included) TAG MATCH BILL CANNY ond BUDDY KNOX versus DON KEENE and MciNTYRE Also~~ RIT Z THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday "HAUNTED TRAILS" ' with Whip Wilson C'artnmi ,V Serial Tank in Ternescse Robbed of $3,009; Suspect Arrested WOD1,AM) MII.IJS, Tonn.. Dec. IT. i/7'i-.-A nervous, pistol toting holdup man roblinl tin- l-'itnuers Hank heir- of about S:i.':()[j yesterday and was raptnidl less than an htiu'r lati-r alter liis gclnwav car over- ttirtied. All the rnor.ey was found intact auil icturiicd to Ihe bank. At Hickmaii, Ky.. Fulton County Slifi'llf A. G. Winn iilcnultal t)lc a mil n as Uaymond .1. Shil.-r 23 M:w- lield. Ky. He f .aid Ihe man is' luinj; ' v:1 ™*"« l '> I'" 1 ' held their v.Hhout charge pending I "'Uck struck Ilim. Sprung was kill- develo]>inenls in Tennessee. cd. Second Mishtip Fatal LINDSAY. On(.. Dec 17. IA!>) — f/awrf'iice C, Sprung, ixi. injury yesterday when hi.s automobile crashed Into a (huh. He ,st<,od the c,<r. wnitlng for it (jut. A passing SAT. MTK OWL SHOW "BLACK MIDNIGHT" with Hmlil.v McDourll Also Cartoon l-Fal| 30-Minute Matches Canny vs. Keene Knox vs. Mclntyre 1 Sunilny Jlimilay & Tuesday "OUTPOST IN MOROCCO" es, "A ^ir! used to marry a m<in (or better or worso/'iayiHonn^h, "Nowadays she marnes htm for more or Itsil' Our polity is In of values Inr less nnnu thai up liatc ever? the appli.iiKc line. (1) Dyer U). Pos. Armorel UriKlstiaw .. Cannon .. Hnrdin (-1) Dlxon ... <I> Mays l.uxora — Mill (loi. Hrach a i ut — Cochran Eagles Nosed Ou! In Cage Tourney Host Team is Loser 40 to 10 in Final Game of Tournament Hy Charley Fells Courier Xews Cnrri's'nonitenl DYESS, Dec. n_ Reiser High School's girls and Shawnee's boys won Dyess Invitational tournament litlcs by emc-i-Ring victorious from their final Raines here last night. Kclser'.s girls upset Mlssco 40-28 to claim the crown In the girls' division and the Indians of Shawnee poured It on the host Dycsi Kiislcs, 4D-!0, for Die championship in the boys' bracket. Rhawnee and Dyess each placed three players on Ihe boys' all- tmnnamcnt team announced last nlRht ami Missco ami Keiser each placed four players on the eirL<' team. All-tournament selections: hoy* team — Dean. Crlswell and Humphries of Dyess; Higgins, Robertson and Harrison, Khawnec; Wilmoth, l-epanto; Bullion, Keiser; Dunkin, Missco and Baldrldge, Caraway. Girl's team— Brady, Missco; Dalrl, eKIser; oirdley, Ml.isco; Harrison, I-epanto; Amos, Keiser; Oreerlhill. Missco; JoJhnson, Keiser> Maddox Lepanto; Williams, Kciser. Car- mlchael, Dyess; May, Missco' and J. Clark. In last niglit's buys' game Rob- crlson of Sliawnec led the scoring with 12 points followed bv His- gins with ten. Dean and Crlswell scored five points each lor Dycss. In the gills' game Dairl of Keiser scored 22 points nnd 'Brady of ML-s- co hooped 1J). The lineups: Clrls' Game Johnson Dalrl (22) Amos (5) Oirdley Brock Williams Substitutions Orev;s <3) 1'oj. !•• F ,F G O O . Johnson. O. and Glecn. Mijsco doj Brady (9) otrdley Ragland Grecnhill May ........ Wilmoth Keiser — DcLancy and Cley. Mi<i.sco — . . Jackson, \V. Jackson Osceola <!ll Mann ' Sliiiu'nci: .1. Bowcn til) F. .. (171 noblni» Unco (7) F. .. i is i Driver Blixl G. • Fielder Taylor G tlnwcn Andrews G nunn Substitutions: Wilson — j>. Hoiv- cn. Ilrinkle)', Pcaic, lloiirlnnii, Vall- Shn nnd Ginciiwell. Osccola — Travis. Cone. Gregory, Golden. Wigg- Inulon, Hose, nine, Wood, and Donev. IIIgKlns (lu) Robertson (12).. Welch (2) Harrison (lit llonsaman <5).. Substitutions: Boys' Game I'os. Dyes* F ........... Cox P .......... Purr , C ....... (51 Dean .Ci ---- IS) Crlswell G . . . . Humphries Sbuwnee — Adams. • Faulk <5). Lame and tiasketl. Dy ' ess—Francis. .McAfee, Hargravcs, ! Fincher, and Henson. 200-PoimcJ Atlanta Matman Booked For Monday Night Mack Mclntyie, a 200-pounder from Atlanta. Ga.. will make his ( appearance bclorc a I31ylhc- villc wrestling crowd Monday night In the American Legion wrestling bout.s at Memorial Auditorium. M;lntyre will team with young Done Kcetie against William (Wild Bill) Canny and Hiuldy Knox In the best two of three falls tag match feature. In announcing the honking of Mclntyrc, Promoter Mike Meroney said lhat he knew very little about Ills record but that advance book- Ing Information touted him n s a veteran wrestler who ha* received top billing In some oj the Smith's largest cities. Canny, Kccnc and Knox need no Introduction In Blythcvillc. All are veterans, of Mcroncy's shows and all have appeared here recently. Canny nnci Kccne arc rated us two of the toughest, matmen in the Im.s- ine.w and have teamed, here a number Of tilJlf.f. Kennc U the younger brother of veteran Charley Keenc and is considered one of the best of the younccr crop of wrestlers In the •Southwest. In addition to the ta£ match main event two out- fall preliminary bouU also are on the card. In the tlr.;t. Canny will lake on Kecne and in the second, Knox will swap grips with Mclntore. Bonus tor Marines WASHINGTON, Dec,.17. 1/7'; — A re-enlistment, bom's of S360 wp.s announced today for Marine leathernecks signing up for a new s!x-ycnr hileh A four-year re-enlistnirnt will lie worth SIGO. Tile announcement was made by Marine Corps Headquarters. NEW Hux Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m. .Mathici' Saturday & Sundays .Mal.-Siin I n.m «,'i)7iL Showing Manila, Ark. -Sjiltirriiiy "RIDE, RYDER, RIDE" with Jim Ilrannon Also Shorli Saturday Owl Show "ALIAS THE CHAMP" with Barbara Fuller A!to Short] Sunday & Monday "I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE" nllb Gary Grant anil Ann Sheridan Also Shorts IiLVTMCVIULE'5 ONLY .ALL WHITE THEATRE MisL Dny • Open 12:,'i(T Tim Moll in "GUNS OF HATE" .M.SO "JUNGLE JIM" Owl Show 11:1;-) . "REGULAR FELLERS" SL'N'.-.MO.\.; __ t'i"" C(l - v al "' ( ' <>ll)r Super Western [NEVER was a Bab Thef Fury of REVENGEJ Randolph Marguerite SCOTT-CHAPMAN Plus Latest News — Color Cartoon

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