The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1949
Page 3
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J5ATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 104(1 THE NATION TODAY— New FHA Racial Rule to Deal Only With Restrictions Made After February 15 Next Year lly James Marlow WA3HINGTO.Y V:K . 17 . ( , T .j_on Feb. 15 Ihe Federal Housm. VI- minlslrallon <FHA> |mts into effect .its new rule on reaiiiclive"cove- nants. It nnnoimccd this yesterday. A step by step explanation is necessary to mulcrslaml the rule. It, can't IIP summed up in one sentence except after Ihe details have been told. The following explanation was obtained from FHA. In the first plaee, FHA is the gov-fr eminent agency whlch-if yon live Proposed Air Line Wins Support for New Feeder Route fiLYTHiSVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS up to its rule.-;—will insure'a bank against !<,« if the bank makes you ffii* has enabled a lol of people lo buy homes. This year the FHA lias insured loans for one-third of all p lhe new homes built. As for a restrictive covenant: tills is an agreement between the .teller and buyer of a houxc Hint it airline get federal approval of' pro "'""'' ' ••' . . ' won't be resold or reined to members of certain racial or religious groups, like Negroes or Jews. Such a verbal agreement is only a gentleman's agreement. It has no legal meaning. Anyone could break it with no legal action taken against him. Until recently, it was thought that If siic-H an agreement was written into the deeds ot a piece ol property and it was filed—marie a mutter of record—in a court, the courts 'would b.ick it tip and prevent a homeowner who made the covenant from selling or renting to, say, Negroes or Jews. FliA To Fnllo«- f'mirl Killing But not, long ago the Supreme Court ruled that restrictive covenants violate the coii-stil'ution and no court can back them up. So the legal force of restrictive covenants was destroyed. The FHA kept on making Joans on property where there were .such covenants. Now it has decided to lolloiv somewhat the supreme court ruling by making a ruling of Its own. This is it: After Feb. 15 the FHA will not Insure a loan on a piece of prop- y where a restrictive covenant . *oeen made a matter of record after Feb. 15. Suppose, between now and Feb. 15 you buy a piece of property where the restrictive covenant has been a matter of record. What then? . FHA will insure the loan because the covenant was on record before Feb. 15. But suppose you wane to buy, after Feb. 15, a house where there has been a covenant on record, before Feb. 15. In that case, too, the FHA will make the loan. Why? Because the covenant was on record before Feb. 15. .What, .then, docs the new FHA rule'mean? ' " • FHA llor-sn'l Put Up Money It means this: It will not iiuure a loan where a covenant, .is/made a matter of record after Feb. Ifj, such as on a new. house or an old one here there was no restrictive cove- OKLAHOMA CITY, Dec. 17—(;l'j —The Oklahoma City chamber of Commerce will help an Arkansas losed feeder routes to serve points DDtfteen Oklahoma Cily and Memphis, Tenn.. The chamber's board of directors voted ypslerday to support Smith Central Air Trans|X>rt. me., of Fay- etleville, Ark., in il s application. Last week the Arkansas line filed a petition with the civil Aeronautics Board in Washington asking approval of ils proposed routes One route sought by South Central is from Oklahoma City to Memphis \vilh stops in okniulgcc and Muskogec in Oklahoma, and Fayettevilcl, Jonesljoro and Blylhe- villc in Arkansas. Teacher Dies as Result Of Injury in Accident VAN BUREN. Mo., Dec. 17- (/!',— Jfrs. Frances Ring, teacher in a rural Carter County school, died yesterday in a hospital at Poplar Bluff of injuries suffered when her automobile ran off a county road and hit a tree Thursday DEPARTMENT STRE -12 N.".. .. ST. LOUIS, Dee. 17—<.<V|— T h c Federal Reserve Bank of St. Lonis reported thai department store sales at Little Rock declined eight Per cent in the week ended last Saturday, n s compared with the same preiod a year a;o. It ivns the biggest drop of any cily in Ihe 8lh District, the bank said. Combined sales in four Illinois cities, Springfield, Mo, Fort Smith, Ark., and Evansville, Ind, were down six per cent. The decrease in St. Louis was only two per cent. Welfare Cases Show Increase for 7949 LITTLE ROCK. 17—f,T,— Mrs. Henry BeihclL slate welfare commissioner, said today that welfare cases have increased^ 12,500 during the last year. She reported that Dec. 1. there were 10.955 cases on the wel- nant before Feb. 15. But suppase the FHA, after Feb. ^ lc] ....... „ ^ „ 15. insures your loan and then, aft- j fare rolls - compared to M.453 •>'• getting it, you try to file some I f oar aK °' Total welfare payments ft nf roett-iriiVo ™<'/i,t-i>^( (.* i increased in that period from 51 504.078 to 42,131,813. The largest Increase was in the number of old age assistance grants kind of restrictive covenant in .. court record. Will the FHA call in . _. 't. The FHA hasn't put up any money. It's only insured the bank's mone yagainst lo*s. If the bank wants to call in your money, that's up to the bank. Suppose you haven't signed or agreed So a restrictive covenant of any kind, get the FHA loan, and then when it comes time to rent or sell the house you to let it go, say, to n Negro or a Jew because he's a Negro or Jew. Can the FHA do anything about that? No. That's up to ycu. The Fi^A says it can't interfere 'with a person's right to refiiic to rent 01 sell ton anyone for any reason. To sum up: Under the new rule you can get, FHA help and discriminate .in renting or .scfliiis. for racial or religious or any other reasons, provided—yon haven't agreed lo do so in a covenant made a matler of record after Feb. 15. School Audits Completed LITTLE HOCK. Dec. 17—(.T'l— State Comptroller Lee Roy lieaslcy reported today that Financial affairs of tuo state colleges and a correctional institution were in sued audit reports on the Agricultural and Mechanical College at Magnolia. Arkansas Tech at nussellville and the Negro Boys Industrial School at Wnchi=Mlle, Ark. A course in (otetn pole c-t'vm.: is tffercd at Squamfeli Life College. British Columbia's all-Indian .-chool in North Vancouver. r Mrs. Bethell said. The increasec 8058 during the year to of 60.657 el a total The only decrease was In the Confederate pension rolls, which now contain 188 names, a reduction UNCLE SAM'S DEBTORS -And What They Owe HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN All figures ore in millions of dollars Foreign countries are obligated to repay the United Slates about 513,000,000,000 over the nexl 50 years, according lo the U S Commerce Departmenl. Brilain is by far our biggcsl deblor, owing over half of the total; France is next, owing 21 per cent The ncwschart above gives approximate breakdown of Uncle Sam's outstanding .foreign credits. The figures leave out about 511,400,000000 in World War I debls, and upwards of $60,000,000,000 in Kranls and gifts during World War II, for which no repayment is'^vp^ted An Ever Loving Wife Gives Columnist Early Start Toward a Big Day's Work NKW YORK (AP)— Frances .shook me awake this monilnc and .said: "All right, Rover, you don't have to try to hide from life loday. I've Kot an idea lor you to write aljout. It's a nice easy idea, too." I controlled my enthusiasm. Tlieie h:ul been a certain wifely lone in iiL'i voice—a tone she uses on days when 1 am something less than her Invurile husband. "What's your big iden, dear " 1 asked. "Isn't It about Ibis time of year that people like you write one of .To-called funny pieces Eitwul New Year resolutions?" she said. I couldn't sec what was coming, but I coutd tell it wasn't g<xid. "Well, it's n week or (wn early for that," 1 said. ''And besides 1 haven't any material yet along that Imp." "I'll save you a trip to the public hiaaiy." said Frances. "I think f have all Hie material you need," She left lh<> room. When she came IJiicfc she was (Iniinl)iiiK a small notebook iu which, from time to li:ue she chronicles the luls, runs :md errors tall mine) ot our marital life. Tally Call for Aspirin 'Take your head out of the blan- ket*," she said. "Let's look at the retoril, Huvcr." "Can i have an aspirin first?" "Take uvo—you'll need "eml" fche oprnetl the notebook. 'On Jan. 1st—It says hen-— you promised to net home for dinner on time every night in 1940. l>i you know how many times you've been late?" "Maybe 25 times'.'" "N'», 1U8 limes. It says here also that we would dine out at n different restaurant at least once every week. How many do you think we've been to." "Oh. 21 certainly." "N'o. jit^t Fix—unless you want to ) couiil that liotdug you brought me in the oiaii^e room at Ncdkks." "Well, maybe we'd belk-r skip thai OIK'." , "You also promised we'd see a new piny or movie. What do y.iu think Hie loial boxscore is on tluit?" "So many 1 cun't recall them nil." "Then you must not be able to I count over nine!" I GIII-S Ili-cper in Dnghulisi- The farther she not in lid- memory liimi; the deeper I i;ol In ilic rtO"ll<HP.'-|.. "Ami you promised to eat and drink less, nnd—" "Didn't I go on tho wflgon six limes?" "Didn't you fall off seven times? "Didn't I BO on a diet four llme.s? "Y*-s. You lost a total of 3} jMmnds in four tric.s-and cained 40, At that rate you'll welch 2% pounds bv the end of 1%!)." Sin- closed the book, handed It lo me and said: ''I won't even mention thu fui coal you've been promising me every year since 19K7." I pul the caliijog of broken voivs ill my pocket aflcr breakfast. "I don't know just hoiv to end your story <m New Year resolutions, I told Frsinccs as I left for the of fife. "Just say something cute," she said. "I can't think of anyihijit, cute about it my.scll~.but surely you can. ian'1 you. Rover?" She plaj fully pinched my cheok liiklriR out only :\ small hunk. Wive.-, mcn't a inotilable soiucc of ideas on some days . PAGE THREE are the main Industries ol Andorra, between Kiam-e and Spain, .sal's Hie Nuliumil Geographic Sodcly. 10CO itiiu'.s, Austria Ls boundi-rl by DONAI'lil) SIIOKS DON'T I'lT— Tlit-rc were plenty of second-hand shor-s (loiiiilrd ta Ilia small mining losvn of Shallmur, Mel., but pretty two jrai'-old jean Ann Crosco did i'l /:ui' .<•« w(?ll. The shoes were cither too lai'Be or too . t'.all. She Is tin- daughter of a miner, Wilmer Criiscn. and Mrs. Crosco. (AI J Wire- pholo) Arkansas Man Named "H.eio of the Month" CHICAGO, Dec. 17— (il'l— The Rev. joe Laui'o, Harrison, Ark., a Catholic priest, hss been named "Hero of the Month" by Disabled American Veterans. Father Lnuro. a student at DePaul University Chicago, entered the war about "a year before Pearl Tarbor. He enlisted in the Royal Air Force and served for three years with the RAF, taking part in G8 bombing operations over Oer- many and Africa. In '1)45 he joined the United states Air Forces and participated in 3-1 bombing missions. Odd-Job Man Confesses Attack on Small Girl LAKE PLACID, N. V.. Dec. 17.— ' Jl 'i—A 28-year-old odd-job man was charged loday with raping pretty, si.v-year-old Babbette Wilcox after telling her he was one of Santa's helpers. State Police said Gccrsc C! Haskin of Ogdensburg had signed a statement that he attacked the brown-eyed, brown-haired daughte. of a taxi-stand operator in a station wagon. He dumped her li. front of her home more than (wo hours alter picking her up. poli .said. Orinoco River Indians in Vene/ue- ! la collect turtle eggs for an oil used ! Hunter is Killed EL DORADO, Ark . Dec. 17— (,T>— P- Efoward LcBlanc, 51. yesterday was shot to death while waiting for a young companion to go hunting. Coroner Don Shultz said LoBlanc was shot in the chest by a 12 euage shot gun which apparently discharged accidentally. The man slipped on the porch "of a neighbors house and the gun went off. COSTUMES ~ s— llranls Any I'criod. Clinr. Santa Clous "mXi — Vor \V Triflings, Korni^ls. l:ir — l-*or Chrislm^s Orrasions. Cr.-idiMtfon C.ips anrl Gowns" w & REGALIA CO. 211 S. Main St. Mrmph!*, Tern. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES 'All lypre K>re»l l:anren 511 Main HIvthrvIlK \rk I'hon. i Concrete Culvert Tile j Sizes up lo 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Si'M nri lo SI in. Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Hcsl Prices \V C ndivcr A, H.WEBB m'l.v.ii 61 ni si,i(i riionc 711 SAVE MONEY with GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR SICK? Stomach, Liver and (.lull Klad- dor upset, Tongue coated, Bad j hi-eatli. Bad taste. You have ; heartburn, gas and dizzy shells, gas in yum bowls, may press upon your bladder, cans ! ing backaches. Gelling up at ! nights, pains in your lejrs, I arms, you feel dizzy, nervous irritable. | XU-AflJ Contains lwcnty-t\vi herbs that help t u K o right to work on the cause. Miserable people soon feel different, so do not go on suffering Get N'U-AII) - Sold a , 0\VKN^ Blythcville Arkansan, Vice Consul In Jamaica, Transferred WASHINGTON. Dec. 17. (<!>.—Foreign service Iniuslers announced lo- day by the State Department included; Edward N. Mi-Cully !>ara|;oul:l. Ark., from vice cnmml at Kini-slon Jamaica, to State Deparlmeni. KEROSENE <3!td FUEL OIL . Poetz Oil Co. Phone 2089 i''"i Prompt, Cnuricnus FRIENDLY SERVICE Laundry-Cleaners Phone 4474 *r^ax^mtt*mcus3&xK&tt m a st mr M . f &M xf- xf- Mother and Had lioldin K .secret conferences. . . Junior buwg ray (veil behaved. . . Uirislums is definitely on tltu way! We think that this Chrislmiis wit] he one of (he biggest ami happiest ever. And to make it extra merry, Hlylheville clianls have stacked shelves to the rafters. . . filled .showcases 'til they're fairly bulging with nationally known brands ot "just what you've always wauled." Now the only (|iic.stion is, how to take I he Imsilc and push. Hie fatigue ami short tempers, out of your annual Ynletulc shopping tour. We've R suggestion. Shop at IIOMI-:; where you will be served l,y l>i«"mls and neighbors. . . where yon will be served best, because your salespeople KNOW YOU! Shop at home because you save time :ind money—ami .still can obtain anything and everything that's available anywhere Shop at home because you are suppoi'liiig the merchants who are supporting YOU. . . through their interest in bettor schools. . . better churches. . . letter public (-erviccs. And on Christmas Day, li-l's all go to rtmrcli. . . rirl, in the knowledge l) l; ,t Ihi.s a.ri.sriii.-.s, by shopping right here, we've contributed to a better Holiday Season for ourselves-and a littler community for all 1 . J BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS I eassst- -*&*&&%&

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