The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE EIGHTEEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS For Sate, Mfsc. Cocker Spaniel pups, CMI Hrtty Holland At 2954. <t uj pit 21 24 Tn bin (Op rnrtlrj Pli 6702. 0 n Dallj nit per |]D< per comircutlt* I bf i'rKin° "m?*. TxcViSnt 0 ™ndmJ» C Insertion: ! ( ; nn b<? *rrn HI -13 A Chlckns™- coun Minimum rhiff* -. ** • AUo 3 It. ccfrLRorDior ivitJj « 3 yr I iVmri rir- Ti"p per rtay "!! l?r ? uruaiUro - c *" be fitlp n Bl l " S- I'H- 3 limn per line jicr <lay Sc < limrs per line per rtay lc 12 lime* per line per da/ Sc Monlh per Hn* " A " Count fiT* ,n'<TARf word* in the Hnr. Art ordered lor thrpc or sli tftiir* aivt (toppcrt hdor* Inn "111 he fJiarjtfii for Ih* numfcer ftf Hnw* ilii- »4 appeari'd and idjustmrnls of bSIl made. mae. All 'timlfitd artTfrlMn* ropr &»h- millcrt by pprsoiu r*slrtint nut si "If *il (he rl(T mint *<r *rri>nit>.vi,<T) *" r.ub. Rates m.iy be fsslly be rnmpulrd *d>m 20 Snplcmhor Sale Wlifilrsnlc- prices cm Dutch Roy I'alnt an'1 one-third discount <in K. C. Robinson JJ;r. Co. 0 12rk 10 12 Stark Bros, roses, shrubs. /n;i( and .shade Irons ['hone 3857. So. Hhvy. (11, Apartment for flent " wih, hot I ifl pk 2S im apl. 1M2 II 3 rm. 11 n fu r n a nt.. ant! cold valor Turn- Ph Unfurnished Ph. 3721. fi<Tf( harloy. any aniount, Noi >,:i--lc- (•rt. 12 hu Jatnrn W Fery. Ru-clc Mo Pfl 17K2 fi22 pk S> 32 U'.rrt (Jtxirs iind wlnrtn-vA for «;*!*« nrn White and Sons. O3 W Mam n}i B? r < rk if Ph. 3255- 20 ] ril] - _ " . . , Nf-'A firr proof f.nres Impn^iblr 9 IvVv JO 17 I' trit thl " |rtrk - Wl 225 11)!S - F'flv'ln J " r * , price J75- Also Urger Rlifos I'h Wi, kHrhrn Turn. npt. 1504 Hfarn, Ph. 2 rmF, furn Ph. 3337. f» U pV 22 Nlrrlv (urn- npl . 2 rooms, pvl. bath, eler. Irltrhrn. On main, Couple or ffnplP Ph. dny 2671—afTf-r S'W- ."MTV D Ifi pV 30 3 room furn. or \infurn nnartmrnt. C!os* in. Ph- MY 9.13 pfc 21 Unfnrn. 3 roon call 41FA. apt 13ns \V. Ash, D 12 p* 19 2 rm (urn apt Klre, Kltrlirn. ir>3 W. Ky. I'h. 3109. 9 12 pk tft Four room modern furn. «pt. Ifrwly decorated Phone 2-152 or 3233. 0,2 tl Modern cnhlns anfl npnrtme.nts. Ixist Boy Court I'lione P9M Couples only, R?3 ck 1021 jusED COMBINES: If you need a j?ood used self- ' propelled combine . . . src us ' first. Choose from MHSSO.V- i Harris. International Harves- ' ter, John Deere and Case. \ 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Hiway 61 Phone 2M2 j 7;1!) If; FORD OWNERS Get New Life & Economy for Ford Cars & Trucks WITH COMPLETE NEW ENGINES Factory-Reconditioned Engines - - - Installed . . Brand New Cylinder Assembly - - - Installed H69 S 289 Save xas and oil . . . Pn j ov f| ,, il:k sl(lrU|1J , ., n ( , Knux.O, performance. And a( I'i.illips y ( ,,, can take a full 12 n.onlhs [„ pay. Inveslijrale. Come by and see us tomorrow! Nicely Turn. apt., pvt entrance N<»w rerrigprntor. UtUUlcs 100 W. Ky. J7 8 29 pk 9 22 3 rm. unturn. apt, prl. b»th. riiito- irmtlc hot water heftier. I'h 332.% 820 e* 020 Modern 2 room fur ivpt Ph. 253S or 436S 7<M Ck tl iforlcrn apt. 3 rooms nnri bath, nsw- lT (Iffcoraled. ROOI! furniture. RR* equipment. Ph, 3373. F. Simon. 0,21 ck It Smalt Apartments, furnished. f8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Services Try our rtellcitPMen spocliilx— Ilarbfi- cue rihs oncl chickens — jilinlenlo chcpfie: — hum ERlad — chlckru FaliWi — Colp slaw — potato RiilAd, WP will cook for your special dinner or party, Call and rule us for prlros. Cecil Lou-c Oroceri' Phone 4597 Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 nmpninj M»hj ! »j i ™^gMj ! ji[j7Tc 300 Broadway p hone 4453 lcr<l. Terms, Dny ph 2071. tilKln 2039 9 6 ck It) 6 WALL J'AJ'KK & PAINT < . K. C. KOHINSON LRR. CO. ji«n TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. I1J W. rVslmil rhone 31m Plenty of Parking Space Farm Loans Wanted .Vp firr- FLr '? Lonn ^ Wanted « "e^^E'I™^^ 0 - Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. Rtorn lixturp^ A- slark. Will Invrnmi or sf]] ;,^ ii (or rnsh. Corner P,05 Ca olyn Ar 21st. 9 ;,s pk : — - - - - i -•• -"('M tin ncc y tnir old 0 15 P *22 i fj^'J «"»•' »t n low r2i of Phone 3£7fi. . . 9.]G ck 23 for Sa/e yonr prwrnt date of with no ap.iralsnl fee nsnlns l. n[irl Co Bl.vthcvllle, Ark. Offlrc Plionc 3'P2 \V. T. Barnrtl R us »cll E males 9.II ck TO I] For Sale Cars & Trucks Liquor Storo with «rorery anci incii market rrunhlnrct. Pool ronm. RfsUnr mil. nultdLni^ Inc-JiKlrrl In husLtic^rP IVitl spll for rash r>r triuJe for tancl Thf50 nre \i'c1l rstnhllslictl bLisLno^^r 1 -'' Located nrar I3]ytlirvl)lf In noocl bus- , ,-I.M.. imunr -vicon "inn n l^nrr..'; tn^n. Write box MN*O, '" Courier B - HoUlson, 405 N, Hrnatlwiiy t'h 33f)5 IfUfi Inlrrnntlona]" "trurks I 0t r" wrth 1 "' Prlr ° E75 ° ThlB tri1 ^ ^* 0,17 i 2-t P IT ch 10,17 Watch and Jewelry Repair ..DM- .-le, en ,„.,„•_, dw on . Ph " ° 357 '"I" Ck If -J ^d clocks. Onsrantcnl work i Nations] rash tircl<ter~nTsrm?l b, e.per, Iep , !tmcn ^, e5t „ , n, s ,^,^l,^ ^ «! jhouth SthJSt. 0 16 pk 10 > iiiMimrc \_o. ~ ~ Trade your old furniture] ^ or Safe, Real Estate for new. I will also buy your'— r-p- ; , old furniture. Fanners trrmc 2 ljcdro ui" modern home, old furniture. Farmers terms Vz down, balance in the fall. Formerly Arnold & Gaines. PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second Pions-Estimates 'or new conilnictlon. remrxtehnK or F.M-A OR O. I. E.OAN3 NO OBMOATION Phone 20M Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. EXPERT REFRIGERATION REPAIR SERVICE -,r. 0r . ql " ck ' "pert terTlee on «lr con- aitloolng refrigeration «nrt nppllanco . . . call «8S« or «•]»!. BHOrr BEFTilGERATIOH CO. 30 M1NTJTI PnoTOSTATIlT~sf:Rv"- ICJ 0-STSEN-S STUDJO. 115 IV MAIM 12 4 ck If Guarsntetd pl»no tunlin «nd re- P»lr. Call ^071 d»j. Josj nl s lu< 5 3d It PLA \TKRS~ 1 1 AR1 )\\~\1U-; CO. offers expert clciinin^ and repair servii-c ( , n oil stoves Hardwood floors. $850. down, ?-IO, per monlli. *IO acres eight j ' The Rust Cotton Picker WILL PICK COTTON! Jack Robinson implement Co. UJythcville, Arkansas — I'lione 2371 PROPOSED SALXAH D£fE^fS£ CD^^ ^^NTI^-pOVIET PACT-Yugoslavia, Turte, ; m<! G._. c arj Pi .„!,,., a , 1C1 ,, mullial defc.f^'^.v,!!^!!!',!';. 1 '^".,; 1 "^ i '•>-- ...U.ui^ ii-c badly ouinumuu-cd in nulilai-y i.u... o ,- ( • f,- I incj o.i j.iap snow), nnrj jr. naiura! i«iy u .^ t C, JoC ; 'uoiilir *" Insurance Wanted to Buy 9 16 pk 2J For Rent Two rrt Stpam hentprl oI.'Lrp. ph. I1255. »." Call 4553 l''or Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Aoc-ncy Planned Protection OLENCOt HOTEL Hull D1XO 124 W Ash at. V8 ck II REAL ESTATE" Farms—City Prooer'y LOANS TNSURANCF U IntercMrtl tn Unrinf or Belling sre Noble Gill Aqency Glcncoe Rlclg. WANTKD 1000 Tons Tlo Can.^-The only Tin ..timpress ortv/c-.-n Rtkeston acrd 'Memphis. nij-lhi-vllle Iron * Mftnl Co Phone 6962 Moultrle ,t R n. st 911 tl THURSDAY, SEPT. 18, 1952 LOOK CAR BUYERS! WHY LOSE MONEY? BUY YOUR CAR FROM SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEV. CO. I!M7 FOKU V-S super deluxe Fordor Sedan. Large ra- clio, hcafer and defroster. Clean & baignin priced! 1919 J'M'MOUTH deluxe 2-door Sedan. Very low mileage —it looks and runs like a new one. See it today. 1919 INTEUNATIONA1, Stake liody. Has tOOxll tires—duals on rear. 1953 lie. Very clean ' 1950 CHEVROLET ^-Ton Pickup Truck. A $ nice, clean late model (nick priced right .... K01U) V-S 1-Tnn I'ancl Hod.v. A real $OftC truck for fruit peddlers. Good motor K I ires /JJ§ 19-19 TOKD V-8 !/,-Ton Pickup Truck. In ex- ccllent condition, this one is now onlv 895 EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN RememKer, you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "Tin Big Ua«d Car Let en Walnut Street" 301 Walnut Phon9 4578 Ph. r>8(i8 1.30 c» tl We will ,„, CASH rar your old Ko i dak.«. cainfiBs nnd lenses (or parts 0-STEEN-S STUDIO. 115 West M»i n j 12 4 ck II Wonted Good ali-.iround dry rtpanor lo %-ork in Portosevllle. Gon-l p«y. WB ular »-orlc for rieht man. Wrlic Hnymonrt IJoyd, LUhourn. .Mo. $ 13 cj^ 19 Notice miles north of town GGO. 51. MOK, Realtor 120 \V. Main Phono 69(51 !) 18 ck 25 FARM LABOR. Can use tererol tarn- ' Hies for day labor or shnrecrop on tmid j Ln Jefferson County that produces m hales an nrre without fertilizer: any i time no-*- ir> Janunry. Good srhools. I c.octd hosiers, eleelrlclty. Regular day •k: =450 per day and up. Wrlle Bos ' •" Courier News. 9 Ifl pk 20 K-3. 1 1^ X IB font rold stornizp \V!(^ t ~ tv « «or^ room' (lood^rnr daln ™ md CLJE hu^lurss. Cn\\ Cecil ' 7 - 0 17 rk 20 1 rm. furn. hn 6tl>. Ph. 4336. 10'IC model Chevrolet bus, scats 29 passonpors Rrlinn! -ir i l>n<: ivno ni tv, -n ^, C "°V -Alodcrn a bedroom house f« UPS. B. S th e v,.te Cjj.rh n, Itt ;, jat h at 005 Pec.n Ave | P ^-" : -'^ ••• ! ck n Hiiixhvoud floors, floor furn- i - nee, 50 Knl. elcc. hot water 12:1 and l).-ith pk 13 ' 1 -! c !i"L 1 " n 'ri :!25 Ni stiii 9 '" <* 23 4 room house four mllra out Chancellor TC he«t [or sale. S3 m ~^' r hu. Whistle Oln Co. 27J4 Hell 8 2D tf Good location in Manila. Auto Parts Slore. Wnlkout proposition. 5:»,noO will handle. If inlerestrd call Manila or contact HARLEY BRADEX, MANILA. n'6 pk 20 Now Prrffrtlon oil Fanic".Vh In eicrllcnt condition. Phon M7.I STORE FIXTURES 1 Drflnnrr Srnlcs I—Meat Ca>c 1- Sllrrr l-Mf.-lt Ilto-'l! 1—A):ron stork Grille £!&" ?:"r Urn 2 -Prmltir,. ,,^;.t l~Snrt, Fonnlnln 1 —rarljnnatnr <-.>•;„., r , A . Snnlv | nc Holi Hirillti n«JJ. .^.-jf aiul floor fiiniiiros. Get ready'i - " '" pk " lor winter now !,v c;l ,i ir , n I r™^*",',';™ M "^ f '^; l ', TM ",^ •!••>!.-;. tonal'. fl |:^ c l : <1 '_>•>: .' r '." lV '":';'." lv ' : " :r ^ "i Iw-r.-rM..^.,: p-5- licatcr. Kxtrn larife lot. This liouse is in good condition. $1800 cash will handle an assumption of loan balance at ?52.r>0 per month- Possession July 28, owner leaving town. Mndcrn A ronm house and hath at 2225 Kirch. Large kitchen with dinette booth, plus lots of extras. Newly decorated inside and out. ?l'- , nnp cash —. $.12 per month | Will rent to couple only JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd Phone '1111 Residence Phone 2596 82G ck tf Clrnr per month 9 U pR 20 ftirn. hdusp with Unth Pli 9 LR pit 22 h.Mlli" 1 "'.," 1 " 11 - :lzi "~«<i~'»« In noln bulldlni Roinnnnnle rent Cull ion 7,19 c/t ti Match our windows for Rnicnlns Wr have spr-clM lov.- prlcr-s ovrrv wcckrnd Cerll I.o-^r- Grocery Phonft ^597 P 17 rl: 10 17 | ! W W I.nwr- i, nrrT" yoi.r Fuller Brush dealer 2110 Henley St., Blythe- vlllf. Ark. Telephone 8938. 9;9 pk 10 9 I The ne\vly-lM)rn kangaroo is only . nhnut nti inch lonq and is scmi- Irnnsparcnt ns an earthworm. i£ON Personal 3 room home. Modern convrnlencefi. quiet Fv»nUln. ph . tlon L. a. Thomp Female Help Wanted _Car Hop.s Apply in 9 3 rk tr Salesgirl for permanent position with established Blytheville firm. Good salary, excel! lent working conditions. Write , c/'o Courier Xcivs. 9 IG ck 1!) noom for 3 pn^.=en?ers polnc to Flint, Mich. Leavlnc Friday 19th. Fhone BOSS 0;i6 pk 19 Private Rooms Inrp.e front hort rn om. Adjolnlnc hath. Kitchen nml llvlnc room privileges. Use of Karnse. 801) Chlek. Ph. 4470 9 16 pH 2J I rooms, Ii04 Hearn Ph. 9,12 pk 15 l rail Help Wanted c n 7,-ornr,n to rlo Nfftt an<i rlcan. i. m 4 ."JO p.m. if "ftor 4:30, DH tt Rrrtroom cnnTonlent to tmh 611 W Mnln Ph. JH25 g 20 ck" 920 dnrg* 1 , rornfo;tihle front hcdrcxirn CrvnTcnle-Titlj locntert Ph 35H. &1 pk 102 Comrort.ihtp brdroom with nrhiitfi ttaih. Ph. 2.03 or 9671. 9 10 ck tf Continued from Page 8 els. \vlicre the atmosiihere is thick- cr and heavier, (hat they get Into Irmible. It is like the riirfcrpncc hi'turcn shovijig your fist into a p;ul of wntcr and tr\-iug to shove it Ihitiu^h :i brick wall. Derry apparently pulled out of his pouei- rii\-e and leveled off at about 1500 feet, over the crowd. Ho may have heen crowding his plane lo put on a good show. This extra strain in the lower atmosphere may have been more than (he plane could take, according to speculation amone; aeronautical scientists in Washington. FOR SALE Concrete culvcrls, 12 Inch to 48 inch, plain or reenforred. AJso Concrptp liuililiiis; Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chick- on houses, pump houses, lenaiH houses, tool shecfs. We deliver. Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Fhone GDI PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores SttoES •EXPERTLYl REPAIRED' H-HLTCRS (UBLITY SHOC SHOI 121 W. M iR I N ST. Salesman Wanted Opportunity for full or pnrt time | hu-=.1nr^-; m p^rt of niythrrlllr, sup- ! Iilvm- ConM lm ..-., wllll » n wlrlch Ftn- [ rtnrti. No rapHnl iior'IciL Al = n other : Loni]lUr-=; nvnil,ii)lr Write Hn\vlpith's ; Drpt AKI-2ID-216. Memphis Tr-nn 91fl p',: 10 t COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION SERVICE Orho Curfncr Ovrr 1? yoars experJnnne In the rommprrial -efripcration repair hiiFinrss assures you of expert service. Phone 2BI2 [•'reel Callihan liadio Service ; k ^S'^liS HHS , ,., in , Tn £;;S°iJ ul H ,„,««i°P Gratoi 's Wanted ';''•< ;••. ifi ; !'ir"' -',',r. '- : ,'.' ''.'.VL" r *"''.];,'.'," r: "' l ""j s ' ^'V,' ' ( "'"^. |1I , K ' '''iT-' 11 '"' hr " r " r '" ) Experienced on men's y;\r- . IP ., I''"'" '•"' "'-t'p'oSr.' R'K'A. 7-mv".' 'ron, 'r-!-nt"iV'sV-]».oi'Tins7M- ; n-we h »-i'i' ! h | ''"'"If 1 . l>ii.j;ini;is anil shirls n.Kn" ;""'/ :;::; K ';; ;i ; ( -^ ^,:r"","rA;; i '•^"'^^^^•<^'S: : Sin>rlr <ir <l( " lhlp »"'"<• »^™- i''. .--si? ";'d"l."';; ! .;;;;r: h ^"M'°" 51 ;; ; a « ?';„'! ; !."ouJ;"% ?""' r m " r'; 1 "" 2 - hi ; t ! lni ' s - Apl>1 >" nt l;ire snx Fac- Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE Free Pickup & Delivery — Service 24 Hours a Day Day Phone 2642; Night 8858 No Extra Charge For Niphl Calls FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE 110 S. First Blytheville _"" ArV. In^nlr" nt rrtrrv. O O. nrny D IS pk in : ;r r JV^ n ;L rnn ^! rl , on h..T, 1 l, ! I'TV. 21st * Main. "•"••'"""""",,.••„»„"-'• ^r«Vr r,, 7 ( , k 21 [ f. ^t miO T.V. Set 712 E Rair ' Inlcrc't fl a pit 22 New Crop OKLAHOMA APPROVED RETAIL 46c PER LB. NO WEED SEED •LYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CoRP 1800 West Main St. Phone 856 pi , L ... . . Blythcville, Ark. E. M TERRY -1 IS rV ]<1 PPARF TTMK 11 pinr.r \vr win ?,son 111 thl- iu<-:i t moiirv from our N \TONTTTT,V POS--T ^ rrll.ihlr pr-r- P!X KOOMS ONLY T\Vf>, BLOCKS KTHnt CITY HAM, .-!o h-M-wmi-i In this hm,,r -kt" rrt'r •n.-'-s, r,in br r:».i*lv i'U ;n njT'xf m nn r lily p.ivm nn. t.^-mrr ni-MUhlv. E. M. TFRRY \V)1tr m PCI >( ^ 1 ^t I nuis 20. MP -NOTICE- We want to loan you a Garber Power Seeder to sow your Fall cover crop seed, if you buy your seed from us at competitive prices. Yes, \Ye Can Handle Your Government Loan Paper. For Further Information Call A. A. HARDY 705 Clear Lake Avo. N"PI-rrt r I--.1 ro.-> On Rii=ln ?r Rollison. 4PA N* 0 Ifi pX ARTHHITIS If vnn Miffrr willi ^rthriti* wrilc (o me, r. O. R.iv T7S, Soulli llrncl,^. I nill E la illy (oil vmi hnir I sot riil ,.f || J< ico aflrr siiffcrin:: over '^.i vnrs It. M. ll.irri^nn. 125 AITOS nn Hijjliwfiy fil frnm *,!ir ritv llm'fr- n: RlvT!i' n ' i inr ^n*i i^.^sonr'li'.o irin. !•!.••.; r^- ni-,^.' r -,T" f o- r -~ •]inrr"r <>f trijo nn hi"h\vm- on «>^t Milr. Fritirr t.irrii j* rriu-f-Tl -,n;ri- i-',.- -v-tf •iiiU'hiu-' i'Mr t..rni li,»= JrfluJtf i^MbU'.Ur-.'. Thr'trom '"for! v "n^'hr 'y7,' t l°o'f .11 fivi mid trit sirro .;.Tns lot *i.rnm (nr nrrr which will Uixvc R> -\ r -.•* -,\,v, '„, errff «!ii!in lMvr«linrnt np»arc|]rsj. «h;U you want to dn with it yr:i rnn'l • c" 80 ,\crr\s .^ l^ih-oom ;tn«I 1? h.-ilh home n(Mnu:ul ho.r.e vitli lure ^hadod lot. Irfci\l srt up—noUiniv; rr.ntc coti;d ^'P''dp 0 Komp Wliisrrliunl, Heritor ; riioiie 3100 FO/? S4L£ rtr.iiilidil hrick home on Ilishvoy 61 North in ronnlrv Club llrivp Atlrlillnn. This home his 3 c\tra l.Trpc hrrjrtinms, l.irce flusols in r.icli: l.irse livinR room iiilh flrcpl.irp. rtinine ronm. Xow Gcncv;i kilrhcn. one nml onr-half halln, ulililj room, hrsc screened in fronl pnrch. Servant's house wilh g:>s hcul. srar.iee nntl onldoor storitf. This home hns new roof .111,1 I,, top rnnrlilion. r.ln't he dnplic.lled for Iwire the selliii!: price. E\tn i.irfc lot. chnlrc neighborhood. Triced for quick sale. SEE.OR CALL JOHNNY MARR Phone 2596 ON EAST MAIN 1S50 CMC 2-Ton SWB Truck with air brakes S 5)00x20 tires. Two-speed axle ............. 1!1I9 GMC li/ 2 -Ton LWB Truck with a new « gram hcrt. A clean truck with good tires . . . ' 1951 GMC 2-Ton SWB Trk., 2-spri. axle. 900 $t7flC ^20 tires, cah lights, wonderful condition . . I 133 1018 CMC '/j-Ton Pickup with deluxe cab, Healer. A clean, low-mileage truck ........ 1912 CMC lon K wheclbasc I'/i-Ttm Truck. ?|AC Good, motor, good tires. A mighty good price! 133 1916 FOKD Hi-Ton Truck tvilh ,, e <I. New *JAC paint job. Good tires. A real buy at ........ *f «»3 10 Ifi FORD "/,-Ton Pickup— for the buy of your life come NOW to Horner-\ViIson $ 495 i •] 1950 OLDSMOBILE WITH ROCKET ENGINE tt you've biTn planning to buy » Rnckel Olilsmohile, here is i sivlncs opportunity! This "98" 4-rtonr Serlan has all the accessories (nrhidinc while, sldeorall lirrs. i.ow milrage.. City driven. Two-tone color. 1951 CHRYSLER This Windsor Club Coupe Is a lovely. Itchl hliir- color. A very clean, cilj-rtriven car. U^rtio. hralcr. scat covers, l-ow milras;c. Now priced at lust . . . $1995 HORNER-WlLSON EAST — MAIN Rocket OMsmobile — GAIC Trucks Phone 20rifi Used Tar I.ol ~ Phnnf fi

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