The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1949
Page 13
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16, 194D BLYTHEVILLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams HOW lONG'S A GUY 60TTA VWOIK HERE TOKE HE GITS IS! OM pis CHRISTMAS 101KEV DCAL1 MV NAME - IN TH' PILE. TURKEV? WHY/THAT'S LAUNDRy- CWERALLS AN' WORK HE LOOKS LIKE HE'S SLEPT Ae LOW6AS C1P VAN WINKLE AND HE HAS--1 ESAO.BOVS.PARDOM Me/jM M6\Y DOESIM/XT VOL) See A ^EARV BUSINESS Ji MEAM w'6 , BURIED OMDER A AttXW-i CATCH YOU STRIPPED A IS THE YULE SEASOhi, AND YOU'RE ABOOT AS CHEERY AS TH6 COONTER OF A DRUGSTORE.' . OF NATIONAL PROBLEMS-..- rtexT V6AR. X MUST PRODuce AND SELL., ', 15O.OOO OF AW .TOCKlMS- NWFFL6RS ANOTHER OWE OF VCXJR OLD PHOTOS •FORA AN OUTFfT DOES FOR us.' THE FIRST ALASKA .GOLD RUSH' By Virginia Teale TUB STOKVi ,4 •<*(•<• 7 kakor fc»* i'M hit nvtr tfce krxd vrlib * demtjuhn -nU I. *• critical condition In lie ho* [if la I. The HcciiJtnl oerarrril Juwt a* h* Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople Ask for either while or colored driver. Nine cab.s at your service. 2100 CAB CO. 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Reddy's drowsy-looking lids Snapped open, his long brown fingers clenched the chair arm, and his back stiffened defensively"Chief, J have an honest respecl tor you and your methods of running your office—" Reddy spaced his next words carefully "—but, if it's not out of order, I'd like to suggest that we concentrate on the people who might have done the murders!" Peters drummed his fat fingers on the table. When he met Reddy's challenging eyes, his own narrowed: "You're a smart boy, Charlie, I like having you work with me You're gonna be a smart, maybe even famous, lawyer someday But, let me point out something to you right here and now: In police work—yeah, and in low work, too—it's not smnrt to fie mixed up with one of the principals in the case until (he thing is over, finished and resolved. Gel what I mean?" Reddy's shoulders sagged a little and his gr.ny eyes evaded the Chief's face. "Okay, Chief," he said quietly "Stephanie Smith is next on the list." Peters hitched his body forward in a businesslike way: "Now where was Miss Smith at the time of the first murder? My notes say she was wi(h Hagar in the Three Wishes Shop. Right?" "Right, So obviously, she couldn't have been at Fuller's." "Apparently, she couldn't Did t ever occur to you, Charlie, that llctgar Blair and Miss Smith consistently have alibied each other?" "Wait a minute! Somebody else mows that they were together In the shop either just before or )ust after Palter was getting knocked ofT. Yakov and Mrs. O'Neill were .here with them.'" "So they say, Charlie. We never iad a chance to check that story with NelL And, unless Yakov comes out of his coma, we can't check it with him either." Reddy's tace turned dark red. ir Yes and we were in process of checking it when the second murder took place. How were we to know that Nell would get knocked of! right away? But Stephanie can't be every place at once, either. If she was in the shop with Hagar-—and I'm positive she was—how could she also be up at Faller's place sticking"a bodkin in his hack?" Peters heaved himself out of his chair and clumped up and down the room. "Bodkin!" ho muttered, "Only in Dolorosa could the murder weapon be a bodkin!" • * * TIE broke o/I as u Uill nurse rus- tied stnrchily into Die room. "Chief Peters, Mr. Trotter woutt like to know if you can take ovei now in Mr. Yakov's room?" The Chief sighed gustily, "He hasn't come to, yet?" The nurse shook her head. "No ycl." "How is he?" "No change. Chief Peters." "Tell Mr. Trotter I'll be right there, nurse." As sho rustled out. Peters turned to Reddy, placing a heavy hand on the younger man's shoul dcr: "Charlie, I'll leave my notes lore with you—take a good look at the stuff, will you, fella? Try iici an inspiration?" lie nmchcd the air with his left fiat: 'Let's crack tins thing!" As he watched the tjeavy figure !>lod off down the hall, Charlie's r ace turned sympathetic. He lacked up the sheaf of papers and sat down near a lamp. His eyes rat-eel over the typewritten words he was half through the third page. Abruptly, he stopped rending and dug inio his pocket for his own notes. leafing quickly through the sjnnl! book, he checked an item with a few lines in the Chiefs data. His eyes were glazed with concentration as he returned ais notes to his pocket and stuffed the Chief's papers in a mnnila folder. He lit a cigaret, absent-mindedly puffed at it twice and ground it out in the overflowing ash iray. He stnred across unseemgly al a painting while the words he had just read clicked before his mind's eye wilh teletype clarity and precision. Then, galvanized by a half-formed idea, he glanced al his watch, snatched up the folder and bolted for the door. * • • HPROTTFR, coming in, drew back from a near collision: "You've got a lot of energy for this time of morning!" He grinned wearily, "Where's the fire?" "I've got only about five minutes to make it!" He made a sharp turn near the floor supervisor's desk, nodded apologetically at her reproachful face, and plunged for the slair- way. As he clattered dinvn to the lobby, he thought flectingly of Stephanie, assured himself that she was all right, and jogged out to his ear. The rumble of the engine reverberated through the empty, dark street as Heddy guided his car at high speed to the junction at Ocean Highway. Making a squealing right turn, he roared past summer cottages, real estate, offices and motor courts. His watch registered five minutes past 2 o'clock when ho pulled up before the palm-thatched building Hint was Bob's Place. 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MY FS?iEN05,TH*T MY STCKY !JP s^V i ' ; fe?f&--Si)-A>O ^:W-> >t*& HOOTS AND HKK lust an Old V;ise: HY KDfJAR MARTIN . ..^. n.J.i i -. |

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