The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1949
Page 12
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( PAGE TWELVE I I CLASSIFIED f ADVERTISING INFORMATION ii U&H; r&t* {MM one roi eon& U lutcrUons: -S Minimum cbKtg« we * "i time pel Hue ,. JSc k* 8 time* pci lint, per day I3c ,,'^3 ume« pei line per day ifc :*••'» ILDiea per Line pei day 1C *-"13 time* per line pei day &c :V? Mrm id pei une 90c rj' Count live a««unge woxds to tbe Onr •"• Ad oraered im tnree nj BII time'- too ; etoppea oemre eipiraiioa win or charged (or me nuiubei oi umc* to* 1 »a Rppearea ana aajiiKlmenl at Dltl m&a* All cJ&&stllea Advertising copy *uo- ^'mutea oy person!- res id nip ouisriif 01 i^, ttie city muf.t oe acciimpnnlea DJ ch«n Hfties may ea-sily oe computed from tilt ^ fttXJVe tHQIe ii AaverusJDg orrte; lor irresuJat msrr- '• tlons taK65 tne on* lime tat»!e No responsibility win oe utteo 101 more tnan one lnc*>rr«ct m Fern no ol ,. any classified nn ',. AIJ aac are rt,strict pa to thfll propel t} classification style and type 1 ti t 1 Courier New* r^eivet tbr rtcbt lo «dii Apartment for Rent Small rurnishc-d apniIntent, utilities • furnished. Plioiiu 6306. 1:2,15 pk ia;ia room (uni)sliea apartment, Ph 60S A 1 . FifUJ J2.15 pic It 2 " room furnished apt. 403 E. Ash • i: Lilly. 12.15 jifc 18 "- 3-rootn furnished Rpt. 2305 Ctuolyn 1 Inquire Cililfamf C-Ate at Uell. 1U,H l>t 12.17 V 2-room uiiltitnislied npt. Hull led '•"couple only- 1IW E. Kobe o;UI a!l«r 4:^0. 12.14 j)k 1221 Newly furnished or unfurnished apt. Close in. Call 6X18, 12jM ck 12:21 4-room apt. upstarls. Private bath. 713 Went As)i SI. Phone 25BC. 12^16 iik 12.20 2 room futtUsticd apartment with hath. Call 4336. 12; 16 pk 20 Modern cabins service. Pn. yM apaxiitients Calc I2|l pk ^liSO Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN HElt V1OB STATION Main &: uivigion Phone 23BJ Uom endangei youi itunUy with faulty tlre»—BUY LEE rtltES. Insurance For FARM BURRA.TJ INSURANCE ecrvice. call or contact H. B. Shuppard. phone 2157. early morning, noon or ulfiht. 12 10 pk ijio Dunkerque, freely translated, means "church among tlifi " 'lies/' Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection \V. J. Pollarcf Agency Planned Protection BLYTHEVIU.K (AK1Q COIJRTKR NEWS J21 W A*h bt CJLfcNUOE HOl'Kl Typewriter TYPEWRITERS H«jrai. Sinltfc Cuinn* and Heininguin DON EDWARDS l'n« 1-ypwrltei Ma HO ,N Second St P Services AUTO ANL) KUliNJrUHh LOANH I'rompt I'erKJiDai Hervtce Ucnerai Contract Purcfianf Corp rs eervlce Vl'22 ck IT ias macmties repairea A i • Ulytneville Mactjltifc atlttp Ph 11=8 c* U Expert lali Cleaning oi ce)niit;n lEoois carjjets wlDdows- and up ery DILI'S DOHA-Cl^AN pb MU 10'1'j- tl 1 'or expert oil store clean ins and repairing f^Ji Harry Myers 6^-iy Al^o ve n lew ^iy e»'Wn water r>umps nstajica sy^ oo Ili2^ pk 12,2:1 PLASIERING BOB MALONE Call ^1159 lilyllieviJIe or 407 Osccola 10-(i ck 1 -G OIL STOVE sEHvicta CJtj coniroJ Tjiiwcs cloiinrtl nnd Rd- justcu C'artjon removed by rn.'w method while not. f*j] ^650 iiina i>fc ja/^a iHlUs nmdc, buokct-piuK Kyaicnis ued. btate and Federal liuporls ILJcd, Iiieoine lax reHirns projuirntJ, rtiitl hooks ki-pi DM ]>;irt Hint; l>tmln Cull 4930 or write Oliver W. Keener, Accountant. South Division St , llly- vUlc, 12.16 ])k 3116 For Safe, Misc. TURKEYS Home grown, fat. Live or dressed, delivered to your home. B. II. 111-SS1I' Pliune 6()'u'2 "12-16 pk 23 ASK THE MAN WHO BOUGHT ONE EARL P. BAKER 1 Golf. Fro — lil.vllitvllla HERE'S WHAT EARL BAKER SAYS: "Last spring when I came lo Ulyllicvillc I nccilccl ;tn niilumobilc Ilinl ! could use for many |inrposes. . .sometimes even (o pull a trailer. I round a 11139 Chevrolet »! Langston- BlcWalers Hint was (iriccd rigltl uiirf could do my job." Buy Your Used Car From a Recommended Dealer! SUPER SPECIAL! $1095 1917 DeSolo .|-door Si-dan in very good cuiuliliun. has fluid drive, heater, seal covers, spotlight ............ « 1917 Kurd 2-door Sedan in lip-lop condition. tins new tires, radio & healer. . .only $10-15. • 1!M1 Chcvrolel 2-d ( very good mechanical coiuliliuu but a little , oug |, „„ u lc ,, ulsjdc . ..only » 10-lG I'lymoulh .J-door Sedan. :ts clean as a pm, lias scat covers, new tires, spotlight. ..$S!>5. • 10-12 Ruick Sillier Sedanetlc wilh new enciiic. tMtcllorU mcdianical condition.-. .§735. • 1911 liiiick Special -1-door in c.vuellcnl condition. . .$713. Langston-McWaters BUICK COMPANY Walnut al HroariVay Dial 555 for Service IET us DOUBLE CHICK YOUR CLUTCH T0DAY! Sfh at Walnut Phone 4453 Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS imcreneo in or Gelling Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls - F. B. Joyner Glcncoo Kldf. Ph. G808 Want lo buy a farm? We have it. Farm 40 acres up to large plantation in Northeast ArU. and Southeast Mo. See us for a farm loan CATUS WORTHINCTON CO. REAl/rOKS 115 So. 3rd St. Blytheville, Ark. (Jcorge w wisnjj oj W o Catei Ph J7SI 10.28 ck II 5-rootii homo on corner lot 50x150 a. All leiu-ecl. Cliu-krn House. Karacc .Vcsl lo iirw soliool site. 1'rlcei) to Bell 122 Jaml.wn. 12|10 pk 1224 For Sale. Misc. OIL HEATER Tin's is n large size Duo- Therm circulator. Cost $105, as new. A bargain at $60. Reason for selling, put in fas floor furnaces. See or Call JOHNNY MARR North Highway til Plioue 259 G 12-13 ck If UliuHrun irnner. excellent condition bliiunons studio ulvan. Do\ 1-1:1 De 1'honc 2701. 2 12^10 pk 1|IO 1'IA.VOS Foil SALE: WE HAVE SEV- KR.-\I. NEW FACTOItY GU^riANTFKa bi'i.vti:-!' 1'iANoa rori SALE AT 1110 UlSL'OUNThi WHILE TI1EV LAST 11KOOKS MU.S1C STORK 107 EAST MAIN ST.. Ill', all. 12,15 ck If Used Tractors Avcry Tractor And h-qtupmcnt. price i'JUS 00 Allis Chalmers Motlel WC. and KciuiptnuiiL, $705.00. .Mils Chahncrs MoiLi-l WC. SI. 125 01) Allis Cliiiliners MoUcl WC with enltU ixtor, SC9:>-00 Mil SSEMT-t [iHTlS Mode! 2i> A; I^qulpntciit. Sl.I50.QU Masscy-Hnms MoclrJ -20 i: Kquiptncnt, sLiglnly used, Sl.676.UU MtiUcl i/urty minute punt y i I:K.\ & s i UL>IU ; tauc serTlce tost,l Drown ml] (old nt Walls Hi>s- plKicc until Bill told to Mrs [.' N H<-nni-u 2r; u, Mb.-iourl sv. IJIythe- l.KilK-s xlasscs Ilrmvn p!;istlc (raiiicn. In C'.UArd-s Urowu fast-. Ixj^L bctwoon Krcii A: Huy's atorc. I'll. 46U7 or 3317. 12:15 ck 12;18 Private Rooms Nice bertroni. men only. 613 W. Wnl- liut. photic 2-11)6. la. 15 pk 22 Comluitnblc bctliomn. Cnll 2675. Small nousc kcciJlnB roam. Pli. 2U20. 12,13 ck 1Z ; 20 Bedroom. 1'hoiin 2101. 12,13 pk 1220 Loans WANT A FARM LOAN 1 have one of Llie best loans lo be had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rale of interest. Will refinance your place or help you lo buy one. KIALKS LAND CO. W. T. Baniett—Uussel) Rialos 22U2 two phones 3322 ll-25ekti Money to Loan LK> you aeea a loan to tepoal oi r« nod«r/ No down oaymeot on mon- ag^. no rea Lspc eUA APPROVED RATES 4<7- ASK FOR OKTAILD Max Logan, Realtor 'none iW* l.yncb BulldtaR Blltbevllle. Ark • !»-ck-tl FARMS CITY PROPERTIES LOANS INSURANCE See us for service. See us and save. \V. L. TAJIKE REAL ESTATE AGENCY Larry Iiigram-Hcnnnn May Cooper Bid.—Ph. '1627 12-9 ck 1-9 Female Help Wanted Youns lady to tin rtK'it Etcnngrophlr worn ^- hrxiiikc-rrHn}; Must be gonri on Icicpnone Write box 538 for Inter- Salesman Wanted Arc you looking lor a growing bnsl- IH^S: J TIICJI become a Kflwlclgh Dealer Hu?!ilc.s.s Is still on (he uii-£;rn[le for tlic Raivletgli man. The company now L-oiii]itrlinii 6 slory Rddltlon to the Mejiiplns Karutry to lake rare ol grav.-- \ niii yoinhprn biiMness. II yon can qualify this sliouk] be tltc uitslness j mat, roil have been looking for n | lon^ lime. A fsooe! man Is nee<lcc! lo I -supply Coiisurners In South Mississippi or Oseeola County, where Haw. 1011,-Jl Products have been *tolrt lor 30 ! years. IjCO fRmllles in tills locality. Wr fill W. Main St. ivlel lift bedroom lor rcut. Ph. 2flia. 12 ; 7 pic puis, Tenn . or see H c. lllt,ss Yellville. Ark. 11 1C pk 1217 Found Conilortable bedroom convenient lo town. Men only 31U w Walnut I2 t 2 pk I[2 for Rent '4 oi- 6 rooms A: hath, close lo bUKUu-ss tllhtncL. Ph. 4624, 12.14 pk 12; H ^-rooti] douse. Near Alrbuse. Poss- essiuii nt oru-i;. J. p. Hocott. Ph. 72J. 12|l-l []k 12J17 Warehouse 30'HO' on railroad Biding Midwest Ualry Products. Ph 1«7 7IfI5 ck tl Hash cameras roi all nrcnslons USlKt.M a STULJIU «|5-ci-ll UR HENT: frozen Pood locker, f HiaytocK s EIlEQway 61 ehnne 3H2 «I2J ck II Mnsscy-Harrls A; Culitvaior, S2.100. 61 Implement Co. No. 1-liway 61 Phone 2M tu-acre lur/n near Hair Moon. Sec H c. Kennedy. Clear Lake. 12JIO pk !2|-l Notice CHIC and beer parlor. Ileas-on for M-Ihnit. Ill lirollli. SL-C J. E. Mule. Cooler, Mo. 12 L |6 pk 2:1 Have you thousnt of Christmas. I H'sjl->!)" not . . . an<| nefllier •Jiavc u-e. excepl Ehra II you ^ive her a Uentllx VVa.sher now. shell sllll be itiankiny you December 25. 105^ anrl years after. Come hi and s«e the "endu line at Hubbitrd k HoKe Appliance Comnany. 12.14 c k 122-1 Winilmllls, corner selves, whatnot shelves and novelties. A sight to see —at S'J! Clark. 12,16 ,,k 2i| i~ For Sale, Real Estate TOR QUICK SALE. AT EARCiAIN. One Kclvinalor, Deluxe cleclric raiifc. One 2- cloor 15 Cul. ft. Krigiclrtire refrigerator. One (i cu. I't. Kelvi- nator freezer. Ph. Airs. K. B. Ccc, 2584. 11-1S ck LI -res [mid for s:\lc. Ilni^adoclo, Missouri. Good loan Cunilshct!. Prtur 5O.lKJO.UO- Sec Walter Palmer M HIP plucc. t'honc day 4915, Nile Phone COJU. 12 t l5 pk 12 '22 ^H-rUTcs poorl level linn). KlrcirLnity. inn II route, scliool bus route. I'/frr ?:i.SW. M. KiiTinail Trncior 2-1 bliujp clir.t. '4 ]8" breaker flat bottom plow:,, cultivator, new pin tiler, S2.0CO. Tire Hoover. H nclbrulyc J 1 ^ Miles South We* I 01 WiUcott. nil [>Vr n '>\ One Howard Mortpi Grnnd rtn t-'uuntc Coiiclrind Cooler, Mo 12,10 |>k II!. LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, latlen and crippled animals picked up free ot charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, GM^, Ulylhe- ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DKAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. > Found pr. chillis glasses Oolrirlms i black case. Ph. -1125. 12 H pk 1217 Wonted to Rent Suitable House or apartment of 5- rooms. Responsible party, permanent resident. E. H. Beadle. M B r. Jim Brown fatore. Puone 56-1. 12 16 ck 1^-iQ Wanted to Buv tilRam prlct paid rni O1IK1KENS- tUUS Asn Blrset Cirocerr t Marke, 41V W A»n 6 , For Sale, Cars and Trucks \ ' ISM "c5lds Five Pnssen«cr Co^e". I ?°°<i "res. As Is 1,50.00 Can He seen I B17 Clar,: street. 1214 pk 1221 ! For Sale or For Rent New 4-room limisc with bath, "in Uavld Acres. For sale by owner. 5:«) •'" l ' lc - 12,13 pk 20 Japanese Students in U.S. Get Government toons TOKYO-OP,—Tlie Japan chapter ot the Military Government Association is lending a hand to Japanese seeking education m tlie United States. Funds for travel ami incidental expenses not covered by scholarships are being raised through public subscription. Miss Ethel B. Weed of Cleveland Ohio, a member of the occupation's civil information and education section, is chairman of the drive. A minimum of SIO.OOO for tile initial fund is sought. More than half the main lines of American railroads are now biult of rails weighing more than 100 pounds per yard. Chevrolet - 3a iuo<[cl.'oiie A Model '.W. one \il> l>otl^c W. J, JiickMin Hultrnan. 1'eiiper turm. 12; 13 pk. 211 CASH FOR YOUR SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills Custom MieiiriOK up to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop in_Sonln Broadway Ph()rl( , zfisi High Trade in Allowance on a . New Plymouth or Chrysler WE NEED 25 Used Cars NOW! A red hot bargain 19 IS Chrysler Town .X Country Sedan. Un\ mileage, new (ires, r dii) & healer. T.I. SEAY MOTOR Your Chrysler Dealer 121 East Main phono Select Used Cars 1!M<I Nash "AmliasEador" Custom -l-tloor, solid black color, lias many extras. Buy now at $800 discount! ! 9 17 Chcvrolel I''lcclniaslcr -1-door Sedan, glossy black, radio & healer, low mileage. ..a very nice car. M> IS Dodge Custom l-door wilh red plastic seat covers, radio & heater, new lires...a real beauty. 19IS Nash "liOO" Club Coupe, light grey, radio & heater, overdrive.. .this car will get 25 miles lo the gallon. 19IS Nash "Ambassador" .[-door, 2-lonc blue, radio & heater, overdrive, a low-niilcngc, one-owner car that is exceptionally clean. SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1949 - WHYPAYloRE? Come in and Look Over These Values 1918 Chevrolet Flcellinc 1-dooi- Sedan, 2-totie jtrev deluxe radio, uiulcrseat Jieuler, and defroster ImiLa and runs like new...§1395. •••«>OKS 1917 Chevrolet FleclniasU-r Town Sedan, black finish deluxe radio iind Jicalcr, cily-dn'ven, one-owner ' $ 1195. ' " 1917 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, beiiutiiiil grey finish healer.. .special price.. ,$1095. " ' 1917 Dodge 5-I'assengcr Cou])c, blRek, large deluxe radio, heater, and spotlight. . .a real bargain. 19-10 Buk-k Sedan, radio & healer. . .only $595. 1918 Ford V-8 Vi-Ton Pickup Truck, deluxe radio heater and catlle rack...a steal at $995. ' 19IG Chevrolcl Long Wheelhasc Truck, 2-spccd axle 75U.\20jicw front tires, 825x20 rear tires, extra good • . . •? { Jo. 19 IS Jeep. . .niolor runs like new. . .tires good. . .$095. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company SOL West Walnut 1'hone 578 Don't Miss Our Year-End CLEAN-UP SALE! These Cars Must Be Sold by Dec. 31st 19-16 ,loci> wilh 4-whccl drive. . .$395. 19-10 Kortl '/2-Ton Pickup .. .liargain. . .$295. 1917 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, equipped with both radio & heater. . .51095. 19.1(5 Oleismofo'ile l-door Sedan, radio & healer, worth Ifte money. . ..$lp!)a. 19-17 CMC 3-1-Ton Pickup with rack...a real buy. i:>!7 Chevrolet Club Coupe with both radio and heater. . .a very clean tar. 19-18 Oldsmobile 2-door Sedan, 1ms radio, heater aigi while sidewall tires. .. S1295. 'ijf 1937 Dodge 2-door Sedan. . .just make us an offer. Come In And Get A Bargain! Easy GMAC Terms High Trade-in Allowance On A New GMC Pickup * LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile — GMC Trucks 30G Enst Main phone 6151 2 DAY SPECIAL! Friday and Saturday • ^ 47 Mercury 4-Door - $ 995- • Watch Our Ad Every Day , For Red Hot Used Car Bargains 1!H<; l-'nrd Club Coupe, radio & healer. 19-11 Plymouth 2-door Sedan J9I7 Chrysler l-dour, radio & healer. 191!) Dodge 2-Ton Truck wilh sfake body. 1937 Oldsmobile l-door Sedan 1917 Mercury Sedan, radio & healer. 1910 Kord 2-door with radio & heater. JO-lfi Mercury i-door with radio & healer.' 1917 Lincoln -1-door, both radio & heater. STILL and YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First of Walnut Phone 4333

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