The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1952
Page 6
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TEN BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWf THURSDAY, BEPT. IS, 1952 OSCEOLA NEWS Joe Applebaum. Won't Forget His 'Double Trouble' in Army "No business in the worlrt Is as big as Uncle Sam's Army, Mistakes are made a plenty tn small business and the biccrer the businfvis the bltrRor the mistakes," Joe Applebaum Informed me In talking to him About his Army experiences. "I'm not infid nt Unclfl and oven if I were," continued Joe, " vhnt happened ro me during World War II shouldn't happen to a doR. "I don't need a dtnry to remind ;-/'.'' me of what happened, neither do i, 't* I have to check back on B calendar \ for dates. Every thin? is Mill BR V •, fresh in mind after ten yours as . If it were yesterday. It was like this," continued Jop. " \ t "I'll never forget the February mornlnp In 1042 when I went before the Osceola registration bofird. Mrs C. L. Moore, who wns a voluntVcr worker on the board gnvr me a InnV: which I Interpreted as '.Tor, you'll never make the prnde,.' And how right my interpretations were. "Two months Inter, I pot my call end was told lo \vind up the elorlc and put out the rat. T wns to report )n 30 dnys; I WHS lo leave Osceola as actfnp corporal. Tn Army language, that title don't mean n thing; but to n fresh rookie I felt I was starting off with Uncle In n • big way and me. were golnpt to be. as chummy RS ham nnd eeps, "H meant (hat I wns to have absolute charge over all the men t?o- injr to Little Rock for induction. T dressed myself up. hnupnt Die bie- gcst cipnr Massenplll Drug Store had and walked over (o the. depot with my unlimited clRar In my mouth—I dldnt' wnnt to set, sick — and inquired from the Into K. R. Smith, .station nqent, if nil my men were nrounri. He .smiled nnd snlri, 'Yes, all one of them.' not violent, "I can sure say this for Uncle! 8am," idded Joe, "tho« boya were ! given, and of courw they aeserved much more, every special attention , that could be humanly possible to' (?!ve-them, They were treated like babies. With their minds twisted,! they played like children Instead' of soldiers that had given their all for their country. Toys that 5 end 6 year old boys would play with were provided for them and it was up to us to entertain them like we would cntert&in STARR GAZING Time Is like a river. a« Boon u a then, thing U seen. It is carried awar and another comes in Its place and this On the Social Side... be carried away too and It goes on and on. I'm too old for a rich beau, (what arn I saying?) lor a poor one eith- children. That was the saddest ex-! or> - u>0 nonie 'y to be a beauty con- perlence I ever went through wl'.h' tMt winner and it wasn't Mother's in all of my life. To think tho*e • IJay - Easter, or my birthday, but I fine looking specimens of American did walk out from M. C, Stiles' op- I;oyi5, all boys, who grew tip with cmn - °f hi* Flower Shop with an 'heir parents planning their fu- : orchid pinned to my freshly RUirch- hires, and for them to be returned'ed ginffh?.rn dress. Orchids are a home find put In mental institu- ! pond builder-upper nt nny a«e. Mow tions. It was almost too much for what's worrying me, r won't want me to go through and as IOHK as I live, I'll never forget and hope I will never for«et It, "Saturday at noon on Oct. 2, 19*3, UDC Board Meet! Members of the Executive board „ . , cf the Dr. James Frawdtn Davies Crabs (none we know personally) chapter of United Daughters of the Confederacy met Friday in joiner with Mrs. Don Fletcher, president. can see and emell but can't hear. Times have changed on practically everything. Back in my childhood, onions were considered a good nerve tonte and, eaten fre good for your complexion. For the great amount of space a : Dec..9 with Mrs. W. B. Burkett In skeleton occupies In a cl/isct. It's! Joiner. Feb. 10 with Mrs. E. W. ers were used to decorate the lower floor of the White home. Mrs. A. W. Bowen assisted her mother In serving. High bridge prize went to Mis« Blanche Clecre, high pitch prize to Mrs. Dick Cromer and Mrs. Spencer The year's schedule of meetings j Driver won brldgo. nerve tonic and, eaten freely, were ; was arranged as follows: Oct. 14 I Mrs. Marshal Kline of MemphU with Mrs. H. J. Hale In Osceola, was an out of town guest. amazing how .small an opening took lor him to get In. The It Crutches In Frenchmans Bayou. i Apr. H with Mrs. J. A. Merrell in Wilson. Garden Club to MM* The Progressive Garden Club vlll hold its first meeting of the new I ye to tin back to that, faded bunch of vitjluts. Women spoil easily. in« President Van Buren's arJmin- The Presbyterian Men's Fellow-j Istration which caused the Whls j are In for a i Party to mnke a lot nf big campaien \promises if their ; ship and their Mrs. Joe Miller, and year book chairman Is Mrs. E. B. Bell. ft was decided that at the October meeting, a memorial for Mrs. Victoria Wesson, a deceased mpm- lhat destination. ISp take them to "Tlir NEXT 1MV we wen? trans- \ ferrod in Camp McDowell j long-range gun, "Die Bertha." The pun was named for a German woman by the name of Bertha Krupp- This will fool a lot of folks. I'll i they leave their nosts. | menu. Come loose and eat lots. Every house you pass regardless of its sixe hnlds memories for , c ome- borly even though Its rooms are across simple and umriorneri. There are \ (he bny wli^re •;, p were is^ied nf*:>; some nii«hty bis: folks living in clothes. A bath tub WHS the pret- small houses nnd the memoriae they lieH slffht I cvr-r .<BW. We hadn't recall are Jml as important, as they had n bnih in nineteen dnys. I'd '**•»• to the fellow who lives In a Take n hnth, dry off good and th^n ! caftlp. There is no Instrument cap- DPt under the shower pnd take an-| abif 1 of measuring a home. | ' other one. After a week of process-1 Remember the real small briskets' LA * f* l \ Intr I headed for home. j () f rraprs your mother bought just ™anona$ TO \JGI "Never will T forjzrt the afternoon ! 10 have the basket, to pack your j SdttcrS from So/pOrt I col back to oscenln. My wife was : j.chonl lunch in? A snowv white, vaiiinti fm- me. in Wilson where «he: pure linen napkin lined it and was hie enough to cover the top and | made soon to return human life to ten to one there was an embroid- ! four uninhabited Islands of the "pa- j know ! In Answering the roll call, thi members will give short reports on beauty spots they visited during the summer. Mrs. Searcy Mcars will have charge of the program. Her topic will be "Know Your Club." Mrs. F, O. Gwyn, first place winner in last year's awards will be presented, a gift. The arrangements to be brought to the first meeting by members are in three classes. First, "Autumn Plleh Cluh Meets . . . Mrs. Lalah Coble entertained ! pr i n U" using mixed flowers, second : damp sir wcichs less than members of the Widows Pitch Club -me Last Rose of Summer" using dry air, and I knew Junior would; lv i tn ™ extra table of guests added." only roses In the arrangement, and rvsk next: "How do you welch air?" ! Guests were Mrs. E. R. Smith. Mrs. i third, "Green Is Restful", and all Children are some what like the : f-eorje Do.vle, Mrs. Bob Cromer and I fo'inge is to be used, birds—as soon as they learn to fly. 1 Mlss B!«"<-he Clecre. Winners were Mrs, Smith, high. Mrs. Lona Coi- bprt, second, brtrieo. Pirardy eladioll in and Mrs. Doyle. There will be a bulb exchange, of which Mrs. Charlie Hnle Is chairman. In the absence of the president, Mrs. Lee Wesson, Mrs. John Ed- . . Jut! ApptHiaum . . . Did llic oilier Joe get the stripes? my eyes find 1 tlmncht. 'Well now, this Is It.' but it wasn't. Stripes weren't mentioned and F conlrt see myself Mantling in the front lines another souvenir, because the sender wns unknown. I'd lie fvafce at'home to niaht tryiriR to ficurc out ( mall lived while I was In service so that was mv destination, but when the conducted called out Osceola I Prr<J ln j Ual m , he comer . wnlked off the train just for a s"c- ' ond, f thought, to say hello to a fp. 7.- friends. To my amazement there were hundreds there to wel- rome. me home. 7"he train Baited ten minutes for me to Inugh nnd shrd a few tears. Nobody knows vhnt thnt docs to a fellow to come crystal con-, ..... . _ ..„.„„.., , Decorated the dining room j rlngton will prelsde. aiid lU'ing rnom where the guests played. Upon arrival of the guests, GUAM Iff-i— An attempt will be ' a falad plate and ice cream were srrved. At each plate was a corsage of vanda orchids. Miss Joanne such a warm welcome. I was cettinR ami was not polling ; . When the. train stopped at Driver, per-napkin-agc" wouldn't anvthine; about such things. Figures won't He, but liars will fU'ure. Marianas chain which northward from Gvinm, Fifty families on Saipan Island in the southern part of the chain are stretches. Laney assisted In serving. Mrs Mrs. Ward Hostess J. L. Ward entertained her Take away people's opinion and | lands. The Marianas, administered oi you've done away with a lot of | by thp United States under United j lv Alhanrlle bc President of the United States I eolng to homestead on the tiny Is- four-table bridge Cluh with a table of pitch Thursday afternoon at the 10me of her daughter, Mrs. Faber Nations trusteeship, were ruled by , White, There Isn't anything In the con- • tne Japanese until ousted by United j fresh raspberry sundaes and car- stttutltm that- savs a woman can't States forces Sn World V/ar II. : me! cakes were served the gxiesU The Japanese exported coprn from ; upon their arrival. ":. .is expected that; Silver bud vases with a pink rose 'ill add goats and ; and aseratum centered ench table. Arrangements of colorful fall flow- For/y Bird Seeks sf! Tickets TULSA, Okla. f.<Fj — Five high school seniors have their minds on next spring. They recently had an all-night vigil in front of the school ticket office to buy the first low- number budget tickets entitled them to choice tickets for the "Central Daze," all-school show next year. The youths showed up with two alarm clocks, pillows, a sleeping basr, blanket*, a lunch, portable radio and cigarettes. "t WAS I.IKE an old hen with one chicken from, that minute until we got out to Camp Robinson, He even got lost from me when we hnri to rhanRp, depots In Memphis. That was the greenest country boy I ever saw in my life, but." Joe added, "he Is still hi the Army and is doing well. "I had n short experience tn World War I and r knew the lirst thing to do was to try to stay hidden, if possible, until KP had been assigned to the others. The following day my name was cnlled out over the loud speaker system find I wns told I was selected to report to Crimp Lee. Va., one of the two quartermaster training center A In the United States. "I could begin to visualize my arm filled with rank stripes In no time flat, but I later found out thnt wns the day Army life really begnn. You know running a ladies-ready- to-wear shop doesn't develop thp- muscles required for a soldier and I found out thnt dny I wouldn't b« assigned to train a bunch of football huskies, "I packed my barrack bags, tied them securely nnd got another rookie, who outweighed' me 100 pounds, to put the bags on my shoulder, when I stooped down for him to get me loaded. Never before did I know my own strength—I dlrln't have the strength to pet buck up. I finally got and after! tors !irc "-- "When T wns In high school back In Ynzoo City, Mbs., where T was raised, I never dreamed I'd pass through the Panama Cnnixl nor snc. the beautiful sunsets over the Pacific. They tire nndcscribable. niui the moon looked as big as all of Osccoln, "We were 3ft dnys crossing without ever putting our Feet on the Around. I learned the hard way to keep m y food d o wn as w e we ro only served two men Is n dny on board ship. Twelve hours (s n long lime between meals and I sum didn't want to postpone any of them." continued Joe. "I never will understand where all the food stored on that ship. Feeding 8,000 men two meals R day for 35 dnys Is R lot of food nnd none was ever put on board nfter we left Panama City. "We landed In Brisbane, Austrnl- ln, Jan. 31, 19-13, Our entire crew marched to Camp Ascot. The Australian povernmcTit turner! over their Arcot rnce track to the United .States Government during Ilic Wnr, We were ail surprised thnt Australia hndn't progressed any faster than It had. "The drug stores there tup strictly drug stores and n druggist was called a chemist. Ynu sure rlon't patronize, them for sandwiches, hnthing suits or nny other misleading article. A chemist there is ns proud of his profenstnn as our doc- who was In charqe.. The first ion iitM.ske.1 wrvs: 'Pvt. Applebaum, "'.^7^ mm - e wnen T t hnm - whric have !«»'**». wns to talk up organizing a VctPr- "I answered. With the 5th Re- m , of Foroi ^ n Wnr * nn[J „ placement. Drpot.^ sir.^ job T first hel[| ]n (hfU orpaniM . tlon wns Chaplain — of nil thincs. ME SAID, 'Did you know you . Lntrr. I became Junior vice corr,- hnvc born AWOL? 1 mniide.r anrt then senior vice cnm- "I patted my Adams' apple in or- j m ami re nnri two yejirs nso I served drr to swallow before, I could nn-jat commander. The Mack Grldrr swer him. I wasn't trying (o be j Post 150 hns been :\nd still is, one funny when T tried to clrnr myself | of the most, active organizations in by telling him I wns n red blooded j Osneoln. While I wns commander, a American, paid my Income tux backl plea appeared one morning for tele- home, and liked apple pie and even worked a victory garden, hut he had no sense of humor and made me feel like n fugitive from the chain vision sets for the Kennedy Hospital in Memphis. Lloyd Godley came to me and asked that I appoint him as a one-man chairman to get dona- Rang Instead of an inrioccr.t little (ion. 1 ; to buy a set. F.xactly two member of the Benevolent and i hours Inter he handed me $300. Protective Brotherhood of Bucks I The .set wns bought nnd with ten (privates, that Is), and that my feet got as blistered advancing as they wool it retreating and -I was working =•"••!far.d for at least a uoorl conduct """badge. Those four stripes kept Rc-tUng dimmer and dimmer. "When he told me T would be put in 'casual status.' that was n nfiw rnnk T hadn't ever heard about. I thanked him, thinking I wns be- inc promoted at last. "Thf» next few months T traveled around with a lieutenant colonel other veterans I had the pleasure of" presenting the set to the, paraplegic ward In behBlf of the Mack Griilcr Post In Oaceoln." * • • JOK IS A 32nd degree Mason, a Shrine r ami Is a member of the Kiuanifi Club. He IK past president of the ike Milter Lodge 832 B'Nai B'rith nnd is now serving as treasurer of Temple Israel in ^lythevUl If I hadn't run out of space could write n separate .story on the on an cirr? She does not, she sits, i Marrylnp a brother's widow Is railed levirate marriage. Live and i learn, 1 always say, : There is a big difference between | a toad and a fro^, evpi> fjmuch yon do refer to them as toad fro?K. A froa has teeth and n toad does not. Now don't go aroLind sticking your finger in their mouths to find out which is which. i You'll find more red heads In j Scotland than in any other conn- [ try and they've got the freckles to j go with It too. I Everything is only for a day, both i that which remembers and that I which is remembered. I Jhe three greatest wishes of all ! young girls are to be beautiful; to j have a sweetheart; and to be a blushing bride. After this has all been accomplished, her next three worries are to keep that school-girl complexion and fieure; keep track of her husband- and get in A few ' hands of bridge evftry now and who also wns on the casual status | charity drives he has headed In list but not for the same reason ijOsceoln. but with the Jewish pro- wns put on it, and at least he hid a rank. Our job was setting up quartermaster depots. I found out *•""•• ! pie there is no 511 ch word as "charity." Doing good deeds is required of them regardless of rare, color or cllmbing the hill all of us Arkansas I boys climbed at Camp Robinson, I was never KO pooped in all of my v oorn days. When we Rot off the bus that carried us to the railroad station, I hailed R red cap to carry the there's a son in i that I could never - ftimily, they prow up In the in my military career due to (hnt 1 unfortunates, is following the Gol- business. One thin* of interest, casual sintits and by George that's! dcn Rule there nre no city superintendents • on my discharge or schools nor an- there any school! "l nsked my cf>mmandh\E nfffcrr; home ttlal hp hart passed the boards. A director of cduciitlon in | If hn wnulrt rrlfiis ' ' • each of the states of the rommon- my haes. Every soldier In the deno't! wpflltn holds his post for life; pol- give me the Bronx cheer hut theyl ]ti " na(S "° P'"''P in the school didn't know what I know. ' I system. The country, we learned. • » • j has n lower percentnce of "'""T GUESS T was nbont the only buck private in Uncle Sam's Armv who had thnt experience. T Mill sav Uncle v q am ought to issue .nc- ording to the *\7c of the man. I was assigned to the hichwt typr of proctirement work In thr> quartermaster corps, known us 'ware- "For thp next fnur -xerki I did that loh nnd if T rio sav 50 nv-rl'. I dirt n dnrn eryirl iob of H vvhn'm'r thp 'boss* thmieht sn or nn^ FT on there I went io basir trainine l' had nrver fired a cxin in nil of mv life- Th»? seri!Pant rupe^rl y? n'n and told us n^ver to pull A triscer • on nur euns, fust so 11 e err i "One day I forent t. 0 .i^urorc down on my Springfield rifle and! rnisserl my aim at 'Maeri^'s draw- • ers. 1 'This pxnr*»-sinn for Hi's nnlv l I really went throiish If wrpk* r.f hell after that, 1 was schonlrd T '\days a week ar.d *>vrrv Satnrdav took exams. I uns told if f didn't pass. T'd be tr^.n^frrred to another 1 flflri nnH if T rfirl pa^p, I wo:iM au'oma'irallv DP romp n staff ST- geant which would he a steppin? ! stone ro n proci:rrin*?nt nlfxor. F "I could vlMializp nil the w?.y to i Charleston of seems throe stripe?! up and one *!rine rtmvn. We IniidPrij 12 milts from Charle-ton. which I was told was n staeine aren and I wd? to he. prcK'e.^^crt for oversea = duty. Everv day for two weckp, I wns expr-cting my four slripc.s to be eiven me in n cloiified crrc- mnnv. but dipt didn't hnppen. We slept on wonden bunks for those, two 'Ar-eks; T guess to make us think they \\fic. f oat her beds cnm- parcd to what w?s nliead of HF. It took me two hours nfter T sot up every morning to get the kinks out of my joint?. You must realise," smiled, Joe, "I was then 42 years old." "ON rilKlSTMAS morninp. we boarded a train for Newport NPTVS and there wus whpie I saw my first ship, Eicht thousand boya went aboard the Count Ctesiana, those four atrlpfti kept appearing before amone from that Ktntiis it r attended Officers Can-| riidnte School nnd passed. I tilled out (lie m-ropsriry application and a week later. WAS rrtHrd before 'he 'ard. which rni^j.stcd of two vn.i- plebaum in training but not In Joe's company. Company c. Joe wonders If the other Jn? Applebaum ever Rot the three Btripes up and one stripe down that were intended for him. The two Joes have never met. but our Joe would like ^.to hear the other side of this story. He'd like to know what happened to bis "stand. In" that didn't happen to him. Mr. and Mrs. Applebaum, who was the former Mi.ts Pearle Graves limit when he was sent overseas. | of Blytheville, have two daughters, The iin'jsu*! mix-up started bnrk; Penrie Anne, 8 and Lana Joe, 5, in C.irnp Lee. Va.. where 70,(Kin men; They each have appeared in dances were In trninintr. It so happened land entertained the boys at Ken- there wns another Private Joe Ap- ' ncdy Hospital on several occasions. a promotion I crect] - ant] for them, to pive to the Joe learned lonp after he got thp -ahltr population tlsan j Jors nnd n captain. either the Unitrtl states or Cannd.i.l "Two "ONE FE.ATVKE of Ireislntinn keep out Asfatlcp, thnt a 'white An? trnlia* may hr main' iinrd. wns int err 1 tins: :o learn. O'her races are rlielbl" to vi^lt Ai^trnltn nnrl sjvnd a rprtain time but nnly 3-hrps sre filln*.v»»d t n make Au5- rrr^Ilfl. ^-r;i- pTmr.nent home. It's a b^rs'.'j'iil rn :T]'I-V ns far rt? =rr;i - rrv t'^f-." arlrird takr "A put ?.!!r: uo landed I wns in the -SOi Rr^lrtrniicnt Qnnr- i^rnn.^or Iirroi . riur TO mv ex- prrrpnrn.^ nt r.imp I cr. but ^\V\ nn rank 5*ri]T".- ; "T hnd II^V'-T KnifF-n one d.iy leave frcnn tlir ttrre I 1-^t: Osrrolri until T en- n;:t of the Army and I •A'as In t)ic prrv i.-p ;\fmnp;t f^ n month?: lirfoip T pn; nr,' fir^t mail. The tir^t Irttrr T col vvr^ :oj-\vnrd- pd to Pvt. Joe Anpirluum firm Carnp Ire. Va . ar.cJ it uns written in Hrhrrw. Thcrr wa.'n't a man in my outfit who rmitd tiMnsiaie H Find I didn't kno.v one word of weeks Intnv T \\fis nniifjrd I ";is Jirrnpird nnd In rr-• (iT-rt !]i;it d;iy ll \uis July Ifi. of hrln-r qivrn the rh.TiK" :o ticci'inc an officer t never goi nun y from my past Ih^ucrli ^fii^nfl (IrpEirlinnu. v here I uns !n- i\ "Init I'll sttli • f-'irinrd tliey nvr-rlooked one (Inns SA i in fi'l-.iit; out my :iprlir;iEion and my nt:e I wn> 4:1 bv t'un ns (he n«r limit fnr" Of- • •d to IT ihc only b r r • 'K t to', inv nnl n nrv en rrrr. Tlin hov = went in when I was snn^o r.i i'n in ail we:e f-ent In Ne-,v iirn ::\ tluri" days after they r nut c:' rx:'.? weIP nn '•WHIM-: TIIOSF; shrir \V,TV tn N'ew Ouinr.1. oixii vs ramp thrnuch that nny man o\or ;t8 would be returnrd honir as soon us replacements rould be found. The nr\1 s!tem<»on, out of all thp ere i " Hfbrpw. i there were (Mily 77 of us PlieibV "That Irttrr i^ one of mv prizr-d ' Thnl wn«. tlip quirkest t:nnsacf;m =omenirs I hrouslv tm k honsp. Two I ever knew l*nr!e tn do. next letter, but this wns In Kneli^li thn An* v.oith. a br.xnri new ship The post nurk rrrul 'Rfatrn Iplnnrt' [ who inri nir\de her niiiidcn voyage and the roinrnrs revealed the writ- 1 111:0 New Guinrn to pick ui> mcntai rr vns n pnpor hiinprr and asked in • cnse=; that occurred frntn shell shirk thp let'rr if I \\ ns crttuic any j and injuries. That was my firs: mat/a ball ?oup in the army. l! taste of the serious side of the war. don't know \vhat lie rould h.ive Our job was to carp for thr one* done about it nnd that letter is who were not in padded cells and BRAND STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY THC AJMIIKAK WTILUNt COMfAMt, UK, » KHM, IU. is seen In Seventeen r ^ .1 They hug your fool! They fl«x so casyl SOFTIE MOCS SR95 To compui, fo morVe!..,lo ITTO!! !el*ure!y, comfortably anywhere. Our hcndiaced mots of unlined glove lealher, icft 01 a papooie'i booTiet. CusMoned wilh insoles of Foamt 5 ONE STOP SHOE SERV1CK «31 \V AUin DU1 ,1.iV9 On Loans Last Year Our Members averaged more trian $45 per bale o, loan equities, If So—Use fhe Loan—Sell Later! Here's all you do: Bring Warehouse Receipt and Green Class Cardi to rrw and I will make you a full, Government CoHon Loan without , trouble on your part. No waiting—No delay. Remember when you have your loan with Mid-South Cotton Growers Association your cotton Is always in position to sell quickly on,any market rises. Thousands upon thousands of farmers using trie Mid-South plan have made money every year. No memo ers nip fee—No annual duel. Let me explain how the Mid-South Loan Plan works. If we do not trade, we will itltl be friends. Our Job Is To Serve You! MID-SOUTH COTTON GROWERS ASSOCIATION Etowah Gin Co. — Etowah, Ark. The, two tnost stnazinjfne# nn o NO OTHER HOUSEHOU? MNSfi HAS AN OVEN THIS BIG! LETS YOU BBXL A STEAK AND BAKE A CAKE...ATTHE SAME TIME...IN THE SAME OVEd! FR1GIDA "Thnftq-30"Elect[ic Rang! Yon c»n roAsl x 3S-lb. turkey -or l«'*e six pin at cnce-m IP3 Ki-,r;l <.-.,-n of this FryiHs.ire unwl Y« the ,h>xe raw i* only 30 inches «id,-fits « a ,ilv in the .mallet kitchen And it ha, fct_he a :. ir.R Rad^muh, surface ,,n:» - m.lrm^c Cloc* Crntro! - porroMm nn-.,ti. Fu I- w,dth uunsil driver. m«d on.y FRIGIDAIRE fElectric Range lilt «,ail«H< nilhoul Use the "Wonder Oven" aa OTIC big oven —or ju>i =lip in controlled temperatures. Alio has Radiantube highspeed surface units —autnmatic Cook-N!astw Oven Clock Coiv trol-three-way Thermiier Cooker— d^SQ 7^ »nd porcelain finish, inside inrt out. ^JO7«* J C«{nl kit AtV oboul (HI 1H n*« rr»|!4«ft« lF«<lrh tan|«i Itdayl ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. 206-208 West Main J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. Phone 2071

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