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Bristol, Pennsylvania
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ristol HATE FAITH DAILY WEATHER REPORT Partly cloudy today and Tuesday, preceded hv local showers. Slightly wanner Tuesday. In your community and in Its well managed institutions. VOL. 20 BRISTOL, MONDAY II XK 20, 1933 PRICE: 2c a Copy; 6c a Week Presbyterian Church of Our Saviour is Wedding Scene U.

S. Bridal Abroad Spying on Economy Delegates A wedding took place yesterday at 2 p. in the Presbyterian Church of Our Saviour, when Miss Hose 'daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Dominick i Rago, fillet street, became the bride of Carmen Menno, Red Hank, N. son of Mrs. Laura Menno, Italy. Kev. Andrew 15.

Solla, pastor, otfici uting. Mrs. Solla played Lohengrin's wedding march as the bridal party eii tered the church. Previous to I he ceremony. Miss Pearl Moss sang and Miss Maude Annum, Love You The maid of honor was Miss Sophia Lufsteiner, Allentown; and the brides maid, Miss Angeline Kruno, New Brunswick, N.

.1. Herman Eseantino, Red Hank, N. served as best man. The bride was attired in a sleeveless model of white bridal satin fashioned on Princess lines. With this was worn a lace jacket with long sleeves puffed at the shoulder.

Tho train was of satin and lace. The veil of tulle was tinished with lace, and she carried white calla lilies. Miss Lufsteiner wore pale blue mousseleine de sole. The bodice was finished with a cape of the material Pink slippers, blue straw picture hat trimmed wKh pink flowers, completed her costume. She carried pink roses Miss Bruno wore a gown of pink chiffon fashioned on form lilting lines With this was worn a coat of the ma terial made swagger style with short! puffed sleeves.

She had a pink straw picture hat trimmed with blue ribbon, blue kid slippers and carried pink I roses. A reception at the home, foi- lowed the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Menno left during the evening for a trip by motor through New York State and Canada.

They will reside at 128 West Bergen Place, Bed Bank, N. J. Before the wedding a dinner was served to the bridal party and rela tives at the home of the bride. With Jas. Cagney to Grand Received by International News Service Leased Wires.

MacDonald Says It Will Be of NO ELUCIDATION Leslie Kilcoyne Treated at Harriman Hospital For Injuries MANY OTHER CRASI 1RS IIIOHWAY SECTION Lang home, 26 -A three block stretch on the eastbound lane of the new Bucks County Highway at the junction of the Roosevelt Boulevard and the Lincoln Highway was opened to traffic today. The west-bound lane is expected to be finished Friday. A four-mile stretch of new road running from the city line to Janney will be ready for traffic on or about Labor Day, according to Charles N. Erdman, Engineer for the State Highway Department. Over Week-End Press Exam ines Work of Conference to Date Minor Accidents Occur in arious Sections During I he Week-End GEOLOGICAL LONDON, England, June The World Economic Conference entered its third vteek of existence today with its outcome still obscure in a dense fog.

Prime Minister MacDonald, president of tho conference, said it would be a of but just what is to be the co-ordination and how il will be accomplished were matters which the conference president tailed to elucidate. the week-end the British and continental press critically examined the work of the conference to date, almost unanimously finding it wanting in mail) important respects. The American delegates continued to be the target of most of the criticism for their unwillingness to stabilize file dollar without which the French doggedly insist agreement on other economic matters is impossible. This French thesis was confirmed by a cabinet session in Paris which at the same time instructed Finance Minister Bonnett to stick by his guns so France will not be blamed for any break-up of the conference. Secretary of State statement Saturday denying any incompatibility between the American domestic and international programs was critically i analyzed by the press, most newspapers pronouncing it faulty reasoning.

An automobile driven by ,1. Leslie Kilcovne rammed the front of the dwelling occupied by William llarbi- son, 1112 Kadcliffe street, early last evening. The entire front of I tie ground floor of the house was broken and splintered and Mr. car was considerably damaged. The porch enclosure was ripped away as well as weather hoarding and brick paneling.

Mr. Kilcoyue was cut about the face. Mrs. Harbison had a narrow from being injured in the crash as she had been sitting on a porch swing before the accident occurred. Mrs Harbison had just left the swing and gone Inside when the crash took place.

Today she is suffering from nervous shock. Mr. Kilcoyue was drixing down Radcliffe street when he lost control of his machine. It swerved to the left, passed between two large trees, ploughed over the Harbison lawn and I tho hood rammed into the house. Ilurrv C.

Durney, 2N, of Pbiladel pltla, received lacerations of the face and back when his car swerved off tho Lincoln Highway near Lnughorue and struck a pole, snapping it off. He was taken to Northeast Hospital, Philadelphia, by a passing motorist. Corporal Evans, of the Lnnghorue Highway Patrol, investigated. Nine cars figured in four crashes in whh seven persons were injured between 2 and -1 a. in.

today. Two of the crashes were three car affairs. crashes occurred on the Lincoln and one hi the road. Highway patrolmen were kept busy until the early hours keeping the roads I open. Early yesterday morning a ear by Harry C.

Lawler, of New York City, traveling west on the Lincoln highway near the Speedway, struck the car of Fred Sanford, a marine, of Hampton Roads, upset ting if, then crashed into one driven Morris Gutleriier, of York, up setting that car also. car was smashed with the two other cars also a total loss. All drivers were treated at Highway Patrol barracks by Corporals Evans Diehm for laceration', and shock. Lawler was arrested and lined $27.25 for reckless operation by Magistrate a use. On the Bath road, a cur operated by Kii bard Thompson, rounding a sharp ConlFour Miss Jennie Vergantino Is Bride of R.

Longhitano INVESTIGATE ROBBERY Morrist ille, June robbery yesterday is being investigated today by state police of the Morrisville bar- racks. Albert Hamphill told police thieves had taken a canoe, clothing and two water pumps from his cottage nt Newportville. Lieut. Robert E. Van Metier, U.

S. and his bride, the former Dorothea 1). Harrison, of Westover, pictured after their marriage at Cirencester, Eng, The groom was unable to obtain leave of absence to wed in U. so the bride crossed the Atlantic for the ceremonv. Here are a few random snapshots from the World Economic Conference in London.

At top, Secretary of State Cordell Hull (left), leader of the U. S. delegation, chats with Neville Chamberlain, Chancellor of the British Exchequer; lower, Guido Jung, Italian Minister of Finance, and M. Jaspar, Belgian delegate, talk things over. In center, a mem be i of Jaoanese delegation goes to sleep and ELECTROCUTED Penitentiary, Bellefonte, June The second Pennsylvania murderer this year to pay with his life for his crime against society was Joseph Kurutz, 47, Northampton county slayer who today was electrocuted here for the killing of his stepson, Joseph Posch, 15.

Kurutz began the death march from his cell to the execution chamber at 7 a. and was in the chair at 7.01 a. m. He was pronounced dead four minutes later. Only 1 one charge was applied, at 7.02 a.

m. ASK POLICE TO LOCATE INTENDED BRIDEGROOM Ira Freet Failed to Arrive for Mis Wedding Here Saturday WEDDING IS POSTPONED EXPLAINS WE DIM NO POSTPONEMENT Mrs. R. M. Fox, Moirisville is Hostess at Saturday Session IIILO TO SEE SI SPECT TRY TO LIFT EtfRARUO London, England, June 26.Negotia­ tions aimed at lifting the British trade embargo against Soviet Russia which grew out of the Metropolitan Vickers spy trial were opened today when Maxim Litvinoff, Soviet Foreign Commissar went to the British foreign office to confer with Foreign Secretary, Sir John Simons.

Litvinoff used the rear door of the foreign office to avoid a crowd of more than 100 gathered in Downing Street to witness his arrival. Wilmington, June year-old Hilda Brodsky today was preparing for a trip to New York to identify a suspect held, there as the man who kidnapped her on April 15, 1932. would know the man who took me away no matter where 1 saw she said. called him and the others called him that The suspect, held by New York police, was identified as Mike Cohen, of Philadelphia. Wilmington detectives were sent to New York to question him and a companion, Frank (Salvy) Marino, Miss Gingniteovn today speaking her friend, Mrs.

Oilardl, 1805 Farragut avenue, stated that she had received word from Mr. Freet Saturday at saying that his parents were in a very bad accident near Ills home and that lie had In leave. The message was sent by messenger, Mrs Gilardi savs Sunday, further word was received according to Mrs. (iilardi, which stated The wedding has been postponed indefinitely. HILTON DIES IN MONTREAL June Frank Hilton, 40, reputed head of a $5,000,000 rum ring smashed here by Federal agents in 1931, died suddenly in Montreal, Canada.

where he was fighting extradition to the United States, according to word received here today. Hilton fled to Canada shortly before Federal men descended on the rum syndicate. His death was reported due to natural causes. oltintbia, N. Jm June Pennsylvania National Guardsmen today were recovering from injuries suffered when their plane crashed in a field north of here.

Sunday. First Lieut. Arthur S. Cox. pilot, Delaware Water Gap, escaped with lacerations and bruises.

His companion, Private Frank Grotowsky, Philadelphia. suffered broken right, arm. They were treated in a hospital at Portland. The plane was the property of the 2-Sth Division and was badly damaged. Siate police bave been asked lo lo cale a young man who failed to arrivo foi bis IIWII Wedding bere Hat ni ila afteriioon.

The man soligli! is Ira Freet, who ls naid to he a resldelit near Pili Unirgli and wiih to marry Miss Angelino Giagnacova, 3in Brook strool eliargoH bave been lodged against Die aid Siate police. iti dlscussing Ilio caso "Tliere notti mg for whioh he he VII ss Giagnacova savs that ber I iiih band lo he was preyented froni ariiv ing for Ilio wedding due lo fact that ho was ealled awav because ot liccidoliI neai Pili baigli, blu borite town. She awaitiiig more definite word fiorii bini, he Ilo wjt bere al uno Salili day lated distrai led I bave noi een hitu sirice All preparai ioti1- had boeri eli for Ilio wedding, whieh sebed uled lo talee place Saturday afteriioon two in rei tory of St. Ann's Church. The eerotnony was lo bave boeri performod by Ilio Kev, Marcolllni Romagno, who Wailed un til after Saturday night fot lite collide lo arrivo.

Word whh theii selli that bride and bridal party wore awaiilng attivai ol Frooi. Mi and Vlts. Angelo Giagnacova, paionts of ilio girl, are frank lo admit that tliev do noi undei land wby Freet has noi urrived. Saluidav afteriioon bride to he and bei hi lei. Mi Margaret filagna cova, who was to ho bridesmaid, and ber brolher Albert, who was to he 1 man, al patiently wailing in livlng romii of ihe Giagnacova homo On Brook itroet.

Tboy wero dressod for Ilio wedding and of flow ers had arrivod. 'die flowers were pointed fo wilh sadness and despair ve-tot day by ilio members of farn ily. The (duple had reuted a dwolling al 261 Jackson Street, wbieh had been filini lo-d and leady for tu to es laidi theit homo. Mi Freet had resided iti ICdgely for past three years and was employed al Paternali Parchmeut Paper Company. Miss Giagnacova is ccmfidenl ber lover will arrivo as soon as fio cari.

Site uill love bini and believes has merely been postponed. 0 ACCI OE NTS AVi ek-end traffic, augmented by thousand- seeking to escape steadily rising temperatures, cost the lives of a four-year old girl and a 51 year old man in Pennsylvania, and sent scores to hospitals for treatment, a check-up today by 1. S. showed. Mary Degley, 4, of Duquesne, was fatally injured when she became confused in traffic near her home.

Frederick I). Clark, 51, apparently the victim of a bit-skip motorist, was found dead on the Lincoln Highway near Lancaster. Edgely A. C. Goes Down Before Roebling Nine; White Elephants Win NEWPORT RD.

A WINNER Seventeen to Twenty Bids Were Received for Each Project 4 CONTRACTS AWARDED Bids for the construction of new in Bucks county were awarded Friday by the County Commissioners in the Bucks County Administration building at DoyloHiown According to Secretary Krnesf Hat vey, seventeen, and twenty bids were submitted, respectively. Duo to the variation of the size and construction of the bridges, the bids ranged in and figure. The contract for the const ruction of a bridge in West Rockhill township on jSehayreft road, over Butter crook, was ontlnurd on Four Al YILIAMY SESSION There will be a meeting at eight this evening of Auxiliary, Harriman Hospital, in the auxiliary rooms, Kadcliffe street. This meeting is called to make plans for the annual lawn fete, and anyone who is interested is invited to attend. MEO AM MOW PA MTV On Wednesday evening, the P.

0. of A. will hold a Red Arrow radio party in their lodge room, F. P. A.

hall, Kadcliffe street. The public is invited, and adtm ion wrtl be in Bed Arrow money. Game will start about 8,30. Mrs. Louis Townsend is chairlady.

EDGELY HULMEVILLE Troop No. 6. Junior Catholic Daughters ol America, held a social at the home of Sara may Bassett, Corson Friday evening. Game prizes were awarded to Bose Veitch, Isabella Rodgers and Klizabeth Doyle. Refreshments were served..

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