The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1949
Page 10
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TEN (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1949 ducts." To Sludy Insecl Control One of the most important, sub- ects to be considered in the field of cotton production is that of belter insect control programs. "I Is n disgrace to the entire cotton industry that insect, damage in 1949 exceeded $«0 million," Mr. Young declared. "At the Memphis meeting as well as at lhe council's Insect Control conference in Birmingham, Dec. 19-20. emphasis must, be placed on reducing and elimin- afinj? the annual insect the farmer's income." Cotton, mechanization More Economical Production And Marketing to be Theme Of Cotton Council Convention ' MEMPHIS, Twin., Dec. IB. (Special)—Planning of cotton industry acfiv-ities aimed at more efficient and economical production and mar. keting of cotton lint and seed will occupy „ place of major importance at the National Cotton Councils 12th annual meeting here Jan. 23-25 Harold A. Young, council president, said. Members of the rouneil'.s 10 mem-., ber ' Production and Marketing Comniiltce. hendpd by Ransom E. Aldrich. Michigan City. Miss., will hold preliminary sessions at the Hnlel penbody heif> Jnn. 21 to develop recommendations which will be submitted lo the full delegate-membership of lhe Council January '23. ".\ieans ol Hireling the growing pressures of symheltcs nnd paper through less co.stly production and marketing melhotis is of the utmost importance to the cotton industry," Mr. Young said. "U Is imperative, too. that the Industry speed research which will enable the farmer to supply llic mill with liber suited to specific end pro- . lt • . ....... .. <n. „ ,.-! t ji| \vtMKI !L t",ti will be given lull consideration at i negations." tlie Council's annual meeting. The While the b cotton organization's president snid that members of the production nnd marketing committee will con- fcr with key scientists and engineers in developing the 1950 program to make mechanization more adaptable to the rcQuirements of the average cotton (aim. The cotton official pointed out the need tor production ol cotton fiber that will more nearly meet the requirements of the textile mill in making individual producls. "Our competitors have gone « long way- in Ibis direction." Mr. Ynung-, said. "Through the council- sponsored clearing houses to encourage spinning tests of new strains of long nnd medium staple cottons, we have made definite advances in the past 12 months. Council delegates will consider raeans of broadening this tvnc of activity.',' Members of file committee which will develop the industry-wide production ana 1 marketing program for the year iahead include: Mr, Aidrich, chnitrnan; c. I,. Andrews D W. Brooks'.! Aflanla; Robert R Coker, HnrtsVille, S. C.; James D. Dawsori, Houston; Earner M Lester, Jackson. Miss.; s. R. Nichols, Des Arc, Ark.; Elsvood H. Smith, Casa Grande, Ariz.; C. D 'fuller, Atlanta; ,and A. K. Wingct, Albc- rnnrle, N, C. Farm Bureau Members Hear Eric Johnston CHICAGO, Dec. 1G— i/ri— Representatives ot 1.5(10.000 American farmers were told this week that. Kuropeall nations " stop leaning so heavily on us Hhp United States) and lake measures to pro- mole greater mutual help among themselves." Erci Johnston, jjre.sidrnl of the Motion pk-lure Association of America, told lhe annual convention of the American l^arm Bureau Federation thai nations of Western Europe "must fulfill Uieir end of the two-way bargain " Johnston said Western Europe should '-level down" ils lariff walls and straighten out its tangled currencies He asserted (hat the Economic Cooperation Adminislration has "wroiluhl a near-miracle" in Europe. Tlie hope and promises con- toll on I tallied in the ECA. he said, "have | bolsierd the forces of Democracy likewise In western K'tirope beyond all ex- big farm organi/ation it] Chicago. Secretary armers HIGHLAND KING—for his silky coat, his proud bearing and his well-built chassis, "Dragoon II," aristocratic Highland sleer, won first prize in his class at a London stock show. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Boyle Makes Selection of Books Suitable for Great and Near-Great NEW YORK —IjF,— Thinking of* Hiving someone a book lor Christ mas? II is a problem, isn't it? So much depends on the choice you make for in the task of selection you arc judging the one. you give (he book to and you are judging yourself. Every year. Santa Glaus gels In blue funk over what books to !ive famous people. The truth Is ;he old fellow's cycsichl Isn't what t oner v,-as. About the only things he reads 'anymore is a few back lumbers of the old Police Gazelle lecause he has found he can skip' lhe fine print under lhe pictures NOTICE IN' TUT PROBATK COURT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS CHICKASAWHA DISTRICT IN THE MATTER OP THE ESTATE OP PEDRO 6ALAZAR. DECEASED Probate No. 1953 Last known address of decedent: Manila, Arkansas, Route 1. Date of dealh: November 1. ISM. The undersigned \vn.s appointed administrator of lhe e.stale of the above-named decedent on lhe 12th day of December. 1949. All persons having claims against the estaie must exhibit thcnC duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of tho first publication of this notice or they shall be forever barred nnd precluded - from any benclit In lhe edl the administration to coutinue to press for Improved farm legislation. The secretary stated the "economic plucer," 'whose jaws he said are current gripping agriculture, developed when prices of far in products were permitted to slide while tile fanners continue to pay near-record figures for materials they need to produce. In Rochester, N. Y.. Albert S. Ooss, National Grange mnslcr. called for a politically balanced federal farm board to insure stable farm prices. day of Small California Girl Sees After Cataract Operation financed by Legion Post PICO, Calif., Dec. 18 —I/TV"Lights, daddy, lots 'n' lots a light! " This breathless cry cnme yesterday from Iwo-yenr-old Suvanne Bisli. The joy the exclamation Drought to her parents. Mr. and Mrs- Paul Blsli, wnsn't so much lecause their daughter was seeing ler first Christmas tree, it was because she was seeing—for the first Little Suzanne uas wllh cataracts over both pupils. Specialists said thai with a series of expensive operations she could see. Bish's American Ifgion buddies a "Sight (or ---- her fourth operation two weeks ago. She needs only one more. H will be a bright Christinas for her. xo TICK Notice is hereby given that the imrtcrsisncil has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of lhe Slate of Arkansas for permit to sell uuri dispense beer at retail on the prem- ise.s dt'MTibecl as Klin SI Kl>tlu'villc. Mi*si_-sippi County, Manila. Ark.. Route 1 a citizen of ArkanMVVrJio^ imV.'l * ,, ~ • ' Milii At)<ire ^ > i rharacler. liiaf he 1ms never been E. McDamc). atiorncy. i „,„,, tcd of a felony or other crime immediately launcherl Su/nnne" campaign. Suzanne underwent, Decetnber. 1949. W. W. Hyatt. Administrator mn.s rollcall. Here's lhe 1349 list and maybe it has a few ideas for you too: A- Guidf to Confident Living — Harry S. Truman. 'file Mature ,Mind — Westhrook Pettier. A Graveyard lo Let—Guy George Gabrielson. chairman of the Ke- Illlblican National Committee. The Shaggy Man of Oz—John L. Ktfedivc Talking In Conference— Ditto. The man with lhe Golden Arm- John D. Rockefeller. Jr. South Caroline Bird Life—former Secretary of State James F. Byrnes Growing Roses — "Cactus Jack 1 ' Garner. Stars fu my Crown—Sam Guld- wyn. It's Pun to Rclire — Herbert Hoover, What Every One Should Know about lhe Law — Ex-Hep. Andrew Jackson .May of Kentucky, Some-Problems In Federal Taxation— UK-Rep. J, Parncll Thomas of e\v Jersey. Beauty afler Forty—Clark Gable. Hypnotherapy of War Neuroses-The U.S. Navy. The Show Must Go On—Ingriri Men Who Mnke Your World — Mae West. Horses: Their Relcclion. Care and Handlum—U.S. Supreme Courl Jus. .. TwiliRht oil the Floods — Hie New York City Department of Water Supply. Gns and Elcctricily. <\ Rage lo Live—George Hcrnard 1 Married a Redhead —Alv Khan. And So Farewell — Chinne Kul- shrk. Way of n Fighter— Hi'mplircy Bo- part. The Sinews of Pence — Civnsv Rose Ler. To Every Man A Penny—The U.S Bn-rnii of Hcvfuiie. Point of no Return Ditio. One on the House—Conrad Hilton, wlio boimht the Waldrnf. I Hear Yon Calling Me — Clcn Du\i,'hi Kiscnhower. We want to demonstrate this BETTER PLOW ON YOUR FA KM " you >rc a Ford Trarlor owner, we have a plow Wre <h»t vuu'll want |o see and try. Yrmll see >nd tec] the difference when yon use it I.e»\es a rlcin-cul furrow wall ,„,) f, lr . row holtom, • lurned-aver furrow slice • nd lhe tr« 5 h well c-ovcred. If th»l>, «h»t 1 OU uanl . . . r |u, t l, e .clion ,rf Ford Hy. dr.ulk Tench Control... here's yourplow. Built iood and !lro,i f , with . chclre of b»<es lo At .ny plowing corvditicn. Let u . bnn, one out to vour place soon. RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR CO. Hiwav Alien Hardin, Mgr. I'hone 21 71 InvoJvinc moral Inrpiuidc: (hat IK, license to sell beer by the umlcr- siuned has been revoked within live \ear."! InAt; and that the inidcr- S5cr:ed ha.5 never been cruiviclrd or violaiini! Ihe laws of thu stair, or Any other Male, relative lo thr xilr of ahxiholic liquors. Application is for pcnmt lo be is- .siif-d :or aperation beginniuc m, thr 1 day of Jan. 1950. and tn expire on the 30 day of June. I't.iO Alonro Jonr-s S-iK=rrib-?d and sworn lo betorr me this 15 day of Deo. 1919 Mrs. Mar.slMll Bl.icknrd No!;ir\ Public My ConnnUsion expires: 33M. 12 16411 SICK? Sloniacli, Liver mid Call Blruf der tippet. Tongue coaled. •• brcalli. Bad taste. You liavo heart burn, gas ami (I.. S]>clls. gas in your l>cw| s . may |>ri'.*s upon your lilatUler. cans- inp backaches. Getting up a| '- nights, pains in your Icps, 1 arm?, you feel dizzy, nervous. ] irritable. • N'L'-AIU Contains wenty-|\\,i ; lievhs that help lo KO nijlii to work- on tlie cause. .Alisor;iiiio people soon feel differont, s<i fl'i not go on suflVrniir. M -Al!) — Sold a< (HVl-'Xs HUL'G STOKK, Blythcville Uei!. U, S. District Engineer Transferred to Okinawa LI'lTLE ROCK. Dec. 15-(/P| — Col. Thomas A. Lane, chief of the Little Rock DLstiicl Engineers has been transferred lo Colonel utne. who has been stationed here for the last two ami one-half years, said he would tak , ke over duties as chief or the Okinawa District about Jan. 15. A successor to Lane has not been named. Under hLs supervision, the U. S. Engineers have started work on the Uull Stiouls Dam. a massive flood control project In North Arkansas and have completed several levee repair programs for the Arkansas River. Osceola Man on Cruise Brannan to Speak At Russcllville Meeting Jan. 20 RUSSELLVllXB, Ark., Dec. 16 — Secretary o; Agriculture Charles E. Brannan will be oji Uie cn.'nrms nl Arkansas Polytechnic College, Jan. 20, to address the annual meeting of the Arkansas River Valley Pas- lure Improvement Association. This meeting will be held at, 2 p.m. in the College Armory and awards will be made lor the winners in the District Pasture Contest. President. J. w. Hull of Arkansas Tech announced. Awards will also lie presented lor Ihe county that has made the most Improvement in Pasture Program during the past year. Russ Wood, manager of Uie Sugar Creek Creamery ,ls chairman of the Valley Improvement Program, and all of the agriculture agencies in the state are co-opratinj> to make this fig a success. J, L. Wright, state WHIPS LABORITES - Con- executive for lhe Production and „ .. ,, , . . . Marketing Administration .will rep- "1 vat1 "', K»l>erl Merzics is re.senl that, agency; Hollis Williams |> lls ! ralla s , "cw prime minislcr. Male coiiscrvaUonlst,, will represent , c ', S -' 110 ll>adcr of " le ™ a ''tion the Soil Conservation Service- Farm i ?, , T a " d ' he Coutllr y and Home Administralion will be i ., , y lha ' swept Auslraha's reiiresenlcd by Virgil Higlifill- c R I ei K" t -. vca ''-oltl Labor govern" ' v inent out of otlue in the recent Wilkie will represent the Vocational Asdeiiliure Division of the. stale Dcpatrment of Education, and the Agriculture Extension Service will be represented by Aubrey Gates. Congressman Brooks Hays will introduce Secretary Hrruuian at the meeting, and the general public will be invited to attend. More than 1500 people are expected. elections. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION W Estimates B. J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. The onk is a member of the family (j[ b'.'edie.s, and there are jver 2CO species of the lice. Three Boone Countians Injured When Truck ' Collides With Work Train HARRISON. Ark., Dec. 10—M>i— Three Bonne County men were injured slightly when their trtiu-k rammed a die.scl-powerccl work train near here yesterday. , The driver of the vehicle, Alvin Eoff said the brakes of the truck went out and he was unable to slop the heavy machine. ( The truck was demolished. ' Hubert Morrison, conductor of the work train, said lhe truck Seaman Ralph Walker USN son •™, ackcri int " lbc -"'Idle of the of Mr. and M,, R . o . ^ ^ ^^™« n °^ ™%£ n damaged slishtly. BOB SMITH, CARL WALLACE and . . is on an extensive cruise in , Ihe Mediterranean as a crew member aboard the radar picket destroyer USS Newman K. Perry, the Navy said today. The muskmelon. a member of the gourd family, is native to India and LAND FERGUSON WiHiS FUEL ECONOMV CONTEST! Further proof of (lie power e (r ]cicncy of ,, terguson Tractor is now available in Ihe of/icinlly labulalctl restilfs of the Mil,,, l owa p ue | |,' t(lno ' Contest. Sponsored by Warn,,, County -1-11 Clubs will, farmer-owned, farmer-opernletl eqnipmeiil, lhe contest was conducted will, the assignee of Extension Ki'i- B moors from lowa Slnle Collect. Official results eslaljlishcd by H lc Ferguson Trad or • 22 Per cc',,1 teas furl consume,! (ban the average amount consumed by 10 coin])t'tin K Iraclors. • 27 I'cr cent more lantl plmral I ban I be avcra»p acrcacp plowed by JO competing lectors usiiur the same amount, of fuel. These resull.s, loo conlinuc I,, |,i| c ,, p faclual. n,,f luMitic prool ol lhe-1-tifil-sm-tus, nionoy-saving ability of the rergiisnn Tractor! Come in—see the Official Chart. Ask for a fiemonttration on your own farm JACK ROBINSON IMPLEMENT CO. "Your Genuine Ferguson Dealer" East Main Blythcville WISH ALL OF YOU A VERY HAPPY XMAS We thank you sincerely for your generous patronage during the past year... and hope 44 li at each ° f you W1 '' cele brate a very happy (*Xf Christmas. Unusual Christmas Toys Offered To You At Cost! 'eel and ami the co reverse. Our COM and v combine. SI.50; .sell-prm vcrlible, S3.00. cs. and Kaiser-Flayer Convertibles, anvas turn just like the rcul ma- '.enible has four speeds, including "'' Price . . . tractor 51.00: clipper f..ed combine, S'-'.SO; and K-F Con- 61 IMPLEMENT CO. North Highway 61 Blytjjeville <^^*<^*L, ' •• ^i^ WHEN'S SANTA COMING, MOM '• SOMETHING MUST'VE HAPPENED . K. Ashcraft Kailroatl & Cherry I'hone .1.11)3

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