The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1952
Page 5
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EIGHT WLI'IHJBTILLB GOUKtBH WBW1 SEPT. is, 1951 WM BLTTHEVILLI COURIE* XBWS TH« COUKIIK NEW* CO. H. W. HAINM, PBbM**«r HARHY A. HAIMB6, AMtattnt PubtMMt A. A. rREDRIOKBOK, BdMor FAUL D. HUUAM, AdrertWnc M»n««« •ol* KttlonH Advertising ReprewnVnttvM'. W»U«c* Wilmtr Co., H«w Tork, Chicago, Dctro**, Atl»ul«. Mempnk. BnMMQ u second clasi matter M the oftlc« *> BljthMille, ,Alitans»s, under »ct oJ CXm- irtu. October I, 1917. Member o( The As*ocialed Prtu SUBSCRIPTION RATB»: By carrier in tns city ol Blyllieville or »ny »uburD»n town wher. carrier strvic* u mimi- Umed, 2bc per week. By mail, within & radius ot 60 mile*. Vo.OO per ye*r »2.50 for sin months. I1.2& lor HUM months; by «iatl outside !>« mile wne, Hii-50 per year payable In advance. Meditations , liul II shall come to pass, if Hum will not hearken unto the voice of Hie thy God, t<i observe to do all his commandments a"'l his slatiitrs which I command liircc this iUy; that all lh«e cursos shall come upon thcc, anil overtake Ilii'C. — Hcul. 2S:I5. « * • Heaven Is not always ansry when HP strikes, But most chastises those whom lit likus. — Pomfrct, Barbs A music publisher says some of the jazz tunes wiH never die. Then why do orchestras continue to try to murder them? * * * Every T^f y°* r1ln nver on ' n€ highway t* a pwe-bred blue-ribbonfr and worth several hundred doMtra. No wonder pork is high! * * * Lot* .of women who object to the price ot meat hsnd the butcher a lot of bed. * * * IkfarrM men are more Inventive than single •en, a ooUe«< protestor says. By necessity, no Because of one-arm driving, many a man's love fc» a gtrl !a shattered by a concrelc bridge. Blood Giving Shouldn't Fall To Same Few Donors Only a few days remain before tVie Bed Cross bloodmohile pays Biylhe- •vilte its third visit . . . and the city is woefully short of blood donors. In order to meet its IfiO-pint quota, tt is necessary to get approximately 200 pledged. As of now, the Red Cross of- ffice barely has 150 pledges, which means chat for the first time, the city will fail to meet its qtiola. Even more discouraging is the fact that the present list of pledges is loaded with names of those who have given previously. In H city of more than Ifi,- 000 persons, the same tried and true 100 should not. have to carry the load . . . although giving blood is an inconvenience at worst. Inconvenience, hut not privation. T.-ack of interest, decadent Americanism, selfish attitudes nil contribute, to make a tough job of one that would be reasonably simple if 50 per cent of the people were willing to give blood painlessly to those who spent agonizing hours fighting for our nation, some facets of which certainly must !>R sicke-n- ly discouraging to them. A telephone call (-1-181) would certainly case a lot of consciences. The blood mobile will he here Monday from 10 a.m. to •! p.m. at American Legion Hut. utility rat« incru«« will tht Arkansas PSC conduct a public hearing on th« matter. This is the procedure according to state law. If no protest is registered, the increase becomes permanent, as bitter experience has shown. A plan to finance the phone rate whereby each telephone subscriber will be asked to donate 25 or 50 cents is .being contemplated by the city. Ordinarily, it would be up to the city to foot the bill, but Rlytheville just doesn't have Ihe money. While the rate nl which such donations are received can be partially construed as an indication of public opin- . ion in this matter, it must be unler- stood lhat the donors are merely setting up the machinery for a rate case. Although we organise a team, there is no assurance of winning a pennant. The I'RC, after hearing both sides, will pick the winner. We favor such a public hearing. We have snid before that Arkansas law should lie changer] to provide for mandatory public hearings on utility rate increase requests. This is only fair to the consumer. And such a public hearing should, if lit all possible, be conducted at no added expense to the taxpayer or utility customer. V!'. .,;•. ••••',. the two utilities' requests for higher rates, for their right to such increases can only be decided by experts. Hut v/e do deplore the fact that Arkansas law provides the consumer scant protection and representation, and then only at a price. Views of Others VVoste of Federal Funds There may or may not be politics in the Senate subcommittee's report on alleged inexcusable waste in construction of U. S. air bases in North Africa, but at least it is certain this Isn't the only case ol waste of federal funds in recent years. Here are minor but important examples: The Federal Security Administration is authorizing the expenditure of $10.000 this fiscal year for an investigation now underway at Cornell University of "tolerance for environmental stress in aged and neu'-born sheep and goaU." The rjonts referred (o are not American taxpayers. At Northwestern University federal funds to the amount ot S12.000 have hccn allocated for a study of "unconscious factors governing courtship and male selection." Then $7,500 has been made available for study of cultural and psychiatric factors in I he mental health of the Huttcrltes." This Is a Federal Security AdminlstraUon project, although Administrator Oscar E\virT"gj'~reportcdIy recently admitted that lie doesn't Know where or what or who the Hutlcrltes are, Piicl the Library of Congress also is uncertain oti the subject but thinks they live "somewhere in South Dakota." H is because of these atid many other bizarre spending projects lhat the American Assembly recently went on record In support of Scnnte hill 013, whirh would establish a Congressional Budget With competent experts outside of Congress to study and Inform that body how spending can be reduced without hazarding the nation's safety. —Jopiin (Mo.) Globe. Reason Enough A press service reports that a Denver woman (old the election commission -she wanted to switch from the Democratic p.irt.y to the Republican because she had gotten too fat under Democratic arimim. c trat:ons. The ro|x>rt didn't say ^vliethcr she was on the Government, payroll, —Greenville (S. C.I Piedmont. Rate Case Costs Point To State Law's Weakness The City of Blyllievillc mnvocl in a direction agrecnhlr lo all when it decided to fight rate increases Hint have been temporarily granted to RlvtheviUe Water Co. and Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. It is, however, .in unf.ortnn.ito wording of Arkansas law that makes rate cases expensive propositions, especially when it is the protest ants who are least able to afford them. In the case of the telephone rate increase, a number of Arkansas cities are joining efforts and sharinp costs. As far as the water rate increase in concerned, the city must pro it alone. We are not attempting to decide here and now whether these rate, increases arc sufficiently justified to he made permanent by the Public Service Commission. Only experts, after long and carefu! study, can determine this. It is because of this that the rate case fights are necessary. Only after a city or recognized, group protests a SO THEY SAY Water Boy Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD -<NEA1— ExelU- stvely Yours: It's i new career (or Ruth Hussey, who Just competed her third film role this year. Ruth dunked her head in peroxide a (ew monlhs ago, but she's not crediting her blonde tresses for the new interest. 6h* told me: "Film careers run In cycles. If things are slow In Hollywood, look elsewhere—to the theater, summer stock or TV. You can't call yourself »n actress II you're noi act- Ing." Ava Gardner tnd Frank Sinatra are skating on thin marlial ice. MOM is paging Alan Ladd (or a Him. The balu-Lana Turner and June Allyson »s his co-stars. The Paris reports are that Jean Sablon will wed a confection named Praltnc, ot all things. They co-starred in a French flicker titled potential sponsors. The luncheon dates that Kathrya Grayson's been having with Betty Lanza don't mean that her teu<l with Mario is over. She's alwayt been friendly with Mrs. Lanza, even through her worst scraps with friend husband. Liz Taylor and Michael Wilding showed up at a Hollywood party together, but didn't exchange » word with each other during th« entire evening. Surgery has put young Timmy Getty, son of Theodora Lynch and oil millionaire J, Paul Getty, back on the sunny side of the street. "Paris Always." Fireworks between Louis Hayward and Producer Edward Small, who have had a long association, caused Louis to walk out of "The Corsican Brothers." Richard Greene replaced him as the star. If Guv Madison can arrange his "Wild Bill Hickok" shooting schedule, there's a movie opposite Alldi Valti waiting for him In Rome— and another flicker in London. Peter Edson's Washington Column— Gemrals Quick Recovery Shows Value of Early Cancer Treatment WASHINGTON —(NEA 1 ) — G e n. Hoyt S. Vanrtenbere's return to duly as Air Force chief of staff Is being cited by surgical authorities a& a sir.king example of the value of early detection and treatment of cancer. General Vanclcnberg's lions performed by Dr. Lloyd G. Lewis of Washington, who operated on General Vnndenbcrg. Of -10 cases in which (he cancer was discovered early, 35 are alive seizure before the Supreme Court but the fact thai he lost that hopeless case is not held against him. -Murder Puts New Light on Case The murder ot Johnny Acropolis, spread of the cancer was more was i extensive because of later discov- \Ve threaten no one, but, are just, as stead(,i,s( now in the face of llncaus as we were when \\e stood together agaiiiM Die Nazis and the Jajunr'-e miUtarusls. — New Zealand External All,urs Minister T. chiton Webb, commenting on the new ANZUg treaty. * • * Marines have a lower rate of psycho-neurosis from combat causes than any other branch of ser- vue thfy are among the best lighting mm in the world. — Lt. \Vilham Mayer, Navy psychiatrist. * • * The Anzns treaty I* one more step in our continuing effort* to strengthen the peace In the P.i c i tic and in the world. — Secretary of State Dean Acheson. * * * Stronc naval forces are the cheapest term of national security insurance. — Secretary of the Xavy Dan A. KtmbalJ. * * * The Communists are unbeaten In battle and the only logic they ran understand is military procure — Vice Adm, C. Turner Joy. former chip; UN truce negotiator in Korea. * * • I smoke. 70 clgarcts a day. which I can't afford out of my <"m money. — Peter K. Burrage of Fp=rm England, ex-plaining why he embeulcd W.W from his employer. Feler Ed son t the time. He underwent during the course of routine physi- ex animation connection reap- to a H - month term as chief of staff, did not collapse on me job, as was reported a really rugged peration in early May. The caner was completely removed, A over three months liUer he vas able to return to duty. Clinically, he is loduy considered icrfcctly well, He looks Hke a mil- ion dollars, as he always did. nnd lis doctors say there is no Ques- lon ahout his being able to com- >!ete his current term of duly. By i hat lime he will be eligible for! etirement from the Air Force aft- ; er 30 years of service, (hough he be only 55 years of age, Officers \Vere Esamlnrd Annually Right after World War II, the armed services Instituted annual physical examinations for all officers, as routine procedure. It sicked up n mini her of cases of cancer In the lower abdomen* sim- lar to General Vandenberg's. A well-trained specialist can easily detect cancer even in Us earliest stages. This early discovery 13 considered one of the most important aspects of prompt treatment. Doctors say this is the point which should be Fully understood by the general public. Surgical removal of these cancers, like Genera 1 Vandenberg's, was first done in 1002, so it ts not new treatment. today, five years after treatment. | New York Teamsters' Union lead- Of the other 40 cases, in which the j er, may provide the opening wedge for an anti-trust suit against a labor organization. For years Department of Justice has wanted to start action against some of the b i g labor union monopolies for their actions in restraint of trade But U. S attorneys have always been blocked in such actions be cause the unions were considered exampt from anti-trust prosecu tton. Introduction of a murder and racketeering angle into the New York teamsters' case puts a differ' ent aspect on the situation. Air Experts Speculate on Crash Aviation experts in Washington ire extremely Interested in reports and news reel pictures on the ex plosion in mid-air ot the DH-1V supersonic plane flown by the fam ous test pilot, John Derry, at a Farnborough. England, air show The full story will be told onlj cry. 16 are olive today. Cancer cannot be said to be completely cured, because It lends to spread. The chances ot complete recovery In people under 60 are said to be less than in older people. But more cancers could be cured if people had annual physical examinations, which would result in the earliest possible cleiec- tion, Getting this point rvcross to the public so (.hat cancer could be clearly understood. Instead of fenred and shunned as something that should nbt be mentioned. Is considered a service to doctors i\nd their patients alike. The armed services had to abandon their annunl physical examLn- ntions when their doctor shortages became acute. Officers and enlisted personnel are examined now only when they report tor sick call, or when they arc up for promotion- Free Bucket nf Golf Balls Former Attorney G e n e r a 1 J. Howard McGrath has opened a in the official investigation reports But In the meantime, speculalio' The word's out that MGMis us- ng miles of clipped footage from 'Quo Vadls" as backgrounds for 'Julius Caesar." Return* to Son* ETHEL WATERS, who's Just inlshed the movie version of 'Member of the Wedding," is re- urnlng to nlterles and theaters as Binger. The Donald O'Connors have mended the leak in the love boat. • Keeps Lips Buttoned Rosetta Duncan, of the famed sister team, is under doctor's orders not to talk. Two separata throat operations within & few eeks' span. Lew Ayres has found a script e likes and is getting ready ce the cameras again. It's a Brith project, though. Joan Crawford has made the TV-or-not-TV decision. Joan wlli make several sample films unrior he banner of Revue Productions, i subsidiary of MCA, to show to club from dummy, hoping for the best. East properly finessed the eight of clubs, and South won the first trick with the queen. South saw no sense in giving up, so he boldly finessed the queen of hearts at the second trick. When this held, he continued by cashing the ace of hearts, discarding a club from his own hand. A heart ruff now established dummy's long a normal trump break, suit. With South was now out of danger. He Iherefore led a low trump from his hand and won with dummy's jack. East's nine of spades looked ominous to South, and he therefore searched for a way to make his contract even against a 4-1 trump break. After some thought,, he led a heart from the dummy and discarded the last club from his own hand. West ruffed with the six of spades, and wondered what to do next. He couldn'i afford to lead out his two remaining trumps since dummy would win nnd run the rest of the hearts. West there fore returned the jack of clubs. South now had to .abandon the trumps and also had to abandon dummy's established hearts, cashed the ace of dimaonds, rutfin discounts the report that the plane ] a, diamond with dummy's lov. exploded as it crossed the sonic barrier. Furthermore, the "boom" heard on the sound track of the newsreel is believed to have come not from goU driving range outside of Provi-1 the explosion of the plane, bul dcnce. R. T. Washington vacation- ists who have been up in that area report they have seen Ihe former A. G. on the job promoting his new enterprise. And as a special concession to old friends, he will pass out a bucket of balls Jree. Justice Purge Leaves Ratnridge Only one of the former lop Justice Department officials seems fairly sure of holding his present position under the cleanup purge by the new attorney general. John j I^atrick McGranery of Pennsylvania. He is Holmes Baldridge, a career man in tho department. Baldridge was formerly in the from the shock of the sound waves set up by the plane as these waves hit the earth. This Is a phenonomen familiar to everyone around Wright Field. O.. and other air bases where high speed planes are tested. As the trump, and ruffed another club ii his own hand. At this point Soul had nine tricks safely tucked awa; and was bound to make his tent trick with dummy's king of spade or his own queen. Note lhat South would lose hi contract if he led a trump toward dummy after ruffing the jack o clubs. West would step up wit the ace of spades and lead h last club. South would have to ru with his last trump, and wou Orson Welles' pals insist that he ill return to the U. S- this year, ringing with him prints of "Othel•" and "Julius Caesar." And ha lit ask Uncle Sam to accept all rofits from the American show- ngs of the film lo square his Inome tax rlebt. Paulette GodrfArd Is drawing arbs from the British press and s being dubbed "Unpopular GirJ 1." Gene Kelly's new dancing dis- overy—she'll bow in MGM's "In- itation to the Dance' 1 —Is 18-year- Id French ballet beauty Claire ombert. She went to school with .eslle Caron, another of Gene's .scov erics. 15 Years Ago In Blytheyille — Ernest Roe of Memphis has been n BlythevilLe making plans to move ils family here. Gene Blnclavell. former Blythe- lle grid star, suffered a shoulder njury at. University of Alabama and vill be out of practice for at least a week. A cotton picking holiday has been urged to prevent farmers from t«ru- ng In green and wet cotton. Most gins plan to remain closed for at .past six days. anti-trust, division, but now heads j tosphcre without damage. It is There is one record reported in j the claims division. He had to de-[ when they maneuver at lower lev- medical journals of 80 such opera- \ fend the President's steel industry | Sec EDSON on TAR*. 18 planes come out ol ptywer dives \ have no convenient way of geUin and level off, the sound waves I to dummy to draw West's trump j travel on in straight lines till they [ and run the hearts. | bounce against the earth. That] makes the boom. In the case of the DH-110 Down by Derry. he had taken his plane some eight miles up to start his dive. These planes can go through all sorts of maneuvers In the stra- ./ jn\ .„ C~ By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M. D. the Doctor Says — Wrlucn ,„ NEA Serv i« Nephritis, or Bright's disease. Is result partly of inflammnlion and iartly of degeneration o( the kid- icys. It interferes with some of the unctions of the kidneys. Richard Bright, for whom the li&ease is named, was born In Bristol. England, in 1789, and was graduated from the University of between the acute Infection and the appearance of the first signs of nephritis. It remains for future research to discover the way tn which nephritis is brought about and to improve the means of preventing this complication. The trouble in the kidneys is not always the same. Sometimes Edinburgh in 1613. He \vas one of one part of the kidney is damaged he famous men attached to Guy's i more than another. Sometimes the Hospital in London, which is one i datn.Tee seems to be so slight that of the famous voluntary teaching j it halts before symptoms begin to hospitals situated in that city. | show up. His classic report on nephritis At other times the condition may appeared in 1S27. In It he pointed | progress gradually over a period out the connection between dropsy j of months or years, destroying (or edema\ the presence of ai- j more and more of the functions of bum in (a kind of proteini in the ] the kidneys. When this happens urine, and hardened or shrunken there, is a constant worsening of an sub- the symptoms. A rearter asks i( the drinking of beer has any thine to do wilh North 1 V kidneys. He even found that there excessive accumulation of stance called urea in the blood of | nephritis. Beer alone probably car patients wilh the particular con- i not cause a Irue nephritis, but If riition which he w'as studying. | taken in considerable quantity, it Nephritis, unlike a (treat many, throws an added burden on the other disorders of the body, is not ; kidneys, and would therefore be really a single disease. Ii come ' considered inadvisable, as a rule on without any apparent cause or ! for a person with Bncht's disease it can follow aruie infections such j It looks as though there will be as scarlet fever, tonsillitis or pneu- fewer cases of nephritis In the fu- monia. ture because several of the diseas Just how these injections produce : es commonly causing U, like pneu Bristol's disease—and they do not \ mcmia and scarlet fever,yield quite always cause this difficulty—Is not! well to the sulfa drugs or pencil- quite clear. |m. This hoped-for result should ,-\nd South gulped when he Then U often quit« a long lime, show up is time pissea. I &e dummy. He then played » low JACOBY ON BRIDGE Learn How to Bid From a Poor Hand By OSWALD JACOHT Written for NEA Service I am almost ashamed, to show today's hand because North's bidding was so outrageously ambitious, r cannot resist showine It, NORTH (t>> ¥ AQ9852 * 4 WEST * A 10 65 1 K73 • K 65 + J62 EAST A9 V J 104 » Q 10972 * A 1098 SCHJTH AQS7.12 • A JS3 AQ75 North-South vnrt. E** Sovth West Pass > * Pas* Pass 2 * Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—* 1 however, because South's play, a this apparently hopeless contrac is worth looking at. West opened the deuce o( clubs Sights and Sites Of all things, down at the barber shop we found the boss b*r- ber complaining about" his own high prices for haircut:. He wid children were now apparently getting their hair cut at homfc The grownups are letting their hair grow longer and he it left with more gossip time than h« can afford. Answer to Previous Puzzfe HORIZONTAL 1 The ot 5 Choking bit 6 Fragrant Sighi Is in oleoteste Florence, Italy 7 Montpelier u 7 is the site ln . of the Grand 8 Flrsl Canal 13 Seal anew 14 Eluded 15 Add uce 16 Venerate 17 Colored 9 War vessels 10 Roman date UWax 12 The river is in Germany 18 MayarT Indian > 9 Eucharistic 20 The river y 1 ? 8 vessel Is In Belgium 21 " 21 Apostle su married Peter 23 Station (Fr.) 27 Genus of buttercups 32 Stranger 33 Pesterer 3* Sell in small quantities 36 European river 37 The Is in Moscow 39 Entices 40 Expunge 42 Beat, as of wings 46 Organ of sight 47 Pierce with t Xnife 51 Antenna 26 Group of 43 Nominate players (Scot.) 28 Circle (Jap. 44 Ancient suffix) of France'! 29 Ridges Saonc river 22 Sewing 30 Granular 45 The Leaning implement snow Tower ot —— 23 Yellowstone 31 Periods of 47 Mast National time 4R Weary Is in the west 35 Lichen 49 War god ot 24 Alder (var.) apothecium Greece 25 Paris" is the 38 Negative vote 50 Resting pl««« of the 41 Soothsayers 52 River islet Eiflel Tower 42 Whims 54 Encountered 53 The - • State building Is In New York City 55 Clockwls* 58 Bred 57 Cultural levels 5S Emphasis VERTICAL INail ] Depend 3 Small «Ail 33 TH

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