The Franklin Favorite from Franklin, Kentucky on October 12, 1911 · 4
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The Franklin Favorite from Franklin, Kentucky · 4

Franklin, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1911
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The Favorite, Franklin, Kentucky; "Qct"l2, 1911. mm A STREET POCKET ES'GOLD WATCH AND $425 IN SILVER. FINDER PLEASE RESTORE WATCH AND " " PURSE AND KEEP THE SILVER . Mrs. Edgar Johnson. FRANKLIN FAVORITE ; (Incorporated.) THURSDAY- OCT. 12, 1911. S. W. MY AN Publisher and Mr. SAM HAXEY..,. Editor Entered at (b post-otbc at Franklin, . Kjm mail matter of the aecond-claa DEMOCRATIC TICKET. fc3r UNITED STATES . .SENATOR. OlJieM. lames. ' FOR GOVERNOR. James B. McCreary." FOR LIEUTENANT GOV. Edward J. McDermott. . : ! FOR TREASURER " Thomas S. Rhea. , FOR AUDITOR PUBLIC : v - ACCOUNTS. Henry Bosuith. f'OR ATTORNEY GENERAL. SECRETARY OF STATE, C. F. Crecelius. FORSUPT. OF PUBLIC ; , INSTRUCTION.' Barksdale Hamlett FOR COMMISSIONER OF AG-RICULTURE, LABOR AND STATISTICS. J. W. Newman. ." '. FOR CLERK OF THE COURT OF APPEALS. Robert L. Green. For Railroad Commissioner LAURENCE B, 'FINN. For State Senator . JOHN IL DURHAM, Simpson County. ; For Representative-: VIRGIL D. HAMMOND. ... Htm. D. H. TNiiith,. of Jlotlgcn-ville, former Congressman ironi the Fuurth district, wilj speak at Franklin next Monday, Oetolx-r Kith, for the Democratic -'ticket. Mr. Smith w- one of Kentucky's leading democrats and ablest speakers, so come out to hear him. VICTORY AHEAD. . Chairman It. II. "Vunsniit, of the State DemiKTatic ('ampaign Committee, has given -out a statement of the progress of tire .--nunpaign from the Democratic viewpoint. Cliairman Vansant sees the signs of a ppleiiditl virtory in the . registration throughout the State.lnit warns Democrats to lie on the alert ami never stop lighting until the poll close on NovpiiiIkt 7. The statement in hill is as follows: 7 The Democratic amimiirn w just alxjutiiult ovcr. ami I deem it; protwrto render an accounting to ''" h.'re the mwiings are to take thn ..f tl..-..n nt llij V' 'l'SCUSS the IIIMttCr .HIIIOllfT. tllCIII- the Deinocnits .t the Kate at this .imcitflihorsto atiendand time. W e, are presenting: to the i,,.,, .Kv, pk1 ami a lower people the strongi't tf:kct ihat was tax-nnc. , -L. ever nominated in Kentucky. It " . is not only made up of able, lionest riCniemlier deiiiuerat, thut' Con-and trite 'Demiicrats, hut it repre- gresman lleilin, of Alabama, will w'nts every 'section of the State. sak at the Court-house to-morrow The platform meets the wishes of at 1 p. m. Hear him. These Talks About Disastrous Call on Me for -ESTATE BARGAINS 1 1 REAL 1 'In U. S. every three : ; minutes a house -catches ; 1 fire. Get a National Union policy and don't worry." J0I111F. LaEue 4Insurer of Anything, Anywhere" torn CONTAINING A LAD the majority of the people and it is a sincere, earnest expression of their views; and when the Democrats winj i :n hr-jt in rarry out, lis provisions. A thorough organization of the State has been made, We have gone into the precinctu and enlisted the support of the rank and file; and they have answered every call that has K-en made upon them. In a wide eicVrienec, I have never seen more enthusiasm among the Dennx'ratic voters, they realize that not only the election of govenor and of the State officers are at stake, but that a United States senatorship is in the balance also. Success in Kentucky this year will give encouragement to the Democrats of other slates in the great fight that will he made next year, to elect a Democratic President." ' GOOD ROADS MEETINGS. Tli niHlorsigned will meet with the voters for the niirnii o( iliw-iiHtiii; jfotxl roads ami the 1kihI ime at the fullmvinti time ami lares: Tuesday Sijmt, ot, 17, at 7 o'clock. -.h Rev. W. Payne, B. V, Hunt Bethel finne I'mf. J. V. Chapman, ranuIiM' C k EvHtw, "Jnilge I. H. Gixxhii).'lit. SiinnyH(k .Tnltfi J. J. Milliken, C. J. " Wanner, G. W. Whitesules Hickory Fliit-J. H. Covington, V. 1). Hamnioml, lr. HerrHifon Price Mill M. S. Harris, Knimct Ro- hcy, Roht. Haiiiinuml. Downey School-In intio C. B. Moore, John M. Stanley, John Hunt. Thursday Sipht. 0;t. !, at "o'clock ; l'leasant HiU-M. Harris and I. H. (iOodni);ht. :. Friday Xijtlit, (M. 2(1, 7 o'clock. .- l.ilierty-C. B, Moore, C. E. Evan.' altttonsB. V, Hunt, W: R. Bryan, . E. V, Bojran. Fresh Miool-hoiise-O F. SauinlerN, Rev.lW. W. 1'ayi.e. Midillolon M. R Harris and Prof. J. V, Chapman; Like Spring -Jiii lv ,LX- Milliken, ... .. pn,f;Y.'"P'.'IIuinuioiid. Oak fi rove Jmljjw (J. V. WhiU'side. V. B. Lewia, Dr. J. W. Hays. Barnes Schuol-hoiife J. HvCviiiirt4iii W. II. Yokley, J. II. Ooodninht. Tuesday Sight, Oct'. 24, 7 o'clock. Hillsdale V. D." Hainmond, Judtte G, ' W. Whiknide. . ,; j Greenwood J"iidtfe J. .f. .Milliken and Judge I. H. (ii'iKlnilit. Friday Xight, M. 27, 7 o'clm k. . Fdts M. S. Harris,,!. J.'Filvlards. Tuesday Nuilit, Oct. 31, 7o'elm'k. Reeiler Selnml-hoiiH!' M.- S. Harris, ' Prof. J. V. Chapman. Sloss H. McCutcheti, L. H. (iood-, " iiyht. - - The Favorite would enniha-'iw! the fact thai these mcelini.'s are non-pnlilical and that every citizf-ii, rich and jxwf, white 1 and colon!-, has the same inleixnt in the sucfcxs of their ohiect-Mtood Roads. tot me people of the dittcmnt cummu. Fires are not Meant to Alarm only tolhe extent thatyou maybe reminded of the wisdom of being, prepared for the unexdected. Someone has said 'Wisdom isT the wealth of the wise Defend Yourself , I ' -: against;; Loss by Fire! UNVEIL SHAFT TO MEMORY OF CONFEDERATE HEROES AT RISSELLVILLE Covet fter-James-6. McCreary Makes The Principal Russellville, Ky., Oct. 4. Living and dead heroes of the Southern Confederacy, furnished to the "Lost Cause" by Russellville and Logan county at the inception of the Civil War were honored here today in the unveiling of the Confederate monument, erected to their memory by the citizens oi town and county under the auspices.of Caldwell Camp, No. 139, United Confederate Veterans. Ot the living, only about fifty names are now enrolled on the ros ter of the camp, but practically every one of that numbertmany of whom J bear ' the ' scars of ; battle, braved the inclement weather and rode many miles Jo witness the un Veiling. . Former Senator James B. Mc-i Crear, of "Richmond, Democratic nominee for Governor, was the chjHr-oteca he tecpunted some of the heroic deeds of his comrades on the held of battle not a dry eye could be seen in the vast audience. The scenes which marked the unveiling were mct impressive. Patriotic airs were sung by the school chil dren of Russellville and played by the Russellville band, following which the flag of the Confederacy was drawn aside by Mrs. James W, Linton, the young wife ol a son of a Confederate veteran. . mis. Qcnor was conferred upon Mrs. Linton by Caldwell Camp be cause of her activity in raising, by popular subscription, much' of the fund to erect the monument. In her speech ; unveiling the monument Mrs. Linton said: "" - We have erected this monument to the Confederate soldier. : There is not marble enough in the bosom of mother earth tobui'd a monument grand enough to do justice to the heroic soldiers of the South, for in all the history of the world they have never been surpassed in cour age, endurance and patriotism, but we place this monument as a tri bute of our love, as an expression of our admiration and undying loyalty to the memory of the Confederate soldier, and as an inspiration ,to posterity for all time to. come, Would that we might write upon it in letters of light this inscription, 'To the memory of the Confederate boldier," uncrowned hef oes or an invincible empire of Icyal hearts, for, tell it as you may, it never can be tc Id: sing it as you will it never can be sung: the story of the men who wore the gray !" Caldwell Camp was named in hon or of Col. John W. Caldwell, 'of Russellville, who recruited a full regiment of soldiers in Logan county at the outbreak of the war. Capt. W. B. McCarty, one of the few survivors of the regimentr is now the commander ot the camp, and much 0 the credit for the erection, of the monument dedicated to-day is due to his untiring energy in raising the tund and working up enthusiasm among the people of the county. -. The stonework of the monument is fifteen feet high by nine leet wide. in the center of whicb is an archway seven feet high. Stauding in this arch is a bronze statute of a private Confederate in the act of making a bayonet attack. The, monument Stands in the public park in the cen ter of the tvn. The dedication was witnessed by 2,000 people, hundreds of whom had driven several miles through a downpour of rain to be present on the memorable oc casion. At the conclusion of the formal excercises incident to the unveiling, an adjournment was taken to the' courthouse, where Senator McCreary delivered the principal address. ' r Senator McCreary's address was devoted entirely, to the Confederacy and the part played bv the soldiers of the South during the four-year struggle between the States. Aside from the patriotic feature of the mt eting tbresjsai'te vi political MpectV'jfr'erlitir,! and while not a wordM politics was uttered durmg the ceremonies of the dedication, the 'air fairly bubbled with Democracy throughout the day, and Senator McCreary heard reports of harmony and increased majorities on every hand. i 4' ; Judge John W, Edwards, County 1 udge of 'ieokarf county, and cam. paign chairman ot .the County," re- DIG CUT There has never lcen a better lime to buy PICTURES than now.. In order to Tcdace stock have marked" 1-3 off all pictures, so come and see,-price and be (surprised. . We must make room for our holiday line. C. L. Biggs ported a Democratic majority in registration figures in Russellville yesterday of 230, as against a major- uy 01 inirty-threea year ago. Judge Edwards said jhe saiiiin the county precincts, all of which he predicted would go Democratic with the exception of one.would increase equal-ly as well as the four town precincts, and that- the Democratic majority in Logan county would be between 1,500 and 2,000 an increase of '500 to 800. ' ""During the day Setiatoi UrcCreary was waited upon by hundreds of Democrats, many of whom had been out of line since 1895, but ll of whom wore the McCreary-McDer-mott button. Prominent Republf-cans were also in the long line : of voters who called to pledge their support to the Democratic ticket one of the number being a man past 60 years, who had voted the Repub-lican ticket constantly lor forty years. This was the first time in all those years, he said, that he bad iouna it impossible to support his party s candidate. , mucuui me aisanectiou among the Republicans, it was learned. was due to the -Sunday meeting at Paducah in August, when Judge O'Rearand Col. John W. McCuU loch, the president of the Kf ntucky Distillers' Association, were pre sent with.the others, and where it was said plans were discussed for raising funds for the campakn The exposure of this meetingbroughri about a month latertv the Demo ata came like i tiainderholt into the, camp of the Logan count v Republicans, so say many of the Republicans themselves, aud ' since then no effort has been made to perfect an organization in this county. This was-thoroughly demonstrated, the Democratic leaders claim, on registration day in Russellville, when much apathy was shoAvn in f hjj.ep uijlicatuauks - an d leading citizens ot that polmcal faith would not walk around the corner to reg. istet. . - . :ru-:, ....;r r,.:(y Before depaiting for Louisville to-night Senator McCreary said that from a political standpoint his visii here to-day had been as pleasing as had any of the oresent meetings held by him during the present cam paign . : - ; . - FRANKLIN STUDIO - Mt;xMlwin Uatik liuil.liiiK. THE HOME OF (iOOl) I'KTriTvJS Makers of fine portraits and picture frames. : Pictures cop ied and enlarged. Our prices are low and our work nleases a. - the people. Remember the place. H.K. MITCHELL. Manager. Wins High Honor. Mr. Shirley D. Saunders, son of Mr. C.-F, Saunders, of this place, has been elected a member of State Union Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, which is 4he National Entrineers' fraternity, and eligibility is based solely upon class standing in the Universitiesr -Only a small per cent, are selected. This is regarded as the highest honor of Universi ty life and the greatest recommendation that a mechanical and electrical engineer can attain. All who have watched the studious course of young Saunders will be pleased but not surprised to hear of the merited honor thus conferred, upon him'. " v '.:.,:. Franklin Avenue.'; The citizens living on what is now known as School Street, have, by common consent, changed the name to Franklin avenue, and hereafter it will be thus designated.' INDEPENDLNCE. Minis Hammond and wife visited friends in the Cedar Grove vicinity , Sunday. - - -I Mrs. Fannie Tyre has been; suffering from a severe attack of rheu-I matism for some time. - Lawrence Hammond bad the misfortune to sprain his foot very badly at school one day last week. Henry Johns, wife and baby were visitors at J.P. Snipers last Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Stinson, who have been right sick for the past week or two, are convalescing, . B. G. Bryant has" been sufferfrip with iheumatism for the past few weeks. ThM if Rtor CkUrrh In thlt iMtloii of the country than all other dlwaaa put together, and until the but tew yean was supposed to be Incurable. For great many years doctors pronounced it 4 local disease and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly failing to cure with local treatment, pronounced It Incurable. Science has proven Catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore requires ronsUtuUonal treatment. Hull's Catarrh '.Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney 1 Prt T rMn la t. .Rtu ,1... v i . .... iiu, w i vi, im .no viii J iiitaiuu- tional cure on the market. It Is taken Internally In doses from 10 drops to a tea-spoonful. It acta directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer one hundred dollars for any case It falls to cure. Bend for circulars and tes-Umoniali. Address! F. J. CHINKY CO., Toledo, 0. Moid by Drarrlita, TSe. Take, Bail's family PUIS for eonsUpatloa. EYE HELP - Eyes Tested Free. . If you need glasses wo wiU 'tell you so. All glasses guaranteed to give satisfaction or "money, ref undediHiser reasoiiable:.-W. H.THOnNTOX t Franklin Stmlio Get (5) cake "of that glycerine soap Company. - FOR SALE ' A "good iarm of 95acreson Frank lin and Russellville road. Well improved. An excellent iarm containing .97 Lacres on Morgantown road. Fcur miles from-town. Residence on College Street. Price is.right. Call and see us. 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Allow ua to Show you this perfect beater btfott yoo buy, (E17) Graded and High School .Notes'."- -V"' . AtiKittttVinr rt'rt'ivf visunrn 'wiw.-Ttr". V. T.; Willin,' Cnmirtvll, Ky., uiiii Mtrw. (n C. Hurrif, I). H, ilatiorainl H. J.. Mfailor. j . . - Bit.ikn illiil liavi- la'ii wrfsciilnl to I lie' tf-i. . -t j :t .1 . . .. .-rni mii i.inniry me lmsr jcy vvivk. ai an billimn: , MesHW. Ulavk & llnrriN.' f.llryrlMjaKlia ill t'liilil Volume; Alisc Maru'aiei Birvanl, two lMHkn: Jiiino l''iilluiii aVo thfi li.'tc of (lUii'-pri of t lit-tlirtti library wrii'iuw oiwiiimhI last month: - - : High Srhool Swiiow ami Junior Ivipir SaVrly, I'nviilfiit ; Miss lipiiio (irovi'H, V'wi "uv Pn-Mi'ilcnt ; .Jim W11-alilt', Sttuml Viil'nidcnt ; Mis Anna Lpww, liiitinlini; Sti-rrtary; Miyn ',tiv L'hls, Cori.Miiilin Sti'it'tary; RoUtI Kitapp, TivHtin'r; Minn Rmli Mit'k, Critic; Lmlicr McClaniihau, Sprjfcam-at-arniM. : High School SojihoiurtM ami Frsh-nii'ii iicorge Jarknon, . l'n-niih'iit; tin I'hln, XUv I'niilciit: Miss Eihrl Allrn, RtH'onlinn Stt". ; Min Salii Mavhcw, Corn-spoiiiliiijr StHTt'iary ; : Miss Litiit' I'iijm,. Treasuwr. '"' . Fifth and iixtli (irailcs Hallifi Harris, rreniilt'iiti Wesley MeClaiiahan, Vice I'icsiileiit ; Maivaret Harry, See w-tary; Mary Ivlith VenuhU, Trcanurer. TIRED RUN-DOWN PEOPLE A North Carolina Man Suggests . a Remedy Greensboro, N.. 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The cost .of your bill -depends largely on TheMuItipIicand a Bring in your multiplicands or or dimensions and We ill Figure the Cost that date y !.tl', as lew as v;e .can. SATE. IN

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