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Washington Palladium from Washington, Kansas • Page 2

Washington Palladium from Washington, Kansas • Page 2

Washington, Kansas
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eft taft eft eft eft ssfi fift! WASHINGTON PALLADIUM I For a First Class Meal I or Short Order i go to SAM'L CLARKE, Editor. O. L. CLARKE, Manager. An AW I VII Subscription, Per Year.

-Ajn ftiK per, the world's first in war's alarms; but just to think that he has actually copped a prize for being the world's greatest in peace! What a proud figure he cut, to be sure, with the Nobel medal pinned upon his breast, and the eternal chir lightly balanced on both shoulders! And the Big Stick, of course, coyly-peeping out of his coat-tail pockets! Why, then, next year we may fairly exjKH that the Peace Prize will go to the master of the Mailed Fist to "Ich und Gott;" and the year after that to the philanthropic Leopold; and the year after that who knows? to that archangel of peace, Weyler. It's enough to make a Quaker get up in the night and poison his GRINDLE'S RESTAURANT (Next door to the Postoffice) Everything renovated, repaper- hit UFr FRIDAY, DEC. 21, 1906. F.n'ere wi! 'y as elas nail niaiier at the txstcfl' ai WjshmKn, Kass. ed and repainted.

i iJ. A. CARTER, M. D. I Selectinsr Your (Successor to Dr.

Williams.) PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office and residence southeast corner square. 'Phone No. 59. Christmas Gifts Don't forget the many pretty, ornamental, useful and enjoyable presents to be found at our store. O.K.

NELSON HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office in Wrshington Nat'l Bank Bldg. CP CO II. P. OILSTRAP Homeopathic Physician Rockers Ji8 Minnesota Avenue, The house of representatives has passed the bill ji rrnittinsr national hanks to make loans on farm lands as feetirity, Rt exceeding: 25 jmt pent of the total capital anil surplus undivided profits of lanlis making such loans and for not exceeding the tt rm of one yar. The? bate on the bill indicated that'tho small national banks in farming communities favored the bill and it was opposed by the money interests of the greater cities.

The recommendation for an income tax is received by the democrats with great satisfaction, but the question of what taxes are to bo repealed to make placo for the a moderate income tax would produce is a question that avoided by the republicans. The democrats all asreo that theJtarilT thould be reduced so as to eliminate protection to the trusts, but a republican president and a republican congress have agreed to stand pat on the tarilT and and continue to allow the trusts and monopolies to plunder us by law. Till; letting of the contracts for the Panama canal has been again postponed until January 12th, for it has been discovered that no contractors would hid under the conditions imposed. It has also been figured out that of the appropriated by congress for the work only $71,000,000 remains unexpended and as the cost will bo three or four limes that amount, it will require another appropriation by congress before the contracts can be let. These are only a few of the principal complications that our strenuous administration has created.

KANSAS KANSAS CITY, We wish especially to mention our line of Pictures You'll find the prices very low and the goods first class. A picture makes an ideal gift something that does not wear out and is long prized. The Pops and the President. The populists party of Kansas will disband but before the leaders agree to disband they will hold a conference and Chairman Hanna declares they will advise their followers to join the republican party, as "President Roosevelt is doing the things now that we advocated ten years ago when we were laughed at." "We are all for Roosevelt," declares this enthusiastic Roosevelt convert, "and we are going to get into his party." It has been rather dry picking for the Populists leaders in Kansas since the republicans came back intop wer and they evidently want a chance at the postodices, or "something equally as good." As the rank and file of the old populist party are readers of the newspapers, they should refer to the president's late message and read, mark, learn and inwardly digest what he says there about "the impracticable or sinister visionaries," evidently meaning the populists, and a little further along where the president recommends congress to allow the railroads to combine. Is that what populists having been striving for? Can any populist, or for that matter anyone else, point to any act of the president or congress in the past ten years that has resulted in reducing freight rates or lowering the high prices the tariff, protected trusts are charging? of all sizes, kinds and prices to suit all ages and all pocket books.

Over one hundred styles to select from. Prices are the very lowest that you can find anywhere. DR. CHAS. WILLIAMSON PHYSICIAN AND SURGECfJ Office and Residence, Washington, Kansas.


DR. GEO. McGBACKEN Graduate ol the Still College of Osteopathy "OSTEOPATH" All of these and many more to be found at our store. Goods delivered FREE to any station in the County. Chronic Diseases, Deformities, and Diseases of women Successfully Treated.

Phone 331. Office over Swan's store. EUREKA MILLS. Half Mile South of Washington. ARD'S FURNITURE AND CARPET STOrID Does a General Merchant and Cus Here Lies Spelling Reform.

When "dear Maria" gets her next letter from "dear Theodore," it will be spelled in the good old way the way of our dear old childhood's friend, Mr. McGuffey. For "dear Theodore" has been triumphantly "spelled down," and has returned to his seat with smiling good graee. The tone of his yielding seems to suggest that he is not a little pleased, in in his heart of hearts, that congress torn Business. oar Patronage Solicited A str6nj effort is being made by some few republican congressmen to induce, President Roosevelt Co call a special session of congress soon after March 4th to consider the revision of the tariff.

The powerful protected trusts and the great majority of the republican congressmen are insisting Unt 'u would imperil prosperity to revise the tariff now and be politically disastrous to do so just prior to a national election. The stand-patters will do and say anything for procrastination T3 TlWWfc T3Tlf HO JW Vw M. A. NEITZEL, D. D.

8. DENTIST has kindly helped him to let this hog Office in Washington Nat'l Bank Bldg. go. Apparently it was more strenu- WASHINGTON, KANSAS uous rough-riding than anything he yet mounted. When tilting against the railroads, or Standard Oil, or the beef trust, or any of those monsters, he has been able to keep a jaunty seat, J.

L. SMITH, DENTIST luy Your Christmas Gifts Now Office up stairs in the First National Bank Building. notwithstanding the bucking of his KANSAS WASHINGTON, Before the'rush, and buy them at the Post-Office Book Store. We have Gibson's line of Art Calendars, Cards and Booklets. J.

M. HAKKELL, D. D. S. DENTIST find if successful at.

the next national election they will declare it is a mandate not to meddle with the secred tariff, but to let well enough alone. Bankicu Sciui'T, of Wall street, accuses one of the banks- there of conspiracy to advance the interest rates on money byjcalling loans in the morning and thus causing a st ringency and then1-loaning again in the afternoon when the rates for money have, advanced. It'lcerlabily must be an abnormal condition that would cause loans to be made. in the morning at per cent and then bid up to thirty per cent a few hours after. Secretary Shaw should have at once ordered an investigation and withdraw the public money from any batik found guilty of such underhand proceedings.

But these frenzied financiers seem to be more cared for by this republican administration than the legitimate business men who suffer by this unnatural interest on loans. Does a general dental praltice in- the Farmers State Bank building. Crown and Bridge Work. mounts; but when he tried to ride the spelling-book hp was compelled to "pull leather." In surrendering the point, ho surrendered to the inevitable, as one less impetuous might have foreseen. Though spelling reforms be desirable, they may not be accomplished by violence.

Language is one of the circulating mediums of a race not a toy. The English language is fluid and adaptable, to be sure, and subject to contipual change; but one may not force a stream to flow out of its natural channels by the mere waving of a wand. Changes which are to come will come of themselves, in in the due course of As well try to wipe out original sin by a police court rule as try to reform our mother tongue with a Big Stick. MONEY TO LOAN On Farm property Partial payments Interest payable annually. I ow rate of interest tan be made at any tune.

by Guns Fountain Pens Reading Glasses Iron Trains Drums Dolls Tin Toys Cabs Wagons Etc. J. F. THOflPSON. Office in Salvany Block.

Washington, Kansas Theodore has had his bad spell, but he's feeling better now. And now, as he himself gracefully says, let's get The 'amiable Mr. Dingley, when he fathered the present tariff law, is uaid to have expressed the wish that the oceans surrounding us were of lire, so that no ships could crows. This protection sentiment is what has prevented attention to huildinc up trade he- down to more serious business. I have lor sale some fine DUROOJERSEY MALE PICS Descendants of such noted sires as Cole's Duroc, Corrector and Improver the II i and from good daniB, SHERMAN REEDY Seven miles south: of Hanover.

What Bismarck Could Not Do. France, in her treatment of the Cath olic church, will do well to keep in mind the lesson taught by Bismarck's AND OTHER ARTICLES CARRIED IN A BOOK AND NOTION STORE. failure in a similar undertaking. J. F.

THOMPSON Practices in all courts. Office in the Salvany Building H- C. ROBINSON From 1880 to 1887 Germany passed a series of laws repealing most of those enacted in 1873, which started the struggle between the German imperial POST-OFFICE BOOK STORE government and the Catholic church That strutrirle is known in history as yond the seas, but now, to help the steamship truat, the republicans are trying to force a ship subsidy bill through congress. The question is do they still wish for the fiery oceans, or ships that will extinguish the figurative conflagration they have kindled? As protectionism has driven our ships from the high seas, it is certain that subsidies will not be effective in restoring them on a paying basis. What is needed is free ships, unhampered by the; trust fostering tariir so that our ships, can compete with those of other nations on the great highways of the world.

That Peace Prize. In the name of all the big and little pods at once, what's this? The Nobel peace bestowed upon our Teddy, a i the man who, during the year's span, the "kulturkampf," or "Culture war." It resulted, practically, in Bismarck's defeat because resentment among the people lead to a great increase in the NORTH END BARBER SHOP S. J. LAMOREAUX, Proprietor First Class Tonsorlal Work Guaranteed. CITY MEAT MARKET clerical party in the reichstag.

About the same time the government found itself also confronted with a great in of priests were banished or imprisoned and the church organization in Prussia was seemingly destroyed. Yet the Catholic church emerged from the disastrous struggle stronger than ever. What Bismark failed in an undertaking small compared to that in which Clemenceau is now engaged. Can the latter succeed when the iron chancellor failed? 0O0OOO0H0O00O0XOOOM0O crease in socialists in the reiehtag, so that, in order to defeat them, it came to terms with the clericals and repeal ed the laws of 1878. TAKE YOUR Shoe Repairing has rendered a larger service in the interest of world's peace than any other man on earth! Wouldn't that make a Thus ended the kultur kampf.

The state abandoned its efforts to subject church appointments, properties and educational institutions to Btate control and the church, after seven years of Just received at A. Bond's Grocery a shipment of Goldfish and Fish Food. Hand Painted China for sale at M. Holloway Sons. Blanke's Celebrated World's Fair, Coffees at A.

Bond's. Bon Shafer's west side restaurant is the place to get a short order meal or oysters in any style at short notice. For a first class shave or hair cut call on J. in his new shop on the south side of the square. HARDWARE STOCK FOR SALE.

We have a fine stock of hardware in Almena, Kansas, all practically new, that veswill sell at a bargain to some one as we have more real estate business than we can attend to and run this business. Our stock will invoice about $15,000. Our sales per month will run between $3,000 and $3,500. For full particulars, write, Grant Bros, Almena, Kan. CASH PAID FOR HIDES, FURS and TALLOW ALL KINDS OF Fat Stock BOUGHT SHAFFER DAMETZ mummy sit up and take notice? Our Toddy singlnd out for this signal honor? San iuan Hill Teddy! Benevo hardship, emerged from the contest triumphant.

lent Assimilation Teddy! Greater Navy Teddy! Strenuous Life Teddy! The The struggle in France may be of a similar character and outcome. At Teddv whose sverv act and altitude is The Kansas Legislature. For the news of the comiug session of the Kansas legislature, as well as all other news, subscribe for THE TOPEKA DAILY STATE JOURNAL. 100 days for $1.00. Send in your subscription at once.

Address: TOPEKA SRATE JOURNAL, Topeka, Kansas. Farmers, remember when you come to town that you can get a good square meal at Bon Shaffer's restaurant on the west side of the square. TO JNO. MERK SOUTH SIDE OP FIRST NATL BANK ALL KINDS OF WORK NEATLY EXECUTED ON SHORT NOTICE. one lime during the struggle in Ger a challenge to somebody or other to come to a clinch with him and have it out on the (loor! Why, we have all many the' condition of the church was most embarrassed.

At that time eight out of fifteen bishoprics and 1,400 out of parishes were vacant. Cleri- known well enough tnat pugnacious Teddv of ours is in a perpetual itch to Meals 25 cents at the Hotel Revi. 5 ooooooooooooooooooo-ooooo cal stipends were withdrawn, hundreds bo acknowledged" the champion scrap.

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