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The Eureka Republican from Eureka, Kansas • 8

Eureka, Kansas
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I have, private money to place a few Neal. Big Scrap! The sun and wind has knocked out the mud. L. Teegardin was in Toronto MlaifDBllal want a live Correspondent in every town and school district in Greenwood connty. We furnish stamps, envelopes and paper; also the "Bepublican" as compensation for same.

Over the goodest stuff you ever tasted. you would be buy your groceries E. J. EDWARDS, President. IRA P.

NYE, H. F. RIZER, FIRST NATIONAL BANK. EUREKA, Capital paid in Surplus and undivided profits $30 000.00 a general banking business. Foreign and Domestic Exchange bought and sold.

Directors Daniel Bitler. G. E. Thrall, R. J.

Edwards, B. Fuller. Charles A. Leedy, Ed. Crebo.

Ira P. Nye. Ml Get a Square Meal at vLominercial Mrs. Eureka, Kans. We Have Plenty To mi ail good appiica- 3 Of tions for real estate loans i 3 EE You can save money by 3 dealing with us.

Securities promptly examined and 3 sr loans promptly closed. 3 P. M. Moore Co. 3 I must learn how to cook good wholesome food.

I never did like to cook, but since we began purchasing our Groceries of Stanakd, it is. a pleasure to prepare the food. Mamma always lets me cook the breakfast food, Vitos Breakfast is easily prepared, and is the Mamma says her advice to Cashier. CHAS. A.

Assistant Cashier. LEEDY, Vice-Presideit Hotel M. E. Santry, Proprietress. PROFESSIONAL CARDS.

DR. R. E. CHENEY, DENTIST. Latest methods for the painless extraction of teeth.

All work guaranteed. Office over Clark's Drug Store. EUREKA, KANSAS H. W. MANNING, PHYSICIAN AKD SURGEON Office over Morris's Drug Store.


Office hows, 8:30 to 12 m. Saturday, 8:30 a. m. to 5 p. m.

Sunday, 12:30 to 1:30 p. m. Telephone No. J0-' EUREKA, KANSAS. E.

J. NORMAN, M. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Special attention given to diseases of the eye. EUREKA. KANSAS.

C. H. VAUGHN, BARBER, "West of Eureka Bank. Shave 10 cents Hair cut 15 cents. EUREKA, KANSAS.

Has bought out the Fickle Barbershop Shaves 5 cents Hair Cuts 15 cents Please Give me a Per Tear in Advance small loans from $200 to $500 on real- estate. Charles Moore. Buy some of those mortgage lifters from Joe Smith, and cet vonr farm out of debt W. F. Coors, tee efficient county treasurer of Elk county, was in the city last Friday.

He will read the Republican for the coining year. Th last entertainment of the season given by the lecture course was given last Thursday week by the Park sis ters, ihey are excellent entertainers and were well received. J. D. Parson, the old soldier who for tne Past few years has looked aiter me cleaning or the street crossings, died last week after a short illness.

The funeral was conducted bv the Grand Army. Last Sunday Miss Lulu Casey died very suddenly at the home of A. Miller's where she was employed Udder J. D. Forsvth conducted the.

funeral at the home of Mrs. Gilbert Olson Monday afternoon. In McClure's Magazine for April, Walter Wellman will describe, from his own recent experience, the novel ties and hardships of house-building. house keeping, and general domestic life and daily work up under the shadow of the North Pole. Marriage Licenses.

March 14 Henry W. Dunlap, 26, Eureka Miss M. F. Mock 23, Married by Probate Judge. March 14, Ripley C.

Hoffman, 27, Eureka Hamilton i Madison Miss Josie Miles, 23, Married by Rev. Emmerbon. March 16, Edward E. Chambers, 24, Miss Addie Briggs, 17, Married by J. G.

Nichols J. P. March 19, Wm. C. Johnson, 32, Mrs.

Etta Smith, 33, Strawn. Kan. G. A. R.

Meeting. Dick Yates Post No. 50 held a meet ing last Friday afternoon and a camp-fire in the evening. Six new members were received, nine reinstated and two members received from other ts. Those present from other towns were: O.

H. Coulter Department commander, Topeka, Col. W. W. Martin, Ft.

Scott, and Capt. W. Henry of Kansas City, The "boys" report an enjoyable time. County Kxamination. The candidate for county diplomas of Greenwood connty took part of their examination last Saturday.

Over 140 pupils from the different schools took advantage? of this examination. Saturday, March 31st, they will take the remainder of the exami nation. 'We will publish later the names of the successful candidates. One or more of the Physicians and Surgeons of the medical staff of the Chicago Curative In stitute, who can tell you your disease or ai fliction is without asking you any questions, will visit Eureka, Tuesday Mar. 13, one day cnly.

Inquire at Hotel Green wood. Consultation free. All chronic and special diseases successfully treat ed. Cure guaranteed. D.

C. JohnSOn IS making: i 1. ri iu van un him before making arrange- mp'ntcplapwhara' All loans -i Closed promptly When titles are perfect. "1NCURABLE" HEART DIS EASE SOON CURED.

During the last two or three years very great improvement has been made in the treatment of diseases of the heart. Cases formerly considered incurable now readily yield to new remedies. The well known specialist in treating heart diseases, Franklin Miles. M. LL.

of Chicago, will send $2.50 worth of his new Special Treatment free to any of our afflicted readers This liberal ofier is for the purpose of demonstrating the unusual curative power of his new Treatment for heart troubles, such as short breaths, pain in the side, oppression in the chest, irregular pulse, palpitation, smothering spells, puffing of the ankles or dropsy. It is the result of twenty five years of careful study, extensive research, and remarkable experience in treating the various ailments of the heart, stomach and nerves, so often complicate each case. The treatment is prepaired expressly for each patient, as the result is very much more certain and satisfactory. Few physicians have such confidence in tneir remeaies. Ana mere is no reason why all afflicted persons should not avail themselves of this liberal of fer.

No death comes more suddenly than that from heart aiseassa. Mrs. Frank Smith, of 12 Wabash Chica go, was cured of heart dropsy, after five lead incr physicians had given her up. Mr. Keester.

of Chicago, was cured after failure of ten able physicians. A thousand references to, and testimonials rom Bishops, Clergymen, Bankers, Farmers, and their wives will be sent free on request. These include many who have been cured after from five to fifteen physicians and professors had pronouueed them incurable." Asiong them are a. A. liroce, ous Elgin, 111., Mrs.

Sophie Snowberg-, No-, 282 21st S. Minneapolis, Mrs. A P. Colburn Blessing, la. Mrs.

M. B. Morelan, Kogers, Ohio and the presidents of two meaical colleges, etc Send at once to The Dr. Miles Med ical Association, 201 to 209 State Chicago, 111., for free treatment be ore it is too late, and please mention Monday. George Mean, of Toronto was in Neal Monday.

Miss Minnie Campbell, of Wichita is visiting at. Kerr's this week. The 17th of Ireland was celebrated in town in the old Irish way. Sham rocks ana ureen riDDons were evi dence every where. George Loveland, of Cleveland Ohio, is the guest of his brother, A.

P. Love- land." His family will arrive Saturday and will make Neal their future home. Ab. Montgomery, of Toronto, was visiting with his parent3 Sunday and Monday. Walter English, the city barber, is building a new barber shop.

Still the good work goes on. A. C. Johnson, of Reece was in town Monday. Fred Hurd shipped two cars of hogs to Kansas City Tuesday.

George Nelson, of Climax was visit" ing in town Tuesday. A. P. Lweland and "Dock" Brown were in Kansas City Monday. Earl Orcott, in a letter written from Port To wneend.

says he is en joying the sweet perfumes of the Spring flowers. A certain younp lady here is certain this is true. uranc uoc erei says he has some 17th of IrisTi Spud planted. We are from Mo. and will go out and see.

Bert Potter started for Wichita Tues day to join the bridge gang. Street lights and telephones in town, What is the matter with Neal? (Nothing Neal has the most progres- aive officials of any town in Greenwood county, not excepting Eureka. Ed.) A. Martin was in town Tuesday. March 20.

Daisy. 101 Pickups. The school house at District 101 has been furnished with a new style. That is the way to put on stile. Miss Nannie Smith went to Hamil ton Saturday to take the county ex amination.

Mr. and Mrs. Heliums spent Sat urday shopping in Eureka. Mr. Arthur Barnes has entered the employ of R.

W. Service. His brother is engaged to work for Mr. Chas. Hamilton.

Miss Mary Service and her friend Miss Maude Stevens, both students of the Eureka hieh school are spending their vacation with the parents of the former. They like the school very much. March 19. Bakney O'Lix. Fairview Flashes.

lne iarmers in this vicinity are quite busy plowing these fine days. N. Longfellow and son, Wm. Long fellow and families visited Sunday with the formers daughter, Mrs. Jeff.

Magner and family of Valpariso. T. R. Denchfield shipped a car load of fat cattle to Kansas City last Wed nesday. Fred accompanied them and returned home by way of Franklin county where he visited relatives for a tew days.

Sunday school at Fairview April 1st at II a.m. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Silas King of Pied- mont, passed through here Friday, en- route for upper Fall River where they intend to reside for the coming sea- son. Ed Harrison, of North Otter, shipped two car loads of very fine cattle to Kansas City last-Tuesday.

Jbairview sunaay scnooi was re organized Sunday, the following offi cers were elected: Superintendent, D. K. Longnecker; Assistant Super intendent, Mrs. George Wiershing Secretary, Alma Holmes; Chorister, Jessie Bancroft. March 20.

Cinderella. In McClure's Magazine for April, Dr. John "Watson (tan will tell the story of Jesus' ministry at Capernaum and His rejection by Nazareth. Four of Mr. Linson's special illustrative paintings will be reproduced in color, and there will be numerous illustrations in black and white.

At a call meeting of the Council Tuesday evening the following named judges and clerks were appointed: First ward Judges, Ed Sellick, John Kirk, and C. C. Massey. Clerks, F. B.

Gregg and G. W. Bailey. Second ward: Judges, A. Howard, L.

B. Fritts, and Frank Dibert. Clerks, J. M. Smyth, and James P.

Easterly. Third ward: E. Mahan. S. N.

War ner and R. E. Huff. Clerks, J. VV.

Martindale and H. Weiser. When in Eureka, eat at the Del- monico. Meals the best. WHERE ALL ELSE FAILS.

Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. US0 time, sold ty druporista. 7- I I Beet 1 1 District 23. Some fiiir farmers were sowing oats last ek ivtr mil Mrs.

John Knox's little babv isvry sick with whoopjng cough. It Oramley preached here today. Wi" prench here regular hereafter evi two weeks. All invited. B.

Wilier has just completed an oui I i cellar or cave. John Rose is our new postmaster now. On dit that 150 head of cattle have died on the Red runch up to this time. F. Ellsworth, and daughter, Cessna, visited their sister and aunt, Mrs W.

Addison at Eureka the foepar of last week. Miss Eeula Addison is visiting this with her cousin Miss Cessna Ellsworth. Mr. Golding and family are now living on the Myer farm. They arrived here from Harvey county Inst week.

Welcome. March 18. Old Reliable. Flint Ridge. T.

J. Acheson is down from Emporia. Hank Bieler bought a team from John Henley. H. A.

Bieler transacted business in Eureka Monday. Mrs. J. A Burke is staying in Eureka a few days this week. Those who took the examination Saturday were Ester Pugh, Ike Wilson, Charles Bieler and Libbie Fent.

Margaret Turney is home on vacation this week. John Henly brought his cattle up from South Salem, Saturday. The party at A. P. Scott's Friday evening was enjoyed by all present.

Libbie Fent spent a few days at Mr. Bieler's last week. Mrs. J. Wilson, and son Jesse, made a trip to the Hub Saturday.

Prairie fires are seen in all directions nowadays. March 20. Farmington. Married, At the home of the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs.

BE. Mock Probate Judge Worley, of the Hub officiating, last week Thursday evening, II. W. Dunlap and Miss Marvan Iviock. We congratulate Mr: and Mrs.

Dunlap and wish them a lifetime of joy and happiness. J. T. Itaber and the Misses Nora Bailey and Pollie" Bressner spent the eveniDg of Thursday last week at the home of John Howald. Mepsrs.

Will Lynch, L. Hickey, and Miss Kate Odell, of Fairview, spent Saturday evening at the home of H. G. Graham. Mr.

Jay and family of Valpariso, was in the burg Sunday guests of relatives the Larcum's. Miss Pollie Bressner and brother Herman, spent Sunday evening with W. E. Steward and family. Some of our farmer friends are quite busy plowing these fine days.

Fred Ilellman is feeding quite a bunch of cattle for Landergin brothers, of the Hub. Sunday school was organized here Sunday we did not learn the time of meeting nor who the officers are. March 21. 'Texas Jack. Mr.

and Mrs. Wm. Grubb are visiting relatives and friends in Burlington. Mr. and Mrs.

Otto Donaldson spent Saturday in Eureka. Mrs Jennie O'Neill accompanied by her mother Mrs. E. A Thompson spent Thursday with Mrs. Brown of LTeal.

Mr. Douglas and wife and Mr. Donaldson and wife spent last Satur day and Sunday in Eureka attending quarterly meeting. Teacher's examination was held at District 67 Saturdaythere being four applicants for certificates. Mrs.

Haffey delivered a very inter estine sermon Sunday morning to a large and attentive crowd. Mrs. Douglas and children started lor Illinois Wednesday. Walter Douglas and. family moved into Mr.

Douglas's property last week. Mrs. James Davis and daughter Annie, and Miss Mary Culter and Bert Sager of Thrall, epent Sunday af ternoon with Mr. Wm. Thompson and District 63: Mr.

and Mrs Moore, of near Neal, are keeping house for Mr. Win, Henderson Mr Walter Van Camp we hear is on the sick list Mr. and Mrs. Day of Kingman county, enr 3 ute from Kansas City visited over Sunday with old time friends Mr. and Mrs Day, although the name is the same our informer says they are not relatives.

Mr and Mrs U. P. Jenkins and son. Carl, of Eureka, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.

John Mattingley. Mr James Casey was called to Eureka very early Sunday morning on account of the sudden and fatal illness of his sister. To the relatives we extend our sympathy. Mr. George Redmond and family moved to Severy Tuesday.

We are sorry to loose these people from our vicinity. We hear that a few of Mrs. George Miller's lady friends were helping her quilt Tuesday. We are sure they had a fine time Rev. and Mrs.

Comber were out from Eureka to hold regular services at Union Sunday and Sunday night last Every one spoke highly of the sermons both of them. Mr. Mattingley or Jiiureka, spent a couple of days this week 'with his son John Mattingley. March 21. Uno, District 103.

Mr. Sample's cattle passed through our burg enroute for the Hardy ranch last week. W. W. Shull is on the sick list with rheumatism.

W. H. Freeman went to Eureka Sat urday. A number of the Republicans of our neighborhood attended the caucus at Hamilton Saturday. Elmer Moss went to Hamilton Thurs day.

Ducks are pleantiful, but boys prevent them enjoying themselves by constant war upon them. Bert Freeman is repairing the fence on the quarter east of the school house, he will farm it this year. A Corrective: In your issue of Mar. 1, in items from Dist. 103, your correspondent wish to speak of the chart agent as a "fiend" not a fund" as the item read.

The lates sensation in the political arena is that W. J. Wiggins is out for Probate Judge. He does not say on what ticket, so we presume he means to be on the pop ticket, as the republican timber already developed for that office is plenty and of such a char acter as to discourage even a veteran politician from entering the race. Mrs.

Virgie DeVier Hanna former ly of this' neighbohood is seriously ill at her fathers on Homer Creek. Be covery is hardly expected. i March 17. Blisters. Reece Ripplings.

Pleasant days are coming. Several of our young people viewed the work of the trestle Sunday. The dance at Mr. Birketts on last Friday night was well attended. All present report a very pleasant time.

Grandma Sallyards left Saturdav night for St. Joe Mo. Mr. Friermood and wife spent Sunday with Isaac Whites. Friends and relatives from Eldorado are visiting with Mrs.

E. H. Nichols. Miss Nina Spaugh, of Eureka visited with Miss Bessie Bobbins the fore part of the week. The pretty home wedding of Miss Jdsie Miles to Mr.

Ripley Hoffman, occured at the home of the brides parents on Wednesday last. A number of admiring friends and relatives were present to witness the ceremony. May health, joy and happiness ever attend them as they journey onward. Walter Sallyards laft Sunday morning for Boise City Idaho, where he has a position as foreman in a brick yard, He was accompanied by Wm. Mayor R.

H. Stanhope has commenced work on his house They will move on their farm as soon as their house is ready for occupancy. John Seymore left for Kansas City Saturday night. John Prathers, of the Valley spent Sunday with F. A.

Wells. Rev. Herald conducted Iservices at the Christian church bunday. Thos. Harding transacted business in the county seat Tuesday.

Willie Orchard went to Kansas City Saturday night. R. and John Allison spent a portion of Sunday inReece. Mch, 21. PROFESSIONAL CARDS.


SMYTH, REAL EST A TE AND INS URANCE EUREKA, KANSAS. J. R. HUSS, M. HOMCEPA THIC PHYSICIAN Office first building west National bank Residence opposite West side school build'g' E.

N. LINK. VETERINARY SURGEON AND DENTIST. Office at Carl Funk's barn EUREKA, KANSAS. The BejjDMMcaini Subscriptions will be taken by your Post Master family.

Mr. R. Clute returned lasti week after spending the winter with his sister in Michigan. Mr. Douglas 13 busy building flues fliis week.

March 21. Moore. k4 'this paper,.

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