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Eureka, Kansas
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Fall River Items. Fame Sews. FOOT BILL. THE l'CLPIT AND POLITICS. The Eureka Times.

If we can only get the Spaniards to. piIARLESE. MOORE, and' Landed Ah stracier. Ha the mrst complete et of Abstract Boeks in the county. OJlice in the rear room of the Far era Drovtr'o bank building.

Mr. TarLer pent a few hours in xTeal Saturday. V. Harrington is still working at Mr. Hart's new well.

adopt American college, football, perhaps they will substitute for bull fights E. F. HUDSON, Editor. the prize fights which such, vast num 8b GOij The Entered at the postofflce at Eureka, Kansas as second class matter. bers of our American men and women There is so great a torrent of pulpit oratory nowadays directed against all the evils that the flesh of the body politic is heir to that the sermon page of the Monday morning newspaper commonly exceeds in volume of political discussion any other in the paper.

Reformatory zeal has seized upon the clergy. After years and years of study of the new Jerusalem they have come to contemplation of the modern Babylon. The eates of precious stones and R. HUSS, M. MOM(EPATIIIC PHYSICIAN J.

HOY THE BOSS bet their money on. But, speaking seriously, we have for Thursday, December 27, 1894 UTCHER-. AND SURGEON. SUCCESSOR TO DR. HIGGIX3.

Eleven yems exi erience. Offlre first bnlia-in west liesiueuce opposite est side schcul bui'ding. several years been spending, in behalf of our "American Humane Education SUBSCRIPTION KATES. From the Advocate. Frank Brown arrived home from the Marmaduke Military academy last Sunday, for the holidays.

He shows military training, and appears much like a "bold soldier boy." An A. H. T. A. has been formed on Indian creek.

Such organizations should be more numerous in all parts of the country then perhaps, there would not be so much petty theiving going on. We have been informed that a little daughter was born unto Mr. and Mrs. J. C.

Shinn, of Chanute, last Saturday. Mother and child are reported as doing well. Mrs. Shinn was formerly Miss Grace Wilkinson. George Fredrick is now employed as organizer for the Order of Railway Telegraphers between Chicago and J1.00 1.25 One Tear In Advance, If not paid in Advance, The.

Dethridga brothers are full feeding a bunch of steers. Walter Keys intended to move out of our vicinity in the coming spring. Miss Maggie Hart visited at Neal Saturday, the guest of Miss Hannah Nichols. Gertie Crull and father have been hauling corn to the. county seat last week.

Miss Ruth Rodman, the Fame teacher had two days vacation this week. Monday and Tuesday. OH Haskins and family attended the funeral services of Mrs. Minnie Pen-nil. The deceased was an aunt of Mrs.

D. Chicago Store. HOLIDAY SPECIALS. Society," a good deal of money to introduce humanity into our "protestant" American colleges. Not wishing to incur the indignation of the P.

M. RODMAN, ABSTRACTER, LOAN, IN- -DEALERS IN- the streets of gold which they have so long pictured to the imagination of their hearers now yield place to the council chamber and the streets which go unswept. There is less talk of the nliRrubim and the seraphim and more "Parity" we hear about no more It's nil now. Fresh hmo ured Heats. WE SOLICIT A SHARE OF YOUR PATRONAGE, CONFIDENT OF PLEASING YOU.

or college "Greek letter society," we say "protestant," because, in answer SURANCE AND REAI, ESTATE AGENT. EUREKA, KANSAS. JAMES SH CJLTZ, A TTORNEY-A jr. of the alderman and contractor. By sorry It Is now said that Chinese are they invented gunpowder.

very general consent the clergy or Chicago in particular seem to agree to our inquiry of last year, sent through this paper all over this country, we have not thus far been able to learn of EUREKA, KANSAS. that, it, will be well to put our own New York City. He had a very sound RONEN SONS, house in order before being summoned tn that Father's house in which there Oh yes we have a money thats good in "Yurrup" because it's all going there. a single case of college outrage in any I article regarding the order in a late C. M.

WILSON CO. Roman Catholic educational institu issue ol tne xeiegrapner journal. Gillett and Robbing, the foot racers, are many mansions. Tim condition is an'encouraeing one Haskins. Mrs.

Lillie Westbrook, who has been staying at Neal for the last four months where she has been under the doctor's care returned to her home Friday She feels the loss of Dr. Basham during his absence. U. and I. tion.

DEALER 15- Hitherto the saloon has been noted for In pursuance of our work we have The Republican, democrat and populist parties in Utah have each and all declared id favor of Woman's suffrage. EXTRAORDINARY OFFERINGS FOR alert interest politics maniiestea Dy are said to have recently put up another job foot race at Kansas City and robbed Fredonia and Quincy parties out of about $1,000. A load of buckshot has GqbI, Wool Grain, FkiI, its habitudes; the church lor the aeaa lv indifference of a majority of its at written and sent this paper every month to all college presidents in the United States, and supplied all their been known to cure such diseases. tiulnts to their nolitical duties. The churches might be a power in the land It is said the coming legislature does not know what the people want.

Now we know that the landslide means nothing. Piedmont Hams. private and college libraries with our humane publications, and have offered nnn rt their innuence De weiueu aim in Thursday, Friday and telligently directed. But the danger STYLISH RIGS AT ALL, HOURS. j.

South Salea. The new organ for the church has arrived. School closed in No. 64 for a vacation of two weeks.

Tom and Ed Lacy and fami Ex-O'Byrn visited in Eureka the lat OFFICE COR. MAIN AXD FIFTH STREETS. LATEST STYLES IS MILUXEHT. CALL AND EXAMINE GOODS. in this new Durst oi reiormavory enthusiasm is that it will be misdirected that emotion rather than scientific several hundreds of dollars as prizes for humane essays and plans, and have sent between one and two hundred ter part of the week.

Our merchants all report large sales for Saturday and Monday. Saturday OF THIS WEEK AND SPECIAL ATTENTION TO BOARDER In the United States the average life of farmers is 61 years, of lawyers 52, of merchants 48, mechanics 47, seamen 40, laborers 44. thought will control its manitestations Alrpndv it is aDnarent that multiplica- lies ate Christmas dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Dittemore in Eureka.

thousand copies of humane information to their students. V. O. Keno went to his home near on of restriction upon uueriy is me Climax to spend the holidays. Mr.

and Mrs. K. Lindamood ate Ea3t of Farmers Drover's Bank. dominatine snirit. Radical reforms We do not know what more we can Teams Boarded by Day or Weak, i- Misses Nellie and Lou Rader and Mr.

Emit Vaughn went to K. C. Saturday. are ttiscouragea, Bupeniciui ones, turkey at the home of Mr. and Mrs.

John Lindamood last Sunday. do unless, without violating the law which leave the cause of the evil un Monday, December 24. L. Eatt of Morris' Drug Store. Quite a number of Severy GoodTemp, touched, are generally urged, t-auses A great many people of this vicinity The eastern republican newspapers have dropped their yap for McKinley and of course the Rep.

newspapers of Kansas will do the same. WALKER, Dealer in against employing foreign labor, we can import a few Japanese professors lars visited our lodga Thursday nigh. visited EurekaSaturday andMonday lay Eurelra, ssnsas Frank Jones and family, of Oklaho to visit our various universities and ing in a supply ot Uhnstmas are confused with effects. The bood-ling official attacked, while neither the man who offers the bribe nor the conditions which make bribe giving and Fine ALL WOOL Blankets $1.93. rfl ma are visiting friends and relatives at Rev; Wolfe, pastor of the Lutheran FLOUR, FED, ETC.

colleges and teach their students humanity. Humane Society. tnis place. church in Eureka preached in the Mr. and Mrs.

Bruce Rose left for worth 0-UU 77n bribe taking a natural act of unregen-erate man are touched upon. The sa South Salem church last Sunday afternoon. The of Leavenworth says half the republicans of Leavenworth have visited Topeka. It is safe to say they are looking for something. Brown county this morning to visit Quick sales and small proa is my motto.

ans ans. BEAT VS. SltiAR. loon as a cause of poverty is roundly with relatives. Good heavy comforters only.

I I Ul denounced, but poverty as an excuse ill have to to tell you wishing you Dispatches from Chicago indicate a for the saloon is forgotten. me pre- News is scarce and we wait until after Christmas the news. So we cloae by a merry Christmas. We. wish the editor and all of his correspondents a merry Christmas and Fashionable jMillincry.

Kunc.e of a larce foreign population in a happy New Year. Heavy Horse Blankets. our cities is continually cited from our lively time for the sugar trust in the United States senate and another clash between the west and east. The cattle interest, which includes in this pulpits in explanation of the evils ot our municipal government, but the There was a shooting ma tch in town Monday. Mott all of the boys got bave tbe One lot outings well worth 10c.

Toronto Items. Sc. MRS. M.J, SMYTHS. Judge Wood's act in saving "Blocks of fire" Dudley from the penitentiary for debanching the voters of Indiana is yet fresh in the minds of most people.

Highway robbers are getting so bad under single standard rule, it is danger foreitrn cities from which many of from one to three turkeys each. only. warfare the cattle raisers of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, From the Republican. these' foreigners come are better gov Miss May Peffer, of Winfield is visit Some agents cry Loaus! when they have no money, but we Money in UNLIMITED QUANTITY Utah, Montana and Idaho, and the erned than ours. AVe must study the ing old friends at this place.

vv are Attorneys A. M. Hunter and Hudson of Eureka, were in the city Wednesday cattle feeders of Kansas, Nebraska, Hcience of municipal government in glad to see her again and wish she One door north of post office. All woolen dress goods consisting of Serge, Henriettas, Broadcloths, Flannels, Cashmers, Novelties to be SOLD AT COST. would come often.

ou Liieir way 10 vuiinute. Missouri, Iowa and Illinois, together with the great packing plants at Kans ous for a farmer to take a load of hogs England, Scotland, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria-Hungary. Why ascribe to the presence of immigrants G. M. Rader has sold his farm to J.

N. Shannon was down from Saturday to attend the funeral of Branger Osborne and bought T. to market, for fear of being held up on the way home. from these nations the corruption ana One Lot Ties each worth from 35 his neice, Mrs. T.

B. the Lombard as City, Omaha, at Louis ana Chicago, has one object in common, which is the removal of the tax on beet sugar, so that meats may be shipped as usual to Roland's farm west of town. Mr. Ro, COMMERCIAL EOTEL, 25c ineliiciencv of our own city govern to Loan on Good Farms. We renew Loans made by Investment Company.

Callandseeus. land is talking of going to southern to 50 cents, A. F. Florence returned Sunday night from Arkansas, where he had been with ments? It is the apathy of the native born American to all political duties That gold should exist in the ocean Missouri. There was a Christmas tree here j.

a. TniXG.r One Lot Ties worth from 65c. to a car ot horses. rop. excent voting for a president that is 50 c.

is an induction that Dr. Henry "H'urtz churns to have presented in 1SG6, and $1.00. Your choice. J. to Kansas Citv Sun primarily responsible.

And to the BAIRD MASON. the M. E. church Christmas eve. The house was well filled and the tree was day night to undergo treatment for his greed of other native born Americans South End of Main Street.

KATES S1.C0 PER DAY. in 1872 the discovery was made by E. Black Coney Muffs, satin lining loaded down with candy and fine eyes which have, been bothering him SLUO for valuable privileges obtained at public cost is largely due the edifice of Bonstadt. Assuming 0.9 Brains for considerable of presents for the children. The program was well carried out, and.

every corruption raised on a foundation of each ton of sea-water, it is computed that the entire ocean contains over 20 Childrens Cloaks, sizes 4 to 14 at indifference to the duties of citizen Lista Boom, who was hurt while at work on the Missouri Pacific railroad, was taken to the railroad hospital at shiD. -DEALER IN- thing went on nicely. Virgil Items. I From the Leader the armies and the people of tjermany and the In other words, a trade worth $15,000,000 per year to the country, and of leading value to raisers of corn and wheat, has been hampered by the senate amendments to the Wilson bill. The house has since passed a bill to modify the action of the senate on the sugar schedule, and with this as a weapon the cattle interest will open the fight.

Germany, has led in the attack upon American meats, under cover of her" sanitary regulations, admits that the feeling is entirely traceable to the new sugar schedule, and if the latter be changed to the old basis then the dreadful microbes will suddenly disappear. As Shakesneare might express it; "Tis of gold. One of the problems of the future, Dr. Wurtz nansas Uity Wednesday night. LESS THAN COST.

ALL LADIES' CLOAKS AT A SAC RIFICE. Tne efforts of the clergy to awaken their hearers to the need of intelligent C. C. Arms, of Knoxville. Illinois, is .9 now nredicts.

will be the getting of and active political work are wholly t'o Mr. Crone has rented Thos, Finne spending a few days with his aunt, Mrs. A. B. Mann, upon his return trin from some of this gold by electrolysis.

Goal, Wood, Posts Feed If you need anything in this line save money by calling on me. be commended, infusion of a better educated class into the electorate will gan's farm for the year 1895. the Pacific coast to his home. 73c. Ladies' Fine Dongola shoes per pair accomulish nothing but good if that Messrs.

Geo. Carlton and. Riley No more suggestive coincidence could S. C. and C.

M. Holcomb were called class profit bv its superior education Davis will farm the Cockrel ranch the occur than a vote on the Carlisle plan to Butler, Missouri, the last of last Men's Fine Dress Shoes Jace or ensuing year. North lluis Street, Eureka, Kansas. to inform itself scientifically upon the. fundamentals of government and vote Sli33 in the house of representatives on Jan Miss Prichard, of Madison, is- visit congress, per week by a telegram announcing the serious illness of their mother.

Sumner returned Tuesday, his mother hav for the euual rights of all rather than ing with her sister, Mrs. S. I. Borton. uary 8 Jackson day.

If a house with a large democratic majority will vote a very pretty quarrel as it stands." the restriction of the many and the ing died oerore they got there. MOUTH MAIN STilliET Chenille table Tommy Haw, what is an elastic. license of the few. cannot abolish the saloon so long as want and wretchedness drive people to drink. We cannot have orderly and honest primaries and elections so long as the defeat of the Bargains in Wool Facinatorg in black Wm.

Pinnick had the mifortune of getting one of his fine horses badly cut on the wire last week. T. R. Roche and wife were visiting with friends and doing some trading in Burlington last week. G.

T. Mftllicoat came in Wednesday currency? Mr. Figg: I don't exacjly and colors. Reduced prices on all table linen, napkins and towels. on tnat day to nana tne circulation over to the banks, the country cannot fail to be impressed in the most forcible manner with the painful retrogression of the democracy which once gallantly stood for the principle of government by the people.

Muuntain know, but it ought to tie a kind that would let a five-dollar bill stretch out enough to cover Christmas presents for a whole family. En. party in power means tnat several thousand men will lose their liveli Mens' and Childrens' me Liv'siy and Feed Stable evening from where he had Send for a Copy. The subject of irrigation is attracting unusal attention. At the Hutchinson, (Kansas irrigation convention, held November 23-24, there were more practical irrigators in attendance than ever before assembled at an irrigation convention in the United States.

The discussions were all very practical and instructive. They will be reproduced in full in the December number of the rino, wool and camel hair under hood. There will be brutal aldermen as long as there are spoils at their dis been attending school wear at great reductions. posal tor which corporations are greedy. You will never know positively what a wonderful remedy Dr.

Sawyer's Fam Bargains in woolen skirt patters. The LOWEST PRICED IN THE ITY on A. P. SCOTT, Prop. 3F1L.

MDE 1. fiJ? SSL S3 The common people will keep on voting into office the man who is kindly and helpful and congenial to them, ily Uure is until you try it. mufSers and handkerchiefs. Call on your drueeist for a free samtle however unlit lie may De, tne nt man Have on hand full and complete line of Caskets and Robes. Are equipped with the finest Hearse in the city.

SHEW ALTER. of Dr. Sawyer's Family Cure. After trying it you will always keep it in your stays in his omce intent on money F'rst Class ris at reasonable prices making, or in ins exclusive cluD or The family. Ladies, the druggist named below study, avoiding' contact with voters and having his whole being upon what he considers a heigher plane.

C7i icago will give you a free sample package of EUREKA BANK. Irrigation Farmer. Every farmer in this country should have a copy of this paper. It is the only paper that is devoted wholly to the subject of irrigation farming. It costs only $1.00 a year, and whether you expect to irrigate or not you cannot afford to be without it.

Send to the Irrigation The republican party is the working-man's friend. There Vanderbuilt, he. is a republican workingman and he has saved 1,100,000.00 or so. George Pullman is another he has also saved $45,000.00. George Gould 100,000.000 Wamumiker Levi P.

Morton Andrew Carnegie all good republican philanthropists who deemed it their duty to contribute a large sum ol money to a republican campaign fund for the protection of the dear people. Commoner. Times. Mrs. Rose Wheeler came in yesterday morning from Missouri where she has been visiting for the past month.

We hear rumors of banks, lumberyards, general stores and various other enterprises to be established in Virgil at no distant day. Mrs. Hunt returnedto her home in Wilson county yesterday morning after a two weeks visit with her son, W. D. Hunt.

Some of our charitably disposeel citizens turned out -Friday and cut and hauled Mrs. Stone a nice little pile of wood. Mr. Perviance, of the Indian territory, and brother of Mrs. Wm.

Pinon, received a severe injury last week by the falling of a tree although his Tranoient ffpclina" a Specialty. MAIN STREET, 1MB MOPBETS. Chicago Store. Whatever may be said of the finan Farmer. Salina, Kansas, for a sample cial schemes proposed by populists one 6Dome8tic and Foreign Does a general banking business copy and examine it for yourself.

Between Fourth and Fifth Avenue. Exchange bought and sold. EDWIN TUCKEE, Cashier, Oamiltoa Items. How ia this for Kansas winter Leaders in Low Prices. S.

"WINTER. Aft old party exchange truly says: weather?" DANIEL BITLEH, President. IBA P. NYE, Cashier. J.

J. BCBKEE Vice-President. J. W. KKNNKK, Assistant Cashier.

When Congressman Curtis or any of wounds are not dangerous, it is hoped D. W. Hamer went to Madison on Cleveland's cuckoos wants to ridicule lir. Sawyer's rastiile winch cure diseases peculiar to women. One trial will do more to convince you of the rruerits of Dr.

Sawyer's Pastilles than all we can say. Ladies, try a sample package. Painless, healing, restoring, harmless, invigorating, curative, reconstructing and rebuilding are facts of Dr. Sawyer's Pastilles. Dr.

Sawyer's Family Cure is so named because it is adapted to all the members of a family, young and Try it, its strenghens and invigorates. Do not suffer with pain On top of the head and in the back when Dr. Sawyer's Pastilles will absolutely and positively cure you. Dr. Sawyer's Fnmily Cure cures stomach trouble.

Dr. Sawyer's Family Cure cures liver complaint, cures kidney difficulty. Ladies can be positively relieved from all those irregularities, distressing symptoms and diseases by using Dr. Sawyer's Pastilles. Friday evening to spend vacation at home.

tnat tney may not prove fatal. Syl Johnson has purchased of W. A NATIONAL BANK. FIRST populist currency ideas he adds together the amount of new currency propos Miss Hiatt will attend the State tSood -Thcwn son. Badisoi Items.

Truscott the farm commonly known as the Sophrous Johnson farm. We have not learned of Mr. Truscott's intentions Teacheis' association at Topeka dur ed by all of the bills introduced by populists, as if it were the intention thing is patent to all and that is, like John the Baptist, Senator Peffer and his eo-workcrs have gone through the country crying: "Repent ye, for our financial system is a humbug and must be reformed." At first this cry was scoffed at, next it was ridiculed, then it was discussed and to-day every sane mun knows and acknowledges that a new system must be established before the country can return to prosperity. What that new system shall be remains yet tube determined. The administration plan is the first positive step toward the solution of the problem.

In our judgment it is far from perfection, and. will in the course of its operation, if it ia enacted into law, need many ing the holidays. From the Index. but hope that he may decide to remain $70,000.00 of populists to have all of these bills H. T.

Scott expects to leave for Law Canital naid in E. B. Prichard has finished enlarg rence soon, where he win enter the become laws. It would be just as fair in our community. The following officers of the K.

J. W. MORTON, Agent, ing and otherwise improving his barn aw department of the state university. on his lot in North Madison. to add together the amount of bonds proposed by all of the democratic and Surplus, KSDs a General Banking Business.

Foreign and Domestic Exchange bought and sold. Directors Daniel Bitler, G. E. Thrall. J.

J. Duikee, JJ. J. Edwards, D. B.

Fuller, Geo. Lu Morris. Ira P. Nye. ant talk, and, with his wife and son, otherwise materially assistod with the Uncle Jerry and Ez Kelley have'torn of S.

were elected for the ensuing year Friday evening: President, J. S. Black vice president, Mrs. Black Shop 2d door east of W. VV.

the old blacksmith shop down and now republican currency tinkers now in and program, Music for the occasion was that line new one ot tlieirs looms up in around congress. The result would be urnished by the ltaniuton mate quar ft'or ris Crug Sicre. tette. about $1,000,000,000,000,000 in bonds grana shape. Grandpa Pettijohn who has been vis We were treated to a fine entertain financial secretary, W.

T. Grove secretary, Lewis' Brenkman treasurer, E. D. Ailis prelate, Thos. Sharp conductor, J.

W. Fisher guard, Thos. Dalton sentinel, C. A. Cooper.

Some of Miss Orpha Shaffer's voune Experience and monev cannot im iting with friends in Emporia came to her daughter's Mrs. Geo. Briggs the FARM LOANS. There are more than 8,000 steam amendments and changes which time ment by the G. A.

11. boys at the M. E. church on Thursday evening. E.

N. Smith, of Eldorado, state inspector of SEASONABLE MILLINERY. prove Dr. Sawyer's Family Cure, because it radically cures dyspepsia, liver complaint and kidney diiiiculty. engines used for the transport service on highways in Great Britian.

The and experience will suggest. And we will venture the assertion now that be that organization made a very pleas- fact was stated by Lieut. Col. Templer Notions, Ladies ami Children's It not only will please you, but you will use nothing else after trying. We Sever Sayings.

fore the system is perfect in all its de, tails many populist ideas and sugges at the Royal United Service Institu tion, some days ago, in a lecture advo Furnishing Goods. refer to Dr. Sawyer' Family Cure. Ask your druggist or sample package. tions will be adopted and incorporated A merry Christmas to you Mr.

A ball is now in progress in the stone cating the use of steam transport for S3?" Four doors north court house east side. in the law. As we have said in a previ- army purposes. He said that extensive building just north of the Frisco track. ous editorial, populism is making its S.

A. M. CAHTLL. GVSEThaSNG OF -The body of Tell who was drowned nrst oi the weeK. Cravens and Pees, our genial mill men, have been putting in some extensive improvements on their mill property in Madison.

Rev. Bays, of Severy, has been holding a series of successful meetings of the Christian denomination during the past week. Mr. Bays is an eloquent talker. i Lee Scott was in town F-iiday of last week wearing a broad smile because a fine new baby girl arrived there Thursday night.

Mother and child are doing well. A very pleasant little party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Mc-Murray last Tuesday evening. imprint upon the pages of our history friends gave her a very pleasant surprise Monday evening.

The young people enjoyed themselves in the accustomed manner for quite awhile, when refreshments were served, after which they began to depart for their several abodes feeling in their hearts that their time had been well and profitably spent. Thursday being the 48th birthday of Wm. A. Hicks, his numerous friends seiaed the opportunity and gathered at his home in almost countless numbers, bringing with them well filled baskets of the good things which our surrounding country affords. Although we were unable to be present, we were kindly in a lavoraoie tignt.

we are not one in the Winnepota arrived here on the 12:58 p. m. train Sunday. And was We have Money and plenty of it to loan on Farms at LOWEST TERMS. We also make renewals.

Call at once. OFFICE: Farmers Drovers' Bank Building. P. M. M00RE CO.

of those who believe that nothing good burned in J. win (iroves cemetery Mon as JOHN SEAWRIGHT out of JNazareth. lopeka day afternoon. can come Press. Monday was a busy day for our Mer chants.

Everybody for miles around OLD l'ARTl SE5T1JIE5T. was in town buyineChristmas supplies. experiments had shown that a train cf wagons, run, on the best roads, make from fifteen to twenty miles a day, while a traction engine can transport the same train sixty to seventy miles a day, and at less cost. Horses sooner or later give out, but the engine can keep on day after day under all circumstances. The 8,000 engines mentioned are, of course, used for a great variety of work, mainly wheat farms, besides simple transport.

There are 22,000 miles of turnpike road in Great Britian. TO THOSE WANTING choice xmmm Carries men's, women's and children's 6hoes Overalls, pants and furnishing goods aud notions. but the moral embargo (prohibition of Paddie's eye water) has knocked the and dancing were pleasant features and Gill, sold, gold, gold Uri jbt, and yellow, hard and cold. Mullen, uraven, hafiinirired and rolled; Heitvy to get and bard to bold; Hoxrdt'd, bartered, botii'lit and sold; 8t. len, boi snirmdered.

doled: starch out of this once greatest of holidays. the party broke up at a late hour feeling themselves well entertained. E. Ellingson's store was entered and robbed of sundry articles sometime Si.urnert bv tbe vounn and bv old T. WEBSTER, The Santa Fe railroad track on the remembered with a beautiful basket of the delicacies.

The Leader joins with the community in wishing Mr. Hicks many more such pleasant birthdays. At about 7 o'clock Friday morning the cry of fire rang through our streets and in a very short time the fire bri To tlie very vwrge of the graveyard mould during Sunday night. The robber, who KANSAS CARRIAGE WORKS. J.T- VEACH, Proprietor, Howard branch north of Madison is now laid with heavy steel rails and to say the least, looks a whole lot better Friee ol uian a crime untulu; Colli, gold, gold, goldl Hood TWO GOOD PAPERS FOf? THE PStSCE OF ONE 1 WINDOW SASa DEVICE.

than it ditt when there were only two streaks of rust that have done duty for so many years. 1ACKHTEE, Laugh, and the wmrld lnngbs with jcu; and yu weep alone: Does repairing in all its branches. AH work done promptly and jneatlv. Second hand rigs for sale cheap. JSf Call and see my is supposeu to nave a duplicate key, must have been on the alert, and to have known what he was about as El-lingson sleeps at the store, and was only absent this time because he was sick and did not start home until after one o'clock in the morning.

Star Kews. CARRIAGE, SIGN AND HOUSE FAIFTER. A merry crowd of Madison voune new axle collars. They will suit you. North Ma Street, Eureka.

This grand, old earth must bonow its mirth folks to the number of half a hundred WE II A 52 lUilK A S. IS NGEMKNTS WHIiKEIiV WE CAN OFF1CK THE WORLD FAMOUS WEEKLY It trouble enough of its own. Sing, and the hills wi.I and It is lost on the earth. Be glad and your friends are many: Be sad, and yon lose tbem all; croiEiisr STOYER, Carrage Tirmming'X Repainting, gade was in readiness to do duty. The cause of the alarm was a fire in what is known as the Templeton building and now occupied by Mr.

Sturgis. It had caught from a defective pipe which pierced the roof and had been perforated by rust until it would permit the sparks to escape. The fire was soon brough under control, but not until it had burned quite a hole in the roof. Everybody did nobie work, and before the sun had set the building had been recovered And the house was again ready to be occupied by Mr. Sturgis and family, most all of whom were sick with the typhoid fever, some just getting over the disease and others in the midst of its effects.

Detroit Free Press Tlit ro are none to decline your nectared wiue GUNSM Buggies and Spring Wagons for Sale or Trade invaded the home of ye editor and family last Friday night in masquerade costume and -held high carnival at a late hour. Come again. It makes the days of youth seem nearer. Ferd Focht jumps the counter at the Temple of Injustice" these Saturdays. Ferd looks first rate as he handles gum drops and ear amelar-and always gtve good weight to his lady friends, Al Blenkarn is fixing for his semiannual trip to Kansas City to take the civil service examination given to mail clerks twice a- year at that point.

Al S-Suop east of W. -OTTO WILIAMUSOIT. Tini times B0T, 0UE YEAR; FOE $1-50 And Repair Shop. One door west of First National Bank. Repairing of all kinds done ou short notice.

But alo' yon must drink life's gall There it room In the balls of pleasure For a long and lordly a n. But one by one we ail tile on Through tbe namw aUles of pain. Feast, and your ills sra crowded; F.t-t, and tne world goes by; Succeed and jrtve, 'twill hi-lp jou Uve; But no one can help you die Rejoice, and men will srek you; Grieve and tbey turn and go M. MORLEY. J.

MORLET. Fall Eirer Items, nas an enviaRie recora in his past ex Easement Baibef Shdp. aminations, always among the best, and we predict for him a better one than ever this trip. Success. orlev Tlie Free 8 Is a 1-arse Twelve We.

kjy, mid 11a tlio Largest Muuibtr of Special Contributors of any Weekly published tn Amei-lra. oney. Til -y want full aaure of ail your pleasure Rev. M. A McBride, who was pastor .1.

.7 i Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all. Miss Hannah Miller is assisting home folks this week. W. B. Miller and F.

Riley were in town Friday. John and Anna Knox spent Xmas in Butler county. Several Sta rites were in town Saturday buying Xmas goods. No vacation at Star. This is rather hard on the little folks.

Arch Fawcett spent the latter part of last week in Howard City. O. F. Gould bought a load of stock hogs last week of Joe Miller. C.

P. Miller and A. Fawcett attended the dance at Bancroft's Saturday night. Dana Myers has given up his trip to the territory. There is no place like home.

There was a large crowd at the Christmas tree and a grand time is reported. J. W. Lewis has bought several hundred bushels of corn at Piedmont and is hauling it home. A.

Futhey and mother and C. F. Miller and sister spent Christmas with H. Bane at Harmony. Not very much of interest has passed excepting fine weather.

L. H. Johnson is in the act of occupying his new purchased residence. W. M.

Hobb has taken up his residence iu the Faulkender property. Louis Heins has purchased the Purk- But they do not want your woe. Dr. Joyce, in Pboenix Quarterly, SHE WOl'tDCB008E fLuTECTION. ui me ojxeniouiHii xroiesiant cnurch at this point for quite awhile during the past summer, is visiting with her par-ishoners the present Mrs.

M- IT ALSO HAS Basement White ALSO HOT AND tOU BATHS. Opvti from 7:00 a. m. to 9 m. Saturday night op- xt till p.

m. Also baiU room open till 12 :00 a. no. Sunday. SPECIAL ATTENTION TO SUSDAT BATHERS, JIMMY LEE, Prop.

LIVERY AND FEED STABLE: A novelty in electrical appliances is a window-sash operating device. It consists of a switch having two keys, one of which operates the upper sash, while the other one controls the lower part of the window. By turning the keys to the right the sashes are raised, and they are lowered by a movement in the opposite direction. The device is adaptable to any window, but little preparation being needed, and the remodeling of the frame being unnecessary. In one particular respect it is a great convenienceon the approach of a storm all the windows of a house can be instantly closed without a visit to each one being entailed.

This is not only a good feature in its use for schools, halls, public and private office buildings, but it makes the invention specially applicable to churches, as the, minister can have his pulpit provided with a switch board, and whenever he finds the atmosphere of the church too oppressive he can let in a supply of fresh air from one or a dozen windows. If need be, however, the church can be made self regulating; a simple device can be placed in circuit with the window mechanism which will automatically open or close the upper sash according to the temperature of the building. MB HEIGHT ASD WEIGHT. A woman of five feet should weigh 110 pounds. A woman of 5 feet 1 inch should weigh 115 pounds.

A woman of 5 feet 2 inches should weigh 120 pounds. A woman of 6 feet 3 inches should weigh 128 pounds. Much has been written and spoken Bride left many warm friends who are apile property and taken up his abode regardingEngland's interest in the ab therein. giaa to see her again, we understand she will preach a few sermons before she returns to her home. A Speoial "Merry Times" Deut FOR THE CHILDREN ASO A Special Woman's Page Mr.

and Mrs. J. D. Allen, of Fredon olition of the American protective tariff system, but if the choice were offered ia, visited at the home of O. Komig Thursday evening.

and John McMurrav Cireat Britain between a protective tar encaged in the coal businAsa this Give us a Trial and be Convinced that we keep nothing but the Best Turnouts. Especial attention given to Commercial Tr ade. EAST OP FARMER DEOVES'S BAKE BUILDING. Frank Oakes has leased a farm of W. A.

Pumphrey in Elk county about a iff and free coinage of silver in America she would choose the former without mile ana a hair south of town. hesitation. England controls our mar Lewis Guensburg, a respected citizen CHRIS CULLICKSON, THE POPULAR BOOT SHOE SIAKEii, Solicits your patronage and guarantees satisfaction. ket through her gold, and will continue near Hickman, died and was burled at to do so as long as we adhere to the sin the Charleston cemetry last week. You can save more than the cost of both papers by taking advantage of the special low prices given to subscribers on the Slany valnaMa rrfialann Offered By the Frtc Press.

D. M. Barkley, populist representa gle metalic standard. Our tariff does They are digging or rather stripping the vein on the Batcher place and without the help of any team or plow dig 60 bushels a day. There is a lesson in this to the Madison people who are always talking about building up the town with new enterprises; for it is only reasonable to suppose that what two can do to an advantage many more can do better.

A small coal company could supply the home demand, and keep the money paid for foreign coal right here in Madison. Do you see the point? tive elect from Elk county, waa on our not worry her much as long as she can Boosim Hollow. streets xnursaay. uoug is one ot the BOLINGER'S meirs IremQ-Golcrg. buy our raw material in a market cheapened by the demonetization of silver and Doys wnen in js an tsiver.

Splendid curative ustent for Herwme or Side A. F. Defevers has just completed an excellent icehouse, as has also J' M. convert it into articles of merchandise or general ISearalgia: also for Rheur- Buriingame, but unless there is con by labor fed upon our food products greatly cheapened by the same cause siderable change they will have no occasion to use them. SEND SOU A RAMI'LB COPY OF THE FEEE PRESS AND PREMIUM SUPPLEMENT NEW LE FORE -AFTEFt' I I bj She does not need to sell these goods pepsia, Aneemio.

Antidote for Alooholio other excesses. JPrice, hk 25 and 60 oeutu. Eliervesoeat. THE ARNOLD CHEMICAL CO. 15) S.

Western Avenue, CHICAGO. II. H. weatherspoon, formerly of in our protected market she can ex New and second band they do all kinds of mt and sheet Is to found first door north of CollinB' N'k Country Work Solicited. this place Dut now of VVrebb tv.

s- change them for gooda that are on our souri. visited friends at this place Sat For ale by Ft. Kendrick, Eureka, Kan free list and sell them to us, thus evad urday and attended Masonic lodge at ADDRESS. THE TIMES, Eureka, Kansas. nignt.

rxe is a joiiy good fellow, ana ing the tariff entirely. Precisely thi A woman of 5 feet 4 inches should Mr. R. Payne aud family were in Eureka Saturday. Miss Nettie Owens is enjoying holidays with her parents.

Many of the young folks spent Xmas evening at Severy. Kansas day marked a turn in the weather, Winter has at last xjome. Mr. W. A.

Stark writes from Arkansas that he is having quite a pleasant visit, Mr. Batten was quite ill the first of last week, but has now quite recovered. Rev, R. W. Mills and family are down from Ottawa spending vacation.

Rev. Mills was an instructive Visitor at our school Friday evening. Oct op Sight. the boys are always glad to see him. Bystem is in operation, andwill be kept IS, H.

(j. WEST'S BESTS A1TD BSAEJ-TB2ATH! is sold under positive -written authorized agents only, to cure TVea'. t( Loss ot Brain and Nerve Pwr Sis- Luc Dnii knetss Night Losses; tvil iij)ri foQiiclp'-co; Nervovsii.w; Lose of Powerof thee- weigh 134 pounds. pE inctod directly to th Mat St thasediseeseiof ihoGenito-UrMryOf. eans, requires no chng diet or Geenwood lodge No.

163, A. F. (First publiBhed December 27.) PUBLICATION NOTICE. To Wlllam H. Holt non resident defendant.

JTou are hereby notified that you bave en sue i in tbe diBtriet court in and for Cireeuwooa, Co. an action wherein Viola E.Holt is plaintiff and you, William H. Holt, are defai.dmt, aud tbe plaintiff's petition is nled In said court and that you must answer said petition ou or before the 8TH DAT OF FEBBCABY. 1895. pr said petition will ba taken as true and jnagenient rendered accordingly aivurcina plamtm trom you on the of abandonment and ilea, njnn for more than one to tbe besluuini; of th a hi tion.

"iV1; JOUNUN, i. ilttiutii' Ciui of iUe lVtrlct court. A woman of 4 feet 5 inches jhouJd DO YOU ENOW up until we destroy it by opening our mints to the coinage of silver. She has carried the same scheme into India.

It QtMkf7 ieineste taken tatfrB.U. Hbaa (I i usal IIENRY SCHMIDT, XPtflve USD IT AS A PREVENTIVE 1, s71 a box: six tor M. elected and iustalled the following officers for the ensuing year Saturday night: W. G. W.

Donart; S. L. H. Johnson J. W.

C. W. Donart; treasurer, A. Sweet; secretary, 8. H.

Butler; Tyler, J. H. Ivey. The new Masonic year begins with harmony end weigh 112 pounds. A woman of 5 feet 6 inches should wish 140 pounds.

A woman of 5 feet 7 inches should weiirli 152 pounds. is not possible that the people at Wash- f)y either Bes it I I mpossiblo Vton. Vim- an venereal si nut uiw mse of already Xi Auctsb in gton are so blind as not to see this lAlLOHlNa IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, DR. FELIX LE ERUN'S STEEL fB FEpYOYR PILLS nrp the and only FlirNOH, nafeanrt reliable core on the market, i'rica sent by mail, (jGuuiiie Bold only by l-'or eale b-11, ('. Kenilriuk, sai-tka, Kau.

Complaint, SoOTMnaarh, Djjmh-! mm A woman of 5 feet 8 inches should "I vrhh GoTwrrbaa ami C.ieH, wt $Ata. fMI rTT tr acure. Prieby mail. rvsttf -L i busts iv; s. sale by 1J.

C. Eem'riok, Et -J. Their action is criminal, nothing Journal Republican.) tilaUoH. AiiA i ist Fcr tale by II. C.

Ken4iUii, Shop 6 doors wrst cf Eureka Back. good feeling. weigh 100 pounds..

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