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The Eureka Republican from Eureka, Kansas • 5

Eureka, Kansas
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the We are now ready to handle all Patronize home institutions if by Uncle Ben Smith has People's party, Sorghum in this neck of the woods. D. B. Craig. so doing you cau get as good a re- and Lewelling campaign hats.

You turn lor your money asjjyon can by 8nould wear one. 23tf The Kcelev Institute of Kansas, The only genuine Keeley Institutes in Kansas, where Keeley remedies are used, are located at Wichita, Tope Wyandotte and Leavenworth. All others At Piedmont, Our reporter sends in a very flattering report of the Populist meeting at on last Tuesday evening. The Hon. A.

M. Hunter, Populist can The Alliance store has hundreds of buying the products of outside cou' pounds of soap that we can, sell you Ten yearling and three sucking mules for sale. S. Goldsworthy, Twin Falls. didate for county attorney, was the claiming to the contrary are frauds and cheaper than you caa make it.

23tf orator of the evening, and so calmly Get your stile bills printed at this of Piles ot people have piles, but De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve will cure thtm fice. We are prepared to do you first-class work at reasonable prices. W. W. Morris.

cerns. Every one of our readers is interested in our home mills, especially so our farmer friends, because a flour mill makes a market for grain. Unloritiuately this year those in the immediate vicinity have had poor success with wheat, while elsewhere it ha? been different. The prospects are that next year this will be otherwise and then the flour i The Woman's Columbian Club will and philosophically presented the arguments in favor of People's party principles that all were well pleased; no abuse or arousing of party predju-dice, but an earnest appeal to reason and the finer feelings of mankind. Even Republicans are beginning to wonder why their orators put so much of their time abusing the People's party in tead of unswering their arguments meet at the Y.

M. C. A. Rooms on Sat- Impostors. The Wichita Institute is under the management of Dr.

W. A. Noble, who is well known all over southern Kansas and Oklahoma, having practiced medicine at Caldwell for fourteen years. The Doctor says he knows the Keeley treatment is all that is cla'med for ir.hav-ing been a htrd drinker for twenty years, but after four weeks in a Keeley Institute, has not only lost all appetite for stimulents, but they are repulsive to him, and he now proposes to devote his time in helping other poor fellows suffering from these habits to feel as he feels. Liquor, opium and morphine, and tobacco habits, alike disappear under this treatment.

As a souvenir and appreciation of your trade we will present to each customer whose purchase amounts to twenty dollars before January 10, 1893, an elegant silver butter dish or sugar bowl and sell you all goods cheaper than you can buy them elsewhere. Chicago store. uidays and Mondays, at 3 p. ra. Dr.

Walter, father of Mrs. Raybell, was a caller Wednesdry afternoon. He is now living in Colorado. It saves horseflesh, saves feed, saves money, and does better work than any other plow. Our Piasa Bird Alliance Store.

It's not very pleasant to cough and hack, To suffer pain In chest and back; Manj people could stop it, for sure By Simply using One Minute Cough Cure. 30t3m W.W.MORRIS., Election Dinner. The Ladies of the Methodist church will serve dinner and supper election day, Tuesday, November 8. They cordially invite all their friends in the city and country to remember them. "STAND UP FOR PRINCIPLE!" mill will be needed.

Our readers all know that until within a short time prices on flour in Eureka have been higher than in surrounding towns. It is now different, and with all due courtesy to our competitors, we, the Progress Mill claim the credit for the improved condition of affairs. We are willing to work for a reasonable margin and by doing a strictly cash business are able to do so. "We are here to secure your patronage and order to do so will endeavor to give you what you want. While we prefer to sell the flour made by our mill, in consideration uf the fact that until another crop is ready ei-their wheat or flour must be shipped in.

We will also keep in addition J. W. Lawman of Se very was in to see us Monday of this week and had bis name checked upon the roll of honor sufficiently to make the heart of the printer glad. The Alliance store is now handling a line of boots and shoes that have no superior in make, finish and durability. They will be pleased to trade you a pair for country produce, or cash.

Ho Dinner. In order that the Christian church may have the day the Methodist dinner is recalled election day, but will be given on Wednesday, October 26th, when the Anthony rahy takes place. Remember the change, please. Attention, Otter Creek. Let it be understood that the delega tion to compete for the flag will be ex Of the United Forces of the Have tried almost every known remedy for Itching Tiles without success; finally bought a box of De IlazeliSalve, and it has cured me.

C. D. Haskins, Peoria, 111. Morris. pected to start from Farmington school house at 9 o'clock October 27th.

Everybody invited. Let's make this the grandest day of the season. Committee to our own product that of outside mills, All this will be sold at better figures than can be had elsewhere in the city, quality considered Every sack guaranteed. Store in the White building, PROGRESS MILL CO, AJpo8toffice inspector dropped in on Postmaster Eastwood last Friday, and of course found everything in good shape, and left town on the first train, having no trouble to square all A SUIlECtTRli FUKPII.ES. Itching Piles are known by moisture like prespiration, causing intense itch ing when warm.

This form as well as Blind, Bleeding or Protruding, yields A gentleman 'of this county, who has at once to Dr. Bosanko's Pile Remedy excellent judgment, remarked to us the other day that he knew of no pill so good which acts diiectly on parts aliected, absorbs tumors, allays itching and ef for constipation, dyspepsia and liver See notices of People's Party meetings. All campaign hats go for $1.00 at the Chicago store. Prices are the lowest quality consid- fects a permanent cure. 60 cts.

Drug omplaint as De Witt's Little Early gists or mail. Circulars free. Dr. Bo- Kisers. Morris.

sanko, 329 Arch St. Philadelphia, Pa. ered at Bishop's. sold by A. W.

Hart. Teachers' Examination. There will be an examination of ap Senator Perkins, and II. S. Osborn, People's party candidate for secretary of state, will "divide the time" here on the 19th.

That will not hinder you For pure Moca, Jaya and fine blended coffees go to Bishop. pueants for teacners' certificates, in loans at from allowing us-to divide profits with the East Side school building, on Sat Bottom rates on farm Johnson Brownings. you. Bring on your produce. Alliance urday, October 9, commencing at Store.

o'ciock a. una closing at n. m. All the short time money you want Mr, G. K.

Jones of Severy made this All holders of temporary certificates must be present. There will be no office -a pleasant visit on Wednesday He has been on an extensive visit back east, in which he took in the National other examination during this year. P. F. Yearout, County Supt.

Notice or Remoia. Encampment at Washington and visited at Johnson Brownings. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and the Alliance store can furnish the soap. See our Piasa Bird, three wheel Bulky plow. Draft only 433 pounds Alliance Store.

Teas of all grades an fine spices are specialties at Bishops. old friends in Ohio, Illinois and St My increasing trade, lor whien am Louis. truly thankful compels me to seek larg at er quarters, more room is the urgent The Populists held a meeting Climax last Monday at which L. if cry. I have secured the Hackett build Johnson did the speaking and S.

A ing, first door south of the post office, Martin did the singing. In fact, it was and will be nicely prepared to accomo a sort of Moody and Sankey arrange Every County in the State except Greenwood during this Campaign has had a ment that was highly appreciated by date all comers, with boarding and lodging. Nice large rooms. I will have an elegant oyster parlor, separate Thousands of pounds of flour handled every week is the record at the Alliance store, and all at the lowest living bargains. WANTED A man and wife to do general work on ranch.

Inquire at the audieuoe. from other rooms, and my dining ro-jm A member of this hrm has just got will be second to none. through with the Keeley cure for to PARADE AND PROCESSION. this office. bacco and pronounces it a success, and you will find me there in a few days.

Charley Jack. if everybody who owes us a dollar on subscription will walk in and pay it Look here, good people, you who have country produce, you need look when he comes to kear Lewelling we no farther than the Alliance store if And for us, one is enough if it's big enough. It depends on you and each of you to make this a success. guarantee that our nerves are in a con dition to stand the shock admirably. Salt is another one of the necessities that has taken a tumble lately.

The Alliance store can supply you by the pound or barrel at dirt cheap prices. Chairman Dibert nquests that township committeemen send him the name of their township ticket as soon as you desire to exchange your produce Prof P. F. Yearout in company with for anything to eat, drink or wear. The Alliance store can fit you out In anything from a bar of soap to a wed Probate Judge Eeiter, spoke at White Hall on the 17th and at Fancy school house on the 18th to appreciative ding suit.

And in fact if you are think HON, D. L. LE WELLING, audiences. All who hear the Prof. ing about getting married, we can furnish you everything but the girl, and take it in country produce.

pronounce his logic irresistable; and so the good work goes on, The Ladie3 of the Christian church will serve dinner and supper to the hungry multitude in Eureka on election day next month, the place to be announced later on. TOWNSHIP PRIMARIES. J. C. Stratton, the second hand man, Our candidate for Governor, will be present and deliver an address that all voters in the county should hear.

has moved into his new quarters two TWIN GROVE TP. Will hold a primary at Severy, at 2Bishopwants your butter, and eggs, for which he will pay you the highest market price. doors south of the Farmers and Drovers bank, where he would like to see all his old patrons, and lots of new ones, Embleton building, Saturday, Oct. 22, at 2 p. m.

for the purpose of nominat Si KlEtlf and where he is prepared to supply all their wants from a three-legged stool ing township officers. All persons who short order get the best Mardin's you will Go to E. house where to a steam boat to make the voyage up believe in a government "of the people, by the people and for the people." are lunch in the city, oysters in any style salt river. cordially invited to take part with us. everything clean and nice.

Isaac Wyant of Severy dropped in S. E. Farmer, Committeman. Saturday on his way home from a two months' visit to Hamilton county, Indl' ana. He reports that politically there The People's party primary conven Registration Notice.

The registration books will close on Oct. 29, at 6 p. m. Books kept at usual place. Be sure to register.

F. C. is no life in the old parties in the once tion will be held in Fall Eiver on Saturday, October 22nd. at 2 o'clock p. active state of Indiana.

Everybody Author and orator, than whom no man in the State can more forcibly present living facts and arguments, will enlighten all who hear him, and make the traducers of "Bond-Holders and Bread-Winners" hunt their holes and hang their heads with shame. concedes that the election is doubtful for the purpose of placing in nomina With the zeal charicteristic of all Kan- tion candidates for the various town For Trade. Will trade an improved farm of 79 sans, Mr. Wyant rolled up his sleeves ship ofhees. All voters are invited to attend who are interested in good government and opposed to Republican acres with plenty of water and timber, amj pitched Into the campaign and t.

nt-n lmnmvd flnrl I i i 1 ana 4 nnortpr section improvea. made everv hour of his visit count. ring rule. A. W.

Morgan, Committeeman. To the Voteisof South Salem Township. The People's party Had a rousing rally at Quincy on last Saturday evening. Hon. S.

A. Martin of this city was the principal orator. Short speches were also made by Mr. Z. Gil-roy and others.

The Quincy band en You will meet at the Hoover school SOME SI AN 5 FLAG iL JlI pay difference. See or address J. Holland or J. R. Holland, Madison Kansas.

You can lift 4b3 pounds and not half try, can't you. Well, under the test, that pulls our three wheel, sulky plow, Piasa Bird. Call and see it. Alliance store. rt's different now.

Once upon a time house on Tuesday, the 25th ofOctober, at 7:30 p. m. for the purpose of nom inating a nonpartizan township ticket. O. II.

Hoover, 1 G. S. Spalding, Com. Gilbert Bitler, 1 Will be presented to the township delegation doing herself the most proud in the parade. knowing ones shook their heads at the livened the occasion with some very good music.

Mr. Martin also sang several good songs as only Sam can sing. Upon the whole, a very good time was enjoyed by all, even the lie-publicans present said it was a good meeting. By the way, Quincy township will help to swell the majority for the Populist ticket on November S. An "AlUUUtC OkV.V.

SHELL ROCK TP. A People's party convention will be rhe "doubtful experiment" has pavino-all its patrons money held at Lamont, on October 22, at 3 p. for the purpose of nominating town -good, hard money. Are you one of 'em? ship officers. By order of Committee.


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