The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1952 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1952
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTERJC BI/mnCVlLLK (ARK.) HAL BOYLE COLUMN— Curbstone Observation On Women by Pavement Plato: s Watch Them' NEW YOHK (/P)—Curbstone observations on women by a Pavement Plato: The best way to get along with women is always to tell them the full truth. They will regard you as the most disarming liar alive. Never tell a blonde wife you admire red hair. She will never truM you again. Women always sound louder munching toast than men do. The surest way to nnnoy a dominant woman Is to tell her, "Don't be so masculine." Women today yearn to be feminine, but they have forgotten how, The most pitiful figure in the modern world Is a woman baseball fan. She seems as out of her eK- mcnt as a fish trying to sklj) lope. The last thing a woman wants from a man Is friendship. If a man tells'her he is her friend, she thinks something is wrong with him or her. Woman Won't Ilcllcvc Mirror Any woman will believe u swindler before she will her mirror. Nothing is as unhappy nnd uncertain and Insecure as a woman who always has her own way. Widows appreciate a good mon more lhan a single girl—but only until they marry again. No husband will ever lose his wile If he always hands her his unopened paycheck In a bouqutt of flowers. Give a woman enough rope to hang herself and she will end by tying you In knots. A woman has more fun out of her sense of rumor than her sense I of humor. The difference between courtship ami matrimony Is the feminine preference for u contract, rather lhan 11 contact. Watch Ihe Fingernails A man who marries a girl wflh long fingernails should expect he'll have lo do the dishes all Ills lite. Women regard with mortal hatred any mini who Insists on taking ! them at their own word. It they ! ivuint what they said they woirtd- i n\ say it. The art of getting along •iilli a woman consists altogether ' in the art of understanding what I she means but'l say. Women have exactly the right amount of lipstick on only when | they have finished eating—hut no ! man can convince them of it. j It may not mean a thing if a man j blows up in public, but a woman who creates scenes usually has » miserable home life. A wife whose husband invariably remembers all her birthdays and anniversaries had better start worrying about him. It Is also true that a wife who never has any reason to "kiss and m.ike up" feels frustrated. A windless calm on her sea of matrimony makes her dread the coming of a storm greater than she wants. The greatest tribute a woman can pay a mini is lo tell him. "I want our son to be just like you." But few realize this. A wise wife, no matter how .shrewdly .she bosses her home, always remembers to have toward her husband the secret unsliowii fear that a liontamer has of his lions. Truman Told Lovett Shows Lack Of Interest in Small Business WASHINGTON OT) — Tcltord Taylor, resigning as htad of the Small Defense Plants Administration 8UPA, told President Truman yesterday Secretary of Defense Lovett has shown a "lack of enthusiasm" for placing of military orders with small companies. Taylor said Congress may have to Hive tho SDI'A direct, authority Marine Corps Says Six Pilots Flew into Hill WASHINGTON W) — The Marine Corjw predicted yesterday that six fighter pilots flew Into a cloud shrouded hillside In Korea last Thursday and were killed. An announcement/ said the pilots, /lying Panther Jets, were re- tilrnlng from a combat inKsIcn In tad weather ami were trying to approach u strange landing field. No further details were given. to steer a "fair share" of military work to small manufacturers. Taylor's comments were made in a special report to the President which Mr. Truman had requested. Taylor said smaller firm* are getting less than 00 per cent, of (he contracts they can handle. In view of the "cool, not to say uncourtly, attitude" at the Pentagon to date, he declared thr: pros- peels for Improvement are not bright. Unless there Is a change by the year-end, Taylor told Hie White the President should ask Congress for a law giving SDPA power in its own name to earmark certain contracts for small business rather than big corporations. State Convict Gefrs Furlough LITTLE ROOK up, Gov, Sid Mr- Math yesterday granted a 00-day furtoiiKh to Josh Creamer. <M, who Bodies of Two Lads Found in Poo! JUNCTION CITY, KU.S. (/P) Bodies of two small boys who disappeared from their home late Monday were found yesterday in a pool of wntcr In a hole gouged out uy the 1Q51 flood. The victims were Paul Ray Lehmkuhl. 3>4, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lehmkuhl, and Milton I,ce Lehmkuhl, 4, son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lehmkuhl. Warren Lehmkuhl Is n Bon of Fred Lehmkuhl. A searching party, estimated at more than 1.000 persons had combed railroad yards. Industrial sections and nearby farms before the Indies were found at 4 a.m. The search ended when IM Albert P. McCo:::-!!. Ft. niley mil- Unry policeman, noticed an arm protruding from an Accumulation of trash at the edge of (be pool file bodies were a few feet apart Hclicf was expressed that the youngsters waii;cd out on tho trash and fell through. .I.JLLI^L liuL.xij.i is'rju ^ivtn. .•*•!,,.. <.\i UU.MI ^1 e'.uniT, U3, U'JIO On return lights from c o in u a t w!ls sentenced to J5 years in prison missions, juiiits frequently fly in i for **«"'<! degree minder in Phil- follow-the-l"adnr order. This nmy | "' >s c haw: bivti ihe case with the six. All of the pilol.s were numbers [>f the "Able Eagles" squadron. The dead: Maj. ItnymorKi E. Demers, 33 Arcula, Calif. Maj. Donald F. GIvens, 20, At- tlc'boro, Mass. 1st. Lc. Alvin R. liourgeoLs, 27 Detroit. 2nd. Lieut. John W. Hill. Jr., 25. Moncks Corner, R. C. . . nd. Lieut. Carl R. Pnlcvillc, N. Y. 2nd. Lieut, liichard Lee Koth, Lockridge, lown. Lallucr, 23 21 Arkansas Hay Crop Does Okay LITTLE HOCK Ifl'i — Arkansas fanners are making Iiay while the sun shines. Cotton, rice, apples and grapes, too. The Crop Reporting Service said today weather lias been ideal for harvesting and much progress has been made. However, the weekly report added, the soil is very dry In all sections except the northeast part of the state. As a result, pastures are drying up nnd seeding of fall crops Is being delayed. mity. Creainrr, according lo a doctor's statement in the pardon hoard's report, was suffering a number of ailments and needed mcdk-al attention ' which could not t>c given at the state penitentiary. He was sentenced to prison In November, 1550. for the fatal .'hooting of his son-in-law, Harold Hurt, at Marvel). Ark., in April, 1050. Zarubin Takes Over As Ambassador to U.S. WASHINGTON H>> — Geor=>l N Zarubin, one of a small group of top flight soviet diplomats who rue believed to hold the Kremlin's full confidence. Tuesday took over as the new Russian ambassador to the U. s. Knrubin Is expected to pay a for- ! mal call on Secretary of State' Acheson In the next few days be- | fore presenting his credentials to I President Truman at the White! House. Moses Resigns As APL President But He Will Remain As Board Chairman Of Arkansas Utility PINE DLUPP </!>,-_c. Hamilton Moses resigned yesterday as president of .(he Arkansas Power and Light Co., this state's largest ultllty but will continue as chairman o( the Board of Directors. He has held both positolns for the pnst 11 years. The board elected senior Vice President Robert Kstcs nitchte to succeed Moses n.s president. Hfce-Uni? In connection with the dedicallon of AP*.I/S new two million dollar general office building here, the directors also: Promoted Vice President Ralph II. Teed to vice president In charge of operations; Promoted C. Allen Clitf. division operations nnnaner, to vice president In charge of division operations; Re-elected H. Flelcher Minnls vice president In charge of engineering and construction; W. M Shepherd vice president In charge of sales and development; James I,. Boflie treasurer; L. E. Leas secretary and W. M. Barrel assistant treasurer. Little Rock Base Site Surveyed LITTLE ROCK (,F)_U. B. En- Rlnecrs have begun a topographic survey of the proposed Little Rock Air force Base about 10 miles from here at Jacksonville. The Army announced yesterday that it would take about four months to finish mapping the entire area. First project on the list is a complete aerial photo layout of lands now owned by the government and those optioned or where entry permits have been granted. 300 Frogs Are Imported CORNER BROOK, Canada (,v\— This west coast Newfoundland town has Imported 300 frogs lor a horticultural job. The croakers have been distributed In flower-filled areas to keep down insects. Moscow Radio Plays Hew Stalin Hit Song LONDON {/Ft— New hit song on Moscow Radio: "If Stalin has said so, you already have it or will have it." A Moscow concert broadcast heard here opened with the tune- but did not give the rest of the lyrics. Fact No.1 Fact No. 2 Veterans of the (rucking business buy on cold, hard facts. They buy for good, solid, levelheaded reasons And more and more of ihcm buy Chevrolet trucks As a matter of feet, ihey buy more Chevrolet umki titan any oilier make. Here's why. Chevrolet trucks are tactory-matclwl to your job l.res Irame. axk-s. springs, engine, transrms- s.on, brakes. All a,e right on the job-ami ri q !,t for the Job. All are matched lo the job, to get work done fast and e!]icicnlly-«r the lowest possible cost lo yon! They cost less to buj', own, and operate. And Chevrolet's dependable valve-in-head engines hold fuel costs down, but deliver all Ihe power you need when you need it. Come in and let's lalk it over. us show you how great these Chevrolet trucks really arc. Fact Cosh less lo Buy Chevrolet trucks list for less than comparable models of other makes. As Ihe world's largest manufacturer of (rucks, Chevrolet can make important production economies that mean substantial savings to youf Rock-boHom operation and upkeep Hundreds of thousands of truck users have proved that Chevrolet costs ihe least of all lo own and maintain. Valve- in-Ilend economy saves on gas. 4-way engine lubrication keeps oil costs Jow. efficiency saves money Proved features cut operating nnd maintenance costs, Valve- in-l lead economy, 4- wny Lubrication reduces engine wear, Hypoid rear axles, and Flexi- Mounted cabs, nail-Gear Steering, Synchro-Mesh Transmission. Keeps Its value longer Chevrolet trucks keep their value longer to bring you traditionally higher value. That means savings at radc-in time. And it puts a clincher on Chevrolet's extra value and rupgcdness. Enjoy The "Pops on Televisi THE rilNMI SHORE SHO " Every TiicjrJay nn Th,,,sd, 5 Kvcnins, FOOTBAM, OK Tllfi \VF.KK Every Sitiir. nins, S.crnoon XIIC-TV NCTWOKK CHEVROLET CO. Phone 4578 Truman-Taft to Play Familiar Campaign Songs for U.S. Voters WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 17, !9Sl| By JAMES MARI.OW WASHINGTON (/P) — President Truman and Sen. Taft will make It more comfortable for anyone who can't get adjusted to the campniRn- ing of Gen. Eisenhower and Gov. a couple of cousins. Now the Bcneral Is gelling rougher on the Trumnn administration and the governor is gptllnn a little more caustic about the Republicans. But both stitl seem to be try- Stevenson. Since everybody has been listen-1 They may get Ing to them for years, hearing the from Trumnn and Tad, with Taft ing to work up a full head of steam. assist In this President and the senator on the warpath again will be as relaxing as last year's hat. They follow standard political practice: Make it slam-bang and personal. Not so with Eisenhower and Stevenson. Being newcomers to natkn- al politics, they have had to inch their way along to get the feel of things, They started out as mild as I shoveling coals 'on the fire under Stevenson, Truman rtoini? the same for Eisenhower, and Truman and Taft doing likewise for each other. In this way the quartet should have a nice blaze going by election day with help from the vice presidential candidates, Sen. Sparkman -nd Son. Nixon. Truman and Taft are more than Just fan-.c/us politicians whose nan are a household word. They lit become: symbols of their parties Although 'Truman and Taft' d not now candidates for anyfhij they're both such aggressive ml with strong opinions and s venl express them, before this campall is over they may overshadow two men running for office X**, TflfMAITTAC AUTOMATIC WASHER l II. f - o i«.B,«f««.i299.B5 iii7 rk -^j Iwr iwni today. ' Adorns Appliance Co. HART SCHAFFNER &MARX ivhen a Triple Test wears out... THAT'S An "extra" means news. That's why this new season's model rates a headline... because it's extra long- wearing. It' s slurdy ' worsted fabric, plus precision tailoring by Hriri Scliaffuer & Marx, phis carefully chosen trimming materials, assures you long-wearing satisfaction. Triple Test* means that if 3 exhaustively testet! all three ways. ..tested for style. ..tested for quality... tested for value. Make Triple Test* a feature article in your wardrobe this Fall. MEAD'S Ill MAIM ITRI1T

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