The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1952 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1952
Page 13
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, SETT. IT, 1991 COURIER KBWi T Stalin Consolidates Soviet Power Position in Far East By JOHN M. HKJHTOWER WASHINGTON (If, — Oeneralissi- nio Stalin has consolidated R::r,- dla's power position in the Far | East, apparently as a counter to American power, through the agreements reached iw the Moscow | talks with Red Chinese leaders. This ts the outstanding single accomplishment of the conference which ended two day/ ago atter a ^month of meetings between Chinese Premier Chou En-lai anil top Soviet officials. But American officials are certain it Is not by any means the only important result. Speculation is that wrapped up in the*secrecy behind Ihe Iron Curtain are vital decision, bearing on the future of war—or peace—in Korea and on America's own Far Eastern power position anchored Jn Japan. What the official announcement of the conference -showed, authorities here asserted, was simply that Russia had succeeded in backing out of a treaty commitment to withdraw from the Manchurian nsval base of Port Arthur. Until they had maneuvered this, the So- form of action rather than pronouncements. But nt the time Chou En-lai turned up in Moscow a month ago there was a strong belief here, which persists today, that he went with his hand out and that most ikely he sought one of two things: either Russian agreement and diplomatic assistance In bringing an end to (he Korean War quickly, or greatly Increased Soviet help In arms and 'equipment for Chinese forces in Korea. There is some speculation here that the "request" which he made to the Kremlin to keep Its troops in Port Arthur may have been the price he paid, or part of it, getting whatever he did get. lor AN ORDINANCE XO. 532 ORDINANCE TO BE EN- vieis were under leyal and moral i PFALING compulsion, hy a 1950 agreement I AND/OR TITI.KD "AN ORDINANCE REGULATING. SUPERVISING AND CONTROLLING THE OPERATION OP MOTOR VEHICLES USED IN T H E TRANSPORTATION O P PERSONS FOR COMPENSATION OVER THE STREETS OP BI.Y- THEV1LLE, ARKANSAS. AND RE- '•vith Red China, to quit Port Ar thur this year. In the cold-blooded terms of power relationships they would have been yielding a major position opposite Japan. They solved their problem by making a deal with Red China. With one slight exception, in the opinion of government experts Y rc ' tne terms of this deal are not fet known. The exception is the published agreement that while remaining in Port Arthur at the officially announced "request" of the Chinese Reds, the Russians will yield control of the important Changchun Railway, which serves the base. A State Department press officer suggested yesterday that even the ALL PARTS ORDINANCES OP ORDIN- (4) Th« schedule of tariff,' •how- Ing passenger fares to be charged. (51 The names of all drivers of motor vehicles to be used by the applicant shall b« stated In the application together with their ages, address and previous experience. After the permit Is approved. If new drivers are substituted, the game Information concerning them shall be elvrn Ui the Chief of Police of Blylheville, Arkansas. (61 The applicant shall also designate the different localities hi the City where taxi stands will be maintained. SECTION THREE: No person, firm or corporation, their lessees, trustees or receivers shall be Issued a permit to operate a motor vehicle or vehicles for the trimportation of persons for compensation over any of the streets and avenues of the City of Blylheville, who are, or whose managing officials are. persons of questionable character, whose reputation for honesty, morality arid fair dealing is bad, or who fails to file the application properly filled out as mentioned above, or whom the City Council of Blythe- vllle, Arkansas, deem unfit to operate motor vehicles for the transportation of persons for compensation over the streets and avenues of Blytheville. SECTION FOUR: In granting ft permit to any person, flrm or corporation to operate a motor vphicle for the transportation of persons for compensation over (he streets and avenues of the City of Blytheville, hearing and to Introduce evidence find to be heard In support of. or In opposition to. such application. SECTION SEVEN: Any final scion of the city Council, of the City of Blytheville In respect to any such application shall be subject to judicial review. SECTION EIGHT: The operators of taxi-cabs shall keep a permanent dally record of each driver on each rab and the hours I hat he or she insy have driven, and shall keep the same, posted for the Inspection of the public anti the police department. SECTION NINE: No person shall drive a taxi-cab nor shall any taxicab operator employ a driver unless said driver is properly licensed according to the laws of the state of Arkansas. It is further provided that taxi-cab operators shall he responsible for each its' drivers having a proper license. SECTION TEN: The driver's reuse of any taxi-cab driver shall be revoked or suspended for no less than five days nor more than one year for any such driver being convicted in the Municipal Court for the City of Blytheville or any othi> court of record, of any of the traffic laws and <'or any ordinances or section of ordinance of said city of Blylheville. now in force and effect, or which mny hereafter be adopted, or of any of the ciiminal statutes of the State nf Arkansas. An appral may be had to the Cir- FAGE THIRTEEN erator shall make written application to the city Council setting forth the transfer desired to be made. Whereupon, the City Council, after a hearing is arranged for »nd had. may, in its discretion, authorize such transfer. SECTION THIRTEEN: The City Council shall revoke any permit Issued in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance II Ihe motor vehicle for which it was Issued Is not kept in continual operation either by Ihe original permittee or his transferee. Upon the revocation of any pmnlt. on the grounds of non-user the same may be reissued to any person, firm or corporation, except the one forfeiting the permit, upon proper application being made as herclnsd forth, SECTION FOURTEEN: No motor mlt« may be gr«nt«d equal hi number to the number Issued and In force during the aforesaid period, but no Additional permits Mial] b« granted above the number so In force unlit the number o( such permits shall correspond to the limitation provided herein, SECTION TWENTY: (a) Every taxi-cab licensed under the provisions or this ordinance shall have affixed thereto and must use A t;iximct/»r of a size nnd defiign approved by the City Council of the City of BlytheviUe, and conform lo the following specifications: (b) A taximeter Ls a mechanical device or Instrument by which the charge for hire of a taxi-cab is mechanically calculated either for dislanre (raveled or for waiting time or both and upon which such vehicle having more than two seats charge shall be Indlcatrd by means shnll be operated as i\ laxi-rab and ! of legible figures which are eloctri- not more than rive persons may be j cally lighted each time the taxi- transported in a taxi-cab at any one | meter fine Is thrown [rorn non- SECTION FIFTEEN: unlawful for any person, firm or i ter upon i earning to earning position. It shall be: f c) Such taximeters must re visual counters the release of the railway be more apparent than real because, he said, the Soviets will retain control of its terminals. The Slate Department was extremely reserved in Initial reaction lo the Moscow announcement that the Chinese talks were finished. Officials said facts may be weeks in coming and may take the H-Bomb Blast May Come Soon CHAPEL HILL, N. C. HV—The greatest explosion in history may take place nt the Eniwctok atomic weapons tests this Fall, according to Rep. Carl Durham (D-NC), acting chairman of the Joint Congres- Isional Atomic Energy Committee. In an interview with the Durham Herald yesterday, Durham declined to say whether the tests would involve the first hydrogen | bomb. He said that if the tests are successful, "there'll he an explosion I greater than has ever been set off before. It will open up the pravest era in the history of the world." ANCES IN CONFLICT HEREWITH AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES." BE IT ORDAINED HY THE CITY COUNCIL OP THE CITY OP BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS: SECTION ONE: Nn person, firm of corporation., their lessees or trustees or receivers shall operate any motor vehicle for the transporta- ion of persons for compensation iver any of the streets of the City if Blytheville, Arkansas, unless within thirty days from the effective lute of this ordinance such person, firm or corporation has complied u'ith all the provisions of this ordinance as hereinafter set out. No person, firm or corporation ihall thereafter engage in the operation of any motor propelled vehicle upon the .streets and avenues ,f the Oily of Blytheville, Arkansas, unless a full compliance with he provisions of this ordinance Is it all times observed on the part of the said person, firm or corporation. SECTION TWO: Even' person, irm or corporation, their lessees, .rusiees and receivers, before operating any motor propelled vehicle upon the streets and avenues of the Jity of Blytheville for the transportation of persons for compensation shall apply to the City Coun- il and obtain a permit authorizing such .... shall manner: (a) Application for such permit Nervous Bookie Quits NEW YORK </n — A former hookie, testifying at a departmental trial of 3-1 suspended policemen said it was time to quit gambling "when your nerves started to go on you and you got the shakes." The witness said two convictions made him nervous and led him to find legitimate job. Read Courier News Classified Ads he City Council shall take consideration the length of into time the applicant has operated such a motor vehicle service, the training, experience and financial ability of the applicant in operating such motor vehicle service, the length ol tin\e that the applicant sliMt Hke- ly operate such motor vehicle service in Blytheville, the reliability of the applicant and sense of responsibility toward the public as shown by a pplicn tit's repu t a t ion, experience and trainin?: the kind of motor vehicle service already being maintained over the streets and avenues of Blythcville for the. transportation of persons for compensation, the likelihood of the proposed service being permrment and continuous throughout twelve months of the year. The City Council may refuse to issue a permit to any person, firm or corporation to engage in the business of transportint; person. 1 :; in motor propelled vehicles for compensation over the .streets and avenues of Blytheville where, anti corporation, or the driver of any j lowing Items: taxi-cab In the City of Blytheville. Arkansas, to cruisp or to permit the I cruising of any laxi-rab upon the 1 streets and avenues of the City of BlythevUle. Arkansas, for the purpose of nolloctinc passengers, and the word "CRUISE" or "CRUISING" as used In this ordinance shall mrrm (he drivinp nr operating cuit Court within thirty ilays Jrom | of n taxi-cab over any of the pub- any order of conviction or .suspen sion by the Municipal Court, but an O) Total milea i2t Paid miles i3» Number of units ill Number of tnjxs <5» Number of extras <ri' Karri taximeler must be fnr- nteheii with a tarnper-pronf switch and system ot electrical distribution so Hint when the t aximet er (la c. Is in ilm vacant or non-earning posi- appeal shall not stay a snsucns'on or revocation. Any person convict-j senses in response to rd the first time for violation of ] or request. this section of this Ordinance shall J SECTION SIXTEEN- Evcrv Uxl- be fined not less than Ten Dollars lic streets and avenues of the "cily I fitm - thc vacar.', sign on The top of except for the purpose of discharg- !hc laxicab be lighted nnd when fined not leas than / $50.001 nor more Ih dred Dollars i$10,00> nor more than Fifty Dollars ($50,00}, and any person convicted the second time for violation of this section of this Ordinance shall be Fifty Dollars . and upon a third conviction ol a violation of this section of this Ordinance said driver shall be fined not less than Fifty Dollars r$50.00) nor more than Five Hundred Dollars and shnll be forever haired from the oprriUion of a taxi-cab in the City of RlythovUle; and the court shall order him barred by proper mandate nt the time of said conviction- A proper record of the conviction had under this section of this Ordinance shall be kept by the police department "'"* shall be certified to the Council of the City of Illytheville at it's re- in? passengers or of rorciving pas- Ihc mcter n °B is thrown lo an rnrn- prior call ; ' ng position, the fare indicator on | the taximeter will be lightPO nnd synchronously a tcll-liile lieht, located elsewhere on the taxical). will be lighted. (e> Ench taximeter must bo driven direct from the 'taxicab transmission (instead of merely connecting with the speedometer driving shaft! to the taximeter head Itself, uslnc a flexible shaft and a flexible housing so eomipctfld and senlcd as lo be non-tamperable. ffl No person shall use or permit cab operator shall have permanent signs painted on .sides and back of his taxi-cab, in contrasting colors, in large letters, the name of the individual or the trade name of the cab operator, and the cabs used by consecutively, nnd the "cab number" ot each cab shall be permanently painted thereon in large Eig- when It deems that the issuance of j quest. Be It further provided, that such permit would be. contrary operation and such permit be secured In the following shall be made by such person, firm or corporation, their lessees, trustees or receivers, in writing, to the Oily Council and shall specify the following matters: (11 Name and address of the applicant and the names and addresses of It's officers, if a corporation, and the place of it's office in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, and every Ruch person, firm or corporation, their lessees, trustees or receivers shall maintain an office in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. (2) That part of (he City of Blytheville over which the applicant intends to operate, including any city or town whose corporate limits are within a radius of five miles of the corporate limits of Blytheville. or for an occasional trip over ten miles beyond such corporate limits. <3> The kind of traffic in which the applicant intends to engage, together with a description of each vehicle which the applicant intends to use and for which a permit. Is requested, including the seating capacity of said vehicle. the public interest of policy. SECTION FIVE: Before granting any such permit or permits, the City Council shall require the seeker of any such permit to Ale with the City Clerk an application, verified by oath, setting lorth the facts showing his qualifications to render Ihe service or services for which ne seeks the permit, together with :he facts which he considers justify and numbering shall be readable at a distance not less than one hundred fcrt under ordinary lighting conditions, and it is hereby declared to be n misdemeanor to allow said name or numbers to be removed from said vehicle. Any person found guilty ot violating this section of this ordinance shall be fined not less than five dollars 'SS.OO) or more than Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00i. SECTION SEVENTEEN. Each taxi-cab owner or operator Is hereby required to keep each and every taxi-cab or taxi-cabs operated by said taxi-cab owner or operator In proper sanitary condition and proper and safe mechanical condition. herein provided, shall, upon con- j Unpaid passengers shnll not be per* viction, be subjected to the same i milled to ride In any taxi-cab oth- ,.res. tn contrasting colors, said let- ,„ hc „,,,,„ „ Rm , ,. lxk , nb a ,„„,_ ters and ligurcs not to be less than me , cr wllicn ,,„„„ bc ,„ s , lch cond| . four inches in height. Such lettering ! tj(m „ lo bc over nv(1 pcrcent , 5 <,,, i anv nivner or operator of cab shall continue to employ, or to permit any driver (o continue to drive, a taxi-cab for the purpose of transporting persons for compensation over the streets of Blytheville, Arkansas, after such driver has been .suspended or hLs operator's license has been revoked as incorrect to the prejudice of any passenger. fgi No license shall be Issued to a taxicab until the taximeter at- lichrd thereto shall have been inspected find found to be accm.ite. <hJ No (jcrson shall use or permit In be used, ur driven for hire a taxicab equipped with a taximeter the case of which Is unsealed and not having Its cover and gear intact. (it No driver of a laxlcab equipped with a taximeter while carrying passengers or under, employment shall display the signal affixed !o such taximeter In such position as to denote such vehicle is not employed, or in such position as to denote ibat he is employed at rate of fare different, from that iUllinBT *nd wrvlcing all meters and used by the taxicab operators in the City ot Blylhcvllle, Arkansas, or such approval /thall be made by some person designated by the City Council for such purpose. SECTION TWENTY -ONE; It /shall b« unlawful for any Eaxicab to be operated for public hire unless it is equipped with a taximeter which mast be operated and used as provided in this ordinance. SECTION TWENTY -TWO; It shall be unlawful for any person owning, operating or driving such a taxlcah as herein defined or to operate or drive Mich taxleab unless such taximeter is uwd In determining the fare to be charged anri no other or different fare shall be charged to a passenger than Is recorded on the reading face of such taximeter for n trip, except that the h ou rly rat e may be used a t rrutiml agreement of passenger ami owner of the taxicab. No other rates or methods ot measurement of distance or time charges shall be allowed except as - herein provided. SECTION TWENTY-THREE; It shall be unlawful for any per.son owning, operating or driving taxicabs for hire to operate or drive the .same on a distance tariff or to use or advertise in connection there- .with the words "Taxi, Paxlcab,' or "Cab," or In soliciting trade from the public to represent or hawk vehicle a* ft "Taxi," "I'fixicab," or "Cab," unless (he same hft equipped with a t.vvlmrlcr according to the provisions nf this ordinance. ! SECTION TWENTY-FOUR: No person owning, operating or controlling any taxi-rab within the limits of the city, shall charge to exceed the following rates lo be determined by the taximeter: For the first 2/3 mile or fraction thereof for one person $0.35 For each succeeding onethird mile or fraction thereof .10 For each additional person for the whole journey $0.10 For each two minutes of waiting- time 01- fraction thereof .... 0.10 Taxicabs operated for hire by the' hour, shall not charge rates in excess of the. following: For the first one hour $3,00 For two minute periods or fraction thereof, thereafter, not totaling a full hour n.10 SECTION TWENTY-FIVE: Every driver of a taxicab shall have the right to demand payment of the fine as was lm]K?sed upon the driv- j er duly qualified . and require the rendering to the cr anti tnc cao OT driven removed j working under the Chief o public such service. No such permit | from service for the shall be granted until and unless! of tinie a - s that of such driver's sus- the applicant therefor shall have | each vehicle operated insured against public liability and property damage in a sum not less than Five period i who shall be permitted at all times i inspector ! which he Is entitled under the pro- .f Police. I visions of this ordinance. It shall j duty of the driver to call the , to ride therein for the purpose nf i attention of passengers to the pension or revocation. ' inspection of .said taxi-cab or taxi- j amount registered and the taxlcab SECTION ELEVEN: A permit Is cabs and to determine whether or i Jla S shall not be changed to "Va- hereby required for each motor ve- j not. the terms of this ordinance are| cant ". position until after the fare ... hide opcrnled as a taxi-cab a n A Thousand Dollars ($5000.00* and the 5uch Permit shall be exhibited to „ serial number of the said, policy | lne City Clerk when application for per/ion, firm or corporation operat being violated. Sp:CTION EIGHTEEN: Every is paid. If demanded by I'ne passenger, the driver in charge of a taxicab shall deliver lo the person . terested in or affected by such ip- hearing which shall be conducted Pensation over the streets and av- iy the City Council of said City of enues of the City ot Blythcville. all persons interested in. or affected by, such application. All persons in- provisions of this granting of permits to operate taxi-cab or taxi-cabs, not rnoie than - .. tax-ca or ax-cas, no rnoie an Arkansas, shall not be transferable onfi „ shall oe ,„„„„ for eacn ™^", P f" l °';_ t0 ,.. n Jl nl ^ r ." one thousand inhabitants of the from one vehicle to another by the plication, including all carriers at same operator. Provided, however.! such time rendering any type of should a laxi operator for-hire service in said city, shall transfer a permit and license to have the right either in person, or j another operator or from one vehi- by representatives of their own 1 clc to another, as where a new ev- choosing. to be present tit nil such ! hide reolaces an old one. the op- I City of Blythevllle or fraction there- He knows who has the cleanest, freshest wash In town . . . who is salisfierl with half- wa.v, old-fashioned methods. How do you rate? 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Fla i New Vork, N. I 1 1 I I 10 . 8 .. S .. 8 % i-in SJS 38.90 4t.OO 20.75 2.1.70 $ 3.15 I0.5S 25.10 6S.I5 72.00 37.35 42.71) IPIiis U.S. Tax) Greyhound Terminal 10» N. 5th Thone 4441 GREYHOUND to change Ihc size of the w)icp].<| or tires of a tnxicab nr the gears operating the taximeter or tn change a taximeter from one rah to an- nthpr unlns.-^ the taxhnelcr Is rctest- cd and approved by Ihe City Council before using. Approval by the City Council ns referred U> in this -sub-section and in sub-section (a) above shall be based on the written of the manufacturers aRent in- legal fare in advance' and may refuse employment unless 11 be prepaid, but no driver ol n taxicab stmll otherwise or neglect io vey any orderly person or persons upon request, anywhere in the city unless previously engaged or unable to do so. No driver of a taxicab shnll carry any other person than the passenger first employing the taxi' rab without the coment of the passenger. SECTION TWENTY-SIX: All disputes as 'to fares shall be determined hy the officer tn charge of the central police station and both passenger and driver shall comply with such determination. SECTION, TWENTY-SEVEN: No person owning, operating or control- ing a taxicab shall charge or attempt to charge any passenger a greater rate of fare than thnt to which he is entitled under the provisions of this ordinance. SECTION TWENTY-EIGHT: Licenses Issued pursuant to the provisions of this ordinance may be revoked or suspended by the Cit Council whenever It shall find that the licensee or any agent, servant or employee of such licensee has violated the provisions of this ordinance or permitted the same lo be violated: provided, however, no such license shall be revoked or suspended unless charges in writing shal first have been filed with the Cits, ilcrk selling forth with reasonnbli certainty the nature of such chars? against the licensee. Upon the fil of charges as aforesaid, the May or shall fix a lime and place to the hearing of said charges and eopy of tht charges tiled, together with notice of the time and plac« ol Hearing shall be served upon th» licensee live days prior to the date fixed for the hearing, Any notice provided for in thli ordinance shall be served either (1) by delivering a copy personally to the licensee, or c2) by leaving a copy with the person of suitable age and discretion at the place of business of the licensee, or If no such person be found at the place ol busl- tics.s of the. licensee, by leaving such notice in a conspicuous place on the premises, and mailing a copy of the notice to the licensee at hb place of business as set forth In hlj application for permit. At the hear- in? on said charges the licensee shall have the right lo appear and defend the charges and, it he so desires, to be represented bv 'counsel SECTION TWENTY-NINE- Every license issued under the provisions ol this ordinance shall slate that such license is issued in consideration of the fees paid therefor and Ihe right of the City Council to revoke or .suspend such license pursuant to the provisions of this ordinance. Upon the rei-ocation of any license for cause the unearned portion of the license fee shall be returned to the liremc-e. SECTION THIRTY: It shall be- unlawful lor the driver of any taxicab to drive such cab without having hw name and operators license num- ' er displayed therein in such a manner that the same can be reaHily icen by any person entering the axicab. SECTION THIRTY-ONE: It shall be a misdemeanor lor any person tn •lolate any ol the provisions ol this ordinance and every person convicted of a miMlemeanof for the violation of any of the provisions of this ordinance shall hc punished by a line not exceeding $300.00, or by imprisonment In the city Jail lor t period not exceeding ninety days', or by both such fine and imprisonment. SECTION THIRTY-TWO: If any section, provision, or part thereof, n this ordinance be adjudged to b» nvalld or unconstitutional, such ad- iildlcatlon shall not allect the .validity of the ordinance as A whole, or any section, provision or part thereof not adjudicated Invalid or unconstitutional, it being hereby expressly declared by the City Council of the City of Blytheville. Arkansas, that it would have pa.ised this ordinance with such part or parts so found to be invalid eliminated. SECTION THIRTY-THREE: AH ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed; provided such repeal shall not affect any action or proceeding had or commenced In any criminal or civit cause before this ordinance or It's respective provisions take effect, but such action or proceeding may be prosecuted and continued with the same effect and under the provisions ot taw effective askfor Be sure to ask for this fomoui whiskey by ill full name—Bourbon do Luxe—and get The Mt pfeosura of luperb, mellow Kentucky whiskey. Its de luxe, extraordinary quality has won lha favor of whiskey buyeri who Iniisl on the besl. at the time the action or proceeding was commenced. SECTION THIRTY-POUR: That by reason of the fuel that taxicab drivers in the City of Blytheville. Arkansas, nnd the drivers and operators thereof, nre In Immediate need of strict supervision and regulation as herein provided for tha protection of the Inhabitants of snid City, and this ordinance beinj necessary for the Immediate pre- aservation of the public peace, health and safely, an emergency ii hereby declared to exist, and this ordinance shnll be in full force and effect from and after its passage, approval and publication. Passed: Sept. D. 1952. Approved: Dan Blodgett Attest: W. B. Malin Mayor City Cleric Rewrre District No. B stale Xn. 81-105 Report of C'nnilitluii nf The Farmers Bank and Trust Company nf niythrrille. Arkansas, a member of the Federal Reserve System, »4 Ihr close of business on September ^i 1352. published In accordance with • call maitr by tht Federal Reserve hank of this district pursuant to the provisions nf the Federal Reserve Act. ASSETS Cash, balances with other banks. Including: reserve balance. and cash items In process of collection 51.222,373.18 United Slates Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 2.229..iOOOO Obligations of States and political subdivisions 132.000 00 Olher bonds, notes, and debentures 2.033 34 Corporate slocks (Including $21.00000 nock of Federal Reserve hankt I/Mns anrt disc-minis (Including S2.B3S.lfi overdrafts! Bank premises owned s.ii.000.00. furniture and fixtures SI 00.. Other assets 21,00000 3,816,119.51) S5.00I.CO 54.132 05 TOTAf, ASSETS S7.532.761.05 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnership?, and corpnra- tltmi S4.84B.534.14 Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporation.'. 1,061.724.23 Deposits of United States Government <including postal savings' Deposits of States and political subdivisions Deposits of banks 162.223 45 Other deposits 'certified and officers' checks etc.» 2866850 TOTAI, DEPOSITS S6.o67.3Rl.2S Other liabilities 32,"4524. Kentucky StraijM Bouibcn Wtiltkt) BOTH 86 PROOF • BOURBON DE IUXE KENTUCKY 81ENDFD BOURBON WHISKEY CONTAINS 451 GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS • THE BOURBON Bt IUXE COMPANY, LOUISVILLE. KY. TOTAI, I.IARILTTJF.S (not incluriinz Mityrdir.atrd obilL-a- tlons shown bclowi '. $6,600.130.47 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital" i ;of>.OfX)Of> Surplus jino.nno oo Undivided profits 232.633.53 TOTAL CAPTTAL ACCOUNTS !W2.8tt 53 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ."7.532.764.05 •This bank's capital consols of: Common stock with total par value o! 5200,000 00. MEMORANDA AsseL* ptedKed or asM^rtrri to ^eciiro liabilities nnd for o*h?r purpows $ 275.000.M t-oans a.i shewn abovp are alter rirrtitctfon nf rc5Prvr<; of 24,111.11 T. R A. Pnrir-r, vlcr-proMtirnt nf 'he nbove-iutnrd bank, hereby certify that the above statement is uuc to the bosi r.f my knowledge and belief. R. A. POUTER, VKP-PresttJent. Correct—Attest: B. A. Lynch J. L. Cherry F, E. \Varrcn, Directors.

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