The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1949 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1949
Page 19
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHEVILLR (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OK BUT THINK OF TH' WORK. SAVE--1 ALUlS DID HAVE ATERRIBLE TIME 'EMTIED BACK UP LIKE THEV WAS; YOUR RMlMO-SlZe STOCK. IMG IS AS SOUWD A<S , MATOR, AMD •TH6 MUFFLER AWSLe rvA BIG euy/ BUT TIME'S 60 SHORT AlN'T VOO GONNlA MISS / V BUS? w INSULT TO US/ Vv\ THEY nosrr TRUST US--7AKING OUR CliRISTMAS PRESENTS WITH THEM WHEN ThEV GO BACH SHOPPIN' AGAIN; UMDEE- E5TIMATE MV 6AGA.- CITV/ — I'M A ^ , BOT A MAN OF r\ie ORDERED 25TJOZEM OF THE STOCKIMG- BliPLODE: LAST 3DLV?, PEOPL& ARE BUYING EASTER eS6S WOW / AV, YOU'VE REALLY 8EEM • ""i.'S-.'S •-, "THE o 1 - 13 TIMER. Courteous SRPE [Drivers Ask for either white or colored driver. Nine cabs »i your service. 2100 CAB CO. RENT A CAR Drive Anywherr Von Please' Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 Protect Your Family's Health Expert PRESCRIPTION » Service WOODS DRUG 221 West Main You'll be PROUD to OWN this CORNER CHINA CASE With all the charm of Early Neiu England A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOUR HOME Tht simple digniiy of ihij unusually fine Corner China CIM with lu clean cut line* will ipptll lo home ouncrs of dis- crimiruiing tistc. Appealing, too, u ihc attractive price which brings qullilj- wilhin ihc reach of ine modesl new home or remodeling buil£« — an ouuund- ^"g Morc-for.the-Money Value. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. \V. H. "Rill" ]>case • J. Wilson Henry Highway 61 South Fhcme 2-131 ler of M In (jn^Mf fttnlnjc An- drrjr Ynknv, nnp nf fhr ounprcta, pinrf »mrrhlne hi* hnnx-. tln-y rnunH nofhlnc. Hut Ynknv hn« XVIII JNSTEAD <of the usual wooden frame, the portrait canvas was tacked to a plywood board. Yakov gently pried a dozen or so tacks loose and lifted the board. Several letters were attached to tile other side with strips of cellulose tape. He peeled them off and took them back to the sitting room where he settled himself comfortably in the fireside chair "Here, first of nil, Babushka, we have letters from the lovely Nellyj to her friend, Martin. And here, we have two very Interesting communications from a young lady living in the state of Tennessee. Also of interest is this > letter to our murdered friend i from the onetime wardrobe mistress of an American ballet company. And this last one. Babush^ka. it tells of Natasha, the talented sister of Nellya, and also of her child, > long lost child, who, of "course, would be Nellya's niece.' 1 He scratched mechanically at the cat's ear, "Could we but locale that child, that young lady, she would be of infinite help in our search for that which we have been ordered to find." He threw a chunk of wood on the fire. "Orders. Always orders! .Never is there a-'complete anc happy divorcement from the orders." He stroked the cat's head "I am tired and therefore my conversation becomes dull and redundant. But all this is true. One "lust—as the Americans say— 'play the game,' or one courts sure disaster for those of one's family who have remained behind in the mother country.** He levied back and extended his feet to the fire, "So one dis patches promising reports and continues the search. The daughter of Natasha would be Invaluable at this time. Rut who is lo ay where the girl might be found?" Slowly deliberate, he rested his elbows on his knees and pinched tower lip between thumb and forefinger. His eyes were fiercely intent as he stared into the names. Mis body stiffened, he snapped his fingers, then sprang from his chair to pace the room. The cat questioned him in her peculinr hoarse voice. "It could be she!" Yakov exclaimed. "It could conceivably be she! The blue-eyed Miss Smith. the friend and assistant of Miss Hagar Blair!"* * * • gTEPHANlE. standing at the broad front windows of the Three Wishes Shop, looked at her watch and saw that it registered 5 o'clock. Hngnr had promised to return by 4—she had gone to talk lo Nell O'Neill, about the cameo. Hagar had, at first, been in favor of informing Nell thai Stephanie was her niece and the rightful owner of the locket, then demanding thnt the cameo be returned to her. But Stephanie had argued that this would accomplish nothing. Nettya was sure to claim that the cameo had been given to her by Natasha. Stephanie's mother. She recalled again, bitterly, the circumstances surrounding Nellya's theft of the locket Her aunt had started operations by hammering at her sister that the locket should be sold to insure Stephanie's future. Natasha had held back a final decision but had per- milted^hcr sister to take the locket to an appraiser. And that was the last they had seen of Nellya. Or of the locket- Today, presumably, Hagar wa finding out whether Nellya sus pec ted the whereabouts of tht, catneo. Also, Hagar planned to let fall the information that she knew Nellya had no right to th* piece, tacked by her authority as n woll- -cnown collector, Hagar would announce that she knew Ihc entire story of the cameo, including the denlity of its current legal owner. A car ,ilM to a stop in from oi :he shop. Stephanie drew a sharp, deep breath as she recognized the driver! tl was that young man igain, Mr. Reddy. the police chief's assistantl He was here to ask more questions, she felt sure of it And Hagar wasn't here to parry them this time! * » • r |MIE customer-bell tinkled as he entered. Stephanie braced herself. "Hello." he began pleasantly, "all alone today?" She gave him a nervous smile and a slight nod. She watched him saunter here and there in the shop, looking at things, picking them up and putting them carefully down. He stood for a few seconds in front of the cameo cabinet, hanrts in the pockets of his gray flannel trousers. He met her eyes: "Miss Blair out?" "Yes." Stephanie heard the word come out as a soft squeak. She cleared her throat and tried again: "Yes. She had some business lo—to attend to. Did you want to see her?" 'Not especially," he answered. "Much rather talk to you. Have you any new and bright ideas on the Cameo Case?" Observing his grin, she relaxed a little. 'The Cameo Case?" His tone was casually friendly. "Better yet, we could call it the 'Case -of the Carnclian Cameo.' H would help some if 1 knew what the thing looked like. Everybody who's seen it gives me a different picture. You've seen it, haven't you? Why not give me your description?" Stephanie felt fidgety. Her eyes probed the back of Reddy's head— he was again looking into the cameo cabinet, "I suppose," he said, "it's a lot lore impressive than any of these others." "Oh yes!" She couldn't seem to curb her enthusiasm. 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HAM LIN \VS5\VU65 TIME-MACHINE DIDN' HIT THE M.NEK.THEN CUE MISCLE SENT PE TO THE LAND CP AMMONS VsWERE T BATTLED ^BZ HE M/SOIf BELT OF HIFPOLXTA '- ~ r ITS ON- BELHVABLE, B'JT ITS ALL IN THE BACK FILES OF VOue NEWS- 1 PAPERS: WITH THE ALADDIN'S LAMP HOOTS AM) HER IUIDDIKS liY KOGAR MARTIN OOO-Wtl '.I f\KTO -W,V«i OOtS V, TOO: Phone 3075 ft •\

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