The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1952
Page 12
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FACE TWELVE BLYTHEYILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWf WEDNESDAY, 8BIT. IT, Rebel Texas Democrats Can't Get Ike's Name On Ballot in Party Label By CLAYTON H1CKERSON , AUSTIN, Tex. Wi — Rebellious Texas Democrats havo a statewide organization to back OOP presidential nominee Dwight D, Eisenhower today but no way to put his name on the ballot- under a Democratic label. Judge Jack Roberts in Austin's 12Gth District Court yesterday prohibited the use of the Democratic label or nny variation of it for Eisenhower on the state's general election ballot Nov. 4. Judge Roberts' decision came Just a few hours after a group of Democrats, meeting in Austin, set up a state organization and planned a "grass roots" campaign for a Republican victory in Texas. Claud Gilmer, former speaker of Ihe Texas House of Representatives and a Rock Springs attorney, was named to lead the movement under the name of "Texas Democrats for Eisenhower." The prohibition to use the Democratic label for Ihe Republican nominee came in a temporary injunction forbidding Secretary of State Jack Koss of Texas to certify Eisenhower's name ns the presidential candidate for the recently organized "Texas Democratic party." The party was organized In nn effort to give Texas Democrats who oppose Democratic nominee Adlai Stevenson a chance to vote for the Republican nominee in some kind of Democratic column. The Stale Democratic Convention at Amarlllo, Tex., Sept. 9 certified Stevenson as its nominee but urged all Democrats to work and vote for Eisenhower. A day later, the "Texas Democratic party" was organized in Dallas and the Republican nominee certified as its candidate. There ^-ere these other Texas developments: 1. Ben Gull), state Republican campaign manager for the Eisenhower forces, said vice presidential candidate John Sparkman'E statement Monday that the Democratic party couid fashion legislation giving Texas a fair share of the Udelands was "the inevitable bait." Gulll said at Pt. Worth, "It is the same type of promise Truman made to Texas in 1948 and the Bame that died the day after the election." 2. Sinclair Weeks, chairman of the National Republican Finance Committee, was In Ft. Worth and Dallas on a whirlwind tour to collect funds for the Eisenhower campaign. He said Eisenhower would spend two days campaigning in Texas. 3. Dr. R. B. Robins, Democratic national committee man from Cnm- dcn, Ark., told 400 doctors that Gov, Stevenson had evaded the "socialized medicine" issue. Robins, addressing the annual Scientific Assembly of the Texas Academy of Private Pracllce, said Stevenson's campaign manager had replied to a letter asking a clarification of views with tlic assertion that "pressure of the campaign" made It impossible for the governor to reply. Ice Cream Pays Off Plenty to Young Hero RICHMOND, Vn. fjft—C. G. Winston helped catch a holdup man at a High';; ice cream store here just 221 days ago. The company, as a reward, promised that for a whole year Winston's three sons—Kenneth, 5; Stephen, 7; and C. G. Jr., 8— could have all the ice cream they wanted —free. With many more days of free dessert to go, the Winston boys have consumed 2,107 Ice cream cones, Unfortunately for the company they live only 02 paces away. Total cost of the free Ice cream to date—$203. Total the thief would have gotten away with if Winston hadn't nabbed him—S4Q. Camphor Production Set TOKYO W) — Japan soon will start mass production of synthetic camphor from natural resin under a recently-discovered process. Kyorto News Agency said [he method has been developed without depending on any U.S. or German patents. Turpentine oil is extracted from resin and then processed into camphor. ORDINANCE NO. 531 AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE INSPECTION OF GAS PIPING ANI> APPLIANCES AND FIXING FEES FOR SDCH: gUALIFYTNO PERSONS, FIBMS AND CORPORATIONS ENGAGED IN THE BUSINESS OF GAS FITTING: FIXING SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF SFUVTCE LINES ANT) HOUSE PIPING: PROVIDING SPECIFICATIONS FOR APPLIANCES: PJIOVTDING PENALTIES FOR NONCOMPLIANCE, REPEALING ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT HEREWITH AND FOR OTHER PTTRPOSES. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CTTT COUNCIL OF THE CITT OF BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS' SECTION I. There shall be an assistant plumbing inspector in the office or the City Engineer whose duties shall be the inspection of gas piping and Installations as hereinafter prescribed and defined in this Ordinance, The assistant plumbing inspector shall perform such other duties as may be from time to time prescribed by the Cit;>Engineer. SECTION 2. It Is hereby made the duty of aU persons, firms or corporations, before connection of gas piping for houses, or gas service line to a gas supply to secure from the office of the City Engineer certificate of approval certifying that the house piping or service line conforms to the specifications and construction standards as hereinafter fixed. Any gns appliance installed at the time shrill likewise be inspected and must also conform to the specifications herein fixed and be included in the certificate of approval. SECTION 3. (a) It is hereby made the duty of the gas inspector to inspect gas appliances. EHS house piping and pas service lines after such have been installed but before the gas supply has been turned on, and if found by him to conform to this Ordinance, to cause to be issued a certificate approving the installation and authorizing the gas supplier to turn the gas on, Such certificate shall be issued in quadruplicate, one copy being furnished tc the gas fitter Jn charge of the work, one copy to the supplier of gas. one copy to the applicant for gas service and one copy filed in the office of the City Engineer. (bl No certificate shall be required for the installation of gas appliances where the house piping and service lines have been previously inspected p.nd approved by the gas inspector ex;ept for water heaters, floor furnaces, boilers, unit heaters, conversion burners and central heatine furnace?. (c) A new certificate shall be required before the gas service is reconnected for a structure in which no gas has been ur-rrt for a period of 12 consecutive months or more. SECTION 4. When the gas Inspector or supplier is notified that gas appliances, house piping or service line in use by any person, firm or corporation, are in a dangerous and unsafe condition, he shall Immediately notify the person, firm or corporation owning or controlling such gas appliance, house piping or service line of their dangerous and unsafe condition and shall shut- off or cause tc be shut off all gas service to !he premises Involved when in his Judgment the xiration desiring to engage in the usiness of gas fitting, shall after pprovaJ,of said bond procure a II- •t from the City Clerk of the City of Blythcville which license hall run for a period of one cal- ndar from the date of it's Issuance. nless sooner revoked, and shall ,ot be transferable. SECTION 8. At the time nn in- pcction is applied /or, .service line nd house piping shall be complete nd sll outlets capped. Pressure ests shall be made of the service ne and house piping separately, 'he service line shall be te.itcd be- ore the trench is hark filled. The rcKsure testing device used In the est rshnll be a sensitive mercury olumn. The service line and house ng shall be required to twenty nches mercury column of air pres- ure for a period of fifteen minutes Ithout a detectable drop in pres- ure. Any gas appliances or appur- enances thereto subject to inspec- ion and approval by the fins inspec- under the provisions of this Ordinance shall be properly onncctcd before the Issuance of an pproval certificate by the gas in- pector. SECTION 9. Specif [cations for .aterUI and rules Rovcmlng instal- atlon of service lines: <n) A separate porvice shall be In tailed for each .structure am! to a ncatton in I tin street, nllny nr eas- nent desi-natM by the Kimlnccrlng Jepartment r>[ the Gas Company s the point of connection to the as supply. <b) AH pipe shall be new, slanri- rd, full weight, wrought iron, sleel, opiier or brass frer from dc/Ircts. (c) All fittings shall bo of host uallty malleable iron. No cast Jrnn ittings shall be u?ed. Meter cocks hall be iron body, bra-'^s core. Sock ving type or their equivalent. (d) No bushings, Rafkct unjnns, globe valves or all brass stop cocks .hnll be used. (c) Service lines shall he not le^s .hnn one nnd one-qua r tor inches I'/i), standard pipe. When gas re- lulrements for .structure to be supplied Includes boilers or other cnulp- nent requiring Increased rjuanti- .ies of BBS, the .size of service line ihnll be increased to two inch <2") )r larger size standard pipe required by supplier of gns. (f) When possible or practical vithin the limits of Rood workmanship, service lints shall be Installed follows: gas appliances, house piping service lines are unsafe, H shnll be unlawful to furnish sis for the use of, or to use gas appliances, house piping or service Lines after such notice has been given until repairs are made and the same has beeij Inspected and approved by the gas inspector. Where repairs are founc necessary and 'an Inspection Is made after repairs are completed :ho inspection fee provided herein shall be collected. SECTION 5. Prior to the Usunnce of nn approval certificate by the gas inspector, an inspection fee as follows, shall be paid to the City Engineer: B ga* outlets or toM $1.00 8, 7 or B outlet* 2.00 9. 10 or 11 outlets 3.00 12, 13 or 14 outlets 4.00 15. 16 or 17 outlets 5,00 18. 19 or 20 outlets 6.00 For gas appliances listed In Sec tion 3b above, to be installed afte house piping and service lines havi been inspected and approved, thi inspection fee shnll be as follows: Water heater $1.00 Floor furnace • 2.00 Boilers 2.00 Unit heaters 2.00 Conversion Burners 2.00 Central Heating Furnaces. 2,00 The above fees include inspec tion of service line, house piplni nnd appliances. When an approva certificate cannot be issued for en tire work at the time of Initial In spection because of incomplete service line, house piping, work or'non compliance to the specification herein provided, an additional fe of $1.CO shall bo paid to the Cit Engineer for each additional in spection trip made by the gn.s in speclor before issuance of an appro val inspection certificate, SECTION $. The gas Inspecto shall have authority to enter building whoro gas is used, for th purpose of making an inspection o the gas equipment therein, SECTION' 7. (a) It shall be un lawful for any person, firm or cor poration to encage in the busines. of installing gas services, gas pip ing and fitting and'or gas burn ing appliances in the City of Ely theville. Arkansas, until such person, firm or corporation .shall have first procured from the City of Bly- thevllle a gas fitters license of $25.00 per year find shall have first procured and deposited with the City Clerk of the Citv of BrythcvUle, Arkansas, a sood and .sufficient bond In the sum of $500.00 havlnc theron one or more sureties, one of which .surety shall be a surety company duly authnrizfci to do bU5inr*s in the State of Arkansas, and to be approved by the City Council of the City of BlythcviUf, conditioned that such person, firm or corporation ?ha!l faithfully comply with the terms and provisions of this Ordinance and all the riiles and regulations made in pursuance thereof, nnd shall indemnify nnd hold the City of BlytheviUe and nny and all persons interested, harmless against aU costs, expen.sf!5. damages, and injuries sustained the City of Bly- thcville. or any other persons Interested, by reason of the failure to comply with the ordinances, rules p.nd regulations ol the City of Bly- theviUe, Arkansas, or by negligence of salu gas fitter* in operating under this ordinance anci ihe rules anrt regulations made in pursuance thereof, tb) The individual, lirm or cor- <& Meter loops ihall be constructed outelde the structure and when more than one meter is required, the loops shall be built In manifold. Each meter loop shall he provided with a locking type shutoff cock located outside the structure supplied. AH meter loops shall be constructed In accordance with and replacement! (a) When a structure Is altered or enlarged, the meter loops ar* to be relocated outside structure according to the requirement* of new r.ork. (b) When a customer 1 * service line or house piping in a structure Is altered to provide for addl- the specifications herein included j tlonal meters, the gas piping shall and at a location where meters can he inspected and safely maintain-! cd, j fh> Where the service line extends into or through a brick or concrete wall, the Una shall be protected by a thimble or casing and properly Denied both inside and ovttsidc the building. (I) No service line shall be installed under any structure. (J) No service line shall be laid in or in the soil Immediately under, cojicretc aprons, sidewalks, driveways or roads where it can be avoided. If it is unavoidable the service line shall be protected b? an adequate casing. -(k> With the exception of unavoidable crossings, service lines shall not Ut installed in the same excavation or within three feet of a newer line or any other similar type underground lines having comparative type Joints. (1) All service line pipe laid underground and the meter loop riser pipe shall he properly conted with nn approved pipe protection male- rial oi' galvanized pipe shall be installed. Cm) All pipe nnd pipe fittings must he made up tight with an approved pipe Joint cement or white lend. (n> Ah dirt, water or other accumulations shall he removed from inside pipe upon completion ot work. Completed service shall he threaded and capped at the, termination at curb linos or nllcy. Under no circumstances shall end ot pipe be left opjMi and covered with dirt. SECTION 10. Repair or replacements: ' <fU Services requiring alterations nr repairs lire to he replaced nc- cording to the requirements of ser- vicos for new structures. (b) When a service is found leaking, part in I replacement of pipe \vill not ba permitted unless entire pipe is exposed Tor inspection for determining if balance of customer service is in condition tiatisfnuto- ry for continued use. (c) When nny rVyuiirs or n 1 tera- ServEce line shall be installed at tions are made to a customer serv- right angles to street or alley, pipe shall be laid with an average depth of not less than eighteen inches '18") below the permanent, grade of ,he property nnd exceptions Khali >e limited to locations where pipe would be lower in depth than con- ectlon to suppliers connection pipes. The pipes shall be installed vlth a continuous grade from the meter loop to the connection pipe of supplier nml be free from traps, unnecessary offsets, risers, fittings or capped openings. ice, the work shall Include changing nny part of. pipe that may be located under the structure supplied. (d) Gas supply shnlJ be shut off nt utility supply during progress of such work. (e) Before resuming gas supply for structure, the gas company shall obtain, an inspection nnd pressure test report where such work is under Jurisdiction of the Gas inspector. SECTION 11. Meter be rebuilt according to the method and specifications governing new- work. SECTION 12. Specifications for material and rules governing Installation of house piping: (a) All pipe shall lie standard, full weight, wrought iron, steel, copper or brass, free from defects. <b) All fittings shall be best quality malleable iron. No cast Iron fittings shall be nsed. (c) No bushings, (jacket unions, (•lobe valves or all brass stop cocks shall be used. (d) No rubber hose or non-metallic connections shall be used. (e) No valves or unions shall be placed In any unaccesslble place. <f> The following table shows the minimum pipe si/.e to be installed from meter to appliance riser for supplying heating and cooking stove, ranges, hot water heaters, gas logs and other appliances of the ordinary and usual type and size: Minimum Maximum Maximum Si7R Length Outlets inch pipe 10 feet 2 , " " 20 " 1 1 " " 20 " 6 I 40 " 4 1 " " €0 " I 1 " " 80 " 1 1'i " " 50 " 10 Ti " " 100 " 5 I 1 '; " " 50 " 40 Pi " " 100 " 20 2 " " 100 " 80 2 " " 200 " 40 (g> Where gas meters are Installed above ground at the house, each consumers service line shall be provided by the consumer with a suitable stop cock located in an accessible pluce and at the inlet of the meter. (,h) Where an underground meter is used, each consumer's house line shall be provided with a suitable .stop cock (sill cock) at a point above ground where the gas line enters the building. (I) Where more than one meter is supplied through one service line, a stop cock shall be installed at, each meter Inlet in addition to the service line stop. *j) The size of house piping not otherwise provided for In this section shall be approved by the gas inspector nnd satisfactory to the gas company. SECTION 13. No person, firm or of a rtuiter plumb«r or ma*t«r ph>« litters license i«su«d by'th« 6Ut« of Arkansas. SECTION H. Specifications for material and rules governing installation of appliance*: (a) All appliances and all devices attachments and accessories /or them shall conform to the usual and ordinary standards required for safe operation. (b) No device or attachment shall be Installed on any appliance which may in any way impair the combustion of the gas, (c) No devices employing or depending upon an electrical current shall be used to control or ignite a gas supply if of such character that failure of the electric current could result In the escape of unburned gas or in failure to reduce the supply of gas under conditions which would normally remilt in its reduction unless other means are provided to prevent the development of dangerous temperatures, pressures or the escape of gas. (d) Appliances shall be adequately supported and so connected to the piping as not to exert undue stiain on the connection. (e) No appliance shall be installed in a room in which the facilities for ventilation do not permit the corporation shall be licensed or permitted to engage In the business of installing or connecting, repairing or replacing gas piping, gas fixtures | or appliances said person, loop repair firm or corporation is the holder proper combustion of gas under normal conditions of use. ff> Nn hot water heater shall be installed, In a bathroom. (g) A gas cock or shutoff shall be easily accessible nnd within convenient reaching distance when lighting the burner. (ht When air or oxygen under pressure Is used In connection with any gas supply effective means | shall be provided to prevent the ai or oxygen from going back Into the gas piping. (i> Gas appliances shall be Installed so that their continued operation will not raise the temperature of surrounding combustibJLe material or construction more than of thli character shall b« designed with a heat deflector or burner tray to prevent incandescent particles of dust, carbon, etc., from falling onto the floor and Igniting combustible material. (n) No water heating appliances shall be installed in a closed system of water piping unless a water pressure relief valve is provided. (0) Installations of gas fired floor furnaces shall conform to the following spectflcactffiMt (1) A standard flue shall be required, A standard flue for the purposes of this ordinance is defined as follows: A standard flue, for any purpose other than a gas floor furnace, should be constructed of brick, with at least a six by six inch opening inside nnd providing at least one inch clearance between the brick ana wood framing. A gas floor furnace of 50,000 BTU or less should be equipped with a flue of four inch galvanized pipe covered with asbestos paper or any other fire proof material, allowing one Inch clearance between the pipe and the wood framing. For a furnace of 50.COO to 70,000 BTU, a five inch galvanized pip/ 1 covered with asbestos with one inch clearance, is required. Size of pipe required increases with BTU of furnace. If metalbesto.s or transite is used for ninety degrees (90) Fahrenheit floor furnace flue, there is no requirement for wrapping these fire proof materials. (2) Where installations are In lowest floors of buildings without basements, ample clearance must be made and neither the flue pipe nor furnace casing shall be in contact with earth or damp material, nnd the furnace must be protected from s j the possibility of being flooded with r water. (3) No furnace shall be installed in the floor of any aisle or passageway of any auditorium, public assembly room, public hall; or egress from any such room or space. (4) All furnaces shall be equipped with a gas pressure regulator which above normal room temperature. (j) GFIJ appliances shall be located so that they will be readily accessible for operation, repair and adjustment. shall be adjusted so the gas input does not exceed the approved input rating. (5) If automatic operation of floor furnace is desired, care must be tak- ! on that the model designed for use (k) Appliances wtth closed bases wilh Hn automatic pilot is employ- nn which no provision is made for cd No aut omatic pilot shall be in- the circulation of nir below the burner boxes shall be properly Insulated from combustible floors. (1) No appliance shall be connected with non-metallic flexible tubing except such which are necessarily portable or have to be moved from place to place or which require a vibration joint In which cases the installation shall conform to the usual and ordinary standards required for such operation , tm) Ranges, water heaters, space heaters, clothes dryers, incinerators, and wall heaters shall not be installed in rooms where the facilities or ventilation do not permit proper combustion of the gas under normal conditions of use. Appliances stalled in the field on a floor furnace that has not been designed for such equipment. (piThe installation of gas fired boilers, furnaces and " conversion for house heating shall to the standards usually burners conform ai=d ordinarily required for s»fe operation. tq) A standard flue as hereinbefore set out shall be required for all gas burning equipment mentioned in the foregoing: sub-section. (1J form Flue connections shall con- to the usual and ordinary standards required for safe operation and shall be required for the following: (a) Automatically controlled ap- plianc«« with Input Mttr* fc exceM of 5.000 BTtJ par hour, except automatic irut*n*. ous waUr beaten of th* tingle faucet *yp« where lh« single faucet 1« ttt*eh«d to and made * part of th* appliance. (b) Automatical controlled »^- pliancej with Input ratfnf ]ffs than 5,000 BTU per howr, iwleae equipped with HI M&. tomatlo device to prevent th* escape of unburne^ g&» *| the main burner or burnen. The term "automatically controlled appliance" used In the foregoing paragraph* refers to appliance! to which the gas supply k automatically turned on and off in j accordance with the demand i''JJ for heat, but does not Incfed* appliances with device* or controls governing the vupply of gae to the main burner or burners which cannot automatically reduce the 9** tup- ply below 30% of th* Input rating. (c) Knch of several appliances except domestic gas range* installed in the same room, which In the aggregate hnv* an Input rating a* great a* 30 BTU per hour per eubta foot of room content. (d) Al! water heaters except ttios* hereinbefore exempted. (e) Space heaters in sleeping quarters' for use of transients. Such heaters should also be equipped with an automatic pilot which effect ignition ot the main burner and which unless In operation will shut off the gas supply to fche main burner. (f) All house heating steam and hot water boilers and warm air furnaces including floor furnace. 1 ;. SECTION 15. Any person, firm i corporation falling, refusing or neg-^ lecting to comply with the requirements of this Ordinance shall b« deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction In -the Municipal Court shall be fined In any sum not less than Five ($5.00) Dollars nor more than Fifty (»50.00) Dollars. Each day such violation shall continue shall be and constitute a separate offense, SECTION 16. All ordinances or parts of ordinances In conflict herewith be and the same are hereby repealed and this ordinance "shall take effect and be in force from and after it's passage and approval. SECTION 17. The provision* herein shall be deemed, construed and considered to be separate and sevcrable and should any part or portion hereof be found by a court of competent Jurisdiction to be invalid, such part or portion so found shall not Invalidate or affect th* remaining portions hereof. Passed: September 9. 1952 j Approved: Dan BLodgett. Mayor 1 Attest. W. I. Malin, Clerk mrt BENEATH that big broad bonnet is the reason for this headline. It's a four-barreled automatic carburetor—Air power by name—which has a way of gulping in what the dictionary defines as "a sudden blast of wind" when extra power is needed. 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