The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1949 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1949
Page 18
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If .PAUK K1GHTKKN tAUK.J UJUKlhiK NKW8 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dftlly f*W par one mi confecui''* Insertion*; Minimum cflarg* we 1 11 me pc'j lice Uc 9 tiroes pei line psi day Uc 3 tune* per »ne pej day \tc 9 I! me* per llae per d«j 1c J2 times pel line pei day *f ; Uonio per une we Count lire ft'craye words to tbe line /Ad ordered tot three oi KH lime* Ana stopped oriore expiration «1H t>* cr>&rg- ea roi toe aumfcei or llmer ttir to appeareo ana adjustment oj oil I made Ail O&Rsllica Advertising cops IUD- mlitcd by per*nn* residing outbid* 01 tfte city must tje acaunpnnLf-d br cunft Rates may easily bf> computed from tbf ftipme tndi< AdTflrtiKirjg ordei (01 irreputai insertions taxes ihe one iltne table j No rpspon Rim tit y will DC lafcfn foi mor» than one incorr^cl insert inn oi any ctaswmea na All ads 'are rmncita u> inelr propei clftEsllicRUnn style end type I fi e Courier tvewn reserve* in* rlcht to «dli rf ment for Rent '.Small furnlstict! itparlim'nl. uUIUlrs 2 Units hod. Phone 6J06. 1^15 pic 12 Iti 13 room liiriiishi?rt apartment. Ph, 3439. 6U6 K. Fifth J2 IS pk Ifl -.2 room furnulicd upt. 401 K. As(i *i wuy. 1215 pk :a ^3-room furnished apt. 2305 Carolyn Inquire Ullltlaiid Cnlc at Ucll. ( 12;H pk 12J17 '2-room unfurnished apt. Settled couple only. 1UO E. Itose rail after 4:30. 12-14 pk 1221 tNewly furnished or unfurnished jipt. Close In. Cull 6218, 1214 ck 1221 3 room unfurnished apartment Ad- ,UJts only. 7U1 Jamison, 12; 13 pfc Ifi 2-room fur- apt. Ph. 2334. Modern cabin service. Ph. y51 rtmcnts Cafe 12J1 pk 3|l|5fl Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services OHAfMAN tiERVlOF STATION Main At Ulvlsinn. Phone- 2Wj Don't •c'ndangci j,,m lamily with faulty ttres—13UV LEE ttHFS Insurance , For" FAflM IJURKAU INSURANCE service, call or contact a B. Slicppnrd. phono 2J57, early, morning, noon or nishi. - 12110 pfc i|io Dunkerque, freely translated, means "church among the "-nes." Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection \V. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection m w AKD t>i ou:Ncoe HOTEI BIJUJJIKU 4-H-rk-tl Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Koyai, Eainlth Comnft and !>?!S!nci«B DON EDWARDS m« TypwrUcr Mun 110 N Second St Phone 3381 0'16-ck-U Services AU'IO AND PUKNI'I'LJHH. LOANM Prompt fcrsnna* tierftcf General (VmUact Hurcfja^f uorp 1UG Snutb Stb Phnn* WJ ): nn inning ** tiaurt- N B S'niUJO » ing uiacnine5 repaired A ' ' Blyihevllle Machine Shop Pb ll\B ck tf Kipori laU cleaning oi CKinngA wan* iltinrf, carjiels, windows and U|)ti«[«t- ery FILl'S L3URA-O1.EAN pd 36'JO lOlli ck ti tor ex pen olt stora cleaning ttna repairing t^ali Harry Myers GS-l'J Also nave » tew ~J$» KQlInn wntci pninps, Installed VJbWJ 11 [22 pk 12,23 PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 4159 Blytbeville or 407 Oscedla 10-5 ck 1 -G OIL STOVE SERVICES • OLJ control VRlv-cfl cleaned and flcl- Jnsidcl cnrbon removed by new melh- od Willie Hot i'tl ^050 11128 pk 122? For Sale, Misc. Used Tractors A very Tiactor And Kqii] pint-lit. Iirlcc 1905.00. Al]is ChRlmers Model WC. and Eiu'lfunent. (J95.00. AlJls Chn)/iicrs Model WC. 51,125.00 AlllS Cl].iliin-if. Model V.'C wkli culllvnlor. J695 00 ^ta5sc> l -J^ft^rl!i Model 20 ,t Kciulsiinetit. $1.130.00 MiiKSpy-Hnrrls Model 20 A: Equip men I, sllgtitly used. fl.67A.UU MwK.spy-Hhrr].i Model 44K .t Culclvator, I2JOO.W 61 Implement Co. No. Hiway 61 Phone 2142 1U21 ct tl ASK THE MAN WHO BOUGHT ONE EARL P. BAKER Golt Pro — Illjllicvilte r HERE'S WHAT EARL BAKER SAYS: "I.nsl spring when I came lo Tilylheville 1 needed an automobile that. I_ could use lor many purposes. . .sometimes even lo pull R trailer.] found a 1939 Chevrolet al I.angston- McWalcrs that was priced right and could do my job." Buy Your Used Car From a Recommended Dealer! SUPER SPECIAL! $1095 1917 DeSoto -l-door Sedan in very good condition, lias fluid drive, heater, scat covers, spotlight • .1917 Ford 2-door Sedan in lip-lop condition, has new tires, radio & heater. . .only $1015. 0 1911 Chevrolet 2-door. . .in very good mechanical condition but a litlle rough on (he outside . . .only S39."j. © 1910 Plymouth .|-door Sedan, as clean as a pin, has scat covers, new tires, spotlight. . .$895. 6 1912 liuick Super Sedanctlc with new engine excellent mechanical condition. . .$795. • 1911 liuick Siiecial 4-door in excellent condition. . .$7-15. Langston-AAcWaters BUICK COMPANY Walnut al Broadway Dial 655 for Service YOUR CLUTCH Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS u inu-ieMto ID Uu^iuR or Belling *ce Noble Gil! Agency REALTORS Cecil fclarls If. R Joyner Glencoe BI<t K . Ph. G808 -ncres hetwrt'i] Aihyrd it HnmerK- ville. Mo. !i milt? off conerclc hlway Klcclrlclty. mail roule.. one 5-room louse A; ti-.itn 5'JUO per acre. See owner I.lnyti Hitrt. 217 N. Prilltt, 'iild. Arkiinsii.s. - 129 pk J2|16 for Sale, Cars and Trucks OUIsmorjlle, l.nto ]fl-J7 model tir-lux two door. H;ttth) Bri<l heater- I.ow milage and tjkc nirsv for $1000.00, Call I3Y47. 51K Pnrk St. J2 : 13 ph 12;16 Chevrolet '^3 mo<k-J. one A Mcxlct '30. one "M Dodse. \V. J. JncHson. rliiirman ' arm. 12;]3 pi; 20 Persona/ inifty cnlniile p J b I Lt..N b telllLtlu Loans WANT A FARM LOAN 5 have one of the best loans 1.0 bo had. 20 years to pny. Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. HI AUKS LAND CO. \V. T. Barnctt—Russell Riales 22G2 two phones 3322 ll-25cklf Money to Loan ix> you neea a loan to repoar or r»- model'/ fin down pay mem on tnar*- ?age, no rea tape FHA APPItOVED RATES 3% ASK FOR URTAILS Max Logan, Realtor I'noDO 2L>!J4 Lynch Bulleiltij; tilytnerlllfi Aik •W-ct-ti Found ml jir flill.lf; ^ja.s^es. Cioldrlnis Dhek rate. I'U. -IK!,. 11! H pk I2 ; n Lost Lost bji>wn Ijlll (ot<l al Wnlls nos- tiil on nurd ll*xir. Ki-cp money .fc [ileaiie iiKtll Inn lultl to Mis. L, N. uenneti m H, MibMjml St. Rlythe- VIIK-, Atkansns. 12 14 pk 12:18 Ladles lUasse.s Hfown plastic frames. In t>nard's Hioivn fuse. LXJSI between Kress ^ H[.y's score, i'h. 4G(i7 or 3317. 12 15 ck 12 1» for Sale, Cars and Trucks rj.l'j Olds Five P.-^seiicer coupe. <ioo<! urcs. As is $150.00 Cun lie Been «17 (am: Slrvcl. 12;H pk 1221 to 8uv Hlgnest price paid foi CJHKJKEN&- ftUUti A^n str««[ Grncery A Market 111 w Asn sn ck u Private Rooms Nice bedrom. men only. 613 W. Wftl lll. pnone 2WO 1-2.15 pk I-'AUJIS CITY PROPKRT1KS LOANS JNSURANCH Sec us for service. Soe us and save. W. I,. TAJIK ti REAL KSTATE AGENCY I .any InK.'am-Tleniian May Cooper BUI.—Ph. '1(527 12-9 ck 1-9 Salesman Wanted AN' WANTED for 1500 family Raw- jh huslnes-s tn City of BlythcvlJIe or L'entnd MtshLs.sippl County. Perm- nent If you are a hustler. Write tawlc^ni's Depl. AKL-210-123. 12.15 pk 12 1C Female Help Wanted YnuiiK lad;- tti do ,i!;nt GtcnosrapKk wnrk A! hookkeeiilni; be KOCW on teJepiinne Write bdi 533 for Imer- VLL ' W 11130 ck u Quarreling Families Keep Out of Kitchens CHICAGO — M>j— Quarrcline husbands and wives should stay oal of the kitchen—if tlicy want la avoicJ adding injuvy to insult. A sturiy of divorce .suits filed here in one week showed that the kitchen was the scene of nine out of every ten battles in which something was tht'own. s !' For Sole, Misc. OIL HEATER This is n large, size Duo- Therm circulator. Cost ?L65, good as new. A bargain at $GO. Reason for selling, put in gas floor furnaces. See or Call JOHNNY MARR North Highway 61 .A,"- Phone 2596 12-13 ck tf FOR QUICK SAI.K. AT BARGAIN. One Kelvinalor, Deluxe electric range. One 2- door 15 Cut. ft. l-'riyklairc re- frigenilor. One G en. ft. Kclvi- nalor freezer. Ph. MVP. K. |} One, 258.1. IMS ck II HcKLsurett blond cockers. Ph 2106 12 10 iik ];]U IMANOS f'Oll SAI.K: WK HAVK SKV- F.ilAL HKW rACTOIlV CiUAflANTF.KD bl'INET PIANOS l-'OEl KAI.K AT I)IC1 DIHCOUNTfs WEIII.K TIIl^V I.AS'r. HROOKS .MUtjlC STO11K ll>7 KAEiT MAIN S'l 1 .; HP. 811. '12 15 OX If For Sale, Real Estate 40-acros n.iirl for sale. Braggadocio. Missouri, rjooil loan funilslicd. Price 59.0UU .00. See Wiillcr Puluicr at the IiJncc. I'tianp drty 4915. Kite Ptionc CO-lu. 12 15 pk 12 22 4fl-acres M OO ,J | cv .^t ]n tH i Kloclrlclty. nmll ionic, schorl] bus route. Pncc i:(,-i')U. M. KurinalL Tractor 24 blade dlhc, i IH" Hrr-uker Hat botlom |)H)vi;:i. i 'iliiv.ilui. nrw ]]l;uuor. S2.UCI}. .Sec Hoover H. UcHirldge 3'. a Miles Smith West or W.ik-Olt. ' 121-1 ])k 1221 Comloilahle bedrtajtn. Cull 2G75. 12,14 pk I|M .Small Jioiisc keeping room. Ph 2920 12;i3 ck ia : 20 12:13 pk 12;20 Hcdroorn, convrnient to hath Steam ncai. l»h yj'Ji 611 \V. Main si 12.9 pk Ij9 Bedroom for rent. Ph. 2818. 12,7 pk 1|7 Comfortable hedrcom convenient lo town. Men only 1110 W Walnut 12:2 jilt I[2 For Rent or 6 rooms A- Tjnth. Close lo ln*^s district. Ph. 4624. 12:14 pk 12;17 Nrw 4-ronin IIOIIHO with bnth. in u.ivid Acrca. l-or sale toy owner a:il) M»l>lf. 12 13 pk 16 I Want to uuy a tarmV Wei have il I-'MI-ITI '10 acres up to large plantation in Northeast Ark. and Southeast Mo. See us foi a laitn loan CATES WOltTHINGTON CO. REA I.TOHS 115 So. 3rd St. Bl.vtheville. Ark. 0 Gate? :j-room House. Near Alrhase Po-aj- ossion at once. J. p. llocott. Ph. 723 12;14 pk 1217 Warehouse ai)'x-10' on railroad sld- ing .Midwest Ualry Products Ph 4447 lilts ck tl \vteqF ni w Ph 2151 J02C> tUH 11BNT: f-rwcn E-oo«l locKcr. Jiaylncks tllsn^-a; 6] Phonf ;in2 823 ck tl e larni near tlalf Moon See H nnty. Clear Lake 12 : 1C) pk I2;4 Notice 5-room nome on corner tot It All ti-iu-i.-d. Chicken nonse. manure Ni-nt to in vv pi-lioo] r.lir. Prii-c<l lo tell 722 Jamison. 12 !0 pk 12 24 -; tiihinpt .sink. ]<• riiiv.tev rrsill Orlt- nn«; Motin Co ]2 One. Howard Modt-1 Uranil ..„.,„ Kinnio Copcland Cooler. Mo 12 11) pk 12 ]7 ernte ST .Smith l ]i^; 1C Hrine yon thought or Christina. 1 : ll'ol.' Hiooahly not . . . anil neither linvi' we-, except time If yoti s ive her a Henulx Washer now. sne'll still he iii-in^Lm: yon December 25 11154 ami yars att,-r. Come In and r<:e' tile "•'"ins linn at Hubbnrrl A: lloke Ap- PIlniUB Company. 12 14 cfe | 224 City properly — 7 houses anfl store Will sell [or cash or trade lor turrn High Trade in Allowance on a New Plymouth or Chrysler WE NEED 25 Used Cars NOW! •\ red hot bargain I 9 IS ('linsler Town £Country Sedan. bn\ mileiiRr, new tires, r din & lieater. LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up fr ce oi charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 61<li!, Lilythe- vilic, Ark. ARKANSAS OK AD AN'I MA I DISPOSAL CO. __^^^ 11:21 pk 12-21 PIANOS Ten year factory guarantee TUNING With the world famous Slroboconn — It takes tin guesswork out of liinin". RADIO REPAIR Every job absolutely guaranteed by a bonding com pany. Music instruments And supplies of all kinds from guitar v \ck s l () hass violins. Recordings We make records of youi voice and music on pcrma nent records. Everything in Music BROOKS Music Store 107 K. Main Tel. 811 WHY PAY MORE? Come in and Look Over These Values 3918 Chevrolet Kleclline i-door Sedan, 2-lone grev deluxe radio, underscal'heater, and defroster, looks' and runs like new.. .$1395. 19-17 Chevrolet Flectmaster Town Sedan, black finish deluxe radio and heater, city-driven, one-owner ' 511!)5. • ' " 1917 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, beautiful grev finish healer;. . .special price. . .§1095. 1917 Doilfc 5-Passcnger Coupe, black, large deluxe radio, heater, and spot light. . .a real bargain. 1910 liuick Sedan, radio & heater.. .only $595. 19 IS Ford V-S !/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck, deluxe radio healer and cattle rack. . .a steal at §995. 191(1 Chevrolet Long Wheelbase Truck, 2-speed axle, 7oOx20 new front tires, 825x20 rear tires, extra good ...$7!)5. 1918 Jeep.. .motor runs like new. . .tires good. . .$695. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone 578 Don't Miss Our Year-End GLEAN-UP SALE! These Cars Must Be Sold by Dec. 31st 19-IB Jeep with .(-wheel drive. . .$395. 1!)H) Ford i/,-Ton Pickup. . .bargain. . .§295. 19-17 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, equipped with both radio L^ heater. . :?1095. ISM6 Oldsniobile .(-door Sedan, radio & healer, worth the money. . .§1095. 1917 CMC 3-l-Tnn I'kk'up with rack. . .a real buy. 19-17 Chevrolet Club Coupe with both radio and lieat- er...a very clean car. 19'IS Oldsmobile 2-door Sedan, lias radio, heater and while sidewall lircs. . .51295. ( t 1937 Dodge 2-door Sedan. . .just make us an offer Come In And Get A Bargain! Easy GMAC Terms High Trade-In Allowance * On A New CMC Pickup * LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile — CMC Trucks 306 East Alain Phone 6151 T.I. SEAY "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main phonc 2122 Select Used Car l!M!) \jisli "Ambassador" Custom -l-door, solid black color, lias many extras. Buy now at $800 discount I HII7 Chevrolet I-'lt'fimaster 4-door Sedan, glossy black, radio & healer, low mileage. . .a very nice car. IS)IS Dodtrc C'uslom l-door with red plastic seat covers, radio & beater, new tires...a real beauty. 19 IS .Nash "«00" Club Coupe, lighl grey, radio v^c heater, overdrive. . .this car will get 25 miles to the gallon. 19 IS Xasb "Ambassador" -l-door, 2-lone blue, radio & heater, overdrive, a low-mileage, one-owner car thai is exceptionally clean. SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 3 DAY SPECIAL! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday • '37 Ford 4-Door - $ 117 50 - • Watch Our Ad Every Day » For Red Hot Used Car Bargains JSII7 I'oi-cl 1-tloor, r;idio & heatef. J91G Mercury 1-dnor, radio & healer. 1018 Lincoln 1-door, overdrive, radio & heater. S 1917 Clievrolet 2-door, radio & he'ater. 1!)10 Ford sure to see this one. 1917 Mercury -l-door, radio & healer. 1911 Plymouth 2-door, radio & healer. 1937 Oldsmobile -I-door, radio & heater. 1917 Chrysler J-door, radio & heater. STILL and YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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