The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1949
Page 17
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'_TinjRSnAY, DECEMBER 15, 19« Enhance Winter iiewwiih Variety New Interest Found In New Seasonings, For Hearty Flavor fill* v l of a ' ul ly «n.s»-er d . ly a , )K , the dc- tites And lolorestlHg slews to a variety of h C "f""'' 1BS ' sungests _...„„., home economist. Among the seasoning* to enhance "10 flavor of stew Ihere is bav leaf. ^celeiy seed, thy,,,,., c [ ovcs _ 1>0 p ppr . wonts, t .],)li powder and currv poiv- acr. Each provides Its own distinct flavor to add to (he grlorv or this winter favorite. '.Vlien preparing stew, there is the choice of lishi stew or brown stew for the later, the meat is brown - Expert Advises 3 Methods of Keeping Meat With sausage mating time »t hand in North Mississippi County Home Demonstration Agent Ger- tnirtb H. Hollmnti | 5 advising homemakers lo keep enough In supply to last throughout the year. Smoking, canning or freezing are the three methods of keeping sausage she recommends. She cautions not to much fat in sausage that will be kept. The more fal. the greater tendency lo become rancid. One pound of fal '.= three rmmitls of lean meat Is n good proportion. fv-ilt is usually left, out of sausage that is lo he frozen, and sage Is left, out of sausage that Is lo DC canned. Seasoning will be mixed more evenly If It i s spread over the cut meat befort grinding, stie explained. Pack sausage to be smoked Into ......n. MI ijujiii^.l. j- ut - A i n;|n:l | color it i s f irst dredged with flour. Hither browned or not, the meat is jCMsontMt as desired, then completely covered with water. The utensil |s tightly covered and the meat ] s allowed to cook slowly jntil tender The slow cookin«— simmer- 1I! ". not boiling—results in tnore ll.uoriul and more attractive ap- TM'iuin;, meat. ^C'i^tnhlc.s conketl with the meat ate added just long enough before tl'e end o f cooking time " " wm be just cooked, and will rn- l.un their bright color. Besides the conation stew vegetables — ciuruts. unions, nntutoe:; and peas, such vegetables ap parsnips, celery, cauli- flfiuer, »reen pepper, lima beans and Hrussel .sprouts ituiy be used. They ,,!•,, [oft whole, cut in halves, diced, quartered or sliced. With thc meat ami vegetables cooked, the next step is prepar- IHL; the flavorsome gravy. The \i- quid is drained from the stew and thickened with two tablespoons of flmir for each cup of liquid. The method of serving allows more variety with stew.s. Meat cubes and vegetables may bo al- /tK rnr( ' VeIy an ' an S C( * °" "10 Platter WSi'lth the gravy served in a boat. Or thc vegetable.? may be arranged around the outer edge of (lie platter with the meat cubes inside. Or the meat and vegetables may j l a t-ool place for 24 hours lefore, smoking. Smoked sausage should be used hr-fore hot weather Mrs. lloliman advised Reasoned sausaee which Is frozen will keep well for about four months. If proneriy packaged and s ored at, zero decrees temperature Canned sausage will keep a year. Tins is the procedure Mrs Iloliman recommends for cn»nin» sausage: Make the sausage Into ,..„„„ cakes and preheat, in n moderate they ,' "ven rntil the mi color disappears r,.-! Inen, pack Ihe hni „.,,,*„„,, <..,' Then, pack Ihe hot .sausage' into stenhxed Jars. Add (wo tablespoons of boiling water to each jar Process m a steam pressure canncr p.l It) pounds pressure. Pints are processed 15 minutes and quarts 90 minutes. Additional information on any of these methods of keeping sausage n ay be obtained from the county Extension office in the court housi Cooks Don't Guess About Ingredients Or Temperatures "i me meat and vegetables may | measurements of ingredients are nn be arranged us individual servings I unnecessary waste of lime. They'll on a large platter or chop plate. mention proudly t.hat their mothers Meal pic is closely related to stew " cver boMiered to measure. They Meat pic is closely related to stew •ideal for planned leftover stew. The meat, vegetables and gravy an; placed in a casserole with hot biscuits, cereal, or mashed potatoes on top. or they may be topped with a shortcake crust, pie crust, or cre.sted with mashed sweet potatoes 0: rice. Tile casserole is then placed in the oven just long enough to thoroughly heat the stew and to bake or brown the crust. SilK norjiii were stniigKleil out of China 10 Kurapc about 5SO A.D. by t\vo mnnks at the direction of a Roman ctnpcror. 45 01 EVEN 3, HELPS ALL AGE GROUPS HADACOL is good for all ages bringing five of nature's B vila- inms and important' minerals lo the young and old alike. Recently the HADACOL folks received the food news that among the countless thousands who had been benefited by HADACOL was a lady of 85, Mrs. Edtnond Doiicet, of Clmrch 1 cunt, La., is 85 years old. having Inousands of friends in the picturesque Evangclinc section of L o u i s i a n a \v h e r e she was born and has spent all of her M f c. These friends are happv to know t h a t Mrs. Doitcet feels belter now than at «ny time in 'wo years and gives the .-credit to {SSHADACOL. _fr "I had been sick for alinosl two years and was suffering with gostrtc disturbances and bloating I was run down, had lost weight and had lo stay in bed most of the lime, f lost courage and fell Hint Ihere was no hope for me." . 'Mrs. Doiicet had tried many preparations without apparent beneficial resillls when she heard COI '°" S nCV " about HAr) A- n ',' A /. ! 'L r taking several bottles ol HADACOL 1 felt like a new per- »nvW Sald , Mrs ' Do "<:el. "I eat anything I Wi , n[ witllo ,,t m ef . IfrongTr" " P "*"• ' fCCi m " ch a Ya'c 3 k D n t ' C R W " S s "" eri "B froni «. lack of B vitamins and the llirir tr^Ti HAr >ACOL con- In ?i . H ') DACOL com « lo yo^' n th q •", f ^™' eaKil y assimilated m the blood stream so that it car go to work right away. It is easy cm,n»t lllcrslnnd ' "'Before, win bn r!*2 ' hol ' 3; <n<Is liavc been There are still a few people wh scoff at ^tbc scientific approach t cookery. They believe that accurat measurements of Ingredients are nn of lime. They'll ers asure ey used a pinch of this, a handful of tbr.t, ar.d a of butler the size of an egg. That sort of cooking may work for Ihe cook who. (hrovgh years of experience, has learned the knack of handli.ig foocis. The amateur cook, however, doesn't fare so well when she attempts to siiess rather than measure Die ingredients she ttse.s. In fact most, modern homemakers whether they're amateurs or experienced cooks, know the importance of accurate measurements. However >many homemakers still don't realize that this same accuracy Is needed in thc measurement of cooking temperatures. It is cxlremciy difficult to guess the temperatures required for cooking foods to the exact degree which means perfect re.snits. For this reason. a set of dependable thermometers is every bit as important as accurate measuring equipment. A meal thermometer, for exam-. Pie. tells when roast meats are 1 cooked to Ihe rare, medium or well- done stages. A candy tlicnnometer piLventi costly (allures by indicat- i'lE the point at which candles, icings and Jellies are cooked to the right consistency. And H deep fal frying thermometer makes it eu&.v to cook French fifed foods that arc digestible and appetizing. Modern homcmakcrs will find a new line of all stainless steel cooling Iliermomclers especially practical. Distinguished by round, clock-like faces, printed with temperatures and Instructions, these thermometers are non-breakaWe and easy to clean. The roast meal thermometer ha.s a sharp, pointed stem which can be Inserted into the nicul. without making a preliminary hole. Thc candy and deep fat thermometers are equipped with adjustable clips which fasten them securely to thc sides of cooking pans. Reliable cooking thermometers, like acci'rate measuring equipment. Play an important role In modern Kitchens. They remove tile guess- PACE SEVENTEEN thei work from cookery and help both achieve the goal of better looil for OLD FASHIONED CHRISTMAS BAKED TREATS ECONOMICAL KflOGER PEACHES 4 I £,i" $ 1 I'iu-kcrs Whole SIMCKI) PEAS 5^,;f 49 Satin-Smooth Itahhtg Yl cup Mayrose Lard 1 cup sided tlour Cur Jartl inrc sitieil (lour and jalr, using a pastry blender, fork, iwo knives, or linger lips, until thc mixture is die consistency of coarse corn meal. Add water gradually until large pii-ces of mixture bcjjin '<> stick to.gcdier. Pour ihe nmiiuc onto waxed paper. Pick up paper anil shape ihe mixture into a ball. Use thc paper lo kneail pastry .( or 5 limes. Remove from paper and place SUGGESTED rULINGS T. Groled Cheese • 3. Ground ready.jcrve mcots mixed wilh cots coofced horn mixed with cntiup. .!^» teaspoon salt 1 10 3 t'lbiespoons wmcr on lightly board. Sliape into reriaiujlc. Roll to \' A j m j, thickness. Cut inio strips US x 3 indies. Place Vl teaspoon n! filling toward one ctid of eaih strip. Fold pastry over filling. IV-,, 4 cdjjcs with lines of fork. Plate on lukinj* sheet. Bate ill pirhcated f, ot oven (.ISO" !•'.) for 7 minutes or until nicely browned. Serve lior. . Etonomiil, oi= T.,1 Kilch.n , ri1« Dorothy SFuafl — ayrolB lell Kllth«n —3857 iouleou —SMouit 10, Mo. ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING CO. ST. 10UJS, MO. i\IKS. DOt'CKT So it matters not how old voi "= or who you are... it m^ not where you live or if you haw tried all the medicines under the am, give this wonderful prepara tion HADACOL a trial. Don't EC tfCrinR -° n ' " Applied the vitamin. ' iie^ I'v^rT a ^r ) vn ' pn their system* ' .,.....,,':.. , ,- ln yourself. Tem- v <,„<}•' I,,,!?,' 1101 enough for ! ^ou! Give HADACOL a trial! j Kirby Drug Store CITY SUPER MARKET 109-111 West Main Old Judge COFFEE - 1 1b. bag Old Judge COFFEE - 1 1b. can Large cans PET MILK - 3 for 33? Large, fresh LETTUCE - - head 12< Popular brands Wash. Powder 4 for $1 Greaf Northern BEANS - 25lbs.$2.25 Standard brand Tomatoes No. 2 can Phone 2668 Dogjood • - 3 cans Christmas wrapped Krcy HAMS in maitin i bho - 59,? Mello or Gold Band S i- j n \IC An tiffin HiUU L/titySE - Good and meaty Pork Chops - - - Ib. 39tf Homemade Pure Pork Sausage - 3 Ibs. $1 Heil's Grade "A" Slab Bacon - ib. 39^ Swift's Jewel Shortening • 3 Ibs. Home-dressed Tender Fryers - Ib. Pure, fresh Hog Lard-50 Ibs. $6.95 S^op in While You Xmas Shop Call 2668 for Free Delivery PEftS Zt,;? Sweet Tender Kroner DAISY CHEESE ,,,47 SODA v 6,, kB 25 Arm find Hammer MINCE MT 2 ';,. Kroner SUGAR ,ii lirown or Coiirerlioncrs RASSINS 2 ,, tB 35 Siinmaid .Seedless VANILLA 2S33 j{ KROGER BREAD 2 "U« .^ New size loaf. Save 5 to 7c per Loaf r KROGER FLOUR x £ 1.95 The Bag's a ready-made apron—needs no sewing MEAL 25 4 99£ Cream White Corn. Dainty Cooking Fat. KROGER MILK MARGARINE Kio ff er Kaln.ore rssrrrr r/\f\r\ J CHEESE FOOD f°~ Wfndsor Club foes ........... KI-OKCI- U.S. Grade "A" 57' SWANSDOWN Cake Flour. 5 0 f tor Avondale Sliced or Halves. ' f" i -C^ ^ -•*fc.i*- . / .* J.^ W^ ORDER YOUR CHRISTMAS TURKEY NOW TLIGHT COFFEE ^ 1.71 HOT BOLL Mix-.. ,,„„ 29' FRUIT CAKE ^ T JJllff'.s or' I'illslinrv'K i.-..._ ., ••'' L " n * VilClllIIll CIGARETTES 10 ^ I 87 fiitt-Wrapped—Popular Brands rj"-« « "j'Lintf i>i (tlHLH PRESEfiUES 'S24- PRINCE ALBERT £15 10 f° Whole Avg. Half Buy your Christmas Hams now at this low price. DHDJf LQW 7 or 8 Rib *)A . rUKfx ROAST c^ Jy^ 9-Inch Loin Portion with tenderloin in — Ib. 45c SLICED BACON ABROS, STAR or PREMIUM. SALT MEAT Streak 0' Lean. PURE LARD Pure firm white. SHRIMP Sand Vein Removed 55^ m ? 6.49 §2^ ib. Mesh Bag 39c Florida Juicy—Vitamin Rich. Ib. Mesh Bag 39? 29? APPLES 5 Extra fancy Crisp Red. COCOANUTS 2 Top quality fresh ful!-o-milk. NUTS c ^ 29? Mixed or Brazils. POTATOES 10 U. S. No. 1 Washed Reds. TREES Fresh green Washington Fir. HOLLY WREATHS *. 49? lb.Bulk Kraft Bag 79? and up Natural Holly.

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