The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, S£PT. 17, 1983 Durocher Gambles, Loses And Dodgers Gain Ground ^^a&^tL^ have u! the SOI'TIOMOKi; CAMllDATi; — The Chick.s this iiiic kiokini; ^phoinorc tnlont, that JacVw nnly cxpeiiv yi-ar rrup thoulri ^et some of the m-cdr.'cl ]tolish durii;f; the rnu^h srhetj- u!i> that lie.i ahu.iri lor Jhe Tube. One of tlirisr juninr ^rfidunt*?;; i>. Ken- nf'th l / J.'-ht'r, n 170-iJOiitid fullback caiidiiiate v:ho c:m run and kick, rish- cr K expected t/.i .soe action n^ainst Me^.-irk of Mein|>hi.s in the Tribe's home oper,er Fiiclny night. (t'onrU-r Nru's I'lioln) Davey and Graziano Swap Blows Tonight CHICAGO CAP) — With n wclltr-vrrlelit tillc slifll nlre.lclj' promis ed. scholarly Churk Davcy \vi]l only risk cnt.l.hlL: his fc i elin«:> hint ;i n i his nntitfcatcrt rhig record slinttprcil ImilslH agninst roUBlU-aiKl-rciid Rocky Orazlano, ex-inirldlc-wpiRht champinn. Giant Rookie Pounded 9-0 By Cubs; Bums Beat Bucs H> IOK Hi:iCHI.KK AJ 1 Spurts Writer "I jusl. xamtilcd anfl lost, Hint's all." The quotes arc those of Mnnajje.r I, on Dnrnchcr, who yeslorday nstounrlprl tho exports, fans, opposition aiui his own playni's l).v pinning I IIP New York Giants' pqunant hopes ion I HE slioulflers of n pitching noophitc who had never hinl- jod iin inning of INK loajfiip hall. The yoiinijsipr Is ?S-ypar-nld .rack 23-yrar-olr] rielilhanrfrr in the ninth Inrmri 1 first-hasp | flop, whn turn PC! to minor leapuo | nil rising last .sprint? and was GB b] rm^ht. up lo (lie Giants, rlnv he| fore yesterday after a 1-1 rrcord •1 | with Minneapolis of the American 12 hrri Blnrk fiauntorod Frank Thomas for ,'107 13' ,4U 27'; ,4X1 28', .210 53 Kacor to prove 1 he is tint ovpr Ihr hill, the 30-ycnr-old Grazirmo nays Wilson to Play Indians Friday Marked Tree Is FOG For Home Opener WJbSON—Wilsnn's Bulldogs, who opened Ihcfr season \vith n fi-6 lie Ifist, week, will pet theEr lioine pen- son Koin? Friday nlfrht when they iricct the Marked Tree Indinns here. Tho same is srhrdulcd for 8 pin, The Bullriocs oprued {lie senson nt I.epnnto lust \veek and ran up 1 »g; n itofcnsively-stronc opponent. A 98-yard pass plaj- pi\\-p Lc- panto a fi-fi tir 1 \vlth (lie Unlldo^s. Conch Bill Yntes. \vJio IP starting his .second .sp,i«on ns pilot of the Bnllrlocs. hns prnnontired his [earn in top shniio for Fririav night's homo opener bnt Is expertinp n tf>n?h tlmo with the tiirnriintt In- dinns, Mnrkrrt IVcc Is rrpnrlni fo hnvp n ?rrons tcnm and \\ill prohnhlv taVro the. fiflri r;Uod a sllcht favorite over the Ilnllrtoc.s. Lost, wrek, thr* Indinns dcfoalert Mr.rinnna In thrir season opener. The Pullftn^q, drfenciine niKlrirt 3B eh^mptnn?. hit the road ncaln next week, coins; in ItfirrisiMirp. confidently ih:\f, hr will .=rhedulod to rounder In Ktndiwn wiih n knorJcont. Kharpif- will lay fl to 5 odds thai he's riuht Pavny, holder n( a Michigan Statr masters decree in pdiirnMnn. thinks his speed and uiwrthridnx southpaw style will keep Gv.iziano combing nothing hut ulr. A rhicfide crowd of about K'.fVi'l, cnntrlbutin Rto an csUni a rrd pate of Sfo.OOO to S75.00I) rtnii n [infirm- [ \vUl«* 1 envision ruuiuMKT sue likely j t.. -sere .:oni'Vr,!"r- lifce tills: i Grazinno, expertcd by fichf lime i of 9 p.m. I''KT lo outwciph, his np- '• pon en t. 10? pounds to Mfl. Ivyinc lo| rushes, inauitnlniim tnre:-s;\n( prrp- i sure for tlic nnly lisle he knows, j c.onipU I n at mi filiation. ! Davcy Underfilled | Davey, 2(1. feinting him otf hal- \ anc.o, timinc; his blows to mad j htm rominu In nnrl then dancing back in his perpetual joking inn- | (ion. ] Davey. in his brief ?,prcfaculnr [ career, has won 34 fichts. had two • drnwft nnri ha.s nrvor hrrn off his | feet. HP. has useri sv>ipm:iU«' i pimrhrs instead nf mie hi:; one, to' keep 23 o( his foes from noinu the 1 route. ^ 'The hmiie run punch is Ct\:i?A-'• nuo's trademark. Hi- \\ill ab-mb n | lot. of punishmcin. like he did in ! three brutal srra|>s wiih Trmy /itlr, : to Ret his one bi-4 punch Aim-rimn HMKUR W;ir>hin^l»n n\ Coveaml r-rin (10-7) vy Lemon MO-ll Onv (^tTir:-, srht-dwd, New York 7 Pel roil 0 Coven no 1 -1 Washington 3 (10 innings i HnMnn 1! 5',. Louis 7 UiiK Phindeplim '.'.-\ Chicago Chicago n New York 0 Brookyn -t Ibtt.sbin^h 2 fniyht 1 SI, Louis 8-5 Host on (i-1 (Twi-niqhl) rhlnclrphia -1 Cincinnati 2 (mi;hi) TOIM VS OAMKS American League WKHNKSDAY'S SCHEDULE Host on fit Si. Louis Schmccs <0! 0* vs Cum (10-H', i New York at Detroit Scarborough r <5-Gi vs Tmck.s i5-16). Harsh man talked In HIP mound '. under tits, d'A'n pn^'er but rollapsTl qnirklv and the Chlcaeo Cub?; b* 1 - hrnd Wni ren Hacker, brer-7r-<i in ;i f>-0 virtory. The. defenl was ihe more bitter because it was followed by Brooklyn's 4-2 irtnniph o^'cr Pitlsburch thai boostnrl rbp nnrtpers* National League ]fnd over tlie Giants to (our eamcs with only 10 to GO for each side. "I h fi d to po with Ha r.'-h ma n . V/ho else did I hn\-e? The others arc all overworked," Durocher said. Hitrshinan couldn't escape an In- nitiK without bninp scored upon and was derricked in the third inninfi. which ended with the Cubs rnjoyinpfi n fi-fi lead. (liaFits C^o! 3 Hits The Ginnt pinycrs, who raij-nd (heir eyebrows qucMLonitiqilv when they learned of Dnrochor's pinns, didn't help the cause rnm:h, riitier. l>y ckini? out n meager thi'ee and hod two on and Ihe tying runs on the bases w in and Mimed the third (mi. i Cleveland rojiiaincd stationary in' n.s pursuit of the American I.O.IEUO- i lending New York Yankco.-; despite Their Ifl-inninc 4-3 triumph over 'he Washington Senators. The Yank OPS niaintrimeti itioir 2 l2 -e^irie mnrjjin—\vith 10 to BO—when rookie sonthpau- HiU Miller twirled a three hit 7-0 shutout over the Detroit Tigrrs. Joe Collins and Hank Bauer horneted lo hand Art HoutIonian hi^ iflih loss. It was the Yankees' fifth straight win. Osirrirt Barks Tribe Mike Gnrcia kept the Inrtinns in 'lie running, spinning a 10-hitter Eor his 21st triumph against 10 defeats, The Si. Louis Cardinals advanced , to \vithin 3 ! 2 f?amo.s of the second- place Giants, "-.veeplnp a iwi-niprht twin-bill from Boston's Braves, 8-R nnd 5-1. The Rcdbirds smnshed six homers, two by Solly Homius as Sin Miller anri Harry Breeheen were credited with victories over Warren Spahn and Ernie Johnson. Robin Roberts became the first Kansas Coach Optimistic On Eve of Battle with TCU Hy SKIJ'f'KK I'ATKFCK LAWKKNCE, Kims. (AP) —There's no secret in-these parts about the University of Kansas Jayhawks' intentions of challenging Oklahoma and Colorado for the Rig Seven Conference football laurels, Sports Roundup By By GAYLE TALBOT scattered hit.s off the Cub knuckle- [ Natinnnl Lonpue pitcher .since tfl PiKsbin t;li nt B rnokyn Pacl 'rTf>- 10» vs Wade ilt-8'. Chirnco nt Now York Rush (1512) vs Hrarn il'*-G>. C i n t: ) n n n i I ni Phindopliia (im*M>. Perkowski U2-9) vs Dreu'p U3-MJ. Ony ^;unrs srlirdupfi I'Cfich 25 victories when he. K'herJ the Philadelphia Phillies to 4 ' 2 triumph over ihe Cincinnati Hayfi Indians G/1 I) filter. Heartened by Hie Gianls' lo.^s, ' the Brooks stepped out in Hie e\ r e- 1 ninp and knocked off tbe Pirntes' l(flf '^with the help of home runs iiy j Chicago's White Sox pi oiected Gil Horiqes and r^uke Snider. Gil '• Mien third-place position in ihe harnmei'cd bis 32nd off ioser Murry Dickson. Snider hit his 20th of the yerir in t>ie fourth. Tj took a sterling relief job hy rookie Jim Muphes and nrmther by Joe Bin lead. Hi from Montreal, Billy Loos with (be ANOTHER ONE —The University of Arkansas produced many om> landing football ends, and Jerry Bogard is hbeled as another one—perhaps the best since Jim JJenton rewrote the Conference pass receiving records in the mid-Thirties. Bosard, a six - foot - two, IRQ - pound junior from Stuttgart, not only :s adept at faking his way into the clear and catlicing passes but ateo is a fine blorkcr, <AP Photoi Osceola fo Play At Paragould Seminoles to Meet Bulldogs Friday in Greene County City American League, dividinc a dou- bieheadnr with the Philadelphia A's. Dave Philley's homer anri Harry Byrd's scvrn-liit pilcbiiig '.vim the opener for the A's 2-1. An k lo preserve ihe R rooks' i 11-bit attack helped tbe Sox take yhes. recently brought up ! the nichtcap. 7-1, relieved sinner! Rookie Jim Oyck blasted a pair of homers for the St. Louis Browns but it coulcl not overcome nn early seven-run lead piled up by the Boston neri Sox. who won, 11-7, to take fifth place from the Senators. bases loaded a lift nobody out in the fourth and retired the Pirates without permit- line A run. The Buc,«v finally scored on the Come/en's Sam Coleman Starts 28ih Season at Same School HAYTf. Mo- Hnyii Mich School's Indians are scheduled to open their lfl.V.2 fonibnl) schedule Friday nisjlU a era ins l the ji^cressivc Caruthers- villo 'Timers. 'I'lir^nm' will IIP played here. Thr •Inri.inn.s, boa.stina nine rr- t in nine: leUcrnifm from Insr year's >n.iiad. me meninc daily workouts wiih si .S()-ninn squad nml should he in mp [orm for the openine Rnrne. Thf niur letter men bark from l;i i yrni''s sqimd are; A very Wilson. K;\\ Gwin. Dennis Carlson. Hiu'li Rrtrncs, Bruce Tlickcrson. MIIMV Sulinan. Rniph White, Ronald <;!;•:,:; and Jerry Phelon. Thr InfJiius will be ai a disad- \ ;i i if a^e iu Fi'iday nichl's ^ame, hnwevrr. as the Tipors have already jilnyrd nne Ramp. They lost tn Pnit- ;it;t'\illc 20-7 last Friday night. Ex-Big Leaguer Earl SSnecIy Dies Atlanta Tops Mobile As SA Playoff Resumes MOBILE, Aln. \,\P\ — Ft :\c\] may be thnt three days of ram in Mobile which put a .Mop to thr Southern Association playoffs helped Atlantic more than it did Ninbile, C \MnKN i.-T—Tht-v'rc to lh;nk Snm Colemnn. ihe rtcnn of Art^n«»s hi^h school football fixiure. HP'S now nn ns bmnrtnvn nf in his hmhrr nr <if tho !: (,T\ — E.irl Sbreiv. nnnacrr of the dlrd bM nlcln of a heart I former hie Irnciir plnv fnihrr of Iluri S. Wlntr PON f-nfi-hrr UP snf- iEr and rlincd nm«;t n[ tlir PCM- Elevator Falls 14 Floors YORK r Last nicht Atlanta ro.-umpd p!ay with a convincing 4-1 vinory over thf Bpn rs. Well rested and refreshed Art Fnu'lnr. Atlanta's ace. piirh- erf the victory and pnve tbe Bears threr hits. ' ! Toni^lit Atliinia rails nn Jack fir it tin, rested and ready to so. Brit tin holds four vrlnrie> n\ er Mobile in reaubr srason play anri ha5 ]nM only OILR Lrninr tn t he Rears Ntel Himos is Mobile's starter be]ore ? home cinuri. The h w^ of PPvrn sevjes i.t; t ipd with two victories each. Thp winner meets Memphi?;. virior nvcr Chaltannopa, In the rhampinuship In the fnurl h in nine last nicht Atlanta cot five slraicht sine'cs to srnre thrsr runs. That nutl.iy cl^as- Mike L*>mish anri pinned the de- ieat on him. Tom I»-\kns took over held Atlanla tn only our aririi- Iuiiiii 1 run. Jim Riis-d singled and i ;itnp home vvhrn Jim Solt bounced n lvh:h btnmder over Bill AfKonello's OSCEOLA—Oftcola High Srhool's Seminoles. .soundly thrashed by Wynne in their opening ?ame nf Hip wason lasr, Fiiriay niRht, will hit the road this week. Coach Dukie Speck's Seminolcs r»jc scheduled to po to Par.iEoulrt Friday nicht tn do battle with the Para«onld Dulldocs, one of their old time rivals. And thp Seniinnle bic \viss aren't a bit too optimistic about, their firM road trip. They turned in a print showmc n gainst. Wynne wth inexperience being thcit 1 chief obstacle. Anri, too. the SRintnoles must; tnke the field against the Bull-1 dogs unaware of what they have to! copn with. This will be the first] same of thp season for Farasoutrl. j The Snminoles have been \vorkins i all UTck on ironing out. n few rough i pnnr.% ariri ( vith one came under their belts they should play an improved brand of ball thi? week. Paraermlcl has been in the midst I of a buildine program and although three days of rain in ' "othinEr defiuite i=; known, about the Build off "s prospects, they should bp an improved club this yp,ar. The Seniinoirs emerged from the Wynnfi encounter with nothing more than a few hurt feelines. nnn- r^ld Dunn, tl^eir hard driving fullback and rliief offensive threat-, suffered n nose-injury in the eamc but continued in the came after a few minutp.s ro^t. FoUo\vine the Parn2011 Id same. the -Seinmoles return home to play host to the West Memphis Blue.De- vils Scpu 26. By GAVLE TALBOT GROSSINGER, N. Y. i^t-Char- rJolman, the gnome-Like lit tip man who trains Rocky Marrinno,, ^T^ holding forth on his favorite \ topic whilo the henvywpiKht chnl-' longer took A sound afternoon snooze in the room above. \ •He not only was crude ',vh?n I | fir?-t saw him in 10<18," Goldman re- i called, "but he also was about 'he ! raupM fichlor I ever hnd lairi my; PVPS on. He was old i- '"> stnrtiriE ; o:it on a professional ^r. too-nearly 24 lie was at tl 1 timo. "But I saw that Rr.';v could punch and that he had a fine bodv , for Inking punches. He was an awful slow puncher, thouch. and about all hp hnd WTS. a bie. looping risht Hr's much faster now a\id be punche? a lot shorter, but no still throws (he Inoper • now and then and it's all risht v.-ith m", [ told him as lone as he gets result?, that's all t wftnt. lie Cooperates "Well, v.-hat Rocky lacked In experience he marie up in beins co- onrrative. He's the most co-operative fiehtcr t ever trainrd or evor honrd about. He wnnted to learn a n cl he wn nt cd to w o rk. He hnd nrvrr ha d more t hn n $20 in his rocket at otie time in his life. Any limp he hnd more than that, it went to he'p sunport thp familv. "Rorkv must, be some thine like fills polf«r Ben Floean. I read how Hosran will shoot a fine score and then eo out and piactice for a cou- And Kan.nafi fans, as well 45 t ne coaching staff, will set a good lln« on their team's chances of leagua * and sfctiona.1 honors when thp Jay- ha\vks open with Texas Christian University at Lawrence Saturday. Kansas started well Insf. season by out-passing T. C. U., 27-13. but '.vjlied in the bit; seven race before champion Oklahoma and Colorado, the runner-up. Coach Jules V. Sikes says he believes bis Knnsans have good cham-ps in both the battle with T, C. U. and I tie campaign for Bic Rrven honors. "We've cot a chance of beating T, C. U. again and we'll he In the scrap for the Flip Seven title," Sikes said. "Of course T. C. U. will be stroncer than last year and so will the Bic Seven." Capable Harks Kinsap has a fiMri-full of capable bucks, even counting the loss last svrek of Bud L.auahlin. a I! conference hack, to the army. Charlie Hnna. Bob Branrieberry and Galen Fifs, nil liolriovors. are fit tins In an offensive unit nit-rlv with quarler- ! back Gif Rekh. rv-\\v.«;l. Point star, : Thp Kansas pawine attack pro| prlle/1 by Reirh and Jerry Robert• 5on auain should, be one of tbe tops , in the Midlands, : Oliver Spcnc»r. a second tearr?'' All Ameriran offensive -tackle last | year, heads a line that appears ! more than adequate except for the ends and center '.vhere experience j is lacking And tbp manpower Is : plentiful at th^e snots, | ,10 Lettprmrn ! Kansas will start the season with 30 let'ermen. rnnaiiui from two to five at each position. I Offensive cenfer. Sike.i says, h j the weakest- spot at the moment. | He has two lettermeti there in War- I ren Woodv anrt Merlin Gish, a con! verted back, however, and the sit| uaf.ion should ifnprove after a few Erame.s. Pie of Jmurs Rocky's exactly (hat: « Wc had mf of our ^ davs lftst I .should get him on the! vcnr in Iwaline T. C. U.." Sikes said. "We've sot to have another one to nhrme the morn in ^ after IIP wins tin IIP ehiimnionshjp from Joe Walrod] nd tell him something's cm fire! and I want him tn <^nrt in training j a train, ho would just yay. 'Okay. | Charlie." and he would be there. | "It'.s the honest truth, he even j sneaked off find trained some on his honeymoon. Sometimes he sneaks off on me. After a real hard j workonl'he'tl finish enting and i.ell j me he thinks he'll go out for a little walk. T find out later he md eight. 10 miles.*' ron pa J over the Southwest Conference champions, if we can just make it a nip-and-tuck same. I'll he happy." The trame is the first o( eleven to he telpvj?ed nationally this season oti thp National Oollceiate Athletic Association TV proRrnm. hfad in the fourth. Mobile put Tn^ptrn'r enough power in the piehr *o prore. Two Mrnichv smclrs and Ray Dabek's , IOI^E fly prociureri the run. Baumholtz On Stan Musia! BOSTON -.^i — Although Stan' Atu^iiil rapped out three hits in yesterday's twi-night rioiihlehea '"r , against the Braves, he lost pronnri | to Chicago's Prankie B»imiholtz in > the National League batting race. -Stanley's thrre-for-nine left him n't the .336 mark while BtuimhoHz had two hits in four at baU in New York aagniH the Giants and picked up two points to .327. Groat Passes 100-Hit Mark I"F,'.V YORK (/p,_nirk Groat of thp P."^!f* ha.= mnrie a -ucoefsf-il Icnn frrm the college campus to the bi? Ifpt^ncs ' The fciwr Unkc University sh-rl-too. v.-iio joined Pittsburgh m miH-junp. ?!rc?dv has reached the crnti'rv r-r!: in hT=c hlt-s. Groat co'lert-d i'-v-r> lii:' last ni<*h( lo bri'i" 1 !-. 1 - re;-! tn 102 and boosted his av;r--- 11 ,?-] :i-, |he Pirate,; bowed to Rrnnkl.' n. 4-2. Rocky Krsnich !s Ciufrch Hitter CHICAGO <,T'. - Rnrky Kr.-nlch. who until a \vrnk .120 \vn,s bpins used ^ n Une-iniiiriE defensive rp- Pickpocket Caught ROME i,P,-An Italian told police she picked the, prickets of | 35 religious pilgrims In one morn- i inc. She is now serving a jail term. She was arrested in Northern • Italy when a policeman saw her pi it in her provision bap a waliet she i i had stolen iii H sanctuary. They ! Hutre power shovel?, some of them j searched her bag ana found an- ; 10 storios hi«h anri costing more I other 34 wallets. She confessed she i plarrmrnt. is krr-pinc the Wmte! than a million dollars eaqji, are usrd ; had picked them up during the bavin? Sox in third plare with his scnsa-. in ^\e surface mining ot coal. ' mornine rolicious ceremonips ° I cnnuch tional cluu-K hit tine. i " ' Rncky's ^fctics ha--p hrr-n thr 1 drckl'.nc factor in t \-n o' Chi m go's} last four c,imr<; HP has collected I seven hit 1 ; in his Inst ],=> trips, in- f eluding t-vn dnublns and a homer in Tuesday"? f \vi-nicht doubleheader nealnst Philadelphia. F/c/er/y tyzwlyivodt Miss Having Family CENTRALIA. Til. ! fV) - A pa1r o ( newlywcds in ihrir flOs havp one re- Rret—"\Vp can't bavr a family." Mrs, Kthp] Crawford Jones. 81. and William Jones, 3fi. were married recently at ChriMophcr. 111. Neither had children of first marriages. Their mates dipri a few years asjo. Mrs. JOP.PS commented: "About r. a family, to take r feel young' of one." A DA!irmaI w-rMher nureati was rsrnhli,= hfd in IflTO under the supervision of the Army Kimial Corps, S>S£fr*r i.l^'ifc I -: •"• •"'?? " ' >JSi*Sw! We're open ~ clnys-a-wccl, now! Cnmc mil any- lime aiul cn.iny 'slio-nuff, hnticsl-lfp-jrutxlno.-s pit l),-irlie<no. We'll he looking for you! The DIXIE PIG the first AxminMet Carpet txiom *»a? invcnlrd bring- jug luxury and beauty into our home*. weaving a paten of service,,, brinpinp pood living to ihc peoplr of the Gml ?onthwfst ... ha* been the pattern of (bf Cottoc Belt Route einre 1877. onniver$flry G. L. Smythc, General Agent—O. O. Stircs, Agent 601 South Elm Street, Telephones 3182 - 2691 1952 THE FULL FLAVOR DF OLD KENTUCKY - NATU RALLY GREAT STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY • 4 YEARS OLD . ECHO SPRING DISTILLING COMPANY ••LOUISVILLE. SINCE 1888 86 PROOF

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