The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1949 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1949
Page 14
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.FACE FOURTEEN Pork Tenderloin Saves the Budget > Little Shrinkage I Cuts Waste; Makes 'Special-Treat' Dish LLE CAKK y coimran (o have for company dinner "or £ special family celebration? Why pork tenderloin patties, of course. Not only Is there deluxe eating-in every bite, but you know you're getting real value for your money. There's no bone and no irvaste to pork tenderInin patties— and lit tie shrinkage during conking. v With lota of pork on tlie market. riov/'s the time (o enjoy the many delieiou? pork cuts available. Pork tenderloin patties, Itke all of the smaller cuts of pork — chops and steaks — should be brni'-ed rather than broiled or frirtl. Conkhip the patties in a covered FkiHel uilh a few added =oasoniJiR-s refills in tender, Im'cy servings of this delectable nteat. Braised 1'ork Tend IT loin Cutties '• Flour patties and brown in a little hot fat in B skillet, Sprinkle yriih salt and pepper, add closlrrd. ftridiiloital seaponint:s and a .snmll amnunt of lUjiiLrl. Clover skillet (iphtly and (rook stowJy unti! tender. 35 to 40 minute. 1 ; Below are a list of seasoning si is Rest ions for Varying the flavor of the p;*Uies: " I. Top browned patties with chopped onions. U>e bouillon or torn a to juice for the liquid in place of water Add J ; tea.spoon thyme or mar go ram to the liquid, if desired, > 2. Braise the browned patties in thin, mild flavored barbecue sauce, bottled or homemade. < ^ cup catsup, 'i cup water, I tablespoon vinegar. 1 tablespoon brown siicar. 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sance.) v 3. Use diluted nnishroom or tomato soup for the. Hfpilri and add a little choppen onion and a pinch oJ sage. ;. 4. Use pinappie juice or canned' pineapple syrup as the li<nri<l. Add a little allspice. s 5. Cook according to bnsEc recipe '.'above, then after patties nre ten*der. add ^ cup sour cream to ririp- .pings in pan. thin with a lit tin • water, heat, season to ta.ste, and pour over patties (o .serve. 6. Cover browned patties with thin slices of onion and top each jwith a tablespoon of chili sauce. •"Add a little water to the pati before 'braising. Hearty Eggnog is Traditional; Combines Good Food, Friendship TRADITIONAL BOlVI^-Thc- <.r.l-ixsMonrd holiday party hH n *.» eherry i-Ep-n«s. I'm it cake and s^iul\v1cltes There be a Christmas tree laiye latilr mul small punch cups in and at lea-st one egKtiog party in j protn.sion. Arrange all these -sym- every tiadilional Viilelidc M'uson.|t»Ls ol holiday welcome un a con- The tree i.s a feast lor the eyes. The j veiiiently platprf table. As each »riieM eggnog is a combination of esps and I arrives, he i.s greeted with a cup of dairy foods .spiced with friendship. U^snog. You need n Rrcat-lieai'tetl punch | Remember that cgj>nog. with ii.s bowl of silver, china or gla.s-s, n | base of »iiJ r : and creatn, JA a reu'l g" I y y « v y § food even though nerved in party spirit. of this, only light side refreshments need to be served with it, such ax highly flavored btiUer sandwiches and fruit cake. 'JYadUEonal rgRims (Makes about 25 puntJi runs) Six e«g.s, 2-3 cup $113:11, 1 r i quarts milk, !i tea.S|KK>n .<filt, 1'i qunrtA light cream, 2 iable.sjjoon.s vanilla, l aip heavy cream, grated nutmeg. BeEil CXRS aiul sujjar (O'jrthpr until all grains of sugar have dissolved. Add milk mid .salt and chill in refrigerator overnight or for at least four or more hours, When ready to servo, acid !Jght cream .which lias been thurouglilv chilled and vanilla. Pour Into punch bowl. IJcat cold heavy creaui uniil frothy fljui pom over cgffnog; sprinkle with grated nutmeg. Iff ('ream Nog (Makrs iilxiul 15 punch rupsj One quart vanilla or e^noj; if'R cream 'bulk), ft CKKS, 1-4 teu.spoon sail, 2 1 :' (juatLs milk. 2 to 3 tablespoons vanilla, grated nutmeg. If Ice cream is purchased far in advance, place in freeing rompnri- nienL o I'rclriKeraior. Remove about 15 minutes before ready to, 'J'o prepare ice cream nosj: Add .salt to tjjss In mixing bnwl; beat until light and frothy. Stir in milk and vanilla. Chill. When ready to serve, IKMir milk-egg mixture into punch bowl. Ad dire cream in larue .spoon- In Is niul .sprinkle jjj-iiLed nutmeg over top. Popular Pecan Waffles Good Breakfast Food The vrise homcmakcr Is dolighl- Ing her lamlly these cnol. crisp mornings with ever-popular necan waffles. Mrs. Gertrude* H. Holiman, county ilome DenionMrallon Agent, this week suggested a simple recipe for those who are not already enjoying this deljcacy. For plnin waffles, she y lists the following ingredients: 1 cups flour, 1 teaspoon of salt. 3 teaspoons of baking powder, 1 tablespoon of sugar. 2 opus (separated), 1 tup of milk, ami 4 tablrspoons of melted fat. (add more fat for crisp wa(- fle.sV Sift dry ingredients together. Heat CKI; yolks, adrt milk- and fat. Add this to sifted thy ingredients. Fold In stiffly-beaten ee,B whites. This makes foil]- waffles. If buttermilk is used instead of s',veet milk, reduce baking powder to I'-j teaspoons and add V. teaspoon of soda. To make pecan waffles, the a^.?nt lists these instructions: Before folding in beaten whites, add one-half flip of chopped pecans lo the plain waffle baiter. Or if preferred, sprinkle the pecans nji top of (ho batter after it is poured Into the iron— two tablespoons of pecans per waffle. Mis. Holimau reminds that the molasses or sorghum generally used on waffles help to srpply the iron find calcium nrctis for human 1 health. Molasse:; especially rates high as a .source of Iron, she snys. THURSDAY, DECEMBBR 15, 1049 Perfect Pair for Holiday Hospitality J '*"' ORANGE-CRUSH AMD FRUIT CAKf. del ft, n.< ember this perfect pair— , nous fruit cake nnd iHntjv, re,- liinj! OraiiRc.-C;Hi;S!l. h's „ »r ciiinhinalion that's pure ,,,, ii pure o make n lul with you ji;jj»nd olil alike. , /•.ii.. - Orango- (JIUSH goes good with popcorn, pi-aiiuls, pntflin chips, or anvminck friod. Alwnya ps, or anvm favorite, Orn nge- , is especially appropriate during Hie holidays for it is Hie perfect answer to what to gerva when friends and neighhorsdrop in. Ornngc-CRUSH is always a welcome trent. Its "fresh fruit" flavor is protected by the"krinkly"brown bottle. And for home use—-buy the economy way, by the case. Christmas 1954! Christmas Buffet ; Of Simple Dishes jPride of Hostess ; MM the clamor of last minute .shopping and planning holiday meals, many homemakers wilt want :to be entertaining. A Christmas ibuffet is one of [lie nicest wavs _o! serving friends whether the .group be large or small. Holiday •[decorations provide a pleasant .background and simple dishes, per- v/eclly garnished, will be the hostess 1 ; pride. ; For a main cjish that requires i kittle preparation time, serve a • ^tasty eombinatio]! of creamed ham ?Rl)'d mushrooms, suggests Rebn 'Staggs, well known home economist •Diced cooked ham is added to white Bailee along with little button ^rnfishrooms, chopped green pepper (and grated onion. The ingredients ^arc thoroughly heated and they ;are ready to be served. This crcnm- ;,ed; combination is temptingly serv- :ed over crnnchy Chinese noodles or 'for unique individual servings, hard _ rolls are hollowed out nnd stuffed Swith the creamed ham. ^ Raw cranberry salad and bllt- •jtered broccoli in the menu will icnrry out the Cllrislmii.s colors. '•Aborted relishes — pickles, olives ;rr.Bishes. celery — will add cnmi-hi- ness. One of the simplest of desserts . to-; please everyone comes on two V tT f>" s — one tilled with assorted '.Cliristmas cookies, the other filled iWith thin slices of rich fruit oake. - Five years lionce :mil il is only the beginning for a 1!M9 General Klcclric Uefiigeratiir. Give the gill willi n real future of pleasure, convenience and happy, dependable refrigeration. . .A (JEN- KHAL ELKCTIUC UKKUIGEKATOK! HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Company YOUR GIFT "Happy Holiday" ,„ your f ricn|i5 b) . h,,.! » gif ( ! They'll cherish k btcau.w ,'hc r will « comes from jv* »«;»„.>„ ^ M , h< . Mc,.,,l Hour di sp l, 7 « 7O1 ,r f,,^^ am , K- fKKK B.kc-Y 01H --Gifl Fo4,i,,. AT YOUR GROCER'S HHULC SUPPltfS LAST * THritfing Recipes ar ,d Gift Wrapping Idem for Holiday Fruit Chiffon Cake, Sutan'5 P| um Pu ddin B/ Holiday Fruit'Cake, Time Fruit Cake, Jule Kg 8 e >e sure w^ll^G^Idt^r^^ 01 ' 1 8if ' '"'"'"**I Hour in your gift Miagi ." .*,i n «'£ e 7^j£ w l* - , n, K f rj° t " dvanti e e of G OW M«d.r, .niforml. • superb biking characteristics. ' pioim COtl MCOAL More sacks of Gold than the next 5 brands combined! \ Of course some food prices are still high-but why worry about that when you can find the, fresh food you want for your family here-every week-and at everyday low prices too —Kemember — It always pays to shop with Mays. All Popular Brands All Popular Brands — CIGARETTES cinl • • 25 Pounds 25 Pounds _ IGA FLOUR - - -1. Old Judge or Folgers ^__ -5^ COFFEE -.- - lb.tin79 C —^^^^^^••••^^••••^^•^••^^•^ Princess Thin -^ ^^ CRACKERS •- Ib 27 C Hunt's, in Heavy Syrup PEACHES--2ican Del Monfe or Libby's —^ g- PINEAPPLE No. 2can 32' Washing Powders 4 Large Boxes $ 1.00 Cranberries 2 Pounds 33c ORANGES 176 Size~Doz. 36c Swift's Select wts eect • ^^ BEEF ROAST - Ib. 49 Tender Select ROUND STEAK Ib. Margold Plain OLEOMARGARINE - - - 19' Fresh Dressed HENS AND FRYERS Cocoanuts Pound Large Green Pascal CELERY Stalk 12 PET MILK 3 Tall Cans 35 Center Cut \-enter Cut _ ^^ POJUHOPS_lb L 49 < Frying or Seasoning SALT PLATES Ib. Tasry SMOKED JOWLS Ib. 2Q Country Style Pure PORK SAUSAGE - - - - Ib. 29' FULL LINE OF CHRISTMAS CANDIES MAYS 9 IGA SUPER MARKET 421 So. 21st., Highway 18 Blytheville, Ark.

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