The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 19, 1952
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VOL. XLVI1I— NO, 99 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS =nTc= ^-r~^~~~^ POMIMNT *™^° F -OETHM.T AKKAKSAS AKH SO^TH.AST M.SSOW! ^ Blytheville Courier Blythevllle Dally New« Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevilla Herald THE OQMIKANT KEWSPAPEK OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND _ BLYTHRVJLLE. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JULY 19, 1052 PLAN MEMORIAI,—Shown meeting In the library of the new Blycheville High School are officers Riul former olficers of the high school Glee Club who planned a memorial bookcase in memory of Lorna Homer, who was a club officer last year. Lorna, M-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Homer was drowned last month while va- cationing near Basalt. Colo. Above arc. front row, left to right, Merry Un.e, 1952-53 vice-prcsidcnl; Sally Trieschman. 1951-52 vice-president; and Martha Nichols, 1951-52 treasurer. Standing are Jim Culbertson, 1051-52 prosirient and Tommy Harrison, 1952-53 president. Lorna was secretary of the group last year. (Courier News 1'holo) Officials Hope 'Seizure Of Steel Is Unnecessary WASHINGTON (^-Government officials striving for an end. to the crippling 47-day steel strike studied a new- seizure plan today but retained hope they would not have to use It. Top officials disclosed ,, V o new peace moves for the week end. They hsd some hope, however.* l| that a scheduled meeting of th •" CIO steelworkers Wage - Policy committee in Pittsburgh Monday might spur the industry to make a compromise on the sticky union shop question and agree to' a new contract before Monday. Philip Murray. CIO and sleel- v. f orkers president, was reported solidly backed by his lieutenants In his refusal to compromise further on the demand for a union shop—a form of compulsory unionism. One union source said the Wage- Policy Committee might ask Murray to retrace some ot the ground he has given up through compromise and take a new position even farther away from the in- diislry's stand. Industry Stands Firm The steel industry appeared to be just as firn,. In Chicago. Clarence B. Randall, president of Ihe Inland Sleel Company and a leading spokesman for the industry, said "strong public opinion" is urging his company "to stand fast and not sign a contract that will prevent a non - union man from working." . • The possible seizure of a portion o! the idle mills under the Selec- I live Service Act was reportedly y taken under active consideration after a White House Conference Thursday between UN Repels Reds, Opens Attack Morning Charge Carries Troops Near Enemy Posts SEOUL. Korea WV United Nations infantrymen in a furious dawn attack today forced back chines! ' Lorna Horner Memorial Shelf ,. SchoH's G'-° CM- Begins Fund for Section in New Building A memorial section for Lorna Esther Horncr will be set, up in the new Blytheville High School library, it was revealed today. Mrs. J. Wilson Henry, director of Ire school's choir and "fee club of which Lorna was an active mem-' ber. announced today lhat Lorna's j fellow students have received per- 1 I mission from school authorities to i Demos' Seat Contest Set ForNewBout Two Opposing Slates Await 1st Round Decision CUICAtiO (,!', — Antl-Truman forces from Texas anil Mississippi today won the first round in their fifiht In cast 10 voles In next week's DcHiotrallc national convention. AFTER SPEECH—Gubernatorial candidate Jack Holt anci his family mixed with the crowd after his speech in the Courthouse square here lust night. Holt Wasted GoTCniur Sid Mi-Matli in a speech <•„ • T Services lomorrow c nes Communist.! on OW Baldy and then opened a new assault against Reels Fnneral services for Lorna Horn- will be conducted tomorrow at a 3 p.m. in First Presbyterian church ! !ei "'e the. state of Mississippi and CHICAGO (AP)—Pro and anti-Now Deal factions struggling for senls at the Democratic National Convention today eagerly awaited a verdict which probably will be only the signal for more battling. Rival slates from two Southern states—Texas and Mississippi whaled away at each other yesterday before the Credentials Committee of (he Dcmocralic National Committee. The subcommittee submits Us recommendations to the full committee loday. The decisions probably will be appealed eventually to the convention floor. In advance of the announcement of who wen yesterday's round, Texas' "Loyal Democrats" were Blum. Many of them felt the subcommittee would give the nod lo the rival delegation headed bv Qov. Allan Shivers, no friend of the New Deal. Cainn Is Confident There was confidence and good cheer nt (he Shivers "Regular" camp in sharp contrast to the heavy layer of gloom around Ihe headquarters where Maury Mnv. erick presides as leader" ot Ihe "Loyalists.'.' Like the Texans, the men from Mississippi put on a spirited argument yesterday. Former Attorney General Jack The Mississippi "Loyalists" Holt ' s P e » ki »B before an e.slimiued charged lhat the "He°ular" dele- 1 2|0(1< ' pM) l l!e in tllc Courthouse Ration from that state" headed by i s< l" arc llere 'as' nipjhl. cilcd his Oov. Hugh While wants to defeat' rcco '' d ° r PMblic service as a sound tiie national Democratic partyfWHH ' *""' '"' '"" ""'' elect -Republicans, r in PylfBtfef Jackson,"'representing the *'Loyalists," said the "ReguliU" dirt not plan lo walk mil ;pf the convcii- MM-, this year as they did in 1848 but would try lo "wreck Ihe parly from within." "Good Faith" Recalled National Committeeman J. p. Coleman of Ackerman, speaking for the "Regulars," said lhal the States nights party had been abolished and Iliat Gen-. White and his group had come in good faith "Regardless of your decision, if you come down to Mississippi and find me giving aid and comfort to Ihe Republican parly, I'll will my properly lo charily and -— — ~~ —-**'*_f wt rx^» T ir ra Un/nTM ' New Stevenson Veto Moves Barkley 2 Others to Fore before alinut 5.000 people. With him here are hl.5 wife. Margaret, left, and daughter. HC8 B y. The Holts also have a son. Jack, Jr. ..(Courier Ncivn 1'hiilo) Holt Pledges 'Order horn Chaos Terms Administration 'Corrupt' pastor, the Rev. by the Ktdd. Burial will be in Elmwood Cemetery. Active pallbearers will be M C Webb Jr., Freddie Gore, Charles Ray Hall, Bonnie Hays Woody Townsend. Tommy Mosley, Bobby Lee Hill and Britt Owens. Honorary pallbearers will be '• Jimmy KUSSCO, Norman Whittlcsy, Harvey ! never come back to it ' said. Coleman lary said. Tiie dawn attack opened Ihird ' Stcchnan. acting chief mobili/er I '" 'he afternoon, the Ek'hlh Army anrl government, production and!"' = " defense officials, i President Truman seized the in- • di.'Kiry on Afii-il S mirier his claimed i t i-ouMitn'.ioiia] powers ' '. on June '2. ihe ; a R to 3 opinion -. _. Eighth Army summary said the morning charge" supported by artillery and tank fire carried the Allied troops to within 150 yards of Red positions on the northwestern slope. The summary dirt not make clear cres^f ^ N vsrjsirs5r Entr , e ^ o r 1Dnri " n ' Bm ^- •»* .er it had been described as"a no" i M , oltmulo: Doili!l " Geil "J'. Oafcie man's land ! Ro ™ ! ' Dwam Adams. Bill oilhow. The Eighth Army „„_,._* dld , lol j ^'Mlrr.'' ^^ T °"' say how far back the Reds had I been driven by the initial thrust. ! ' Fighting fell off during the morn- mi! but U..N. troops charged ahead Maverick and his strategists were already planning a never- siiy-die fight on the convention floor, although they would not publicly admit there was a possibility of losing the first round. Maverick himself made one final try before the credentials subcommittee, and got Ihe cold shoulder. It had listened to about three hours of argument on the Texas battle over loyalty pledges, majorities, and who are the real Democrats in Texas, bul Maverick wanted a littte more time. He. Creckmore Fath of Austin and Walter Hall of Dickinson appeared and were summoned lo cominiUee lable by Chairman lor his caftiiidiicy for the gov- and promised to "bring Farmers Warned Of Red Spider irdcr out of chaos in our state government," Holt said (iiat Governor aid Mc- Matli's race for a third ienn amounts to "Homer AclkinV filth race for the governorship." Dc.-cribing Aclkins as the "big SO-.cnior-jnal.-iH-." Hull asserted Iliat, "Homer has now resigned from his; County Aaenl. Keith Bilbrey this stale job (administrator of the slat- I morning warned Mississippi Conn Empioyemcnt Security Division) to i 1-5' cotton farmers lo keep a elose help |jul this knight in fihimtv.; ar- vffli cm Mmtr ri,.i,t- i.. _.. Entomologist Finds Pest In Some Fields in Damaging Numbers mor (McMnth) time." in for the third Sens. Russell/ Kefauver Join TopContention CHICAGO (AP)_Gov. Ad--, 1m E. Stevenson's veto on new efforts to get him into the l-i'ce projected two senators and Viee President Barkle.v into top convention today for the Democratic presidential nomination. Stevenson—most reluctant presidential possibility since James A. Garfletrf declared In 1880 that he wasn't going to be seized bv th« presidential fever which 'later overlook htm—smacked down new attempts to make him an active candidate. But as he has done before, ths governor left unfilled the crack In his wall of resistance n 6alnst a convention draft movement. All he said was Iriat he would meet that problem if it arose, believing that it never would, Stevenson In Background These mid other declaration* moved Stevenson inlo the background and gave Impetus to tho active drives being put on by Bnrkley. Sen. E.stcs Kefauver of Tennessee and Sen. Richard B Hussell of Georgia. Barkley was emerging from advance maneuvering before th» opening of the 31st Democratio convention Monday as tit least a temporary refuge for some dele- gales who want Stevenson hut nl- most despair ot ge(tin K him Tho vice president is regarded as acceptable to all elements ot Hie party, including rebellious ami-Triminn contfngenLs from tha houth, Northern advocates of a strong civil rights platform and labor lenders who want lo play a dominant role in selection of tha nominee to oppose Ihe OOP's Gen Dwight D. Elsenhower. Barkley Is 74 But Barkley Is 74. six yeai _ older limn President Truman, who reportedly has told friends he is quilling because he dnesii't wan* lo bj cariieii -out ol lAu •wVfta House In a pine box. Despite Hartley's evidences of robust health, many delegates feel Gathering momentum as spider. Mr. Bilbrey said lhat Gen owinn, University of Arkansas en warmed to the croud. Holt lasheill. ,' •-"*.? ui .-iihiinsas en- out at "this little boy McMath" and ,,!" . ?' 5 . who is °» '*M duty In termed hit two icrms "the most "I* 5 """';!'. 1 County, reported to his corrupt administration anvbodv has : ,',"'", """, mm '"™S UiiU he had • louud ;cd spider in l \..... ~-i...of iiiiinucrs In a dozen coinmunilipY ," ', H ,.( i , Jack Cnadr.n >ra':ri;J iho VVeother Ar!, :ns_- f^.cmi: Parly clotid.v thl!> afternoon, tonight and Sunday from positions on Old Baldy's nrjjihvscsl slope, the Reds Friday poured an average of seven shells :i minute at Allied positions—one of tlu' heaviest Communist artil- leiy ihOinirlmijs of the War. Frontline officers said U. i\. .sol- tiisis ran into fire almost as heavy Saturday when they attacked from 'he hill's .southeast slope. Ark-Mo Names Gas Engineer McMoth Here -'^^ On Monday begin tiie section which will be housed In lire new school on loth Street. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Horncr of Blytheville Lorna was day of bittei-'i-ain-dre'nched ^ii" ! ^TV" Fl ' 5 '" ls '' a11 R ' vrr ' near ' " - -' " "iff for the hill west of Chm w, n ! B!iM)l ' Col °" J "" n ao «'""« '">«>- :' Calvin fiawlings of Salt Lake City. 1 un - j tioninz near IhDic with her par- There was a brief huddle, with : cuts and sister. June. ll. j National Committeeman Wright Tn m.ikiiiK thr riiiii'mnceiiient. i Morrou- of Houston standing near- Mrs. Henry snici ti^at "the chcnr : b>- but not participaling will add a plafnic alwve Ihe sccuon! lirqucsl Is Hcnortctl so thnl it will be- a lastliiE mt- ^, "\'" CSI Hcfanea morlal to an ollicer and loyal mem- • Mavcrick sa«l Ihe commillee ; has been appointed chirf enpinerr b«r of the choir organlxation and i , , "SK™. 1 ""' no' to press a point i ol the department and that hp uill school." ! »e had raised as the morning ses-j assume his duties here awmd five Books Tom Hinted [ si™ ended. He wanted a Hat qucs- Aug. .. .Members .of ihe gl e o club have : ''° n £'" '° Shivers on whether or A graduate of the Univcrsitv of already contributed money lor five n< ? 1 hls dclc B»««>n w ould support Kansas, where lie received hk PS books tor the- Action, she staled. '• "'"^ ^ sirico " vcnlio » »»""- •" -lectrleal en B ineerin e ,„ ,ra "Any p,-rs.,u wishinc U) con;rib- ] '"^ fcl Plesl ^ n <- t Mr. Ciladra comes to A.k-Mo Iron, Missouri Gas and Kleclrn: Service he H-.IS gonerol MJ- seen or heard of since the dajs the cnrpcl-biiggcm. "He wauls to make the rich richer and the poor poorer," Holt sairi of MgMat.U . "The rich Interest that are baei:- HIK him for a Ihird term stand lo Holt snid Adkin.s. in his stale Jo.). I "There I-> spent 30 minutes a day In his of- : d.imnr-c from fice and left the remainder of his ! il seems Ihr.v work to oflice assistants. Holt alluded to Ihe in^a race ri-lien he .<;;fd he unnblc to bu. 1 radio lime In Little Rock to mess his Irisi-minutr- campaign brtau^e watch on Iheir fields tu an elf u , t , , ul ; reBulu _ ,eei lo cut, short an outbreak of red Ms uomlnation would be regarded by the public as the selection of a party carclaker In on election tha Democrats fear they can't win Possibly to offset this kind of attitude, Mayor Thomas d' clro Jr. of Baltimore came up with ...„...„ Hie suggestion last night lhal Tru- seven I man reconsider his decision ., " 10 c m "»»"'i'"i i i "Kamst running nrjnin. "f'loimileri g" Seen vUle. Dell, Manila bnd fo Oak. flouiidc chn rr r , b."m "e j ' ."nothing but leaderless ;" since he arrived hern ; than ....,„.. „, t .^.p,, | L O another on plows, dogs M. M -Hi barkers bad already bought : " 1!i Jl oe hands." he said Hie time. ' I ^ He ur K crt farmers to check their that hrr Mas nolnallv *omc extra",!„„,„, r,,'"'"" .'." 51 "' Wlncn collld sulit the Jiave started usual due to u Je |, 0 [ ivpather of early July. "There is nlso a riau K ^r of the! •Piclors sprcadlni; from one field ' : evui % fKC . heed any such plea. Thomas R. Gavin , , "The party and the country at ' : tins particular, dangerous lime, ' [need a continuance of your le-ader- 'shilV he told Truman. There was no evidence, however, lhal the President would hrr Mas 10.0CO voles In Hie lend fields for symjitoms of red spirior Tiie first symptom Is the while iu.uw votes in me lend while Me-! "" llrsl symptom Is the while Math siippnrlers were clainline tiu-y ! K Pct:kliii[i of leaves, later dcvelopmr: were ip.Tdim?, Holt .'aid. "Why were '"'" a fciirfish color or of Kansas City, Truman's convention alternate, said he already bad received See BKMOCKATS on 1'age 8 M. J. "Jack" Cnarira of Lc.\-in£ton. Mo., has been nancrl to head Arkansas-Missouri Power Company's gas department. Ark-Mo president Charles Oes- chm announced today lhat Mr. Cuadra (pronounced V.vinh-druli) SIKMVKRS. JIAV'BE" \V.•:,--• <•>•.:!! ; id. mo.-ily dayltlnc. |it.-; i.-i -hnnci--. \,> unp.iruuit trm- ]:^..tiuTe chiui=;cs. Widely scattered aflernouii thuntler.-howi'rs Mnnduy, Mi.wuri fnrecast: Partly cloudy tonight and lomorrow: continued ho! ond hunm] .'•'.nimum Ihi- nnirniiu!.-V3. KI.-JI -A rr.i.,1 7 n" Hll:»|-i.-e t'llllulloW •-S.01. Prf cipHatiijii 24 hour.s to 7 a ni - : "•:• il uiivipil.Uion since Jan l! —21.97. M--an temperaiure 'midway be- Iv.. en high and low 83 o. iVwrnal mean temperature for July—31 S. This D.llr l.asl V pa r Mi'iHiiutn ihis inuntui 1 : 12. nol his delegation would support : whoever Ihe convention nomi- i il..icd for President. lite to the fund, may send their i Shivers and Morrow had an -~ „ I checks ^1., Miss Cecil CBssIrty. 123 j svvcrcd a question asked them by j Company wlierc Governor Sid McMath wil, visit \ ^"S™* W ' H ta ""- ' BCn ' ^ *" °' KGnlUCky ' ' POTT " C " dCnt ' s Biythevllle Monday in his bid for nomination to a third term. The Governor will make a-major address at 8 p.m. In the Courthouse .-fltisre. i An entertainment group leatur- | ing F'appy SUnvarl and his Tam; mis Family wii: p| ay / „ r t h e croivrt before and after the Governor's .spferh. . . "Contributors may t prcify a pa See llnitNTR rm fa t c 8 "' : who wanted lo know if the sub- j and' EVcctric'^/inTmrW^'le's r . ; scribed to majority rule on male i Blncer and later was assieneri ] evels - I See ARK-.MO nn T'ase H !2.Witl more voto-, ciist in 1h,- -.(8 i:ovrrrvir's race than in other .l.i'e race- on tlur same bullot? thn! harl never hatipenrd bcrorc In the liis- torj- of the state." lilts 3rd Term Hoi? -aifi no man should run for a Ihiril term as govcmo Mntll is 'Iniiii;. In h-.s previnn.s race for the cov- ernnr:-hip. Holt asserted. MrMath tirdmi.scd nnf ro inrrr-a.^r- i:ixe.- lo oflor his, lih-lmay proj;raiii for vote by the taxpayers each year, and to increase old-ace pensions to ihe national avr-rriec. Xnpe of (hf-:-e pioin- Ises «a.- fulfillrd. Holt said, He said MrMatli has created neu taxnj.-. in-rra frl others. lowered old- apr- p:ivmrnls anci in .'^oinr ,r r-- rnl ihcin entirely off "-.vliei) lie loiinti !hey duln'l vote for hiir* " To lho«i- rrceivine salaries fiom tnc stafp. Holt said, "You don't a-.\c MrMatli a vote — hf:'s not paving your fabric.', we. the taxpayers Srr IIOI.T nn 1'agc 8 Spots Leaves of affccled plants tend to •(:imMtp in point skyward »iih ilie .'•herfdiiiH of leaves and dcfoiiilion or complete loss of leaves follo,'.-- iiin. He lislf-d three chemicals that v.ill „ comral rc.l spider as aranlile I>.\'- j; c . : Sltlphllr ,-ititi straight sulphur ' j j Ariimitc. he said. Is ,1 new and I aiyinrentlv more effective material '•• Three Southeast Missouri nlsht than l)N'-siil|ibiir and he dcs iMitd spots vveie raided ta.-,t r.ltthl by the -trui-hl sulphur as brine ,1 'poor Missouri.Stale Patrol. llnrcl diolce" lor control. , Dl.stvict licadrjuarter.' of Hie Sta'- Missouri \Hight t Are Raided lie •I. rontrols arc obtainrd hy ap- Police a! Poplar Bluff told the my of these inseclkule,- r,n : Courier this morning thai gaming 45 Snatched from Fiery Death in Atlantic Drama NEW YORK <«-, - A naptha- reported nine n ^,^ r < „„ . „,„»,, Inside Today's Courier News . . Osreola Nrn-s . Page 2. . Arkansas \r«s • S. society dale—28,61. S. V .1,, NEW YORK 'A', - lenc-latlrn Norwegian frniphlpr burst inlo flamr.s on tlie dark Allanlir. bill « o: -I!) petsnns aboard were Miatclicd lioin fiery death loday in i dramatic rr-cue. Four ere.'.men slill wore missi;,_ from the 5.000-lon frelshter. the as Black Gull as the ship settled 63 miles off the eastern cip of Loni; Island. The Swedish American !iner Oripsholin. ah ospiu.l m ,. rov slli ., in Wo: Id War II. pluck.-d 4S i.n- s->ns.i n-h:dins six women flora the rolling spa. The Black Qull late last night eporter! nine passcnRCM and .. (!P-.i of 40 UPIP abandoniiiK ship »!'<•!• IV-T lifeboat* had twon de- Mioyrrl or lost. Hut HIP Gripsholm said 25 persons had crowded Into the last lifeboat cast off from the arans-e- Hammq ship. Tlie others rescued apparently plunged into the cold and swelling Atlantic. The Grlpsholm's lifeboats picV:- f ;l np 45 either In the «-a or from a HMmM. Of lhp, e 14 W( . Ir.ut-If-Md lo the Cos-1 OiiHid Oiiir-r Mscknlaw foi transno-t as:,or<-^Tr.h Ma,kin. w headed tor !>e»- York wher« It U (Su« to- niehl. The vrtcran sklppc-r of the Oniwhnlm. Capt. Kl«fiird Kric- son. radloi-d UK- A soci.ilxi J>ii-.'.« Ihnl six of the ri'Mlird nrrilptl medical treatment. One, whor-c condition was too scriou.- to be moved, remained on the Swedi--h- bound Gripsholm. His lifcbo.-iis lierformed their rescue uoi!c in four-foot swells. Tlie Black dull was c.inylne 500 loiis of naphllidlv'iip In m,.| : ,| liiuins fiom Birmi-n In KCM v,;.'k M.iph'.hnlone i., usrrl in in : : ; :c (ivi-s and explosi-.ff. 'I he shiji war, du« In New Vork today. Fred an Aworlatrd Prc s ncu man wl-,o flc-.v nvrr Ihe s«>m- a- (hr.i. n. rrponpd (he lirc- rii->rrrd ln:ll of th" Blark Cull was Mtnini: l.i/.ily to onp-sirte • still allanip. Krnner said' A thick coinnin o! ' Hiiokc blanketed the sea for a 20- milcr ariim. Dimly outlined was thr bare- metal framework of the ' ship's poop deck from which four crewmen leaped to apparent death . tint Hie r<..,..i <Mar>! luil nnl <•'!:•! d T' '.el-- anci Coa«t Ga overhead. < .niljrrt t iip ni-,.-, id plants hovertil Ihr- mirier side of the leaves Mr niibrrv .staled. While lire present; is not considered in the "epidemic' slaw. Mr. Rilbrr-y warned that loss from ml spider can be sovrro if the miri- er- are widespread and nol cciit'rol- lecl nrri spider symptoms can be fount! along dilrh banks, fence ro-.v.s, bam lots and stumps. "Any plnee where you have polk stalks or wild vit)lrt« you are almost certain to develop red spider trouble." he Mid. Mr Bilhrey reminded farm-is ll-.nt Mr. Ouinn i.s still available lor firW inspection trips and will c.-- | ?!st farmers in (racking do,vn red spider symptoms. Primary Clerks, Judges be Named Clerks nnrl Judges for Ihe July •-!i and Aug. 12 Democralic pri- Imnries wii be chosen at 10 a.m (Tuesday at a meeting of (he Dcm- |0cr.itic Central Committee in the 'llou",''l C °l" f r0f>m ° f """ CmirU ''«'• o T:i\lor. ronvn.ittee rh.ilr- man. said (hut one ^o, (l [ m ii.-,-s and clerks will be picked lo wori; both primaries. - . ----- picked up al Hiley's Club in Holland, Zan/a Club in Hayti and B\-I3 Club in Gobler. | Officers said tlie procedure under • Mi.v-oiirl law for equipment to be j turncil over (o the m.iciitratc. i court for djspnsiticn. clwr K ,--, \ VO ro [ cxnecled to be (ileci in Ciiruthers- ! ville this morning fhf three : clubs and were to ra:,ge from mis: domeanors to felonies, i "Die profrciitir-.c! attorney's office j in Caruthcrsvilie said most charges 1 would probably be waived today'in ! magistrate's court and be taken to Circuit Court. The raid uas executed cn'irelv b7 : stale officers, with 16 participating in the tour. The g\»y vino tries to be on t level usually lmj> the QOMVJ niosl. * * '

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