Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 23, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's.. Celebrated HatS. Silk, Stiff and Soft / ——..•..-. Spring Styles.— EVENED IT UP Beat the Kokomos, Just as the Journal Said They'd Do. 'TWAS A PRETTY GAME DBWENTER, / The Hatter and Furnisher, SHOE BARGAINS. 98 Cents Buys Men's Shoes solid leather, lace or congress. 98 Cents Buys Ladies Kid Patent Leather Tip Shoes, button or lace. 63 Cents Buy's Ladies' Kid Oxford Ties, pat- teat leather tips, 73 Cents Buys] Ladies' Low Calf Skiu Shoes just the thing for Garden. 29 Cents Bays Ladies Serge Slippers, solid comfort. . 69 Cents Buys Children's Tan Shoes, button or lace. 19 Cents Shoes, patent leather Bays tips. 50 Cents Buys Beautiful Velvet Slippers for house wear. Stevenson & Klinsiek 403 Broadway. THE FIRS! NATIONAL BANK -or— LOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA CAPfTAf, *«J50.000 A. J. MurdocH, Prcs. W. W. KOB», Cuih. J.. F..Brookmoyer. A«»t. Cash. . DIBECTOBS: ' H. B. Bice, W, H. BMnghnWt. A. 3. Mortoci, Bennl* .. Banklnp In ali Its Departinonts promptly sn<1 carefully done. - _ Safety to Customers and Stockholder* •ought (or. . , .Strong Beierve Fund maintained. Business Change. James Beslioor has purchased the Polton. meat market. He now occupies the new room Just erected to the west of the old stamd, and It )<* his Intention to run a flrst-class shop amd handle a full line of fresh and ealt meats. DAILY JOURNAL '' THURSDAY, JULY' SsTTsOO. Subscrltx; for The Journal, 40 cents a month. Mrs; John Gleaston'ls recovering after a critical Illness. One-half off on straw hats. See Otto's ' ad, also tan shoos. Buy your waists and wrappers at the Trade Palace and .we 20 per cent. . • ?3,00 bankrupt taa shoes- at ?3,00. Otto sclte tue finest at $1.98 and ?2.08. Otto will not carry orar a single pair of ton shoos. Which means a loss of over !?2.00 per pair from actual cost. •Jlie Pera Chronicle will please credit. The Journal. wWi the etoiy of Hie elopement of .the preacher and the child, not the .Logansport Chronicle which will tell about it, next Saturday. Kokomo 'and Peru merchants are kicking becauso Otto soUs shoes so cheap. Don't squeel n.elgh:lx>rs, but meet the cut like a' man, and don't give Otto so much free advertising. I ^B* Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •OR; 1%. MOST PE'RFEGT MADE. » B-weGrare Cream of Tartw Powder. Fr« | i Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant " 40 Years the BRYANITES MAY CONTROL. But They Must Fight-First Day at St. Louis. Too taoin slmllu cmfywp xstfiflffVii kq,l St. Louis. July 22.—Special.—Tha PopulI-SUvof couvention adjourned at S:."!0 o'c'lock tonight until 30 o'clock tomorrow morning. Shortly after the convention convened this evening n heavy rain began to fall and the liglits In the couvenrion hall went out, leaving the bift building in total darkness wiih the excoptiou r& a few candlft? on the prow tables and ou t.lio spcakor's stand. Electricians were at work trying to loftatc tlie trouble on tlie electric lig.li-t litK'.-:, but 'twas Impossible to get the lights running again. A conference committee was selected consisting of one. mc'inber of eacli delegation, and thw committee was still out when the convention- adjourned. The "Middle of the Road" delegates held a conference tin's afternoon under the lead of the Texans, and it is said decided to make a firm stand and on deavor to secure the organization aiH elect a pormaneut chaii-man. The Biyai men also held a. caucus and will have KO.metliingtosny when it comes to elect- Lug a chairman of the convention. The tight wiill be on to themorniQg, and the indications are that (lie Bryanitos wil control. Kokonio Dispatch Admits Steal—National League. the Kokomo will excuse us 1C -wo go out behind the \\-ooil-ilied. aud smile. After being robbed- oi oue gmme there was blood i-n the eyes of the-Oltos Avhcu they stepped on rlie field yesterday afternoon iiud they went'after the game in'a manner that meant business. -,-Aud. at thut it was a narrow squeak. TlK-y had the Kokomos shut out up'to the seventh In-' Hint", and 'then thoy^ia.uagoij to squeeze in oue little run. The'-Blghih produced- a bhink for the dlsclples'.iof. .old chief Kokomo, and the ui.nth. opened, disastrously for them. Wi(!i, fcivo. uieu,.our I he crowd hud sfarted.. t.o leave tlie ^.ouud-s and -the people 'were 'bunched- in the corner next the 'gate In le'i't field, when two flies we're knocked-into that: flekl wliic'h would have- bwn J enten up if the people had not teen iu'the'way. As it. was, the Indians scored, flye runs by good hick ami came near lying tlic .score. The rough rooter's nf the town lore their clothes oft' in the endeavor to pull cult the tyiirg run, buii'they couldn't doit. Following Is the score:' ' '•'•,• Logausports . .. .1. 3 0 0 0 2 O-O 1—T Kokomos 0 0 0 O'O 0 i Q-r*-f, Baiteries—O'Connell.anil n.vcrs; Kog- rs nud Garvey; hits. OW.Ofi;9;-.Kokomo S: errors, Otlns :>, Kokoimo S;.basc on balls, oil' O'-Connell 4;..hit.-by,.pitched ball, O'Conncll 2; struck out, by O'Connoll 4, l>y Rogers 9. Umpire, Morris. : SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOQANSPORT. "RU'ST OUT CRYI.V " ' Acknowledge That .Tuesday's Game Was Stolon. THE MAN WHO BEAT BRYAN. The man wLo defeated W. J. Bryai i'n the interstate collegiate oratoriea contest flitrtoon years ago was A. J Beveridg.e, who is tlie Doinoslhencs of the IndUvnapolii? bar, and the most flowery speaker Jn Indiana, His speeches never faJl to create great enthusiasm. ' He will take part iu tlit Imlia.ua campaign'tliSs year, and will doubtless be 'hwd litre. Mr. Beveridso is 30 years old. " He represented De Pauw uu.ivati.sity in i'he'JiU'terstate con. test a:ud Mr. Bryan represented Illiuoh college. HELD AT CRAWFORDSVILLE. Capt. Skelton leaves this morning for Ora-wfordsvlllc, called there by a message received last night to" the effect that a ma.n wanted -here for alleged embezzlement Js held there, having been captured yesterday. The man caught is named Waterman. The complaining witness Is W. H. Overman, the piano dealer, agent for the Baldwin Piano company, and the charge is larceny a-ncl embezzlenuint. Capt. Skelton expects to return with the prisoner today. rOAVERS-GEHRKING. E. Powers and Little Gehrking wore married yesterday at'H. 0. Green's on Twelfth street. I'ro.f. Howe oll'idatlng. Only t'hc immediate friend* were present. TJie couple will take a Htr.le oiitlng and then locate in tlic city. Delphi Times: Henry Selbert, whose lionsc is IB Adams township was entered by burglars. la,>t week, was In the titty lOi'is morning. He stated that thn .rglnr^Uad not yet. been cnplured but lifa son and a ,nuniolir O'f his neighbors were close he'iilncl them arifl only iniss- wl .tliom .1 'few houvi? at Logansport this morning. AmdavJt.< were made yesterday 'in Squire Fender's'co-urt.charging H. N. MHlei? Oscar Miller, Elmer Darifi. Dennis Dovinnle, Jolm-W. Davis and Frank Baucltinan, all residing-south.of tbe city with illtwil lisliing iu the Wabash river., near the upper dam. The witnesses tiro LeRoy Fitc!i, William Poti-meyor, Ja- •oli Hoaclj aud W.'D. Winters. John Wolf-, has filed suit for ,?5,000 ngalnst Martin .Beltclicr for .slander. Newer & Reeder are-Wolf's-attorneys. The complaint was filed yesterday; It set forth in tbe complaint that Beltclier falsely accused the plaintiff of "itenllrig appliK-from Bellclier's orchard. A loss of $2."00 per' pair Is Immaterial to Otto on tan^hoes. But it takee nerve, Kokomo and'fern neighbor*: T)ic> KoKomo DiS]>alcl7'i.s-1'tii'r o admit tlisnt the gflime ; Tuc-s<lhy ; was stolen f ram Mie Ot.tos by (Jie 'scfirfei; but excuses tllie act. ou t.lic' grbtiiiid t.hat tlie scorer is aJl pfiweiifnl to do as lie difol. consuro. Hoi'c is \yhiiit" tlie says: " " ..".' j "Tlio liirt ga.me but one fiotweMi I\o-. kcnuo and Logamsixnt a»\ (ji'depeudupt cliilxs was ]>kiy«l at th.o' home 'grounds ytistordny. 'Ilio resulit w.'is a score of. S to 7 TO favor of Kokomb. This is the record of tlie official score awl fi-oin, DlKit, undw t.Iu; extetil-ng ci'rcuinsbincps. tliore is Jio nppejiJ. It IK right even; if. i* fe wi-omg a psvradox -Wia't iiobody'_iju.- dewtxi.mls letter Hum the people wlio play wild «it base ItaU^.In Uife._"ihdu- IHiudemt tca.m" busiiioss I;lieir,)^.uci "Jpl- •tiitvtilive" no "rot'erendmu." Tli : t;re ! L< iHlmply ".Is." And -tbe' score as kppl .by tilio man with ''tlie l>ook is,tlw-,',!'y.' jit :lp cases ot' tihto kind ttin,t.sh<>w.tlifl advantage at a lo-ague wHij..e%tal>li*il|cd rules and a c-oin-t of appeals, suoii MS]\VO vt-.tll have after t:Ms wcek.,'_. .-./.;.. -..,. .-' "'JNn-re cam.be no (iu<$Uotv b i ut..-t.tiat t.lw? score book was wroiig v ;,.Aud, ;i't is (K]u.ally Bruo tliait. lit was not designedly wrong, l.u the ccnjif.uiflon,. .of .. rapid phiys to tihe Isi(=t half. :<>fi!-.tlia-. second Jlniil'iig Wiore was a. failure L to-; scoi'p n run by Starts t.hjit was.cert(i'inry- : J)ia'de,: a.iul .had tdiis bean conatod<;tiie.-.^wne at LINE coriPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. . '" • s P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing The clubs clKiage positions today an. play us 1'ollow?,' winding "P the wee' and the season Wist' for Hie Easter: clubs, which will not lie seen again on Wos!tei'.n grounds tills.Benson: PMI-adoIplrio. at Glevel'airid; New Tor! at 'Pittslxu'rg; Boston at Cincinnati Washington at St. Lows; Brooklyn a Chicago. Baltimore play's Friday Saturday' and. Sunday ait St. Louis. .An next,Monday-ClevdJaiHl niul Cijicirinnt inee/t nt. Cincinnati. \ STANDING OF THE CLUBS. the end of the nil-nth S to S. But *he score as flic )x»k.showed*.It, and that settled aJl controversy; — •'••, ':•'"• "It. is not to tihe credit •of T.oinnij;, Bruiton, tihe captain "of'-^Tie.-T.ogarispott team, til nit he stored •' t;he- questioned score In tilie face all tlvroiVRli tiie-olgli-Ui iMunAm,' a,nd only nilsoir'-pfeiok—in Which ho had been apt oriongh' / <'a.iHT'Ta'ri too emphatic, not to -say profane, enough in' tihe early part of MM? inline—until jtwo .m.en were out and two pfcWkes-ch'lIejl .on Mm I-n t'.lu.' iii:nith."''To.hmiy"'-l«ia 'played for Rii'm'.' wii'lcli wn# pirbnit^cl,' \nrift would have prayed for Iit c l-H]'c! ; ha'd .only known -how. But the gods'^i'atc'-a-. dle- «>iii-l>k?r .-iJMl. Tommy Jw^.to. JoVik) the ca,nno-n-in the month nW'to"'d'Ow.n 'to- deserred defeat." ..';~~' '.',„• ,' "' IT WAS CUPFY'S DA* TJD WIN. Tlie Senators Made 'ft 'plertty'.o'f Tills, But, They Were Ke.pf.Scatterodi. Cleveland won Again -fi-oin Wasjilug- ton yesterday. It wa.5 (i stugjfvng frame which tlie Seaiatora'-h'ad'-The'.liiijit of- rtic hitting but tJ«; worst •of'-.tliC: run^ Seventeen liit«-bff 6l"-"LittIe George" to fifteen off Germn'Q'Too'ki-i as thpngli- It should haV'o'- woii fhe game for Wa.shtogtou. : 'GlnclTiinivti'' won /from New York"nnflBaltJmore 7 ilKV-not; play, following are tlie seore^of ttie": games yesterday: ' ^'"'.'' .""' -' At -Clevcilarid—WasliltiRtoii-S; 1 Cleveland .12, '..' ";;;•."„ 7 : .:^ : At 'Ctacinna-0—>W'^>K" .3,; L 'Clncin- Clubs ChlC.illOati: Gk'veland Baltimore Ghtoago , Boston .. Brooklyn . rhil,ladelphia Xew York ... St. Louis . . Louisville .. Loet-PerCt 20 '•• .cs; 2."). ..07. 25 .00 30 35 35 •43 42 42 44 .54 .530 .44! .45; .42; AM .20; THE LATEST NEWS. The Ottos went lo'Rushville from Kokomo and will plhy ; Tlicrc today and io- inorrow, -returning- home Saturday fot ; ai d'iiy',«''rest'betore the opening of the league season with -Kokoiao Sunday. Umpire Morrissatisfied both sides In the' justice .of Ills -decbnon? JD both the games at Kokoinb. lie's all right foi one of the I eagw?-umpires. - PresHleint Donald L. Smith of Rusli- vllfe/presl'deht of't.tit-new Indinnn State leajiwC'writes that the prospects won? never better for a i: swcessful short season' 'of league baH."We is eu-thustastic .Wwiirwork hard to make the league a succor. '• - L • " There was unbounded satisfaction In Loga'iusport ]ast."nlKht,-.when»1he rwult .of the game iihlvok«jn»,-.vesterday was announced. •:.•••.'.-. . . ..,. Hollo liMsher. .a-n cx-Ott-o pitcher',)* i" the City. • • •••;•.::) . •:•'•' THE S1TUAT1QN. Political Affairs; in the Eleventh District.. At LouisviJle—BIVUHI-V^. •:;••-''"•"'"'"" 11. Secfund game, BfopJSyii" 1,' j-ouis rllle-2. . ' • ': ' . ••;':• At Cliieago— "Bostpn ft- At st; Louis 8.. The icstponed on nocount . ^e jldj-' ' wtis Reijul.)licaiis-|.i] the Eleventh cnn- oM.l district'., are very unich awake. A iiieeliing .of tjie dtetrict'.coni- milKoe wa<5 held -in ...Marioir.Tuesday, ea-lled by • Com mWteemim OSlio'nf, at wlfch 'It was reported -mat each couu- ly ..was orga,n.;zed and. ready for awlve work. AiiKuig-those pj-esent wore Dr. ,T. K. Powell, J..M.,Cnii.n, Wabash: C-ip- taiu T>a-i.ly and Mil.ton Kratw, of .Pcm: •W)' H. Ha.rt-;(i.nd S«)tt Cole of Hunt- ilifftou. Maj. George W. Stoele arid ndu. 1 Hij-am BroW'iiJee..xvL'te.present and dis- eu&icd the situation.,. The Democratic Congressltuial.couye3it.iau will be hoM tn the city loday. .-.Tlien; r.re few osplr- nu-ts. for-the honor -of running against . : :::Kokomo,an'd..Peni nierclinu-is ar.c SUT- pi-jserl at OttoV;::pr!ces.-on slwos. Hitt rule Is to clo.se out. every...pair no aiai- ter.hfi.\>'. gtent. -th.e_saor:flce' even less than bankrupt PERSONAL. Prof. A. L. Moore has returned from a two weeks' visit with relative.-; in Carroll county. Misses Nora and Kate Hoolcy have returned from a visit with relatives at. Richmond. Mn?. C. W. Graves is spending several days with Mrs. A. L. Furhce at Lake Maxin-lcuckoe. ; Mr. amd Mrs. Will Mc*luo of RnsD- ville are flic guests o.f M^r. and Mrs. L. Gipe of East Broadway. The Vary Rev. M. E, Caspian of Logansport, is the guest of Father Roclio, of St. John's church.—Lafayette .Call. M.lss Gertrude Blassiugtemi left yesterday for Graiwl Rapids, Mich., where sJie will vi'usdit fnicindis foa- tlwee weeks. Harry Tous'.ey and John Carroll were among the Logansport "rootens'' to attend tlie ball game at Kokomo yesterday. Mrs. Lew DeMuth nud child of Hunt- iagton. accompanied her mother. Mrs. W. D. Clary, home, and will rlsit a few- days. Secretary W.- A. Thomas of Michael'? university lias gone to his home near LaFontniue for the vacation. He will be gone eight weeks. Misses Lulu Selimitt, Kita Flauegiu, Lovie Anderson, Bertha Parker and Flossie Winter will visit Miss Blanche Busick at Wiuamac today. Peru .Tom-nai: >Irs. George Bryer lias returned from Lopansport E. D. Gfniiible went, to Lflgansport this morn-' ing to remaim several days. Lafnyelle Call: C. A. Wood-of LOT gansport. Is In the city today Very Rev. M. E. Campion of LogMSport is the guest of Father Roach for a few (lays. Wabash Plaindealer: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Holisoa of Logausport. returned home today after a pleasant visit to Mr. Hobson's parents.- J. L. Hobson aud wife VI Russell i-etnrned. from Lo- sansport. this morning. Mont (cello Journal: Miss Emma Linville. of I^ogansport, is visvnng In the clrj-, the guest of Mrs. Jacob Buchanan. , .Hon. S. P. Slicorin and father, D. D. Sheerin, of Logansport. were in the ?ity (his niorraiip:. Peru Chronicle: Jerry McCarthy rod.; to Logamsporr today on his bicycle. From there he will ride to Valparaiso, ivhero ho will be joined by liis cousin, tiul (ogcthor Hiej' will ride to Chiaigo. , ...Bob Turpeii visited friends at Lo- ransport yesterday afternoon—,MTss [.ucy Kniusse, of LogunsiKUT, Is in tho ;ity (he guest of Miss Jessie Cox. Peru Jonrmil: .Times Hartwlck and ivliv. (if Logansport, were gnesls nf Pu- •uvians ycsteuilay... .Mis? Mayme Hetzler a-cd sister. B:flie. of Loganspc-ri, arp "he guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry ichrader of East. Third street,.. .G. W. "erry, of Log.'insport. lias returned i-r.me after a short visit in Peru Mr. ind Mrs. Ed See.ly and Ira Miller were lome over Sunday—The- MJsses.Shan-- 1 ilni-u, of Logansport. wen? guests of Jlss Hannah Long over nlglit wTiile re- uriring home from Rochester. . SURGEONS TRIUMPH. Take Out the Paralyzing Kinks'I a Man's Back Bone. An Acrontnt Sullen from m. Terrible FaU In Venezuela nod I> Tr»t«d lit • Mew York Ho«plt»l— May Get Well. A least difficult and unusiuil surgical operation was performed at St. Luke'* hospital, -New York city, the other day upon Charles Wolcott, an aeronaut, who met. with a fearful accident whilo waking an ascension in Venezuela lasS October. . . When Wolcott w,as received at tha hospital at Caracas, the diagnosis wa«. fracture of the spinal column, dido* cation of the ankles, knees and hips, and; shock. Complete paralysin from the-'' waist down followed. He had improved sufficiently 1 in April last to justify his removal to New-York for treatment, and he was admitted into St. Luke's hospital. The dislocations. hod reduced in tbe Caracas hospital, but l>artial paralysis of the truck and legs remained. The operation which took place, the other day was Intended to re« Hevc this. The spine -was first laid open for tbo leng-tl: of nine Inches in the middle of the back. Several bony protuberances were, removed und an opening 1 six inches long was cut on the middle line of the spinal cohrmn. The surrounding case of the spinel 'cord was nextopened. It was found ttiat the -cord itself was but slightly injured, and tbe removal of all pressure promise* ;niUire]y to relieve the paralysis. It I» ' almost too soon to determine tie exact result of the operation, but the proff. uo^s is fa.vorable. The accident which nearly resulted in Wolcott's death occurred at Villa da Cura, near Caracas, on October 28. HQ lin<] mnde nn ascent with :i hot nir balloon inflated in the ordinary manner, To the balloon was attached a parachute from which depended a trapeze, Through lack of police supervision th» ropes supporting- the parachute were. '..ranipled in i-hc mud. YTtH'ii nt a height of 3,000 fcetnbove, rhecart uWolcoUciJtloo.se from the balloon with his parachute nnd began tli& dosccnd, but, fciin:'. to his horror, that the-tnnfl-lcd ropes of the parachute prevented its opening. II? dropped to n han-pfinjf posiiioD under the trapeze and waited for the shock of contact with (he earth. A moment Inter fhe p;ira j c.huto fortunately opened nnd brnko hi* fall. ' J HISTORY OF CORONATION. t Special-oh muslin underwear I'riday nd Saturday.—Trade Palace. Qnevn Victoria Collect* Newspaper Clip, pine* Concerning; II or Family. I Queen Victoria ordered that n full account of all the ceremonies and festivities of the Russian coronation'be mad>5 out under the auspices of the Knplislj embassy of St.-Petersburg and sent to her. Also, that n very complete collec* tion of cuttings from the newspapers^ both the dailies and the illustrated, weeklies, shall be made for her, so that, she may possess full descriptions, both from the official and popular point G ft view, of the second most hnportan event in the history of her ]>osterity-^ namely* ihe coronation of her gran'K doug-hter, -Princess Alix of Hesse a* czarina of all the RiiKSias. This volume, which will be compiled under the dU rection of Sir Flcetwood Edwards, wilj ( be nn interesting-addition to the queen'a^ collection of literature on tbe subjec^ of her family. 1W*sfM '^^^^^ii^t li g& ^ ^

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