The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1949
Page 7
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•*_gmiRSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1949 THi NATION TODAY— New Filibuster in Senate Seems Certain to Start Early in 1950 Over Truman Civil Rights Issue By James Murlow r.™ Y AS , HINOTON ' Dcc ' 15 ' WJ-WJicn Congress returns In 1950 you -PI a reW!mo " of what happened this year; a filibuster. the bill'l^T"" iul " llmstration b «<""« to tl '>' for «« early vote on " I0 scl "P a " FEPC (Pair Employment Practices Commission). Tile icsult? Pretty surely zero. T »e FEPC bill would forbid an employer to discriminate against a Mb-secker because of his race, color or religious belief. H'-V pait "I President Truman's*. [ civil rights program. Other parts of „ . "-"-" '-• •-• - - H as a campaign issue—In the con(or federal 'laws'to" oullav; s-nmg aim the P0 || tax. And the irsult if n,c Trunianites ny lo IJUL ll-roiish [hose oilier park o! the program? Pretty surely zero, loo. -Mr. Triiman toot a strong stand on the civil rights program in the 1SU3 elections in which he was elected president and the Democrats won control of Congress. Bvit the Trunianiti! Democrats toil control of congress when, shortly aficr Congress opened this year, they tried to cleur the way for bruising up a civil rights Mil and thus 'ulfill Mr. Truman's campaign Pledges. •Smnhcriicis Will Bitter Baltic At that point tlie Southern Democrats. deeply embittered by the civil riijlius program, split off from the Truman Democrats and filibus They did it -so successfully tered. - thai they prevented any civil rights bill from hehig considered in the Senate in 1DJ9. What happened as a result of that — gre.-sional elections later In 1950— to get more Trunianites elected. Particularly among Negro voters. The seats of all 435 House members and a little more than one- third of the X senators are involved in (he 1950 elections, Senator Humphrey, Minnesota Democrat and one of those most responsible for getting the civil rights plank into the Democratic Party platform in 1948. says the FEPC is the "real guts" of the program. Tile Southern Democrats arc, perhaps, more hitler about the FEPC bill than any other part of the Truman civil rights program. It's an invasion of individual and states rights, they say. Why. then, should !hc Trumim- ites bring up the f'EI'c bill instead of ,say, the anti-lynching or anti- ' poll tax bills? At this moment no one of them seems to have any chance of getting through, anyway. But- More support from more groups CKK.MAN ORPHAN'S — - dred Clerman children from three Frankfort, Germany orphan-ices v.-rr- i ' ' BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER HEWS ———^———————. _______^____—. Bulgarian Court Convicts Kosiov Former Red to Pay On the Gallows for Deserting Communists SOFIA, Bulgaria, Dec. 15. (AP) Trniclio Kostov, former communist vice premier of Unit-aria, was convicted of treason last nislit and sentenced to dcnlh by hanging. The No. 2 defendant. Ivnn ste- lanov, former fiance minister, was sentenced to life Imprisonment. They were tried with nine others on charges of plotting with Americans. Britons and Yugoslavs to make Communist Bulgaria a puppet of Premier-marshal Tito's Yugoslavia. These defendants also received life terms: Nikola Pavlov, former administrative secretary of the niilgarmn Communist. Politburo and former vice minister of public works. Js'ikola Nacliev, former deputy construction minister and chairman of the state committee for economic affairs. Ivan Gcvrinov. former director of the Bulgarian National flank and j .... .,.,,^,.^< ,.., ,. .*.,,, lt vyi LII«I. ..ivn; .^upjnjiL 11 o]n more groups lUlbusler will have an important may be thrown behind FEI'C than served breakfast last week by the Kroger company.' For many ot liic ' her Industries children, ranging in a K c from two to 14. it was their tirst fresh-egg! Ivan TulevVformer director of the and bacon breakfast, Kroger shipped 60 dozen e BS s and 60 pounds o. i Board of Foreign Trade, bacon to Frankfort on the inaugural flight of American Airlines sltalo- T1 ' cl ' e Ls "° a " 1>cal fruin «« '•en- cruiser lo that city. Army Air Force personnel .served the breakfast ! l"\1T'.. '' amled , A ° K ^ b >' a supreme on Armed Forces mess gear, as shown above. ' ' '" ' ilan parliament. The 11 defendants were tried under a sepclal new law 3 Children Fatally Burned V/hen Fire Destroys Home CONNELLSVIf.Lli, !'n., Dec, 15. 1,1 V _- Tlirce chlldien burned to death yesterday In an explosion find fire which destroyed their Iwo- roran home nt Breakneck, three miles northeast of this western effect on what happens in 1950. Ther Before the filibuster started, this the .situation in the Senate: was no limit on debate—or •r unless two-thirds' of the (And, of course, nnless a filibuster could be stopped the Senate could not reach a point, of voting on the measure which was being lili- l»'creri.) 'out under the arrangement then In effect if only 90 or 80 or 70 -en- ators were present on the door, two thirds of them could stop the filibuster. But, before the 1949 filibuster was over, this happened: The Senate, with Republicans joining the Southern Democrats made this rule for the future: Now a filibuster can't be stopped unless two-lhirds of the total 96 senators vote to stop It, whether 01 not all 36 are present on the floor That's tougher to get than jus two-thirds, plus one. of those merclj present at any voting lime. Issue May Go to Voters That's what the Tmmanites fac^ In 1350 if they try to bring up the FEPC bill and a filibuster starts. Some .senators are-so set again* any limit on Senate debate tbat they might vote against stopping a filibuster even though they might be willing to vote for FEPC once the filibuster was over. If che Trumanites lose on the civil rights issue dining the congressional session in 1950. they can ROUD PAULINE-This proud I'Jthcr is Pauling ex-circus figross in the W.iiip^nadc £00. London. Her motilh-oM daughter, Wenrly, is one of a set o[ twins who are reported the first tiger cubs to be burn in winter. That Loosen FALSE TEETH Need Not Embarrass Many wearers of lalsc teeth have snfierca rc.-.l cml.artassment tic. cause their plate droiipcd slipped or wabbled at just the wrong lime Do not live In frat 01 this happening to you Jitst spruiKle a litllf FASTEKTN the alkalinr mon-acidi powder on your plates Hiilt)-. false teeth more firmly, so they tccl more comfortable. Does nol soili Cherts FASTEETH at any drug store SAVE MONEY Ritll GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR HflLT€RS QUflLtTY SHO€ SHOI behind a bill to outlaw lynching or (he poll tax. Ten states already have FEPC laws. They are: New Mexico, Washington. Oregon, Jersey, Connecticut, Indiana, Wisconsin. Rhode Island. Elderly Queen Mother Visits Son, King George LONDON. Dec. 15. < ; p, _ Queen Mother Mary, who has been kept indoors for three weeks by a cold, annt for a drive yesterday'and had lea with King George at Bucking- Palace. The Queen Mother is Starch Is found In large quantities in corn, wheat, rice, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes and cassava. Snyder Indicates He Favors Cuts In Excise Taxes WASHINGTON, Dec. 15. I/Pi — Secretary of the Treasury Snyder indicated yesterday he favors some cuts in excise tpxes as a part of re- J Union HLR3 Socks Court Action Against Printers' Union ,5. l Labor Relations Hoard de- lion to force the union to comply witli the board order of Oet ''3 ^ JfficT £*£» ^£ <™ ployers to discriminate against cm AFL moving "inequities" tem. .lie lax sys- ••"- -"'..I*, iiiiru uj itvt|jonhe to a But he promptly added to a news question by Elisha Hanson genera] >nfp«'*in/>o tlioi ><i,.i***.i,— .1 _ i . conference that "whether we can do it now is another question." made on luggage, jewelry, telephone bills, transportation tickets and many other items. They were boosted sharply during the war. There has been considerable clamor from business men and others in recent months for cut backs, were needed Only last week, Secretary of Com- business drawn np lo uiini; to trinl members of the government accused of acts against it. ; The trial ended abruptly, after Kostov'.s own defense crmn.scl condemned him. Kosiov trlct" ajsjiin, us lie had before, to deny the charges and rctiiict hi.s pre-trial .st;iiemcut. insisting" oil' clo'scd i s>lc ' 1 n 'scrimlnation and to slop ail-! of "conlc.ssion", but lie was shoul- I | proving strike action for that pur- c(i <lmvn " 1Kt '»<'•* of what lie said [ was not heard in the uprour. All the others made statements of confession In court ccirrc.spondlim to their prc-lrlal confessions. All ten 1 of the others hail thrown llu-m.selvi's j •n tile mercy of the conn. *• ••" !• «"..<i.i HI lll.-ld IlllulrllC H^alllSl CIU- cided yeslerduy lo seek court en- ' P'oyces in violation of the Taft- forccment of its order directing the! Hartley Act. to slop strike lluciils ""' International Typographical' 10 fo1 '™ .""Payers to engage In BORED —. Posing with me tro])iiy at a Chicago dog sii<>\\ p . Uel^larco's Pointed Arrow cl'isc.s his eyes nnd y;iwns. He \\ p as cliost-ri the hc-st AHUM icnn-lnc-d male IBoxcr, bnt obviously is used to litlle thingr> like iliat. PAGE SEVEN Pennsylvania city. Mrs Vernon Mardls, mother of the victims, was severely vurncd in a heroic effort to rescue her chil- K'"ed were ThBlma .May Mardlj, ^ Riilh Ann, 3; and Vernon Thorn- •^^—.f ^Straight Kentucky Rourbon in all its Glory! *t» Naturally a finer drin JV"""'"//V njiiid I years in wood A«/.mi//>- lighiiM- in boily Arm/.yjJVy smoother in his ySTj 50 SO'JI JL i/^fl. £j i-i.vr 50 SO'JI 9167 shop conditions. " "" i Proving sinxe action for that \ The board acted in response to a I P %1' ,.„ ,,. ,,!,.<„ r.i : _[._ ... .1 i ne lour officers are President counsel for tile American Newspaper Publishers Association, who told the board that a bulletin sent out by the union flouted the board's order. Hanson also hart requested the board to seek a temporary injunc- Woodr-iff Randolph, vice dents Larry Brown, anil Don Hnrd. Taylor and Elmer Secretary-Treasurer Never Sold until Four (4) Years Old! nicrce Sawyer said he believed cuts us an Incentive lo Ths Opening of the New Kroger Food Department Store TUESDAY, DEC. 20 212 N. First Street Blytheville, Ark. Tliis is a slore | 0 ,hoer al.nul! Here you'll serve ynnrsdr savory, pre- packed sm( ,k c ,l meals, pick colorful of mills and vcgctiihles from rcn-igeralwl displa.vcrs. . . S allier .swecl ,l : ,i,y trcals. Tro/cn n.nris and ice cream from self-serve cases. Here you'll choose your favorite brands of canned foods f,- ()m „„ unexcelled sclecli.m. . .nationally a.lvtM li.sed beauti- and health aids. (oo. Here you'll find friendly folks who serve you with a smile, aiui everyday low prices lhat help you "Live Heller for Less." • Free Parking • Air Conditioning • Fluorescent Lighting • 4 Fasl Check Qul Slandj • Self-Serve Smoked Meats • Self-Serve Dairy Treats 86 WOOF. MNTUCKY SI8MCHI 6»U»BO» WHISKII. IHE EtO. 1. SUSS CWtm. immtl. HNISIKf. Hero is the finest in scicntifically-dasignerf, qunlity- built, smartly tailored sleep units nt no more than you d expect U> pay for nn ordinary innersprmg mattress or box spring. The nationally advertised Spring- Ajir matching units—famed for superior "sleep-ability" —wiH give you the sound, relaxed sleep recommended by doctors for health nnd vitality . . . the refreshing sleep you need to Wake i,p Fresh na Spring Air, zestfully rcndy for the <lny al.cnd. If s no wonder that f'pnng-An- » ua«l ; n moro thnn 2000 hospitals nrd over 1000 fine lioWs . . . \\Tiero tlic sleep-comfort trf I>.iticnts and g U( aU is given expert, professional at- Icntion, Spring-Air rales "TOI'S"! Get the "inside story." Feel for yourself the luxury of "Controlled Comfort."'Sco the smart colors »n<l fabrics, in Hornlo nnd ctripcs. Choofio Iho Tcry an nnd type to suit your needs from our complete line of top quality Spring-Air Mattresses and Box-Springs. $4950 HERE'S WHY SPRING- " C © COMFORT COMTOUR COMFORT FOR All HO ROILING TO MIDfUE SUPPORT COMFORT FOR AU o ,,- r »i IM^*^, ihin. ihnn or bill. "ConUnllrxl Cotnforl" fives y wvpi^rt in any podlion, «iUv>jl «-./. On Sprinir-Air you jci moc, ifiht . . . wako up fn.hj WADE ITU RE CO Trade with Wade and Save"

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