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Haddam, Kansas
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bum VOL. 37 HADDAM, WASHINGTON COUNTY, THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1920 NO. 42 ltppet Maddam will be "Twice as Nice as Paradise" with Electric Lights VOTE "Money Makes The Mare Go." i providing you have the money, otherwise honest' men have had to take a TIE-PASS To Hobo Town No burglar will break into your house and steal your money if you keep it at a a a a a a a a a a a a a 0 You can become independent on a moderate income The Iladdam State Bank F. A. TAYLOR, Cashier.

State Depository. ISC3E3C3E3 EIE3CIC11 so that those dependent on you will not suffer For Food and Shelter if you eliminate extravagant expense. Morey deposited today will draw interest from today it commences to grow at once. BEST RATES ON FARM LOANS The Gitizens State Bank J. A.

Welch, Cashier M. E. Akers, Asst. Cashiei i There Is like that accompanied by a And it is neglect to permit departed to go Unmarked By a Monument If the imagined cost haa deterred you from paying this mark of respect to your dead, come and pee uh. You will be surprised to learn that your ideas have been wrong and you can purchase a fitting memorial at a price well within your means.

FOUJT Obituary Rosa Lee Green was born in Iconium December, 2, 1880 and departed this life at Agenda Kansas, April 19 1920, at the age of 39 years 4 months and 17 days. She was united in marrage to Frank McCollum in October 1896 To this union were born ten children all of whom are living. They are Mrs. Emil Trybom, Mrs. Thomas Kopsa, Enoz, Henry, Artie, Stella, Iva Alta, Ray and an infant son of a few hours, besides her grief stricken husband and childrenfshe leaves to mourn her death a mother, two brothers, one sister, and two grandsons, besides a host of friends.

In the fall of 1913 they moved from Missouri to Brantford, and have lived in this neighbor hood from that time. Mrs. McCollum was a devoted wife and mother a kind neighbor and a friend to all. Funeral services was conducted by Mrs. Zella Hocket, of Clements Kansas, at Brantford, April 21.

"Rest on, dear mother, thy work is o'er. Thy willing hands will work no more. On earth there is grief, heaven there is rest, They will miss you most who loved you best. Heaven now retaineth our treasure, Earth thy lovely casket keep And the sunbeams love to linger, Where our sainted mother sleeps." Contributed. Drilling in Kansas Drilling for oil three mjles southeast of Washington, and about 35 miles south of Fair- bury will begin in a short time.

The contract has been let to go down 3,000 feet and the drilling rig has been hoist It i3 expected that a contract will be let soon to drill southwest of Fairbury but some details are yet to be completed. Fairbury Journal Plan For American Day Topeka, April 19. Telegrams already have been received from five cities, stating there will be American day parades and speeches May 1 in response to the governor's proclamation set- ing apart May day as American Day all over Kansas. Wichita, Manhattan, Great Bend, Baldwin and Concordia are the first five to notify the governor they intend to show their loyalty by observing American Day. And all five want the governor to make a speech.

Mr. Henry Nelson, a native of Kansas, having been born in Republic county, near Agtmda. where his parents still live on the old homestead. Mr. Nelson has lived in Brantford township a number of years.

He has served 12 years on the township board as clerk and trustee. He is member of the board of education of his school district and is quite familiar with the administration of county affairs. It ishard to decide which fades quickest a cheap skirt or a girl school teacher. Speaking of dry towns, how about Nowata, Oklahoma: Is it as bad as it Tar-sons In Topeka Capital. Try our clubbing rates, sub a 1 i pti lpiiuno kanrn lur any maga Washington County News From the Washington Palladium of April 22.

B. F. Dye left Friday on a business trip to Preston, Kans. Mrs. Frank Taylor was down from Haddam, Friday, shopping.

Mrs. Freida Odgers and daugh ter, of Iladdam, who visited in Greenleaf with her sister, Mrs. Harry Cornell, transferred, Friday, enroute home. 4 E. E.

Harris was down from Haddam on business, Wednesday. L. A. McHenry made a business trip to Haddam, Tuesday. Mrs.

W. D. Vincent returned on Wednesday from a recent trip to New Orleans, La. Mr. Vincent will visit several of the state industrial schools in the east before returning here to join his wife and son in a visit with his mother, Mrs.

Alice Vincent. They will then leave for their home in St. Anthony. Idaho. Clifton News, April 22.

The Washington County Track Meet will be held at Barnes in, the very near future. From the Clifton school only a few entries will be made, but the students are' confident they will carry away the honors in these events. Myron Stay will try for the honors in the 50-yard dash, the high jump and the running broad jump, and it is also probable that he will enter in the Smile relay, with Surprenant, Finkbeiner and Berneres running mates. Stay is Ohe of the best all round ath- etes in the school this year, and can usually be depended upon to bring home the first ribbon. Rev.

Frank Jenkins was here ast Thursday and Friday attend ing to business affairs. Frank is now the Methodist poster at Bel- aire, Kansas, Rev. W. E. Jenkins, of Leon- ardsville, Kansas, wa3 a business visitor here Saturday.

Rev. Jenkins has been returned by the Methodist conference to Leon- ardsville for another year. Linn Digest Lou Lull returned to his home at Iladdam, via Clifton Concordia Saturday evening after a day's visit with his sister, Mrs. J. M.

Roche. Recover Stolen Car. Washington, Kansas, Apr. 2G. (Special.) The automobile, a hew Oldsmobilc, stolen from P.

C. Swan of this city at Clifton, last rniay night, has been re covered at Kansas City, accord ing to word received here. Mr. Swan and Sheriff Connie Collins, who went after it, failed to recover the merchandise stolen at Clifton at the same time. To peka Capital.

The Belleville Telescope has this to say of the oil prospect in that section; Mr. Eddy, the oil man, was here this week making preliminary arrangements for putting down a well in Belleville township. Mr. Eddy has on the ground a car load of casing for the well and left today for southern Kansas to get a drilling outfit for the work which will start as soon as the drilling equipment arrives. "Economy no more means Raving money than it means spending it; it means adminstra-tion of a house; it is sUwardahip; spending or saving, whether money or time or anythiny else, to the best posiblo advantage." Kuskin.

Washington Marble Granite Works J. B. Lower, Pres. C. L.

Potter, V-Prca. Would Build Power Line i Tipton, April 27. -Voters here will go to the polls May 20 to vote on a proposition to issue $8,000 in bonds to build a power transmission line to con nect with the eiectric light plant at Downs, Kans. Topeka Cap ital. Having turned the grindstone to sharpen the sickle during the noon hour when a boy, we knew just how John felt about it and extend congratulations on the haDpy occasion of his seizing the first oppertunity of getting even with the grindstone.

E.L. Bowman's cash price for egws is the same as the mer chants' trade price. Sell for ash every time. FOR RENT-Good store building for rent Call at the Haddam State Bank. 42 (First published in the Iladdam Clipper-Leader, April 22, 1920.) Notice of Special Election NOTICE brrcbr alen.

that a icrlal election the nullified rlcclora of the Cltr of Iladdam Cll r. In Waahlnaton counlr. Kan sas, will In lipid on the 14th daf of Mir. WO. it th council chamber In aald cltr.

fur the lu rouse of voting on the proposition auhmiltcd Ut the Mayor and CHr Council of ukl cltr. In and tiy Ordinance No. 114. published In tin" Iladdam In mid city on the IMIt da of April. I'W.

to wit: Khali the air of Iladdam City, by UaMarorandt'lty Council Issue the uonda of aald cllr. fur rT nur- lw ol const rnrtlnif an electric luihl tdant within said cltr. and to roulnirt a transinla Jon line, win? and neceasarr equipment from a contact with the lines of the Concordia Wee-trtc Light Comparr. at or near Cul. In He- public counlr.

Kansas, to and within ald cltr of Iladdam Cltr. for the purpose of aupplylrui wtd cltr and It clllrena and ol hem with llelil and imcr for domestic and other pariane. in conformity to the provisions of Mid Ordln ance Niimlicr III. umda to i in edhia Twenlr flvelbima- an amount out ctivedhi and exi-collna the amount of In dclitneas, oMIititlon or llaiillitr contracted for orcrcaled for the mnooof const ructlnit wild untitle, oran amount In the aa-irrcirate e-recdi'ia Hfleen per centum of the assessed valuation of wild cltr as ahown by lit last as-ewmpnt thereof. Hald bonds to run for a period not etwlln Iwenir ream and twar Interest al a rate not enceedln at ier centum ier annum, payable semi-annually, and shall otherwise conform to the pcnvUlnna of mid Ordinance Number III of the ordinance of aald cltr." aid proposition will be designated on the ballot by the title! "The proposition to issue Electric Light Construction Bonds." And will tievolcl for or aalna1 under aald title.

1I flamed A. Taylor, Mayor. l. Jul. lAinniau, .1 City Clerk.

Administrator's Sale of personal property in Hadd am Kansas. The undersigned will sell at public auction at the late residence of Dora L. Rosenkranz, deceased, two blocks south of Citizens State Bank, in Haddam, Kansas, on SATURDAY, MAY 8, 1920, sale commencing at 2 o'clock p. m. 1 Jersey cow, 3 years old, re cently fresh.

1 small calf. 1 cottage organ. 1 cook stove. 1 heating stove. 1 dining table.

2 iron bedsteads. 2 mattresses. 2 bed springs. 4 rocking chairs. 10 dining chairs.

1 sewing machine. 3 stands. 1 oil stove. 2 rugs. 1 dresser.

1 chilTonier. 1 ice box. 1 sofa. 1 side board. 1 commode.

Dishes, some canned fruit; many other small articles too numerous to mention. Terms: Cash. J. A. Welch, Administrator.

E. E. Harris, Auctioneer. M. E.

Akers, Clerk. 42-2t Removed The Fairmount Creamery Co. are now located one door west of i Clipper-Leader office, where they will be pleased to serve all customers. All kinds of feed and seeds. J.

L. Clark. Please do not call at this office and ask for a nickle's worth of type-writing paper. For a nickel we only let you look at it For a dime, we let you look at the paper and feel of it, but you don't get any. For fifteen cents, you get enough paper to write a letter or two on.

For fifty cents or a dollar, you may have a little ackage to carry No Grief consciousness of neglect. the resting place of the I I 1 I 1 Proprietors. Kansas do? Will M. Marry the one you love, and send me the name and address of the other. fi.

My hair is beginning to come out. What can I get to keep it in? A sack. 7. Please tell me how to raise nice fat hog of about T00 pound. Get a derrick.

8. How can I tell when the water is the right temperature for bathing baby? Young Mother. If the kid gets red and hollers, the water is too hot. If he gets blue and shivers, it too cold. 9.

I am 40 years old. have a nice little farm, and am think- ing of taking a little wife; what would you Batch. I wouid advise you to be ful about whose wife you take. 10. Our red bull is chasing me around a 40-acre field.

What shall I do? -Mike F. non i Know, but don I give up, Mike; the editor will be back in a week. Successful Farming. E. E.

KelleyinToneka Cam'tal "Found," says the Clearwater Couirant "Liceusc tag and tail light off Ford." We easily comprehend how Mr. Ford's justly celebrated tail light might be at once identified, but are curious to knnw how bin licence tag is rcadly recognized. GR00DY Washington, Running A Newspaper Deer folks: Now I know why editors go mad. I ben trying to run this paper while the editor is on his vakashum. For three (3) days and nites I ben reading questions and trying to answer them, and if I don't quit I'll be going around talking to myself.

I'm going to answer a few more and go to the ball game-Jimmy the office boy. 1. What is a limberneck? J. Limberneck in the country is a strange disease of fouls and chickens. In the city it is a dis ease of human person caused by! watching fouls and chickens, 2.

Do small cows give condensed milk? Malic B. No, Mable. Condensed milk is made by trying to get a quart of milk fnto a pint bottle 3. Please tell me how hash is made. W.

W. Hash is not made; is accumulates. 4. Is it righCto feed hogs com in the ear? G. P.

No, put it in a trough and let them help themselves. 5. I am in love with a homely girl who works for us hut she don't seem to care for me, while1 a pretty girl with lots of money wants to marry me. What shall 1 a tine..

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