The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1952
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, SEPT. 18, 19B1 Russia Handing Railway In Manchuria Back to China, Will Keep Port By WKiMAM F. ARliOGAST WASHINGTON W) — Radio-television industry spokesmen told a congressional committee today tluil what they are trying to teaoh is a clean living and good morals, rather lhan "hootchy kootchy" and liquor drinking, Leaders In the rndlo-TV field; were called before a House Interstate subcommittee investigating 'Enemy Raider' Hit by Planes 16 U.S. Aircraft Blast Threatening Mainbrace Warship ABOARD USS WASP IIP) — Sixteen U.S. planes engaged in NATO's '"Mainbrace" maneuvers claimed today to have damaged an "enemy" raider as a big International task force set powerful air-sea blows to eliminate the threatening warship. The 16 planes from the hu^e American aircraft carrier Franklin ' D. Roosevelt located (he "enemy" vessel last night 50 miles from the task force. The role of the raider In this biff naval exercise by eight North Atlantic nations Is taken by the Canadian heavy cruiser Quebec. A-vast fleet of 100 ships and more than 80,000 men arc Involved In the test of Allied operation plans, From this armada, n 52-vessel task force Is moving northward In the North Sen. At the heart of the force nrc three of the world's biggest curri- ers. Britain's IIMS Eagle and (he American Midway and Roosevelt. . The Quebec represents a last- moving attacker seeking to pick off capital ships in the force. A bigger force of nir fighters was scheduled to attack the raider today while three Allied cruisers raced lo engage her. Bad weather may hold up the operation, however. Winds of up to 66 miles nn hour were predicted for the battle area. The task force Is speeding to the Rid of NATO's northern-most member, Norway, menaced by an enemy ifhich theoretically has conquered much of continental Europe. The games will range also Bouth to Denmark. the content of programs now on (ho air waves. The inquiry was ordered by Ihp flouse after some Congress members had complained that too much objectionable matter was being broadcast nnd telecast, with emphasis on the art of pouring liquor mi on "hootchy kootchy". To keep the record in balance, Ihe committee called licarhigs for today and tomorrow to obtain the comments of the National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters, American Broadcasting Co., Mutual Broadcasting System and Uumont Television Network. ~ Industry views were summed up in n statement by HolHs M. Scavey, director of Washington operations for MBS. Seavey said the Industry eceks diligently to keep objectionable matter off the air nnd to "produce programs that are psychologically and morally correct and acceptable." The things considered In making up programs, he said, include "good taste, proper social concepts, education and entertainment," with Ihe emphasis on "everyday virtues of clean living, good morals, fair pliiy." While making n play for the attention of 44 million Americans who are mystery fans, Scavey said, programs depicting crime "are planned with a great deal of thought ami care and in strict adherence to the code voluntarily adopted by the broadcasting industry." In crime programs, he said, "the cardinal rule is that 'crime does not pay.' " Wife Not Coming Back, Man Decides in 22 Years DETROIT !..»— Harold E. Dorland, who had less than six months of married life back In 1030 before his wife left him, filed recently for divorce. When the suit came up yesterday the Judge asked him why he finally went to court after all these years. "I don't think she's coining back," Borland replied. Scientific TBlnmnklng is usually attempted by releasing dry Ice or silver iodlcte particles into i cloud from an airplane. Honeymooners Found Shot to Death As Friends Planned Big Wedding LAS VEGAS, Nev. UV-As friends made plans for an elaborate wedding for them, a young couple- apparently honeymooning — were found shot to death yesterday in a lavish penthouse of the swank Flamingo Hotel. Officers said murder and suicide were indicated, although no iioles were found. Investigators were without a clue to the motive for the deaths. The man was Identified as Adrian Lionel Grodnick. 10, son of Manuel Qrodnick, wealthy New York clothing manufacturer, and the girl as Betty M. Baron, 25, pretty brunette daughter of William Baron, Los Angeles apartment house manager. She was a 1849 graduate of the University ol California at Los Angeles. , Friends in Los Angeles said Ihe couple had planned a formal wedding In Beverly Hills, Calif., next Tuesday. Near collapse upon learning of the tragedy, the girl's mother Mrs Baron, said in Los Angeles that more than 60 o( Grodnick's relatives and friends and members of the Baron family from the East planned to attend the wedding and reception. Some are already cr route to Los Angeles. "Now we will have a funeral in stead of n beautiful wedding," Mrs Baron wept. The bodies were discovered bj hotel employes. Attired in night clothes, they were sprawled on i bed under Ihe covers. There wai no indication of a struggle. Detectives sai:l the girl wore i wedding ring. The couple had registered Sept. 10 sis ncwlyweds. Sheriff's Capt. Ralph Lamb said 10 marriage certificate tins been ound. "They were not 'married ere," he told a reporter, "bu hey may have been married some 'lace on the way here." SNOW, ALREADY? NO SOAP—Motorists traveling alone Canal Road In Valley View, near Cleveland, Ohio, ore tempted to roll up the windows and lurn on the heater, for foarny, white drifts line the banks of the canal. It's not snow, and although it feels Hkc soapsuds, it isn't soap. So far, officials haven't been able lo trace the £0urce of the mysterious drifts. Marines' Good Chow Makes Burns Family Do Slow Burn NEW YOUK Wj—That good chow .he Burns brothers got In the Marine Corps has put their family on the spot. John, 21, and Robert, 22, don't think much of the home cooking since they ended four-year hitches with the Leathernecks. Their sister Patricia, 10,'wrote to the Marine Corps early this month about her brothers: "All T hear is that they can no longer eat the food we prepare at home. My brothers . . . continually praise Marine Corps food, even to the Thanksgiving dinner (turkey and hnirO in Korea. You can understand the odds we are nil up against here tit home. But T aiti strictly Marine myself and will fight fire wllh fire." The Marine Corps is sending copies of its menus nnd recipes. Patricia, nnd her mother, Mrs. Joseph Burns, hope for the best— after they do some long division on the Marine menus, which are made up m quantities to feed 100 men. Pint-Sized TV Goes Railroading to Show It May Save on Wear and Tear CHICAGO M')—Pint-sized television went railroading today to show how it might save wear and tear on both rolling stock and personnel. The new use 1 * of television were under exploration here In tests conducted this afternoon by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and the RCA Victor Division of Radio Corporation of America. Placed into service were three small Vidlcon industrial TV systems which are supposed to permit men In fixed locations to do Jobs which normally would require extra movement of both men and freight cars. Normally a freight car checker must walk along trains and over tracks to list car numbers on an incoming train to assign the cars to other trains headed for various sections of the country. The new wrinkle has the checker sitting quietly before n television screen listing the numbers as the cars pass before a small, unattended camera. In another demonstration, supervisors in a single location were able to observe on the screens of two receivers the disposition and movement of all cars and switching engines hi the big B & O classification yard here. LeMay Goes to Tokyo TOKYO en. Curtis LeMay, NOTICE OF SALE Notice is hereby given that the Commodity Credit Corporation mortgagee in a mortgage executed by Charles E. Abbott on the 10th day of August, 1950, and duly filcc in the office of the Recorder in ant for Mississippi County, Arkansas in which mortgage the said mortgager waived all rights o£ appraise- I ment. sale and redemption under the laws of the State of Arkansas will, pursuant to the powers granted under the terms of said mortgage and by the laws of the State ol Arkansas, on the 23rd day of Sep tember, 1052, at 10:00 o'clock in lh< forenoon of said date, at C. M. Ab bott Farm, located 2 l /2 miles wes of Blytheville, Ark., In the County of Mississippi State of Arkansas offer for sale to the highest an< best bidder for cash, the foUowlni descril>ed property to-wit: Two Round Galvanized Steel Enton Grain Bins — Capacity 1000 Bushels Each. Witness my hand this 16th da; of Septembei, 1952. Com mod ity C redi t C orpor a tioi By C. F. Ford, County PMA Commltteeman &;16 Ching Resigns As U.S. Mediator David Cole Named Successor to 1 Aged Official of FMS WASHINGTON <KP) — Cyrus S. 'hlne is resigning as director of he Federal Mediation Service, ef- ectlve Sept. 30. He will be succiwd- d by David L. Cole, 50, a Patteron, N. J., lawyer. President Truman announced the •hange yesterday In releasing a 'Dear Cy" letter accepting Chine's esignatlon. Ching, 76, has been director of the mediation and conciliation service since 1947. He told the 'resident "the time has come when I must of necessity give some consideration and attention to rny personal affairs." Cole has served on special federal icards dealing with unlon-manage- •ncnt relations on several occasions. He is a former chairman of the New Jersey State Board of Mediation. Truman also announced the ap- pontimcnt of Charles C. Killingsworth of Michigan to be a public member and vice chairman of the Waj;e Stabilization Board 'He Can Have Her/ Says Beaten Suitor of Fighting Ex-Rival LONDON WV—Winifred Haggerty, blonde, beautiful and 21, could not make up her mind whether lo marry Leslie Hook, who worked in the same office, or laborer William Brooks. She pondered for months. Finally Brooks acted. He stormed into Winifred's office, swung her around by the hair, and beat up his rival, fracturing Hook's skull. He eventually was carted off to jail after a fight with three policemen, The fracas got Brooks 21 months in jail—and made up Winifred's Actor Glenn Ford Hurt in Movie Scene HOLLYWOOD «>j — Actor Glenn Ford came a cropper while chasing the villain in a scene for a Western movie yesterday. His horse balked and threw hm He crashed Into a tree. He was hospitalized with three broken ribs, severe cuts and possible Internal injuries. Drunk Hot Even Close On Times of His Arrest DETROIT i»— Said the judge to the defendant: "I'll give you a break if you can tell me—within 25—the number of times you've been arrested for being drunv " "Eighty-five," guessed the defendant. William Sweenej'. 62. "Wrong," said Judge Joseph A. Gillis. "It's 198. Ninety days." China Has Mechanized Farms, Peiping Declares SAN FRANCISCO (&>--- The official Peiping radio says Communist China now has 41 major mechanized state farms occupying 1BO.QOO acres. All are equipped with tractors, combines and other farming machines. In'addition, hundreds of smaller state farms are using these improved implements, said the broadcast which was heard here. mind for her. As soon as Brooks left Ihe courtroom to begin his sentence, she announced that he was the winner. "He has shown he loves me even if he showed it the wrong way," she declared. Of the defeated Hook, she said, "He made no attempt to get in touch with me since he came put of the hospital. I don't want a man wiio doesn't want me." Commented Hook, "He can have her." NOi'IOE Notice is hereby given that tha undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on tha premises described as 114 S. Fifth Street, Blytheville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he is a ctizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has broil revoked within five years last past; and that tile undersigned ha.s never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 10 day of September, 1D52, and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1053. Walter Henry Allen. Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before me this 10 day of September 1952. Irene Wallace. Notary Piiblia , My • Commission expires: s-26-i 1955. head of the U.S. Air Force Strategic i Air Command, arrived today and' with the U.S. Far East commander Immediately went into conference Gen. Mark Clark. STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY THI iMEIICAM immUHC COKPAkr, 1KC. . miN, 111. AEJ'S NEW PRESIDENT- Dean Earl F. English, above, of (he University of Missouri School of Journalism, has been Installed as president of the Association for Education In Journalism. Three hundred delegates from 95 schools and departments of journalism attended the second annual convention of the ,AEJ, which was held at Colixn- u__^ v bl« University. Packard Protects Your New-Car Investment! PACKARD'S ADVANCED CONTOUR STYLING AND PUBLIC DEMAND BRING RECORD RESALE VALUE Another Packard First — Advanced Contour Styling A*o«f Sctlinff The New Trend In iltttoninbile Design I ENGINEERED TO O U T P E R F O R M B U I L T TO OUTLAST THEM ALL! Value-Wise Buyers The Country Over Are Switching To Packard. Its Advanced Contour Styling And Big- Car Luxury At Medium-Car Cost Make It America's Greatest Motorcar I Packard's Higher Resale Value —Proved DI Official Records Of Used- Car Sales— Trolccts The Future Of Your Investment. See, Drive And Compare The 'j>2 Packard Before You Pay $2500 For A Car. PACKARD ASK TlIK MAN H7/0 OF1.YS O.VS H ERE ARE important facts for everyone interested in making the soundest possible investment in a new car. • • Lot*iT records in the Official Used Car Guide of the National Automobile Dealers' Association show that '51 Packards bring up to hundreds oj dollars more than other cars of comparable original cost! • • Thlf higher r»»at» valus is the result of America's in- creasing demand for Packard — the car whose advanced contour styling and bij» luxury at medium-car cost has won new thousands of value-wise buyers. • • Only Packard offers you proved Packard Power Brakes* for /aster stops with JQ% less foot pressure ... super-smooth Ultra- matic*, the finest automatic drive ever built . . . plvi^ Packard's mighty Thunderbolt Engine, the world's highest-co}nf>ressiojt eight. •Optional it emi cost. BEFORE YOU SPEND 2500 FOR A CAR Se« How Much Packard Offers For Just A Little More Money MOTOR SALES COMPANY 217 West Walnut Street Blythevillc, Ark. NEW BENDIX iCGNOMAT Does everything any automatic agitator washer can do... af less cos? to you Don't buy any automatic agitator washer unrll you see the new BENDIX ECONOMAT, that savei you $7O. • New . . . Beautiful • New simplified operation • New porcelain work-table top • Patented Bendix Wondertub • Miracle Agitator • No wringing or spinning • No vibration • No bolting down • "Sensational" is the word for it. Yes, the BENDIX ECONOMAT challenges comparison with automatic agitator washers at any price. But a $70 price advantage to you is only half the story. You must see a demonstration of the BENDIX ECONOMAT to learn about its many exclusive advantages. Then you'll understand the enthusiasm for the Economat. Come in TODAY. BfHDIX BOHI APPUAHCIf • Bt». »TCO »*«»»*€T»«H«8 COW. HUBBARD & SON FURNITURE & APPLIANCES

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