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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 4

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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III I I j. o. v- -l 4 1 1 -4- 1 1 fcn ii ii 1 ii fti MhliMWii i ii i ii lift HWiil MMlManMMMMMMMiM I OVEJIBROOK SEPARATE SCHOOL In a colorful ceremony Sunday, Ottawa district newest separate School was- efft- blessed. Seen her la Rt Rev, Raymond Limoges, chaplain of St, Louis de Montfort Hospital, who performed the ceremony at St. Michael School, on Bernard 200 at Official Opening Of New Overbrook School Upwards of 200 persons wit? netted the ceremonial blessing of the new St.

Michael Separate' School on Bernard street. Over-brook, yesterday The modern $245,000 ethic-turetcompleted a yttr (go, wss blessed by 'Msgr. Raymond Limoges, chaplain at Montford Hospital, assisted by Rev. Emile Vezina, parish priest of Over- brook, and Rev. Emile Methot, parisn priest ot cyrvine.

The formal opening had been Anglicans Hold -Harvest Services A V' Harvest Thanksgiving services were held 'Sunday 'In Several of the Anglican church es of the city. Special music, was sung by the choir and the churches were' decorated with harvest fruits and flowers. Rt Rev. George Snell, assistant Bishop of Tordhto, was the special preacher in St. John's Church, Speaking from the text ''If ny man -thirst'V, he said that in' this mechanical age there was i great tendency not to' piit first things He! counselled the getting away from the desire for luxury and to took, to that which mattered most.

'Canon A. J. ackton, of Toronto, was the special preacher at the Harvest services in All Saints, Ijurier avenue. His thetrfe was Harvest services were also held in St James Church, Hull, Where the preacher was Canoiv F. Crothers; iq Christ Church Cathedral, where the preacher was Ret.

James Bovington, rector of Christ Church, Aylmer, and in. St Peter's Church, where the preachers were Rev. J. L. Duncan, Rev.

F. Lawler and Rev.W. D. M. Christie.

The rector. Rev. A. E. C.

Anderson, announced that so far the funds had been, received for the purchase, of 150 seats ot the full complement of 350 for church under construction. Hartlepool in Durham, England, has been noted as a port' since the 12th century. -Sv i i'i. quartttlf GUARANTY TRUST DIVIDEND 20.Am. MM.

8 nr 'tmmm Srnmtt St, J.l J. trujiort arimY dois Getting MAKE YOU FEEL OLD MEW YORK Thtiftff te n-w, Kinttflc UTMriury lartniiuitMe, mU Af. mm avndT etnt now ticftp fswllnt eld. Uffd, Irrtttbl) tn jprfM4 irnrn iwmi ii'tp tao worrjini "HUtftftr (riauit kurnlnt nd Itchlnt urlnkllan. Ki3 Wou tint, d'ttlni Up Nltht HI rent CtouttT Urm.

duo cotnMi KMn Uladdfr trrltktlnni. hlfh cflra rruuli in condrr Btckrht. HtkdMb. Hhu-aftkitft PM nd hrrveutntM. In avrbj Kem Imprimtd CYBTEX ijutU flvct note.

Camming tttttl by ccn8unr tt-rttating ffrmt in arid artnt; nS by mixing, tit If i St in rltf. Ortr ft kiiima CYBTEX Ubttu iiwdlarom atfeiT and ttirctit for Tub ftnd tt4. 0l Lbor)torT 1itl und Ctrtltltt CV'ftTRX fel itruftf4 IMit. kv SttUCai. MUll JOV iMl VMNtM, TAItlBLYN PISSHT TLOWta HAND oni- BODY LOTION i.25';':: street, Overbroolc Assisting him were Rev.

Emile Vezina', parish priest of Overbroolc and RevT Emile, Methot, parish -priest of Cyrville, the school opened, for the first time this postponed to this year because classes and administration were not organized permanently until mis year. John McLave supervises the school's 41 English-speaking (journal Phot Pamtoton Wldl classrooms, while Cities Pilori is director of the three bilingual classrooms. The 'priests, followed by members of a church choir. altar boys' and Scouts, walked around the-three-storey brick building and through the hallways during the blessing cere mony. After the function.

reception was held In the school basement. A Special Group of Furs In West End SuiwUy morning, Sev. Kenneth R. Cowan, rector of St Mar-tm'i Anglican Church, Wood- roffe, urged hi bearer to vote ia theforlhcoming plebiscite (gainst the opening of liquor outlets in the West End. sponsibility to get out and vote only for their com-! munity'a good but also for that of their homes and for the city as whole.

He reminded his congregation that the national liquor bill was over a billion dollars, far exceeded the assessment of the whole city of and was far greater than the amount spent oo housing in the It wss no use voting against if they did nothing towards, reducing the consumption' of drink elsewhere. He remark, ed that the limit of church giving certainly had not been reached when so much was spent locally on liquor. Rev. T. J.

Finlay Speaks Tonight Rev. Terence J. Finlay, rector of St Bartholomew's Church, New York City, and former rector of St John' Church, Ottawa, was th special preacher. Sunday in the Church of St. Thomas, the Apostle.

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TK. auuri mere 1' i rector. Rev. Canon H. Brad-I ley, assisted by.

Rev. H. M. Greece. Assisu'ng also were Milton Gregory, who read the citation.

The window is the gift of. Mrs. A. W. Hellyer in memory of her parents and husband.

The flag of the 3th Ottawa Cub Pack was dedicated In St Stephen's Church, Britannia, by the rector, Rev. J. E. All-sopp. The flag was the gift of Frank Xing.

Rt. Rev. E. S. Reed.

Bishop of administered the rite of confirmation Sunday morning In Sti- George's Church. Metcalfe street "-The candidate presented by the rector, Eev. I Baird. of the dedication of the new church. Mr.

Finlay took -his theme from-the account of St. Paul's when the ship In which He was travelling to Rome put out four anchors In a great storm Comparing the church to a ship, he said its four anchors should be hope, duty, prayer and loyalty. Mr. Finlay will address the people of St John's Church at a dinner to be held this even. Journal Want quick, results.

Ads bring fcov Church Cathedral Montreal, in i iu Kri, f.iwm Durinc hi rectorship of St liam S. Susanna St James; Angtttanljaroe. eatensiva raratsona and. Alfred HeHyer ChurclC Hull has been appoint- Jbeen deto rturcb (Stainea glass wmoow aepitl-- t.r Ml wis alia uulra- mg the visit of the wise Z. Toi ew at the K.iivii.

ed.r.ied;of -SH Tmothy by in Itamctss of In Trinitv Church. Ottawa "ton. nt- uke up at t-newa. i v. esion, Csnon Earle has been rector is new parish ana suuatea of St James Church since a new section of that city.

He came to Hull from congregation here he was rector of Chml meet in a scnow mk nureii rhurrh Dunne World War U. is to be erectea in me C. O. Orjon, who unveiled the lp served a a cnapiain over- ruiure. aafinHaMav aiflit Krara4nl FBrl It was their Ch'istUn re- r.m.

THE OTTAWA JOTOJTAE MONDAf, SEPTEMBER M. 1958. Vote- Liquor In a tempcianc sermon Window Dedicated Canon C. W. Earle In Trinity Church Leaving St.

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