The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1949 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1949
Page 14
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1*AGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS £ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING ^INFORMATION 5 &*\lj nt* p** use mr coueecuttvi •ucrUoni: J [Minimum charge ,,,, w>c '^IjJ tin* p«r itn« jsc •a Ween per un« p*i day I7c .ii** 006 * P** Un* p«i day ffc :„!;.<'»*• P« Une per aay 1c f JJt tlmcfl per line per day fie j*^*4ontft per Une We &.Uount lire aierage word* to ibe lint Tf Ad ordered (nr three oi MI time* and ^topped b«tnre ezpiratlOD wilt oe charg- fH for en* number oi time* tn* ao 4ppear«d ana adjustment ol Dill made iJ/All elauirted Advertising copy aub- fjilltea oy peraauR res id ID R outside oi ,*** ^Jty must be accompanied by cash ft*tea may easily b« computed from tbt «OTB table. ,\ Adrmiftlng order tor irregujat inner, lion* takes tbe one time table It? 0 re6 P° BRlt)1 Uty will be taken loi more man one incorrect Insertion ot any CJi^sllied ad, All *ds ar« restricted to ibeir proper ClaMiricatlon style and type Tbe Courier New* re-serrea tbe rtfcbl to edli J* reject any ad Notice t"VW* take ibis nifAns to ibntik our many friends (or their Kindness dur- izi£ the deeth or o>ir tnitier and grniul- iftiber. Ixmis LaFernry And the nice Htiwers anil R]ndne.«is that was shown mm in his last ycflrs and nlso Dr. Wilson lor hie efforts. The 1 nFerney £*mlly. May God Bless You All, |jf 12 : H pk ]2 15 for Rent ttf-room furnished npt. 2305 Carolyn inquire Gllllland Cafe at Dell. it J2^14 pk 12 17 2-room unfurnished apt. Eettlotl _couple only. 100 E. Rose call utter 4:30 : 12|li pit 1221 Newly fnm Eshed or unfurnished ant Close in. Call 6218. 12114 ck 12 ; 2l 3 room unfurnished npurtment Adults only. 701 Jamison. I2|13 pk Ifi 2-room rur- apt. Th, 231-1. Modern cabins A: apartments Cafe servlca. Ph. 051. , 12J1 pk 3|lt5D Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN 8EHVIOB STA TJON . Wain Ai Division Phone Zifii IXm't endaURei youi rtirnlJy with = faulty Ures~BUY LEE ITRE3 Insurance For FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Service, call or contact II, B. Shepjiaid phone 2157, early morning, nuoii or atb'hc. 12 ; 10 plt , JIO Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. j. Pollard Agency Planned Protection m w A«o at ULJENOOE UOTtt BU11JJ1NC3 4,8-ck-ll Typewriter TYPEWRITERS HoyRJ, Smith Corona and Remington DON EDWARDS Tfl« rypwmci Man 110 M Second SL Plume 33H^ Services AUTO AND FUKNJTUKE LOANB Prompt PeiKmui Service Oenrrai (Contract Pnrrhase Corp 1U€ tiotith 5tb Phftnt 403 -lotiafc tlntshln^ 24 OOUTF Bcrvlc* tr art-: EN'S b'l'uuio v\2't ck n iLriK macniofs repaired A I ' BlythevllJe Machine Siujp Ph 11J8 ck tl Kipert lait denning oi cellules «•ttl]^ uonr. 1 !, carpets windows and npntiLfil- eiy FILL'S DURA-CLEAN [ih afiUB 10112 ck ll Kor expert oil RIOTO clean ing nncl ^pairing can Hairy Myers 6WJ MM> Rve a tew J50 gallon wntr;i ptunps InstBilca JDS.OO J][ii pit 1U[23 PLAb'IERING BOB MALONE Call 4159 Blylheville or 407 Osceola 10-6 ck 1 -G OIL STOVE SERVICES ON coiilro] TAIVCS cleaned find ltd- Jltslcd. C'ailion rtmnvrtl by new [niith- od while hoi Ph 3650 11:28 pit 12J22 For Sale, Misc. Used Tractors A very Ttnctor And Equipnir-m. price tO [ )5 00. Allls Clmluicrs MOflel WC, »ntl KqiiliHut'iit, 11 Hi Oil. AlLls Ohulrm-rs M"odci \vc, AllLs Oluilmers Model '20 fc. Kqnlimic-iiL. JI.150CO Modrl 20 A: KtiDlpiuont, sLUIUly n.srtl. Mndcl ^I4K Jt CuUlvaior. S2,1IJO.UO 61 Implement Co. No. Hiway Rl Phone 2Mt ASK THE MAN WHO BOUGHT HENRY BERRY Annorcl, Ark. READ WHAT HENRY BERRY SAYS: "Six weeks ago 1 really gol a KM tA buy Langslon-JIcWalcrs when 1 hniii;IU a iy.|;i Ford. Considering (he allowance I hey gave me on my '>I2 Chevrolet, the price I paid for the car, nrnl (he good service (hat I've had from H...1 know (hey did me right." Buy Your Used Car From a Recommended Dealer! SUPER SPECIAL! 10 17 DcSoto l-door Sedan in very good comiilion, has fluid drive, heater, seat covers, spotlight • 1»17 Forri 2-door Sedan in tip-lop condUion, lias new (ires, radio & heater. . .only $10lf>. • 19.11 Chevrolet 2-door. . .in verv good mei'hart- icaJ condition hut a hide rough on the outside . . .only SM5. • 1JMG Plymouth -l-donr Sedan, as clean as a Pin, has seat covers, new tires, spotlight. . ..?S!I5. • 19.12 linick Super Sodauclle will, new cni-ine, excellent mechanical condition. .. ?7!I5. -' » mil FJuK' iion . . .->( (5. Special l-door in excellent cmuli- Langston-McWaters BUICK COMPANY Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 for Service FORD BATTERY Assures Quick Starts on Winter Mornings A worn-out battery is an invitation to trouble . . . especially in winter. Let us check your present battery scientifically.and tell you how much life there h left in it. And if you need a new "battery, lei ui Install » new heavy-duty Ford battery, covered by a written warranty. GET YOUR NEW FORD HEAVY- DUTY BATTERY NOW ij-iii-$f:ltH:i^rM«.TrFrT?fc 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS U Lntereuea in Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls - F. G. Joyner Glcncoc Bldg. Ph. 6868 For Sale, Cars and Trucks OldsmoMle. Lute I3H model clelux *0 dour, niutm and healer. Ijow llaxr? mid ijice new for SIOOOOO. Cnil 741. 518 J'ark St. 12JI3 pt 12J16 Chcviolpt '33 rnodrt. one A Model '30, IIB '26 Dorlne. W. J. Jackson, IMflninii Vppcr ;ann. 12 13 pk 20 For Sale, Misc. OIL HEATER This is a large .six.e Duo- Tlierm circulator. Cost 5165, good as new. A bargain «l ?()0. Reason for selling, put in gas floor furnaces. See or Call JOHNNY MARR -North Hijfh\viiy lii •-"-":" ----- Phone 25DC 12-13 ck If FOR QUICK SALE. AT HARCAIN. One Kclvinator, Deluxe electric range. One 2- iloor 15 Cut. ft. Fi-igidiiire rc . fvigerator. One G cu. ft. Kclvi- nator freezer. Ph. Mrs. K. B. Gee, 258-1. 11-18 ck If I blond cock[!!s. Pli. 2406 12:10 ph 1|IO JiARCAlN. f, ove ly playhouse. Deluxe chicken house. McCall. 1037 Ash. 12-1 pk 15 Foi Sale, Real Estate "IH-acicx sootl level Innd. Electricity. in;tll mute, seliool bus route Price S::5IM. M Fnrinnll Trnclor 54 hl»dc <llsc. 2 IB" brenker flnt ijotloin |>|OVIR cultivator, new planter. J2.000. See Hoover. H. Uclhrlilce 3\j Miles Sonili West ot V,'akou. 12 14 ,,t 12 2 | Salesman Wanted Are you looking for a growing business'.' Then hccoino » Hawlclth Denl- IT. Is stilt on tile u[)-^rfide for tfifl Hawleltjh [nan. The company ncny «:oni|>letltH< fi story ndtlitlon to the Merilliliis Factory lo take tare ot grow">K aont -n htishuss. If you can <Hiallty this jsnonld lie tlie business Uiat, you have ht-en looking for a lonK tluift. A good mnn Is needed to Mipply Consutncr In Houlti Mississippi or Osceoln County, '.vbere Ftawleigh I'roducts have been sold tor 30 years l.i'Jll lamlhes 1n (his locality Write Hiiv;lelt;hx Oept AK l.-2in-yi6A. Mem- •Jhls. U'cnn . or Bee if. O. Illiss. Vi'llvllle Atl< - 12 13 ]ik 13,15 Notice Hav« you thought of ChrlAlm&i. 1031'; Probublf not . . . and uelllitr have we, except. t>ml If you glr« £«r a HenUJx Washer now, stie'll sllll be thanking you December 25, I954 . . . and yeaia after. Come In and Me the Uendu Jlne at Hubbaru &. Koke Appliance company. 12J14 ck 1224 $25 REWARD Get me a buyer for a clean 1946 Super Deluxe Ford—Radio & heater, new seat covers —and the ?25 reward is yours. Phone 2501 or 2l>90 12-12 pk 15 LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free oi charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Biythe- ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 11 21 p* 12J21 Loans Persona/ I'nlrty minute pnni/jst««c trrwlcr JUTKKN-b STUUIO 118-cfc-tT Found fauna »l«c« rum rhllils Klnsfcs. aoldrlins 4125. 1214 pk 1217 Lost 1 or.t hrown bill fold Rt Walls Ho.s- puiil on tljlicl flot>]-. Keep money A please mull hill rolcl to Mrs. L N Hriineti. 227 K. Mlstoviil S[. BD'trie- vllle. Artansaa. 1214 pk 12,18 For Sale, Cars and Trucks 1!)3I) Olds Five rnsseiiBcr Coupe Good tires As I* 1130.00 Ciin hf Brr-n »H Clark strri-t. 12 H pk 1221 Help Wanted. Male INSTRUCTION Mc-n: Prtiilical sliop t mining in 5 trades. Voiorans tnai< earn up to $210- «uo iiioiitii. while training. Knijiloy- mr-jit scrvu-c to all students. See R. a. Hilt at conrtliou.sf 1 (JiuJgo's Office) Krlday. Dcrcrnber Ifl froni g-lfj A ,\T to 12:^0 I'M. 1214 pk 12;15 How to work In simp & drive tmek Musi know tMiy. Apply Tlie Flower bhO[>. Cilencoe Hotel Hide;. p]j. 4491. ^^^ 12,32 ck 12;i2 15 Wanted to Buv t price paid Cm (THICKENS «n sirret Urncerr 4- Market .U-acros lieuvern Arbyrrt ,V- ilDrni'.o' , vine. Mo. \' 4 mile ofr cuncrelc hi way I tJtcctrlvlcy. utull route, one 5-roorn House As hiirn. $200 p^r Eicre. St-r ' osvner Moyd J(nrt. 217 N. Priilti, i'arnKOiikl, Arknnsafi. ii/.g pfc 12(16 Private Rooms Coni(oiL.iri]e bcclrooiu. Call 2675. , 12.14 pk ||M New -1-tooin house with bntb. In •iH'U) Atrrt'.i. for sale by owner 5iO k'"! 111 '' 12 13 pk 16 Want to uuy a farm? We h;ive it. Karm '10 acres up to targe plantation in Northeast Ark. and Southeast Mo. Sec us for a farm loan GATES WORTHINGTON CO REALTORS 115 So. 3rd St. Blytlievflle. Ark. nr W O Onl 2751 10*26 ck tl Onf! Hnwarrt Mode! Grnnd Flano fannic Coj.cland. Cootcr. M O . 12.10 p!f |2 17 5-roniu tioinc on corner lot 50.^15(1 tl- AIL NMH-cd. Chlrki-ii Utilise. Rarnj:c Next to now schon] site, Prtccil to sell. 722 JuinLson. J2;irj pk 1221 house keeping room. Ph. 2920. J2;i3 rk 12'20 . I'hono 2101. 12,13 pk 12.20 flrtfroom. convenient to hath Steam m-ril. I'll. 3i25. 611 W. Main Si. 12,11 pk 1;9 /irttrooin for rent. Ph. 2318. 12,7 pk 1|7 Comfortable bedroom convenient to town. Men only. 310 W Walnut 12/2 pk I|2 For Rent 6 rooms A: tint It. Close to u district. Th. -1624. 12jH pk 12|17 H-rouni holism. Near Atrbnse. PORS- 5Aton ai once. J, P, Horntt. Pit, 72^. 12 1-1 pk 12,17 Three room house on Mi me rate St fart- bath, nilitnct -link, apartment WP C ran KIT. Call Ocle Smith htllt A: Yoiing Motor Co. 12,9 p's 16 City properly — 7 houses and store ill sell lor cash or trade for farm PH. «2fi. I. 2 CASH FOR YOUR CAR i^ r^=>TT r T^ Warriiniisc 30'xW on rrmroiul sld- g MKIu' Dairy Products Prt 4^47 11|1B ck Lf Flaan ctimcrns lor all occasions USTEKN'ti STIJUJO 4]5-ck-tl RUNT; Frozen Pond tocfcera JE'a, Highway 61 Phone 3172 S'lft ck tr 50-acr« farm near Half Moon. See H O. Kennedy. Clear Lake 12 [0 p'* 12'4 Femo/e Hc/p Wanted Young jRdy to do ngnt filenogmphlc •ork A; bookkeeping Must be tfood on telephone. Write box 533 Sat inter- """w. i]3o ck tr WANT A 1'WKM LOAN 1 have one of the best loans to Lie had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rale of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. R1ALES LAND CO. \V. T. Barnctt—Russell Riales 2262 two phones 3322 11-25 ck ti Money to Loon Uo you neea B KIBD t^ repoa; o: re Qioueiy No anwn payirent on mon SRSe. no rea tape rilA API'HOVEJJ RATES i<7 fl ASK FOR UE1A1LS Max Logan, Realtor PAHJIS CITY PROPERTIES LOAN'S INSURANCE See us for service. See tis and save \v. L. TAMKE'REAL ESTATE AGENCY Larry Ingrani-Hcrman May Cooper 131cl.—Pli. <1G27 12-9 ck 1-9 FARM LOANS i ' l '/2% Interest | 15 to 30 years to repay, j Loan values up lo §125 pet- acre on productive lands. Liberal prepayment privilege. No appraisal fees charged. Three' (lay service on large loans. 1 See or phone ] Bennett & Cruse ' Realty Company Loan Agents •1091/2 S. Main Street Western Union Bldg. Joncsboro, Arkansas 12-Mpk .15 Oleomargarine was invented In I860 by a Frenchman to secure a prize offered by Napoleon III for u cheap and whok-some butter substitute. Dunkerqtie, freely translated means "church nmong the '•'ines/' FOR SALE CON<!HETE CULVEKT TILE cosli yun toss Te r ia s i. u, n ;rt than anj othej brlilge material attti .S-10-12-lS-18-21-M.2I-30-3b inchei. CONCRETE SEWER TILE Sires 1-b-A tnche* CO.NCIU'.TE SEPTIC TANKS • Ben Price. , Iv, OelUer A. H. WEBB Hi'hwaj 61 at Slnle Line I'hone 714 ^.4^ /*fe^-*1 __ •?*•-* ^^.r: >rtr (%<;< ...<• ^ ^ r/^3< or High Trade in Allowance on o New Plymouth or Chrysler WE NEED 25 Used Cars NOW! A red hot bargain. 19IS Chrysler Town X Country Sedan, low mileage, new lircs. r dio & healer. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Phone 2 ]22 Select Used Cars 1919 Nash "Ambassador" Custom i-<ioor, solid hlack color, has many extras. Buy now at $800 discount 1 19!7 Chevrolet F''lec(maslcr 4-door Sedan, glossy hlack, radio & heater, low mileage. . .a very nice car. 19 IS Dodge Custom l-door with red plastic seal covers, radio & heater, new lircs...a real beauty. If IS Xash "fiOO" CHih Coupe, light grey, radio & heater, overdrive. . .(his car will get 25 miles to the gallon. 1!HS "Ambassador" .l-door, 2-tone blue, radio & heater, overdrive, a low-mileage, one-owner car thai is exceptionally clean. SHELTON MOTOR CO. 2TS South 2nd Phone 4438 WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14 ,1949 WHY PAY MORE? Come in and Look Over These Values 191S Chevrolet Flecilino l-door Sedan, 2-toue crcv deluxe radio, undersell healer, and defroster | 00 U and runs like new...$1395. 1917 Chevrolet Fleet master Town Sedan, black finish deluxe radio and heater, city-driven, one-owner...' 511 Jo. 1917 Chevrolet 2-duor Sedan, beautiful grev finish heater. . .special price.. .§101)5. ' 1917 Dodge 5-Passcngcr Coupe, black, large deluxe radio, heater, and spotlight.. .a real bargain. 1910 Ruick Sedan, radio & healer. . .only $595. IMS Ford V-S i/ 2 .T on p; ckul) '^iick, ( | 0 | llxc ra( , jo healer and cattle rack...a steal at $995. ' MM (I Chevrolet Long Truck, 2-speed a.vle /oOx20_iicw front (ires, 825x20 rear tires, extra good 19 IS Jeep. . .motor runs like new. . .(ires good. . .$695. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut 'hone 578 Don't Miss Our Year-End CLEAN-UP SALE! These Cars Must Be Sold by Dec. 31st l!)!li Jctp with '1-wliccl drive.. .$3!)5. 1!MO Kord Vi-'fon i'ickup. .. bargain. . .$2!)5. 18-17 Chevrolet 2-iloor Sedan, ciiuippcd with both radio & healer. . .51085. 19-lli Oldsinoliilc-J-clooi- Sedan, radio & heater worth Hie money. . .81095. 1!M7 Ci\lC 3-1-Ton Pickup with rack...a real buy. li)17 Chevrolet Chili Coune with both radio and heater. . .a very clean car. Ifl-IS Oldsnioliilc 2-door Se'lan, has radio, healer and while sidewall lircs. . .S1295. 1937 Uodgc 2-door Sedan. . .just make us an offer. Come In And Get A Bargain! Easy GMAC Terms High Trade-in Allowance On A New CMC Pickup * LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile — CMC Trucks 306 East Main Phone 6151 3 DAY SPECIAL! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday • 37 Ford 4-Door - $ 117 50 - • Watch Our Ad Every Day , For Red Hot Used Car Bargains 1917 Ford l-door, radio * heater. JSII5 Mercury 1-door, radio & healer. 19 IS Lincoln l-door, overdrive, radio & heater. 1917 Chevrolet 2-door, radio & heater. 1910 Ford 2-rtoor...he sure to see (his one. 1917 Mercury l-door, radio & heater. 1911 Plymouth 2-door, radio & heater. J9;)7 Oldsmohile l-door, radio & heater. 1917 Chrysler 1-door, radio & healer. STILL and YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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