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Manhattan Enterprise from Manhattan, Kansas • 8

Manhattan, Kansas
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GOLDEN BELT NEWS. HENRY SEARS CO: P. B. LEWIS, Attorn ey-iit-IJxrv, REAL ESTATE LOAN AGENT, Randolph, Kansas. SHAKE! ear in i 'If fe.

Also an extensive dealer in CUTLERY, TINWARE, COPPER QUEENSWA.RE of every description, in and MADE il SPECIALTY MAN UFACTURES Two Strand wire NOT TWISTED made to insert lath every two feet, so as A Visible FenceAl mm ni to mako a Hog Tight Fence finest display of oods mns Aho Barb No. 9, PLAIN FENCE WIRE, ALL THE WIRE ENAMELED Call and See the Goods my line the oounty. Zeigier, 87 00 CO 00 1H 00 70 00 42 00 ei no 300 John ILarner, supplies to poor hereby ci-rtilv that the above are the bills as al lowed by the hoard of County Commissioners ut tbolr regufur meeting, held July 5, tl, aud 7, ISM). At tent V. Suhkhukiihoun, Co.

Clerk, For more than ELEVEN YEARS! 1 have been tho agent at Manhattan for all KANSAS PACIFIC R. Lands, 7 know all about the Lands, as to Location, Priceand Terms of Sale, and NO PERSON NEED HESITATE about buying Kansas Pacific Land of me. When it is paid for in full a good and Clear Title Will Be Given. Prices are low, terms easy. Interest only 7 per cent.

Don't fail to call on L. R. Elliott, Agent K. P. Lands, Inulmttnit, Ks We would call the attention of our cus tomers to the fact we have on hand a fine line of DRESS BUSINESS SUITS FURNISHING GOODS TKUXKS, VALISES, OVERALLS' CUFFS, COLLARS Prices as low as the lowest.

Wm. Knostman. MARBLE! Whenever vou want any 0 thing in our lino be sure and come to the Manhattan MARBLE WORKS and vou will be surprised to see how much you can save by buying at home. Prices lower than at any shop in Kan's. to A.0.

Baldwin Co. At WORK FIRST-CLASS Sawyer Scott, LOAN ACEFJTS. Rates and Commissions Reasonable. S. A.

Sawyer. v. A. Scott. AVIIIj A.

SCOTT, Attorney and Councellor at Law, Office over Riley Co. Bank. Manlinttun, Kansas. Removed West J- LEGOEE "(OPPOSITE POSTOFFICK)fe3 Would respectfully invito everybody to call at his new quarters. lYould be pleased to show and give prices on the largest and Best Selected Stock ever brought to this city.

WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY Silver Plated Ware, Gold Pens, Optical Goods, Musical Instruments, Musical Merchandise, Mamioth 8how Case of 10 CENT GOODS Repairing made a Specialty- Satisfac tion guaranieeu. A. J. LEGORE, MauhattanJlans. "Opposite the Tostoffice.

0 A damn, do Madlum da Eastman do Ogden Peckham do Manhattan J. W. KeUlemiM Bala 8 A Byariy, assessing Mayday Paul, do Urunt, do Abilene claims 8 belles, and every woman in town fondly believes she Is one of 'em. The glorious 4Ui caused Jno. Wil-fonl, of Wamego, to lose his burn, buggy and harness by lire.

Julius Bohn fell from the roof of a building lit WanieRo. As soon as he struck the ground a cow attacked 111 in, and between the cow and the fall lie was nearly killed. Wamego Tribune Last week while Mrs. Sol Metty wns cutting some pie-plnnt, she felt something unusually cold in her hand. It proved to be nothing but a rattle snake, ana she dropped it again.

Jus. Ray shot C. F. Jenkins through the lungs, on Munkres creek, north of Council Grove, Monday evening of last week. The would-be murderer has not been captured.

Kay will recover. The parties had an altercation that morning, which led to the tragedy. H. G. Evans, the Louisville Reporter man, was bound over in the sum of fe800 to answer the charge against him at the next term of court.

His daughter has filed an information implicating one Mcltaye, and the sheriff has gone after him. Evans has procured bail, and is at liberty. Louisville Reporter: A young tornado passed over this county on the morning of the 2nd inst. Mr. Asncraft's house, just northwest of Louisville was overturned, and Mrs.

Ashcraft pretty badly burned. The steeple of the M. church was blown down, and the building considerably racked. One or two farm houses ast of the Vermillion were blown over. And at St.

Marys, considerable damage was done. Several business and dwelling houses were badly injured. The wind was the worst that had been known in this vicinity for years. It was accompanied by heavy rains. Commissioners Proceedings.

The Board of Commissioners, of Riley couny, met in regular sesssion ut the Clerk's offline, In Man. hutlaii, July fftb, 1880. All the members present the Board was called to order ut 2, p. m. Minutes of last regular aud special meetings were read and approved.

Boad petitions being first in order, the petition of A. L. McNalr and others of Ashland township was presented, asking for a view and survey on a road commencing at the 8 corner of Sec. IS 11 9. The ))ftitiou was accepted and view ordered.

A petition was presented, signed by M. CbrfsUan-fon and others, of Funcy Creek township, nuking Jor a view and survey of a road beginning atSE corner of Sec, 23 7 S. Petition granted and view ordered. A petition signed by J. J.Myers and others, of Fancy Creek township, was presented asking for a view aud survey of a road commencing at the center stone ol'Sec.

20 7 S. i'etitiou grunted and view Xjrdered, A petition was presented signed by T. W. Chafl'ee mill others of Funcy Creek township. It being on a section line und accompanied Willi written con-sent of the laud owners, was declared opened, by the board without wiew and survey.

A petition was preseuted by John Swauson and other of Swede Creek township, asking for the ic.v and survey of a road beginning at the corner of Sec. 1U ti 0. relation accepted and view ordered A petition was presented signed by P. J. Nymiui and others of Jackson township, asking tor a view and survey of a road beginning ut the SK corner ol (Sec.

Hi 7 6 Petiton accepted and view ordered. A petition was presented by Martin Uraveiisteln aud others, Grant township, asking for the view and survey ol'a road beginning at the corner oi Oec. 8 8 6. Petition accepted und view ordered. A petition was preseuted by J.

J. Lovelt. Urant township, asking lor a view and surveyor a road commencing near the corner of Sec. i 9 a. Petition accepted and view ordered.

The petition of A.Kelley and others, of Ogden township, was referred back to principal petitioner, it being incomplete, not stating where the vacation xiiould The report of viewers on road petitioned for by J. (iridley and others, Mayday township, was accented and ordered opened as located and surveyed. The report of viewers on road petitioned for by K. H. Davies and others was accepted and ordered opened as located and surveyed.

The report of viewers of road petitioned for by Abott and) others, Zeaudale township, was accepted and ordered opened as located und surveyed. The report of viewers on road petitioned for by 1'eter Skow for a private road was accepted and ordered opened as located and surveyed, Peter skow paying expenses of view und survey. The report of viewers on road petitioned for by "Wm. Giles and others in Mayday township was accepted ordered opened as located und surveyed. The report of viewers on road petitioned for by li.

Olson and others Fancy Creek township, was accepted and ordered opened us located and surveyed. The report of viewers on road petitioned for by KVen Anderson and others was accepted and ordered opened as located und surveyed. The report of viewers on road petitioned for by K.A.Peterson und others, Jackson township, was accepted und ordered opened us located und surveyed. The report of viewers on road petitioned for by John Walstroin and others was accepted and ordered opened as located and surveyed. The report of viewers on road as petitioned for by O.

Dodge and others was accepted and ordered opened as located and surveyed. The report of viewers on road petitioned for bv J. P. Johnson and others us accepted and ordered opened as located and surveyed. The report ot viewers on road as petitioned for by It.

Noiris and others was accepted and ordered opened as located and surveyed. The report of viewers on county line road between day aud Riley counties was accepted aud ordered opened as located and surveyed. The reportof the examiners of Treasurer's accounts was accepted and ordered Hied. Tiie bid of Dr. 1 J.

Lyman, tor medical attendance on county poor lor ensuing year was accepted. The Hoard cancelled and destroyed 43,448.35 in outstanding warrants. The Jioard ordered that the County Surveyor hliould keep bis ollice in tiie office with the Clerk and to keep the Held notes in the ollice for in spection. The following claims against the County were examined and allowed Hamilton A Curl, Blank books, 88 00 ireen rax suit vs jno. uittord aim Co.

Commissioners Davis county, 30 (JO Fox, xtotionery 2a A Kunyan, county printing. 31 80 Jf Crump, carpenter work in ollice. 14 Co. Surveyer Clay county 8 00 John Teunant, salary 480 2. A Houghton, Sheriff lees 'la du do do 110 Ih't It fpllman, salary and ollice 1X7 fio Paul, us surveyor 4 00 Tennaut.

cash to ship paupers 42 03 do 11 BSpilmau, expense Boud suit 64 83 A SchermerlKM-n, salery clerk 305 50 do express and 7 40 JI salary as Supt. Pub. Instruction 109 40 Martin, blank 9 60 Howe, boarding prisoners 2s 40 F.xauiiers of Treasurer's accounts. 4 00 Win Snow, drawing 2 to ttUIIoyt.

do do 2 00 Burgoyne. muking road maps of county 12-5 uu Jj Lyman, services as county physician. 24 il Tidyman, as county commissioner. 30 i0 Poison, do do 39 00 PW Zeigier, lo to 12 00 Pillsbiiry, ass't examiner teachers 6 00 stiilmau, board ot insane 3 00 l.onif fc Firestone, taking pauper to poor farm 2 00 Peckham. overseer Bramhall, eolhn lor poor 5 00 ti Brown, collin and digging grave for poor 10 30 Jjong Firestone, supples to poor 1 00 Mrs Briggs, do do 8 13 tstingley Huntress, do do lo Mallon.

keeping county do 194 4 Beckman, supplies to tin 30 on it UniiL'erfonl. fee bill Probate Court is 00 If li Kooerts, supplies io Viewers and cbaiuiuau on Jerome i oo road 9 oo do do do Nieh-nko do do do do du lo do do do do do do do do 4 50 do do fc tt Norris Gridiey iles Peterson Anderson Abbott Olson Walstrom Davis Johnson (18 dc 5 30 7 50 7 Sn 4 50 a on 10 30 oo 5 69 7 50 8 30 10 50 skow 00 38 00 7i 00 oo TTilm mire sick ranper Foil, assessing tp no Haroer do Fancy cr'k do fiew Spring Paul Pi1 aim Succetsor to P. Ohon. South side Poyntz. Avenup, next to liar-roii's DruR Store.

FASHIONABLE BOOT and SHOE MAKER, Repairing Done with Ncatners and Dispatch. EUBBEE Shoes llepaired. LEWIS IIAYDEN, Mnnufacturer and Dealer in BltKECH and numzleloartlnc Shot Onnw and IlifleM. Fine tuniinuted Steel Breech Hiid Muzzle LoadiiiR Bliotcuns from'fto to 75. Fine Twist Muzzle Loading Shotguns from $15 to AVllINGEHS aasfo'Sey-' Sporting Goods in General on Hand.

City leaf Market. Allingham, Armentrout Props. This OLD RELIABLE Meat market would respectfully state that they are now BETTER PREPARED THAN EVER to furnish the chiocest cuts of meats at the LOWEST LIVING PRICES. That they have now on hand a supply of SALT and CANNED MEATS. Their Dried Meat is of the choicest and mostly of their own curing, and can be furnished in bulk or ready sliced for the table.


Will be furnislied by J. F. GARDINER, Our Popular leo Man, tbe coming season to all parts of the city. All old customers, and as many new ones as wish for ICE call on J. F.

Gardner. 104-6nio. e. Shaw, AOKNT FOR THE Rockford Quick Train WATCH and dealer in Waltham and Elgin Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Clocks, etc. Repairing promptly and neatly done.

Near Adams House, ManhattanXs. G. A. POLLARD keeps HouseS Furniture Repair Shop, Tattern and Model Mating a Specialty. Upholstering done order.

Shop on North second Manhattan, Kansas. AT CASH HOUSE RS'S ENGYGLOPID! GHAMBE 15 Vols. Over I 3, OOO Pages. Price during July, a mnnir tho wnnrtnrnil Milnira n-bleli Imve heen luvnmnllehed for lovers of eood books by the Liter ary Revolution, yorliaps the most wonderful Ls the nominal cost, it is a ver Daiini reprini oi toe nisi euuuio, iu ui-tiuuiui vuiumm, viw tvne, handsomelv bound in cloth, for S7.SO; the same printed on fine, heavier paper, wide mar-Kins, and bound in Kilt top, price, 15.H. The lirst ten volumes are ready for delivery.

Volume 11 will be ready July 10. The remaining volumes will be computed by October next. $6.25. An Amazing Offer. $6.25.

The more widely and rapldlv these volumes are scattered, the greater Is their Influence In inducing other purchasers of this and our many standard publications. Accordingly we give special terms to early subscribers. To all whose orders and money are received during tho month of July, we will supply the IS volnnics, in cloth, for WO.5. and in half Kussln, gilt top, for To any one sending from any place, where we have no upecial ncent (usually the leading bookseller of the towin, a clubof live orders, we will allow a commission of 10 per cent. The volumes Issued will be sent at once by express, and the remainiuK volumes when completed.

A specimen volume in cloth will be sent, postpaid, for SO cents, or In halT Busslo, gilt top, for 81, aud may be returned at once, if not satisfactory, The "Ch.vmhkrs' Encyclopedia" comprises the first 15 volumes of our "Library of Universal Knowledge," and the remaining volumes, complete in themselves, will be sold separately when pub- STWIVJnVlfcl BOOKS. Llhrnrr of Universal Knowledge, 21 vols. 10.M. lIUniMH'K Gihhon'a Itomu, S(). ulaH History of England, fl 50.

Life mid Letters, SOcenw. MiiciLiilnv'fi Emshvh luid Poems. A tl 80. Uutnibera' fyclupmlmot' Eng. Literature, 4 vols (2.

Kinglil HlHtory ot EnKtima, 4 fi. Pluturoli'H Liven of Illustrious Men. 3 fl 50. Ocikie's Life und Words of Christ, SO cents, Yuuiik's (pre-purhiK). Acme Library of Biocraphy, cents.

Book of Fable. elc, lllus. it) cents. Milton's Complete 1'uelii'Hl Works. SO eeiita.

Shakespeare l'iuj)le(e Works, 7H cent.s. Works of Jianie, trannliUed by fury. 40 cents. Works of Virgil, translated by Dryden, 40 cents. The Koran ol Mtdimmed, by Sale, ilo cents.

Adventures of lion (Juixote, Arabian Knik'llts, 11 cents. Itunyan's Pilirrjin's Progress, Ills. 50 cents, nciuson t'ruwe, il Is. ol cents. Munchausen and Uulliver's Travels 50 cents.

reproduction of this great Kncylopwdia at a merely Stories and Ilallads, by T. Alden, 50 cents. Acme Library of modem Classics, 50 ceo W. American Patriotism, SO cents. Taine History of English Literature, 75 cents.

Cecil's Book of Natural Pictorial llandy Lexicon, 25 cents. ISaytugs. by author of Hparrowgrnss papers, 50 tail is. ilenuMUi' Poetieal Works, 60 cents. KiUo'BCyelopadiaof Bib.

Literature, 2 vols. ,12. Uollin's Ancient History, t2 ix Smith's Dictionary of the Bihlk, Ills. 90 cents. Works of Flavins .1 oseohus.

S2. Comic History of the U. S. Hopkins, ills. 60 cts.

Health by Eierclse, Dr. Geo. H. Taylor, Ha cents. Health for Women, Dr.

(In. H. Taylor, 35 cents. Librarv Macazi lie, 10 cents a 1 1 a year. Library HaKazine, bound volumes, 9 cents.

Leaves from the Wnrv of au Old Lawyer, Kachof the above bound In cloth. If by mail, potitage extra. Most of the books are published in line editions and ffne bindings at higher price. Descriptive Cataloguts and terns to Clubs sent ires on requcau Kansas Duke is a dapple gray, imported Xorman stallion eight years old, and weiglfs 1,000 ibs "Winchip is a trottinjr bred, hay colt, by Robert McGregor, record 2r2(i; dam, Iiikligard, by ltytdick's IlainblPtonian. The above stallions will make the season at the Fair Grounds in Manhattan.

For particulars, inquire of JOI1X DREW. Remit by bank draft, money order, registered letter or express. Fractions of ous dollar may be sent In postage slumps. Address AMERICAN BOOK EXCHANGE, JOHN B. ALDEX, Manager.

Tribune Xew York. ir. Hastings rhiladslphia. Leary A 'Co: Ciiulnimtl. Robert Clark IndianaiMdis, Rowon, stwart tX: Cleveland, Imjliam, Clarke A Oo Toledo, llrowii, t.aer Co; t'hicac, Allen dt (Jhadwiek in sinallur towns, the leading bookseller, only oue in a place.

CIl UMP. D. UUXGEBFORD lify inter of Dead; Frobalt Judye. Cump MOKEY TO LOAE Are now prepared to negotiate loan on the very lowest terms aud shortest notice possible. ABSTRACTS OF TITLE farnUkeJ nod're.


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