The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14 ,1949 an es Mak {Gifts for the Needy «.' lly Saul l'°rl[lnmi '4 OKLAHOMA CITY, Dec. 14. 171") :J —A 13-year-old hoy wrote the As- S'sociated Press: •f. "Could you slnd me the name anil ^address of the man thai simis chil- v;_dren presants wlios fathers or In 3 prison. SinsiL'lcy." ^ A convict scribbled on bhrkliued f prison stationery: 1 "I have been in prison two months, '£ first time for me. ami I have been '• thinking quite a lot about my chil- * dren, how they would spend Ohr^t- ^ mas with no father for a Swum i Clans. I sure will appreciate- any*; thing you send them as I know they ». will be very well pleaded." '}• Dan Vin.ion received buth tenors •V —part of more lhan a ihon.«and lie •*. is Betting each day. And everyone £ will be answered wiiii handmade i gifts. Vinson slarieii .shipping toys i today EO thnt 3110.000 youngsters. •'• who'might othrmi.-f be forgotten '( because their fathers are in prison, ^ will have a meny Chn-tnKi.s. 'I- This gigantic- undertaking is the tclimax to an unpretentious project £:started in 1044. 4' Vinson will not accept money. * Materials for making toys are <fo- * nated as well as lime and labor. •\ "I don't believe in buying toys, v' anyone could do that," he said. */ Vinson; who is lif> and a dead " rinsier for Saint »Nlck if he donned a Santa Clans oulfil. lias put it on a "help .someone else b^is." 1,0011 I'rople Help "When somebody warns to aid, the first thin" he mti^t Ir-arn is there Ls no jniblicily and no pay. Right now 4.(Kio persons over Oklahoma are making all kinds of salvageable material into toys." And (hey are toys any youngster would be happy lo receive. For the girls, there aie dulls ami beautiful -scarfs made from nylon parachutes. Among tile toys for boys are airplanes stamped from aluminum. And to each youngster. Vinson is sending a good hick ruler. On the back is tlie quotation: "Let's all share what we have today with the little kids that didn't have el onsh yesterday." Uncle Dan—as he is affectionately called—wants to Include at least rme balloon in each package and has made u mitmnwide appeal for them. Project Mnslirournrd Five years a^o. Vinsun Lje^an distributing a .e\v toys to Oklahoma institutions. I^st year. 23,800 underprivileged children were made happy with gifts. Thus year, Vinson decided something .should be done for children likely to miss out on Christinas because their 'itlH'i-s are in prison. "1 have helped some 500 paroled National Parks Report Big Year for Wild Life WASHINGTON (API—It has been i bis year .'or wild !i!e in US. na- ional parVs. The Interior Derailment reports i lazuli bunthis w 1 "-- 1 observed in. jlacior National IMrk, the first bird of that kind seen there In several years. Snowshoe rabbits appeared to be _norc numerous i" Isle noyale National Pari;, Mich., than in several vear.s. Numerous deer were .-ecu In the south rim section of Black Canyon Gunnisoii National Monument, Colo, us early as June They are not usually seen there unlil fall. HIM' VISIT THI FOLKS 1ACK KOMI Make your trip a holiday, too—from driving striio, car trouble, anj tnlfic worries —by Greyhound! Relax in rhe warm, tlecp- cushioncd comfort of i smoochriiling SuptT- Co^.ch—completely free to cnyy the scenery^ char, reati, doze, or just rest as you ride.- Greyhound's ama/in^ly low fares save extra dollars, too, for extra £ifts or extta days At your destination] A LOT MORE TRAVEL FOR A LOT LESS MONEY! TAKE A YtAR.£ VACATION SI. I.ouis Cliittigii Little Kurk Nc\v Orli-ans Miami Ncv, Yurk San l)ir»o 4.35 8.T5 1.05 8.10 ISI.'M 18.15 31.11) T/IP . 2.80 7.S5 ir.,7.-. ~.:fO 15.15 Hl.liS lU.H. Tiix Exlval Greyhound Terminal (W No. 5th SI. Hume 11II Raid Shelter Converted Into Bird Sanctuary BEHL1N (APJ—A giant air raid slicker in Berlin Is being turned into a .s!\nclim:y for birds. Workmen 'Jnth iiower shovels lia\ r e -stalled a pmjetit to bviry the hunker in Hie ?/jolosk'al garilcm where thoiiMinils of Borliners once fonnd havpn from Allied bombers. Trees and Lm>hes '.vlll he planted arop the pile so that by next summer the cultivation should present a .wlviin appearance. The 7,00 Is arrani'ing to import birds and turn Ihe mound Into a sanctuary by next (all. if **ff Jf«V»W ^^twm**^"^,.. *. *A* Great Grandmother Gets Divorce After Desertion SYDNEY (APi—A Bread Kiand- mther, aged 62, w;is niven a divorce In the Brisbane Supreme Court. Mrs. Flora Finlay told Judge R<?s]_vn F. Philip she married Pcrcj Uicardo Finlay in 1003 when she was 16. She saiti ho deserted her o month. 1 ; InUT. anrl siie thtln't hear horn him until IDI7. Relaxing at Movies Causes Deluge of Mail HAMBUHC: (API — A local paper announcing the opening of a new i'nnt saiti: "The cineinp. has thfr most niotlorn eriuipment an<i 400 In'tls." It was a mi.sprint. Lettei-.s anti [ihoiie calls a.-ked: Are there only .siiiijle beds or can 1 have a double, our*? What clrilhins Ls preferred, pajamas or nightgowns? !>oe.s -sojnclxHiy wake u.s np when the sluKv is over? Can I .s!ay overnight If I ntieiid the last performance? SANTA Cl.AIiS l)i:i.AVi:i)—The apjiearancc of Santa. Clans hefon a grnuy o! children nl Fort [jtudunlale, Fla.. was delayed when he para chined from his plane and the "chute" tankled In power wires. Tin children's happy outcries became jells of concern until a power compair employe untanslfd the red-suited visitor. (AP Wirepholo). Edna Wallace Hopper, Gay '90's Star, Is Wall Street Broker in Her 80's (?) persons and their main worry usually Ls rilimn their children. Well, I deiidrd to tTy to do .something about it," lie explainer!. l/etU'rs wvjit out to all prisons in the Uuitrci States, Canada and "Mexico. They , asked prisoners to WTUVhQy, many children they have and their' itv,vs. To inaho .sure-each gift has the ppr.soua] touch, toys are sent 'directly Co Hie prisoners. They hi turn re-address them to their children. Vinson Ims five grown children. A suece.ssfu] life insurance salesman in 1923. lie gave It up lo work on a project lo convert iLsete.w asphalt into si rnnd building nwteriiiK He lost his savings and had. to borrow, After 1-4 years of failures, he discovered an aspbaH mixture suitnhEc for roads. Vinson turned the process over to fi comp:my and is drawing a modest royalty, lie nmv spends all hi.s earnings and time on his life project. Ha.s this Santa Clans n philoso- jjliy? Vu.s, here it is! "Well, if i were driving in a heavy rsunMnrm and c:s tne across sonic jietqjU- in a stalled cor. hungry, wet, a.ui. (lif-gastod: if I can lielp them get t'ailed np.ain without regard Lo their" colur or race or ci'ee<l—and U'avo without waitinp for their thanks or their learning wlio I am —tbnx t atu liappv. That's niv re- liKUin." iff yoor new cor gf your money's wort S£UaS£-S<m i..**" A BIG IMYESTMNT1 It you wont it to "pay off V ou in terms ol p,ri-rm-nc, <md Ion 9 hie, rely ity Motor Oill NEW YORK — rNKA) — Edna. Wallace Hopper, who won fame in! "Kloiadora," is now a Wall Street j Itjoker. "There's a little ham in almost everybody in Wall street," fhe says. "All lhat temperament, netves and excitement! Sometimes T don't miss the theatre a hit." P'or Kdna Wallace Hopper, high finance is her fourth career. As an actress she was the toast of the xay 80s. Later she ran a cosmetic b-isiness. Then she turned to lecturing, louring the country and appearing on the radio. Ten years ago, she turned to the stock market, and now trades In stocks and bonds (for herself) with a brokerage thm here. Pretty good for a gal In her 80s. or thereabouts. Miss Hopper once startled newspaper readers and scientists by saying she wasn't go- tug to grow otd, ever. To back up her chum, she had three face- lifting operations. She may have aped a bit over the past 51) years or so. but she doesn't look anywhere, near the octogenarian tyue, yet, * • • She >on't admit her true age. of course. She smiles with pride and delight when the subject comes up, dismissing it with, "I have no age. They've had me all ages, even dead and buried. Nobody has been right. 7 wouldn't tell for the world. Just so they can discuss It. .I'm anything they say." Whatever she actually is. she doesn't took it. She's a slim. tri... 87-ponnder, with bright blue eyes, short and wavy brown hair. She dresses up to the minute, walks with the sprigntly step of a woman half her age (say 40> and laughs and talks like a teen-ager. Miss Hopper turned to Wall .Street niter she quit the cosmetics business. "I've always had a flair for finance." she said, although admitting she learned a great deal from her second hushand. broker A. O Brown. She was also married to the late DeWolf Hopper. Despite her self-acknowledged flair fin finance, her first cxperf- 11.ce in "the street" was sorrowful. In a word, she was cleaned. That was In 1919 when she was— v:ell, 30 years younger. "1 was jn^t Kamljling." she eatl.s. "I tiioliiiht it vvas a .sur thhiK. I rieserveft ^-]ial I got, he cause ii \vas sheer gambling. To many people blame Wall Stree Instead of themselves." Bill, lakin? (he hiller with th helter. Mias Hopper .says that bein broke leri to the -.splendid carec that Inllou'ed." She turned lo let tilling, ami found it "glamorous. "1 was any adjective you ca think of — exeept mediocre," sh says. But 10 years ago. with lectnrii: ami the cosmetics trade behind he she went back to Wall Street. "I remembered Wall Street an lhat nice llitle game where I rnac such blunders. I decided lo fir: out all 1 could. It was child's plf really, after doing five shows day." Vow she puts in a full riny her office. She's up at 6'45 at th office by 9:30. She stays until tl market closes. She's a member the New York Securities Analys Association, too. But she has one sorrow. She so busy that she had to give up one of her hobbies. In her 60s (?), she look up a pleasant recreation- adagio dancing. No time any more. ew Pulsating Chamber ife-Saving for Wounded DENVKR — <»il— The U. S. Navy spoitboritig a pulsating chamber ; a possible life-suvcr for men ouuded during sea baltlcs, The Idea is to shove a man, close i dying of shock, Into one of iesc chambers, with assurance lat he will be kept alive almost utomntlcally until surgeons can Uend him. Shock is one of the omtnonest causes of quick deatli om battle wounds. Plasma es- apes Into tissues and lowers blood ressure. Hearts may not gel iiough blood to pump and a man lay faint of lack of en- ugh blood in his brain. The chamber, known as the 'hunberg apparatus, is like an Iron ung, Studies are being made by Dr. Fred K. D'Amour and Dr. 'onn L. Smith at the University oJ ienver. Enforcement Officers Like India's Moonshine NEW nEI.HI, India (AP) — A member of the con.stittient assembly 1 has complained that piohibltton enforcement officers in the Pun- 11IVJ > jab are Inking the wrong atti'.ude j thing.' toward their job. , Sardan Bhuplndcr Singh Mann old (lie assembly of several cases vhere prohibition police had drunk Iliclt liquor they were supposed to [c.stioy .When asked why they dirt t, Mann said, the ]x>lice replied triht tlies 1 did not like to waste "« good Starch Is found in all green ilanls serving as a reserve food upply. I KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 Give Away Programs Test Women's Wishes LOS ANGELES -l/Ti- Radio Rive-away programs are popular because they play the good fairy in the mechanistic age. says Dr. Franklin Fearing, U. C. L. A. psychologist. Fearing analyzed the "wishes" submitted by women on one such program, and found .15 per cent, wanted special experiences, such as a date with a movie star or a trip to Bermuda; 30 per cent wanted practical tilings like automatic washing machines or vacuum cleaners; 18 per cent asked for special services, such a-s medical care or a job; 13 per cent asked j (or luxury items like mink coats I or television sets, and only 4 per i rent wanted bizarre or unrealized 1 Bills. Frigidaire's Live-Water Action washes clothes cleaner— rinses . them twice. The Rapidry-Spin ™ gel* clothei 10 dry iom» an ready for Ironing. ^ »m • Only Fri'gidair* has all this: •fa All porcelain Inside and out -jir No bolting down, put 'M anywhere •^ Loads from top, full-width if Usable flat top •^r Underwater Suds Distributor ^r Cleans, empties itself automatically COMPLETE YOUR FULLY AUTOrAATIC LAUNDRY WITH THESE- FrlnMoirn Elettrll j Ironer Frigiuoire ElecUic Clolhei Dryer ^./ Fully automalic D/iei clolhej in 1525 minurei No heavy ba-,ke!i lo carry No bad weulher delayi 30-inch open end roll "Pr»ilo«*MaKc" foot control Two ip««di oiW pressing itap Automatic twa4 control Adams 20«-20S West Jlain Co., Inc. J. \V. AH A.MS, .Mgr. Phone 2071 We invite make this toste Phillips 66 Premium Motor Oil provides lubrication phs engine protection. Just what today's cars needl Whr.S c»n you do to reduce the cost of owning nn automobile? Plan to make your car last longer! Try to k«p repairs at e minimum I That's why you'll appreciate the money-saving benefits of Piiilhpj t>6 Premium Motor Oil. Along wilh its tongh lubricating qualities this fine oil tontaini clirmical additives that combat sludge and varnish . . . help keep your engine clean . . . help keep repair costs down. This car*;aving combination is called "Ltihri- tection." /Mways ask for Phillips 66 Premium Motor Oil ... at sta- lions where you see the orange and black Phillips 66 Shield. lubricate for Safely Every 1000 Miles! PHIUIPS. Cup your hands'round a glass of Budweiser Lager Beer. The warmth of your hands will highlight scent and taste. Inhale deeply j ust above the loam. There's bouquet for you. ,-. and the distinctive. Inimitable taste that sets Budweiser apart from all other beers. Yes, tasting is testing ... and seeing is believing. When in Si. Louis, come and see the $64,000,000 expansion of our vast brewery that was made necessary to meet the ever-increasing, world-wide demand for Budweiser. In addition, wa are building a 520,000,000 brewery in Newark.N. .L, to produce still more Budweiseri There's nothing like it . . , absolutely nothing, TOR Oil Budweise LAGER BEER ANHEUSER-BUSCH, ING. ,,.ST. LOUIS

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