The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on June 30, 1951 · Page 16
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 16

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1951
Page 16
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r is THE OTTAWA JOURNAL ' ' SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 19S1. V - SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON World Awaits the Healing Faith Alone Affords By BARL l DOUOLAIS. Two present-day facts must b considered m unbreekably linked together. One U the (act that we live In changing world wherein human value are be- : coming paramount The other fact la that the Originator of thl new spirit, the Leader of this revolution, is none ether than "Jesus Christ Today He la car- rylng-out universally the very same, sort of work that He began In Galilee and Judea, more than nineteen - hundred years ago. As He was then, ao He is now the helper, healer, liberator, and leader Of all mankind. It is well to remember thts in these days when we are making such a supreme effort to protect ' our liberties. gainst soulless and despotic aggression. - We appear tohe doing It alt' But Just now there are great cur-' .rents flowing through human 'history. The secular-minded man may, call them forces of history; the Christian believer calls them the providential purposes of God. JUrd as it la for us to see It at this point the ' life of Christ given by Cod for the healing of stations, is being applied to the "open , sores of modern social and international affairs. We are on the way to the curing of human ilia, no matter what els may be destroyed la the meantime. Spiritual Disease. - In - the opening -passage of Scripture assigned for the Lesson this week, we see Jesus healing a leper. ' The law forbade a person to touch a leper, but true to His disdain of man-made regulations, Jesus stretched forth His hsnd and touched the misers bio victim, saying. "I will; be thou made clean. And atrcightway his leprosy : wss cleansed. The leprous eresture wss not only a mlsersbly afflicted man. but a mighty symbol of what la wrong with humanity and hu-. man relations. We fight shy of the word "sin" todsy. We have all: sorts of euphenlsms whereby we attempt to describe end: explain human behavior. But the leper and his affliction is meant to remind us, every time we encounter It in the Bible, that sin is loathsome, sin Is something that eats away a - nun's life, sin is something which separates man from . everything but the loving pur- poses of Cod. In stretching forth His hand to heal the leper. Jesus reminds everyone of us both of the effect sin is having ' upon us and of His willingness ' . and power to restore us to spiritual health and freedom. . Wayward Heart, But why are we so prone to fill into evil ways of living? Why Is it usually easier for us . to do evil then to do good? One reason, is because we put too much trust in ourselves snd too little Jrust In Cod. It to only when' we become as Utile children that we enter Into the Kingdom of Cod. This sounds like mere babbling to a generation which has a fancy name for every one of its many schemes to better .the human vara. Become aa a little child. aid Jesus; when 'you do that. you are in a position to learn, An only the lesrners sdvsnce. As we flince bsck over his tory, we observe all sorts of plans by which kings and ministers in the old days, chancelleries and international organizations today, have attempted, and are attempting to better the life of man. But our nostrums cure nothing. Our superficial schemes get us nowhere. Our ttnsled times satisfy nobody. Why not try the wsy Jesus suggested genuineness, candor, teachableness, and an abiding spirit of love. The open mind of childhood, its natural de-mocracv and freedom ' from prejudice. Its trustfulness snd gullelessness nave been carried on Into maturity by few really great ones of the race. There la greatness In simple sincerity which no amount of worldly cunning can imitate. Diviue Remedy. That Jesus should recommend the ablldllke spirit for the heal-Ing of men's souls and the repairing of every variety of damaged human relation is almost unbelievable, but nevertheless true. He would leave world affairs in the hsnds of men who have retained the childlike spirit He would sesr with His most solemn words of condemnation, anyone who Offends against childhood and a g a i n a t that wholesome neat which the childlike spirit symbolizes. For our Lord always thought in terms of persons individuals He came to save the world, but Ho knew nothing about saving men in wholesale lots. The pro cess has to be carried on, one person at a time. In a flock of a hundred sheep, the one lost sheep is of so much concern to the Shepherd that He will leeve the ninety and nine and go alter that which la lost Th teachings of Jesus set worldly standards on their heads. Those who read them superficially call them alUy. Nietzsche called them mistaken snd perverted. Yet as the world tries to go on without paying any attention to the Supreme Teacher, it gets nearer and nearer to the precipice. The words of Jesus constitute a strident call to us to turn back before it is too late. Hints Early Lifting Of Ban on Spart Tires WASHINGTON, June 10 ) The National Production Authority announced It probably will lift Its ban on spare Urea for .new ears by September 1 "and perhapa sooner". NPA said the reason to the sharp cut in peasenger-car production starting July 1 which means fewer tires will be needed by auto manufacturers. Date of the res tors tlon cannot be fixed, the agency aald, until completion of a atudy of prospective rubber supply In the Jury-through -September quarter. Sals of new ears equipped with a fifth tiro was forbidden April 1, to divert rubber . Into tires for trucks, buses and tractors. . The British Museum dates from 1753 when 20.000 waa granted for purchase of the collections of Sir Hans Sloan. Canada and India . Complete Talks ' On, Colombo Plan Canada and India have completed new talks to tap Canada's 119,000.000 contribution to the Colombo plan for South and Southeast Asia. The External Affairs Department aaid week-long talks were held between Canadian officials snd those representing the Indian government including N. Sandaresan, deputy governor of India's Reserve Bsnk. Discussions, ssid the department, were exploratory, but they dealt with possible wsys in which the $23,000,000 may be put to work. Similar talks will be held soon with an official from Pakistan, the other nation which will benefit from Canada's first-year contribution. The sit year, I5.JOO.000.000 Commonwealth program becomes effective July 1. Initially, India had been seeking high-grade wheat from Canada to feed famine-threatened areas. So far, no surplus quel-Ity wheat haa been available and India haa declined an offer of low-grade wheat because of rationing problems and difficulties of turning It into bread. The department gave no detail of what the new talks were sbout. but said "they dealt with the Colombo Plan report and ways in which Canada may help India develop power and irriga. tion projects, help train her subjects snd provide industrial materials and foodstuffs from Canada. - Tor each type of project different forma of financing are ap propriate',, the department ld. These financial matters, aa well as problems of supply, were discussed." Pakistan Sends Good Wishes , Psklstan haa sent Csnada good wishes to mark the occasion of Dominion Day, July t, Government House ssid. "1 wish health and happiness to Your Excellency and prosperity to the people of Csnada". the Governor General of Pakistan wrote in a message to the administrator of Csnada. AEUVES IN HONG KONQ. HONG KONG, June SO. i Reuters) 8. J. Soderblom, newly-appointed Swedish ambassador to the Chinese Communist government arrived en route to Pelping. He will leave Hong Kong July T. Parts of Widow's Pension. Exempt From Succession Tax Some parts of pension payable to a widow are not taxable for succession duties, the Exchequer Court of Canada ruled. The court knocked out part of the assessment levied by the Revenue Department on the estate of P. Flintoft, Canadian Pacific Railway vice-president who died in IMS. The department had tried to collect succession duties on the total capital value of the 230-a-moath CPR pension left his widow. - The court ruled the tax could be collected only on that part of the pension payable out of the CPR's pension trust fund, about one-eighth the total. The remainder, coming from r-r"il revenue of the company, was not subject to the duly. Stipulates His Ashes Lie Atop Mounta'n TORONTO, June 10 CP) By instruction of his will, the ashes of William Spurgeon Gibson 11 atop a mountain on his farm at Three Mile Lake near Burks rails, 90 miles south of North Bsy. j The former president and ' general manager of Dominion I Cellulose Limited also directed i that a bronze tablet be placed over the ashes, saying: "Here lie the ashes of a man who loved this country." The will, filed for probate, disposed of a $174,641 estate. Mr. Gibson died last April , at Denver, Colo. . Much Wanted Man Surrenders to FBI SAN FRANCISCO, June X tf Anthony Brencato, It one of the- federal Bureau e Investigstion's "ten most wants, men" In the United States sur rendered to agent Harry Kim ball here. The FBI identified Branoalc of Kin City, Mo., as a "tougl hoodlum wbo haa been coo nected with Illegal gamblin, enterprises for years". It ssid his record dstlng bed to June, 1M4, included convic lions for prohibition and narco tics-law violatlona and temper ary arrests for Investigation b Los Angeles police in the gang land killings of "Bugsle" Sieg in 147 snd Edward (Neddie Herbert in ll4. Brancato waa nlaeed a In. list of 10 most wanted men tw osys sgo. Church ttm ees PRESBYTERIAN . St .Andrew's Church , Wcltlnsloe ao Heat Kroet. Mlnlteri The Be. A. la Bureau, Mi. DO. t the Mlalataet The Reverend g. Fuweu Aikena, BA at TV Orsaaietl Mr. Cafsaaa at Stiluses, Mus. as. 11.00 anu Morning Worship. The Minister. fA DOMINION DAY REMINDER Tby'd dca est Stall communist cohorts are out to dotroy our way of life. ' The Reds would dose our -Houses of Worship and bring our religious freedom to an end. . i They'd substitute Bare-regimented ' , funenus for the religious services . ,' conducted by our dcrgymen. . As the free nations prepare to meet . ' aggreiiioo's threat we continue to prsy for world peace. fj!t.riti;,Ul!y,1(ii),. ANNUAL DIVINE SERVICE LOYAL ORANGE ASSOCIATION . District D. 109 Cexleton Co, County of Ottawa C. 97 " ' ' , . ' ' LANSDOWNI PARK SUNDAY, JULY 8th, 1951 ; 2.30 p.m. , , . SPEAKER '' - REV. TERENCE FINLAY - ' ' St John's Church, Otuiws. General Public-Cordially, Invited. . No evening service during ... July sad August. Efskine Presbyterian Church ' Brians. An sag! at laaeLina treat. kftart Swr. Baker Owed. BXML, D-D, Orsaajeu Mr. lamce a, 11.00 i m. Morning Worship. -,-.. Guest preacher. THE RIV. J. K. LATTIMORE. B A., of Smiths Pslla. Sunday Schools and Evening Services discontinued for summer months. Knox ' Presbyterian Church KlSta aai Uaaat Streaav - TV IiiiimI Caw T. MUier. Mia, J. MUtaUr. Albert Preetar, IA. L.TC.M, OrsaalM ea4 Choir Otrsetse. arvieaa sat aa SS pat. Jaaiee aunitiy Itaeel lies ijl ma MXKisTni wax ruAc AT OTB amcca. Visitor ee ahnrs earsiilly wlaen. St Gilts Presbyterian Church Baak auat el Flrat AMeua. - rr. 1 Loeaa-Veaeta., u a.-, a. u.. ai A-Orraalat sad Ckolr LaaSan Mra. Aacua Orr. A T C at. Public Wonhts It a m. anS TSC ess. oun ! i ai Pvurth Avawaa BaeUM ClmnlL av. I. Lasaa-Vaaeta at koth aarileas. Immanuel Eccksia LATTER RAIN SERVICES West End Y.W.C.A. 1177 Gladstone Avenue SUNDAY SERVICES 10 0O s mv Sunday School. 11 00 s m. Worship. , 1.10 Evangelistic Service.' Pastor: Rev. K. L. Buchner. pa. s-sitaw. LUTHERAN St Pauls . (Mlawuri Braodl Klag Bdware aaa Wllbrad. e. O. IL Haadake. raatoe. SS aav Woraala flirsita. i VseaUea Bible getMt iuty SrS s lath t ee -av la It aesa. St Johtt X AX,C. . . Ciktil at . aaar Paffarla B4. L. J. KMnraT. Patter. S ft am Worship (KneUabl. "10 e aJfl-Sunday aehool. Use ajav Wonhlp tCrman. T.S0 sa- Wonale tBaellahl. . West End Lutheran Tettak Manorial Chaiwl. iss Parkdale aaar (.laastona. Ckarch aanrtn ana Sunday gchoaT 10 0 am. asfcr'gglTfblMljT Wg)as9Qllt(sV St Peter's The UnttaS UMnatSa CSUTca . (Canada raedl. Lraa gtraat at Kiin, Bay. A. P. Oaarad. IX. Paaaar. THB U ttriTDAT APRat TRUrlTY. 11.SS seaTas Sarrka. Yea Ar CsralsOy tart tad St Lucas , iMuaearl traad) , Moaur at Mal atnets B. H. wrrr. Paator. . 10.30 Sunday School. 11.00 Worship. 3.00 Sunday School Picnic. christian Science First Church of Christ, Scientist ' Cor. Oilman and MateaH atreata. ' sjchvicxb ounday, n .m. ubjartt -CMluaTIAie bcibncx.. .' oaaajr Beaool 11 am. ' Wadnaaday. a A n. sneludloe TXSTIVOmiS or CUJtuflAN SCIKNCC BXAUNU ; Pmn BZASntO BOOM. SOS Hap Chamban. park St Opea dally eaeept oBdari Burlng July sod Auua tke Sunday AfWmooa Sarvle Is diacenuaaad. BAPTIST First Baptist Church (Laarler Ave. at Blsla atraai.1 Bar. Btaart Irtaoo. Mlnbrtar. atr. Merrill Camrrse, A.T.CJL, Orsaniat 11.0 as. Mernmf garrlea an . Coomiuaiea. . t SO pja. gvenlng Sarrlca. Praaeher; Bay. B. O. Qulssla. Mia Oertrade Cartacm. Stittsville Camjf Mee ting JUNE Ith JULY Ilk ftCLCSIVB Special Speaker: Rev. E. J. Wilson, Toronto, Ontario. . Soloist Song Leaden Rev.- Earl Bray, Oshawa. OnUrio. Young People's Meetings: Mls M. Christie, R.N. Dally Vacation Bible School! Miss O. Trimble. BA Rev. W. 1, Stonehouse, General Superintendent. ' .JEvrryant Is Welcome to Stittsville Camp ' ' No Service In Fifth Areas Caarra far Daratlea of Camp 'Fourth Arfnue Baptist Baak gtraet at Penrui Are. , Mtaurtar: Bay. S. IL Camaroa. I D. r tnnoti asat vices " wlUi St Olla-Praabrterlaa Church . la Pourta Aranu Cburea. li es sm sad t.S0 pat. Cenauetad by Bay. J.' Loema-Vaneta. AfcPhaJ Baptist Church Broaaeti at Llasar. . Mlnlatar: Bay. a D. Haraiar, jt. (O, ' , B. P. Brandew. A.T.CJI. IMraetar et Muata. H PS Coaimunloa lenriee. -Dr. S J. Pannae at Toronta will pnaca, aad conduct aarvle.' Mernlne nrlea eoly. - .Vlaltar Inn tad. Calvary Baptist Church Cam Mala and antra Anau. - Bay. D, C. Ollay, Mlnlatar. 100S s-a.andar aehaal Hiatal ojr U asa. s.n-Ouutala(. ; 7 JO envThr Thrae Craaaaa. BaptUmal Sanrle. The Lord Supper will h abaarvad attar the Bvantna ftarvtca. PENTECOSTAL Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle ITS Wsvarlay Itnet laasr Baakl ' Bay, E Beward Katr. Paar. .0 a.nv "HYMNS OF HOP1T CKOY. ' 9.43 a.m. STJrTDAYSCHOOL. 11.00 .m-M0RKINO WORSHIP. . 7.S0 p m EVANGELISTIC SERVICE. A friendly Welcome Awaits You. UNITED Br it a nnia Drive -In Ch u rcb Drive-ln Theatre, Car ling Ave. g P.M. Dominion Day Service. ' Preacher: REV. R. W. ARMSTRONG. Topic THE ROLE OF PROTESTANTISM IN NATION BUILDING. - Mr. Frank Foulda, Director of the Citizenship Branch in the Federal Government will Introduce representative New Canadians. . f 1 ' . . Service will be held rsin or clear. St. Pauls-Eastern .Church Oabr Aveaa aad C aartaad auyat. I MlalaSsrt Bay. Albert M. I. Orky. M A. OrsaaM sad Caatnaaatan Paray Butladsa. li as saw-THX coiescioua kkxo op ovb day ' Tbe Mlalatae win preach. . Ta Bay. Mm Daaaett. IX. af Cupar, laak'atrbawaa. wul aaaauel ' ylae Siannf July and lb tna gunday at Ausual, ONI ajDIVlCB OKLT. AT II SS AM. Bell St. United Church Caraar at Bali aad ArunsMa i tub cMimca wrra tub opcm doob s MiaaSari Bay. Oearsa O. Caaaatly. B-A. BO. BUalatry at Must. Ml. Barry lull.' BJt B. 1 43 s m Church SchooL 11.00 Jtv Morning Worship. Sermon: A NATION'S GREATNESS. NO EVENING SERVICE. .' A N C LI C A N Church of Saint Barnabas, 'A &M ' Caraar af Beat and Jaaua (ta. . Clersyi Bey. Caaaa H. W. Brewa aad Kay. i. A. Wlaten. TRINITY VL AND DOMINION DAY. , ' 10 am Holy Communion. 100 am. Matins. . 11.00 a m THE SOLEMN EUCHARIST AND. SERMON. 7J0 pm. --Solemn Evensong, Addresj and Devotions, - DAILY SERVICES. St. John's Church Beta at i Bay. Taeaaas i. Plalay. . , Tke Bay. W B. Wrisat, AM I Baatat. DOMINION DAY. lav-Hoty Cuaaaiualaa. J ss Paiallr riuaaiaiiliia Barvlee The raeantly eaaaraMd that aanrtca. lias) sat iCkaral fiaaiail . "Caaiaa Que lnkiniiai will aaaae thaw Brat fnaiaiiinlua a' . aad Buna iBreadaaat CTOY1. Tje pi Pi Hag Prayar aad Banaaa. Taae at the UaaapaaS. . A aaraaoa ta ta the gaaiUia at haw we aaa faaa d aaaaaa anau. Tbe Biatir at all larilnaa. ' with Gad." - Chalmers and Dominion vmto sntvicxa ot chalmbm church. ' Cataee CCeaaac aad Cup Straata. ll.SS sm4alaal M unary and Swalar Ceagneattoa. 11 OS aav -OWB ADSQUATB XXXJPXC" TJS pja -WHBl'BBB BOUWP ' Piaaihari BXV. A. I. Um. AaaalM Mlaadar Otalaaar Charah. Westboro United Church Cburabill Aaaul sad Bayanhia ' hualatart Tbe Bay. Deaaul Bruea MaaSaaald. B A, BJ. Orpaalat aad Chair Dilation Mrs. SL M. Prsya. Two Moeuruta aatvicxa. JS sav TRg PAMB.Y SXStVlCX. 11-SS am -IS) CAXAIM OTuaTlANr' . The Charlea OsUvp Maiaarlal Chlmai win atye s BacMaf it tlysaae fraaa IM M SM pav Kingsway United Church eatb af Caaadiaa Natlenal Tracks, Psdag Islaad Park, Drive. Bay.' Bdward M. Cad lean. Mlnlatar. Mr, i. P. Boblrtiia. Dtraetsrad Muata. Use UB-aaeold year Oodr Bunday Behasl sad Srantag gentee withdrawn uatU Aatuaia. Glck-St Jahies United Called errlee far July-la Oleb Church; Cor. Pint Ave. aad Lyea St. Preacher: Bay. J. P. C. Praaar. " .afc PubU Worship. Mb CVCNlNa BERVICB. McLeod St United , At Bank Btraai. A Cnuadlns Churek at th City Cantra. Bay. Arthur D. Walta, Mlnlatar. Mrs. Jama D. rareyth. Orsaniat. VMON SERVICE. MrLaod It. Unltad f-K..H.K mwul fin! Unltad rhuivh. Plrat Unltad Church will wonhlp la McLeod St. united tnurca wrousnout tn rnonin ar juiy. ll.SS am Junior CanfrefaUon. 11.00 Rev. Hugh M. Raa. DJ. NO, EVKN1MO SUHVICI Soutbminster United Bank Bt at Aybaar Aveaas. ' Bay. Chart DeaaM. DD-Peretyal Xlrby. Mas. Baa. 11.00 a.m. Rev. M. J. D. Carson NO EVENING SERVICE. Parkdale United Churob Parkdale aad Gladstone Mlalatae Rev. Norman cell O i l. If -A- DJ. DIraetor of Muile: , Albert t. Smith. A.T.Cil. It. 00 s.nv4Mytne Wonhlp. T.90 pm Chapal lanrtc (Mamerlal Chapsll-Dr. CoU at both Barylcaa. Th Church with -Slnjlnf Tower . 'tavltaa you. . Stewarton United Bank st Arcyle Avenue. . Rev. P. E MlUlkaa. BX. DJ. ; - .. Mlnlatar. W. A. Crsndaa Organlat and Choir Dlractar. . 11.00 av PVBUC WORSHIP. Dr. MlUlkaa will preach. NO BVBNIMa gBBVlCX. . UNDENOMINATIONAL ' Rockcliffe and Uplands - Community Churches ; BulldlBg . BockrHff Airport. ' BocKcurrs. it ee.n ' Bulldlnr tl. Vpli UPLANDS. . Rimdav Belwel. " " iwiiaaw acaoM, H PS im Morning Wonhlp. TSO- pja Churrh Servte. . . Robert McKlnlvy. W. Klmar Brown. Student Minuter. Student Mlnlatar. UKDEB AUSPICBS THB OTTAWA COUNCIL OP CUUBCHXa. You are cordially Invited to attend The Cordon Bible Class. at the -' . , King's Daughters' Guild 210 La drier Avenue West Sunday afternoon; from 4 to 5 p.m.. BAHA'I WORLD FAITH Material civilization has reached an advance plane, but now there 'is need of spiritual civilization. . , - Per meuirlaa: ' "'- Phono t-0883, 30 Waverley Street . VNITKO PCNTICOSTAl. CHURCH Emmanuel Tabernacle 171 Rocbeatar Street. Boy. tf. Babbia, Parlor. Ph. TS-SSS1 S S .nv Sunday School. . 1S U aaL Mornln Worablp. tJO p.m-X-ranaellatla Berries. I SS Thuradav Yvene. B. L Rtdeeut. Cuert Bpaakar. A Prtendly CburcSL s Wane Wekoane. Cmne to Church On Sunday Si Matthew's Church- r ' CarUne' Avaaua aaar Baak Street. - - ' 'The Bay. Canaa Gilbert A. Brunei. B-A, t,Tb . RactoT. ' The Bay. laenird 1. Batrc. BJU Aaaletant Baetar. .' i ee s-av-aocT cokmunion. ll.SS aav MOLT COMMUNION. Pi eat her: Caaaa O. A. Brunei, pat. rvBrrnfO PBAYBb. Pieaelwei Caaaa O. A. Bruaat. Holy CaauBuaiaa Tueaday. T.bJ ue. Tburaday, 100 sa. Christ Church Cathedral Vary m 1m anfeur D Leaker. BJa Aealataat. . Mr. L. Gadlrey Hewitt. PJLCA. Organlat and Caatnaaotar. TBIMl'f f VI. , ijs sju oct coiiMinrioN. sjsw sioct cobtmunion with SwBRMOrt. T.aS pja BVBNBtO PBAYBB with BBBMON. The Beweread Arthur . Lea her wtU praach at both Barries. OCT COMMUNION! Widneaday at 1SJS SJsu Tburaday TJS aa All Saints Church Caraar Laurie Ave. B. sad Chapal BL Ajehdaacan C O. Hepburm. Canoa a. P. V Be. Bt, D. Prualan. . TBtNTTY Vt " ' , I c-eKX.Y coaaruNioN. 11 aja. HOLT COMMUKTOK tcbaran stay. B. D. PmhuiS Prlday. 1SSS aA StOLT CXXMMUNION as ChaseL Not: There will he Na Bvaalas Service ea Sunday durtn ' of July. Our pariihianan ar eoralauy lavttad ta ettead B Bvaaing lervice at Me PJB. . Sl Luke's' Church Ray Seraoa Clarke. Mr. Loeaard Pess, Orgaahd sad Maaiar at tha Cfeow. Slh BVNDAT APTBB TBJN1TY. ' lee am molt cosortmiON. ''... y . 11 OS JB MOLT OOaCMUNION and lrP.SSI.IK. "'y.oe pas BVimNO PBAYBB aad BaKMOM.' ; .. . The Beetae at ; St. Matthias, Church : Parkdaa Arena. Bav. C. H. Roach. MA, Baetar. Bey. a A. Bopkms, B A, LB T, AatlrUnt SOS BOLT COMMUNION. . : , 1I.SS JB. BOLT CCWtaftmiON (Choral). " .,'-' . t . -BaXIXTB THAT MAKB VI BRAVX-- ' .y pja aTVawnorro.- : ; Bey. a A. Bopkla at both ervlcaa. . ' CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE THB CSBIBTIAN AND MISSION ART ALUAXCS IN CANADA. , The Gospel, Tabernacle x SOS Bank Street (at Biaatiaiu) Bay. a W. BatUea. Parlor. . . Oueet Orranlat! Mr. B. X. Pair. S.4I aav Sunday School Claaeea tor All Aem - , lt.eo jav atoeuiNO wosantip. , , tjs pm. rvAJtotxjfmc sxavicx. ', , BBV. BOBBNT GRAY. BBLLSTVNXS. 0!TARK, -, 1 Guaet Praachar at both Servteee. A Cordial Welinnn a Ottawa's PrMadly Church. ASSOCIATED COSPEL 'Metropolitan ' Tabernacle Bey. Jaw Philip Veld. MIMater. OS a m "GOOD NEWS PROGRAM - CKOY. 9.43 a.m Sunday SchooL A class for every aft.. 11.00 s m Morning Service. Communion Service. "THE POWER OF THE PRAYER MIETINa." : 7.J0 p.m. Evangelistic Service. . , "THE EXCLUDED CHRIST. . ,. 0.43 p.m SPECIAL SERVICE '. WITH PIANIST COMPOSER, ROBERT HARKNESS. 'Tuesday, ' p.m Prayer Meeting.' Wednesday, I p.m. Youth Meeting.

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