The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1949
Page 7
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^WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14 ,1949 THE NATION TODAY— Disease, Feeble-minded ness Factors in Most Sex Crimes According to Psychiatrists l\y James Marlow WASHINGTON', rjcc. 14. (jl'i—Rnpe and murder are tlie extreme nnd most^yiolent fonns of MX ufTenses asalnst children. They've made headlines lately. But sexual offenses against, children »Iso take oilier forms, less violent. There are more of them. wlla( causes a man to commit any kind ol sex offense against a cnim? I asked a couple of WashiiiRlori psychiatrists. They said there are a number of causes. Here are some- 1. A man of 40 may have the mind of a child. 2. Senility. An old man's brain may have deteriorated so llmt he's In his second childhood. 3. Disease of the brain. Syphilis, /or example. Disease destroyed that part of the brain which previously — kept a man from such aix offense. W- 4. Bad early family and social BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Midwest Shivers On Coldest Day Of '49 Winter training. It may have left a man socially immature so that he never /Hied into grown-up society- 5- Or, for one reason or another, he has become a sadist who can find emotional comfort only in inflicting .suffering or tleatli upon a child. Snmp Rpsjioml lo Trnatmrnl f':»ii sitoh a man be cured by medical or psychiatric treatment? -Some can, some canV Almost rvoih- i'i£ can be done for the feeble- '"inried 'No. II or the old and senile 'No. 21- If the man with (he brain syphilis 'No. 3t isn't too far pone, thfc disease can be .stopped and in time he may resume a normal life. Siime of llio^e in No, 4 unri 5 may he cured by psychiatry, sumo not. TJiei-p- rifjL-lors think the definitely incurable ones should be put away lor lite in a hospUal or. if they've cuimnitterl a crime, in jail. Why? Because, if let loose, they're a menace. And they think the curable ones should be kept in custody for treatment until ihe doctors feel it's safe to let them again. Al! sex offenders against children, these doctors think, shonJd be given medical care as soon as first detected to get them out of circulation until they can be cured or, if incurable, pcrmauily isolnlecl. Does a |X?rson progress (or re' h troKress> from one stage of sexual Plnffense against a child to another until finally he rapes or kills? Some do. some don't. An exhibitionist, for example, may never go beyond that stage although he needs medical treatment and should he isolated unlit cured, if that's possible. Reports Urged on Everj- Case Some may start with exhibition- Istri and go on to rape and muvdcj-- Others may start with rape and murder, Fifteen states and the District of Columbia have recently acted— more or less—to crack down on sexual abnormal But what they've done or plan to do varies widely: from hospital treatment to stiffer jail sentences. There seems to be no argument "' among the 48 states on how to ; handle sexual offenders against children. Rep. chclt. Kentucky Demot: rat, wants' sexual offense against a child made a federal crime, with psychiatric treatment 'for those not sentenced to death. Fearing publicity, some parents don't report to police a sexual of- R gainst their child. T h i s ^"eaves ihe offender free to approach, attack or maybe kill some other child. The psychiatrists and J. Edgar Hoover, heart of (.lie FBI, think sex offenses against children would be cut down if police were called in on every case. This would help, no doubt- But at this point In America's social development there are tmmy . Instances where sex offenders against children are arrested and then release with hardly more than a brief detention, if any. By The Associated PITS.S Most of the midwest .shivered 1n the coldest weather of the .sca.son today. Temperatures took another dip into sub-zero levels again today over many midwest areas. It was on ihe chilly side throughout most of the rest of the country. The only mild weather was reported in the extreme southeast. Readings were moderntc in some parts of the east and in the Pacific north wo si. The Dakotiis. Minnesota, parl.s of Nebraska and M'mnciioui got a j touch of midwinter weather today as the mercury dropped far below zero, It dipped to 24 below zero at Bismarck. N. D.: -is at Jamestown and Minot, N. IX; -H at Liimnun, S- D., and -n nt Duluth, Minn. Chicago had its coldest reading of the seasun, lu above. The mercury didn't get much above zero in some of the cold belt spots yesterday. Rain fell today from the Cnru- linas and southern Virginia somU- werstward to .sumhern Texas. Skies are mostly clear elsewhere except for some cloudiness in the Pacific: northwest and a few snow flurries in the Great Lakes region. PAGE SEVEN *•> K * % 'V^&Jteb\>/U ' **•*'<'£" 4?^"~ iC'^sff !&%>,-,-SS; ' !*>«&>:"-* V***-" 'I'VE ItCii.S' A GOOD 11OV—Jimmy Pochon, 5, (above) clasps (he paw of "fluffy" his premature Christinas gift, as. his parents prepare for an early visit from Santa Clans, at Tarentnm, Pa. jimmy has cancer and doctors say he will probably not live another ivra weeks. Jimmy explains it this way: "I've been a good hoy." (AP Wlrephoto). Federal Prison Solves Housing Matter for Them JONTSHOHO, Dec. M. (APi -_ Housekeeping for t\vo Me;;ro touplc.s married hero in a double ceremnny Tuesday afternoon probably will ijc delayed /or some lime. The grooms are fioinj; off for ft five-year visit with Ihelr Uncle Kajn at. a federal penileuliaiy. The biidc.s plan to vail for them in Memphis. The Negro men. Arthur Iii'mn nnd Charles Koen, of Memphis, were convicted in federal court here ten days ago for parsing counterfeit, money at Turrell and O.sreola in eastern Arkansas. Their transfer 1° a federal ]>eni(cntiary Ls .slated *'>i this week. The sills, Arinclla Mitchell anil Katlirrjiic Smith, came here Tuesday afternoon for the ceiemonie.s I'cilormed In the vcstiblc of the (-'laijjhead County Jail by a •NV'Kjo mini.ster. Jailer KvercU Penlx wasn't too t'JUL'hed l)y Dan Cupid's pie.sence. lie sent the two men back to their celts shortly after the nuptials— aunt, WIVtw, Jeff Frazier Is Vice President of Frisco Railroad ST. 1/OUIS, Dec. 14. (AP)-S. .1. f Jef[) Frazler, ft railroad section la- Violent Deaths Climb tn State During Week Jl.v the Associated I'ITSS Lives of at 17 persons have been sluifted out violently ii< Ark- .so far this week. W. N. Wilbite, president of the Wilmot 'Ashley County) National Bank, became the week's, tilth traffic fatality Tuesday night when his car and H truck collided near Portland. A companion of the 58-year- old banker and seven Negro occu- IIOPKS TO WALK—Thrcc-ycar- nld -Margie Mydlcivski of Chicago holds her doll as she re.sls on her side with feet suspended in traction splints as llicy hnvc been for the past seven months In a treatment which doctors hope, will correct hip malformation which has prevented the child's walking since birth, she lias definite ideas, ot what she'd like for Oil-Islam. 1 ;—games, color books, or toys that she can play with In bed. But most o( all. she would like to be able to walk. (AP Wirephoto). ,-, Beware Coughs From Common Colds That HANG ON CreomnUion relieves prompifybcransc it goes right 10 (he MMI of (he trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aft! nature to soothe anil heal raw, lender, inflamed bronchral nnicons membrane*.Tell yourdnippiit to sell jo«^ bnule of Octniuilsion ^vith the understanding ymi imul like the way it quickly Allays ihe couph or >ou are ro have your'money bark CREOMULSION Officers Say Girl Lost in Northwest Is Probably Dead KI-XSO, Wash., Dec. H. iAP) — Authorities expressed doubt KKl-.iy i Ihut ?. 10 ,\ear old Girl Scout who vanished Sunday in n jungle-like Washington forest \vill be foiiiid alive. A .seven .square mile mountain sector has been ciiis-crosscd -srore.s of times by 500 men on an organized search. Their work has turned lip no tangible clue to tlic fate of Rutli Aberle. Unless .she wandered beyond ihe search zone and into some inounuihi cabin ,the girl has been without food and .shelter for three day.s and nights of .snow, rain and sleety j '.veather and has been cxpo.*:ed to I> ants of the truck were injured. Four deaths tills week were caused by tornadoes. There have been two | accidental slxatings, three clrown- inss. an electrocution, one lire death ' nnd a homicide. frcezinp, iempeialui'e.s. Deputy Sheriff Merle Bevin.s, \vlio directs [he search, said last night he ^a.s atraid she i.s dead. Reports of filldins small, falter- ina fcotprint.s in Hie and snuw licrsLsl, but so far they have proved i valueless. Scores of boys and some Housewives from Kcl.-io have been i in the area since the hunt beean ; Sunday. j 'I'he «a-i Urayrd into the south- j v.e.u w»shini;toii woods around noon : thiit (i.iiv from a ^toup of teen-age j ycungsters. They were ciutiiiB Chrisunas trees for R .scuuiiiijj party planned over the holidays. Kur Prompt, Court cuus FRIENDLY SERVICE • NU-WA LaumSry-Cleansrs Phone 4474 HuMKo thai- are rich, moist tender OOKING FAT JlS Wonderful! borer W years ago. will become vice lirr-sldcMl of tli*- Frisco Railroad In charge of operation on Jan, 1, HLs promotion from general man. user to succeci! V. II, shatfer as vice pro.sident \va.s announced yesterday by Clark llimgcrforcl, fiasco pte.sidenl. Shaller will retire alter more than 50 year* ol railroading. Both o[ tlic 1'Ylsro executives aie fiom Springfield. Mo. Piawrr has been Pri.sco veneral manager lor 1 .vcnen years. Hf 1 sciveci In various posts with the railroad and its sulaimaiiM In Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri and Tcnnesie*. lie, Ije^an his career as i section lianrt for the old Current, River Railway in 1900 near his native Van Humi, Mo. The wir.tcr temperature at Verk- hrjyatisk in eastern Siberia some- limes lalK to DIJ degrees below Zero We Wish to Extend A Very Merry Ckristmas To All Who Have So Loyally Patronized Us King's Fish Market CtiruUicrsville, Mo. HANDSOME. COMFORTABLE JACQUARD ROBE .. . Sfy(«d to a mori'i taste (or comforl onrfgood looks, lustrous royon, rich with salin trim on lopels, sash find pocVets. Toiiorsd in easy vvrop-o/our.d style, fv'oroon or No.'/ B[u9 en's sizes. Gil! boxed, too. WARM VIRGIN WOOL ROBE . 95 oijs Parker Vv'iider flonnef—soflfy brushed pure v/oo!—v^arm and practical, \vrap*orotTid s'yle \viih double collar, Kavy or Maroon. Alf sizes. Gift CHRISTMAS GIFT SUGGESTIONS SALE! INGRAHAM WATCHES Grand Values—Grand Gifts i .59 O.29 ^ 3 Wm» In Gift Box, with Written Guarantee Famous for service!—giianmlccd "Inprraliam" watches, known every wlierc for oulslmnling vnluc! Smartly styled, designed fni- nijfgcd (lay-in, day-out denend- al)ility. 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